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Complete using a word from the box












1. I dont want a girlfriend. I like being . .

2. Adams parents are . , so he only sees his dad at the
3. Im very .. to my best friend. Id never talk about her behind her
4. Im not a person. I get nervous when I have to speak in public.
5. I tell my sister all my problems and secrets. We have a very ..
6. Im just an person with a normal life but Im quite happy!
7. How many . are staying at the hotel at the moment?
8. A is just a friend you havent met yet!
9. Why are you in such a bad .. ?
10. My cousin has just moved into a . in the city centre.
11. I shouldnt have you. Now I know you cant keep a secret!
12. Everyone Mr Turner because he wasstrict but fair.
13. Sarah said I was a liar but Carol .. me and said I wasnt
14. We . a small house in the countryside for the summer
15. No one . Phil when he came to the party dressed as an old man.
Complete with the correct preposition
1. I thought I could trust you! Youve really let me .
2. As children grow .. they want more independence from their parents.
3. Ed was brought .. by his aunt because his parents lived abroad.
4. I hate looking my baby brother!
5. Are you still . contact with any friends from university?
6. I dont think Id like to live myself.

7. Fiona didnt break yur MP3 player .. purpose. It was an accident!

8. Im very fond . my husband.
9. I know my mother cares me.
10. My relationship .. my friends has always been wonderful.
11. William is proud my success as an artist.
12. We normally chat .. each other .. the days events.
13. My fathers do sometimes argue unimportant things.
14. Both boys apologise each other .. getting angry.
15. The teacher has a great argument .. one of her students.
Form a suitable word to complete each sentence
1. Doug is such a .. . I never believe a word he says! LIE
2. Lying to your dad like that was really . HONEST
3. I havent got the to go up to a stranger at a party and
introduce myself. CONFIDENT
4. My .. with Chris lasted foro ver three years. RELATION
5. Roger is always losing things. Hes so ! CARE
6. I have a lot of . for Linda. Shes achieved such a lot. ADMIRE
7. In the . to this book, it says that moving house is extremely
stressful. INTRODUCE
8. Uncle Alan has an amazing mental . he can guess the number
youre thinking of. ABLE
9. My best friend gives me lots of help with my problems. PERSON
10. Im asking for your . ! FORGIVE
Complete using a, an or the
1. We had .. really good science lesson at school.
2. I found unusual insect on the wall outside our house.
3. We waited for hours, but we finally saw . Queen.
4. Why dont we listen to .. radio?
5. Where have you been? Ive been waiting for over hour!
6. I had really bad day.

7. . game didnt work properly.

8. I had to buy . New CD-ROM.
Write a, an, the or --1. Whats ........ date today? Its ........ 9th of June.
2. She wants to be ........ architect but she isnt good at ........ Maths.
3. Please clean up ........bathroom. You left ........ terrible mess there.
4. He is fourteen but he behaves like ........small child.
5. Lets wait for ........ others. Perhaps they will want to go to ........ cinema
with us.
6. What is ........ capital city of ........ Czech Republic?
7. She is not working at ........ moment. She is ........ unemployed technician.
8. We arrived ........ home at six oclock in ........ morning.
9. Dont make ........ noise. I have ........ headache.
10. She bought ........ American car.
11. Whats the capital of ........France?
12. He likes listening to ........ radio and to ........ records.
13. She lives in ........ north of ........ Spain but her parents live in ........ east.
14. Its ........ shame that we dont live in ........ same city.
15. Do you like ........ exams?
Complete using the correct pronoun or determiners
If you invented something important, ........... would want to make money
out of ............, right? Most of us would want to make some money
from ............ invention. It seems only fair we did the work, so the money
should be ........... too. Many inventors who have had ........... inventions
produced, have become rich and famous and we shouldnt blame ........... for
that. But have ........... heard of Tim Berners-Lee? ........... invented the World
Wide Web on the Internet, one of the most important inventions of the last
fifty years. Millions of lives have been changed by ........... introduction.
When Tim Berners-Lee invented the Web, he made a promise to ...........

that he wouldnt make any money out of it, and that he would give ...........
invention to the world. He did, and now the Web belongs to all of ........... .
Ask ........... what life would be like if the World Wide Web wasnt free. We
should be grateful to Tim Berners-Lee, and thank ........... for ........... amazing
gift to the world.
Write a sentence so that it would have a similar meaning.
1. I have a lo tof money and I dont know what to do with it. (such)
I have
2. Adrian fell asleep during the film because he was very tired. (so)
3. Today was so hot that I didnt want to do anything. (such)
4. I didnt have time to open all my Christmas presents because I got so
many! (such)
I got
5. They closed the funfair because it was very dangerous. (that)
The funfair
6. The food was so spicy that I couldnt eat it. (such)
We had
Choose the correct option
1. This soup is very salty / too salty toe at.
2. If you run too fast / fast enough you might win the race
3. Dont drive too fast / fast enough or you mightt have an accident
4. Have we got too much / enough time or do we need more?
5. Do you think youre too strong / strong enough to lift this heavy chair?
6. There are too many / enough questions here! I cant do all of them in five
7. Are you enough warm / warm enough? Shall I putt he heating on?

8. This tea is too / enough hot to drink. Ill wait for it to cool down.

Rewrite the sentences using the correct comparative form of the

1. Joshua is much taller than Alex. (short)
Alex is
2. Theresa is more confident than Amy. (confident)
Amy is a lot.
3. Your house is further from the school than mine. (near)
My house is
4. Jude is less happy than Andy about the decision. (happy)
Andy is.
5. Bill is thinner than Simon. (fat)
Simon is..
6. Terry is older than Sarah-Jane. (young)
Sarah-Jane is
Complete using the correct superlative form
1. This really is the . (bad) song Ive ever heard! Its terrible!
2. Ivy is the .. (kind) woman I know. Shell do anything for anybody.
3. Listen! I promise you, this is the (funny) joke ever! Well, a
man goes into a shop.
4. Mmm! This is the . (tasty) soup youve made so far.
5. Whats the .. (hard) thing about English gramar for you?
6. Ben appeared and he was carrying the . (big) present Id
ever seen. It was huge!
Complete with the correct plural form
1. Did you know that Jasons dog has had three beautiful .. .
2. The Spice Girls was an all-girl band, so there werent any .. .

3. Its a bit strange that Victor wears two .. (watch) one on each
4. If .. (woman) do the same jobs as their husbands, they should
be paid the same.
5. The dentist says I have to have two .. (tooth) taken out!
6. How many .. (person) were there at the show?
7. Weve walked miles! My .. (foot) are hurting!
8. Mr Jenkins has just had a baby, so shes got three .. (child).
Complete the sentences with
a few

a little

a piece of

1. sugar.
2. . bread.
3. . bottles.
4. . water.
5. . fruit.
6. . toys.


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