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Forget Allah

Sheikh Bahauddin Adil, Sohbet of the 7th of August, 2016.

Allh H Allh H Allh H Allh. Allh H Allh H Allh H Allh. Allh H Allh H
Allh H Allh. Allh H Allh H Allh H Allh. Allh H Allh H Allh H Allh.
Allh H Allh H Allh H Allh.
Allhumma alli wa sallim al nabiyyin Muammad alayhi s-salm,
altan tadmu wa tuhd ilayh,
mmarra llayli wa la d-dawm.
Allhumma alli wa sallim al nabiyyin Muammad alayhi s-salm,
altan tadmu wa tuhd ilayh,
mmarra llayli wa la d-dawm.
Allhumma alli wa sallim al nabiyyin Muammad alayhi s-salm,
altan tadmu wa tuhd ilayh,
mmarra llayli wa la d-dawm.
MshAllh. Must be la d-dawm. Must be forever. Whatever you do, it must be for Allh.
And whatever you do for Allh, it's forever. The rest, it's temporary. So many people, they
make slogan "This country forever. That party forever. That ruler forever. That I don't know
forever." "Wa yabq wajhu Rabbika dh l-jalli wal-ikrm" (55:27) This is Allh Almighty,
He put the last point - saying only remaining - Allh Almighty's face everywhere. This is
everything to Allh Almighty. There is nothing called forever.
That is... Yes, say "This nation will go forever. That empire will go forever. That ruler will go
forever. This party will go forever. That I don't know will go forever." Forget about this. If the
person, he start to go in his road in the name of Allh, that will be forever. If the person will
do things for his own ego and own benefit, then it will be temporary. Even goes 100 years,
even goes 10,000 years, still temporary. As long as you're putting counting - counting one day
will finish. Because Allh Almighty, He is a-abr. That means He is the most patient. He's
still monitoring the count down. Tick-tick, tick-tick, tick-tick, tick-tick. They say nobody can
stop the watch clicking. If you can stop the watch clicking, then you will be absolute ruler.
Allh Almighty He keep that things for Himself. He keep it in His hand. He keep it to show
you how weak you are and to show you how hopeless you are and to show you how you
cannot do nothing without Allh Almighty. This is Allh Almighty. You have to figure how
Allh Almighty is acting.
Today people, they forgot about Allh Almighty totally. Muslim, non-Muslim, believer, nonbeliever - all of them forgot about Allh Almighty. Today manifestation - for the people to
forget about Allh Almighty. Say "We do. We have technology. We have this, we have that.
We do. No problem. We solve the problem." No, you cannot. "We plan". No. If you plan,
Allh Almighty, if He doesn't give permission, your plan will never go, will never work. Don't
forget Allh. If you have weapon in your hand, don't think that you are ruling the world.

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Because if Allh Almighty, He give permission for that weapon, that weapon can work. They
say when Mahdi alayhi s-salm approaches, he will make 3 takbir, say Allhu Akbar and the
electric power will cut off. And then he'll say Allhu Akbar, then the petrol will not burn
anymore. He'll say Allhu Akbar, the powder will not fly anymore, will not flame anymore.
Today technology, it is based on three things. One is electric, one is petrol and the third is the
powder. If there is no three of these powers, will be no technology. You cannot fly your plane.
You cannot make your tank to work. You cannot make your missile to bomb. Because not
powder is flaming, not petrol is burning and not electric is in power. And the air conditioning
will be stopped also. We'll be having heat. Allh Allh.
With the three things, the human they think they become the empire of the world, empire of
everything, ruling everything. No, it is not like this. See how it's weak. Just to make switch off
will finish everything. This is the sign of weakness. Allh Almighty He give power. But in the
same time, He hold the switch on and the switch off. Until today, we discover the electric. But
we don't know what kind of power that make everything to generate. We say "Yes, it is like
this. It is like that. It is this and this has this reason. And it has that reason. And if you put it in
solar, will also generate. If you put it in the wind, also generate. If you put in hydro, generate.
If you put it in atomic, it will generate... But what you are generating? "We generate electric".
Ya H. That electric it has order from the Creator to say "Yes, I am in the order of My
servant." Why you not believe in Allh Almighty? Why you not believe? "No, we discover." If
Allh Almighty doesn't give permission, you will never discover. This is important things in
our life to understand that everything coming from Allh Almighty, if Allh Almighty He
Now very simple things I like to say. Very simple. If the plane it's ready to take off, only tower
will tell "I'm not allowing you to fly". He cannot fly. Everything asks for permission. And you
think this planet, it was by itself? Nothing asking for permission? Everything has permission. If
you are so clever, make the ant to follow your order. Leave the ant, the virus. Say to the virus
"Follow my order." There was nice story about Suln Mahmud, Ottoman Suln, famous
one. He was inviting some 'lim. But he said "I like to pray sunnatu l-wu" He was so
passionable for his prayer. And that 'lim he entered and he was already in the prayer. And
that 'lim, he was saying "As-salmu alaykum."
And Suln, he finish his prayer and he said "Do you not see me that I'm praying? And you
give me salm when I was praying?" And he said "I think you are not really praying." "How
dare you?" And said "You've been thinking about how to fix the window of my palace. That's
why, I thought you are not praying. That's why, I said SalmuAlaykum". He was more angry
and said "How dare?" And said "O my Suln, don't think I am empty person." There was a
fly going around. And he said "O flies, go out of the window." And they become as soldiers
and they start to go out of the window. Then he said "We are from people "Lillahi rijalun
idha aradu arad" That means we are people that if we wish something, Allh Almighty He
make our wish to come true. "Lillahi rijalun idha aradu arad". We are from that position".
He said "I'm accepting". This... Don't forget about Awliyu Llah. Don't forget about these
people that they have the power to do anything.

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I'm talking about the other night that some people they wanted to demolish Islm in Turkey.
They want to finish the true Islm in Turkey. And Allh Almighty He put His Awliyu Llah
that they protect this Islm. Because Allh never allow the true Islm to be touched. You see
the political situation in the world. Everybody biting Islm. Everybody eating from the meat
of Islm. Everybody trying to finish Islm in a way or the other. But Allh Almighty He is
protecting, saying "Inn nazzaln l-dhik'ra wa-inn lahu lafin" (15:9) This is from
Qurn Karm. He says "We send the Qurn Karm and we are protecting for Qurn
Karm." And He is also protecting for dn Islm that is belonging to Allh. This is dn Islm,
it is for Allh. It is not belonging for people. It is Allh Almighty He is the one. This is His
property. This is His place and He put His people to protect Islm and to put it.
The true Islm is shining. Nobody can put anything on it. You look for the sun. The sun is
shining. If some clouds come in front of the sun, do you think the sun will be affected? Never.
Never affected. The sun is still there. That's why we are alamduliLlh happy that Allh
Almighty He give us the guarantee to protect us from all these insects. We call them insects.
Because the insects you cannot make friendship with insects. Nobody have a friendship with a
scorpion. Scorpion, you cannot put it in your lap and make this for his head, say "It's very
nice insect" He will never understand. This is, these people they will never understand. They
are insects. They are from the kind of insect, they can kill, they can harm. They can do so
many bad things. But Muslim never do bad things, never harm. He is full of mercy. That's
why we are happy to be in the right way.
We are happy to invite everybody for the right way. This is our mission to invite everybody to
be in the right way. When you have the right way, just follow. Just follow. Because the right
way, it is true way. And this is one that bring you for eternity that Allh Almighty He promise
you. This is eternity. This is forever, say forever. Yes, forever when you follow the true
eternity way. May Allh make us from the followers for the truth, make us from the followers
for the good, make us the followers for the best of the best that Allh Almighty He offer.
Wa min Allhi t-tawfq biurmati l-abb biurmati l-Ftiah.
Subnim Allh.
Sulnim Allh.
Nabm Muammad alayhi s-salm.
Subnim Allh.
Sulnim Allh.
Nabm Muammad alayhi s-salm.
Subnim Allh.
Sulnim Allh.
Nabm Muammad alayhi s-salm.
Wa all y Rabbi wa sallim al jamii l-anbiy wal-mursaln wa al kulli ajmaina walamdu liLlhi Rabbi l-lamn

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