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20 yo women present with chief complain

her period for the post partum the she also
feel s nausea & vomite especially in the
morning and enlargement of her breast of the
following. Hormone should be tested to
confirm her diagnose?
a. B-Hcg
b. Estrogen
c. Progesterone
d. Testosterone
2. 22 y.o. woman missing period 2 month,
severe nausea and vomiting especially every
morning, large breast, tinggi fundus di
umbilical. Pemeriksaan beta-hCG yang
ditemukan adalah?
a. Increase from normal limit
b. Decrease from normal limit
c. Normal
d. The value 0
e. undetected
3. 3
4. 4
5. 30 years old women, vadis : whitis, KOH
vagina swab : pseudohypae, culturenya ? -->
subaroud ga
6. 6
7. Karakter agen penginfeksi pada soal no.6 ?
a. Gram positive diplococcic
b. Intracellular polymorphonuclear----GO
c. Motil ---trichomonas
d. Spore forming
e. Monococcus
GO---gram(-) non motil
8. Dibawah ini organisme parasit yang
ditemukan pada genital discharge,.
a. Trichomonas vaginalis
b. Neisseria gonorrhea
c. Candida albican
d. Chlamidia trachomatis
9. Parasite in genital discharge?
a. Balanditium coli
b. Candida albicans
c. Chlamydia thracomatis
d. Gardnella vaginitis
e. Trichomonas vaginalis
10. Newborn baby was born from woman with
PROM 12 hours before delivery. The baby :
Lethargy, jaundice, and temp 39,4 C0. Blood
smear : gram + cocci chains. What is the
causative agent from babys condition ?
a. Group A streptococvcus
b. Group B streptococcus
c. Peptostreptococcus

d. Staphylococcus epidermis
e. Streptococcus pneumoniae
11. Which is the following statement good for
diagnose of the disease, syphillis?
a. An FTA-ABS or MHA-TP test should be
done in order to establish or rule out
present and post syphilis
b. A definitive diagnose should be made by
injecting the rabbit interdermally with
blood sample & observing the animal for
the development of a primary lesion
c. A definitive diagnose of syphilis can be
made by demonstrating the presence of
troponema in blood by dark field
d. The VDRL, cell count, & total protein
determination should be conducted on
CSF immediately
e. Treatment for syphilis should be instituted
& VDRL response to therapy monitored
12. tes terbaik untuk penyakit di atas :
a. RPR
13. 20 year old visit with adenopathy and
muscular popular rash affectinghis soles and
palm. He had a peniles sore that
spontaneously resolve. Which mostly
causative organism ?
Treponema pallidum
14. a sample is taken fromvulvar ulcer in a 25
year sexually active woman. The organism is
weakly staining gram -, microphilic organism
when attempting to view a smear under
microscope, no organism are seen, which
metode of visualization is most appropriate in
this setting ?
a. zlehl nelsen stain
b. india ink preparation
c. congo red stain
d. Dark field microscopy
e. giemsa stain
15. Which of the following tipes cancer is HPV
most commontly asosiated with
a. Anogenital
b. bartholin gland
c. breast
d. lung
16. innervation of breast ? 4-6 intercostal nerve
17. Roughly circular base of female breast

a. 2nd to 6th ribs

b. Bedial border of sternum to axillary line
c. Lateral ..midclavicular line
d. 1st to 7th ribs
e. Midsternum to axillary line
18. 18
19. which of the following is the lympathic
drainage of breast ?
a. brachial
b. axilary
c. cephalic
d. basillic
e. musculophrenic
20. 20
21. a 58 years old man is diagnosed as having a
slowly growing tumor in the deep perineal
space. Which of the following structure would
be liked injure? A. bulbouretral gland, crus
of penis, bulb of vestibule, spongy urethra,
great vestibular gland.
22. uterine cancer surgery mistakenly ligate
during surgery? A. ovarian artery, ovarian
ligament, ureter, uterine tube, round
23. a doctor perform bimanual exam to a 25 y.o
women and it is found a normal position of
the uterus. What is the most likely position? A.
anteflexi n anteverted, retroflexi n
anteverted, anteflexi n retroverted,
retroverted n retroflexi, anteverted n
24. portio vaginalis of servix is part which? A.
extend chepalad from vagina, protrude into
vagina, form internal isthmus, covered by
endocervical epithelium, part of supravaginal
part of cervix
25. which of the following statement regarding
the innervasi of vagina is true?
a. upper 2/3 of the vagina is largerly
innervated by symphatetic fiber from the
presacral nerve,
b. the vaginal only receive parasymphatic
nerve fiber from the hypogastric plexus n
pelvic slanchnic nerve. Is one of the few
organ without symphatetic innervasi,
c. upper vagina has more touch in pain fiber
than lower vagina,
d. the vagina has more nerve ending
persurface area than clitoris so that the
vagina is the major organ role in a
achievement female orgasm,
e. pudendal nerve supply the motoric
branches to the lower part of the vagina

26. A 30 years old woman P0A0 had missed

periods. She also been suffering from nausea
& vomiting, breast discomfort & skin
pigmentation especially on her face, nipple &
abdominal skin. During the early stages of
pregnancy, which of the following part is
separates maternal blood from fetal blood?
a. Syncitiotrophoblast
b. Cytotrophoblast
c. Syn & cyto
d. Syn & fetal endothelium
e. Syn, cyt, conn. Tissue, & fetal
27. 42 y.o women finally become pregnant after
many years. She was worried she mmight be
carring a fetus with major congenital anomaly.
Which of the following prenatal diagnostic
methode is the most likely to perform? C.
fetal alfa protein
28. in the female abnormal fusion of the caudal
portio of the paramesonephronic duct result in
which of the following? A. absence of the
vagina, double vagina, congenital inguinal
hernia, anomaly of uterus, hydrocele
29. 23 gestation she was ensure LNMP di USG
pemeriksaan yang diambil? A. BPD, CRL,
LNMP, number of sommite
30. parameter in sepsis screen strategy. Lupa
31. A 23 years old woman consulted her physician
about severe right lower abdominal pain. She
said that she had two missed two menstrual
periods. A diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy was
made. What techniques might be used to
enable this diagnosis to be made?
a. Urine hcg tets
b. Histerosaphyngography
c. Obstetric examination
d. Endovaginal sonography
e. Laparoscopy
32. A 32 years oled woman with a short history of
cramping lower abdominal pain and
tenderness underwent a laparotomy because
of suspected ectopy pregnancy. The operation
revealed a pregnancy in a rudimentary right
uterine horn, and the rudimentary horn
pregnancy was totally removed. What is the
embryological basis of the rudimentary
uterine horn?

a. Incomplete fusion of the

paranmesonephric ducts
b. Incomplete development of a
paramesonephric duct
c. Failure of parts of both paramesonephric
to develop
d. Incomplete canalisationof the vaginal
plate to form the vagina
e. Right paramesonephric duct is retarded in
growth and does not fuse with the other
33. The caudal parts of the paranesonephric
ducts fused form the uterovaginal primordium
and it also brings together a peritoneal fold
that forms the broad ligament and peritoneal
compartment. Which of the following
peritoneal compartement is the most likely to
be above?
a. Vesikouterine pouch
b. Rectouterine pouch
c. Urogenital sinus
d. Rectouterine pouch and vesikouterine
e. Vestibule vagina and urogenital sinus
34. The urogenital sinus contact to the caudal end
of the uterovaginal primordium and it is also
brings together a peritoneal fold that forms
the broad ligament and peritoneal
compartement. Which of the following
peritoneal compartment is the most likely to
the embryological basis above?
a. Transverse vaginal septum
b. Vaginal segmental mulerian agenesis
c. Complete bicornuate uterus
d. Longitudinal vaginal septum
e. Unicornuate uterus with rudimentary horn
and communicating endometrial activity
35. The embryo suspended in amniotic fluid by
the umbilical cord, floats freely. Aamniotic
fluid has critical functions in normal
development if the fetus. Which of the
following statement is the function of amniotic
a. Prevents adherence of the decidual
parietalis to the embryo and fetus
b. Permits normal fetal lung

c. Helps control the maternal body

temperature by maintaining a relatively
constant temperature
d. cushions the mother against injury by the
distributing impacts the embryo receive
e. Permits asymmetrical external growth of
the embryo and fetus
36. Oligohydroamnion for any particular
gestational age and it is a result in most cases
from plasental insufficiency with diminished
with placenta blood flow. Which is the
following is the most common cause of above
a. Obstructive uropathy
b. Esophageal atresia
c. Macroanencephaly
d. Premature rupture of the amniochorionic
e. Failure of kidney formation
37. At three month pregnancy, the obstetrician
asked to perform amniocentesis for
chromosome examination. Which of the
following layers is the most likely explanation
for amnion formed?
a. Syncytiotrophoblast
b. Throphoblast
c. Cytothrophoblast
d. Hypoblast and epiblast
e. Epiblast and amnioblast
38. A 25 years old woman plans to start a family
planning program using microgynon pill. What
kind of name is it?
a. Standard name
b. Brand name
c. Chemical name
d. Generic name (levonorgestrel)
e. Traditional name
39. Which of the following is a term that the drugs
should be given to a doctor?
a. S.p.r.n.
b. S.u.p
c. S.i.m.m
d. S.u.C
e. S.u.e
40. A 25 years old woman presents with chief
complain of foul smell yellowish vaginal
discharge. She also complains of itching and
burning sensation in the vagina. Wet

preparation from vaginal swab reveals motile

organism. Which the following liquid dosage
forms that appropriate for this disease?
a. Unguent
b. Cream
c. Jelly
d. Vaginal douche --- increase risk infection
e. Vaginal suppositories
41. A 12 years old woman receive prescription
consist of combination between antibiotic and
antacid. What is the most likely usage of
these drugs?
a. Amocicillin 1.h.p.c Antacid 1 h.a.c
b. Amocicillin 1.h.p.c Antacid 1 h.p.c
c. Amocicillin 1.h.a.c Antacid 2 h.p.c
d. Amocicillin 1.h.a.c Antacid 2 h.a.c
e. Amocicillin 1.h.a.c Antacid 2 h.p.c
42. A 5 years old boy must drink a tablespoon full
of syrup 3x/day. How much is the volume he
takes each time?
a. 3 ml
b. 5 ml
c. 8 ml
d. 10 ml
e. 15 ml
43. A 3 month old baby is brought by her
motherwith chief complain of cogh and fever.
The doctor gives some medicines to
encounter his disease. Which of the following
dosage form is most appropriate?
a. Tablet
b. Kapsul
c. Injeksi
d. Drop
e. Suppository
44. A 30 y.o woman had missed period of
menstruation and informed that shes in the
2nd month of pregnancy. 2 days ago she had
vaginal discharge. The doctor decided to do
curretage. Grossly it has typically describe as
bunch of grapes with nearly all villi showing
degeneration and no identifiable embryo.
What Id the diagnosis?
a. Partial mole
b. Complete mole
c. Invasive mole
d. Complete abortion
e. Choriocarcinoma

45. Macroscopically, the tissue sample contain

blood clot, necrotic tissue and no fetal part.
Microscopically, necrotic tissue and, no villi or
other throphoblast.
a. Abortion
b. Complete hydatidiform mole
c. partial hydatidiform mole
d. choriocarcinoma
e. placental site trophoblastic tumor
46. seorang wanita umur 55 th, datang ke dokter
dengan keluhan ada massa di payudara kiri
sejak 3 bln yg lalu dan dokter membiopsy..
Ternyata tumor, slighty in India File. Apakah
itu? Invasive Lobular Carcinoma
47. 32 y.o, G3P2 women goes for a routine PNC at
12 weeks. On PE found that her uterus larger
than dates, no FHR, USG : no fetus, only many
echogenic cystic areas within the fetus,
a. Invasive mole
b. Partial hidatidiform mole
d. Choriocarcinoma
e. Complete HM
48. What is the most likely microscopic feature of
a. Intermediate trophoblast
b. Cytotrophoblast
c. Syncitiotrophoblast
d. Syncytiotrophoblast and
e. Lupa..
49. 47 y.o has noted a pressure sensation, but
not pain in her pelvic region for the 5 months.
On physical exam, ... is a right adnexal mass.
An ultrasound scan shows a 10cm fluid filled
cystic mass in the right ovary. A fine needle
aspiration of the mass is performed and
cytological exam of clear fluid aspirated
from the mass reveals clusters of malignant
epithelial cells surrounding psammoma
bodies. Which of the following neoplasm is the
most likely?
a. Cystadenocarcinoma serous
b. Cystadenocarcinoma muccinosum
c. Endometrial carcinoma ovarium

d. Granulose cell tumor

e. Yolk sac tumor
50. 48 th wanita. Chief complaint : small amount
of irregular bleeding for the past 2 months. No
cervical lesion, pap smear no abnormal cell.
Biopsy microscopic evidence endometrial
hyperplasia. Abdominal USG reveals cystic
right ovarian mass. Neoplasm is the most
a. Cystadenoma serosum ovarium
b. Endometrium cyst
c. Leiomyoma
d. Adenoma ovarium
e. Fibroma ovarium
51. Quality assurance project is done by a group
of physician staffing (pokoknya false
negative pap smear results) which is the
a. Write the patients name on slide
b. Air dried the slides prior to shipping
c. Used lubricants on speculum
d. Scheduled next visit on her period, during
menstruation on her cycle
e. advised the patient to use douches the
day prior to the exam.
52. A 38 years old woman goes to her physician
for a routine checkup. No abnormalities on
physical exam. Pap smear: dysplastic cell (+),
full thickness of cervical epithelium.
b. Chronic cervicitis + HSV
c. DES expose
e. Severe dysplasia
53. 53
54. Woman with red in areola, mucin
a. a
55. follow up kuretase Hydatidiform Mole..
screening beta-HCG
56. Best diagnosis for lesion in this case
Hydatidiform Mole
57. A 49 years old perimenopausal woman has
had vaginal bleeding for past 5 month. On
physical exam, doc found enlarged nodule
uterus. Terus di-histerektomi. Surgeon find
several 0.2 1 cm translucent, smooth
surface, thin walled, fluid-filled cysts near the
right fallopian tube. Diagnosis?
a. gartner duct cyst
b. Bartholin cyst

c. paraovarian cyst
d. omphalocele cyst
e. mucinous cyst
58. 14 tahun woman have pelvic pain selama 3
bulan tanpa menstruasi dan tanpa aktivitas
seksual. Menolak physical exam. Abdominal
USG show fluid distending the vagina.
a. Cervical condyloma
b. Endometriosis
c. Cervical gonorrhea
d. Imperforate hymen
e. Rupture bartholin cyst.
59. penyebab CIN?
60. 60
61. a 47 y.o woman undergoes routine
mammography screening and an abnormal
finding mammography small areas of
increased distinctive, a though of small
distinctive mass lesion reveals cell suspicious
for a malignancy excisional breast biopsy.
Diagnosis : lobular carcinoma in situ breast.
Which associated with woman carcinoma?
a. neoplasm will be localized
b. opposite breast may be involved
c. family history breast cancer unlikely
d. paget disease of nipple lesion
e. estrogen receptor assay negative
62. Seorang wanita merasakan bahwa payudara
bagian kanannya terasa lebih besar dari
bagian kirinya, keadaan ini terjadi mulai ia
berumur 12 tahun.setelah diperiksa oleh
dokter, kosistensinya sama, tidak ada
tenderness, nipple dan areola normal.
Keadaan tersebut adalah ?
63. woman breastfeed sebulan, breast nya
kemudian swollen, painful dan temperature
tubuhnya 38,2C. Maka ia didiagnosis : Acute
64. a 49 y.o woman notes high size to her right
breast over the past year. This breast is not
painful but the heaviness cause sore
PE: skin &nipple normal. No nipple
discharge,no axillary lymphadenopathy.
Mammography : solid 12cm circumsribed
Biopsy : cellular stromal component along
with an epithelial component
a. Fibroadenoma
b. Phylloides tumor

c. Ficrocystic changes
d. Intraductal adenoma
e. Hyperthropy of the glands
65. A G5P4A1 noted a rough, reddened, increase
in size for 5 month Risk factor?
a. Smoker
b. Fibrocystic disease
c. Pregnancy G5P4A1
d. Her mother had same disease
e. HPV infection
66. 30 y.o female, 5 cm mass right breast. ER
(-),PR(-),her2/neu +. Kakaknya mengalami
gejala yang sama. Risk factor?
a. BRCA 1 mutation
b. early menarche
c. +ER
d. p53 mutation
e. negative reproductive hormone
67. What is the name of structure where
spermatogonic cell develop?
a. Seminiferus tubulus
b. Septa testis
c. Rete testis
d. Ductus deferen
e. Eferens ductules
68. 68
69. from which one of the following tissue
placental vili are derived?
a. epithelium of endometrial gland
b. inner cell mass of blastocyst
c. spiral artery of the endometrium
d. trophoblast of the blastocyst
e. decidua parietalis
70. 70
71. Layer of endometrium has thick and
superficial layer. It undergoes the greatest
change during the menstrual cycle. What is
the most likely layer
a. Mucosa layer
b. Muscular layer
c. Functional layer
d. Basal layer
e. Perimetrium layer
Ans: The endometrium is composed of two
parts, the superficial functionalis, which
undergoes changes during the menstrual
cycle and is shed during menstruation... (dari
72. 72
73. Epitel endocervix itu apa? Simple columnar

74. 74
75. What is the name of secretory sac of milk
production in mammary gland
a. Alveoli
b. Areola
c. Lobes
d. Lobules
76. 76
77. What is the name of the outer layer of the
developing embryonic mass responsible for
a. Decidua
b. Trophoblast
c. Placenta
d. Endometrium
e. Myometrium
78. Organ yang mensekresikan estrogen
progesterone selama kehamilan
b. Placenta
c. Trophoblast
d. Hypothalamus
e. pituitari
79. As general practitioner you have to have the
ability to perform your own practice. If the
patient comes with epistaxis and ptechiae,
which of the following test meet the purpose?
a. Tourniquet test
b. Bleeding time
c. Clotting time (bed-side)
d. Fibrinolysis time
e. Cotting time(lee and white)
Ans: A tourniquet test (also known as a
Rumpel-Leede Capillary-Fragility Test or
simply a capillary fragility test) determines
capillary fragility. It is a clinical diagnostic
method to determine a patient's
haemorrhagic tendency. It assesses fragility of
capillary walls and is used to identify
thrombocytopenia (a reduced platelet count).
Example is for Dengue fever (in which have
symptoms such as epistaxis and ptechiae).
Caranya: A blood pressure cuff is applied and
inflated to a point between the systolic and
diastolic blood pressures for five minutes. The
test is positive if there are more than 20
petechiae per square inch (a petechia is a

small red or purple spot on the body, caused

by a minor hemorrhage). (dari
80. The advantage of ivys method bleeding time
compare to Duke method is
a. More simple
b. Cheaper
c. More expensive
d. More reliable
e. More difficult
Ans: Duke method disadvantage: the pressure
on the blood veins in the stab area is not
constant and the result achieved are less
81. 81
82. 82
83. fibrinogen diubah jadi fibrin dibantu oleh?
84. 84
85. Etiology of theca luthein cyst in hydatidiform
a. abnormal karyotype
b. increase the number of PRL
c. increase level FSH
d. increase level HCG
e. increase level of TSH
86. what is the cause of increase level of plasma
thyroxine in woman with mola?
a. increase level of fetal thyroxine
b. estrogen induced increased level of total
c. increase level of HCG hormone
d. neoplastic change in the thyroid gland
e. unknown
87. principle of blood grouping test is an
immunologic reaction between antigen &
antibody, which is
a. antigen in plasma, antibody in reagent
b. antibody plasma, antibody reagent
c. antigen in red cell, antibody in reagent
d. antibody in RBC, antigen in reagent
e. antigen & antibody in blood
88. 34 th wanita, G3P2A0 32 wk pregnancy came
to clinic because of fluid come out from her
vagina, where we take sample for test ?
a. anterior vaginal wall
b. posterior vaginal wall
c. whole part of vaginal wall
d. portio
e. cervix canal
89. 89

90. wanita G1P0A0 datang ke klinik untuk

pemeriksaan kehamilan, dan si pasien
melakukan pemeriksaan TORCH. Indikasi dia
terkena toxoplasma adalah :
a. maternal seroconversion to IgM antibody
or 2 fold rise in IgG fine in serum samples
taken 2 wk apart
b. maternal seroconversion to IgM antibody
or 4 fold rise in IgG fine in serum samples
taken 3 wk apart
c. maternal seroconversion to IgM antibody
or 2 fold rise in IgG fine in serum samples
taken 4 wk apart
d. maternal seroconversion to IgM antibody
or 4 fold rise in IgG fine in serum samples
taken 5 wk apart
e. maternal seroconversion to IgM antibody
or 4 fold rise in IgG fine in serum samples
taken 6 wk apart
91. A 28 yo woman in 38 weeks gestational age
comes to the emergency. Feeling progressive
regular contraction. There are no
water/bloody release from vagina. Which of
the following changes is initiating her
a. Increase hcg concentration
b. Increase prolactin conc.
c. Increase estrogen conc.
d. Decrease progesterone conc.
e. Decrease oxytocin conc.
92. Defisiensi UDP glucoronyltransferase II
menyebabkan kurangnya
a. Bilirubinogen
b. Urobilin
c. Biliverdin
d. Bilirubin diglucoro
e. Bilirubin mono
93. Seorang pria mengalami headache, confusion,
ataxia, hemiporesis dan retinochroiditis. Lab
exam result + IgG dan + IgM toxoplasmosis.
Ditemukan T. gondii pada spinal fluid.
Merupakan pasien HIV sejak 3 tahun lalu.
Sumber toxoplasmosis?
a. Consume contaminated food oleh oocyst
b. Drink contaminated water oleh oocyst
c. Eat trophozoit pd daging goat
d. React of tissue cyst in brain
e. Intraplantasi organ
94. A man eating raw burger then complaining:
decrease visual activity and pain in right eye.
Sabine feldmen eye test (+). The cause?

a. Onchocerca volvulus
b. Acanthamoeba polyphaga
c. Toxocara cati
d. Loa loa
e. Toxoplasma gondii
95. Triad toxoplasmosis: retinochoroiditis,
hydrocephalus, cerebal calsification.
Jawaban: C. melalui daging hewan yang
terinfeksi yg dimasak tdak matang
96. A 20 yo woman is presented to the doctor
because of vaginal discharge for the last
week. She has no fever, abdominal pain, or
dysuria. She became involve with a new
sexual partner about 4 weeks ago. Her
partner is asymptomatic. A wet mount of
vaginal discharge examined microscopically
revealed memorous motile, pear shaped.
Pernyataan tentang organism penyebab di
atas yang benar adalah
a. Hanya ada di posterior fornix
b. Menyerang epitel squamous, jarang
nyerang apitel columnar
c. Hidup pd pH 3,5-4,5
d. Melakukanpembelahan biner
97. Which of the following adverse effect is
observed with administration of estrogen?
a. Hirsuitism
b. Weight gain
c. Depression
d. Hypotension
e. Breast tenderness
98. Drug used in treatment of infertility is
a. Diethylstilbestrol
b. Levonorgestrol
c. Clomiphene
d. Danazol
e. mifepristone
99. Wanita pregnancy mengalami preeclampsia.
Di treatment dengan MgSO4, fungsi?
Jawaban : prevent seizure
100. The benefit of estrogen in hormonal
replacement therapy is
a. Normalizing mens cycle
b. Stimulating estrogen release
c. Antagonizing progestines effect on LDL
d. Decreasing the risk of osteoporosis
e. Suppressing secretion of estrogen by the

101. An adult male complained having groin

pain for past 2 weeks. He also had red rashes
at his face and genital chancre. Which is the
most specific method for making diagnosis
a. Rapid Plasmid Reagen (RPR)
b. Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody.
c. Venereal Disease Research Laboratory
d. Ziehl-niellson staining
102. 22 years old woman has just delivered. On
her 9th postpartum day, she complained of her
right breast was being engorged, hot red
painful. Temp 38,5o If this patient plan to
breast feed her child which antibiotic should
be avoided.
a. Ampicillin
b. Doxicyclin
c. Erythromycin
d. Penicillin
e. Cephalosporin
103. A young pregnant woman is hospitalized
for eclampsia. She treated by MgSO4 and
other drugs. Which of the following is primary
goal of this drug injection?
a. Reduced blood pressure
b. Increased urination
c. Prevented convulsion
d. Prevented hemorrhage
104. What is the side effect of oxytocin infusion?
a. Fetal muscular paralysis
b. Closure ductus arteriosus
c. Increasing Fetal Heart Rate
d. Fetal Hematuria
e. Increasing Fetal Movement
105. A 29 years old woman presented to
gynecology clinic, stated that she had an
increased vaginal discharge and complained
of intense vulvar itching in the last 2 weeks.
From speculum examination revealed copious
yellowish discharge covering portio and
erythema on the wall of vagina. Lab exam is
showed gram negative diplococci (+). She Is
treated by Ciprofloxacin. Which of the
following is the MOA of the drug?
a. Inhibiting transpeptidase reaction
b. Inhibition DNA gyrase topoisomerase
106. Alas an pemberian methyl ergonovine
pada kasus sekunder terhadap uterine atony?
107. A 40 years old woman visited the obgyn
outpatient clinic for her menstrual problem.
Since last 3 months it become irregular and
sometimes a bit heavy. The gynecologist

performed several exam and found that no

structural abnormalities. Which of the
following is the most likely drug given to
overcome her problem?
a. Androgen
b. Antiestrogen
c. Antiprogestin
d. Estrogen
e. progestine
108. A 57 years old woman having sleep
disturbance, dyspareunia, osteoporosis. The
doctors said it is regarding to her menopausal
status and decided to do hormonal
replacement therapy. What could happen
prior to administration of drug?
a. Hot flushes
b. Hypotension
c. Uterine bleeding
d. Increased LDL
e. Depression
109. Wanita umur 35 tahun sudah menikah
selama 7 tahun punya masalah fertilitas
karena anovulatory. Obat yang cocok?
a. Agonist progesterone
b. Agonist estrogen
c. Agonist FSH
d. Agonist LH
110. A woman with 24 weeks of pregnancy,
suffers from tonsillitis. She is given antibiotic
and antipyretic. Which of the following is the
safest combi for her?
a. Amoxicillin + mefenamic acid
b. Amoxicillin + pyroxicam
c. Erythromycin + paracetamol
d. Chlorampenicol + aspirin
e. Tetracycline + acetaminophene
111. What is the pathogenesis of asphyxia in
this baby?
a. incompetence cervix
b. poor subcutaneous fat stores
c. decrease of tissue glycogen store
d. maternal infection in the first trimester
e. decrease uteroplacental perfusion during
112. Babys jaundice?
a. Bilirubin metabolism disorder due to
b. Risk of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia
decreased in next pregnancy
c. Baby has blood group group B rhesus
d. Maternal erythrocyte introduced to the
e. Increased RBC destruction due to
increased HBf

113. Neonatal jaundice is considered physiologic

a. Associated with breast feed
b. Any history in the family
c. Appear on the first day of life
d. Level indirect less than 15mg/dl
e. Decrease after first week
114. The mechanism of phototherapy in
reducing hyperbilirubinemia is
a. Exposure to low intensity of light in visible
b. Photoisomerazation of unconjugated
c. Oxidation of unconjugated bilirubin by
blue light
d. Reducing conjugated bilirubin and
exchanged transfusion
e. Increase the albumin-bound bilirubin by
115. Selected teratogen that caused Amelia is
a. Phenitoin
b. Thalidomide
c. Retinoic acid
d. Alcohol
e. Warfarin
116. Abnormalities on the neck & shoulder
caused by traumatic delivery is
a. Subgaleal hemorrhage
b. Horners syndrome
c. Erbs paralysis
d. Subcutaneous fat necrosis
e. dislocation
117. etiology of LBW
a. asphyxia &PIG
b. premature & PIG
c. premature & asphyxia
d. asphyxia & congenital abnormality
e. congenital abnormality & respiratory
118. What other abnormalities must be
searched for congenital rubella syndrome?
a. Deafness, cardiovascular anomaly
b. Deafness, cleft palate
c. Cleft palate, polydactyly
d. Polydactyly, plaghiochephaly
e. Plagiochephaly, cardiovascular anomaly
119. The mayor constituents of surfactant that
play role in HMD are?
a. Lecitine, phosphatidylglycerol, palmitate
b. Phosphatidylglycerol, palmitate,
c. Cholesterol, lecitine, apoprotein
d. Apoprotein, lecitine, spyngomyeline
e. Phosphatidylglycerol, spyngomyelin,

120. 20
121. Bayi lahir dengan C-section 1st minute
HR:80/min, irregular, gasping, peripheral,
cyanosis,. Diagnosisnya adalah ?
a. No asphyxia
b. Mild asphyxia
c. Moderate asphyxia
d. Severe asphyxia
e. Vigorous baby
122. The parameters are useful in creating a
sepsis screen strategi is :
a. Total WBC <7500 or >40.000
b. Absolute neutrofil count < 1000
c. I : T neutrofil ratio > 0.05
d. C-reactive protein : negative
e. Thrombocyt > 150.000
123. Preterm female infant, mather 18 y.o P1A0
diabetic mom, skin problem, take
skin problem. History :
PROM with C-section. 30 menit after birth he
develops sign of RDS
What are risk factor associated with
congenital defect in this case ?
a. Preterm, PROM, Corticosteroid
b. Primigravida, PROM, diabetes
c. Maternal age, Diabetes
d. Female infant, Maternal skin problem
e. Use corticosteroid & RS
124. What a risk factor for neonatal infection in
this case ?
a. Preterm, maternal skin problem, PROM
b. Primigravida, female infant, maternal
c. Preterm, maternal diabetes, C-section
d. Primigravida, female infant, maternal skin
e. Preterm, PROM, C-section
125. 25
126. 20 weeks pregnant woman has been
reffered secondary to an abnormally low AFP
level. Her pregnancy has otherwise been
uncomplicated which of the following is the
most associated with above result?
a. Neural tube defect
b. Twin
c. Trisomy 21
d. Gastroschisis
e. Cystic hygoma
127. Seorang bayi lahir dengan bantuan forcep
dan tidak bisa menggerakan tangan kirinya.
Apa yang menyebabkan kondisi tersebut ?
Jawaban : Erb Paralysis

128. A term infant is born to a mother whose

perinatal labs include HIV non reactive,
negative B streptococcus, negative Hepatitis
B. The infant is approximately 20 hours old
and appears to be jaundice to the chest.
Mother O+ and father B+. Penyebab jaundice
nya adalah ?
a. Billiary Atresia
b. Physiology Jaundice
c. ABO incompatibility
d. Breast feeding Jaundice
e. Sepsis
129. 29
130. 2 Y.o boy is being followed by CMV. He is
deaf and developmentally delayed. The
childs mother informs you that she just
become pregnant & concerned that the new
baby will be infected. Which of the following
state most appropriate to tell mother ?
a. Antibodi CMV will passed to fetus
b. Mother infection cant become reactived
c. Likelihood that new baby will become
clinically ill is approximately 80%
d. Advice to termination pregnancy
e. New infant should be isolated from the
other children
a 30 year old woman give birth to a a healthy
infant weighing 4700 gram. On the second day
the infant turned yellowish. The mother is
Javanese woman whose blood is 0 rhesus +, her
husband a Caucasian man with B rhesus +.
131. What is the appropriate sentence for the
case above?
b. Reduced risk for the next pregnancy
c. The infant will have 0 rhesus
d. Maternal eritrosit was introduced to fetal
e. Increase eritrosit destruction karena
increase Hb F.
132. acute complication
a. Cerebral palsy
b. Hypovolemic shock
c. Generalized edema
d. Sepsis
e. Kern icterus
133. Cesarean section was performed by an
obstetrician and female baby of 2800 gram
was delivered. Baby is pale limp, gasping,
unresponsive to stimuli and the hr 95 bpm.

She was put in the open warmer and dried

with clean towel. What the appropriate
a. Asses apgar score
b. Chest compression
c. PPV
d. Intubation & suction airway
e. Provide iv line
134. bayi baru lahir 2 jam usia kehamilan 36
minggu, berat badan 2000 gr, mengalami
microcephalus, congenital cataract, dan +
congenital rubella. Management yang tepat
untuk bayi
a. Jaga suhu tubuh 36-36.5 derajat
b. Beri oksigen
c. Humidity 60-70%
d. Fluid intake 70-80%
e. Masukkan ke incubator untuk cegah
135. what is the possible etiology multiple
malformation syndrome?
a. Chromosom abnormality
b. Chemical teratogenic
c. Single gene defect of inherited mendelian
d. Intrauterine infection (answer)
e. Prematurity
136. the following can be used for treatment of
patient with Chlamydia trachomatis
infection ?
a. Amoxyciline 3x500 mg/day orally for 7
b. Doxycicline 2x100 mg/day orally for 7
c. Ciprofloxacin 2x500 mg/day oral single
d. Ceftriaxone 250 mg im single dose
e. Ciprofloxacine 500 mg/day oral single

Obat yang kontraindikasi selama hamil

ceftriaxone, azithromycin
ceftriaxone, azithromycin, erythromycin
ceftriaxone, azithromicin, cefixime
ciprofloxacin, doxycyclin

138. which one is true for candidiasis ( candida

albicans) ?
a. Is caused of endocervicitis
b. Wet mount preparation revealed
c. Mostly transmitted sexually

d. Ph >4.5
e. Venerological exam revealed: vulvar
erythema, +clump, white discharge,
adherent to vaginal wall
139. what cause conjunctivitis in a baby ?
(pokoknya yang adachlamydia trachomatis
dan neiserria gonorrheae)

Which is correct about VCT?

Serologic test for syphilis
Counseling test for hiv patient
Dilakukan sesudah dan sebelum test HIV
Informed consent is not important

20y.o female come to STI clinic she complain of

having yellowish vaginal discharge and itching for
the part 5 days. She had a boyfriend and had sex
with her boyfriend 10 days ago. The doctor
perform physical examination: reddish labia
mayora and minora. the speculum examination :
cervix erythema, ectopy and flowing discharge
from os. uteri externum.
141. What pathogen would be suspected to this
a. gardnerella vaginalis
b. neiseria gonorrhea
c. trichomonas vaginalis
d. chlamydia trachomatis
142. If this patient is pregnant and doesnt seek
any treatment, complication?
a. Vaginitis
b. Vulvitis
c. Uretritis
d. Bartholinitis
e. Chorioamnionitis
143. Pria 23 th, sering coitus dalam 2 minggu
terakhir, 3 hari setelah coitus terakhir,
dysuria, pus discharge, Gram stain : gram (-)
intraselular diplococcus. 10-15 PMN
leukosit/hpf. Obat?
a. Cefixime + Doxycycline
b. Kanamycin + Doxycycline
c. Spectinomycin + Doxycycline
d. Ceftriaxone + Doxycycline
e. Ofloxacin + Doxycycline
144. 44
145. Breast cancer is one of the malignant
tumor that women are most afraid of. It can
actually be detected earlier by routine selfexamination of the breast.this procedure is.

Highly recommended among woman with

high risk of breast cancer. The risk factor for
breast cancer is:
a. Low fat-diet
b. Early menopause
c. Late menarche
d. Giving birth to the first child at 35 years
old or more
e. Family history with any cancer
146. Abnormal in pregnancy;
->excessive vomiting n low turgor.
147. The naegele's formula to calculate
expected that is.
a. Add 7 days to last mestrual period and
count back 3 month
b. Subtract 14 days from to last mestrual
period and count back 3 month
c. Add 14 days to last menstrual period
d. Substract 7 day to last menstrual period
e. None of the answers in A, B, C, D is correct
148. Positive sign of pregnancy? Jwbn:b.
Perception aktive fetal movement by
149. Which hormone is release in the highest
centre for menstrual cycle regulation?
a. GnRh
b. FSH
c. LH
d. TRH
e. Estrogen
150. The sperm must travel up genital tract to
meet the ovum & it undergoes some changes
prior to fertilization in which the ovum & the
sperm will fuse. The sperm must undergo
capacitation & acrosome reaction to be able
to fertilize the oocyte.
The condition which implied by a normal
postcoital test is
a. Normal amount of cervical mucus
b. Good coital technique
c. Probable male fertility
d. Good progesterone levels
e. Immunological factor is a problem
151. G1P0A0 datang ke MCH tanggal 20
November 2003. LMNP 10 Februari 2003.
Cycle 28 hari. Merasa ada kontraksi selama 2
hari terakhir. A gush of water vital sign
Obstetri Examination :
- Linea nigra obvious in lower abdomen
- Fundus height 32 cm

Small fetal parts occupied in the fundus

Head was on the left
Contraction : irreguler
Speculum : water coming
Nitrazine test : (+) cervical dilatation 4

Which statement is correct from this patient?


Term pregnancy
Due date 17 December 2003
Condition called PROM
External version indicated
No one correct
obat untuk endometriosis?
Apa yang dialami Suzy?
Uterine rupture
Tubular rupture
Molar pregnancy
Uterine perforation
Jawab : uterine perforation

154. The devinite intervention to save Suzy was

primarily based on one condition?
a. Loss of conciousness
b. Fluxus from external os
c. Shifting dullness
d. Douglas puncture result
e. Cervical motion tenderness
Jawab : kayanya yang D
155. Bla bla bla
a. Hemochromatosis
b. Stein-leventhal syndrome
c. Chusing syndrome
d. Simond syndrome
e. Sheehan syndrome
156. Wanita sehat. 2 jam pasca melahirkan,
perdarahan hebat samapi pucat. dikasih 0.2
mg methil ergonovine, terus bimanual
compression, kasih lagi, kompresi lagi. Terus
ditamabah 2 pack colloid, 3 pack crystalloid
secara infus. Lalu, ditambah 1 pack whole
blood. Sequelae wanita itu apa?
a. Cushing syndrome
b. Sheehan syndrome
c. Simmond syndrome
d. Stein-Leventhal Syndrome
e. Hemochromatosis
Cerita untuk 157-158 :
Veriska, 14 tahun, keluhan dizziness,
tighthead, menarche 1 years ago. Still

irregular, unpredictable. Abdominal

157. What was the most probable defect in the
regulatory mechanism of menstruation in this
a. Lack of FSH
b. Lack of FSH receptors in endometrium
c. Lack of estradiol receptors in
d. Failure of follicle maturation
e. Lack of androgen
158. Which are one of the following condition
was most likely in this case?
a. Progesterone excess
b. Unovulation
c. Adenomyosis
d. Endometriosis
e. Polycystic ovary
159. Terjadi placenta accreta, dokter ceroboh,
terjadi perdarahan hebat. Selain
memotong........arteri. potong mana lagi?
a. Hypogastric
b. Common illiac
c. Ovary artery
d. Vascular artery
e. Internal artery
160. What type of blood disorder could appear
in such case?
a. Hyperviscosity
b. Haemochromatosis
c. Consumptive coagulopathy
d. Haemosiderosis
e. Haemolysis
161. 61
162. On palpitation the doctor in charge confirm
that baby is engaged. Which one of the
following condition is used by the doctor to
confirm engagement?
a. The head is in synclitis
b. The occiput is lower than ischial spine
c. The caput reaches the pelvic floor
d. The large fontanel is in transverse position
e. The sagittal suture is in the mid pelvis
163. Secondary stage labor, lalau bearing down
selama 45 menit, BP: 130/85, pulse 100,
Kontraksi 2-3 menit lasting 45-50 second .
The doctor decides to terminate the labour.
What is the following option suitable for the
a. Stop bearing down process
b. Tocolysis
c. Perform episiotomy

d. Prepare for operative vaginal bleeding

e. Perform C. cesarea
164. 164
165. C-section was performed by an obstetrician
and a male baby of 2800 gr was delivered. It
is noticed that the baby is pale, limp, gasping,
and unresponsive to stimuli and its heart rate
was 95 bpm. He was put in the open warmer
and dried with a clean towel.
After the first 30 s of resuscitation, what do
you first assess?
a. Colour, respiration, HR
b. Neurological assessment
c. APGAR score
d. Silverman score
e. Vital sign
166. The patient had miscarriage. The
histopathological findings confirmed that
there were fetal parts, but also some
hydrophic degeneration of the trophoblast.
Which of the following mechanism can cause
such pregnancy?
a. Lack humoral support in early pregnancy
b. An empty ovum was conceived
c. Decreased HCG level than normal
d. The other embryo died earlier
e. Two sperm conceived an egg.
167. An adolescent female mens : 2-7 days in 26 weeks, bleeding spotting to heavy
a. Increase level FSH
b. Detectable LH in urine
c. Endometrium thin
d. Presence of atretic follicle
e. Increase basal body temperature
168. G2 P1 24 th, 39 week. Painful bleeding with
dark, bloody mucus. Etiology?
a. Placenta previa
b. Placenta abruption
c. Vasa previa
d. Cervical laceration
e. Bloody show
169. Seorang wanita akan melahirkan bayi yang
beratnya 4500 gram, pernah melahirkan bayi
yang beratnya 35-3800 gr, komplikasi yang
akan terjadi
a. Uterine rupture
b. failure descent
c. shoulder dystocia
d. arrested after coming

e. prolonged active phase

A woman is delivering a baby 4500gr, her
previous baby 3500gr was delivery spontaneous
vaginal. Now she is pushing the baby. Station 4+.
Cervical dilatation 10 cm.
170. what are the complication which may occur
immediately in the 3rd stage?
a. inversion utery
b. uterine atony
c. urine retention
d. infection
e. abruption placenta
171. 71
172. 72
173. 73
174. 74
175. 75
176. 76
177. 77
178. Obat yang digunakan untuk menghindari
komplikasi berat
a. MgSO4 + valium
b. MgSO4 + lupa
c. MgSO4 + methyl dopa
d. MgSO4 + nifedipin
e. Nifedipin + furosamid
179. Which of the following condition is severe
complication of this disease?
a. Retinal hemorrhage
b. Hypovolemic shock
c. Convulsion
d. Hemiplegia
e. Blindness
180. A 19 y.o woman G1P0 check her BP at the
antenatal clinic, the result 170/110 +2
proteinuria. She complained frontal headache,
blur vision, nausea. Which of the mechanism
of the most popular hypothesis for the
a. Abnormality of calcium chain blocker
b. Retention of sodium
c. Deficiency of natrium (kalo gak salah)
d. Hypobilirubinemia
e. Endhotelial dysfunction
181. 81
182. 24 yo female P2A0 delivered 4300 gr infant
by an uncomplicated vaginally spontaneous
abortion. Previous obstetric history : undergo
lower uterine segment transversal cesarean

section for breech. She had no problem during

pregnancy and labor but there are brisk of
vaginal bleeding more than 500cc. after a
period of hypovolemic shock, the vascular
volume was restore. However she couldnt
give breast feed, noted breast atrophy, and
no recurrence of menses. What is the
a. sheeman syndrome
b. asherman syndrome
c. forbes-albright syndrome
d. acute tubular necrosis
e. amenorrhea-galactorrhea syndrome
setelah delivery dan placenta keluar, terdapat
red, raw surface di vagina introitus, pasien
pale BP rendah, external bleeding normal
183. diagnosis?uterine inversion
184. treatment?immediate replacement of
185. complain : fever, trus fevernya meningkat,
pain meningkat, tachycardia meningkat.. leg
red + edema, groin pain pronounced
a. hepar anticoagulant tapi gatau
bener gatau ga
b. .. exersice
c. tourniquet on affected limbs
d. vit K
e. incision of the affected veins
186. 22 yo woman G1 has just delivered. On her
9th postpartum day, she complains of her right
breast was being engorged, hot, red, and
painful. Her temperature was 38,5derajatC. If
her breast were cultured, which one of the
following is the most likely organism to be
a. anaerobic streptococcus
b. E.coli
c. staphylococcus aureus
d. aerobic streptococcus
e. neisseria sp
187. female : mens normal, no chronic pain,
normal condition, normal uterus. Male : sperm
analysis normal. Hysterosalphingography : no
contract spills from both tube, kesalahan ada
a. tubal disorder
b. uterine disorder

c. ovulatory disorder
d. sperm disorder
e. sexual intercourse disorder
188. wanita 30th tidak bisa punya anak. Sudah
menikah 3 th. Mens irregular. No pelvic pain.
BMI overweight. Uterus normal.
Histerosalphyngogram normal. Sperm
analysis suaminya normal. Next managing?
a. estradiol assay untuk cek ovulasi
b. endometrial assay
c. tiroid assay
d. speculum
e. basal body temp
189. 89
190. pasien dengan HSIL, dilakukan
a. colposcopy dan biopsy
191. 15 y.o. girl, complain of heavy bleeding
since 2 weeks. She came to endocrinology
clinic for the treatment, Hb = 10 gr/dl,
bleeding time & clotting time = normal. Pelvic
ultrasound = no abnormality. What is the
most possible cause in the case?
a. Menstrual dysfunction due to anovulatory
b. Prolong bleeding associated with ovulation
c. Heavy bleeding associated with structural
d. Heavy bleeding associated with
physiological cause
e. Primary ovarian failure
192. 22, G3P2A0, 40 minggu, strong
contraction, no fluxus, no illness, dilatasi
cervix 5cm, descent st +1, contraction 3x/10
mnt, durasi 45 dtk, kuat, FHR 164-168. Tanda
di partograf
a. Dot
b. Diagonal stripes
c. Black
d. Blank
G3P2A0, normal term previous deliveries, 9
months pregnancy in parturition stage with
external examination Leopold 3: round and hard
mass. Vag exam: orbites, nose and chin in 9cm
dilatation. Chin palpated anteriorly.

Most possible presentation?



194. Etiology of the presentation?

a. Anenchepaly
b. Contracted pelvis
c. SGA
d. Tight abdominal muscular
e. Multiple cord entanglement
195. G2P1A0, term, was diagnosed as large
baby w/ head presentation. 1st baby was
delivered spontan (3600 gr). After head
delivery, the baby is difficult to be delivered.
a. Uterine rupture
b. Shoulder dystocia
c. Arrested aftercoming head
d. Uterine hypotonic contraction
e. Uterine atony
196. 96
197. A 8 month-pregnant woman admitted to
USG department because of bleeding from
her vagina and the result from exam : FHR
(+),BPD = 34 weeks,AC = 30 weeks,FL =
weeks.which of the following is the problem
for the fetus live?
a. Growth restriction
b. Polyhidramnion
c. Immature fetal heart
d. Placenta previa
e. Abruption placenta
198. A G4P3A0, 35 tahun, was referred to labor
ward by a midwife for current estimated fetal
weight 4500gr. Previously she gave
spontaneous deliveries of babies 3500-3800
gr. Her condition os good strong FHR normal.
Fetal descent is at station (+4), occciput
anterior.cervical dilatation is 10 cm. she is
pushing the baby now.
What are the complication which may occur
immediately in the 3rd stage of labor of this
a. Uterine inversion
b. Placental abruption
c. Uterine atony
d. Infection
e. Urinary retention
199. Prolonged labor management?
a. Labor augmentasi
b. Forcep


Lihat gambar partograf
Latent phase
Active phase
Prolonged latent phase
Prolonged active phase

b. polyploidy
45. A 29 years old with a history of the ectopic
pregnancy one year ago, has abnormal bleeding.
The doctor decided to do the curettage. Grossly it
characteristically forms as a soft, dark red, and
haemorrhage, round nodular tumor masses.
Microscopically, the tumor are compossed of
clusters of cytotrophoblast separated by
streaming masses of syncytiotrophoblast. Villi are
characteristically absent. What is the most likely
a. Partial mole
b. Complete mole
c. Invasive mole
d. Choriocarcinoma
e. Placental site trophoblastic tumor

30. pregnancy 2 months, after discontinuing

control pils 3 weeks later and had an spontaneous
abortion. why?
a. deletion

c. down syndrome
d. hormonal imbalance
e. disruption
jawabanya D

190. a 40 year old woman is seen for routine

exam, her menses have been regular, and she has
no complaints, findings includingthose on pelvic
exam are normal,10 days later her pap smear
result "HSIL", which of is the followingis the best
score of action would be the performance
a. immediate wide-cuff hysterecomy
b.repeated pap smear 3 months later
c. fractional D&C
d. punch biopsyat anterior cervical lip
e. colposcopy with biopsy