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The Mutant Epoch

Quick Start Rules

Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch

The Mutant Epoch

Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch and the Outland System game mechanic are all trademarks owned by Outland Arts
Copyright 2007-2016 Outland Arts/ William McAusland

ISBN 978-0-9949237-5-2

First published December 2016


The Mutant Epoch post-apocalyptic adventure RPG has been

around for a few years now and every year we add one or two
new books and an assortment of free and pay what you want
adventures, creatures and other supplements. New adventures, source books and a novel series are in the works.
This Quick Start Rules book was long overdue and surprisingly challenging to put together. The main hub rules book is 246
pages long and packed full of freaks, mutations, implants, relics, robots and other valuable game content. Trying to condense
it down to a magazine sized booklet was tough. Still, what you
hold has just the right mix of character types, skills, cybernetic
implants and mutations to run the game and get a feel for the
rules system and setting. So too, the characters you and your
players create are fully transferable to the full rules should you
purchase a copy of The Mutant Epoch hub rules book. Likewise,
the setting part included in this QSR book, the town of Sandbarra in the Lower Freehold, is part of our first Gazetteer, and
the characters can expand their adventures beyond
the swamp and explore the rest of the Crossroads Region via that hefty source book.
The included adventure requires just
these quick start rules to play. This is a low
rank adventure for beginning characters
and a dangerous, tough expedition. Casualties could be as high as 40% so I recommend each player
start with two characters of different types (such as a pure
stock human and a mutant, or a cyborg and a mutant, etc.).
This adventure was also made for current fans of the game,
some who might be very experienced with the rules and setting, and can easily have their PCs thrown into the muck and
find it a challenge. In some instances in the adventure text,
both the page number within the quick start rules (QSR) and
main hub rules (TME) are included, but for the most part the
focus is on referencing this rules lite edition.

Where this version and the hub rules differ is in the scope
of character types, pre-game castes, and number of mutations,
implants, skills, relics, creatures and typical humans. We have
left out rank gain (leveling-up), flaw mutations, minor mutations, called shots and other methods of character trait determination (like trait buying).
While buyers of the TME hub rules get free membership
to the Society of Excavators, and the trove of downloads found
therein, those of you using these quick start rules can easily
access a separate, public web bunker. All the player hand outs,
maps, character sheet, game ready characters and the GMs
handy reference sheet are all included in a publicly accessible
page right here:
Unlike our other books which we dont want downloaded
from some virus infested bit torrent site, we DO want you to
freely share the rules only section of this PDF and spread it to
your fellow gamers and players. The
Quick Start Rules Only version
lacks the Sandbarra setting
and Muddy Mayhem adventure;
youll want to keep those parts
for the Game Masters eyes only.
Weve set up both a full color and
printer friendly version of these rules.

We also encourage you to pass along
this full PDF to GMs you think might want to try something
new at their table. If you bought this book as a print version
(at, you can snag PDF versions and bonus materials via the above noted QSR link.
Finally, at the end of this adventure, the characters may
wish to explore more of the Crossroads Region, and dig deeper
into the growing collection of source books, free supplements
and pay what you want products for The Mutant Epoch RPG.
My hope is that youve enjoyed this offering and will explore our

The Mutant Epoch

website, the TME forum, our social media, our PDF and mail
order bundle deals, or pester your local game store into stocking the game. We aim to make The Mutant
Epoch the most popular, most played PostApocalyptic tabletop RPG available.
Welcome to the Epoch!
Will McAusland Mutant Lord

Table of Contents

Character Generation .................................................. 3

Pre-game Castes .......................................................... 8
Skills ................................................................................ 8
Cybernetic Implants .................................................. 13
Mutations ...................................................................... 15
Additional Character Details ...................................... 20
Outfitting, Arms and Armor ........................................ 21
Game Play ..................................................................... 24
Typical Humans ........................................................... 29
Creatures ...................................................................... 32
Relics .............................................................................. 37
Useful Tables ...............................................................39
Loot Table .................................................................... 42
Grid and Hex Paper ...................................................... 43
Character Sheet ......................................................... 45
Sandbarra Sample Town Setting .............................. 47
Muddy Mayhem, Adventure QSR-1 ........................... 55

Character Generation Sequence List

Using a pencil, document all traits values, skills, mutations,

implants, possessions, and character details on a character
sheet like the one on page 45, which can be photocopied or
downloaded from our website and printed.
Step 1 Character Type: Game Master (GM) has players roll for
their character type using Table QSR-1, page 4, or, at the GMs
discretion, players can pick a type.

Quick Start Rules

Step 2 Trait Rolling: Roll the 8 character traits according to

Table QSR-3, however, pure stocks gain a further bonus to their
randomly determined traits.
Step 3 Character History by Caste: Based on character type,
use Table QSR-6 Characters Pre-Game Caste Determination,
page 8, and apply any trait modifiers caused by the former career. The characters equipment, arms, armor, and more are
all based on the player characters (PCs) caste, so too are the
skills and silver coins a character starts with.
Step 4 Gender: Pick or roll the PCs gender: 50% odds either sex.
Step 5 Mutations and Implants: The characters type may mean
mutations or implants are present. Implants for cyborgs are on
page 13 while mutation determination tables are on page 15.
Step 6 Determine Height and Weight: Table QSR-19, page 20.
Step 7 Handed: Roll for the PCs dominant hand: Table QSR-20,
page 20.
Step 8 Discover the characters Swimming Ability: Table 21, pg. 20.
Step 9 Establish characters Age: Roll 17+d8 years.
Step 10 Equip Character with from page 21 arms and armor
Step 11 Name Character
Step 12 Image: Make a sketch or symbol of the PC on the character sheet.
Step 13 Establish Defense Value (DV): The base for a human is
0. Apply agility modifiers and any DV bonus from dodge skills,
mutations, implants or armor worn.
Step 14 Establish Strike Values (SV): Most humans have a
base value of 01-50. Accuracy trait modifiers, any weapon expert skill modifiers or individual SVs for a mutation, implant or
weapon, are now all applied and should be noted on the character sheet in pencil.
Step 15 Damage Modifiers: A possible bonus or penalty is

applied to the damage score potentials listed for each weapon

on the character sheet, including damage done by offensive
mutations and implants. A PCs possible weapons expert skill,
as well as brawling skill points, etc., can affect both strike value
(SV) and damage (DMG), however strength scores only add or
subtract damage done to non-energy weapons, such as bows,
crossbows, spears, axes, fists, swords, etc. Many mutations,
such as crab pincers, are subject to a strength based damage
modifier since they are muscle based attacks.
Complete! Character is ready for action.

The Mutant Epoch

Quick Start Rules

Character Generation
Table QSR-1 Character Types
Characters Type Table



Pure Stock human

Note: In the Mutant Epoch Hub Rules there are eight character types:
Pure Stock Humans, Mutants, Ghost Mutants, Cyborgs, Clones, TransHumans, Bioreplicas and a selection of 33 Bestial Humans.

Character Traits

Traits are determined randomly on table QSR-3 by rolling d100

cross indexed with a set value, possibly adding d20 for high rolls.
In the case of pure stock humans, bonuses to traits can occur
randomly plus the player get 10 points to assign to traits, either all
to one trait or divided up. A characters pre-game caste, as well as
some mutations and cybernetic implants also modify trait scores.

There are eight main character traits, which usually act
alone in game play, but occasionally a pair are added together and
divided by two to get a unique trait for a certain hazard check.
There is no maximum to base (uninjured) trait values, but there is
a minimum of 1 trait point.

Table QSR-2 The Eight Traits


Code Description

Ones stamina, toughness, immunity, damage threshold prior to unconsciousness or

This is ones muscular development. It applies to the amount of damage done from
STR physical, non-energy or ballistic attacks, as
well as the range one can hurl physical objects or projectile mutations.
This is ones quickness, ability to evade atAgility
AG tacks and affect ones defense value and
movement rate modifier.
This trait affects aim with any sort of weapAccuracy
ACC on, as well as hand eye coordination, therefore altering ones strike value.
This trait encompasses memory, IQ, and
Intelligence INT basic smarts and is often used in mental
mutation statistics.
Perception is an overall sensory trait, comPerception PER bining visual awareness, hearing, empathy
and reaction time. It affects initiative.
This trait illustrates ones drive, motivation,
Willpower WILL self awareness and control. It is often used
for or against mental mutations
Ones physical looks, based on human
standards. Occasionally a mutants head
could have a different appearance value
Appearance APP than the body, which could be concealed.
Ones ugliness or attractiveness is often a
factor when encountering beings with human ancestry.



Table QSR-3 Trait Value Determination


Trait Value

The Mutant Epoch

Quick Start Rules

Table QSR-4 Trait Value Modifiers


Strength Strength Agility
Agility Accuracy
DMG** Range***
Move Rate
































































































Character Types Explained









Pure Stock Human

Pure stocks are those humans who

have not undergone any detectable
maximum mutations or other modifications.
They are the ancestors of the old
-26 +3.75m
peoples of the earth, the former
master race, the creators of all
each 5
those built in their image. About half
+2 SV
-2 DV
are purists, while the rest are either
indifferent to mutants or their sup*Amount of endurance healed per day.
**Strength modifiers to damage are only applied to physically wielded, thrown pitched porters. Purist is a broadly used
or drawn weapons, such as clubs, knives, bows, axes, spears, even crossbows term to mean a pro-genetic purity
(A crossbow can be cranked or pulled further with greater strength). This damage advocate, whereby the individual is
(DMG) bonus also applies to punches and mutations involving physical attacks either actively or secretly against the
such as crab pincers, spiked tails, throwing quills, or fangs, etc.
existence of mutants. The degree of
*** Higher or lower strength affects the range one can throw, hurl or fire archaic how purist a pure stock is varies from
weapons by adding or subtracting 10% or more to the meters range. It also includes those who see the growing power
relic pistol crossbows, compound bows and compound crossbows, etc.
of mutants and feel threatened, to

those who prescribe to a strong reliNote: Normal human statistics are 25 for each trait, a basic unarmored defense
value (DV) of 0 and a strike value (SV) of 01-50. He or she moves (MV) 3 meters gious background that preaches the
devilry within all mutant life.
per round walking and 6 running.
Some purists, those typically found
within free towns where the races mix, avoid publicly killing
mutants, but rather, treat them as second class citizens,
charge them more for food and services, make distasteful
jokes about them, and make it clear they are pets not people. Many pure stocks are of the opposite mind on account
that they may have been the rare child of a mutant parent,
have mutant siblings or other relatives, lovers or spouses,
or have mutant children of their own and will be advocates
of racial equality. Pure stock player characters are often of
this later group, pro-mutant supporters who dont go for all
the religious mumbo jumbo about the ruins being taboo and
that mutants are the spawn of sinners, etc. They are usually

The Mutant Epoch

the brothers or sisters of
mutants, or have relatives
with obvious mutations,
alternatively, they may realize the scientific facts, know
the history of the ancients,
and understand that it was
the pure stock greed for
power, science gone mad,
and genetic flukes that created the mutants around
them. Certainly, they do see
that mutant populations are
growing, but what with the
ever increasing numbers of
terrible life forms arriving on
the scene, they know that it often takes a mutant to stop a
mutant, and that for the survival of mankind, in any form,
mutants must coexist with pure stocks.
While pure stocks lack the awesome mutations of the
deviants, they also lack flaws, not to mention the poor treatment by other pure stocks, and the inability for many mutants to use certain relics meant for the anatomy of a pure
blood. In addition, many pure stocks have financial and relic
assets that have been passed down to them generation to
generation, as well as land, wealth, education, and skills.
Because pure stocks do not have mutations or implants to
rely on, many have trained in other areas such as unarmed
combat, weapon use, technology, medicine or stealth.
Pure stock characters tend to come from the fittest, fastest, smartest and most adventurous among their community, and each starts out with somewhat more remarkable
traits or skills than a normal generic human. All pure stock
player characters are given an extra 10 trait points to apply
to any of the eight traits as the player sees fit, plus, each is
permitted two rolls on the following table, with duplicated
results being allowable; however, the player can elect to reroll the second result if it is the same as the first roll.

Pure Stock Character Bonus Rolls: Each pure stock
human gets 2 rolls on the following table at the time of character generation. Duplicated dice results are allowable or
the player can elect to re-roll. In addition, and as already
noted above, each character gets 10 trait points to assign
to traits as he or she sees fit
Table QSR-5 Pure Stock Starting Bonus Roll d100 twice
52- 58.

Brawling Skill
Stealth Skill
Weapon Expert Skill
Dodge Skill
+1 to Each Trait
+2d6 Endurance
+2d6 Strength
+2d6 Agility
+2d6 Accuracy
+3d6 Intelligence
+2d6 Willpower
+3d6 Appearance
Martial Arts Skill
+2 Each Trait
+d6 Each Trait

Quick Start Rules


The cyborgs described here are humans with mechanical

augmentation, as opposed to an infiltration android covered
in living tissue. A cyborg differs from a person with a false leg
or hand, contact lenses or some other simple mechanical replacement part in that a cyborgs implants are wired to their
nervous systems. Having electronic sensors and controllers
attached to the subjects spine and brain, the augmented human has control, including subconsciously, over the function
of most implants.
Due to this augmentation, the cyborg is at risk of serious
damage from EM (electromagnetic) weapons, and takes damage as if the individual were a robot, yet can also be killed
by poison as any other organic being. The great advantage
of being a cyborg is that they are equipped with weaponry,
armor and accessories that are often unavailable to a regular human. Usually a person is converted into a cyborg due
to suffering amputations and debilitating wounds and wishes
to be of continued use to ones squad or society, thus making cybernetic augmentation necessary. In The Mutant Epoch
era, unproductive, unfit or seriously handicapped individuals

The Mutant Epoch

do not fare well, especially when ones survival is tested on a
daily basis. Additionally, few communities can support a member who is unable to work, fight or otherwise be of service.
Typically, cyborgs will come from somewhat advanced societies, even from mecha factions who have brainwashed the
cyborgs to serve them against mutant forces or pure stocks.
Cyborgs are known by several names in the Mutant Epoch;
among them are mecha-sapiens, tools, tech-skins, strapons, and iron-pigs. Cyborg PCs will have either escaped from
their masters - those who hacked off their limbs and modified them to be more machine than human - or have been
mercifully augmented by ones own community to continue a
useful existence after suffering serious injury. Cyborgs in the
Quick Start Rules will be fitted with d3+1 implants from Table
QSR-16 on page 13.
Many of the listed implants
have an additional weight to
them which are added to the
overall character weight, however, when listed, the implant
may be serving as a substitute
for a leg or arm or other body
part, and so the actual added
weight takes into consideration
the lost weight of any amputated limbs.
Many cyborgs use parts
looted from fallen cyborgs,
even those who may have
died a hundred years ago
and are found in some sealed
chamber below the earth. It is
common for scavengers and
cyborgs themselves to salvage certain implants from
dead or even captive cyborgs.
Nearly all weapon implants
are fitted to the individuals
arm and can be removed,
mixed, matched or traded
with other cyborgs; however,
armor, organs and other built
in implants normally cannot
be removed without killing
the donor or host. Certain
very advanced factions, mad
scientists and robotic units
can safely remove implants from unconscious subjects
and then graft on new organs or implants without killing
the patient, but only in the rarest, most technologically
advanced facilities.
While most cyborgs are pure stock humans, there is no
real reason why synthetic humans, trans-humans, ghost or
even regular mutants cant be augmented as well. For the
most part, cyborgs come from high tech cultures, possibly
hold out factions who have existed since the great cataclysm

Quick Start Rules

and wars of old and seek to keep the awesome power of implants out of the hands of their slaves and enemies. It is also
quite true that the physiological structures of both mutants
and bioreplicas is incompatible with the nervous system wiring requirements of most implants, making such augmentation ineffective and unreliable. Nevertheless, some new era
factions have mastered techniques to correct these technical
difficulties and field detachments of mutant-cyborgs.
Cyborg characters start with standard trait generation
rolls and heal as normal humans. If a cyborg starts game play
with any weapons expert skill points, these can be applied to
any offensive implants.
Go To page 13 for a list and description of implants.


In the hub rules book there

are several degrees of mutant
humans, including common
mutants, flawed mutants,
misery mutants, and the
four degrees of character
mutants: mild, typical, severe
and freakish horror. In this
set of Quick Start Rules,
mutant player characters have
d3+1 mutations and no flaws
or minor mutations.

All mutants are the
mortal enemies of purist
humans, and while many pure
bloods are far from supporters
of the extermination minded
policy of the purists, most
deviants are slow to trust any
pure stock they encounter. In
some cases, the pro-mutant
Aberration Legion and its
doctrine of mutant supremacy
appeals to a deviant character,
and is expressed in everything
he or she does.

Many mutants are
poor, uneducated, barely
more than savages, and lack
opportunities to gain many
skills prior to the onset of
game play. In addition, they
posses poor equipment and few family or material
resources to back them up in times of trouble. Thus, they
rely heavily on their mutations, training with them and
pushing the limits of their application. Due to their poor
education, they are often lower caste members in any
mixed race culture, and servants to wealthy pure stock
landholders and government officials, a state that often
breeds rebelliousness and an urge to better oneself
through other avenues, including ruin exploration.
Mutations and their descriptions can be found on page 15.

The Mutant Epoch

Quick Start Rules

Sample Pre-Game Castes and Skills

Farmers are stout, hard work-

Pre-Game Castes

The Characters type determines his or her pre-game

caste from this short selection. In the hub rules, there
are 30 starting castes. These skills reflect the sort of careers common to the player characters involved in the
included adventure, Muddy Mayhem. Consider all pure
stock characters as able to read and write and do rudimentary math, while cyborgs have a 3 in 6 chance and
mutants a 1 in 6 chance of reading and doing math.

Table QSR-6 Pre-Game Caste Determination

Roll a d6 to establish what your character did before becoming an adventurer.

Character Type
Pure Stock



Militia Soldier







Work Slave




Caste Details, Benefits and Outfitting

Militia soldiers get +d6 to their en-

durance, strength and perception

trait value and d4+1 rolls on the
Skill Table. They have 3d6 silver
coins, a backpack, tire-tread army
boots, 6m of rope, d6 torches, tinder box, a knife, rain poncho,
sleeping bag, 2d6 days rations,
1 liter water skin and whatever weapons
and armor from the Arms and Armor
outfitting tables on page 21, plus any
weapons associated with having the Weapon Expert skill.

Nomads gain +d10 to their agility trait value and +d6

to their perception value, they can navigate by the stars,

known to be accomplished horse and dog
riders, and have d4+1 skill rolls on table
QSR-7, this page. They start with 2d6
silver coins, a sleeping roll, four person
tent, cloak, dust hood, tattered clothes,
d6 candles, tinderbox, knife, 2d6 days
rations, two liters of water in two separate canteens, plus whatever arms and
armor from the tables on page 21, as
well as any weapon determined by possibly having the weapon expert skill.

ing people who start with a

+d6 bonus to their endurance,
strength and perception scores.
They own moth eaten wool
clothing, leather boots and work
gloves, d3+1 skill rolls on Table
QSR-7, below. He or she will have d6 days rations, a canteen with one litre of water, d3 torches, d6 meters rope,
rag poncho and sun hat, knife, d6 silver coins and a 3 in
6 chance of owning his or her own pitchfork. This agricultural laborer will also get a roll each of the arms and armor
rolls on page 21 and if lucky, any additional weapons included with the Weapon Expert skill.

Work Slaves dont belong to them-

selves. They are either undertaking

an adventure as property of an employer, loaned out from one owner to
another, or have slipped away to either
escape or somehow earn enough silver to buy their own freedom (at a cost
of 50+d100 silver coins). A work slave
has been greatly mistreated as either
a prisoner of war, debtor, kidnap victim, or being born into
the lowest caste of any post apocalyptic society. Worked
mercilessly, they are powerful, and gain +d10 to both their
strength and endurance, however due to their sufferings
lose -d10 intelligence, -d6 to both perception and willpower,
and on account of scars and bruising, a -d10 to their appearance score.

Work slaves wear sandals, torn pants, filthy shirt,
a patchwork blanket as a cloak, a sack for a backpack, an
old plastic water bottle filled with 500ml of puddle water,
d3 days rations, a dead rat for supper, a stolen knife, and a
1 in 6 chance of 2d6 silver coins stolen from his or her master. See tables QSR-22 & QSR-23 on page 21 for whatever
weapons and armor this poor wretch might start with.

Work slaves have a d3 skills from the following table:

Sample Skills

Note, in the hub rules, there are 36 skills

Table QSR-7 Skills by Pre-Game Caste











Knife Fighter
Wilderness Survival
Weapons Expert


Often learned in the streets of new era cities and towns,

slave camps, military barracks and the like, this skill
implies dirty, artless, crude, and unpredictable fighting, and
making only one melee attack per round. Other secondary
scrapping talents of this skill include the ability to spit or
throw sand in an opponents face and fight with or throw a
broken bottle, which is very handy in a saloon or tavern.

Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch

Table QSR-8 Brawling Table

Brawling Strike Value
Skill Points


Bottle Throwing SV*

nil (d6)











each above


add +2 DMG


*A bottle has a range of 5 meters, but a brawler can throw it 8m and do d12
instead of d8 damage with it, including melee use. He can spit or throw sand,
powder, spices, etc. 3 meters, and on a successful strike against a target with
unprotected eyes, (such as not wearing a visor or goggles, etc.) force the victim to
make a type B agility based hazard check of be blinded for d4 rounds (-50% SV
and +40 to be hit, half movement).


While many creatures can climb walls and cliffs

with ease, humanoids need training and hours of
practice to do so without ropes, climbing spikes,
harnesses and footwear. This specialized skill implies gear-free climbing, except under the climb
rope action, using bare hands and flexible shoes,
or bare feet. For this skill, strength and agility are
added together and then divided by two to total a
new trait value for purposes of use on the hazard
check matrix. One hazard check must be made
for every 6 meters height climbed, with a failure
at any point resulting in a slip and partial fall, with
another hazard check being required immediately
to snag onto another hold d10 meters down the
slope or wall. If this last chance hold is missed, then the climber
falls. The Hazard Check Table is on page 28.

For these quick start rules, and where the Muddy Mayhem
adventure doesnt cover falling damage, apply d6 damage per
meter fallen.

A humanoid can ascend at half its normal move rate per
round, so too can other creatures or robots which have appendages to allow climbing. Some beasts, on the other hand, such as
spiders, most insects, apes, certain rodents and other life forms
are natural climbers and move at their normal rate.

Table QSR-9 Climbing Actions table

Skill Points




Climb Climb
Rope Cliff Stone Wall Concrete Wall



* Climber receives two hazard check rolls (attempts).

** Climber receives three hazard check rolls (attempts).



This character has

been well trained in
the art of dodging all
anticipated melee
and ranged physical
attacks. However,
the character must
be aware of the
enemy to add the
modifier to his or
her defense value,
since a round from
a sniper rifle, which
would arrive a few seconds before the sound of the gunshot if
fired from several hundred meters away, could not be seen or
heard in order to dodge for cover. Likewise, in a crowded saloon, a dagger thrust from a bar maid who the character had
no reason to suspect, and also had his back to, would negate
any chance at a dodge. Basically, when a characters agility
modifiers cant come into play, also disallow the dodge skill.

Table QSR-10 Dodge Skill Modifiers

Dodge Skill Points

Defense Value Modifier

each above

-2 more

Knife Fighter

Table QSR-11 Knife Fighter Table

This individual is trained to

fight with knives and daggers in close quarter engagements, making two knife attacks per round. If the character is ambidextrous he or
she can unleash a flurry of
attacks, two per arm. A four
armed character that is not
ambidextrous is allowed to
make two knife attacks per
dominant arms side, thus
four stabs or slashes per
round; however, an ambidextrous four armed mutant with this
skill could make a devastating eight attacks per round.
A knife fighter gains a bonus to both his or her strike value
and damage based on skill points attained. Unless starting
game play as a work slave, this character begins with d3+1


Also called healers, this character is among the most sought

after recruit for any expedition. Often, when all other captives are slain, only medics are left alive by their enemies,
identified by the tell tale medics bag with its red cross.
Even as captives, medics are highly prized trophies, especially by very low intelligence humanoids like skullocks who
have enough human ancestry in them to be candidates for
advanced treatments. The skill of a healer allows for ever
more complex medical procedures, as well as better healing rates for those organic beings in hospital care. The
healing rate bonus offered by a medic is only applicable to
patients that spend their time in bed or wheel chairs, or at
the very least, relaxing. In addition, these patients must be
getting adequate food and water, their wounds stitched and
cleaned, bones set properly, skin grafted on bad burns, and
plenty of sleep.
The main asset a medic offers in battle is to stabilize casualties who have slipped into unconsciousness and are dying
from blood loss or other trauma, and hold them at that point
until an evac team can get the patient out of harms way.


Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch

Knife Fighter Strike Value

Skill Points

Damage Bonus






points above



Reference note: A knife inflicts d8 damage while a dagger

does d10.

A medics healer bag contains bandages, antiseptic ointments and alcohol, stitching thread and needles, basic mechanical surgery and amputation tools, syringes, sample bottles, a splint stick for broken bones, dental tools (old west tech
level), snake bite kit and plaster and cotton mesh to make
casts. This whole kit costs 250+2d100sp to replace, but each
character with this medic skill automatically starts with a
medic bag if not starting as an escape prisoner or slave.

Table QSR-12 Medic Procedures Table

Medic Skill

Daily Healing
END Bonus

Extract Venom
from Wounds*

Drowning Victim



18% chance

21% chance




Set bones, pull rotten teeth, deliver babies, stitch

7 max




Amputations, Vasectomy, C-sections, root canal

False Teeth, remove tumors, replace fingers/toes
Attach/detach implants**, cataracts, heart surgery
Organ transplants, brain surgery
Cryo freeze heads and resuscitate
Cryo freeze body and resuscitate

Medical Procedures Medic can Perform

Remove slivers & wood ticks, disinfect a wound

*Without a proper medics snake bite suction tool, anyone can attempt to cut open a poisonous wound and suck out the venom, then spit it out, either from ones own
injury, if it is located on an accessible body part, or if not, somebody else must perform the time sensitive procedure. If failure results, the poison is not extracted and
the toxin affect takes hold, plus, the person extracting it might have ingested the venom in the effort, and must make an accuracy based type A hazard check or be
exposed to the venom, which will normally result on another hazard check to ward off the poisons affects as per usual.
**See robotics technician table, page 54 of the TME hub rules, with a 4 skill point medic equal to a 2 skill point robotics tech as far as attach/detach implant to cyborg. In short,
deduct 2 skill points to a medic when dealing with implants.

The Mutant Epoch


stealth at one time
or another to both
avoid detection by
enemies and to steal
something without
being caught. Agility is the trait used
stealthy actions, but
size also plays an
important role. A tiny mutant humanoid, cat, spider or other
being can move more silently and utilize cover better than a
heavy warrior or garnock. For gaming purposes, use the following size groups, showing the height or length of a creature
(using whichever is greater), to modify stealth skill when no
special mutation or notes are already contained in the being
or character types description.
Beings height or length is under 1 meter: +1 skill point
Beings height or length is over 1m but less than 3m: normal
Beings height or length is between 3 and 5 meters 1 skill point
Beings height or length is over 5 meters -2 skill points

Silent Action is applied to any action one wishes to pull off

in total silence, often doubled up with other skills such as
climbing, pouring poison into a sleeping persons water cup,
letting loose a scorpion from a sack, drawing a weapon from
a sheath or holster, removing the pin from a grenade, walking through the woods toward a camp fire to discover who is
there, etc.

Pilfer is a cousin skill to pick pocketing, but less refined and does not involve bumping into a person or cutting
anything. It is more akin to shop lifting, slipping a piece of
paper off a desk when a clerk has turned her back, or lifting
a set of keys off a sleeping guards belly.

Conceal Self is hiding without moving at all, slightly
easier than trying to move and still stay hidden, as in Concealed Movement, which is accomplished at one quarter
normal move rate. Of course, certain individuals cant move
silently at all, such as anybody wearing junk armor or full steal
plate, or a robot with motors running its various leg and hip
joints. The GM will make final judgment on the difficulty of any
stealth action, increasing or decreasing the difficulty (hazard
check letter code) as the situation warrants.

Table QSR-13 Stealth Table

Agility trait based

Stealth Skill





5 max












* Stealth user receives two hazard check rolls (2 attempts).

** Stealth user receives three hazard check rolls (3 attempts).

Quick Start Rules

Wilderness Survival


Common among savages, hunters, nomads, bestial humans and humanoids, the wilderness survival skill is a
one point skill. If this area of expertise is somehow assigned a second time through rank gain or at character
generation, then re-roll for another random skill (or if
the GM permits, players can pick any possible new skill
or assign a point to an existing skill).
The character has gained wilderness survival knowhow by either growing up in the wilds or having been
taught the craft from a bush-wise instructor. Many new
era paramilitary brigades hire primitives to train their
new recruits in these skills, sometimes taking the warriors on month long excursions into the hostile frontier
areas to acquire this useful and life saving knowledge.
For the most part, this character has learned to fend
for him or herself by foraging for edible plants, fruit,
nuts, invertebrates, fish and local game. He or she can
find moisture in certain plants, locate springs, pools and
hidden streams; use a plastic sheet, rocks and a cup to
gather water from a hole in the ground via condensation; as well as purify tainted water through a process
of boiling and filtering with whatever is at hand. This
character also knows how to make snares, fishing rods,
lures, nets and gather bait; what the tracks and scat of
various common local animals look like; how to make
lean-to and tree stand shelters; start fires with sticks
and generally survive in various outdoor environments
and conditions.
This character is also able to make a bow and 6+d10
arrows, a sling, javelin or spear, so long as he or she has
access to a blade, vegetation and possibly some sort of
wire or string to fashion the weapons. If able to bring
down a deer or other large animal, he or she can spend
an evening to make a suit of crude but effective leather
armor, a wicker or leather shield, leather helmet, moccasins, water skin, hammock or other item.

Weapons Expert

This character has devoted hundreds of hours of training with

this attack form, either under the tutorship of an experienced
instructor, or alone by trial and error.
This skill applies to either a weapon category, such as bows
or rifles, or to an offensive physical mutation or implant which
the character either started game play with or chooses to enhance as a result of a rank gain bonus die roll. The player can
only apply the skill point to an existing weapon category, or,
start a new category of weapon as long as that weapon, mutation or implant was used in the last adventure.
If a character should have a weapon skill area that overlaps with a similar weapons related skill, such as knife fighter,
the two skills combine to make this character ultra deadly with
such weapons. For example, the PC already has the knife fighter
skill, but has lucked out and has two weapon expert skill points
which he applies toward knives and daggers, improving his SV
by an extra +6 and inflicting an additional +4 DMG on those he
At character generation, unless the individuals random history determination states he or she is an escaped slave or prisoner or otherwise unarmed, the character will start play with
a weapon randomly rolled from within the category that is assigned from table QSR-14 to the right. Of course, the character
is an expert with any weapon in that category.
Cyborgs pose a potentially confusing set of circumstances,
since one may have an assault rifle built in and be a weapon
expert with it, but later, find a mechanical hand attachment of
some sort and then employ a regular assault rifle and wish to
be a weapons expert with a hand held rifle. While it is up to the
GM to make the final decision on this rare occurrence, it would
seem plausible that the ballistic expectations, range, kick and
other aspects of the two rifle system weapons would be handled almost identically.


Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch

For mutations, only physical appendages and growths are

eligible for the weapon expert skill, such as beak, bladed limbs,
claws, crab pincers, fangs, gaping maw, horns, mandibles, paralysis tendrils, serpentine body, spines, tentacles, throwing
quills, thrust spike, tusks, and wings.

Roll first for the category of weapon expertise, then the random
roll beneath it to see what the PC actually starts game play with
from those weapons in his or her field of expertise.
Table QSR-14 Category of Weapon Expert


01-16. Knives & Daggers d6


17-31. Swords d6


32-47. Axes d6


battle axe
48-62. Spears d6


63-76. Bows d6


long bow
77-84. Crossbows d6


heavy crossbow
87-92. Clubs d6


93-96. Rifles d6

musket (enough powder/shot for 2d20 rounds)

assault rifle (with 3d10 rounds)
97,98. Pistols d6

musket pistol (powder/shot for 2d10 rounds)

auto pistol (with 3d10 rounds)
99,00. Shotguns: pump shotgun (with 2d8 shells)

Weapon stats on pages 22 and 23

Table QSR-15 Weapon Expert Strike and Damage Table
Weapon Expert
Skill Points

points above

Strike Value

+2 each




Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch

Sample Implants & Mutations

Force Field Generator

Sample Implants

Power Source: power cell

Power Duration: 200 rounds

Roll d10 Select the result beneath any duplicated re- Defense Value: damage reduction of -10 per round
sult. Cyborg characters start with d3+1 implants.

This device is usually housed within the users torso

with many subcutaneous wires running to various
body parts and ending in small, coin sized energy
emitter nodes. It can be activated in one round
and places a faint green force field around the
beings body. Each round, it will absorb up to 10
points of total damage from all cumulative damage
it receives, not 10 points from each strike. There
is a 1 in 6 chance that this implant will be of the
advanced variety, which does reduce each strikes
damage by 10 points, and appears as a golden
force field. Appearance penalty d4+1.

Table QSR-16 Cybernetic Implants d10

1. Armor Enhancement
2. Force Field Generator
3. Manipulator Tendril
4. Optical Enhancement
5. Pincer
6. Power Arm
7. Retractable Laser Pistol
8. Surveillance Tendril
9, 10. Weapon Arm
Note: The TME hub rules contains 68 Implants

Armor Enhancement

Defense Value: see table

The technicians who outfitted this cyborg added special protective

measures into the design, at a slight cost to movement, but
occasionally it makes the punching damage of this being far
greater than before. If more than one implanted armor is present,
select only the highest punch damage rating for use. Roll d10 to
determine the armor type. More than one implanted armor can
be fitted for this being, but not the same type twice. APP stands
for appearance, with a penalty being attributed to scar tissue due
to implants insertion. Roll d10:

d10 Implanted Armor


1,2. Alloy plated skull

Alloy enhanced
4,5. Steel carapace
6,7. Ballistic under-sheath -6 / -27vs bullets
8. Flame proof tissues*
-4/ -30 flame
9. Acid proof tissues**
-4 / -30 acid
10. Reflective plating***

-6/ -38 beams





















head butt, d10 +13 END

+20+2d20 END.
+10+d20 END.
-30 explosions*
50% of beam misses, deflects

*Flame proof tissues also help protect the user from the blasts of explosions.
** Acid Attacks that do strike and harm the character do only half damage.
*** 50% of all energy beams deflect off in a random direction.

Manipulator Tendril

Power Source: power cell

Power Duration: 2 years
Rate of fire/ Usage: 1
Defense Value: parry -8
Range: reels out 6 meters
Strike Value: +11
Damage: d6+3
With this implant, the user can release a 6 meter long, snakelike tendril in total silence and use the mechanical human
hand on the end to perform any task her regular hand could
do, but with 30 strength. This tendril can wield a relic or archaic one handed weapon, and due to its length, gains +2
initiative in melee.

Most often this tendril is used to steal or explore objects at a
safe distance, enter an area undetected, and replace a weapon arm
when two hands are needed to use a keyboard or other technical device. This implant has no visual receptors of its own so at a distance,
the cyborg must be able to see what the tendril is doing to conduct
delicate tasks. This limb can be severed or blown off and has DV 30
and END 25. Torso scars reduce APP by -d6.

The Mutant Epoch

Optical Enhancement

Power Source: mini-power cell

Power Duration: 8 years
One this cyborgs eyes have
been replaced with an optical array orifice, and all his or
her optical implants will cluster
around this socket in a most
gruesome fashion, reducing the
subjects appearance by -d6+3
points. Roll below to determine
which enhancement this character possesses. As this is a common implant, additional rolls
on this list might occur; re-roll duplicated results until a new
optical implant occurs; roll d12:
1. Zoom lens: can magnify distant objects 50 times.
2,3. Flashlight: large, as the relic, page 201.
4. Night-vision optics: vision as if it were day, plus infrared mode.
5,6. Targeting optics: contributes to the aim of all physical and
energy weapons employed, including pincers, fists, etc., giving
this character superior accuracy of +30 trait value points.
7,8. Laser eye: strike value +10, damage 2d6+10, rate 1,
range 40 meters, and gets 60 shots per hip mounted power
cell. Start game play with 20+d20 bursts remaining.
9. Camcorder: films what the character sees, complete with
x20 zoom lens, sound recording and export jack to download
video. Live streaming of image and audio files possible when a
communicator is plugged in.
10. Entity scanner: tells cyborg if a target is organic, dimensional, illusion, robotic or a combination of any of these. Range is 1
kilometer and uses digital cross hairs to pinpoint specific target.
11. Holographic projector: can display miniature 3d movie
or image of whatever the character has seen or imagines, assisting in relating information or tactics to associates. Can be
transmitted 20 meters away and may distract an animal to attack it instead of the character. Animals must make an intelligence based, type A HC or go after the hologram. Once the
beast reaches the illusion, it will realize it is inedible and return
to the character or his companions. Special 3D movies can be
loaded into or downloaded from the units data base via an
access jack and played on other devices.
12. Multi-function: Roll for 2 different enhancements using d10.

Quick Start Rules


More than one pincer can be present on a cyborg, each adding

40kg weight to the being. Appearance drops by -2d6.

Power Arm

Power Source: power cell

Power Duration: 4 months
Rate of fire/ Usage: 1
Defense Value: -5
Range: out 1 meter
Strike Value: +10
Damage: punch 2d10+16
A massive, robotic arm extends where
another normal arm once was. This appendage has a very powerful metal hand
on it as well as any arm mounted weapons. It has a strength
of 110 and can lift or hold 110 kilograms on a strike. Once
it grabs an opponent, it crushes it for d10+16 damage per
round until it minces the victim. If a hand held melee weapon
is used with this arm, the damage increases by d10+16 points
per strike. The user also gets a 5 bonus to his DV for the
shield like use of this appendage. Furthermore, more than one
of these units could be present on a cyborg, growing from its
back, each adding 35 kg weight to the user. Enemies could
attempt to destroy the arm, which is DV -26/ END 17+d20.
Appearance penalty is d6+4. This arm is assumed to be the
cyborgs non-dominant arm: however, it suffers no o f f - h a n d

Retractable Laser Pistol

Power Source: power cell

Power Duration: 60 shots
Rate of fire/ Usage: 1
Range: 200 meters
Strike Value: +10
Damage: d20+10
Hidden behind a flesh colored iris hatch is a specialized laser
pistol which, upon activation, darts out and fires at selected
targets. It is aimed wherever the cyborg looks, fired by flexing
a modified muscle-trigger, and mounted either in the chest,
abdomen or wrist of the cyborgs non-weapon arm; otherwise,
it is similar to the relic weapon by the same name.
d6: 1-3. wrist / 4,5. chest / 6. abdomen.


Power Source: power cell

Power Duration: 3 months
Rate of fire/ Usage: 1
Defense Value: -5
Range: out 2 meters
Strike Value: +12
Damage: 3d10+12
A powerful, crab-like metal pincer
replaces one of the beings arms, or, if
both arms already bare implants, then
this will be an additional limb built onto
one shoulder, adding an extra melee attack per round.

This pincer, which has 90 strength, can hold a 90kg being
in place once it strikes it, and can pull 90kg of weight off the
ground. Once this pincer strikes and holds a victim, it can be set
to automatically chop through the target for d10+12 damage per
round. Foes can attempt to blast or hack off this appendage, which
is DV -33/ END 30+d20. The user also gets a constant 5 bonus
to his or her defense value for the shield-like presence of this
appendage. In addition, like any melee weapon, rank advancement
eventually means 2 attacks per round, per pincer (at 7th rank).

Surveillance Tendril

Power Source: power cell

Power Duration: 5 years
Defense Value: -20/END 11
Range: reels out 20 meters
Strike Value: normal
Damage: d12
This implant sports a concealed, belly mounted, 20m cable
and reel that allows a metal snake to pop out of an iris hatch
and inspect around corners or through deep brush, at 6 stealth
skill points. Using a small optical and auditory sensor cluster
attached to its head, this unit reports, in real time, what it sees
and hears. It reels in or out at 6m per round, and If the owner
is hard pressed for a weapon, it can be used to bludgeon an
enemy for d12 damage. It can be blown apart or severed if
discovered, however, and is DV 20/END 11.

The Mutant Epoch

Weapon Arm

Quick Start Rules


Sample Mutations
All artwork in Muddy Mayhem and the QSR cover show mutations that are included in these quick start rules.

Roll d20, selecting the result beneath any duplicated dice rolls. It is a good idea to also re-roll mutations
that are already present in other player characters, at least
until all the mutations have been introduced to the game
once. Mutant characters each start with d3+1 mutations.
Table QSR-18 Mutations d20

This implant replaces the non-dominant arm of the user and

is fired by nerve and muscle tension control if no computer
brain or targeting system is present. There is no off hand
penalty to the cyborgs strike value for attacking with a nondominant hand. The ammo is loaded manually using ones
free arm, and the weapon can be detached and replaced
with other weapons or a mechanical replacement arm and
hand. Roll below to determine the weapon and any ammo or
power cells accompanying the weapon.

As with all hand held weapons, this offensive implant gains accuracy based SV modifiers, and if it is a
strength based attack mode, add strength modifiers as well.
Implanted weapons of this sort have been heavily modified
to be bolted and wired to a severed lower arm, below the
elbow, and if the implant is cut off it can be re-modified with
a trigger and stock mechanism by a three skill point or better mechanical technician for non-cyborgs to use. The great
advantage of having a weapon bolted to ones arm is that it
cannot be dropped nor knocked out of ones hand as can
a hand held weapon. If the implant is an energy weapon, it
can have a power conduit cable running within the being to
a power generator or larger power supply unit. Arm weapons
are the main implant for many androids, cyborgs and other
intelligent beings.

Important Note: Characters who start game play with
this implant, who also have the weapon expert skill, may
choose to apply the skill point to this, or any other offensive

Roll 2d6 to determine the weapon arm a cyborg starts with:

Table QSR-17 Weapon Arm Table



Stun pistol with d6 power cells


Auto pistol with 60 round drum magazine and

spare d20 rounds


Pump shotgun d2 full 40 round drums plus d20

spare shells


Assault rifle with d3 full magazines plus d100

rifle rounds


Laser carbine with d6+1 power cells

1. Aura of protection
2. Ballistic hide
3. Body disproportion (massive upper body)
4. Body Regeneration
5. Crab Pincers
6. Electrical Pulse
7. Heal Touch
8. Horns
9. Mental Screen
10. Mind Crush
11. Multi-Arm
12. Multi-Head
13. Night Vision
14. Poison Bite
15. Paralysis Tendrils
16. Reserve Heart
17. Shell
18. Spines
19. Stun Ray
20. Telekinesis
Note: The TME Hub Rules contains 91 Prime Mutations, a wide variety
of colorful minor mutations and 44 flaw mutations.

Aura of Protection

Range: user
Usage: twice per day per rank
Duration: users willpower in
Defense Value: -10 plus 10 pt
force field

This potent defensive mental

mutation takes two rounds
to charge up and employ, while
conducting no other action except
normal walking. While in effect, the
deviant gains 10 DV, plus a 10 point
per round, as opposed to per strike,
force field. Additionally, the mutant enjoys immunity
from all mental attacks, dimensional beings, protection
from gas, liquid sprays, dust-like hazards and radiation
contamination during focus. Usage sessions are up to as
many rounds as the mutant has willpower trait points.
To use this mutation, the user must totally focus on the
aura, and can do nothing else, except walk. If struck, the
damage inflicted from all enemy attacks that round must
exceed 10 points to break his or her concentration and
force another 2 rounds to re-focus for another usage.


Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch

Ballistic Hide

Defense Value: -4 regular, -20 vs.

ballistics and blunt trauma

Much like bullet proof armor, this

mutants skin acts to both absorb
and block ballistic or blunt trauma
damage. This tough tissue adds a
basic 4 to his normal DV, but 20
against bullets, clubbing attacks, kicks
or punches, stones, dropped objects,
etc. as well as taking only half damage from falls. The skin
is leathery and thick, reducing the characters appearance
score by d4 points.

Body disproportion
(Massive Upper Body)

This mutants upper body is

completely out of proportion,
being incredibly over muscled,
with her heart and lungs also
twice normal size. All totaled,
this hulking abominations STR
and END are both 20+2d20
points higher. On the downside,
movement is 1m, agility d10 points, appearance 2d4
points; plus, she weighs an extra 20+2d20kg.

Body Regeneration

While a normal human

man heals at about 3 en- d100 Healing Rate
durance points (or other 01-12 +4 points per day
trait value points) per 24
13-32 +7 points per day
hour period, this mutant
+10 points per day
regenerates much faster.
+15 points per day
Each mutant will have his
1 point per hour
or her own bonus to his
or her healing rate, deter- 88-93 2 points per hour
mined at birth. Roll d100 94-96 4 points per hour
once on the right hand 97,98 6 points per hour
table. Add the bonus to
10 points per hour
the characters current
1 point per round
healing rate per day, or
possibly per hour or per round if a truly rare specimen.

Crab Pincers

Strike Value: variable, see below

Damage: variable, see below

While called crab pincers, these appendages are 80% likely to be mere bone hooks formed out of a hideous hand,
otherwise, they are virtually identical to crab or scorpion
pincers in appearance, and imply some form of very advanced genetic cross-manipulation in this characters ancestry. These pincers have various strike values, damage
potentials and movement penalties based on their size,
as well as different formations. Unless a set of human
arms are also present, this character cannot use triggers,
keyboards or complex items, let along dress himself properly. All SV and DMG values are subject to strength and
accuracy modifiers, and are eligible for weapons expert

skill point enhancements. Crab pincers are considered

unsightly, and each reduces the mutants appearance by
-d4 points if regular human arms are also present, and
reduced by -d4+2 each if no arms are present.

Pincer Formation on Mutant


1 pincer replacing one of the mutants arms.

2 pincers replacing both human arms.
1 pincer growing from shoulder, both human arms
2 pincers and both human arms.
2+d2 pincers, 78% chance human arms remain.






+2 d10+1
+4 d12+3 -0.25m per pincer
+7 d20+3 -0.5m per pincer
+10 d20+10 -0.75m per pincer


*However, minus 15kg for each human arm NOT present.

Electrical Pulse

Range: users willpower in meters times rank

Usage: three times per day per rank
Strike Value: +20
Damage: d20 organic beings, 3d20 machines
By drawing upon internal energies, this mutant can unleash a lightning bolt from her hand with an effective
range of the her willpower in meters times her rank
(WILL x rank = meters). The +20 SV pulse must hit a
target and if so does d20 damage to organic beings or
other objects and 3d20 to cyborgs, robots, electronics
and machines. This deviant can start fires using these
lightning strikes, as well.

Heal Touch

Usage: twice per day per rank

Healer mutants can use this psionic gift on themselves or

bestow healing energies on other organic beings by transmitting waves of rejuvenating power to alter the very molecular structure of damaged tissues and bones. The amount
of damage healed per session is determined by the users

The Mutant Epoch

willpower, and will heal wounded
trait points for each characteristic
by the given dice value shown.

Healing will take effect at
once. For example, if the character is damaged from physical
attacks and has reduced endurance, but has also suffered harm
from certain mental attacks which
have reduced his or her willpower
or intelligence score, these other
traits are also given healing rolls. Trait value damage from
radioactive contamination can be healed by the use of this
mutation, but not the cumuMutants Trait points
lative exposure nor other
sicknesses or penalties. If
the subject happens to have
cancer, known or otherwise,
the victim is allowed a Type B
willpower based HC to remove
each occurrence, and if so, all
harm from the disease will reverse over 2d6 days.
above 105 d20+40


Strike Value: +3 each

Damage: d10 each

The mutants head supports

d4 horns useful in melee to
gore or slash opponents. This
attack can be used alone or
in combination with other melee attacks, with strength and
accuracy modifiers applied
normally, plus, any weapon
expert skill points adding to this mutation. For each horn,
add +3 SV to the overall number and d10 DMG per horn
on a successful strike. Relic helmets cannot be worn, nor
shell class armor unless the mutant has the horns cut
off permanently. Horns produce only a slight appearance
penalty of -2 points per horn. Each horn adds 2kg to the
mutants base weight.

Mental Screen

Duration: variable
Hazard Check: see below

This mutants mind has developed complex protective

shielding from all forms of mental attacks, controls, mind
readings, metal dominions, and the like. She gets to make
three hazard checks from any mental attacks calling for
a HC. Likewise, where either the defenders intelligence
or willpower are used as a defending trait without being
used for a hazard check, consider this characters trait
scores triple for this purpose, plus, any damage from a
mental attack is reduced to half. There is a 1 in 6 chance
that this mutant will have the advanced version of this
mutation, which reflects failed mental attacks directly
back to the sender. In the case of a reflected mental dominion*, the victim must make his or her own type C,
willpower based hazard check, or drop into a coma for
*Expansion Rules Book
3d6 days.

Quick Start Rules


Mind Crush

Range: willpower x3 in meters

Usage: three times per day per rank
Damage: d20 endurance, plus d6 intelligence
Hazard Check: intelligence based type B

Among the most common mental mutations encountered,

this mental attack can both inflict serious brain injury and
physical harm to organic beings who fail an intelligence
based, type B hazard check. Often, even the largest animals have weak intelligence trait values, and a mutant of
high rank, hurling several successful mind crush attacks in
a row can bring down a behemoth whom would otherwise
be unstoppable via endurance depleting. Any living being
whose intelligence is reduced below zero is considered
to be unconscious for 10+d100 minutes, but, could slip
away and must make a type B willpower based HC to avoid
death. Intelligence points of unconscious beings will heal
one point per minute starting after unconsciousness ends.


This mutant has additional

arms growing from his or her
shoulders like an ancient
East Indian Deity. Consult the
character generation section
to establish which hand is
the characters dominant,
with the resulting right or left
side making all extra arms
on that side also dominant.
When the mutant has rolled
only one additional arm, or an odd number of extra arms,
determine which side of the body the odd arm is on by rolling
d6: 1-3. right side/ 4-6. left side. The total number of arms is
discovered by rolling d100 on the following table, with a four
armed mutant being the most commonly seen occurrence
of this deviation. Due to the frequency of this mutation in
humanoids, certain oversized
weapons can be purchased,
such as the formidable four
handed sword (+7 SV, DMG
2d20+10, cost 60+d100sp). In
some areas, individuals gifted
with extra arms find the combi4
nation of using two longbows or
two battle axes more appropriate, or even an assault rifle and
two shields.

The Mutant Epoch


The mutant has one or more extra subordinate heads,

each with a separate neck and adding 10kg weight to the
mutant. Optionally establish unique personalities, intelligence, willpower, perception, and appearance scores for
each head. These additional heads differ from the characters main head, in that they do not control the body
unless the main head is severed, unconscious, or under
mental dominion or some
other control; however, if the
main head suddenly suffers
from an insanity, the other
head(s) can not take control.
Each head will have an endurance score of 10% the characters total, and if targeted
and killed by a radius attack,
mental attack, called shot, or
critical hit, the deceased head
will shrivel and eventually drop off after 2d4+1 months.
Each head is 62% likely to possess one mutation (roll
d6: 1. Heal Touch, 2,3. Mind Crush, 4,5. Telekinesis, 6.
Stun Ray), which can be used independently of other
heads allowing the main body to move around and fight,
while each head employs mental mutations which may
normally require concentration and stillness of body. The
faces of each head may be attractive, but the overall appearance of the mutant suffers slightly. As with so many
mutations which grow either on the body or the face, a
player could record separate trait values for the appearance of each head and for the body.
The heads of this character will tend to sleep at different times, with those staying awake at night posing as
guards for the body. Due to so many heads on the watch
for danger, this character gains an increase in his initiative roll based on the number of heads to a maximum
of +4. Due to possible personality differences between
heads and the main characters own opinions, views,
and morality, this mutant can often be a walking argument and annoy those nearby. It is not uncommon for the
main head to threaten to behead the others if they cause
trouble or put the main character at risk.


Additional Appearance Movement

Value Drop*






* Of the characters body appearance value only, not each head.

Night Vision

Besides having normal daylight vision, this mutant can

see as well at night as a regular person can in the day;
however, there must be at least some light, including star
light, for the character to see anything at all.


Quick Start Rules

Poison Bite

Usage: four times per day

Damage: d6 plus poison
Hazard Check: see table below

This mutant will have small,

vampire like teeth with hollow
cores in them to allow venom
to ooze into an opponent on a
successful bite attack. The bite
is a normal unadjusted attack
doing d6 damage, modified by
any strength, accuracy or weapon expert skill points, plus
the poisons effect. Each deviant has been born with one
specific, randomly determined type of poison, to which he
is immune, which can be successfully injected four times
a day. This poison can be expelled into a container into
which arrow heads, darts, blades or other piercing devices can be dipped, with up to 4 arrows or one blade per
injections worth of poison. Poison tipped weapons will retain their venom for one day and be good for one inflicted
wound each.

Poisons Strength


Poison Type

1-5. Death
6-10. Sleep
Death Poison: Any creature who fails its hazard check roll

dies on the fourth round after being injected.

Sleeping Poison: After the third round, anyone who fails

their hazard check from this poison promptly passes out.

The duration of sleep depends upon the strength of the
poison and nothing
Sleep Duration
can wake the victim
until the poison duratype A
3d6 minutes
tion is up. Sleeping
type B
20+d20 minutes
individuals can be
type C
d6 hours
struck at +80 SV in
type D
3d6 hours
melee range, and +60
type E
12+3d6 hours
with missile attacks.

Paralysis Tendrils

Range: tendrils are 3

meters long
Usage: three times per day per rank
Strike Value: +10
Damage: d12 stun, 2d20 stun to machines and cyborgs
Growing from the characters chest are d6 tendrils, each
3 meters in length and capable of shocking targets for
d12 non-fatal stun points of damage. This damage will
begin to heal after one hour at a
rate of 1 END points per minute
and leave only discolored bruises. Robots, computers, powered
vehicles, androids and cyborgs
will suffer a massive 2d20 points
of electronic scattering damage
from each of these tendrils. Ma-

The Mutant Epoch


Quick Start Rules

chines inflicted with this damage recuperate at the same

rate as organic beings. Considered hideous, each tendril
lowers the PCs appearance by -4pts.

Reserve Heart

This is an undetectable mutation that is often exhibited by

ghost mutants, usually unknown even to the character. Next
to her normal heart, is another, which lies dormant and ready
within the body. If she is deemed to be killed by poison or
electricity, or a critical hit which specifically states a piercing
of the heart, she will appear to be quite dead for 2d20+10
rounds. After this comatose period without a pulse or heartbeat, her back up heart will suddenly kick in and induce 2d10
endurance of healing, bringing the character slowly back to
life. She will heal normally from that point, including her main
heart. Once the character is fully healed, her reserve heart
will return to dormancy until activated again.


Defense Value: see below

A calcium carbonate shell-like growth

covers this mutants entire body,
making him appear very much like
a bipedal crab, beetle or armadillo.
Depending on the thickness rating
of the specified shell, defense value,
movement rate, body weight, and
appearance are adjusted. Due to the
way this armor folds at the joints, juts
and curves, etc. no relic armor other than ballistic, riot and
bomb squad armor can be worn, while combat armor can
be modified if given d6+1 days to adjust it. A punch, kick, or
head-butt from this character will inflict 2d6 base damage
as opposed to d6.


10. Extra Heavy










Defense Value: see below

Sprouting all over the mutants body, except on his, face,

chest, belly, front of neck and groin, are sharp, 10+d10cm
long spines which improve his DV by -20+d10 points. While
they are considered unappealing as far as ones good looks
go (-2d4 APP), they are nevertheless handy when in melee;
all unarmed attacks by this mutant do
an additional d6 damage, (fist or kick
thus does 2d6 damage). If the mutant
is swallowed by an animal, the spines
automatically cut and pierce the insides of the beast doing 2d6 damage
per round while inside. If sawed off on
a monthly basis, this character would
be able to wear relic armor.

Stun Ray

Range: as users willpower x2 in meters

Usage: three times per day per rank
Duration: stun damage remains for one hour
Strike Value: +10
Damage: 2d20 stun damage, x2 to machines

Three times a day per rank, this mutant can emit a beam
of blue, paralyzing energy at a range of double her current
willpower score. The energy pulse temporarily scrambles
the nervous systems of struck targets for 2d20 points of
non-lethal damage (double this to machines such as robots, tanks and androids, as well as cyborgs). This damage remains effective within the victim for about an hour
regardless of whether or not the damage was sufficient
to incapacitate the individual. Stun Rays are normally
launched from one of the mutants hands, but 17% of
the time the beam is shot from the users eyes.


Range: as willpower in meters

Usage: four times a day per rank
Duration: instantaneous or as

willpower in rounds
Strike Value: double willpower
Damage: by object
This mutant can lift and hurl objects at will, four times a day per
rank. Objects are typically arrows,
spears, axes, helmets, rocks, ruin
rubble, and furnishings. Blunt objects are treated as rocks
from the archaic weapons listing on page 22, with hurling
range for all objects as the users willpower in meters.
One object can be thrown per round, with a SV double the
characters willpower. A characters willpower determines
the maximum weight of objects or individuals he can lift
with his mind. The duration of a sustained lift is also dependant on his willpower trait value, with one round of
telekinetic lifting per trait point.

that can be


Rock Size
thrown as

below 10
91 and above

As willpower
Willpower X 2
Willpower X 3
Willpower x4


Rock, normal
Rock, normal
Rock, large
Rock, huge
Rock, huge

* Object movement applies to controlled lifting and travel of an item or life form,
such as keys, comrade across a lava stream, or oneself landing after a fall.
Directional changes are possible. Movement rate is one tenth users willpower
trait value, rounded up.
** Rock thrown as a projectile have a velocity of equal to the characters
willpower score in meters per round. Rock could be a bottle, candle holder, pot,
frying pan, chunk of fire wood, whatever is handy. Once thrown, the object is
out of the users control and cant change direction or chase targets.

The Mutant Epoch

Quick Start Rules


Additional Character Details

Character Starting Age and Aging

Character Hand Dominance

Starting Age

In the difficult, nightmarish reality of the far future,

adventurous individuals often set out on their first quests
at a young age. The larger world calls to them, prompting
some to either throw down the pitch fork, flee a masters
brutal whip or abandon the front lines of a senseless
Most organic human characters start game play at age
17+d8 years old.

Character Weight and Height

In a world where great birds and bats can swoop down and
lift a grown man off the ground, or rusted stairwells and
crumbling walkways must be traversed, where air ducts
and low ceiling caverns need to be explored, the height
and weight of a character are very important details.
The following table provides a quick yet accurate way of
determining the body weight of a being prior to the addition of extra kilograms added for any notable mutations,
implants or substantial arms, armor and cargo carried.

Table QSR-19 Character Weight and Height

Pure Stock



40+2d20kg 140+3d20cm
65+2d10kg 140+3d20cm
40+2d20kg 130+4d20cm





Note: 1 kilogram =2.2 pounds/ 1 centimeter =.39 inches

Sometimes it is in the characters favor to be heavy, to

avoid being carried off by winged predators, getting knocked
over by a strong wind or wave. At other times, it is handy to
be light, in order to make it up a set of rusted stairs or make
ones way across an old rope bridge.

For height, there are
times when being tall will allow a character to leap up and
reach something, like a higher
ledge, or peer over an object.
Being short, meanwhile, can
allow the character to travel
down low tunnels standing
fully upright and avoiding any
penalties in combat or speed
as would a taller person who
must creep along on his hands
and knees.

At first, determining the dominant hand of a character may

seem like pointless detail; however, due to critical strikes and
called shots, a characters good hand needs to be pre-established prior to any injury, especially the unfortunate amputation of ones arm. The following table is used to establish the
characters dominant hand; however, ambidextrousness is
quite common among excavators yet only occurs about 1% of
the time in common folk.

Unless employing a two handed weapon in both hands,
or due to some skill, implant, mutation or other factor, strikes
made by the attackers off hand (non-dominant) suffer a -20
strike value (SV) penalty.

Table QSR-20 Character Dominant

Hand Determination

Dominant Hand*


Right Handed


Left Handed



*Strikes made using ones off hand are made at

a -20 strike value penalty.
** This character can use two, one handed weapons simultaneously with
no penalty.

Character Swimming Ability

As with height and weight, and dominant hand determination,

it is important to know if your character will sink or swim when
dropped into the murky waters of the new era.

For the purposes of these Quick Start Rules, a person can
hold their breath for one minute (20 rounds) after which they begin to drown taking d6 stun damage per round thereafter. When
reaching zero or less endurance from this stun damage, the victim succumbs, passes out, and will be dead in 4d6 minutes if
not resuscitated by rescuers.

Table QSR-21 Swimming Ability


Swimming Skill


Cant Swim
Poor Swimmer
Fair Swimmer
Strong Swimmer
Excellent Swimmer

The Mutant Epoch

Quick Start Rules


Outfitting, Armor & Weapons

The gear portion of a characters outfitting is covered under their caste details back on page 8. For arms and armor, each character uses a different dice based on their
pre-game caste, rolled once for his or her starting arms,
and a second time for Armor:
Militia Solider roll d12
Nomad roll d10
Farmer roll d8
Work Slave roll d6

Table QSR-22 Starting Arms

1. Pipe Club and d6 rocks for throwing

2. Dagger and a 3 in 10 chance of a javelin
3. Machete and a 6 in 10 chance of a sling
4. Dagger and bow with 2d6 arrows
5. Spear and dagger and a 4 in 10 chance of a
crossbow with 2d4 quarrels
6. Machete, dagger and bow with 3d6 arrows
7. Sabre, dagger, and crossbow with 10+d20 quarrels
8. Battle axe, dagger and a 7 in 10 chance of a
musket pistol with enough shot and powder for
2d6 discharges
9. Sabre, dagger, and musket pistol with enough
powder and shot for 3d6 discharges.
10-12. Saber, dagger, and random relic from list
Random Outfitting Relic roll 2d6
2. Assault rifle with 3d10 rifle rounds
3. Automatic pistol with 2d6 pistol rounds
4. Fragmentation grenade plus an auto pistol
with d3 rounds in magazine
5. Two fragmentation grenades
6. Fragmentation grenade
7. Automatic pistol with d6 cartridges left in
8. Pump shotgun with d4 shells
9. Automatic pistol with 3d6 standard pistol
10. Pump shotgun with 3d6 shot shells
11. Automatic pistol with two full 20 round
12. Assault rifle with two full 30 rounds magazines, plus re-roll this table using 2d4.

Table QSR-23 Starting Armor

1. No armor
2. Furs, Skins or Hides
3. Leather Jacket
4. Heavy leather
5. Part Plate
6. Junk Armor
7. Junk Armor and 6 in 10 chance of a relic Army
8. Part Plate and a 6 in 10 chance of a Junk Shield
9. Junk Armor and a 7 in 10 chance of a Ballistic
10-12. Riot Armor plus 7 in 10 chance of a Ballistic
Shield, and a 6 in 10 chance of an Army Helmet

Sample Archaic Weapons Listing

Table QSR-24
Human punch
or kick
Dagger/ Bayonet
Short Sword/
Long Sword/
Great Sword
Hatchet/ Axe
Battle Axe
Long Bow
Heavy Crossbow
Club/ Torch/
Gun Butt
Pitch fork
Large Rock
Huge Rock
Crowbar/ Pipe
Musket Pistol


Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch




Effective Range1 Hands2 STR3



















- /+4
- / +4








1 or 2




d20+2/ d20+4
d20+1/ d20+4

- / +2


- / +2
- / +3
- / +4
- / +3
- / +2












1 or 2


























d10/ d10+3*


1 or 2



d6/ d6+3*
d12/ d12+3
d10+1 / d10+4
d10/ d10+3*













1 or 2



1 or 2







1 or 2



out 2m

1 or 2


out 3m




powder & 1 shot7




powder & 1 shot7



The range shown is the effective range, but all weapons can go double this with a reduction of half the shooters total SV, plus, half the
damage on strikes. Additionally, all physical weapons can be thrown or shot farther or lesser than the effective range shown, depending if
the users strength score is lower or higher than average. Example: A character has a strength of 45, which adds 20% to the range of his
spear, thus 15m +20%=18m range. See table QSR-4 page 5, Trait Modifiers, for the strength modifiers to range.
This is the number of hands needed to effectively wield the weapon, especially to load it in the case of bows and crossbows. A strong person
can hold up and fire a crossbow in each hand; however, this feat requires a strength score of 50 or better, and the cumbersome weapon loses
10 SV, plus, the off hand (if the character is not an ambidextrous shooter) suffers an additional 20 SV.
User of weapon must have shown strength to employ or suffer a 20 SV penalty, however one could use 2 hands on a heavy 1 handed weapon to
avoid penalty. If no number given, then STR is not an issue.
The value shown is the number of silver pieces needed to purchase or sell the item in a market place. The fluctuation is due to bartering
and product availability, the mood of the vendor, etc.
Refers to pikes, included in the Hub Rules and not shown here.
Bows and longbows come with a quiver and 20 arrows. Crossbows come with a case and 20 quarrels. Slings come with a pouch and 50
rounded stones.
Musket weapons come with a powder horn and 24 rounds of shot in a leather pouch, plus ram rod and wadding.
Wrap: On a strike, user can coil whip around a log, weapon, limb, leg or other pipe-like shape. 70% chance wrap holds. Held victim needs to
make strength based HC to pull free each round, with a victim of less strength than whip user forced to make a type E hazard check, while equal or
stronger victims only a type B HC to break free. Person with a leg wrapped must make a type C agility based HC or fall over.
* Can be used to produce stun damage for non-lethal attacks using the same dice, modifiers, and skill bonuses as a lethal attack by this
/ When shown for both SV and Damage the backslash differentiates between one handed or two handed use of a weapon, while a backslash under
Rate shows a fraction, with 1/2 meaning one shot every second round, or 1/4 meaning one shot every fourth round, which reflects weapons that are
slower to reload, cock, aim and fire. Pikes show normal SV bonus and then a close in, less than 1m range melee penalty.

Sample Relic Weapons Listing

Table QSR-25


Pump Shotgun
Auto Pistol
Assault rifle
Stun pistol
Laser carbine





2d20 stun

Range1 Hands2 STR3



Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch


Ammo/ Duration

8 shotgun shells
- pistol ammo/ 20 round clip
18 rifle ammo/ 30 round clips
power cell/ 40 shots
power cell / 20 shots



The range shown is the effective range, but all weapons can go double this with a reduction of half the shooters regular SV, plus, half damage on
The number of hands needed to effectively wield the weapon, especially to load it in the case of bows and crossbows; however, a strong person can hold
up a carbine or shotgun in one hand and fire it, or possibly hold one assault rifle in each hand as she storms into a room. This feat requires a strength score
of 50 or better, and the cumbersome weapon loses 10 SV. Plus, the off hand (if the shooter is not an ambidextrous) suffers an additional 20 SV.
The user must have sufficient strength or suffer a 20 SV penalty; otherwise, to avoid a penalty, the weapon requires two hands if it is normally a one handed weapon. If no
number is given, then strength is not an issue.
The value shown for relic weapons is the silver pieces one gets for selling a relic weapon. These weapons are almost never available for purchase, and if
so, are double the value an adventurer gets for selling it. This price reflects a workable, but empty relic; no sane adventurer would sell a loaded weapon.
Stun weapons do non-lethal damage. Unconscious victims sleep for d100+20 minutes (20 rounds in a minute). When the victim wakes, the stun damage
totally dissipates.

Note: The TME Hub Rules has 47 types of archaic and 49 types of relic weapons

Sample Armor Listing

Table QSR-26
Armor type

Defense Value Movement Weight

Furs, Skins or Hides
Leather Jacket *
Heavy leather
Studded Leather
Lizard Scale
Part Plate
Junk Armor
Heavy Junk Armor
Scrap Relic
Sports Padding
Ballistic Vest *
Riot Armor

-4 / -20 vs. bullets





Either naked or in regular clothing
Flammable, add +1 dmg per round of burning

*This armor can be worn over other tight fitting body armor, thus adding the DV and any movement penalty.

Standard Shield
Junk Shield
Ballistic Shield

Junk Helmet
Iron Helmet
Army Helmet

Defense Value
-5 / -22 vs bullets

Defense Value

Movement Weight


Movement Weight






Note: The TME Hub Rules contains 29 types of body armor, 10 shields and 11


The Mutant Epoch

Quick Start Rules


Game Play
Time and Game Sequence

The smallest unit of game play time is a round, which is 3

seconds long, in which a character can make one action or
one combined action, such as running and firing an assault
rifle, climbing a ladder while talking on a headset communicator, or zig-zagging across a battle field under a hail of
arrows while pulling a grenade from her hip pouch. Most
actions are single attacks or strike rolls made using a mutation, weapon, or mental attack, but due to some skills,
relic weapons, or rank gain advancements, more than one
strike attempt per round is possible. A turn is when each
side in the combat acts, with the side winning initiative getting the first turn to proceed with whatever actions the individuals wish to conduct, such as attack, run, use a mental
mutation, draw a holstered
weapon, surrender, etc. Occasionally, the d10 initiative roll
each side makes, results in a
tie, in which case the GM can
call for a re-roll, or, both sides
act simultaneously, potentially killing each other.

There are 20 rounds in
a minute, and from here, all
moments are measured in
the same increments as normal time. It is important for
GMs to note the passage of time during periods of travel,
at night when the characters are at camp, or when players
elect to post a guard at a passageway. Certain terrain areas
are more heavily populated with dangerous life forms or
enemy units than others, and the frequency of encounters
increases here. Sometimes the GM must make an encounter check every minute, while at other times, such as in deserts, only once every hour, with the chance of an encounter
increasing or decreasing by the type of terrain, or action
taken by the players, such as if one team member is bleeding, if a fire is set at night, or when a gunshot or other loud
noise has been made.


Normal humans walk at about 3 meters per round, or 3 kilometers per hour if they move cautiously, keeping an eye out
for trouble. If a character is running, he or she can double
this rate to 6m per round, or 6km per hour for a short time.
Armor and other movement penalties, such as heavy mutations, are normally applied to a persons running movement rate, not the walking rate as well. Since an armored
warrior can easily keep pace with a marching, unarmored
archer, his or her walking speed is not affected by mutation or armor weight unless the total negative modifiers of
such appendages and armor is excessive, and the persons
running speed drops below 3m per round, in which case,
a much slower rate is established. For example, a normal
human wearing full plate armor* (-2m per round), who also

wears a full helmet* (-0.5m), and carries a tower shield* (0.75m), now has a running speed of only 2.75m per round,
which is less than a person who is walking normally.
*Found in the TME hub rules but used as an extreme example here.


Base Human Movement Rates:

Running: 6 meters per round
Walking: 3 meters per round

Initiative is established by each side or group in an encounter rolling d10. The side that rolls the highest score
wins the initiative and can
act first. An identical dice
result, after any penalty
or bonus to the initiative roll
is applied, ends in a tie,
allowing simultaneous exchanges of attacks or leaping for cover, fleeing, etc. A
penalty or bonus to the initiative is sometimes applied
to the roll based on the lead
character or NPCs trait of
perception. Only the lead or
on watch individual on each
side may roll for initiative,
unless otherwise directed
by the
GM, The initiative roller is the
person on point who is supposed to be observing the
trail ahead, standing on guard in the direction strangers
are coming from, or in other circumstances where a person is in a position to observe, hear or feel other beings or
threats. See the traits table, QSR-4, page 5, to determine
what, if any, perception modifiers are applied to the lead
characters initiative. All creatures and robots have their
own initiative listing included in their statistics.
There are circumstances where resolving initiative can
become complicated, such as when a being starts off gaining initiative at a distance, but whishes to charge ahead
and engage an opponent in melee range (3 meters or less).
In this case, the advancing entity has chosen to use up its
turn to move instead of fire missile weapons, flee, or whatever else, and upon reaching the enemy, both sides must
make a new initiative roll to establish who acts first again.
Another situation is the arrival of a third party into a battle
that is already underway. In this case, all sides roll initiative
again without any modifiers from perception, mutations or
other aspects, except where one party is a lone individual,
or whereby the initiative scores of one entire group are all
the same bonus or penalty, such as skullocks who are +1
initiative by nature or moaners which are -3.
An optional rule for initiative is to have any resulting
score of 10 or more always result in a tie, since any two
beings of very high perception or alertness have a much
higher chance of acting simultaneously, which makes for
some very bloody, fast paced action.

The Mutant Epoch

Combat Rules
Combat Sequence Procedure
Step 1: Each side rolls to establish initiative using the lead
or point individuals initiative rating, with any perception
modifiers applied to a d10 roll. If one side is stationary,
as when camped or dug into a fortified position, then the
closest being on guard to the advancing intruders uses
his initiative rating to determine who acts first. A normal
initiative roll is a plain d10, with ties resulting in simultaneous action by both sides.
Step 2: The side that wins the initiative roll can undertake
action, and if they elect to attack, have already drawn
weapons, and are in appropriate missile or melee range
of their foes, can set about attempting to strike enemies.
If the battlefield is open, and both sides are approaching
in broad fronts, all attackers can fire or engage in melee
with either selected targets or an equal portion of enemies. For example, as part of a much larger battle scene,
if four human excavators engage 12 skullocks in a melee, each human faces off against 3 skullocks in a sort of
mini-battle of his own. Assign odd numbered opponents
randomly. When it comes time for the defenders to make
their strike rolls, the same number of surviving skullocks
would then attack their assigned excavator. This process is repeated until one side in the mini-scrap is slain.
Sometimes, such as on a narrow, cliff-side path or in a
hall, doorway or other confined space, only one person
can engage enemies at a time, which is a great tactic for
a small unit of defenders facing off against far superior
numbers. Typically, a path holder of great armament or
skill holds the rear to allow comrades to escape.

Quick Start Rules


Step 3: Actual combat is handled by the attacker rolling

her strike value (SV) or less to hit and inflict damage on
the target, with any penalties or bonuses applied to the
attack based on the targets defense value, cover bonus,
or inattention penalty, as when having its back turned, etc.
(see Strike Value Modifiers table QSR-31, page 27). A roll
of 02-05 always results in a strike, with a roll of 01 being
a critical strike (see table QSR-28 Strike Potential Critical
Strikes and Fumbles, page 27). Alternatively, a miss always occurs, regardless of the strike value bonuses and
circumstances, on a dice roll of 96-99, while a fumble or
mishap occurs on a roll of 00. The targets overall defense
value is a combination of his ability to duck, dodge and
sidestep blows using agility or skills, plus any armor worn,
or any cover provided as noted again on the Strike Value
Modifiers table, QSR-31. The basic combat rule is to minus the defenders defense value (DV) from the attackers
strike value (SV), and whatever number is established is
the number needed to be rolled, or less, to inflict damage
on the target.
Step 4: Damage occurs on a successful strike. Each
weapon has its own base damage range (usually determined by a straight dice roll),
but it often has an added value.
Some weapons allow a bonus
due to the strength of the weapons user, but only if physical
strength can be applied to the attack, such as with clubs or bows,
etc.. At other times, a skill
may apply to the damage,
such as when a character has

The Mutant Epoch

some sort of lethal training that allows him to better injure
vital areas of an opponents body. There are also cases in
which afflicted damage may be minimized, such as when
force fields absorb damage or when reflective suits bounce
off laser or other beam attacks.
Step 5: When a target is reduced to zero or less endurance, he
is considered out of action, if not dead or destroyed. Depending on the endurance of an organism zero endurance need
not mean death, but rather unconsciousness or critical
condition requiring immediate medical attention to stop
blood loss. See the rules for
injury and death below.

Injury, Stun Damage and Death

Upon reaching zero endurance or less, a creature is out

of action and is either incapacitated, dead or stunned.
If stun damage constitutes any portion of the total
damage inflicted on the being, that stunned amount is
the lower range of any negative endurance value. For example, a character with 56 endurance takes 46 points
of regular damage from a series of claw attacks, and
later, is impacted by a stun beam for 16 points damage.
He is now 6, but since 16 points of his damage is stun,
he is really at 10 points as far as proximity to death goes.
When the stun damage wears off he once again finds
himself at 10 points endurance.

Table TME-27 Injury and Death

126- 135
0ver 135

Incapacitated Incapacitated
but Conscious but Stable


to 2
to 3
to 4
to 5
to 6

-2 to -5
-3 to -7
-4 to 9
-5 to 11
-6 to -13
-7 to -16

and Dying*


-1 to -3
-1 to -4
-2 to -5
-3 to -7
-6 to -9
-8 to -12
-10 to 15
-12 to 19
-14 to 23
-17 to 26


An incapacitated but conscious casualty is unable
to act physically, other than mutter a few words, but she
can employ any mental mutations. An incapacitated but
stable being is completely out, but, his wounds are not
bleeding enough to make him continue sliding into further negative endurance and eventual death. An incapacitated and dying victim loses one more endurance
point per minute (20 rounds) unless medical attention
is given at once. The medical attention need not be from
a trained healer, but must be from a being intelligent
enough to know to apply pressure to a bleeding wound,
or tie it off with a rag or bandage. A dying character who is
given first aid, which takes a round, becomes a stable ca-

Quick Start Rules


sualty at whatever
point of endurance
loss he is at, and
heals at the normal rate. Should
he be struck again,
dropped or mistreated, his bleeding begins once more and he commences dying again. Table QSR-27, found on this page,
works by adding a beings base willpower and base endurance together.


Organic life-forms are

capable of healing,
which is a huge advantage over mechanical beings such as
androids and robots
which must be consciously repaired. It
is their ability to heal
themselves which made many ancient militaries employ
synthetic, bestial humans and mutant humans as frontline
slave troops. Many creatures and mutant beings have unique
rates of healing, as do human bioreplicas, but in general, all
creatures heal at a set rate based on their uninjured endurance trait value (see table QSR-4, page 5).
If the wounded being is unable to sleep, or is suffering
from either dehydration or starvation or both, he or she is unable to normally heal any lost trait points, except stun damage. Alternatively, certain relics, mutations and the attention
of a medic at ones bedside can increase the daily healing
rate, even on individuals lacking sleep, food and water.

Handling Stun Damage

One of the many ways to handle and record stun damage on a character sheet is by noting the amount of stun
damage in parentheses with the following number being
the remaining endurance score. Mark the stun damage
with a small s or stun dmg if space is available. For example, Endurance: 46/ (-14s) 32/ 27. In this instance,
the character has taken 14 points of stun damage from
a blow to the head by a club, reducing his overall END to
32, The next strike against him is normal and inflicts 5
points normal damage, reducing him further down to 27
Unless otherwise stated, all stun damage heals at
the characters healing rate per hour, instead of per day.
Additionally, healing bonuses offered by a medic, heal
touch mutation, or other trait point recuperation relics,
mutations, and methods also fix stun damage more rapidly and repair the stun depleted trait points at double
the rate of lethal damage.

The Mutant Epoch

Table QSR-28 Strike Potential, Critical Strikes & Fumbles

Strike Roll


Strike Potential
Critical strike, see table QSR-29, below


Automatic strike


Normal striking and missing range


Always a miss regardless of attackers SV


Fumble, see table QSR-30, below

Table QSR-29 Critical Strike Results d10

Table QSR-31

Strike Value Modifiers

Melee Combat (range 3m or less):

Target has back turned and is totally unsuspecting
Target has back turned, but is already engaged in
Target is unconscious or sleeping, tied down,
immobilized, etc.
Target is blinded
Target is sitting down
Target has fallen on ground
Target fleeing from attacker, back turned

1,2 Double random damage by this attack mode

Maximum damage by this attack, plus stuns*

opponent for d4 rounds

Maximum damage by this attack, plus stuns*

opponent for d6 rounds

Double maximum damage


Double maximum damage by this attack, plus stuns*

opponent for 2d10 rounds

*Stun results in the target falling back d4 meters, if possible, and staggering
about trying to stay conscious and upright. If the stun duration is more than
10 rounds, the victim collapses and slowly tries to get up. In all cases, he
or she is +30 SV to strike. A stunned being cannot use mental mutations.

Table QSR-30

Fumble Results d10

d10 Result of Fumble


Thrown off balance, bad footing, bad approach; next

round, all attacks are 20 SV.


Delay* due to slip, over swing, stumble, weapon jam,

etc; lose chance to strike next round.

4-6 Long delay* as delay above, but lose next two rounds
Mishap! Due to a fall, impact, error, mental lapse,
mistaken identity or another reason, this attack is
re-rolled but made against a random friendly target
or innocent bystander within range. If no such target
exists, then the strike is accidentally made against

Exposed! Left wide open, or moved from cover,

dropped guard, distracted. Enemies strike on their
next attack at +20 SV.

10 Disaster! Roll as a Mishap, 7,8 above, plus Exposed, 9.

* Delay results apply to physical attacks only, and not to the use of
mental mutations.


Target is on moving machine or animal mount


Attacker making fighting withdrawal

Attacker using off-hand

Attacker using a two handed weapon in one hand

-10 SV/ +10

SV to be struck

(requires STR 50+ to avoid penalty)

Maximum damage by this attack form, plus random

damage by attack
Maximum damage by this attack, plus stuns*
opponent for one round

Strike Value

Target defending from wooden wall

Target defending from stone or metal wall
(moves backward half movement rate)

d10 Result of Critical Strike


Quick Start Rules

Missile Combat:
Target with back turned and unsuspecting
Target unaware of attackers presence
Target in arrow slit, stone or metal construction
Target in arrow slit, wooden construction
Target defending from wooden wall, palisade, wagon
Target Defending from stone or metal wall, behind vehicle
Target using vegetation for cover
Target in fox hole, trench or ruin rubble, firing at you
Target prone
Target around corner and is exposing head and
shoulders to fire
Target is fleeing or charging in straight line away
from or toward shooter
Target dodging away or toward shooter, half
movement rate
Target is zigzagging, somersaulting, dodging, etc.
move quarter rate
Target is unconscious or sleeping, tied down,
immobilized, etc.
Target is blinded
Target is sitting down

Strike Value

Firing while walking


Firing from moving animal or ground machine

Firing while running or dodging
Attacker using off-hand
Attacker using a two handed weapon in one hand


(requires STR 50+ to avoid penalty)

Firing from stable machine, such as hover car,
stabilized helicopter



The Mutant Epoch


Quick Start Rules

Hazard Checks

esides the harm done by physical damage, such as that

inflicted by bullets, axes, clubs, acid, and beam weapons,
inhabitants of the Mutant Epoch can encounter many other
threats, including mental attacks, poison, radiation, diseases,
and a wide range of mutations with special attack modes.

Often, merely walking into a contaminated area or
breathing the same air as a diseased person is enough to risk
ones life, yet at other times, one must first be struck by an
attacker and then be exposed to some sort of injected venom,
stun, mind control or other hazard in order to be harmed.

A hazard check (HC) is often called upon to determine if a
given hazard or chance of a game event occurs or not. Some
hazard checks are made to achieve a goal, such as leaping a
canyon, and at other times, to avoid a peril, such as an injection
by poison after being bit by a snake. Often the GM, knowing the
player characters trait values, secretly rolls a hazard check and
does not relate the outcome, such as if a character spots a glint
of metal on the far horizon or not, hears footsteps approaching
from behind, or becomes exposed to a disease.

In these Quick Start Rules, hazard checks difficulty ratings go

from A (easy) to E, however in the hub rules, the severity of hazards

goes from A to the exceedingly challenging M.

This is one of the most frequently used tables in the game,

with a detailed explanation to follow.

Explanation of Hazard Check Matrix

Trait Value: This normally implies the use of the target

beings current trait value, not his or her starting or totally
healed value. O or less is used when poison is injected into
an already incapacitated victim, or when one is trying to
walk a narrow rope bridge and simultaneously shot at and
incapacitated. Thus, use the O trait value, as the victim
cannot employ his or her normal agility or strength trait
to hold onto the bridge, and instead of falling to certain
doom, has a feint chance of landing on the bridge deck or
tangling in the ropes, unconscious. Most creature, weapon
and mutation descriptions mention the sort of trait used to
make the hazard check against, but when no information
is given, the following standards are the rule:
Endurance is used to avoid poison, radiation, disease,
and some stun attacks.
Strength is used to see if a character can pry open a
door, bend bars, leap across a chasm, or maintain hold
on a ships rigging during a storm, etc.
Agility is called upon to avoid falling objects, walk a
narrow ledge or pipe, climb down an elevator shaft or
across slippery rocks, etc.
Accuracy is necessary when attempting to grab a branch,
toss an object up into a narrow window, stick a plug into a
socket while in a crashing, spiraling aircraft, etc.

Table QSR-32 Sample Hazard Check Matrix

Trait Value

O or less
each 5 above 135

Hazard Type





































































































18%, 65%, 97% etc.: These percentages denote the

chance one has to avoid a given hazards effects. Roll this
number or less to succeed or avoid a hazard.

Trait to use for Hazard checks

Intelligence is used when defending against some mental

attacks, figuring out a rare relic, using some technician
skills or win at gambling, etc.
Perception is useful when trying to spot cheaters at the
gambling table, notice a land mine or trip wire in ones
path, or see a sniper on a roof.
Willpower is used to defend against most mental attacks,
fend off insanity, not run when hearing the roar of certain
beasts, exhibit self control, etc.
Appearance is called upon when trying to coax an official
to divulge sensitive information, get passed guards,
be spared from death by humanoids who like pretty or
handsome slaves, etc.

The Mutant Epoch


Quick Start Rules

Sample Typical Human NPCs

Table QSR-33 Sample Typical Humans
Human Type


Armor Worn


Commoner, man
Commoner, woman
Commoner, teen
Commoner, child
Militia, Soldier
Militia, Officer
Raider, Boss
Bounty Hunter
Trader, Town
Trader, Nomadic


furs /skins

20+d20 5.75 50







furs/ skins

15+d20 5.75 50







furs/ skins

10+d20 5.75 43







60% knife







Weapon Code Valuables EFs Morale

Note Code


leather /h

20+d20 5.5








scrap relic/h

45+d20 5.5













scrap relic


SS/ SC/ 57% RC



ACC-3/ AGI-3/ STR-4


EM/ SC/ 33%R



AGI-3/ ACC-4/ STR-3

25+d20 5.25 50 SM/ 41%RC/ 32%R



Stealth/ 56% Wild

20+d20 5.75 50

-36 scrap relic/h/ c-vest 40+d20 5.5


scrap relic


chainmail vest

20+d20 5.75 50

SC/ 36% RC





scrap relic

30+d20 5.25 52

EM/ SC/ 52%R



ACC-1/ INT+d20

Table Notes: See applicable code(s) for this person

h wearing junk helmet
s carrying standard shield
c-vest wearing a chainmail vest
ballistic wearing a ballistic vest
*second DV is used against bullets
ACC-1 Accuracy trait of 40 (+2 SV)
ACC-2 Accuracy trait of 50 (+4 SV)
ACC-3 Accuracy trait of 60 (+6 SV)
ACC-4 Accuracy trait of 70 (+8 SV)
STR-2 Strength trait of 50 (+4 STR based damage)
STR-3 Strength trait of 60 (+6 STR based damage)
STR-4 Strength trait of 70 (+8 STR based damage)
INT+d20 Add d20 to any random intelligence trait value
Stealth d6 stealth skill points
Wild: Wilderness survival skill

Typical Human Descriptions

Commoners: These people are also called civilians, civvies, peasants, mudders and serfs, and make up about
three quarters of the pure stock and mutant human populations of the new era. They differ from other semi-free
peoples in that their daily focus is on labor as opposed
to trading, pillaging, stealing or military operations. Most
male commoners are farmers, fishermen, loggers, miners or are employed in construction, while females and
children tend to the family homes, livestock, gardens and

fields but occasionally act as servants to

wealthier households.
About half of all civilians have had previous careers as militia
troopers, prostitutes,
or scavengers and a
scant few were once
excavators and have
either given up the former business to raise a family, or
suffered an injury which prevented further adventures.
During times of war, like all humans, these people, men,
women and children alike, arm themselves and fight
fiercely to save their homes and crops.
Militia Soldiers: Either as conscripted young men or
women of the settlement, volunteers, or hired outsiders,
these fighters are usually the most common of armed
citizens of any community. Normally, their low tech weapons and leather armor are their own. They typically
live with their
own families instead of in barracks
and are most often the adult, unmarried eldest offspring in a household with
about 80% of them male. In most towns
and villages, they are paid 2d6sp per month
and fed by the townspeople. They tend to stay
on guard at the settlement and provide law
and order as well as man the walls and roof
tops, on rotating watch for raiders, predators
or other threats. Rarely, a large center sends
militia out on horse or riding dog to patrol the
crop lands or trade routes, or to give chase
to any law breakers or infidels who have

The Mutant Epoch

fled town. Militia troops tend to lack coordination in real
battles, have average morale and often break and run
when faced with enormous monsters or foes who are
using powerful mutations or relics. Their knowledge of
local law is sketchy and their enforcement of it unpredictable and often involves excessive force when arresting
people from out of town.
Militia Officers: Usually appointed by
community leaders to the post of militia officer based on their family status instead of personal merit, these
men and women are nevertheless well
armed and are often feared by lesser
ranking militia soldiers and citizenry;
they act as sheriff, judge and executioner all in one. It is a known fact that
troublesome, rowdy or drunken visitors
to a town had best be respectful and
polite when dealing with this individual. Furthermore, having money on hand is wise since
bribery is often the only way to avoid the local stockade
where being stripped, beaten and robbed is the norm.
While not all militia officers are corrupt thugs, many are;
they occasionally employ their troops to raid neighboring
villages or passing caravans, taking food, water, slaves
and valuables back to their own settlement to better
ensure the survival of their people. Travelers, especially
relic rich excavators, should steer clear of approaching
militia units when in the wilds.

Raiders: The term raider is a catch all name for any sort
of bandit, pirate, thug, ruffian, criminal gang member or
other outlaw. These men and women might actually have
been decent, community minded folk at one time, but
have been reduced to marauding due to the loss of their
own lands, persecution by religious or racial intolerance,
starvation, or merely greed. Large groups are lead by a
raider leader, bounty hunter, slaver, crooked merchant,
assassin or other strong commander. These rag-tag criminals prefer to simply hold up other humans, especially
traders, merchants or common folk, instead of outright

Quick Start Rules


killing them, since by setting these robbed people free

with basic gear, crude weapons, food and water, they
might survive the remainder of their journey to recoup
their losses, and travel another day, only to be robbed
once again. Nothing hurts a local gang of raiders worse
than having a reputation for killing everybody who comes
down their road or through their section of woods. Such
behavior only brings bounty hunters, troops and other
hirelings out to butcher them, and worse, no sane person
would travel thereabouts again, leaving nothing to steal.
However, raiders of course kill those who resist being
robbed, show disrespect, or in order to weaken a caravan
by shooting a few guards before approaching it.
Every gang of raiders is unique in some respect, usually operating according to the whims of their current
leader. Some units are reluctant to incur casualties of
their own and retreat after only one of their number is
killed, and still others are courteous to their victims, especially the women and children. Reports of captives being blindfolded and taken to the raiders camp for the
night, fed, entertained, then later let go, are not uncommon. Just as there are humanitarian raiders who steal
to survive, there are also truly wicked gangs, who pass
through an area once every couple of years, and whom
kill and defile, torture and humiliate their captives, leaving them impaled on stakes or hanging from trees.
These murderous sorts of gangs are often of a different race or religious background from those they accost,
and see their victims as mere animals to kill on sight.
At other times, raiders are debased, cannibals, or from
some sort of cult, and take captives to either sacrifice to
their gods, or serve as unwilling mates, possibly even as
hostages to ransom off to the local authorities.
For the new era traveler, avoiding any sort of raider
while in the wilds or back allies of a town, is wise; since
it is difficult to tell if the thugs are mere greedy opportunists, or psychopathic joy killers.

Raider Boss: These individuals are either the toughest gang
members, the smartest, or both,
and have typically fought their
way to the top of the pecking order and maintained their status
only by beating back any challengers, keeping a good supply
of loot coming in, and providing
entertainment for the unit.
Bounty Hunters: Cold, calculating men and women fill
the ranks of this profession, They are universally feared
and hated by everyone they meet except when hired by
a settlement or patron who needs an elusive person
tracked down, arrested or killed. Members of this caste
often act as assassins or guardians to their employer,
but are more brutal and flashy about their mission objectives and caste. Both regular and elite bounty hunters
are always on the look out for anybody on their long list of
wanted persons and whenever a printed or hand drawn
likeness sheet is provided, one of these hunters can easily spot a wanted subject when meeting them.

The Mutant Epoch

A characters history
may have a mark on it,
and a chance that each
encounter with a bounty
hunter met, that the player character is identified
and pursued. Most bounty
hunters are either under
orders to bring a person
in, dead or alive, or strictly
alive, such as in the case
of a pleasure slave, escaped technician or important person, but in many
cases, where the status
is not specific, a bounty
hunter simply kills a target, cuts off the head and
either pickles it or sticks it in
a sack and takes it to whomever posted the wanted notice.
If a client does not pay up on a bounty, the loose knit association of bounty hunters in a region take great offense
and either kill and rob the cheating employer, or simply
not honor any bounty offered by the faction or individual again. Bounty hunters usually hire raiders or primitives to aide them in a hunt and are often well known in
the wilds from frequenting the same range month after
month, getting to know the locals and trading with even
the most savage humanoids. It is not uncommon for a
tribe of skullocks or warmorts to share a camp with a brutal bounty hunter; get drunk together, trade relics, food
stuffs and information, as well as work for each other.
Excavators in particular, due to their own sordid histories
and profession, bare extreme animosity toward bounty
hunters, and try to bring about their demise at every opportunity.
Scavengers: While similar to excavators in many respects,
these salvagers, recyclers and junk collectors are far less
likely to undertake any task that is heroic, noble, or helpful to a community, or anything that doesnt involve the
ancient debris. As is often the case,
these people
are fixated
on the old
culture, and so
gather things
of no practical value and
horde it in
secret stashes. While most are typically loners and shun contact with
regular society, they often trade with each other; gathering in small bands if the vicinity is dangerous and create
secret barter forts to socialize and exchange food, water,
slave-spouses, to mate, share information, and possibly
organize a major raid on a tempting target.

Quick Start Rules


They are best described as the children of lone survivalists of a bygone era, taught to distrust the inhabitants
of the new, emerging communities.
They are not above ambushing and robbing passersby,
kidnapping an attractive member of the opposite sex to
make into an unwilling spouse, looting the dead and dying after a battle, or setting traps for the unwary excavator who might happen by, but for the most part, they are
harmless or even helpful to other humans. Occasionally,
when the need for food, water, supplies or carnal encounter is great, a scavenger may enter a small trade town
to sell off some merchandise, but he or she rarely stays
the night and leaves quickly, heading for whatever underground hole or fortified tree fort he or she calls home.
These folk are not known to be malicious nor murderous, even to their robbery victims, and usually just let
their prisoners go free after liberating them of ancient
items, food, money and weapons.
Traders There are two sorts of
commonly encountered traders
in the new era; those who set
up a permanent shop behind
the safety of a towns walls, and
those who travel about with
wagons and mules, offering
their goods to whoever has the
valuables to purchase them.
Town traders often have
a booth in a marketplace or a
mere tarp strung over a hand
cart, selling everything from
fish, meat, furs and junky relics, bits of useless but pretty plastic, shoddy weapons
and curiosities. They make a fair, safe living, and dont
usually attract unwanted attention from thieves, as do
merchants, but they must always be watchful of street
urchins who pilfer their produce.
Nomadic traders are rough and ready, adventuresome
sorts who frequent the back country, all the while moving
water, food, and an assortment of common trade goods
from town to mining camps, from shanty cities to prison
forts, to military garrisons, sub-human encampment and
everywhere in between. When
travelling, they are always accompanied by at least d3+1
militia soldiers, who are all on
horses and have d3+2 pack
mules loaded with 20+3d100sp
in merchandise each. The members of these trade expeditions
are wary when approached by
excavators or other armed units,
yet it is their job to meet people
and trade with them, and so
they are abnormally trustworthy
and gladly camp with diggers, mercenaries, or nomads
to gain mutual protection from raiders, humanoids and
other threats.

The Mutant Epoch

Quick Start Rules


Ten Sample Creatures

Note: In the Mutant Epoch Hub Rules there are 104 creatures, while the Mutant Bestiary One contains 173
monsters and the Creatures of the Apocalypse Codex covers 20 very detailed specialty freaks.

Aberrant Rats are man sized,

freakishly mutated rodents, with
each rat having a unique aberraEndurance: 20+d10
tion from the list below. They are
Movement: 8m
the most aggressive rats of all,
Initiative: normal
launching attacks on humanoids
Attacks: 1
and other prey with little hesitation,
and no concern whether or not they
Strike Value: 01-55
outnumber their intended targets.
Damage: d8
It has been reported that these
Strength: 24
rats often merely kill and dismemAgility: 38
ber their victims, not bothering to
Accuracy: 35
eat them, a fact that makes many
Intelligence: 9
scholars insist they were designed
Willpower: 30
as bio-weapons to be deposited in
Perception: 43
enemy cities, to multiply and terrify.
Valuables: nil

Aberrant Rat

Defense Value: -10

Experience Factors: 20
Morale: firm
Size: 1.6 meters long
Weight: 85kg
Mutations: 1
Implants: nil

d100 Rat Mutations list

01-06. Six legs, add +d3m move.
07-13. Poison bite, type A paralysis.
14,15. Poison bite and blood, type A death.
16,17. Spits digestive acid, once daily,
6m, as bite attack for SV and DMG, burns
victim for d6 rounds.

Alligator, Large, Mutant

Defense Value: -8
Endurance: 30+2d20
Movement: 4m land/9m
Initiative: normal
Attacks: 1
Strike Value: 01-65


Damage: d20+5
Strength: 80
Agility: 32
Accuracy: 29
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 22
Perception: 25
Valuables: skin worth 1sp per point of END
Experience Factors: 30
Morale: firm
Size: 3 to 4 meters long
Weight: 410kg
Mutations: 58% chance of d2
Implants: nil

New era alligators, both mutated and non-deviated, inhabit the smallest streams, underground pools, swampy
bogs and the greatest oceans. They are more aggressive
than their pre-devastation era cousins and are more likely to actively hunt humans. The above statistics can also
apply to both salt and freshwater crocodiles.

18-25. Giant mouth, -1m MV

but double bite damage.
26-31. Amphibian (can
breath underwater, swim
as normal speed).
32-36. Hopper, can leap
up to its normal move
rate in height.
37-42. Shooting
quills, one per round
up to 10 daily, as
bite attack for size of
rat, range 9 meters.
43-48. Two heads,
double bite attacks.
49-58. Barbed tail (as
per bite attack, but extra).
59-63. Bone and spike plated (add 10 to DV, -1m MV).
64-68. Shelled (add 20 to DV, -2m MV).
69-76. Very fast (add -10 DV, +d6+1m MV, x2 rate of all attacks).
77-81. Poisonous bite (type B sleep, make END based type B hazard
check or pass out for 4d6+10 minutes).
82-92. Bat wings (can fly double ground rate).
93-00. Enormous (END x2, +d6 MV, + 10 SV, +3 DMG).

d100 Alligator Mutations

01-05. Body Regeneration, heals 1 END per round.
06-09. Mental Screen (see page QSR 17)
10-15. Paralysis Tendrils, d4, (see page QSR 18)
16-20. Crab Pincers, d3 treat as extra bite attacks.
21-29. Shell, increase defense value by +22 (DV now -30)
30-35. Shooting quills on tail, shoots d6 per round, range 15m,
SV 01-60, Damage d10, max quills 60 per day.
36-40. Electrical Pulse (see page QSR 16)
41-45. Poison bite, victim must make type C hazard check,
using their endurance, or pass out for 3d6+6 minutes.
46-56. Extra tough hide, +2d6 DV.
57-68. Massive head for its size, damage is +5.
69-74. Longer limbs, add d4 to land speed.
75-84. Head on long, snake-like neck, +2d8 SV.
85-91. Two headed, two bite attacks.
92-00. Massively built, add 20% endurance and +3 damage.

The Mutant Epoch

Blood Flyer
Defense Value: -0 / -10 flying
Endurance: 4+d4
Movement: 1m ground/8m air
Initiative: -1
Attacks: 1
Strike Value: 01-36
Damage: d3 per round
Strength: 3
Agility: 16
Accuracy: 22
Intelligence: 2
Willpower: 24
Perception: 13
Valuables: nil
Experience Factors: 5
Morale: firm
Size: 50cm
Weight: 2.1kg
Mutations: nil

Quick Start Rules


Blood Flyers are huge mutant mosquitoes, which

move noisily in an awkward up and down flutter

and are easy to hear or see coming (-1 initiative). They do, however, form large swarms and
attack with sharp claws and a bone proboscis
outstretched for exposed skin. On a successful
strike, a blood flyer attaches itself to the flesh of
a victim and bloats itself on blood automatically
(for d3 END DMG) each round up to a maximum
of 16 endurance points ingested before detaching and flying off at half speed. While attached,
these blood suckers can still be attacked, but
any miss is 50% likely to result in a stray blow
(roll against ones own DV to determine if the
blood flyers victim produced a self-inflicted injury). This rule also applies if another person tries
to remove the insect with hacking, clubbing or
missile weapons. The best removal tactic is
flame; running a torch under the insect is 75%
likely, per round, to force it to detach and fly off


Defense Value: -10

( thick hide)
Endurance: 200+d100
Movement: 5m
Initiative: -1
Attacks: 1 weapon or fist or bite
Strike Value: 01-80
Damage: club 3d20+18/ fist or bite d20+18
Strength: 115 (+18)
Agility: 18
Accuracy: 24
Intelligence: 2d4
Willpower: 73
Perception: 22
Appearance: 2d4
Valuables: well off
Experience Factors: 125
Morale: excellent
Size: 4.5 meters tall
Weight: 530kg
Mutations: 12% 1 QSR page 15

Implants: nil

Garnocks are giant, rust red humanoids with thick

hides, toothy mouths and massive muscles. They
are mutated, carnivorous off shoots of construction
slaves, and while dumb and slow, are still
dangerous adversaries when unleashing an
ambush. They fight using enormous tools,
iron beams, or other club-like weapons.
Even unarmed, these brutes can pulverize a
human with their fists or tear them in two in
one bite.

Garnocks usually band together in small family units,

or are encountered as loners, hunting or patrolling. They
require a great deal of food each day and see humans as
a healthy choice to much of what is found in the ruins.
Typically, these monsters avoid open ground where their
slow speed is a disadvantage, but can be found in all other
terrain and environments. 12% have a random mutation
from the list
on page QSR 15.

The Mutant Epoch

Hydra Worm
Defense Value: -0
Endurance: 50 body/

10+d20 per head

Movement: 5m
Initiative: -1
Attacks: 2d4 bites
Strike Value: 01-60
Damage: d10 each

Strength: 43
Agility: 31
Accuracy: 44
Intelligence: 4
Willpower: 19
Perception: 43
Valuables: nil
Experience Factors: 95
Morale: firm
Size: 4.4m
Weight: 680kg
Mutations: nil

Quick Start Rules


Hydra Worms are non-burrowing terrestrial invertebrates, that

hunt alone in damp climates or ruins. Like all worms, they

are slow to react and have an initiative penalty, but their
slimy skin acts like glue and all manner of local trash,
vegetation, dust and debris clings to its hide, allowing it
blend in well with its surroundings. If a hydra worm does
win the initiative in an encounter, it means the passerby
has practically stepped on the beast which is already in
melee range and striking with its 2 to 8 heads (2d4), each
attached by a thick, snake-like neck of 3m length.

Killing a hydra worm is tricky, as to slay
it, each head must be cut off from the main
body (each head has 10+d20 END). If the
main body is killed or suffers 50 endurance,
the heads continue to fight on, but are unable
to pursue the victims beyond their reach. In a
matter of an hour, a hydra worm with a dead body
absorbs one head to become a new body, and
slithers off again.

Mutant Dog
Defense Value: -10
Endurance: 15+d10
Movement: 9m
Initiative: normal
Attacks: 1
Strike Value: 01-60
Damage: d12
Strength: 23
Agility: 38
Accuracy: 48
Intelligence: 7
Willpower: 38
Perception: 39
Valuables: nil
Experience Factors: 18
Morale: firm
Size: 1.6m
Weight: 30kg
Mutations: d2

Mutant Dogs are usu-

cific area. They always look very different

from one to the other, have some hint of
the parent species, such as Doberman,
German Shepherd, Terrier, bull mastiff,
etc., and often follow a dominate dog who
is either more powerfully augmented by
mutations and or implants, or is simply
bigger. Skullocks often ride mutant dogs
into battle.

38-43. Bat-like wings, can fly double

their ground speed.
44-52. Bone studded hide, increase DV -10.
53-61. Two headed dog, two bite attacks.
62-66. Bipedal, human hands on front
legs and smarter, +2d6 INT, can use crude
weapons and has WC-P (pg. 39), it cant talk.
67-73. Crab shell-like armor, -d3m MV/
add -20 DV.
74-81. Massive Jaws +4 DMG.
82-84. Massive hound, x2 END, weight
d100 Dog Mutation List
01-37. Mutations from list on page QSR 15 and STR/ +6 DMG.
31-37. Back covered in throwing quills, -5 85-88. Poison Bite, Type A death. Victim
DV, shoots 2 per round, range 15m, SV 01- must make a type A endurance based hazard
check or drop dead in d8+2 rounds.
60, DMG d8 ea.
87-94. Six legs, first two are long clawed,
adding 2 more strikes.
95-00. Vice jaws, lock in death, once
strikes a target continues to do 4 pts
END damage per round automatically,
until killed.

ally either found as a wild

pack or as trained guardians
to some intelligent being. They
often have the same packwide mutations, but occasionally (33% of the time) they are
seen in groups where each dog
exhibits its own d2 mutations.
In addition to mutations, some
animals have been augmented by
intelligent beings (28% of the time
with 1 implant from page
QSR 13) and trained
to serve, often set
loose to guard a spe-

The Mutant Epoch

Reptilius (Also called: Reptili, Reptos, hissers and lizard men)

Defense Value: -12

Endurance: 12+d12
Movement: 7m/ swim 6m
Initiative: Normal
Attacks: bite or weapon
Strike Value: 01-50
Damage: d10 bite or by weapon
Strength: 22
Accuracy: 34
Intelligence: 8+d8
Willpower: 32
Perception: 21
Valuables: Type PT each
Experience Factors: 12
Morale: firm
Size: 1.4 meters tall
Weight: 55kg
Mutations: 36% chance of 1
Relics: 7% chance of 1 weapon
Implants: nil

Shorter than humans, the Reptilius are cold blooded, tribal,

carnivorous lizard men who
dwell deep in woodlands,
swamps, jungles and ruins,
in brutal, sometimes cannibalistic warrior societies.
They are xenophobic, arrogant
and consider all other beings
as livestock, torturing and eating prisoners without any notion of interrogating them or
selling them as slaves.
When a strong leader
takes control of the tribe by killing his or her predecessor, the first order of business is to invade and devour
some other species, preferably humans who often have
relic weapons. These lizard folk are not smart enough to
reload shells or make muskets, but they can certainly
grasp the basic principle of loading and firing a gun or
laser weapon.

In battle, they wear bone or sea shell armor, throw
javelins, and close in with stone axes or other primitive
weapons. Those with powerful mutations or relic weapons hold back from the fray and fire from the safety of
cover. Mutant lizards are often employed as mounts or
attack beasts, but reptilius do not consider them brothers, just as humans dont consider horses or cows as
more than meat or transportation. These beings dont
fare well on the surface during the winter months, or
whenever the temperature is 12.2 Celsius (10 Fahrenheit) or lower, since cool weather makes them sluggish
and dull witted; enemies gain +20 SV on all attacks,
while the reptilius move at 5 meters per round instead
of 7.

To protect themselves from mammal adversaries
during the winter months, these lizard men ensure that

Quick Start Rules


they have large amounts of meat on hand, hanging from

trees or in underground pens. Often human captives
are taken in the fall and kept alive until they are needed
late in the winter. If characters are
taken prisoner, usually after
being knocked unconscious,
they wake in a wooden cage,
hands bound behind their backs, and are kept alive
until a random winter month, when they will be fed well
for a week, then butchered. Reptilius worship cruel
gods, which demand sacrifices of blood and organs
from any intelligent beings, even reptilius from other
tribes or misfits from their own.
Occasionally, a reptilius is a loner, a true individual of
superior intelligence or vision, who does
not buy into the superior race talk,
nor the ridiculous religions and pointless wars. This reptilius may attempt to
unite with other misfits and outcasts
from other species, and seek adventure and wealth.

Reptilius are expert swimmers
and can hold their breath for up to fifteen minutes before drowning.

d100 Reptilius Mutations List

01-16. Bigger (+10 End/+10 SV/ +2 DMG).

17-23. Long legs, (increase movement
+d6m per round).
24-27. Spits digestive acid, (once
per hour, range 12m, SV 0160, DMG d4 per round, for d6
28,29. Warm blooded specimen, (can
operate at night or in cold climes as if
it were day, faster -2d6 DV, +d3m MV).
30-32. Four eyes, (+2 initiative).
33-39. Four arms, carries extra javelin and shield (DV bonus 5).
40-46. Bat Wings (fly 12m).
47-50. Huge bat wings (fly 22m).
51-55. Elongated jaw with razor teeth (+10 SV, DMG 2d6+2).
56-59. Bone plated body (-1 MV/ improve -2d6 DV).
60-64. Shell and spike Plated Body (-3 MV, improve -3d6+3 DV).
65-67. Poison bite (type C sleep).
68,69. Poison bite (type D paralysis)
70-72. Poison bite (type A death)
73-77. Huge Specimen (END d20+20,+2 MV,+10 SV,+3 DMG)
78-83. Spiked tail (extra attack DMG d10)
84-89. Massive claws (fights with two claws and bite, DMG d10 ea.)
90-92. Sickle Arms, fights using two sickle arms, SV +10, DMG
d12+2 each)
93-96. Horn on head (can gore SV +10, DMG d10)
97,98. Massive! (END d20+40, +4 MV, +20 SV, +6 DMG)
99,00. Wise-One (+2d20 INT, +d20 WILL) Roll d6 for mutation:
1,2. Mind Crush/ 3,4. Electrical Pulse/ 5. Stun Ray/ 6. Telekinesis

Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch

Rubble Spider

Rubble Spiders, also called Cement Crawlers,

drop down from trees or ruined structures,

Defense Value: -25
gaining +3 initiative when they are first enEndurance: 10+d20
countered. If they win the initiative, they land
Movement: 7m
among the travelers and try to bite them.
Initiative: +3
These concrete colored spiders are built
Attacks: 1 bite
tough, with studded carapaces and curved
Strike Value: 01-55
Damage: d8 +poison spikes growing from their abdomens and
leg joints, giving them considerable protecStrength: 16
tion but also slowing them down. They often
live in groups, weaving webs across pits and
Accuracy: 32
passages, between ruined skyscrapers and
Intelligence: 6
in ancient elevator shafts. Their webs are not
Willpower: 38
usually a threat to mansized beings, but if a
Perception: 57
person happens to fall or run into a new web,
Valuables: nil
Experience Factors: 25 he is stuck to it until he either breaks free
with a type E, strength based HC, or uses a
Morale: average
blade to cut through the web. The web can
Size: 1.1 meters
be hit automatically, but takes 40+d20 enWeight: 52kg
durance of damage to cut through. The spiMutations: nil
ders main attack is its poisonous bite, which
is often enough to knock a human out, (type


Defense Value: -12 (junk armor)

Endurance: 10+d20
Movement: 7m
Initiative: +1
Attacks: 1 weapon
Strike Value: 01-50
Damage: d12 javelin/ d8 knife
Strength: 24
Agility: 33
Accuracy: 30
Intelligence: 2d6
Willpower: 40
Perception: 45 (+1)
Appearance: 3d6
Valuables: VP (Very Poor)
Experience Factors: 20
Morale: average
Size: 1.3 meters tall
Weight: 50kg
Mutations: 10%/1 mutation
Relics: 1 in 20 chance of WC-R each, pg.40
Implants: 1 in 20 chance of one, pg. 13

Skullocks, also called gremlins, peskies, rubble robbers, and nuke-goblins, are short, sinewy, savages, with pale gray or olive skin.
They stand just over a meter tall, have long
arms, beady red eyes, blunt ears, teeth
like a dog, a stench like rotting meat,
and are the most common humanoid in The Mutant Epoch. It is believed they were bio-engineered as
expendable troops by ancient human
factions. While their size and weak minds dont make t h e m
the same sort of threat as more advanced foes, their numbers,
hyper-reproduction, and savagery make up for it. Since they often inhabit ruins and underground areas, they have uncovered


B, sleep poison,
hours). Unconscious prey is
wrapped in a
cocoon of web,
hoisted 2d20
meters off the
ground and later (3d6 hours),
all the rubble
drained of body
fluids at a rate of
d6 endurance
per round per
spider. The cocoon can only be broken out of by someone with either great strength (type D, strength based
hazard check, one try per half hour) or by a mutant using a beam mutation to blast apart the web shell (auto
strike, endurance 30+d20).

a great many artifacts and can use relic weapons and modified
scrap relic armor. Skullocks are too ignorant to program robotics or use computers, advanced weapons or even reload spent
ammo casings, but they are able to employ more basic relic
weapons, such as assault rifles, auto pistols, SMGs,
grenades, rocket launchers, etc. There is a 5%
chance each has a relic weapon from
code WC-R, page 40, a 10% chance of
a random prime mutation, and a 5%
chance each one is augmented with
an implant. They typically wear fabric
wraps and junk armor, and throw javelins before closing in with knives.

Individual skullocks can advance in rank, like other humanoids,
and occasionally one exceptional individual among them masses an army
and unleashes an invasion on other
communities. This war typically lasts for a
few weeks before greed,
tribal in-fighting and religious disagreements pull
the coalition apart. Smart
or misfit skullocks have
been known to split from
their kind and join human
adventure teams, trying their
best to conceal their racial
identity with makeup, wigs,
cloaks, and perfume. They
speak the common area
language, poorly, and in some regions have established trade with human settlements. Half skullock,
half human crossbreeds have been encountered with greater
frequency in recent decades.

The Mutant Epoch

Quick Start Rules


Winged Slasher Lizard

Defense Value: -5 /-25 flying
Endurance: 50+d20
Movement: 6m/ 14m flying
Initiative: +3
Attacks: 1
Strike Value: 01-64
Damage: d20+5
Strength: 37
Agility: 67
Accuracy: 64
Intelligence: 7
Willpower: 34
Perception: 87
Valuables: skin worth 65sp
Experience Factors: 45
Morale: excellent
Size: 7m wingspan
Weight: 47kg
Mutations: nil

Winged Slashers are odd reptiles, much like pteranodons of the Cretaceous period on earth, except that
instead of a normal tail, these leathery winged terrors
have a bone blade that they use to slash prey, often
from behind. If winged slashers win the initiative, they
attack from someplace above and behind, disallowing
the target any shield, dodge or agility DV modifiers on
the first attack. Reptilius can ride these creatures which
move at -3m flying speed (11m when mounted). Should
the winged slasher be unable to employ its bladed tail,
such as when its on the ground, it can bite for d12+2

Ten Sample Relics

Anti-toxin-injector: This single dose, self administered
needle and chemical soup array, was intended for front
line troops. It is to be injected either prior to or
just after exposure to toxic substances such as
bio-weapons, poisonous gas, venomous animal
bites and such. The chemicals and anti-bodies
injected into the skin protect against a great
many venoms and toxins, counteracting them as
best as they can, taking affect within d6 rounds
with a 84% success rate.

iber, and pistol calibre variants exist. Modern versions also

accept 100 round drum magazines, belt fed ammo, night
scopes, and other accessories. The typical weapon found
is standard 73% of the time, otherwise a bull-pup configuration. An attached under barrel grenade launcher is also
discovered 9% of the time, loaded with d3 fragmentation
grenades. This M203 style launcher uses pump action to
shoot one grenade, 100m, per round, and holds up to four
grenades (found with d4 frag grenades unless otherwise
stated). Stats on page 23.

Assault Rifle: Second only to the automatic pistol, this

weapon is the most common relic found in the new era. Its
design, either traditional or bull-pup (magazine behind trigger group), has undergone little change since 1960. However, the few changes common
to all is in their corrosion
resistant alloy and
plastic parts, their
and ease of maintenance. They take standard
rifle ammo, although high cal-

Auto Pistol: This standard automatic pistol has been the work
horse sidearm for criminals, police and military personnel for
hundreds of years. It is the most
commonly found relic weapon, even
more so than the assault rifle. The typical version has an impressive 20
round dual feed magazine, but 4%
are officer issued deluxe models
which have a large 30 round clip ex-

The Mutant Epoch

tending from the grip, and a superior, 3 shot per round
rate of fire. All auto pistols can be fired at their maximum
rate as well as single shot mode. Stats on page 23.
Ballistic Shield: Used by SWAT teams of old, this blue or
black, square shaped, slightly curved relic offers some
protection from cut and thrust attacks, but offers exceptional cover from
bullets, (DV -5/-22
vs. bullets).
has a tiny 5 x
10cm wide slide
open window to
permit a user to
aim pepper spray,
a stun pistol or
other gun barrel
the protective barrier.

Combot, Light

Defense Value: -25

Endurance: 40
Movement: 7m
Initiative: normal
Attacks: laser carbine or springspike
Strike Value: carbine 01-80 /
spike 01-62
Damage: laser carbine
2d20+10/ spike d12+12
Strength: 80 (+10 dmg)
Agility: 40
Accuracy: 54 (+10)
Intelligence: 34
Willpower: 110
Perception: 34
Experience Factors: 50
Morale: not applicable
Size: 2.1 meters tall
Weight: 120kg
Power Supply: This unit employs 2 power packs,
1 for weapons and the other for continuous operation for 8 years before a recharge is needed. In sleep mode, it
can maintain minimal operations
for 79 years, waking within 2d12
rounds to full power and awareness.
Light Combot: Hundreds of models of this most
common robot were built, with the above statistics
for an Erickson 3000 Infantry Trooper being the
most typical. These units were mass produced and
designed for use against human foes as opposed to
larger robotic units. They have one laser carbine arm,
while the other ends in a human-like hand capable
of holding any regular relic, operating a keyboard or

Quick Start Rules


performing other tasks. This same hand has a spring spike

built into the forearm and is used when in melee range or its
carbine is out of power. The laser carbine can be removed
and replaced with a more advanced weapon or another
robotic hand by a mechanical or robotics technician. The
programming of these units was simple: kill anyone not
broadcasting the specific alpha numeric code of an ally.
Or, if the combot is reprogrammed by an intelligent master,
it carries out whatever the new controller commands.
The laser carbine can fire 40 shots per day from
onboard power, or accept additional energy from power
cells, power packs or external supplies via cables and
extension cords.
Fragmentation Grenades are more
powerful than the classic pineapple grenades of old. This fist-sized
explosive has a 4 meter blast radius, usually sufficient to harm 8
man-sized beings if the victims
are grouped in typical ranks. SV
01-70, DMG d20+10.

Using Grenades: Besides those launched by a machine or grenade launcher, these explosives can all
be thrown like a rock, 20m, plus
or minus any strength based
range modifier noted on the
trait modifier table, page QSR
5. Grenades were designed
for weapon based launching or
hand throwing applications via a manual pull-out pin and grip release system.
weapon launch mode, the grenade is usually
primed to detonate upon contact with a hard surface.
In hand held mode, once the pin is pulled, the grip is
released, the grenade can be held for 2 rounds and
thrown on the third to detonate on impact, taking one
round to travel to the target. A grenade launcher can be
set to make the grenade go off on the third round instead of upon a hard impact by manually priming the
projectile prior to loading and firing it, allowing the grenade to bounce down a distant stairwell, hatchway, or
cave mouth.
Laser Carbine: Firing a single red beam per round, this
energy weapon is a very effective, long range killing
tool. The damage from a single strike is sufficient
to kill most men. Laser carbines are somewhat
effective underwater (half range and DMG), in nonatmospheric situations as well as against such foes as
pit slimes and other beings unaffected by bullets or blades.
Stats on page 23.

Riot Armor: Providing excellent body

protection, especially when accompanied by a riot helmet, this suit is made
of layers of plastic and fiber, but it is
not ballistic grade nor is it designed
to withstand beam weapon and explosions. Its main purpose was to deflect stones and baton strikes during
riots, as protests in the old world were
widespread, particularly near the end
of the pan-global civilization.
Stun Pistol:
fires a blue laser
beam of neuron
scattering, muscle freezing, circuit locking energy. Those hit suffer 2d20 stun damage, which remains in effect for one hour before healing at
a rate of 1 point per minute. Those rendered unconscious
remain so for 1 hour + 4d10 minutes.


Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch

Pump Shotgun: The design of this simple, reliable and

brutal weapon hasnt changed much in hundreds of
years. It was widely used as a civilian home defense
weapon, and one of the few allowed to common peoples of earlier times. Because of its popularity, reliability and toughness, a great many have survived into the
post apocalyptic era. Most versions hold 8 shells, but a
police version exists, found 6% of the time, which holds
10 shells.

Useful Tables
Weapon Classifications

any tool-using creatures and typical humans employ weapons of one sort or
another, and while an adventure supplement
or listing may give a specific armament for a
species or group, the following tables provide
a random selection for quick determination.
GMs can use these tables as a guide or create their own codes. All weapon codes start
with the prefix WC- to denote it differently
from any other of the many reference codes
used in the Outland Game System.




Primitive WC-P
Standard Street WC-SS

Club, javelin, flint axe

Sword, axe, bottle, chain, staff or club

Laborer WC-LA
Standard Military
Elite Military
Standard Concealed
Relic Concealed

Primitive* ( WC-P)
Javelins, d4
Bow & club
Sling & club
Bow & axe
Spear & club
*plus dagger

d10 Standard Street* (WC-SS)

1-4. Machete
5. Hatchet

Roll d8 plus crossbow
Roll d8 plus bow
*plus knife

Axe, pitchfork, shovel, chain, club


Bows, axes, sword, spear

Crossbows, rapier, poleaxe
Knife, dagger, sling


Poisoned dagger, needles


Auto pistol, sub-machine gun, dart pistol

Assault rifles or shotguns


Laborer* (WC-LA)
Hammer (DMG d8)
Shovel (DMG d10**)
Crowbar (DMG d10 or +2 SV/ DMG d10+3**)
Sickle (DMG d8)
Scythe (DMG 2d8)
*plus knife
** Two handed use

Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch


Standard Military* (WC-SM)

Long sword
Battle axe
Battle axe
Bow & sword (no shield)
Sword & javelin
Sword & spear


Elite Military* (EM)

Greatsword & bow
Longbow & machete
Crossbow & saber
Heavy crossbow & machete
Machete & musket with
30+3d6 rounds
Machete & musket pistol
with 30+2d6 rounds


Relic Concealed (WC-RC)

Auto pistol with 3d6 pistol rounds
Pump shotgun with folding stock & 2d8 shells
d4 Fragmentation grenades
Stun pistol with 2d12 shots remaining

Standard Concealed (WC-SC)


Sling & knife
Dagger & sling

*plus dagger and no shield

*plus knife





Relic (WC-R)


Assault rifle with 2d20 rifle rounds

Pump shotgun with 2d6 shells
d3 Fragmentation grenades

Dagger coated with type A, death poison

Dagger coated with type B, death poison
Needle ring coated with type C, sleep poison
d4 knives coated in type A, death poison
Fold out double crossbow
Food & drink type B, sleep poison
Musket pistol & 10+2d6 rounds

Possessions Carried Classifications

Approximate conversions
2.5 centimeters (cm) = 1 inch
30cm = 1 foot
1 meter (m) = 3 feet
1.6 kilometers (km) = 1 mile
1000m = 1 km = 0.62 miles
2.8 grams(g) = 1 ounce
0.45 kilograms (kg) = 1 pound
0.9 metric tonnes = 1 imperial ton

boiling points: Fahrenheit 212 Celsius 100
freezing points: Fahrenheit 32 Celsius 0
convert to celsius: Fahrenheit temperature
minus 32 x 5 divide by 9= Celsius

Unconventional Concealed* (WC-UC)


*plus a regular knife

Metric Conversion Table

28 millilitres (ml) = 1 fluid ounce
0.57 Litres (L)= 1 pint
1.14 Litres = 1 quart
4.5 litres = 1 gallon
0.03 cubic meters (m3) = 1 cubic foot


Possessions Carried


Very Poor
Very Wealthy
Advanced Adventurer
Primitive Trophy


any humanoid creatures, as well as all typical humans,

carry some sort of personal wealth with them, and for
most of these beings, what they carry represents all their
worldly wealth. While many pre-written adventures state what
a person is carrying, many on the fly or random encounters
dont, and for the busy GM, the following possessions carried
classification tables greatly speed up the process of establishing what somebody has on them when robbed or looted.
The code prefix VC usually proceeds a valuables classification
code, as in VC-A or VC-EX, etc.

Currency Note: 10 silver coins = 1 gold coin

The Mutant Epoch


Very Poor (VP)


A dead rat, saved for dinner

Lucky rabbits foot
Silver pieces d3
Silver pieces d6
Silver pieces d10
Plastic bits d20sp worth
Semi-precious gem worth d20sp
Stone jewelry item worth d20sp


Poor (P)


Plastic scrap worth d6sp

Silver pieces d12
Silver pieces d20
Silver pieces 2d20
Silver pieces d100
Gold coins d6
Small gem worth 2d20sp
Plastic bits worth 2d20sp


Moderate (M)


Silver pieces 2d20

Silver pieces d100
Gold coins d10
Tiny gems, d6 worth d100sp ea.
Furs, d6 each worth d100sp
Plastic bits worth d100sp


Well-Off (WO)


As moderate rolled twice

Silver pieces 100-600
Gold coins d20
Coins: d20 gold, d100 silver
Gems d6 worth 100+d100sp ea.
Plastic items worth 2d100sp


Wealthy (W)


As well-off rolled twice

Gold coins d100
Coins: d100 gold, d1000 silver
d6 gems, d6 jewelry worth


200+d100sp ea.
As very wealthy rolled once

Quick Start Rules

d20 Adventurer (A)




Very Wealthy (VW)

Coins: 2d100 gold, d1000 silver
Gold coins 3d100
2d4 gems, d6 jewelry worth


300+2d100sp ea.


As wealthy rolled twice



Advanced Adventurer (AA)


dl00 gold coins, d1000 silvers

d20 gems and d12 jewelry items



worth 400+3d100sp ea.

1000-6000 silver pieces
Plastic items worth 1000-8000sp
Gold and silver nuggets worth 10008000sp
Roll 3 times on classification (A)

1 empty relic weapon from

classification (WR)
d1000 silver pieces
Plastic items worth 2d1000sp
Furs, tusks, pear Is worth 3d1000sp
2d6 Gold nuggets worth d100gp
Full power cell
3d6 rifle rounds
2d6 shotgun shells
3d6 pistol rounds
Re-roll twice, using d12

d20 Primitive Trophy (PT)


d20 gold coins

d100 silver pieces
d12 gems worth 100+d100sp ea.
d6 jewelry worth 200+2d100sp ea.


Tusk necklace worth 2d10sp

Fine Fur cape worth 4d10sp
Scalps, human, worth nothing
Gold nugget necklace worth 3d100sp
Glass bead bracelet worth 2d6sp
Bone dice in pouch, worth d4sp
Jade Knife, functional, worth
Shrunken Head, worth 2d8sp
Gemstone necklace worth
Diamond on neck string, worth
Dried human body bits, (ears, fingers,
penis, teeth) worthless
Narcotic: gebrull joy beans, 2d4,
100sp ea., see narcotics and alcohol
on page 124 (TME Hub Rules).
Narcotic: kicker berries, 3d20, 10sp
ea., see narcotics and alcohol, on
page 124 (TME Hub Rules)
Mini power cell, full, worn on necklace
Power cell, full, worn on necklace
Standard rifle rounds, 3d6 tied on
Fragmentation grenade, worn on
Fruit alcohol, in skin, d3 liters, worth
Rare feathers in headdress, worth
Hell-cougar pelt, worth 1600sp


Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch

Treasure Table TME-HUB-1


Roll d100

Childs scooter, operational, bright pink, +3 movement rate on flat ground for
child-sized riders, +6m move downhill, no bonus going up hill, worth 80+d20sp
Childs plastic bucket with handle, worth 10+d10sp
Baby stroller, bright blue and steel, folds up and in good condition,
worth 30+d20sp
Wood axe with bright yellow composite plastic handle, +2 SV, +2 DMG
otherwise normal hatchet, worth 70+2d20sp
Nylon bag of 12 tough plastic tent pegs, yellow, worth 20+d20sp
Childs bright pink flip flop sandals worth 10+d6sp
Folding nylon and steel camp chair, US flag pattern worth 90+d100sp
Plastic doggy bowl, large 4L, purple, worth 6+d6sp
Nylon dog leash, 2m green, worth 7+d8sp
Aquarium net, 10cm opening, 20cm long, blue, worth 5+d6sp
Clip on flashlight for baseball style cap, range 10m drained, uses 1 pill
power cell, worth 50+2d20sp
Flask, stainless steel, max cap. 300ml, holds 3d100ml scotch worth 30+d20sp
Life-size, flexible plastic adult doll, female, appearance score 60+d20,
worth 100+d100sp. Not a robot. Non-responsive. Pose-able, will accept
a mini-power cell to make life-like noises, heats up and vibrates
Nylon 4 person dome tent, blue, fiberglass poles, water and bug proof,
worth 30+d100sp
Plastic wine glass, worth 4+d4sp
Plastic wash basin, 40cm diameter, yellow, worth 5+d6sp
Toaster, white, plug-in style worth 50+d20sp
Small, cartoonish toy horse, pale blue with pink mane, worth 12+d20sp
Blow dryer, black, plug-in or accepts mini-power cell for 10 hours of use,
black, worth 40+d20sp
Toy, automatic pistol, has removable orange tip, worth 12+d20sp
Nylon duffle bag, black, 60cm long, holds 50kg, worth 70+d20sp
Hard plastic suitcase, brown, 40cm long, holds 40kg, worth 50+d20sp
Plastic lawn chair, tan, bulky, 2kg, 20+d10sp
Plastic toy dinosaur, T-Rex, 12cm tall, worth 18+d20sp
Baby teething ring set, many colors, plastic, worth 20+d20sp
Fake flowers, six daisies, worth 24+d12sp
Childs toy ring, silver plastic with huge fake purple gem, worth
Nylon shotgun shell holder, 5 shell capacity, slips onto but stock of shotgun,
worth 20+d20sp
Wrap around black sunglasses in case, like new, 30+d20sp
Childs toy piano, 1kg, red, 12 keys, actually works, worth 35+d20sp
Bright red plastic clown nose, worth 4+d4sp
Nylon afro costume wig, black, worth 7+d8sp
Plastic sign, 10cm wide by 20cm tall, Mens Washroom plus man symbol,
worth 4+d6sp
Plastic travel mug, thermal, red, for 12oz coffee or tea, worth 12+d20sp
Alloy scuba knife in bright green plastic sheath, floats, +1 SV, +1 dmg knife,
worth 50 +d100sp
Silver cross on fine chain, worth 100+d100sp
Plastic Samurai sword, cheap, sheath, looks fake only when drawn,
worth 6+d6sp
Bag of dark green army men, 7cm tall, quantity 3d6 each worth 2sp
Bag of plastic spoons, white, 100 count, worth 30+d20sp
Bright blue nylon gift wrap, 1m wide by 6m long, worth 20+d20sp
Nylon body suit, womans medium, zipper crotch, black, worth
Plastic box containing 24 oil pastels, like new, worth 30+d20sp
Music mini disc collection of all Elvis, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, and other
1950s and 1960s hits, 100 albums worth 200+2d100sp
Nylon military action figure, 15cm tall, holding assault rifle, wearing body
armor, worth 30+d20sp
Plastic school binder, zippered with pockets, red, worth 10+d12sp
Soapstone sculpture of weasel, 10kg, worth 40+2d20sp.
Bronze statue, 30cm tall, of bearded man nailed to a cross, worth
Backpack-carried water purification pump and filter set, worth
Box of plastic straws, assorted colors, 200 count, worth 20+d12sp
Scuba fins, tethered together as set with price tag still attached, blue,
mens, +4m swimming movement rate, worth 40+2d20sp
Snorkel and diving mask, yellow, worth 30+d100sp
Blow-up, 1 man plastic boat (dinghy) clear, 5kg, worth 100 +d100sp
Blow-up 2 person air mattress, gray, worth 30+d20sp



Toy military helicopter, US Army, 10cm long, worth 18+d8sp

Puzzle cube, multi-colored worth 15 +d20sp
Dark green plastic garden hose, 10m long, no holes, worth 40+d20sp
Fold-out book light, silver, needs pill power cell for 72 hours continuous
use, worth 100+2d20sp
58. Hot pink, womans purse with strap, worth 10+d20sp
59. Pair of womans knee high fashion boots, red, nylon, worth 30+d20sp
60. Policemans truncheon, nylon, club +1 SV, +1 DMG, worth 70+d100sp
61. Hand crank light (10m range) with radio receiver, yellow, worth 200+3d100sp
62. BB rifle, single pump, 20m range, SV +3, rate 1, DMG d4, found loaded
with 2d100 steel BBs (max capacity 300 BBs), worth 300+2d100sp
63. Solar powered electric desk fan, with 6m cord between solar array and fan.
Will hold charge after sunset for 6 hours use, worth 100+d100sp.
64. Magnet with sunflower decoration, worth 2+d6sp
65. Plastic mixing bowl, white, 2L, spout, rubber grip bottom, worth 5+d6sp
66. Ceramic piggy bank, baby blue swine, worth 11+d8sp
67. Small, fake, tropical plant, 50cm tall, 3kg, worth 20+d20sp
68. Plastic jewelry box, pink, wind-up ballerina, mirror, worth 70+d100sp
69. Plastic toilet plunger, black, worth 6+d6sp
70. Clear plastic aquarium tubing, 2d6m, worth 10sp per meter
71. Bright hunter orange nylon ski-mask toque, worth 6+d8sp
72. Dayglow lime green rain poncho in bag, worth 12+d12sp
73. Plastic pancake flipper, blue, worth 3+d8sp
74. Elvis deity bust sculpture, resin plastic, faded paint, worth 50+d100sp
75. Plastic Baseball cap, trucker style, camo print worth 14+d20sp
76. Stainless steel, 500ml alcohol flask, empty worth 25+d20sp
77. Plastic pill bottle, 3d6 mild painkiller tablets inside, altogether worth 10+d10sp
78. Toothbrush, like new, purple, worth 5+d6sp
79. Ski goggles, black with lime green details and strap, worth 30+2d20sp
80. Alloy hub cap, can be made into buckler style shied (with -1 DV extra bonus)
worth 30+d20sp
81. Umbrella, black fabric, plastic handle, compact folding style, 500g, worth
82. Red tail reflector off vehicle, 10cm x 4cm, worth 6+d6sp
83. Nylon hammock, US flag print, plus tree line cords, 3kg, bulky, in case,
worth 60+2d20sp
84. Roll of plastic food wrap, 12m long x 30cm wide, clear, worth 14+d20sp
85. Electric flyswatter, mini power cell drained, auto kills insects, spiders, etc.,
if under 5 END undamaged trait value, +5 SV, worth 70+d100sp
86. Box of 3d6 glow in the dark stars with peel and stick backings, each worth 2+d6sp
87. Golf ball, worth 1+d4sp
88. Desk flag, worth 10+d20sp 20cm tall flag pole, 15cm long flag, faded, roll
for version, d6: 1. Canada/2. California/3. Mexico/4. Australia/ 5. UK/ 6.
EU/ 6. Japan/ 8. China/ 9-12. USA
89. Plastic sign, Open other side Closed, please come again, worth 3+d4sp
90. Gun magazine in plastic wrapper, worth 5+d20sp
91. Pair of reading glasses, mens, black frame, x4 magnification
worth 30+d20sp
92. Stainless steel water bottle with flip lid and strap, 1L, worth 18+3d6sp
93. Pair of mens waterproof boots, yellow, worth 10+d20sp
94. Large scented candle, simulated cinnamon smell, red, worth 3+d6sp,
burns for 12 hours
95. Pack of sandalwood scented incense, 24 sticks, pack worth 10+2d10sp
96. Plastic wallet, black, full of an ancient persons ID, credit cards, and 3d100
dollars in US cash, wallet value 15+d8sp
97. Glow in the dark plastic toy bat, 20cm wingspan, worth 3+d6sp
98. Solar powered calculator in case, worth 100+d100sp
99. Solar powered radio with antenna charge lasts 48 hours, receives
broadcasts only, cant send, worth 200+2d100sp
100. Cleaning kit for pistols, rifles, and shotguns, like new with swabs, oil and
rods, worth 200+d100sp

The Mutant Epoch


Quick Start Rules



The Mutant Epoch


Quick Start Rules




Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch

The Mutant Epoch


R o l e

P l a y i n g

G a m e


Game Master:

Character Type:

Date Rolled:

Generation System:

Pre-Play Caste:

Rank :

Experience Factors:

PC's Faction:
Healing Rate


DMG Mod:

Range Mod:

SV Mod:






Agility Mod:
Armor Worn:
Helmet Worn:
Shield Used:
Dodge Skill?:
Other Skill?:
Other Mods:

MV Mod:



Defense Value:

Base Strike Value:

Movement Rate: Base:

Attack Mode


portrait or Insignia


Rate Range



Ammo or Uses

Skill Adds
pts. SV Mod. DMG

Mutations, Implants & Skills

Sexual Orientation:
kg Height:
Skin Color:
Other Features:
Swimming Ability:
Read & Write?:
Do Math?:
Languages Spoken:
Diseases or Parasites?:
Radiation Exposure:

w w w. m u t a n t e p o c h . c o m


Starting Pack Code:


Days Rations:

Liters Water:

Bounty on PC's Head?:

Valuables Carried:

Official character sheet TME-vertical-1b

Characters history, non-carried possessions, property, slaves, pets, list of vanquished foes, etc. on back....

The Mutant Epoch

Quick Start Rules



The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules


An excerpt from the Crossroads Region Gazetteer

Faction: The Lower Freehold

Government: Ruled by a hereditary council: The Directors.
Population: Total 503 to 633/ (Pure Stocks 250+2d20/
Mutants 190+2d20 and 30+d20 Ghost mutants/ Cyborgs 12+d12/ Synthetic humans 11+2d8/other 2d6)

Site Details: Sandbarra gets its name from its location,

a long strip of sand out in the wide estuary of Barter River,
which at this point in its journey to the sea has become a
wide river. The sandbar exists due to a series of ruined concrete and steel supports which jut up from the river like the
lower jaw of some enormous beast.

Construction: Sandbarra is built on the ancient concrete

ruins of some unidentified ancient structure, possibly the

stump of a great skyscraper. Wooden pylons and scrap girders have been pounded into the sand, lashed to cross braces
and fixed to the old cement and steel supports, and upon this
framework a mighty and impressive fortress town has been
raised. The homes within the walled community are of scrap,
drift wood and mud tiles, with an emphasis on fireproof materials and sheathing used on all structures near the edges
of town. Within the town is a vast dock, also strapped to the
ancient beams, and protected by wooden palisades, spikes,
and enclosed archer huts.

A narrow bridge made of flimsy wood and rope is the only
access to the southern shore, as most of the locals use canoes,
rafts and rowboats to travel to and from the town. This bridge
can only take 500kg of weight before it collapses, and if the town
is attacked from this side, reserves of dried reeds and twigs are
bundled along the underside of the bridge and ignited by defending archers using flaming arrows, which will destroy the bridge
within 3d6 minutes, leaving only steel pylons behind.

On the southern shore, where for a hundred years Sandbarras day farmers have grown excellent crops and grazed
their cattle, now sit patches of farmland. These acreages
have been sold to individuals and peaceful religious groups



who while lacking Sandbarras direct protection, do fall under

the care of the Rangers, who patrol the homesteads by day
and stay at various farm houses by night, fighting off predators and humanoid raiders as needed. It is the plan of the
board of directors to expand Sandbarra across Barter River
and make a large, walled agricultural perimeter in that area,
thus expanding the population of the place and better ensuring their survival. Anyone approved by the board can buy a
100 by 100m of farmland for 2000sp, with a yearly property
tax to Sandbarra of 40sp. Buyers are expected to build their
own fortress-homestead, and actively utilize the land for crop
growing, plus, muster to the defense of Sandbarra if the fortress comes under attack.

Water and Sanitation:

Barter River provides adequate

drinking water, while all sewage is dropped through holes in
the town deck and allowed to flow out to the sea.


The nearby Overgrown Ruins have endured

generations of scavengers and excavators who have pillaged
the foliage covered troves, and through various means, the
relics have entered Sandbarra and stayed. Mainly, Sandbarra depends on a water turbine which produces its modest
electricity needs, providing power to a single medium laser
cannon, and three spotlights mounted high up on the settlements peaks. There are several communicators here, both
owned by the directors, their military chief, as well as the
leader of the local Southern Rangers. A radio tower and satellite dish are also attached to the highest concrete protrusion,
allowing the directors to listen to radio shows and broadcasts
from far off lands. It is said that the satellite dish sends and
receives transmissions between the Lower Freehold and the
Northern Freehold office in Overpass, allowing the coordination of anti-Aberrationist or anti-Purist operations.

Also attached to the towns tallest ancient ruin is a transmitter beacon, connected to a small broadcast setup within
the Directors Headquarter Building. Here, Radio Freehold
is transmitted throughout the region, and anybody with a
transistor radio or other receiver can tune in and catch a mix
of poorly recorded local music, old world tunes, as well as the
intermittent propaganda by the Southern Rangers who operate the station.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Dangers: While Purist attack is possible, and has occurred

from time to time, the real threat to the continued habitation of Sandbarra is the constant Aberrationist pressure from
the north side of Barter River. Mutant Supremacists have
launched repeated raids and full out attacks on Sandbarra,
but have so far been repelled by the tenacious, well fortified
inhabitants and the notorious, devastating power of the laser
cannon, nicknamed The Mauler by the Sandbarrians.

The area of land directly across the creek is occupied by
the Dominion, but, often taken from them by Southern Rangers and militia, or else by the Wadango nation of reptilius.
These green reptilius also take their toll on the people of
Sandbarra, killing and eating travelers, fishermen and shorefarmers whenever they can, and occasionally making forays
up and over the town walls and into the streets to butcher
and drag off the unwary. To deal with this constant peril, the
directors of town offer a 5sp per reptilius head bounty.

Law Enforcement: By Freehold Militia and Southern Rang-

ers. The punishment of non-violent criminals is often forced

labor and fine payments, while those convicted of being enemy spies, rapists, or the perpetrator of an attempted murder
or actual murder, are tied by their feet and dragged downstream of town, where a rather large mutant alligator, Butch
and its kin wait to devour the condemned. Often, Butch can
be seen sunning himself on the extreme western edge of the
sandbar, and he is protected by the authorities, and all newcomers are warned not to swim in the waters around town
nor to annoy or in any way harm the great beast, who is considered the towns mascot and good luck.

Military and Defense:

The Sandbarra militia consists of

40+d10 pure stock and 34+d10 mutants with one minor mutation each, (GM: consider mutations cosmetic only for game
purposes unless dealing with individual militia personal). There
is also a detachment of 12+2d6 Southern Rangers dwelling in
their garrison. If the town is attacked, the rest of the population,
commoners and slaves for the most part, will arm themselves
with bows and daggers and man the walls, knowing that either
the Purist or Aberrationist human factions, or the reptilius, will
massacre the townsfolk if they are conquered by these enemies. If the town seems doomed, the people will try to escape
via boats and rafts, during the night, heading downstream to
the tainted sea and along the coast to Memory, or else, if the attackers occupy the river, they will escape to the southern shore
and flee down the Steppe Road to Sorrow or Steel Hill.

The main defenses employed by the town, besides the
mutant alligators which inhabit this stretch of river, are 4 catapults, 4 heavy ballista, and their primary weapon, The Mauler a medium laser cannon which is mounted on a steel plated
platform affixed to the tallest concrete ruin. This cannon is on
a track, which carries its crew in a 360 degree rotation of the
turret, allowing the weapon to either be fired at any attacker,
or be swung around to the far side of the massive concrete pillar to protect it from enemy fire (SV +40/ rate 1/ DMG 3d100,
range 53km/ 1 crew/ 30 shots per power cell). Because the
gun is enclosed and hidden when not in actual use, it is difficult for enemies to fire on the weapon and determine if they
hit it and its crew or not. On several occasions, Aberrationist
commandoes have tried to take out the cannon with rocket
launchers and other projectiles, but while damaging the steel
plating of the turret, they have never successfully damaged
the gun or its crew. This gun turret is always well guarded by
5 militia soldiers, so too, the base of the tower is joined to the



main Southern Ranger garrison, who observe whoever is approaching the steel and stick staircase going up to the various
outcrops, decks and balconies on the great slab.

The directors of the town are usually well known merchants or community leaders (treat as commoners for stats),
and while they lack any sort of military skills, they are each
armed with a relic weapon (WC-RC) and a communicator, wear
tactical armor during war times, and are well respected, able
to muster the populace to defend their town to the death.

Finally, visiting excavators, many of which make Sandbarra a regular stop before undertaking their arduous journey
through Twisted Wood on their way to Overpass, are known to
add their strengths, mutations and firepower to the defense
of the town. These travelling dig teams often act as elite
squads to make nighttime raids on enemy encampments, or
go on the ever popular lizard hunts in the swamp to the east,
collecting reptilius heads for both bounty and sport.

Visitors to Sandbarra: Like all towns in the Lower Freehold,

the big concern for the gatekeepers is whether or not a group

of travelers is from an enemy faction, part of a pirate sabotage
unit, or possibly a pack of murderous thugs. The gates are a
single door, plated in steel with a few gun barrel hatches in it.
From these holes the militia troopers will observe approaching strangers, conduct interviews and outline the terms of entrance. Groups of all mutants or all pure stocks will be told to
leave, get away from their bridge and not come back under penalty of death, as these groups will be seen as enemy agents.

If, however, a group arrives that has a mix of races, with
some pure stocks, maybe a cyborg, bestial human, or plantoid or two, one or more visible mutants, or ghost mutants
able to prove their powers, then the whole group will be admitted, pending payment of the entrance fee of 1sp. The regulations are fairly straight forward, stating limitations on what
one can carry about in town, especially into the pub. The rules
state that nobody can carry around a chain gun, rocket or grenade launcher, no flame units, grenades, land mines, or larger
weapons, while no solider robots or larger machines can leave
the visitors room. Cyborgs with restricted weapon implants
must likewise stay in their rooms, while carnivorous pets must
be muzzled and leashed at all times, or kept in their masters
room. Vehicles and animal mounts are to be kept in the stables, at a cost of 5sp per night, with the owner responsible for
posting a guard on such devices. If the town comes under attack, it is the obligation of all guests to arm themselves as fully
as possible, even with restricted weapons, and make for the
walls and report to any militia soldier or Ranger for orders. Finally, the guards will make it clear that Sandbarra is a law abiding town. There is no dueling nor brawling allowed anyplace,
no swearing around women and children, and no sex act to be
performed with companions, locals or even hookers while outside of a private room or household.

Brief History:

Sandbarra has been populated by humans

since the cataclysm, or at least shortly thereafter. Nobody actually recorded the date when it was first settled, but what is
known is that building occurred when the tidal waves and great
flooding had ceased, when the sea began receding, and the
majority of the nearby old world culture had been eradicated.
Back then, as is still true today, fishing at the mouth of Barter
River has always been exceptional, if not dangerous due to the
predators. Nearby, on the southern shore, a wide assortment
of crops could be raised, and because the area was open, the
agricultural lands could be protected by ballista fire, managing
to keep raiding herbivores out, or on the menu.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

In the year 2283, the ruling family, not much more than
a gang of thugs, were finally driven from power and impaled
on the highest iron bars of the concrete ruin. From that day
onward an elected council of Directors had been appointed
by the people. This directorship always hired a Chief Officer,
who directed the towns defenses during troubled times, and
many tests arose during the following decades.

In 2295, the Purist nation was gathering steam and
sweeping over the villages that once dotted the vicinity. The
pure stock army swept down from Twisted Wood, devastating
the independent settlements one by one until being stopped
cold in their tracks against the imposing, strange looking walls
of Sandbarra. At that time, The Mauler had not yet been gifted
to the town, and so, the low tech defenders were hard pressed
to throw back successive waves of Purist attackers. Only when
mutant irregulars from the north west seized the poorly defended Purist camp, killing all whom they found there, did the Purist
force retreat. Within weeks, the mutants of the north demanded
that Sandbarra surrender to their warlord. Refusing, knowing
that the pure stocks within the town would be mutilated, the
townspeople stalled the Aberrationist envoy, seeking help from
a powerful team of grave robbers called the Murrr Group, who
held a small fortified camp near Silver Lake. The Murr group
was given a house, full citizenship and two seats on the board
of directors in return for leasing an as yet un-powered, laser cannon to the citizens. Once hooked to the water wheel turbine,
this powerful beam cannon was put into use on the morning
of August 16th 2296, when the Aberrationist hoards began to
cross Barter River in shoddy rafts. The beam cannon obliterated
the command raft, killing the enemy warlord and his elite monstrosities, and threw the whole invasion into chaos. Since that
time, repeated attacks by the Purists and Aberrationists have
restricted Sandbarra from growing beyond the confines of the
ancient ruin they inhabit, however, recent developments and
homesteads have been initiated on the southern shore. Here,
farmland is being sold to brave, self reliant families and clans,
as well as non-racially aligned, non-biased religious orders.



Social Details:

Sandbarra is the most conservative of the

Lower Freehold towns, having little patience for rough housing,
drunkenness, whoring, dueling or even swearing. The authorities are trying to promote the settlement and southern farming
initiative as a prosperous, friendly place, which welcomes trade
and settlers. The common people are friendly to those theyve
seen around for awhile, but are intolerant toward rudeness, bullies and crime of any sort. Visitors who break the law will find no
help from the citizens, and will be dragged before the Board of
Directors for a swift trial and immediate punishment.

They are as conservative in costume as they are in behavior and belief, with the men wearing oiled hides and unadorned
wide brimmed hats, the women in wool and fur shawls, with
their shirts buttoned up to their necks. The few prostitutes who
do work the pub are from other towns, and while they may be
as professional and experimental as the whores in Steel Hill,
they do not flaunt themselves as immodestly as others, nor
work the streets. Even in the Pub, these floozies are far less
aggressive in their attempts to drum up business, and wear
clothing that exposes very little cleavage or leg.

Resources and Industry:

The gathering of food for local consumption, as in most small towns, is the key activity in Sandbarra. However, the export of fine ale, salted fish and a surprising
amount of grain are also important income generators. While
excavators do come here on their way to and from Overpass,
they dont often stay long as the ruins to the south and west
are better reached via Memory, Sea Home or Sorrow, so too the
morally restrictive ethics in Sandbarra make the place unfitting
for diggers to spend their new found wealth, set up permanent
residence, or celebrate with vigor and lust.

Accommodations: Due to the many traders and excavators

passing through this town, a modest hotel called Raftmans

Inn has been established. These lodgings sit above a small
bar called simply Rafters Pub. There are no bath houses

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

nor brothels in town, however, one can hire the hotel staff to
run a private bath in a room behind the kitchen, for a exorbitant cost of 5sp.

There is a stable in which horses and other mounts can
be kept for 3sp per night, or 10sp for small vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs, tracked robots, etc. The stable is guarded by
d4 commoner men with crossbows and hatchets, but they
claim no responsibility for lost or damaged animals or units
inside. Travelers are welcome to post their own guards within
the stable, which can sleep on a stack of hay if they like.

Longboats from the towns of Memory and Sea Home,
even as far away as Rusted Hulk, often come here to trade,
and travelers can buy passage to these other locals.
There is a 2 in 6 chance
per day of a long boat,
heading to d6: 1-3. Memory, 4sp per person or
mount / 4,5. Sea Home,
6sp per person or mount
/6. Rusted Hulk, 8sp per
person, no mounts allowed.

Additionally, there are
a few lone hunters, treat as
savages, using heavy crossbows, who hunt reptilius for
their 5sp head-bounty, or
other valuable fur or skin
bearing creatures, who for
a cost of 10sp per day, or
40sp overnight, will guide
adventurers deep into Bitter
Bog to kill the lizard men.
Many of these savages have
hidden shacks within the
bog, usually built high up in
trees and practically undetectable to all but the most
experienced eyes. These
savage guides will often provide shelter for their guests
within these tree forts, and
enjoy hearing of the outside
world, trading, and possibly
forming alliances for future
times of need.

For the Excavator: What

the characters know
about Sandbarra: On

the one hand, the place

doesnt offer any excitement, other than the possibility of being hemmed in by an
enemy siege for half a year, since the constant threat of
attack by the damn Purists or the freakoid Aberrationist
fascists is very real.
Ah, but friends, spending time inside the town is
safe but boring. You cant brawl or cant get drunk in the
streets and you sure as hell cant go making eyes at the local women. Sure there are some unremarkable whores, but
phew, they aint much too boast about. Hell no.
Sandbarra is just a stop over for people of your
caste, a safe place away from the reptilius, which seem to



be everywhere in them God damned, stinky, worm infested

swamps these days. Oh, but dont forget there is a five silver coin reward per head on them lizard folk.
Where was I? Oh yes. Sandbarra is a good spot to
spend the night, maybe heal up, and have few rounds of
their excellent ale, then get back on the road south to Sorrow or wherever the hell you are going. There is a one silver entrance fee, and they have this huge bloody pet mutant alligator that lives right on the edge of the sand bar,
and they feed the criminals to it, so dont break the damn
laws, okay?

For the Game Master:

Sandbarra presents an excellent stop over for a character group that may have
had to fight its way through
the twisted Woods, and
while it is not a crime ridden place, there is the danger of being involved in a
siege, since both the Purist
and Aberrationist forces lay
claim to this parcel of land,
not to mention the hordes
of Wadango reptilius who
are always watching the fortress for some weakness, or
opportunity to pursue and
devour weak travelers.
Many adventure teams
must stop here for one reason or another, and so it
is a natural meeting place
for characters who become
separated from each other.
A common phrase is If we
get separated, meet me at
the Rafters meaning, either be at the Rafters Pub
every night thereafter, in
person, or leave word with
the bartender that I am
okay and linger in Sandbarra until I can join you.

Unique Encounters

Note: Always re-roll duplicated dice results.

Daytime Street Encounters: There will be com-

moners about, numbering d6 -2 (0 to 4) men, d6-3 (0 to

3) women d6 -3 (0 to 3) teens, and d6 -1 children. There
is a 1 in 6 chance of d4 militia soldiers watching the PCs
from the nearest wall. A 2 in 10 chance of a unique encounter per passage from the following list, d6:
1. A nomadic trader, wearing torn up scrap relic armor, a

bloody bandage on his head and obviously favoring a leg,

limps up to the characters, smiling and extending his hand.
Good day, brave ones, my name is Rufus, Im a wholesaler
of pelts, plastic and arrow heads. I was directed to you by the
local militia. Anyhow, I was wondering if I might travel with you
to another town, any town really, where I can hawk the rest

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

of my wares. You see, while coming here, the lizard things
got after me and my guards and well, I am the only one of
us what have survived. I will give you each a fine plastic pendant. If the characters take him along, he will give them a bit
of plastic on a string each, worth 2d6 sp, but he never shuts
up the whole journey.
2. A Southern Ranger passes the characters, gives them a
friendly nod and then turns around. Excuse me, outlanders,
may I ask if you are looking for a meaningful path? You know,
we Rangers are always looking for fit, independent sorts to
defend this hard pressed but noble land. Why not go to Steel
Hill and look into the benefits of joining. No obligation. Tell
them Harmoth sent you.
3. d4 scavengers pass the characters, carrying a pole each,
on which dangle the heads of d3 Reptilius on each pole. The
PCs notice people nearby clapping, giving the dirty loners the
thumbs up and nodding with approval. Hey, strangers, one
scav cheerfully calls to the characters. Five silvers per head,
it aint bad pay considering these things come looking for us
anyhow, and some of em carry their own loot as well. Why
not buy a canoe and try your luck bounty hunting reptos in
the bog?
4. An alarm bell rings out from someplace high above, possibly from the main concrete slab. People stop whatever they
are doing and run into the street, looking up at the great,
structure encrusted monolith. Whats going on? Asks a
nearby trader, leading his ponies toward the gates. Trouble,
mutters an old fisherman, shaking his head. Within a few
minutes, a squad of militia soldiers enter the streets, marching purposefully passed, the trader calls after them. Whats
the matter? Where are you going?

One soldier turns and says. Weve just received radio
confirmation from our scouts that Aberrationist forces have
been seen on the far side of Barter River heading this way.
We are locking the town down. Anybody who wants to get out
before we shut the town and dismantle the bridge has about
fifteen minutes to pack up and get the hell out. If you stay,
you could be here for a week or two, and are obligated to join
in the defense of the town! If the characters elect to leave,
they can either go by boat if they arrived that way, or can
join the other panic stricken visitors and traverse the rickety
bridge and head south on the Steppe Road.

There will be d6 nomadic traders on ponies, 3d6 commoner families, a 30% chance of a bounty hunter and his
d6+2 raider guards, all on horseback, a 17% chance of a slaver and his d6+2 militia solider guards, all on horseback with
4d6 slaves on foot in chains, moving only 3m per round, plus
d6 scavengers, d6 savage men, and d6 prostitutes. This odd
collection of refugees stick together for mutual protection,
but have no sense of being quiet or keeping their fires concealed at night. Camping and traveling with them will mean
double the number of encounter checks, although in such
great numbers, these people will be safe from most foes.

If the characters stay in town, the gates will be locked up
and the bridge dismantled half way up from shore. Each day,
there is a some chance that the lock down ends as the all
clear is given. There is also a chance, however, that an army
of Aberrationists arrives and lays siege to the town. Roll d10
per day: 1-3. False alarm, bridge re-built and you are free
to come and go as before/ 4-9. No sign of trouble, but the
defenders seem edgy and preparations for a siege are ongoing./ 10. Aberrationist irregulars arrive, surrounding the town
on both shores, plus, have longboats fitted with light ballista,
d4 upstream, d4+1 downstream, each filled with mutant militia soldiers (one cosmetic mutation each) On the north shore,



the mutant army of 200+2d100 dig into trenches, use sand

bags and set up 2d4 catapults to commence a bombardment
of the town, while on the south shore, are 100+d100 more
mutant militia, also concealing themselves from The Mauler, which every hour or so fires a few shots and decimates
the enemy, blasting through timber bunkers, the tops of catapults, and occasionally, sinks a longboat.

The siege lasts for 2d6 days, and for each day of the
siege, there is a 1 in 6 chance the walls are stormed by mutants on rafts. If this is the case, there is a 3 in 6 chance that
a group of Aberrationists commence climbing up the characters section of wall and must be thrown back. The walls are 5
meters tall, built of timbers and broken stone, thus fairly easy
to climb, rate 1m per round. There will be 2 mutants per player character, and if they manage to defeat the characters,
or force them to flee, consider that the same tragedy has occurred all over town, and the place is overrun, the populace
slaughtered or enslaved, the characters forced to leap from
the walls into the water and escape to shore.

Aberrationist irregulars are like regular militia, but oddly shaped, abnormally colored, and often hideous to behold,
wearing olive green trousers and vests with a two headed eagle symbol on the front. They use hatchets and round shields,
but in ranged combat use normal bows.
5. 2d6+3 local women, all hard working, no nonsense, serious looking mutants and pure stocks, are busy beating another women in the street, pulling her hair, throwing stones
at her, kicking her and scratching her with their nails. Other
street occupants just give the fray a wide berth and keep to
their own business, quickly leaving the violence behind.

You cheap slut! Screams one woman in particular, who
seems to be doing most of the beating. We should throw
you to Butch, but he might not have you, unlike other males
around here! Come here, you dirty, Steel Hill whore! Youre
time here is over, bitch, how dare you sleep with my husband!
I outa put a knife between your ribs!

If the characters decide to intervene, the other women
step away, but the irate one just shoves at the characters,
manages to kick the bleeding prostitute in the face and then
turn back to the characters. You outland perverts! Get the
hell outa my face before I call the watch! Go! She whips out
a curved knife and gestures it toward the now unconscious
whore. I aint goin to kill the little jezebel, just goin to carve
up her fricken face so she wont tempt no other men!

If the characters make to grapple her as she turns and
kneels down to mutilate the fallen woman, she screams and
fights like a maniac. If the PCs do nothing, she will do as she
says and cut horrendous wounds in the prostitutes face and
body and leave her bleeding in the dusty street. Should the
characters rescue the hooker and take her away from the
irate woman, she later wakes and is exceedingly grateful and
begs the PCs to take her to either Steel Hill, or whichever
other town they are planning to go to next. She says she can
cook and clean and keep the fire going, use a bow and keep
watch at night, whatever it takes to get her out of Sandbarra.
The authorities do nothing about the incident as long as the
irate woman is not seriously harmed.
6. A longboat arrives after coming up the river from the sea
and in so doing causes a great deal of commotion and excitement. Children run passed heading to a trap door area where
a hand cranked cargo crane begins to unload the battered
vessel. You see 3 crewmen and their captain (treated as militia soldiers with crossbows wearing oiled cloaks and relic
sunglasses), emerge and toss hard candy to the gathered
children. Were back! Declares the captain, an older man.
At least for tonight. We set sail for Steel Hill at dawn for any-

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

body who is interested, a cost of 10sp each, but no mounts
as we need the room for the grain and kegs. If the characters are interested, they can sign up and leave at first light.

Nighttime Street Encounters: There will be commoners

about (d6 -3 men, d6 -4 women, d6 -4 teens and no children). There is a 1 in 6 chance that a patrol of 4+d4 militia
soldiers shadow the PCs for 2d6 minutes then drift away.
There is a 3 in 10 chance per passage of a special encounter from the following, d8:
1. Reptilius Raiders! The PCs turn a corner and happen to see
d6+3 of the green lizard men skulking into an alley, dragging
away a limp form. Any other street occupants just arrive, not
seeing what the characters just saw and ignore them. If the
PCs investigate, they enter the alley and see that 3d6m down
the crooked passage, the gathered lizard men begin to crouch
down around their victim and are about to start carving it up
with steel daggers. One notices the characters and the reptos
all leap up. Roll initiative. Once the fighting begins, they hiss
and there is a 2 in 6 chance that this call attracts more of their
kind who have been eating a commoner man further back in
the alley, bringing 2d6 more of the beasts to the fight. The limp
figure, if rescued, is a teenage slave, pulled from his or her
quarters through a back window, and is still alive, but his or her
master is later found dead, thus, the youth now belongs to the
characters who they can set free.
2. d3 Aberrant rats
3. Spider, rubble
4. Lizard, winged slasher
5. Insects, blood flyers, d4 per each PC and street occupant.
6. A lone woman steps out of a shadowy doorway and whispers
to any men in the group, directing most of her sales pitch to the
most attractive male. Pssst, hey, handsome, why dont you join
me for some tea? You can catch up with your friends after sun
up. I assure you that I am courteous, discreet and very affordable
at only 7 silvers for the whole nights warmth. If a character agrees, roll d6: 1-4. The prostitute was a professional lover, a good listener and a great hostess,
even going so far as to feed the character a
fine breakfast, asking him to join her again
the next time he is in town, but, Please, sir,
my profession is not accepted in this town
as in other places, I beg you to not speak
of your time here, especially around the
local women, who are intolerant and ignorant of my caste and the needfulness of
my services./ 5,6. The prostitute is the
favorite of a prominent Sandbarra militia officer, who shows up sometime
after the lovers fall asleep. Having a key, he is not noticed until
standing over the character, in a
furious, jealous rage, drawing his
saber just as the PC wakes. If the
officer is killed, the prostitute insists
they the she and the character will
never get a fair trial, and be fed to
the mutant gator if caught. She begs
the PCs to take her with him, and
head for Steel Hill. On the other hand,
if the officers body is disposed of,
there is only a 2 in 6 chance investigators will track down his last known movements and lead them to the hookers hovel, taking d6 days to accomplish.



7. A group of cloaked men step out of the shadows around the

characters, equal in number to the PCs plus d4, treated as raiders.
If there are no visible mutants in the group, these men draw long
swords and silently attack, attempting to kill the pure stock looking
individuals. During the fighting, the PCs realize the attackers are mutants, and one among them has d3 mutations from the list on page
QSR 15. If there are visible mutants in the PC group, however, this
attack doesnt occur, as these men just watch the characters move
along, but giving any pure stocks and their replicas, nasty looks. If
the characters do have to fight and begin to get the upper hand, the
Aberrationist thugs will flee. It will be revealed in the morning that the
men were locals, but had not lived there long, and are declared Aberrationists spies, their bodies thrown to the gators.
8. There is a clamorous ringing of alarm bells, spot lights turn toward
one side of town, and within a moment, a bright fuchsia beam illuminates the misty sky as the Mauler springs to life, emitting death. A
patrol of 2d6+2 freehold militia soldiers run passed the PCs toward
the commotion. The characters can either stay where they are, or follow the militia to their post. If the PCs stay put, the encounter ends,
and they hear what happened later the next morning.

If however, the characters follow, they can climb up on one of
the stout walls and look over to see a spot light aiming on a now burning cargo barge, blazing figures leaping overboard, while on the walls
around the PCs, archers are firing down upon the lone craft. Incoming! Shouts somebody nearby as a huge black orb strikes very close
by and knocks part of the wall back into town and taking several
screaming militiamen with it. The medium laser cannon far above on
the concrete slab fires again and eliminates the catapult on the deck
of the barge, blasting several more times until the vessel is a mess
of scrap wood, flowing down Barter River, amid gorging alligators, the
unknown attackers trying to get ashore under a hail of arrow fire.

In the morning, the characters learn that Aberrationist soldier
were found dead on the far shore, some sort of probing attack has
clearly been defeated.

Encounters in Rafters Pub: Patrons present: 3d6

commoner men, 2d6 commoner women, d6 modest prostitutes, d6 -2 thugs (treat as raiders), d6
-3 nomadic traders, 1 in 6 chance of d4+1 off
duty militiamen. There is a 2 in 10 chance per
hour of an encounter from the following list,
roll d6:
1. A drunken, pure stock fisherman gets up
from his seat at the bar and staggers over to
the characters. If there are any obvious mutants in the PC
group, he randomly points at one
of them and see
Statement A, below, or, if
there are no mutants, but
only pure stocks and cyborgs,
he selects one of them and
see Statement B:
Statement A: he says I dont care
what they say, just cause you associate with pure bloods, it dont mean you
aint God damn Aberrationist pigs! You are!
Dont deny it! I will never be your slave! Do
you hear me! Huh!? The bar tender comes
over and gently ushers the man away, looking back to you and whispering, Never
mind this old fool, hes a drunk. He wont
remember what he said in a few hours. Have
a drink on the house, okay?

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Statement B: scoffs at you, saying: Look at you, sitting here. I
know what you are, youre Purists aint yeah!? I can always tell, God
damn it! I know you come from them far off Purehold Republics to
the east, where they blend men with machines to fight the Mecha,
but I know your secret, you plan to control all humanity, and kill all the
mutants you can find! Now get the hell outa this bar or I swear Ill get
my axe and cut your fricken head open! Get! The serving girls come
and grab the mans arms and ease him back to a far corner of the bar,
while the bar tender is quick to refill the PCs drinks and apologize.
2. A woman who so far hasnt been either drinking nor serving beverages gets up from her spot at the end of the wooden bar and approaches the PCs, smiling and moving with cat like grace. She rests
her hands on the shoulders of the most attractive male and whispers
into his ear. I am Katarina, concubine to all brave digger men, and I
shall be yours tonight, upstairs in my room, until dawn. The cost of the
room and wine, candles and incense is only 12 silvers for the evening,
what say you? If the character refuses, she only smiles and turns to
the other males in the group and makes more or less the same offer.
3. A nomadic trader and his d3 militia soldier guards are at a nearby
table, picking at their food and looking grim. The trader notices the
characters looking at him and he speaks up. Never mind us... we just
lost our ponies, our cargo and three men to the reptilius fiends. Ah,
we were trying to get around the Aberrationist lines at the bottom of
Twisted Wood, and got kind of turned around someplace and ended
up in the bog. We knew we were in trouble, but just used the sun to
guide us. Guess we surprised them lizards as much as they surprised
us, but they outnumbered us four to one. Our chums are probably
roasting on a spit as we sit here. Take my advice, strangers, and avoid
the swamps at all cost.
4. A fisherman (commoner) enters the bar, excited and loud. Hey,
guess what? I heard them Rangers talking and one says to the other,



he says, Josh, I heard the report from Steel Hill, that a fleet of three
Purist battle barges are moving out towards the open sea, possibly
heading this way. I sure as hell wouldnt be taking no ship to Memory
or anyplace else this week!
5. A serving girl leans over the characters table to collect empty
glasses and plates, and whispers to a random PC. You look like a
nice enough bunch, so I am going to warn you that sometimes Aberrationist killers enter the town in disguise, or make it over the walls.
Also, The reptile people, they are also known to venture into the town
and kill people, so watch yourselves if you must enter the streets by
6. A commoner woman enters the bar and stomps across the room,
grabs another young woman by the hair and slams her head face first
into the table, then lets her fall to the floor. Thats for taking advantage of my husband, you worthless whore! The bar tender leaps over
the bar and grabs the screaming woman, pulling her back from the
bloody nosed prostitute, who had been sitting alone, saying and doing
nothing. If youre not gone by this time tomorrow, yells the commoner woman. I will cut your tongue out and throw the rest of you to the
gator! The belligerent woman is taken out of the place by some local
men who seem to know her. The prostitute gets up and starts for the
stairwell, passing the characters, and collapsing against one of them.
Im okay, she nods, getting up. Sorry, strangers. She pauses suddenly and looks down at the PCs and manages a thin smile. Excuse
me, but are you people heading to Steel Hill or Sorrow in the morning?
Anywhere, really. I need to get out of this fricken little town.
Curious about the Crossroads Region Gazetteer?

Visit www.crossroads region gazetteer web page here

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules



The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Muddy Mayhem


The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Muddy Mayhem


Beginning Adventure for the Mutant Epochs Quick Start Rules

Written and illustrated by William McAusland

Introduction to Muddy Mayhem

The intention with this adventure was to create a short

One Day Dig using just the elements in the Quick Start
Rules book. Clearly I failed. In fact, nearly every adventure I write ends up ballooning with options, side plots,
clashing personalities and random elements, all of which
make the adventure playable again and again with very
different perils and outcomes. Of course, the GM will no
doubt need to accommodate brief side trips and dead
ends, but always try to subtly steer the dig team back to
the prepared adventure.
In short, Muddy Mayhem is about ten times the size I
had planned, but I am very pleased to present it.

Enjoy the adventure,
William McAusland


The characters grew up

together and served at
various professions before
returning home to
the town of Sandbarra in an area
called the Lower
Freehold. Sandbarra is a small
walled community built on a
ruins encrusted
sandbar in
Boss Gus, Employer and debt holder to the characters
Barter River.
It is both a trading outpost and a garrison, serving as a barrier between their people and the Mutant Supremacists to
the north west. The PCs dream of being adventurers, but instead toil as oarsmen to a cantankerous, greedy merchant
called Boss Gus. Pigs are on the deck of their cargo raft as
they push upstream into the swamp to sell their masters
livestock to scattered backwater villages before eventually
docking at distant Steel Hill, the capital of the Lower Freehold. The route is arduous and convoluted, the way unclear
and treacherous. Lizard men called Reptilius infest the ruin
dotted swamps while rumors have reached the crew at the
local saloon about incursions of skullocks, ruthless mercenaries accosting dig teams, and of missing fishermen. The
only two men who know the correct passage through the
bog are the merchant Gus and the old rust colored mutant
soldier and helmsman, Oliver.

Read to players
When you were young, you all agreed to form an adventure team and make it rich as excavators in the far off
Great Ruins near Pitford. Instead, you are all back in
your home town, serving as oarsmen for a grumpy merchant who your parents got into debt to. You inherited
your familys debt when your parents became unable
to pay the twenty six silver per month loan.

You wake before dawn on a damp morning and
prepare your employers trade raft. You load it with a dozen squealing hogs and await Boss Gus and the opening
of the walled, inner harbor to begin your soggy journey. A
steady drizzle falls as you push off and exit the open inner
harbor of Sandbarra and swerve out through the wood
and scrap metal river doors. You each use long wooden
poles to shove against the bottom of the wide, slow moving river and begin the journey up stream. Your community is built out on a ruin studded sand bar in Barter River,
the sleepy place connected to the south shore by a rickety
junk and wood walkway. To the north, across the river and
beyond a patch of cleared forest is Twisted Wood and the
disputed border with your enemies, the Mutant Supremacists. To the west, far down stream through wild hills and
tangled forests, is the way to the Tainted Sea, while to the
south, stretch the vast open farmlands of your small faction, The Lower Freehold.

Your destination however, is east and through
the treacherous swamps and onto the capital of your
besieged nation, Steel Hill, where you intend to sell
whatever hogs are left after a few quick stops at several backwater villages.

Your boss, and the man your families owe their
debts and livelihood to, Gus the Fair, is sitting in the
large, junk and timber rafts aft hut, keeping dry. At
the rear of the 8 meter long vessel is his head man,
Oliver, a short tempered former Freehold Ranger. The
rust skinned mutant wears relic tactical armor, and besides two swords on his back, has an assault rifle slung
low at his hips. He controls the huge metal rudder and
keeps a wary eye at both of the boggy shorelines as
you leave sight of town. He says Watch out for Butch.
That old gator hasnt eaten since we threw those two
thieves to him a few days back. Our towns scaly guardian will be getting hungry again by now.

Entry MM-1, Events During the Journey: There are potential events while pushing their way east into Bitter
Bog, occurring after the hog raft leaves the main river to

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Muddy Mayhem


peskies rushing along the shore. Maybe you outa turn

back and go get a beer with us back in town.
Your master, Gus, gets up from his pillows and steps
from the tin roof of his shelter, shaking his head and letting his many chins flap about his neck. Maybe later... if
youre buyin, boys. We got us some hogs to trade and a
cargo waiting in Steel Hill for our return trip. Thanks for
the warning though, and good travels to you, brothers.
Random Events after leaving Sandbarra, roll d10 or 4. To your right, there is a sudden uproar that makes
GMs choice
everybody aboard, including the pigs, turn to look with
fright. Snapping branches, a deep howl and a splash1. Your vessel docks at a nameless, newly built village ing is heard. Only partially visible through the tangled
out in a a wide spot in the muddy water. The collection vegetation, is a massive, olive green, bone studded huof stick and scrap metal huts are festooned onto a pile manoid shape. The giant seems to be rushing your way!
of mossy concrete slabs with a rickety wooden stair case Garnock! Calls out the old soldier at the aft of your
leading up from the single dock area. Here, the lobarge. Push for the far shore! Push or die!
cals, most of whom are hideously deformed

Even Boss Gus gets up off his pillows, and
mutants covered in sores and clad in
pulls out a rusty automatic pistol, raising it
fish scale ponchos are grim faced
in his shaking hands and aiming at the
and unfriendly. They dont allow any
indistinct, shrouded shape of the hulkof you off the barge, and instead
ing brute that splashes and crashes
their headman, an enormous,
through the thicket trying to get to
multi armed, two headed freak
the four meter wide stream.
covered in spines, handles all
GM: If the character refuse to
the trading. They buy five hogs
use their poles to propel themin exchange for a bundle of
selves forward and escape, they
rare pelts. The villagers, numwill be attacked by the Garnock
bering about a hundred from
which uses a steel beam as a
what you can see, keep their
club and one by one, will flatbows and spears handy durten the characters. It craves the
ing the dealings, and eye you
flesh of pigs, and will either kill or
with as much hunger as they
knock out all the humans to get
do the squealing pigs.
access to the livestock, eating
2. You come across a half
two of the swine before tying the
submerged rowboat floating
rest in a line and leading them off
downstream. The craft is of
to its lair.
the sort your own people build,
Should the PCs do as they are
but here and there it is covered
told and propel the barge upstream,
in arrows shafts and streaked with
they manage to steer the vessel into
fresh blood.
a wider area of the waterway and turn a
Oliver, the helmsman
Boss Gus speaks up. Wadango Lizard folk,
bend, losing the monster before ever really
no doubt.
getting a good look at it.
Oliver, working the tiller, shakes his head and spits to Garnock: DV -10/ END 200+d100/ MV 5m / Init.
one side before speaking. No, master. Those are skull- -1 / Attacks: 1 weapon or fist or bite / SV 01-80 / DMG
ock arrows. A new incursion... as skullies aint tolerated club 3d20+18, fist or bite d20+18 / STR 115(+18 DMG)
by the reptilius filth. And I recognize the boat as that of / AG 18 / ACC 24 / INT 2d4 / WL 73 / PER 22 / APP 2d4
Jack Stroths. He went missing a week ago... yet that / Valuables: WO (Well-off) / EFs 125 / Morale: excellent
blood is fresh.
/ Size 4.5m / 530kg / Mutations: nil.
3. Ahead of you, approaching with care at first and then 5. You pass a large, mutated alligator that suns itself on
full speed, is a canoe bearing two shaggy looking men. a mossy heap of concrete and rusted self driving sedans.
You all recognize the old hunters as Jax and Pollard. Both The beast is stretched out with its mouth open, allowing
are leather and plastic clad old timers who know these tiny birds to pick the scraps of meat from between its
back waters exceptionally well. Jax is a mutant with a teeth. Nearby, floating in the water about the beast are
smaller twins head growing from his chest, while Pollard the bloated, half eaten corpses of three gray skinned,
is a pure blood with wild red hair and a pump shotgun. bald headed, skull faced humanoids. You notice that one
They wave to you and pull along side, smiling broadly.
corpse has a red feathered, dark stained arrow shaft pro Holy piss, says Jox, pointing back the way they truding from its skull. Reptilius arrow, says the helmscame. Are we ever glad to see you dogs! We were shot at man, Oliver. Them friggin lizard folk hate skullocks as
back there about five clicks. Swear we saw some friggin much as they hate us. Keep your eyes peeled, girls.
veer north into a narrow back stream and pole their way
to their first destination. If wanting to run a quicker game,
skip this section and go to Entry MM-2 on page 59, otherwise, either randomly roll one or two of these events, or
use them all. These encounters and events are designed
to both add a sense of the passage of time and distance,
as well as add mood to the setting.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

6. You all peer to the starboard side and see a group
of hunched, humanoid lizards moving parallel with your
barge. They are using cover and keeping back from the
waters edge by about a dozen meters, and dont seem
to be waiting in ambush as much as they are cautiously
observing your progress.
From what you can see, they are shorter than the average man, tailed, and armed with bows, javelins and
crude spiked clubs. After a half hour of being followed in
this way, and counting at least four dozen of the things,
you loose sight of them while passing the pillar-like protrusions of towering concrete ruins.
GM: There is a 66% chance that more reptilius do
wait in ambush, if so, read here: There is a hissing sound
and then a tremendous whoop of war cries. From both
sides of the sluggish stream, up pop green and brown
skinned reptilian humanoids with bows! On the barges
starboard side they are 3d6 meters away, while on the
port side, 4d6 meters away. They number 6+d6 and
each fires a bow once before shrieking triumphantly and
dashing away. GM the PCs each get a chance to return
fire once at the fleeing reptilius before they are lost from
Reptilius: DV -12/ END 12+d12/ MV 7m or swim

6m/ Init. +0/ Attacks: bow, bite or by handheld weapon/

SV 01-50/ DMG bow d12, bite d6, club d12/STR 22/AG
43/ACC 34/INT 8+d8/WL 32/PER 21/ Valuables: PT/ EFs
12/ Morale: firm/ Size 1.4m / 55 kg/ Mutations: nil

7. Somebody calls to you from shore. Hi Gus! Hey, over

You all turn to see a pile of weeds on shore stand
up ten meters away. The figure flips back the hood of
vegetation to reveal a fine looking middle aged womans
smiling face.
Drena, Mutters your helmsman, Oliver, smirking.
You recognize the camouflaged
woman from around town; although
she only appears about once a
month to buy supplies at the store.
All you know is that she is some sort
of hermit and healer, who sells rare
mushrooms, herbs and curiosities to
the town medic. Some say she has
found a cure for aging and is over a
hundred and fifty years old, although
looks no older than thirty five. Rumor
has it that she and your own man at
the rudder, Oliver, have a sordid relationship on the go.
Hello Drena, says your boss,
Gus. You scared the shit outa
me. You want a ride up to Soggy
She shakes her head. No thanks.
Im happier alone... but listen, I saw
skullocks coming from the north,
couple weeks ago. They were on an
armored barge, towing rafts, well
organized and had some fine relics

Muddy Mayhem


with em. You be careful and dont linger in these parts.

See you back home... you too, Oliver.
8. A log has fallen into the stream blocking your way
forward. Boss Gus orders four of you at random to grab
axes and go cut it in half and unblock the passage. And
do it quick before we are discovered here and trapped!
Lord knows what is watching us from the thicket!
GM: There is a 4 in 6 chance of an attack, that indeed
the Barge is watched, and that the tree was cut down recently to pin traveling vessels. If an attack occurs, 4+d4
blue skinned, spiky reptilius archers pop up and fire arrows at those PCs who were assigned to chop away the
log. The lizard folk are using cover and gain a -20 DV
bonus, and do not leave cover to engage in melee. The
log can be cut through in d6 more rounds, thus freeing
the barge and allowing the craft to flee the scene before
more reptilius show up.
Reptilius: (d4+4) DV -12/ END 12+d12/ MV 7m

or swim 6m/ Init. +0/ Attacks: bow, bite or by handheld

weapon/ SV 01-50/ DMG bow d12, bite d6, club d12/
STR 22/AG 43/ACC 34/INT 8+d8/WL 32/PER 21/ Valuables: PT/ EFs 12/ Morale: firm/ Size 1.4m / 55 kg/
Mutations: nil

9. One of the villages your boss intended to sell hogs at,

appears to be totally abandoned. The gray, silent place is
a jumble of shacks on stilts out in a wide, lagoon. All the
boats are gone, no smoke rises from the pipe chimneys
nor do you hear the excited sounds of children or bark of
agitated dogs.
What the hell happened here? Asks your master,
Gus, looking back to the helmsman, Oliver.
The old, rust colored soldier shrugs and steers the
barge away from the docks. Looks like they left. Youd
think somebody would have told us, unless they traveled
in the last few days. I suggest we steer clear of it. We
are not excavators, nor Rangers, nor
damn heroes. The dead can buy no

Agreeing, Gus waves his hand
forward and to the opening in the
stream ahead. On to Soggy Hearth...
and profits.
10. You see a young human man
gripping a log and flowing right in
front of your barges raised ramp.
He is clearly wounded and has an arrow in his shoulder. Grab him! Boss
Gus orders one of you at the front.
I recognize this fellow! He owes me

Pulling the grievously wounded
fellow aboard, Boss Gus steps up to
him as you sit the man up against the
hog pen. What happened to you!?
Asks Gus.

Sputtering up a mix of swamp
water and blood, the shaven headed
hunter looks up, saying I was this

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

side of Soggy Hearth... ran into a boat load of friggin
skullocks. Me and Dave... in our canoe. Chainsaw... cut
Dave apart. I dove for it... their archers did this. They were
invaders... five rafts. We need to warn them . Coughing
up streamers of bight red blood, the man passes out.
Your master, setting the dying hunter down, looks to
the armed helmsman. The river splits into a fork at Soggy Hearth. If we hear or see trouble, we just go around
the place. But if all is well, then we dock quick, tell them
what Mathews here told us, trade some hogs, then get
outa there quick.

Entry MM-2, Arrival at Soggy Hearth: Show or pass

around player handout MM-1 from page 116 showing
the PCs first view of Soggy Hearth
Read to players:
Just before arriving at your destination, late in the
morning, you hear gunshots in the distance. Turning
around a bend, you catch sight of the burning village
of Soggy Hearth. Whatever raid took place here, seems
to be mostly over. Rag clad villagers splash buckets of
water on huts while others hoot arrows out into the
river at the last boat load of attackers. Several small,
grey skinned humanoids, known as skullocks, are
out in a damaged, arrow encrusted rowboat. Three of
them are using their cupped hands to bail water out,
another is busily rowing the damaged craft, while a
fifth is shooting a relic semi-automatic rifle back at villagers on the badly damaged wharf.

When spotting your vessel arrive on the scene,
the skullock shooter aims his rusty weapon toward
your craft and fires off a few bursts.
Oliver, your helmsman at the rafts
rear snatches up his assault rifle
and rushes forward along the
fenced off hog pen that sits in the
middle of the raft. As he rushes to
the raised, front ramp at the bow,
he takes two rounds from the distant enemy, one in the armpit, another at the base of his neck. The
old ranger shrieks and drops to the
deck. A moment later, the skullock
boat rows to the north, up a narrow
channel in the river and disappears
from view.
GM: The row boat is too swift to
catch by the slow moving hog barge.
The rifle used is a survival rifle. It is
not part of the relics listed in the
Quick Start Rules, but similar to an
assault rifle with these features:
Rate 2, strike value bonus +14,
damage d20 (standard rifle round),
magazine capacity 10, range 800m,
weight 1.3kg.

Muddy Mayhem


Read to players:
All at once, from the far bank opposite the village, and
slightly to your rear, a weed covered raft shoves away
from the shore only nine meters away. It is full of skullocks. Some at the front of the 4 x 6 meter raft raise
machetes and scream savagely, others use poles to propel the craft toward you, while two more throw grappling
hooks toward the deck of your freight raft, snagging hogs
and decking and yanking hold of both. The leader of the
humanoids is a huge iron plated brute. He howls and
raises an electric powered chainsaw that whirs into life.
This monstrosity prepares to board your vessel first!
GM: There are 2 machete brandishing skullocks per player character, plus the chainsaw wielding brute:

Regular Skullocks (2 per PC): DV -12 / END

10+d20/ MV 7m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: 1 weapon/ SV 01-50/
DMG d12 machete/ STR 24/ AG 33/ ACC 30/ INT 2d6/ WL
40/ PER 45/ App 3d6/ Valuables: VP (very poor)/ EFs 20/
Morale: average/ Size 1.3m tall/ 50kg/ Mutations: nil

Brute Skullock: DV -30/ END 46/ MV 5m/ Init. +1/

Attacks: Electric Chainsaw/ SV 01-70/ DMG 3d10+3/ STR
44/ AG 24/ ACC 76/ INT 14/ WL 53/ PER 35/ App 5/ Valuables: 5d10sp + pink fanny pack worth 20+d20sp/ EFs 40/
Morale: Excellent/ Size 1.9m tall/ 98kg/ Mutations: nil
The skullock war bosss chainsaw will operate for
100+d100 more minutes on the current bank of two
power cells (20 rounds per minute). He has d3 spare fully
charged power cells, with each supplying 100 minutes

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

use, in a bright pink nylon hip pouch. The pouch has cartoon ponies on it and is worth 20+d20sp. Chainsaw stats:

SV +10, Damage 3d10+3

Entry MM-3, Raft Battle Follow up: With Oliver wounded, Boss Gus will take control of the rafts rudder and
order the PCs to dock at the village.
Read to players:
As you shove your raft to
shore, you see a dozen
men and twice as many
skullocks lay dead after a
fierce battle. Several wood
huts burn brilliant orange
in spite of the steady drizzle and wet conditions.
The headman, a hideous,
junk armored mutant with
a plated body, bulgy lower
arms, long white beard
and armed with an assault rifle, welcomes the
barge and its owner.

I am called Captain Basher, explains the
sweaty faced, hunched
mutant, appraising you
and your fellow crewman
approvingly. I am the
headman here in Soggy
Hearth. Thank the Old
Gods and Saint Kennedy
for your arrival! Come, my
men will bring your wounded man with us. Lets get
someplace safe in case their sniper returns. We need
to talk at once!
The Characters, along with their master Gus and the
wounded helmsman, Oliver, are led up through the village and find numerous burning huts, families tending to
their dead and wounded, while goats and chickens run
about. Filthy locals stop to peer at the new comers as if
they were reinforcements from the city or something.

Event Rolls While Walking through Soggy Hearth

Roll d6 for an event, or use all three, directing the attention to a random character:

1,2. Read: A pregnant young woman with a bandaged

arm, clad in a leather skirt and a torn top, staggers up to
you and grabs your arm, saying Thank you for driving off
those horrid peskies. The Lord in the Earth only knows
what would have happened had you not come when you
did. How many warriors are in your unit?
GM: If it is explained that the PCs are not warriors
but indebted barge workers, and no other help is coming,
the woman will drop to her knees and sob in grief. We

Muddy Mayhem


are doomed when darkness comes! All of us eaten... our

bones stacked high.
3,4. Read: A wild eyed, bearded man with three stubby
arms steps in your path. He leans heavily on a crutch and
is supported by four dirty children. Tears are in his eye
as he greets you and says Thank the maker for you! You
saved us! Please... if we cannot recover the engineer...
the machine... before
dark... it will be bad for us
here. You must take my
children with you when
you flee! Here! Please, I
will pay you all I own! He
extends his blood soaked
hand and reveals a dozen
silver coins.
GM: The man will give
the characters the coins if
they agree to take his children away on the barge,
although Boss Gus will take
no refugees with him. If this
desperate father is refused
by the characters, he will
lower his head, nod dejectedly and turn away, weeping and leading his children
to a burning hut, where they
stand and watch the place
crumble in on itself.
5,6. Read: An old woman with a bulbous, misshapen head and her
outfit decorated in bones,
scalps, tiny army men and
bits of colorful plastic, steps away from the wrapping of
her husbands arrow filled corpse. She grabs one of you
and shakes your hand. I saw you in a vision! I saw you
come and take revenge against Kane and his defilers!
You will save us, and in so doing, rise up to become the
greatest excavators in the land! May the old ones shine
through you! May you hold their artifacts of power and
crush the wicked!
After an event, Read here to players:
You are led to the largest house in the village. It is
three floors tall and clad in old automobile doors, aircraft wings and slabs of concrete. The structure is far
more fireproof and fortress-like than the other barns,
shacks and grass huts that comprise the rest of the
village. Two blood stained guards armed with crossbows and clad in bone armor, step aside to allow the
procession to enter the inner meeting hall. Inside
you are joined by a yellow and green striped mutant
woman with an especially long torso and elongated,
sleek arms. She has the wounded helmsman, Oliver
set down to one side and tends to his wounds.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

A cook fires crackles in the middle of the room
and the Headman, Basher, invites you to sit around
the fire. He explains what happened. We were attacked by skullocks commanded by a mutant called
Kane the Invincible, a half-human, half skullock
bounty hunter and relic trader. They stole the villages
sacred relic, called Smokey a generator which we
rely on to power the spot lights and energy fence
that surrounds most of the village. Without the shock
fence, the local lizard men and other night predators
will devour us all before dawn. Also, a prisoner was
taken. Somebody as important to the community
as the generator itself my own adopted daughter,
Sawndraa. She is our only mechanic and we need
her to run the generator. Kane got half his skullocks
killed in the raid just to get her and the machine. He
knew where to look, since hes been here often and
seems to have become smitten with Sawndraa, who
spurned him... so he kidnapped her.

Basher sits back and lets you mull over what
he just said. You all know Sawndraa. Shes a fine
looking cyborg woman who visited your home town
of Sandbarra every month or so to buy parts, and
then drink and gamble in the Rafters Pub. None of
you ever got to speak to her, other than a passing
hello, as the wealthier diggers, mercs and guardsmen with full coin purses were always crowded
around the popular dark haired beauty. Saving her
would certainly get her attention, either for potential
romantic ends, possible employment, or friendship.

The bone plated old mutant turns to your boss
Gus I now plead with you to follow Kanes boats up
the north waterway, and recover the generator and
my daughter. In return, we will buy all your hogs, feed
your crew, and offer our hospitality whenever any of
you pass this way again for the rest of your lives.
We need you!

Your boss, Gus the Fair, gets up, shaking his
head. Apologies, but we must depart at once. You
have no silver or gold, nor any relics to trade. How
can you ask us to risk our lives for people who cant
pay their bills? Worse, look at my crew here, theyre
not heroes. They are mere slaves. I own their family
debts, so own them! We leave at once and wish you
the best of luck.

The woman tending to Oliver goes to the village leader and whispers in his ear, and the plated
mutant man nods and speaks once more. My witchhealer here, Gabriella the Slippery, says your man
is hurt bad and will die if he travels now. Surely you
will not leave him to suffer at the cruel hands of the
lizard folk? And what of your rowers here? They look
tough. What do your so called slaves have to say?

GM: The players should each get the chance to say
what their character will do, either flee with their boss
and debt holder, or stay and either fight for the village
or go search for Sawndraa and the precious generator

Muddy Mayhem


Any PC who says he will disobey Boss Gus, is reminded of his or her employment contract, and family debt.
Read to players:
Gus frowns at you, his indebted, contracted rafters. If you dont row my barge to Steel Hill, you
will be charged with mutiny and no doubt fed to
the great gator. Worse, I will call in the debts owed
to my family by your parents and siblings and force
them into the street, or slavery, your homes being
forfeit against their old debts!
GM: At this time, you can ask the players if they want
to know about their debts. Either assign, randomly roll, or
use the following debts as inspiration to create your own
financial obligations which will force the characters to
obey. Simply killing Boss Gus will not erase the debt, and
the characters families back home will be both punished
for the crime, and owe the debt to your masters family and business partners. Fleeing the Lower Freehold is
another option they might consider, but bounty hunters
will be dispatched to arrest the characters should they
disobey, or flee, or kill their boss.

Random Debt Circumstances for Characters

These debts began decades ago. For each player character the amount his, her, or its family owes is 200+4d100sp.
Monthly payments are being made, however, out of the
26sp paid, only 2sp is going against the original debt, the
rest is interest. The reason for the debt should be different for each player character. Either roll d8, assign, or use
these as guidelines:

1. Your family needed money to keep their home. This

mortgage loan was mainly incurred when your father
broke his leg and couldnt work for two years. You grew
up in extreme poverty.
2. Your mother became very ill and your father and grandparents sold everything, and later, borrowed money from
Gus to pay for medicine that a local witch doctor promised would cure her. She died. The witch-doctor fled town.
The debt remained and grew.
3. After a few years of bad crops, predators took your
families sheep. Thefts, arson, a string of structural repairs to your shack, fines for your fathers bad behavior
at the Rafters Pub, and other costs, your family just got
deeper and deeper into the debt.
4. Your families cook stove caught fire and burned down
half of your parents house, and all of the neighbors house.
The judges made your family pay for the reconstruction of
the next door shack, or else submit to slavery. Your father
borrowed from Gus, but the amount of the repairs were
too steep to fully fix both the adjacent house and your
own, too. Subsequently, your house had a fabric ceiling
and sticks for an outer wall. You grew up on a shack that
was drafty and damp. You have never known comfort.
5. Your father had a serious drinking and gambling problem. He borrowed from Gus to pay off a local gang of raid-

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

ers who he owed hundreds of silvers to. Gus was said to
also enjoy your mother once a month, as part of the deal,
although you were told this was a cruel lie told by other
kids to tease you. Some kids say he is your real father.
6. Your uncle was accused of serving an enemy faction,
and your dad borrowed money from Gus to pay a bribe to
the hangman to let your uncle slip away. Your uncle has
never been seen or heard from since, and some say he
was quietly murdered in his cell, never getting away at
all. Since then, your familys loyalties have always been
questioned. You swear you are being followed whenever
you walk around town.
7. Your older brother fancied himself a digger, convinced
your parents that he would make his fortune in the nearby
Overgrown Ruins, bought a heap of fine excavation gear,
outfitted his friends and they set off to the west to loot. Only
one of his friends returned home alive, and was maimed
and half insane thereafter. The debt, lived on, however,
and your father is a pitiful drunk, your mother works two
crappy jobs, and the borrowed money came from Gus.
Interest and paper work
fees have ballooned the
debt to what it is now.
8. You father had a family before he met your
mom. One of the daughters of that previous marriage ended up in the underground Deep Slum of
Steel Hill, the main city of
the Lower Freehold (page
90 to 106 of the Crossroads Region Gazetteer)
where she ended up as a
drug addicted prostitute.
Your father borrowed
money from Boss Gus to
pay a squad of Excavators to seek her out and
bring her safely home to
Sandbarra which they
did and now she is a
whore in the Rafters
Pub, by her own choice
she says, while refusing
to pay back the money
used to get her out of the
city. Your family suffers in
poverty and humiliation.
Rumors have it that your
step sister at the bar is
owned by Boss Gus.
The characters must decide to either obey Gus,
or stay behind and forfeit
the homes and futures of their families, and perhaps become outlaws themselves. If they obey see Choice 1, Entry
MM-4, this page. However if they decide to help the villag-

Muddy Mayhem


ers and immediately go seek the generator, see Choice 2,

Entry MM-5 page 63.

Entry MM-4, Choice 1: Obey your Master: Read to players:

It is not yet noon. Boss Gus seems pleased with himself and stands at the front of the raft, arms behind
his back, chest out as he directs you to pole for far off
Steel Hill. You will all endure a long, uncertain night out
on the boggy river. He insisted that you bring along the
retired ranger, Oliver. The wounded man lays under the
shelter, wheezing and clutching his assault rifle to his
chest. When he sees you looking his way, he shakes his
head and whispers This is a bad idea. Shouldve friggin stayed at that ville. We need them as much as they
needed us especially once it gets dark.

Your raft heads up stream against the sluggish
current. Vegetation and concrete columns stand thick
along either shore nine or so meters away. The rain
begins to come down in sheets, the hogs are agitated
and noisy, and youve
only gone a kilometer
from Soggy Hearth
when you see a band of
hunched, blue skinned
bipedal lizard men moving along the village
side of the shore. Their
numbers are unclear
because of the undergrowth, but at least fifty.
Many are armed with
crude spears and axes,
but roughly half carry
bows. They are heading
toward the defenseless
village and have spotted you. Some in fancy
feather and bone headdresses bark orders to
others, and bring up a
dozen archers. These
creatures, commonly
called reptilius, form a
line and prepare to fire
their bows at you!

The characters
are allowed to either
take cover among the
frightened pigs (gaining
-20 DV), or fire on the
reptile men. Each PC
is shot at by one arrow,
and if reptilius are dispatched or wounded,
others simply emerge from the weeds to launch arrows
into the raft.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Reptilius: DV -12/ END 12+d12/ MV 7m or swim 6m/

Init. +0/ Attacks: bow, bite or by weapon/ SV 01-50/

DMG arrow d12, bite d6, club or spear d12/STR 22/AG
43/ACC 34/INT 8+d8/WL 32/PER 21/ Valuables: PT/ EFs
12/ Morale: firm/ Size 1.4m/55 kg/ Mutations: nil
During the exchange, if the characters are busy hiding
or shooting and not propelling the craft upstream, the
vessel will begin to spin and drift back toward the village.
Boss Gus is hit by two arrows, one in the leg and the other
in the chest. Maimed and screaming in agony, Gus calls
to the PCs to do the following:
Read to players:
I wont make it to Steel Hill or the other villes. Got to
get off this raft before I die! Do your duty and take him
back to that cursed, filthy friggin village at Once!

GM: If the characters obey, they turn the vessel about

and make good time and speed downstream, spinning
and occasionally snagging on drifting trees and rubble
heaps. The villagers cheer when they see the crude hog
barge turn the bend. Meanwhile, at the outskirts their
militia begin to repel the first waves of reptilius.

Entry MM-5, Choice 2, Disobey Gus: The characters

will need to mutiny against Boss Gus and tie both him
and his henchman, Oliver up, leaving them in the care of
the villagers. There is no other raft able to immediately
undertake the pursuit of Kanes Skullocks, so they must
steal the hog barge.
Following this course of action will mean that even if
the PCs succeed and save Soggy Hearth, return Sawndraa and the generator, they will do nothing to relieve
their family debt, but will also be outlaws. They will be
forced to leave Lower Freehold lands with bounty hunters
alerted to their identities.
Should the players consider this, and still decide to
take the hog raft, Captain Basher is thankful and gifts
them each one item from table MM-1 on page 65. Following that, they can get underway. Go to entry MM-12
The North Arm, on page 65 and proceed from there.

Muddy Mayhem


GM: The characters can be escorted to the south and

the east and the landward fence, see entry MM-7 below,
or if the characters refuse to man the rickety walls of
the village, they can either steal the raft and flee (see entry MM-9 on page 64) or else hide someplace, see entry
MM-8, page 64.

Entry MM-7, Defend the village Fence:

Read to players.
Several terrified villagers lead your team through
the mud shacks and still burning houses of town to
the outer, east facing wall. Here, you see a poorly
made, raised wall that sits upon a berm of earth
and rubble. The wall of junk, corrugated metal, woven wicker, and occasional logs do offer you some
protection from incoming arrows.

You notice thick relic wires running along the
inside of the barrier and here and there, merge with
another wire that runs through the wall and out to a
strange, wire and bulb encrusted black pole about
four meters from the defenses. A teenage boy in
junk armor with long shaggy hair and trying to load
an arrow in his shaking hands, notices you looking
at the black pole and says Thats the energy fence.
When its on, a blue light joins them all, and no man
or beast will pass through it.

Beyond the wall the villagers have cut the vegetation back about a dozen or so meters. Here and
there along the wall, local people stand with you,
many with bows, but most wielding crude spears
and clubs. Out of the mossy woods and sheets of
driving rain come the first wave of lizard folk. Their
numbers unclear as they charge forward in a hissing mass.

Entry MM-6, The Return to Soggy Hearth:

Read to players
The chieftain meets you at the docks, ordering his
people to tend to Gus and Oliver and bring them
to the great hall. The rain, meanwhile, has turned
into a downpour and reduces visibility to twenty
meters. The bone plated village leader turns to you
Grab your weapons and come to the wall! The lizard folk are testing our defenses! They know the
generator is silent! That the energy fence is down!
They mean to devour our children!

GM: Each PC is shot at by one arrow, although behind

their defenses, they gain a -20 DV (defense value) bonus.
The characters can each return fire with whatever missile
weapons they posses. Consider a mass of 10+2d6 reptilius to be attacking the PCs section of wall from 14m
away. And will reach the characters in two rounds if not
dispatched by missile fire. Should the reptilius reach the
wall, the PCs continue to enjoy a -20 DV bonus.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

If the PCs lose this battle, and are killed or abandon
the line, the village is overrun, the populace devoured in
a two day ritual torture-feeding ceremony, and the village
brunt to the ground and abandoned, never to be rebuilt.
Emboldened, the assorted clans of the Reptilius called
the Wadango, join forces and begin to launch night raids
on Sandbarra itself, inflicting terrible casualties, distributing trade and causing food shortages.

Reptilius: DV -12/ END 12+d12/ MV 7m or swim

6m/ Init. +0/ Attacks: bow, bite or by weapon/ SV 0150/ DMG arrow d12, bite d6, club or spear d12/STR 22/
AG 43/ACC 34/INT 8+d8/WL 32/PER 21/ Valuables: PT/
EFs 12/ Morale: firm/ Size 1.4m/55 kg/ Mutations: nil

Go to Entry MM-11, this page for post battle follow-up.

Entry MM-8, Hide during the attack: Have the PCs

hear the carnage for awhile, as the wall defenders are
hard pressed and small squads of reptilius get inside the
compound and butcher the human villagers. Eventually,
wherever the PCs try to hide, they are attacked by a wave
of the lizard men, numbering 2 per PC. If defeating this
number, treat the victory as a wider win, the lizard man
assault is thrown back and calm returns to the village.
See entry MM-11, on the right.

Muddy Mayhem


Read to players:
You arrive just in time to see the defenders at the
eastern wall fall back and a wave of reptilius begin to break into the village. The brave men and
women fighting there happen to see you, become
heartened at the sight of reinforcements and
stand their ground, some of them waving for you
to come help, and one woman with an arrow in her
shoulder cries to you saying Come stand with us,
warriors, and we will survive this day!

What do you do?

If the characters try to flee, see entry MM-8 whereby
reptilius break in and find the PCs anyhow. If the character do rush in, they face 2 reptilius each. If they defeat
these lizard men, then see Entry MM-11 Victory, below.

Entry MM-11, Victory over the Lizard folk!: If the lizard men are killed, the rest of the bipedal reptiles take
this defeat badly and a general retreat is called, with the
creatures falling back to gather in numbers and return
that night to wipe out the hated, delicious humans.
The surviving characters are summoned by their employer-debt holder, Gus. It is only mid day. The big man is
unable to fight or move, and cowering inside the fortified
chiefs house alongside Oliver, the helmsman, He has
been talking to the headman of the village, and explains
the following to his oarsmen.
Read or paraphrase to the players:

Entry MM-9, Steal the Raft and Flee: Abandoning their

employer and the doomed villagers, the characters dont
get far. Fleeing downstream via the raft they discover that
the rainstorm and flood have dislodged dozens of trees
and obscured the course of the river. The raft gets stuck
in a mass of trees and mutant alligators gather, worse,
on raised strips of land and ruin pillars, gather more reptilius, keeping to cover. These cold blooded predators
seem to be waiting for the PCs to make a mistake, or
nightfall to come many hours later.
The characters can push away from the blockage and
return in disgrace to the village, if so, see entry MM-10, or
else stay and face the night and their likely doom. The GM
will need to conceive of how the night unfolds for the PCs,
and should they survive and somehow go upstream to
the village, they will find it is now infested with hundreds
of reptilius who feed on the populace in a most gory, cruel
fashion. The lizard men will eventually burn the village to
the ground and abandon the bone littered site.
Entry MM-10, Return In Disgrace: After trying to flee

the village by stealing the raft, the characters return to

the Soggy Hearth just as the battle is turning against the
villagers. Reptilius have broken through the crude wall on
the south east side of the settlement and rush in.

Your wounded boss, laying on a bloody mat on the

floor of the main lodge, peers up at you. You all
wanted to grow up and be friggin heroes, right?
Well now is your blasted chance! Please, do as
Captain Basher says, go reclaim the generator
and his daughter, Sawndraa. Bring the girl and
the machine here before dark, or we will be wiped
out! Save us all, including yourselves. Do this, and
I swear I will revoke all your debts to me. Your families will be rid of the loans, will own their homes
outright, and you will be free to leave Sandbarra
and pursue your dreams as ruin looters.

The village leader, Captain Basher, nods,
holds up a handful of old world lined paper sheets
and adds I have here the freshly signed debt relief
forms. I will hold them until you return. If your expedition succeeds but any of you die in the struggle,
then Gus will honor this receipt for your familys
benefit. They will know of your sacrifice and honor
your name, debt free from this night forward. And
this former Freehold Ranger, Oliver here, is a witness to this agreement. Should you fail, flee, or decline this offer, then the debt will continue, and we
will all parish. What do you say?
GM: If the PCs agree to the terms, Captain Basher will
explain the situation further.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Read to players:
The filthy skullock appear to serve under the
treacherous halfie, Kane. They stole or sunk all our
boats so you must take your raft to go get the generator and return with it and my daughter before
night. My witch-healer here will tend to any of your
wounds, while I offer you each something which
might help in your quest, and show our thanks for
your help.
Any wounded character is quickly taken aside by the
green and yellow striped woman, Gabriella the Slippery,
who has the mutation heal touch. She applies strange,
bitter smelling ointments to the injured character and
whispers the following in his or her ear I dont use this
power on your boss or his henchman, as I want them injured and so forced to stay here. Your boss is a selfish
waste of skin, and if he were able to flee, would abandon
us, taking you and your comrades with him. Sit still, while
I mend you as best I can. Wounded PCs recover d20+10
The Headman, Captain Basher, hands each PC one random item from the following list, re-roll duplicated items.
Table MM-1 Gifted Item by Captain Basher





Roll d20

d6 pistol rounds
d6 rifle rounds
d6 shotgun shells
Bow and quiver with 20 arrows
Heavy crossbow with 20 quarrels
Suit of junk armor
Anti-Toxin Injector, relic
Ballistic Shield, relic
Pocket Flashlight* with mini power cell (200 hours
use when fully charged but this one has only 3d6
hours remaining in charge, 20m range, 250g weight,
worth 180+d100sp if sold
Communication headset* with another headset given to
the helmsman and former Freehold Ranger, Oliver, who
says he demands regular updates from the PC who is
given the headsets ** (100 km range, 3d6 days charge
left in mini power cell, worth 400+2d100sp if sold)
Iron Breastplate, which slows the wearer by -0.5 meters movement per round, but adds -15 defense value
and can be worn over other armor
30m length of hemp rope with a grappling hook, along
with a lantern and 8 hours oil
Pocket pistol* with d6 pistol rounds in the 6 shot magazine (SV +5, rate 2, DMG d20, range 120m, 600g
weight, will fetch 900+d100sp if sold)
Jar of Gabriellas Holy Healing Jelly (enough for 6
applications to any wound, will heal 2d6 Endurance
points damage.)

Muddy Mayhem


15 Jar of Gabriellas bug-away lotion (enough for one

days application to skin and clothing. The witchhealer explains that it will keep away all insects from
stinging and biting the PC. If applied, it might work,
or make things worse. When attacked by insects, the
team will notice that there is a 5 in 6 chance no blood
flyers attack the character wearing this lotion, but on
a 6, the lotion actually attracts the bugs, with every
hostile insect going solely for this PC!)
16 Leather holster and Shotgun pistol* SV +15, rate 1 or
2 barrels simultaneously rolling for each barrel to hit or
not, damage 3d10 but can attack up to 3 man sized beings if in a group, range 20m, ammo, holds only 2 shells
at a time, and takes 2 rounds to reload, comes with zippy bag of d3 spare shells besides the two loaded in the
weapon already, worth 900+d1000sp if sold
17 Razor Sword* which was the Headman Bashers
great, great grandfathers. So desperate to see his
village survive, that he gifts it to the PC (SV +8, Damaged 20+11 (before any strength based or weapon
expert with swords mods are applied), rate 1, worth
800+d1000sp if sold
18 Army helmet (improves Defense value -5, but reduces
movement by -0.25m per round, worth 200+d100sp
if sold. This particular, dark blue helmet has the word
SWAT written on its front, as well as a pocket flashlight identical to the one noted on roll 9 on this table,
plus, safety goggles
19 Leather holster and automatic pistol with d4 rounds in
magazine, rusty and wrapped in an oiled rabbit pelt
20 Fragmentation Grenade
*This is a relic included in The Mutant Epoch hub rules book, added here as
an adventure extra.
** Oliver the ex-Ranger could be contacted to send a detachment of 6+d6 village militiamen to help deal with Kane, This unit could arrive at the adventure
site after one hour of being called for. These tough men and women will be
armed with bows and machetes and arrive via a hastily thrown together raft.

After tending to any wounded PCs and gifting them

each an item from the village stores, the characters are
bustled off to the hog raft. The pigs have been removed
and a band of militiamen, under Captain Bashers guidance, shove the PCs off toward the north arm, in the direction the skullock boats departed.
Go to Entry MM-12, The North Arm, below.

Entry MM-12, The North Arm: Game Master, have the players tell you which character is operating the rudder at the back
of the hog barge, and which characters are located on the port,
and starboard sides of the scrap metal and log vessel.
They use their poles to shove the now much lighter
hog-barge upstream, heading along the narrower North
Arm of the barter river, moving away from Soggy Hearth
and in the direction Kane and his skullocks fled with the
stolen generator Smokey and the headmans adopted
daughter, Sawndraa.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Read to players:
Your voyage upstream is at first uneventful. The
shore is roughly six meters away on either side. In
some places the gray sky is blocked out by vast
mutant trees which shelter you from the constant
warm rain. You pass the occasional alligator, that
lurch off the shore and disappear into the brown,
murky water before you get too close. Assorted
swimming things surface to feed or breath, revealing only a slippery black tail, spine covered fin,
spiked back or whiskered snout. The rain seems to
be keeping the insects grounded, although you see
on the undersides of vast branches or umbrellalike leaves, are immense eagle sized dragon flies,
an occasional spider as big as a hog, and gigantic
mosquitoes bigger than roosters.
The characters come across something interesting.
Either roll d6 for a random event, or if enjoying a longer
game session, reveal any or all
of these. Roll d6

1,2. Read: Your raft turns

around a tight bend in the river
and ahead, about a dozen meters to the starboard side, you
see a half submerged rowboat
like those seen at the village.
The craft contains three dead
skullocks filled by crude arrows
of the sort used exclusively by
reptilius. You grew up in these
parts, and recognize the crude
bone tipped, rigid reed shafted
projectiles, observing the typical fish gill feathers favored
by Wadango lizard folk of the
No reptilius are visible in the
tangled thorn bushes, choking
vines and other vegetation, but by the bright red blood
flowing from the gray skinned humanoid corpses, the attack could not have taken place more than an hour ago.
GM: If the characters decide to stop and check the
bodies for valuables, there is a 4 in 6 chance that they
find a spare magazine for a survival rifle under one of the
corpses, although the gun it fits has been taken. The magazine has 10 standard rifle rounds in it and also fits a regular assault rifle. Regardless of whether they find anything
or not, there is a 1 in 6 chance that the reptilius are hiding
among the vegetation and open fire, shooting at each PC
with an arrow once before the characters can react. There
are as many reptilius as PCs, plus 2d6 others that are 9m
away with clubs who stay out of view. They will not try to
assault the raft unless killing half the PCs.
Reptilius: DV -12 although well concealed and so

-32/ END 12+d12/ MV 7m or swim 6m/ Init. +0/ Attacks: bow, bite or by weapon/ SV 01-50/ DMG arrow

Muddy Mayhem


d12, bite d6, club or spear d12/STR 22/AG 43/ACC 34/

INT 8+d8/WL 32/PER 21/ Valuables: PT/ EFs 12/ Morale: firm/ Size 1.4m/55 kg/ Mutations: nil

If the characters shove away from the half sunken

rowboat, the reptilius will cease their attack.

3,4. Read: The rain lets up for a few minutes and the sun
beats down from above, trying to burn through the haze.
Ribbons of fog lift up from the water and weed choked
shoreline, limiting vision. All at once, you hear a buzzing
of insects, and emerging from the shore on the port side,
appear a mass of enormous mosquitoes!
GM: There are 3d6+6 blood flyers, range 9m when
first spotted, they swerve, dip and dart side to side in an
erratic flight path, making them very hard to hit with missile weapons or when in melee range. They split up and
divide themselves among all the PCs (except for anyone
wearing Gabriellas bug-away lotion, who 5 out of 6
times seems invisible to the bugs, but if a 6 is rolled, all
these blood flyers attack this PC only!

Insects, blood flyers
(12 +1 per player character):

DV 0 ground or -10 air/ END

4+d4/ MV 1 or 8m flying/ Init.
-1/ Attacks: 1/ SV 01-36/ DMG
d3/STR 3/AG 16/ACC 22/INT
2/WL 24/PER 13/ Valuables:
nil/ EFs 5/ Morale: firm/ Size
50cm/ 2.1kg/Mutations: nil/
NOTE: On a successful strike,

a blood flyer has attached itself

to the flesh of a victim, and will
bloat itself on blood automatically (for d3 END DMG) each
round up to a maximum of 16
endurance points ingested before detaching and flying off,
half speed.

After the battle with the
blood flyers, the dark clouds return above the swampland and
the rain falls steadily once more, the fog dissipating and
the way ahead another thirty meters to the next bend,
made clear.

5,6. Read: Your passage brings you into a wide watery

expanse filled with ancient concrete rubble, twisted
metal, upturned rusted out automobiles and a mangled
fuselage of an old world civilian aircraft. You will have
to steer carefully to make your way through the maze
of debris without snagging the sides or log underside of
your elongated hog barge. Likewise, you hear the splash
of something unseen someplace ahead, sloshing its
way through the muddy waters. You cant tell if something is getting clear of your path or approaching, as the
splashing it makes echoes of the tall, moss covered ruins about you.
GM: Whoever is operating the rudder must make a
Perception based type B hazard check. If he or she suc-

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

ceeds, then the PC has successfully navigated their way
through the maze and gets clear of the half submerged
rubble. If successful, see entry MM-13, below, while
failure means the helmsman has steered them into a
blockage and for several minutes the raft is stuck fast. If
stuck, see entry MM 14, bottom of page.

Entry MM-13 Successful Navigation: Read to players:

Youve shoved away from the last pillars and collapsed walls, around a heap of rusty wrecks and
out into the channel, moving north once more.
Looking back, you see a massive, hunched, manthing wading through the water. Due to the driving
rain and mist, it is unclear what the hell it is, but it
seems to be some sort of hunched giant wielding
a metal beam as a club in one hand, while in the
other, it holds a block of concrete.

It roars and throws the block of man-stone
overhand. In horror, you watch as the block tumbles
end over end through the air, snapping through
overhead vines and branches and heading right
for your raft!
There is a 2 in 6 chance the block hits the raft, otherwise it splashes down about a meter from the
starboard side. If it hits the raft, it has a 3 in 6
chance of also impacting a random character, who must make a type B agility based
hazard check to side step the block. If
missed, the block punches a hole clear
through the deck, but if it hits the person,
treat it as regular attack with a strike
value of 01-80 doing d20+18 damage,
plus knocks the character out cold. An
unconscious character wakes much
later in time to deal with entry MM-17
The Docked Rowboats on page 68.

Entry MM-14 Stuck Fast!: Read to


Youve caught on something in the narrow between a heap of rusted old cars, and a rebar encrusted, weed covered concrete column. It will
take all of you working the poles to push away
and try another course, but in the meantime, you
hear a mighty roar echo out across the swamp.
Birds and bugs lift off every branch and rubble
pile about you and take flight at the horrendous,
deep sound. You can hear splashing as something begins to wade closer to your location from
the far side of the concrete column you are stuck
to. It could be upon you in a minute if you dont
work together to shove off!
Total the strength scores of all the characters who
man poles and work together to push the raft free. PCs
who decide to grab weapons and be ready for a fight can-


Muddy Mayhem

not contribute to this effort.

Below is a quick table showing the total strength
scores with the odds of shoving off per round. However, each attempt (each round spent) results in a 1 in 6
chance of the approaching creature getting around the
rubble and appearing alongside the rafts port side. If it
appears before the PCs shove off, see entry MM-15, below. If the characters shove off, either during an attack by
the beast or before hand, see entry MM-16, page 68.
Table QSR-2 Shoving Off Odds

Roll d10

Combined Strength of PCs Odds to shove off per round


1 in 10


2 in 10


4 in 10


6 in 10

501 and up

9 in 10

Entry MM-15 Caught by the Beast!: A garnock appears

and will use an iron beam as a club to attack a different PC
each round it gets. As this is a low rank, beginning
adventure, the Game Master may wish to have the
club inflict stun damage (which heals at the PCs
normal healing rate per hour), in order that the
impacted PCs might survive to carry on the adventure later. Perhaps this flesh eating giant prefers to store captives upside down in a nearby old
car parkade, keeping them fresh and succulent
until he is in the mood to eat. Should all the PCs
be knocked out, they might all wake, tied by
vines in an underground ruin area, naked
and without weaponry. The might observe
a floor littered with the skeletons of men
and beasts, as well as plenty of discarded
relics, gear and cast aside armor, including
their own gear. Give them a chance to escape and endure a memorable side adventure,
yet having wasted a few hours in their main quest.
Read to players:
Another immense roar shakes the swampland
around you as appearing around the corner of the
concrete column is a muscular, stone gray skinned
giant of a humanoid. The nearly five meter tall mutant freak raises a metal beam in both hands and
flashing its bent yellow teeth in a snarl. It is first
seen six meters from your port side.
GM: Roll randomly each round to see which PC the garnock
attempts to smash. Any miss cracks the hog rafts railings
and deck and underlying logs beneath. If the humanoid
takes half its endurance value in damage, it will break off
the attack and flee, crying out in a booming wail, which is
answered by another howl far off in the distance.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Garnock: DV -10/ END 200+d100/ MV 5m / Init.
-1 / Attacks: 1 weapon or fist or bite / SV 01-80 / DMG
club 3d20+18, fist or bite d20+18 / STR 115 (+18 DMG)
/ AG 18 / ACC 24 / INT 2d4 / WL 73 / PER 22 / APP 2d4
/ Valuables: See below / EFs 125 / Morale: excellent /
Size 4.5m / 530kg / Mutations: Normally 12% chance
of 1, but this one has no apparent deviations.

In a large hip pouch it carries a mix of stolen items

including 3d20 silver coins, d20 gold coins, 40+d100sp
worth of fancy plastic, an anti-toxin injector, 3d6 shotgun shells, 3d6 standard pistol and 2d6 standard rifle
rounds, d4 fragmentation grenades and an assortment
of cheese, breads, wine and dried meat. All of it manufactured in the PCs home town of Sandbarra and in perfect condition.
Having dealt with the garnock, the PCs can push upstream. See entry MM-17, below, The Docked Rowboats

Entry MM-16 Shove off!: The characters have managed

to push away from the blockage and drive the raft back.
As the current is flowing against their upstream progress, they now propel backwards at speed, spinning
once in a whirl pool and getting many meters back from
the block. If they had been involved in an attack by the
beast, they get clear of it and into deeper water where
the giant dares not go. In frustration, it wades away and
out of sight after d4+1 rounds, roaring (in which time it
could take missile fire from the PCs and be dispatched
and perhaps its body searched for valuables). In the distance, perhaps a kilometer away, an answering hoots
and howls reply.
Once free of the blockage, the characters can navigate free of the maze and get upstream once more, see
entry MM-17, below.

Entry MM-17 The Docked Rowboats: About a kilometer

upstream the characters locate the spot where Kane and
his skullocks have taken their prisoner and the stolen
generator ashore. Read to players:
Turning a bend you see four of the villages rowboats pulled up on shore beside five crudely made
rafts. Many of the vessel have arrows stuck in their
sides, as well as several deceased gray skinned humanoids who are now swarming with flies. A pair
of mutant dogs growl at you from further ashore
where they have dragged off a skullock corpse and
half consumed it. As you near, they run off. Beyond
them you see a game trail leading up a tall bank
between two pillars of concrete, the way beyond
obscured mossy trees. Other than the dogs and
flies, there is nobody about.
GM: The PCs must abandon their barge and go
ashore. The tracks of many booted and bare human-like
feet are easy to follow. Have the players select a single
file marching order and note it on a scrap of paper. This
done, they set off, tracking the skullock raiders with ease.

Muddy Mayhem


Several events take place between the river and the lair
of Kane, see Entry MM-18 Alpha.

Entry MM-18 Alpha: Read to players:

Your lead character spots a clearing in the trees
and vines ahead about twenty meters. Blood has
splashed the tall ferns and grass and here and
there, snarling beasts are hungrily feeding and
fighting over a kill about twenty meters away.
GM: If the PCs advance, getting within 12 meters they
soon see a few dead skullocks laying spread about, while a
pack of 6+d6 mutant dogs are feeding on them. The biggest
dog, the alpha, having a spiked and bone plated body, barks
at the characters and makes a rush towards them, stopping
only 6 meters away. The other hounds, of which one has two
head and another is bright orange with blue spots, growl
and fan about in front of the PCs, blocking their way.

Dogs, mutant (6+d6): DV -10 armor (alpha -30)/

END 15+d10 (alpha 25)/ MV 9m/ Init. +0/ Attacks: 1/
SV 01-60/ DMG d12/ STR 23/AG 38/ACC 48/INT 7/WL
38/PER 39/ Valuables: nil/ EFs 18/ Morale: firm/ Size
1.6m/ 30kg/ Mutations: The alpha has a spiked covered
armored shell (DV -30), while one other has two heads
and bites twice per round, and the bright orange, blue
spotted specimen has a poisonous bite (anyone bitten
by this dog must make a type C endurance based hazard
check or succumb to paralysis, collapsing yet hearing,
seeing and feeling all, and unable to move for the next 3
to 18 (3d6) minutes.

These wild dogs will flee if their alpha is killed outright

with one strike before the rest of the pack is engaged, otherwise, they hold their ground to keep the intruding humans
from their feeding site. The PCs might elect to simply go
around this area trying not to get lost in the swampy vegetation -- and pick up the trail on the far side. If so, see entry
MM-19, Off Trail, next page.
If instead the characters are belligerent and elect to fight
the dogs, they may attempt this. If losing the scrap, and the
PCs decide to run away, the dogs are 50% likely to give chase
and rip them apart, otherwise, returning to their feast. If the

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules


Muddy Mayhem

characters win, or merely kill half the pack and drive the rest
off, they may proceed along the contested trail. Read here if
they defeat the dogs and see what they were eating:
On the other side of the trail are the remains of
about six skullocks although there could have
been more of them as the remains are so torn
asunder and blood splashed that its hard to tell.
They appear to have been wearing junk armor and
carried bows and machetes. Laying about are five
bows, three dozen arrows in crude quivers made
of human skin, along with three machetes. Beyond this grisly scene, the trial winds left then right
through trees, around concrete pillars and sunken,
boggy pools, in an eastward direction.
GM see entry MM-20 Traitors, this page.

Entry MM-19 Off Trail: The characters have decided

to simply leave the trail and go around the territorial

Read here:
Going around the vicious, blood soaked dogs
seemed wise at first, but a few meters off the trail,
amid the rain, vines, prickle bushes and fog, youve
momentarily lost your way!

Any PC with the Wilderness Survival skill will be able

to lead the team back to the main path within ten minutes, otherwise, the group becomes disorientated. Now
truly lost, they wander about for 20+d20 minutes before the lead character pulls back some branches and
sees the way ahead covered in a vast spider web. Within the web are dozens of small cocoons with the legs
of insects sticking out, while to one side, is the skeletal
remains of a humanoid lizard, dressed in junk armor
and still holding a bow and quiver of arrows (3d6). The
characters have unwittingly wandered into one of many
rubble spider territories. All at once, they can hear a
scuttling above them and look up to see d3+1 rubble
spiders descending on thick webs of glassy looking silk,
range 3d6 meters!

Spider, rubble: DV -25/ END 10+d20/ MV 7m/

Init. +3/ Attacks: 1/ SV 01-55/ DMG d8+type B sleep poison with d6 hours unconsciousness*/STR 16/AG 56/ACC
32/INT 6/WL 38/PER 57/ Valuables: nil/ EFs 25/ Morale:
average/ Size 1.1m/ 52kg/ Mutations: usually none.

*Those bitten must make a type B endurance based hazard check to avoid

After dealing with the spiders, which will pursue the characters relentlessly, the PCs happen to find their way back to
the trail only twenty meters from where the dogs are busily
feeding on dead skullocks. See entry MM-20 Traitors.

Entry MM-20 Traitors:

Occurring at area
20 on map MM 2,
page 112.
Read to players:

You leave the

scavenging dogs
behind, but are
unsure whether
the skullocks they
fed on were killed
by the hounds or
some other peril.
Following the trail
another kilometer, you slip and
slosh down a long muddy slope to a
ravine between massive toppled concrete wedges and into a heavily wooded area. Ahead, and to one side of the
trail you see two more dead skullocks
with nooses around their necks. One
is thin, the other muscular, both clad
in only loin cloths and their hands
tied behind their backs. A wooden
signs hangs about the neck of the
smaller figure with the word Tr8turz
carved into the wood slab.

You see nobody else and the trail leads away
and toward an open area beyond.

Suddenly, a scratchy female voice calls out
from someplace high up on one of the concrete
masses that flank you. Her voice echoes and is hard
to place. They were murdered by Kane, for questioning him! She calls down to you. He gettin my
entire clan wiped out for nothin! Just to take the
hume bitch as his lover. To try and coax her to be
his own instead of me! He chose a hume whore
over his fathers kind. Go den, we not stop youz. Go
kill that liar pig! Go to da mound an get back your
half metal hume slutto and riddens to you all. We
not traitors he is! Go now, before we change our
minds and skin youz ugly things.
GM: With that, the screechy voiced womans goes
silent. She neither shows herself nor responds to questions. Regardless of how long the PCs wait, no further
event occurs here. Once the PCs decide to move on and
see where the trail leads next, go to entry MM-21 The
Footings, next page.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Entry MM-21 The Footings: The PCs now advance to the

end of the trail and the main site of this adventure. At

location 21 on the Map MM-2, found on page 112.
Read to players:
Although the rain falls hard and the ribbons of
mist lazily drift about, you can clearly see that
some sort of clearing lays just beyond.

After hiking through a soggy low area where
at points the trail disappears into ankle deep water,
the ground gradually rises up and on either side
you see masses of broke concrete, glass, rusted
automobile husks and tangled thorn bushes. The
trail you take seems to be the only way forward
and slopes upward. The trees ahead seem to end.
All at once you step up onto a ledge overlooking a
remarkable scene and peer north out onto a water
filled moss and tree covered stump of an ancient
concrete structure. The one kilometer by two kilometer footprint of a once immense structure was
so vast that it has formed a square lowland amid
the tree covered bog that surrounds it. Scattered
about the lowland are cement protrusions and
piles of twisted machinery, junk and rubble. A tree
and bramble covered mound of rubble sits in the
middle of this watery expanse. At once, you all see
a plume of smoke rising from various points upon
the hundred meter tall hillock, and for a second
you think you here old rock and roll music.

Show the game participants player handout 2, View

of the Mound, from page 117. Also available as A PDF
and a jpeg screen shot at our website at http://www.outlandarts/qsr.htm
Once the players look at the handout, read on:

You stand on the south shore. Immediately before

you, the trail you had been following turns into a recently built, shoddily made single file catwalk. This
crude, bridge-like pathway extends out across the
putrid swamp, veering left and right around rubble
piles, sick looking shrubs and eventually zig zags
up to the top of the mound. You see black smoke
spewing from the top of the mound-island.

You can either proceed at once, or conceal
yourselves amid the vegetation and debris and observe the distant mound for a moment.

From top of the junk, facing the tall hill of
rubble that rises up about three hundred meters
away, you notice that the trail here is littered with
the slashed open bodies of five crow-sized mosquitoes. All at once, you hear a buzzing and from both
sides. Rising out of the weeds, concrete and leaves
all around you are over a dozen huge, mutant mosquitoes. Smelling warm blooded prey they swarm
up high into the sky and once reaching ten meters
in height, turn and dart toward your team!

Muddy Mayhem


There are 12 blood flyer, plus 1 per player character.

Insects, blood flyers (12+1 per player character): DV 0 ground or -10 air/ END 4+d4/ MV 1 or 8m flying/ Init. -1/ Attacks: 1/ SV 01-36/ DMG d3/STR 3/AG
16/ACC 22/INT 2/WL 24/PER 13/ Valuables: nil/ EFs 5/
Morale: firm/ Size 50cm/ 2.1kg/Mutations: nil/ NOTE:

On a successful strike, a blood flyer has attached itself

to the flesh of a victim, and will bloat itself on blood automatically (for d3 END DMG) each round up to a maximum of 16 endurance points ingested before detaching
and flying off, half speed.
GM: Note how the characters defeat the insects, especially if they use relic or archaic firearms which will potentially alert those on the mound to the intrusion.
If the PCs advance at once, see Entry MM-22 Advance, below.
Or, of they wait and watch, see Entry MM-23 Wait &
Watch, bottom of page.

Entry MM-22 Advance: There are actually three ways

to advance on the mound; although dont volunteer this
fact to the players. The PCs might choose to tackle the
walkway, or walk all the way around the mound and see
what they can see from the far side, or thirdly, they can
simply go down and step off the safety of the ground and
walkway and wade through the shallow, watery plain and
make their own way across.
If the PCs decide to follow the walkway, see Entry
MM 26, page 73, however if they wish to walk around
the flooded lowland and scout the mound from the far
side, see entry MM-24, Go Around the Lake, page 71,
however, the third option is to step off the trail and wade
through the filthy water and make a direct approach to
the mound, see Entry MM-25 Wade Through the Lake,
page 72.
Entry MM-23 Wait & Watch: Roll d6 each minute that

the characters wait and watch over the vast ruin enclosed
lowland lake.

1. You see a swarm of a dozen or more blood flyers take

to the air and fly off out of view, as if having hatched on
the vast lake surface and taken to flight together.
2. A huge, winged lizard with a wedge shaped head and
bladed tail appears over the swampland, five hundred

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

meters above, circling lazily amid the sheets of rain and
wisps of low gray cloud. Like a bird of prey, the enormous
mutant monster circles, taking several minutes to move
on and search the rivers and tree shrouded bog lands
further east.
GM: The beast is a winged slasher lizard, and will not
attack the PCs hiding and observing it unless they expose or somehow draw attention to themselves. Stats
shown just in case the PCs are exceedingly belligerent:
Lizard, winged slasher: DV -5 ground or -25 air/

END 30+d20/ MV ground 6m or fly 14m/ Init. +3/ Attacks: bite or tail slice/ SV 01-64/ DMG d20+5/ STR 37/
AG 67/ ACC 34/ INT 7/ WL 34/ PER 87/ Valuables: skin
65sp/ EFs 25/ Morale: excellent/ Size 7m wingspan/
47kg / Mutations: usually none.

3. As the breeze turns your way, you all hear loud rock
and roll music belching from the mound.
4. You notice a long, slightly arched rope or cable trailing
away from the mounds upper heights and vanishing far
off at a cluster of upright, weed and shrub covered ruins
on the east shore wall, to your right.
5. Something large splashes out in the muddy lake, having snapped up one of the giant mosquitoes as it flew low
over the water.
6. You hear a dogs bark from someplace within the distant mound.

Entry MM-24 Go Around the Lake: This is both an arduous and perilous option and you should make it clear to
the players that the bush is thick, the terrain uneven, and
there is no trail to follow.
Read the following:
Youve spent a half hour and traveled only a few
dozen meters. Skirting around the footings of the
ancient mega structure is slow going. Vines with
razor sharp thorns, huge cobwebs, sink holes and
quick sand. The ground under foot is often covered
in slippery, moss covered mounds of shifting rubble and rusting machinery.
GM: If the characters decide to continue on this
course, present them with three events which might show
them how dangerous and wasteful of time this journey
around the lake actually is. Read if the PCs continue:

Muddy Mayhem


Finally, after another half hour and only traveling a

hundred or so meters, you hear a noise out in the
thicket to one side.
Although it doesnt see you yet, you all happen to notice a enormous dark purple, spike covered worm with six heads. Each head ends in a ring
of eyes and a tri-mandibled beak. The enormous
monster is over four meters in length, and slithers
along unhindered by the junk and vegetation.
GM: Unless attacked, or the PCs are stupid and make
noise to attract it, the thing stays 20m away and eventually moves off. If the PCs do attract it, here are its stats:

Worm, hydra worm: DV 0/ END 50 body and

10+d20 per head/ MV 5m/ Init. -1/ Attacks: 6 bites (6
heads)/ SV 01-60/ DMG d10 each/STR 43/AG 31/ACC
44/INT 4/WL 19/PER 43/ Valuables: nil/ EFs 95/ Morale: firm/ Size 4.4m/ 680kg/ Mutations: nil.
Again, should the characters press on around the
lake, they travel another hundred meters before something else happens:
A random character slips on a mossy slab of concrete
and spills off the old foundation, falling, bashing their
head and bruising their body going down the landward
side of the footings. Treat the fall as an attack, strike value 01-70, damage d12 stun and d6 lethal. The fall costs
the team another five minutes as the unfortunate must
climb back up the slope to join them.
If the characters are especially stubborn, have them
travel only fifty meters before another calamity occurs:
The ground beneath the team is unstable and gives
way in a short slide down into the lake itself. Each PC
must roll his or her accuracy trait or less on a 10+2d20
roll or fail to grab hold of something solid to catch him or
herself from going for a spill into the putrid water. Anyone
who falls in to the water causes a splash which attracts
trouble; roll d6 if trouble shows up: 1-3. A swarm of 3d6
blood flyers lift off the lakes surface 100+d100 meters
away and begin to flutter their way./ 4-6. A large mutant
alligator emerges near the PCs. Although the characters
who are in the water can get up and on the ruined foundation which encloses the 1km by 1km lake, the reptile follows the progress of the adventurers all the way around,
waiting for an opportunity for the PCs to slip up again.
Should the team persist in going around, other resistance could include a flooded river that is 8m across and
filled with hatching Blood Flyers. Or, the PCs might spot a
camp of 30+3d6 Reptilius warriors who seem to be observing the smoking mound in the middle of the lake, while another option is that they come to a solid concrete wall that
stretches from the lake and runs 500+2d100m off into the
swamp, is slick with mold and moss, and towers 30+d20m
in any given spot. On the top of the ancient wall, strung between the rusted rebar shafts, are spider webs (2d4 rubble
spiders control this area, with one of the giant spiky arachnids standing on the edge looking down at the PCs).

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Yes, this is what is called railroading in role-playing
game terms, but to flesh out every potential option available here is impossible and would make this adventure
three hundred pages longer.
If the characters decide to turn back and try the walkway to reach the mound, see page 73, Entry MM-26. On
the other hand, wherever they are at, they might elect to
wade through the putrid waters to the walkway or mound,
If so, see entry MM-25, below.

Entry MM-25 Wade Through the Lake: Characters who

chose this option are clearly brave, either that or have low intelligence scores. Read:
Even before you step out into the muddy, weed and bug
infested waterway, you see that here and there large creatures surface from the cloudy depths to feed on bugs,
birds and other small creatures, while the occasional
blood flyer rises up from rubble, rotting log, or tombstonelike wedge of rusty metal.

It is about three hundred meters to the rubble hill
in the middle of the lake, although the raised walkway is
much closer to you.

Proceeding, you pick your way forward, feeling the
bottom with either a stick, spear shaft or shuffling along
with your feet. It seems that the lake has filled in a vast
flat concrete rooftop, parking level or some other flat surface, although old stairwells, collapsed areas and access
holes are soon discovered. Following the lead digger, you
make your way through the waist deep swamp water.

GM: Each PC must roll for an event while the team wades
forward, the events occurring minutes apart. Also use these
events if the characters step off the walkway.
Table MM-3 Wading through the Swamp Lake


Note: Any result with an asterisk beside the number can only occur
once, so re roll these special duplicated results

2*. Read: You kick a large, fleshy form beneath the surface and all at once, the lake water next to you explodes
as a five headed, giant worm lurches up four meters in
the air, blotting out whatever sunlight gleams through
the early afternoon sky. The thing bellows and uses one
head to bite at you while the rest turn away as the creature begins to veer away.
GM: This Hydra worm is well fed and makes only one
bite attack out of fear, and will not engage the characters
further. It will, however, swim in a circle around the PCs,
keeping back thirty meters and making a wake in the water as it goes. In time, it vanishes down some deeper hole
in the lake bottom.
Worm, hydra worm: DV 0/ END 50 body and

10+d20 per head/ MV 5m/ Init. -1/ Attacks: 5 bites (5

heads)/ SV 01-60/ DMG d10 each/STR 43/AG 31/ACC
44/INT 4/WL 19/PER 43/ Valuables: nil/ EFs 95/ Morale: firm/ Size 4.4m/ 680kg/ Mutations: nil.

3. Read: The submerged floor beneath you gives way and

you drop down through a cavity in the lake bottom!
GM: Any character behind the PC can make an agility

Muddy Mayhem


based type B hazard check to try and catch the falling

PC before he or she goes under, otherwise, the PC sinks
down either treading water if able and not too heavily armored. However, if the digger is wearing part plate armor,
or being a cyborg with the implant Armor Enhancement,
then the PC sinks down 2d6 meters into a blast hole.
Drowning, the character takes d6 endurance stun damage per round, although each round he or she can try and
claw upward if making a strength based type D hazard
check and pulling him or herself out of the hole and back
to the surface and safety. If succumbing to drowning, the
PC will add his or her bones to the vast collection already
present deep in the underground parkade below.
4. Read: You step on something meaty and powerful beneath you and some appendage of the creature smacks
you so hard it knocks you off your feet and beneath the surface of the water. Whatever it was, it doesnt attack you.

5. Read: A blood flyer comes zig-zagging across the surface of the lake from well over a dozen meters away. You
see the giant mosquito coming at you and have time to
either shoot it or prepare some weapon.
GM: If using guns or other loud attack modes, any defenders of the mound might hear the report. Blood flyer
stats bottom of list, next page.
6. Read: Far off to one side, along the shore and hundreds
of metes away, you happen to see what you thought was
an elongated chunk of rubble as it slips away and enter
the lake, vanishing beneath the surface.
GM: This is actually a large mutant alligator that had
been resting on the shore. For whatever reason, it decides to return to the water, either to investigate the human travelers, or merely hunt fish.
7. Read: You think you hear old world rock and roll music
carried on the wind, but then it fades away as the rain
picks up and drowns out any sounds from afar.
8. Read: You step on something squishy underfoot which
seems to pop. Several bubble float up about you and as
they burst, they give off a nasty, nose hair curling stench.
9. Read: A blood flyer high above your team begins to
corkscrew down toward you, being about forty meters up
when you first see it.
GM: Blood flyer stats next page. Any gunshots may
alert those inhabiting the rubble mound.
10. Read: Far to the west, circling low over the treetops
and broken spires of moss covered ruins, you see the
shape of a large winged reptile. The creature seems to
be circling well away from the lake area and either hasnt
spotted your team yet, or isnt interested in you.
11*. Read: You snag your foot in something beneath the
water and feel the blockage crack and snap as you shake it

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

free. Amid the turbulence, silt and dead weeds that churn
up beneath you, you see a humanoid rib cage momentarily
float up to the surface. Attached to the spine is the elongated, toothy skull of some sort of reptilian humanoid.
12*. Read: You pass a wedge of rubble sticking up out of
the lake. What at first looked like sticks and gray weeds is
actually a small, desiccated gray humanoid whose flesh has
mostly been eaten away leaving raw bones. Several vultures
sit on the top of the wedge, while about the neck of the skullock is a wooden sign with crude writing carved into it. If the
character can read, it states Tr8tur to Lord Kanes Will.
Insect, blood flyer: DV 0 ground or -10 air/ END
4+d4/ MV 1 or 8m flying/ Init. -1/ Attacks: 1/ SV 01-36/
DMG d3/STR 3/AG 16/ACC 22/INT 2/WL 24/PER 13/

Valuables: nil/ EFs 5/ Morale: firm/ Size 50cm/ 2.1kg/

Mutations: nil/ NOTE: On a successful strike, a blood

Flyer has attached itself to the flesh of a victim, and will

bloat itself on blood automatically (for d3 END DMG)
each round up to a maximum of 16 endurance points
ingested before detaching and flying off, half speed.

After crossing the open water of the lake, and approaching the island-like mound, the PCs come to the raised walkway as it nears the mound and can climb up onto it and
advance. They have bypassed one serious peril by taking
the risky move of wading, thus
advance them to Entry MM-21,
The Watchers, on page 74.

Entry MM-26 The Walkway:

The raised, single file catwalk

seems to lead up and over fallen slabs and pillars of concrete
weaving its way between insect
covered, filthy looking pools. If
the characters decide to continue
following the trail they encounter
trouble twice. Incident one happens at location 26 on the Map
MM-2, found on page 112.
Read to players:
So far youve avoided attracting any attacks by the
frequently seen giant mosquitoes, but after traveling
about fifty meters along the
recently made, lopsided and
crude walkway, your lead
adventurer stops and points
twenty meters ahead. A large
alligator lays across the catwalk, sunning itself. Nearby
is the bloated, half eaten
corpse of a skullock, floating
face down in the water.

Muddy Mayhem


On closer inspection, the gator is quite clearly mutated, having six legs, an elongated, heavier jaw and
extra thick plates along its back and sides. The brute
s mouth is open and small birds move within its jaws,
picking at scraps of meat from the animals gums.
This gator, called Grumpus by the local peskies, has
been living in this swamp long before the characters were
born, and is highly territorial and will not move for the PCs
as they approach. Kane feeds traitors to it, but so too, the
beast takes the occasional skullock who falls behind any
If shot at with ranged weapons and it suffers any
damage, Grumpus will roar and slip into the water with a
splash, submerge and vanish for 3d6 rounds. The water
is a shallow, yet filled with the moving shapes of fish, eels
and large water bugs, as well as deep square shaped
depressions. The gator hides in one of these dark pits,
in the cavity of an old office, and waits alongside the trail
for the PCs to walk by, attacking a random PC. Any strike
on a PC that inflicts more than 15 points damage means
the gator has managed to grab and yank the PC off the
catwalk and pull him or her under.
Besides drowning (Quick Start Drowning Rule: the PC
takes d6 stun damage per round, and when reaching zero

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

or less endurance blacks out and goes limp and on his
or her way to death, although if rescued before drowning,
the subject recovers all these specific stun points within
five minutes), the gator will make a death roll, trying to
shred the victim. A death roll allows the gator to automatically make its bite attack damage each round until
either the PCs is dead and torn asunder, or the character
(or comrades shooting from the surface or diving into the
waist deep water to engage the gator in melee) inflict 10
or more points damage on the animal. At any time, if this
old beast takes 30 or more points of damage in total, it
will call off the hunt and flee to some deep waterhole to
recover itself, only reemerging at the GMs discretion, at
some entertaining, climactic point in the adventure.

Muddy Mayhem


incoming missile weapon fire due to the cover and concealment they employ.
The old bolt action 30-06 is not included in the relics
shown in the quick start rules, nor hub rules, however its stats
are as follows: SV (strike value) bonus to shooter +5, or +15
if taking careful aim and using two rounds to properly lead
the target. Damage d20+15, range 500m, or 501 to 1000m
long range at a strike value penalty of -50% and half damage
on a hit) rate 1 shot per turn (or once every second round if
aiming carefully), value if sold in town 1000+d1000sp, so
long as it comes with at least three rounds of ammo. Spare
30-06 rounds can sell for 40+d100sp each.

Grumpus Gator Alligator, large: DV -20/ END

30+2d20 (67 endurance)/ MV 4m land, 9m water/ Init.
+0/ Attacks: bite/ SV 01-65/ DMG d20+10/ STR 80/AG
32/ACC 29/INT 6 /WL 22/PER 25/ Valuables: skin 1sp
per END pt/ EFs 30/ Morale: fair/ Size 3-4m/ 410kg/
Mutations: 6 legs (+2m move), elongated, heavier jaw
(+5 DMG extra) and extra thick plates along its back and
Entry MM-27 The Watchers: At location 27 on the Map

MM-2, found on page 112. A skullock sniper team is concealed high up on a wedge of sheered off concrete, amid
moss, brambles and the rusted spires of rebar. The pair
of skullocks have been told to watch for a counter strike
by local reptilius, who control the whole swamp and aim
to wipe out Kane and his followers.
These two watchers are somewhat surprised to see
the characters approaching and at first mistake the PCs
for mercenaries which Kane has sent for. As the PCs
dont match the descriptions of the mercs, the skullock
decide to open fire on the PCs when they are 100 meters
away and at the X symbol on the GMs map and alert
those within the mound of the intrusion. One pesky has
a beat up old relic bolt action hunting rifle that he will
use as soon as his observer who watches the catwalk
with a pair of binoculars, sees the PCs come into view.
The shooter will take an extra round to aim carefully and
ensure a hit, targeting the first intruder in the PC marching order to gain +10 SV (but shooting every 2nd round
instead of once per round).
The rusted rifle has no scope, but rests on a crossbrace of metal to help steady the weapon for long shots.
The 30-06 has a five shot magazine, fully loaded, while
the bigger of the two skullies who wields the rifle carries
an old freezer bag filled with 3d6 spare 30-06 cartridges.
Both skullocks are in their typical junk armor, but wear
clumps of grass, vines and other vegetation to help conceal themselves. Both carry machetes and knives as
back up weapons and use a knotted rope to get up or
down from the fifteen meter tall protrusion.
Once they shoot their weapon, each PC is allowed a
type B perception based hazard check to spot the muzzle
flash and thereafter detect where the sniper hide is located. They enjoy a -10 DV ( Defense Value) bonus from

Skullock Sniper Team: DV -22 in cover, normal -12/

END 10+d20 (20 and 30 for shooter)/ MV 7m/ Init. +1/
Attacks: 1 weapon/ SV 01-50 (30-06 rifle +5 SV, carefully aimed +15: SV 01-65)/ DMG d12 javelin or d8 knife or
d20+15 with bolt action rifle/ STR 24/ AG 33/ ACC 30/

INT 2d6/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 3d6/ Valuables: VP (very

poor)/ EFs 20/ Morale: average/ Size 1.3m tall/ 50kg/
Mutations: nil

GM note: Any shooting taking place in the area will alert

the occupants of the mounds entrance that invaders
have discovered their base, and some peskies (another
name for skullocks) will be on their guard. Should the
character somehow not take fire from the skullock sniper, or avoid using loud attack modes themselves to reach
the entrance of the mound, then the GM will have to adjust the preparedness of any defenders.

Main Level Areas of the Mound

Entry MM-M1 Entrance Cavern

After advancing up the zig-zagging pathway along

the west side of the rubble mound, you eventually
come to the end of the trail. The cliff-like faces of
old concrete walls block any further access upward or to either side, and before you is a mesh of

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

woven wires which form a easily opened screen.

On the ground to either side are dozens of fish
bones along with the freshly killed remains of at
least a dozen giant mosquitoes. Here, the tunnel
enters a crudely cut hole that slopes downward
into darkness. Mangled steel, pipes, wires, and
crushed concrete form the walls of this circular
cavern, which is roughly two meters in diameter.
Although the junk is hundreds of years old, the excavation here looks very recent, with a total lack
of cobwebs, moss, or gathered dust and weeds so
typical of most holes in the new era.
If the characters somehow eliminated or bypassed
the skullock snipers in entry 27, and avoided the use
of loud attack modes when dealing with blood flyers or
other adversaries, then no alarm has been sounded and
no skullocks will be on duty here. The unit noted below
will instead be lounging in the guard room at entry M2.
Should shooting or other loud noises have transpired
out in the swamp, including gunfire when dealing with
blood flyers or the mutant gator, then defenders will
come from the guard room to investigate the commotion.
Roll d6 to see which guard unit appears, with the unit being 3 meters inside the entrance cavern, standing in the
shadows. Any PCs to come up the trail will have been observed, and these peskies will be waiting in ambush and
get +4 to their d10 initiative roll (skullocks incidentally
have an initiative of +1 already so roll d10+5 for these
Table MM-4 Entrance Guardian

55/ MV 4m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: 6 machetes/ SV 01-60/

DMG d12 +1 each/ STR 24/
AG 33/ ACC 30/ INT 2d6/
WL 40/ PER 45/ App 3d6/
Valuables: A pouch containing 3d6 silver coins
minted in the Dominion of Aberratia, an unopened bottle of Overpass Vodka, 3d6 standard
pistol rounds and an antitoxin injector / EFs 20/
Morale: average/ Size
1.3m tall/ 50kg/
Mutations: 6 arms/
ambidextrous/ shell

Follow-up: Once any guards are dealt with in the entrance cavern, the PCs may proceed down the 24m long
passage. Read to players here:
The crude cut, circular tunnels begins to give way
to an ancient concrete corridor, stretching six meters due east and being three meters wide and tall.
Shredded nylon carpet covers the floor, along with
dried mud, fish bones, and scraps of old paper
with faded images and text on them. The corridor
is lit by a single electric bulb that has been recently
screwed into a crack in the ceiling, and powered
by freshly added extension cords which run along
the floor and come from around the bend in the
hall. The hall ahead of you ends in a frosted glass
door, although also continues to the right, heading
south giving you two options.

1,2. A single skullock with a pump shotgun loaded with

d8 shells. He is accompanied by his pet mutant dog
which has two heads and so bites twice per round.

ACC 30/ INT 12/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 9/ Valuables: VP

(very poor)/ EFs 30/ Morale: average/ Size 1.4m tall/
60kg/ Mutations: nil

Two headed mutant dog: DV -10/ END 24/

MV 9m/ Init. +0/ Attacks: 2 bites/ SV 01-60/ DMG d12
each/ STR 23/AG 38/ACC 48/INT 7/WL 38/PER 39/

Valuables: nil/ EFs 18/ Morale: firm/ Size 1.6m/ 30kg/

Mutations: 2 heads
3,4. Three skullocks armed with bows and sheathed machetes. They will fire their bows at the first two people
to look in the cavern, then throw down their bows and
charge, drawing their machetes.
Skullocks (3): DV -12/ END 18, 22, 28/ MV 7m/

If the characters investigate the glass door, see area

M2 below, however if they ignore it and move south along
the hall, it goes anther six meters before extending east
fifteen meters to a smashed open, rusted security door.
See Area M3, page 76.

Entry MM-M2 Guard Room: Read to players:

The Frosted glass door is stained with rust and
mold, as well as small, human-like hand prints
made from dried blood, grease, and mud. Besides
a low steady purple light, the flicker of a small
flame can be seen through the glass, but no other

Init. +1/ Attacks: bow or machete/ SV 01-50/ DMG

bow d12, machete d12+1/ STR 24/ AG 33/ ACC 30/

INT 2d6/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 3d6/ Valuables: VP

(very poor)/ EFs 20/ Morale: average/ Size 1.3m tall/
50kg/ Mutations: nil


5,6. A mutated skullock with six arms, bone plated hide,

and huge, hunched body. This brute attacks with six machete attacks per round.
Skullock with 6 arms
and shell: DV -30/ END

Roll d6 for Guardian

Skullock with shotgun: DV -12/ END 26/ MV

7m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: shotgun or knife/ SV Shotgun 0170/ DMG 3d10 shotgun or d8 knife/ STR 24/ AG 33/

Muddy Mayhem

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

If the characters push open the unlocked door, read on:
You see a 6m deep by 9m wide room. The Place is
filled with old office furniture and the remains of
several computer monitors, keyboards and small
black cups. A printer lays on its side in one corner,
smashed and covered in cobwebs, fish bones and
dust, while in another corner, surrounded by tattered office chairs is a campfire. The blaze is fed
from a stack of faded documents, brochures and
small paper stubs stowed in large blue plastic bins.
The fire itself is burning in a steel barrel connected
to an over head vent and exhaust pipe that leads
up through a crack in the roof and out someplace
deep in the mound. An orange extension cord runs
along the floor and up the far wall, attached to a
bare electric bulb which illuminates the room in a
purple light.
If the PCs came upon this room without alerting the
guardians, as noted in area M1, then roll on table MM-4,
previous page, to see what guards are waiting here. Unaware of the PCs presence, they automatically loose initiative and have their backs turned, being +40 strike value
easier to hit on the first round.
If the character search this old office, they find 3d20
silver pieces worth of plastic trinkets, d6 freshly caught
mutant fish, d4 dead rats cooking on sticks, 3d6 assorted pens and pencils each selling for 5sp, and a 30cm tall
figure of an ancient deity in white, wearing sunglasses,
with dark hair and holding some sort of silver communicator. For any character who can read, the tiny plaque
at the bottom of the figure reads ELVIS. Statue worth
The computers here are all destroyed beyond repair.
The ticket stubs and brochures show imagery of the same
white clad figure as the statue and for those PCs who can
read, the faded text tells of the Elvis Presley Theme park,
the stubs being tickets.

Entry MM-M3 West Hall: Read to players:

This hall runs straight east for fifteen meters. It is
lit by a single flickering blue electric light hanging
from a crudely fashioned outlet on the left side
of the wall. Like the previous passage, extension
cords and recently added wiring run along the
floor and ceiling.

You can hear loud, rhythmic music from the
old world, playing a song about a hound dog.
Ahead, the corridor opens out into a large chamber. Flashing red, blue and orange lights dance
around the otherwise darkened space ahead.
There is a 3 in 6 chance that as the characters get half
way down this passage, an event occurs, if so, roll d6.
1,2. The heaviest character steps on a weak spot in the
floor and it partially collapses under them. The PC must

Muddy Mayhem


roll his or her agility trait value, or less, on a d100 or not

only fall waist deep in the jagged hole, but fail to grab hold
of the rebar and thus fall 6m down to a sealed off, half buried room in an abandoned lower level, landing on rubble
and twisted metal. For the purposes of these quick start
rules, treat the fall as an attack with an SV of 01-60 doing
d20 stun damage and d10 regular (lethal) damage.
PCs above can throw a rope down to a PC who falls
in and pull him or her up in d6 minutes (incidentally, 1
minute equals 20 rounds). If the player asks the GM if
his or her character sees a way out in the lower level, or
any valuables, explain that the doors are all collapsed
and buried, however, let a searching PC find 3d6sp worth
of bright, colored plastic and an anti-toxin injector, along
with d4 standard pistol rounds.
3,4. A mutant dog has returned from its wanderings out
on the ruin mound, and has tracked the characters unfamiliar scent to this corridor. It snarls and charges from
the bend in the hall, 6 meters away. This strange hound
has a long bladed tentacle growing from its back (treat
as second bite attack, except that it can also strike at opponents at its rear or up to 4m away.
GM note: If the PCs use firearms or employ other loud
attack modes to deal with this beast, any occupants of
the grand Lobby (area M4) will be alerted.
Dog, mutant: DV -10/ END 15+d10/ MV 9m/ Init.
+0/ Attacks: 2 bites/ SV 01-60/ DMG d12/ STR 23/AG
38/ACC 48/INT 7/WL 38/PER 39/ Valuables: nil/ EFs
18/ Morale: firm/ Size 1.6m/ 30kg/ Mutations: 4m bladed tentacle on back, treat as second bite attack.
5,6. Read: A skull faced, concrete grey colored humanoid
turns the corner up ahead and staggers into view. The thing
holds a near-empty bottle of wine and leans heavily on the
wall, observing you for a
second, making no move
to call out or go for the
machete hanging from
its belt. He squints and
begins to walk forward.
Who let youz humes in
here!? He asks. Is you
Kanes reinforcements?
This skullock is drunk
on stolen wine and
thinks the PCs might
be mercenaries that his
master has hired for extra muscle. He wipes his
toothy mouth, grins
and extends
the bottle to
in the marching order, then asks. Oh, right.
Whats da pass- word?
The password is Jail Bird Rock and lets the PCs pass
unhindered. This skully, called Bobbola, will go outside,
climb the junk hill and sleep away the rest of the day under a tree.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

If the wrong password is given, this intoxicated skullock realizes the PCs are attackers and throws the bottle at
the nearest PC, screams and if able, runs back the way he
came calling out Intruders! The PCs might kill or knock
out the skullock with ease, however, who being drunk, has
the following stats:
Drunken Skullock Bobbola: DV -12/ END

10+d20 (21) / MV 5m/ Init. -2/ Attacks: 1 weapon/ SV

01-40/ DMG d12+1 machete/ STR 24/ AG 33 (drunk

12)/ ACC 30/ INT 5/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 8/ Valuables:

VP (very poor)/ EFs 20/ Morale: average/ Size 1.3m tall/
50kg/ Mutations and Implants: nil

Muddy Mayhem


Somebody has scrawled an ink signature across

the front of the strange container, while as part of
the propped up display is an ancient machine with
a black glossy disk on it.
GM: This is a turntable with an original record on it.
Although the Album -- Elvis is Back from 1960 -- is authentic, the turntable is a retro model made in 2218 and
although looks ancient, will run on a standard power cell
for 240 hours. The record is worth 200+2d100sp, while
the portable turntable 300+3d100sp if sold to the right
collector in a larger town like Steel Hill or Overpass.

After traversing the corridor, the characters creep up

to a broken open steel door that looks like it had only
recently been disturbed as the damaged lock and hinges
reveal newly exposed, non-rusted metal.

Entry MM-M4 Grand Lobby and Elvis Gallery: Read:

Peering out from the hallway, next to a wide open, steel
security door which until recently appears to have kept
the chamber ahead of you sealed, you see a bizarre
sight. Above, from the darkened, metal and wire fixtures on the ceiling, flash an array of red, orange and
blue strobe lights which turn, spin and aim about in
different direction, seeming to change with the beat of
the ancient music. You hear the lyrics of a man singing You aint nothin but a hound dog, Cryin all the
time, Well, you aint never caught a rabbit, And you
aint no friend of mine.

On a raised platform is a dancing, strutting man
in a white old world outfit, complete with bell bottom
pants and gem studded, tasseled jacket that is open
at the front. The singer holds a mic and belts out the
tunes. You notice that lights pass right through him as
he sings and struts. About him, on the raised, central
stage are empty bottles of wine and beer, some broken, other tipped over. Animal bones litter the entire
area, and along the walls are dozens of screens showing the same man, although in different costumes and
body shapes, singing before unbelievably large and
enthusiastic crowds.

The music in the chamber is deafeningly loud to
your unaccustomed ears, and you now doubt that anybody within that area, or the five yet unexplored exits
doors which lead off of the 9m wide by 24m long gallery, could have heard any gun shots from outside the
mound or even in the entrance areas.

If the PCs wish to loot this area, read here:

As your eyes adjust to the lights, you notice several cabinets along the walls, all of them glass
and most of them smashed open. Whatever was
in them has long since been stolen. In one cabinet, however, you see a large square of card stock
with a faded picture of the man seen everywhere.

The PCs will also find a stash of d4+2 bottles of red wine
from a place called Sea Home (Crossroads Region Gazetteer page 74), each worth 25sp, as well as an 8 litre keg of
beer brewed back home in Sandbarra worth 60+d20sp
While looting this area, there is a chance that several
skullocks show up, turning the far south eastern corner
from an open corridor. Due to the noise of the music, they
are entirely shocked to see the characters and roll initiative
at d10 -3 instead of d10+1. This unit numbers one skullock
per player character and are all armed with machetes, except for one who hangs back and fires a relic.
Roll d6 for the relic this one uses, with the stats of
the weapon while deployed by this skullock shown.

1,2. Auto Pistol Ammo: 10+d10 rounds of pistol ammo.

(SV 01-62, Rate 2, Damage d20, range 250m)
3,4. Pump Shotgun Ammo: 4+d4 shot shells (SV 01-70,
rate 1, Damage 3d10 but can attack up to 3 people if
grouped together, range 30m)

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

5,6. Stun Pistol Ammo: Power cell yields 20+d20 shots
(SV 01-65, rate 1, damage 2d20 stun, range 200m)
Skullocks (1 per PC): DV -12/ END 10+d20 (leader
with relic has 30 END) / MV 7m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: 1
weapon/ SV 01-50/ DMG d12+1 machete/ STR 24/ AG

33/ ACC 30/ INT 2d6/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 3d6/ Valuables: VP (very poor)/ EFs 20/ Morale: average/ Size
1.3m tall/ 50kg/ Mutations and Implants: nil

Entry MM-M5 Gift Shop: Read:

The Door to this room is made of frosted glass, although stained with rust and smears of a dark red color. Within, you can see jumbled shapes and a single,
flickering greenish light on the far wall. It looks to be a
large, square space, so too, the door has no lock on it
and can merely be pushed inward. What do you do?
GM: This is the Elvis Presley Museums Gift shop, although the skullocks have converted it into a sleeping
den. Theyve used old clothing as bedding and books,
posters and gift cards as fire starter.
Read to players from here:
As you step in, looking left and right cautiously, you
see that this area has been turned into some sort of
sleeping area, as hundreds of T-shirts, hoodies, sweat
shirts and even a few tattered leather jackets have
been spread out into sleeping mats, the garments
now torn and filthy. Here and there, stacks of torn
posters, cards and books lay in a heap next to a smoldering fire pit. The smoke from the cooling fire wafts
up through a ripped open section of ceiling and exits
out a ventilation pipe. The only light in here is a single
green orb hanging on the far wall, which flickers as
the power supply fades and then returns in fits.

To one side, four bald headed, gray skinned
humanoids are stretched out, all of them showing bloody wounds under badly wrapped bandages
made from T-shirt material. Only one, a female who
has a black feathered arrow still stuck in her upper
chest, tries to sit up upon seeing you, raising a hand
out and saying Water, please hume.
This pesky female is in a bad way and if given water, or
better yet, administration by the mutation Heal Touch should
any character possess it, she will revive somewhat and hold
up both hands in surrender. She wears a blood soaked black
tank top, hole riddled yoga pants, and carries no weapons. If
not threatened or beaten or abused in any way, she will say
the following to the characters. Read here:
Holla, dem calls me Kallaxi. No fight youz. Surrender
I did. Not wanna be here, serving Kane. He liar and
murderer. Him just wants hume borgy woman from
ville he disrespect Catwalk Collette, and banish

Muddy Mayhem


her she who be our true mistress. You promise let

me go and I tell youz where to find Kane and the
hume strap on chick. Yes?

If the characters agree to spare her life, she will relate
the following. Read:
The wounded she-skullock says that Kane led Catwalk Collette to the swamps from the great forest to
the north, with the promise of riches and the expansion of Collettes fathers territory. Kane had been
Collettes mate, up
until he stole a cyborg
woman from the village
where the generator
was taken. He aimed to
keep her as a second
wife, but Collette would
have none of it, and in
an argument after the
raid on the village, he
beat Collette and sent
her into the swamp.

Several warriors
who spoke up against
Kane were hanged or shot on the spot. Most of the
skullocks, being from a different family than Catwalk Colettes and eager for loot and to start their
own skullock clan, followed the half breed, Kane.
They were ambushed several times on the way to the
mound by local lizard boys, who presently seem to be
gathering in ever greater numbers. Now, distrustful
of all, Kane has taken the prisoner to the upper floor,
trying to sing God-Elvis to her and make her his new
The other three skullocks seem near death and dont
regain consciousness during this discussion. Nearby are
d6 machetes and d6 javelins, plus d6 bows, each with a
quiver of 20 arrows. If the PCs ask about defenders or
traps, etc., read this to the players:
She will say that there is some sort of robotic gun
at the south hall heading to the old shaft, but never seen it operational in the week that they have
been staying in the mound. Although, now that
the stolen generator is providing power to the ruin,
anything is possible. As for what is upstairs, she
has never been trusted with joining Kanes most
loyal, handpicked warriors above. She says to not
open the steel plate in the south room, and to the
north, the dogs are kept hungry, and any skullock
who dies, is fed to the hounds.
Kallaxi is too wounded to help fight beside the characters, and may not really want to be seen associating with
them. If given healing, or her wounds tended to, she will
at least live, and get up, gathering a bow, quiver of arrows
and travel pack and make her way out of the mound to try

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

and reunite with Catwalk Collette, her true leader. If given
any food, a water skin or extra items to aid in her survival,
she will offer one more bit of advice in thanks, saying:
Kallaxi, owe you, and say that if you meet my mistress, a tall tattooed Skully with long silver hair.
To call a truce, offer wine or food, and mebbe youz
works together against Kane and his ass clowns.
Do that soon, too, as the lizard boy army comin.
As for valuables in the room, the characters will find
3d6 music disks featuring the entire life time works of Elvis Presley (both his music and movies, worth 20+d20sp
each), along with 3d6 Elvis T-shirts of wearable condition.
If washed, these will fetch d20+10sp each. Well hidden
in a toppled clerks desk at a digital payment kiosk, in a
false drawer that is cracked and reveals a secret compartment odds of spotting this are slight, with each player who
declares his or her character is searching for valuables allowed a type E perception based hazard check to notice it.
Inside is a fully loaded automatic pistol
and spare, full, 20 round magazine.

Entry MM-M6 North Hall: Read:

A rusty, crudely fashioned chain link
door blocks this darkened north
bound, three meter wide and tall passage. A simple metal latch is all that
holds the newly inserted door in place.
Opening it, you view a twenty meter
long, cracked and rubble littered corridor. Freshly gnawed bones of large
fish and small humanoids also lay
along the length. Ahead, your lights
reveal a heavy, steel braced iron door.
Beneath the door a blue light can be
seen gleaming through the crack.
See Entry MM-M7, below, if the characters decide to
investigate his well sealed door.

Entry MM-M7 Collapsed North Room: Read:

The door here is shut and braced. You see a faint
blue light flickering from a centimeter wide gap
along the floor. For an instant, a shadow moves
across the light within, revealing that someone or
something is locked within. What do you do?
If the PCs choose to back away from this mysterious
room, they may do so, but, if they decide to open it up,
the brace bar weighs twenty kilograms and not easily
hefted by anyone of 20 or less strength (who must make
a type D strength based hazard check to do so without
dropping the bar on their foot and inflicting d3 damage
to themselves). PCs of over 20 strength can lift and set
aside the braces without making a noise.

Muddy Mayhem


Read to players:
Pulling open the heavy door reveals a large, partially
collapsed ancient room filled with warehouse shelving. The place is illuminated by a row of fluorescent
overhead lights five meters up on the high, cracked
ceiling. The room is shadowing, rubble fills the back
half only 9 meters away, although the room is wide
and in total runs 21 meters east and west. The four
metal shelves are stacked high with plastic drums,
crates and deteriorating wood-fiber boxes. All across
the floor are sheets of plastic bubble wrap, foam
packing peanuts, and the bones of fish and small,
toothy jawed humanoids. There is a grunt, a growl,
and a snort, and between the shelves emerge four
muscular, cruel looking mutant pit bulls. Drool
seeps from their mangled, misshapen faces as they
appraise you, cocking their heads and whimpering
slightly, each taking a step closer.
The PCs have found the kennel,
as well as where Kane and his loyalists dispatch troublesome traitors
who either dont follow orders or are
known supporters of Catwalk Collette. The four dogs, seeing that the
characters are armed and not their
usual handlers, snarl and lunge forward.
The PCs, if thinking quick, can
leap back and slam the door shut
again, trying to brace it in time. If
the characters attempt this maneuver, allow the player of the character
who first suggested the deed to roll
his characters agility or less on a
20+d20 roll to accomplish the task.
Failure results in the dogs smashing
open the door and getting among
the characters in melee range.

Each has a different mutations:

Brown and white dog: Endurance 62/ Mutation:

Body Disproportion (has more endurance)
Black and white dog: Endurance 23/ Mutation:
Body Regeneration Heals 1 endurance point per round
All black dog: Endurance 21/ Mutation: Paralysis
Tendrils (3m long, 4 tendrils, SV 01-70, DMG d12 stun)
Bone plated dog: Endurance 25/ Mutation: Shell, DV
-30, but -1m move (now 8m per round).
Dogs, mutant (4): DV -10 or -30 for bone plated
dog/ END by dog (see above)/ MV 9m or 8m/ Init. +0/ Attacks: 1/ SV 01-60/ DMG d12/ STR 23/AG 38/ACC 48/
INT 7/WL 38/PER 39/ Valuables: nil/ EFs 18/ Morale:
firm/ Size 1.6m/ 30kg/ Mutations: As noted above.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

If defeating Kanes pets, the characters can waste
time looting the old warehouse. They soon find that the
skullocks, or previous inhabitants of the mound, have already rooted through the place, yet none too carefully.
Each PC who searches finds something of value or utility,
roll d20, re-rolling duplicated results:
Table MM-5 Warehouse Loot table

d20 once per PC

1. Small iron box with locked latches. If broken open reveals faded banking documents, tickets to a starship voyage to an off-world colony, plus a fully loaded automatic
pistol with spare 20 round magazine and nylon underarm concealing holster.
2. Tube of 3d6 old world silver rounds (coins) each 1 ounce
buffalo coin is worth 5 currently minted silver coins.
3. Solar powered E-Reader, loaded with 400+d1000 old
world fantasy and science fiction titles, worth 300+d100sp
4. Anti-toxin Injector
5. ID Card with auto-response chip*
6. Solar powered calculator, bright pink, worth 30+2d20sp
7. Drained power cell
8. Rifle cartridge
9. Thirty centimeter (1 foot) tall bronze statue of an ancient man in fancy clothes holding a guitar (Elvis Presley)
worth 20+d20sp to an uneducated relic buyer in Sandbarra, but in a large town like Overpass or Steel Hill, to
somebody who recognizes the remarkable treasure, will
fetch 300+d100sp
10. Shotgun shell
11. Box of 3d6 small, hand painted 10cm tall Elvis action
figures, each worth 20sp
12. Pistol cartridge
13. Case of 6d6 Elvis Presley chewing gum packs. Each
pack worth 5sp.
14. Air tight, poly sealed case of 200+d100 Historical Brochures of somebody called Elvis Presley. These full color
tri-fold brochures will fetch a silver coin each back home.
15. White, tasseled leather jacket complete with fake, glittery jewels. If worn as armor will improve wearers defense

Muddy Mayhem


value by -5 and can be worn over other armor, yet slow the
PC by -0.25m movement. Worth 50+d100sp if sold.
16. Magazine for an automatic pistol with d20 rounds loaded
17. Box of 3d6 black nylon Elvis Presley Wigs, each worth
18. Sealed stack of 3d6 mini-music disks. Each disc contains the entire lifetime recordings and movies of somebody called Elvis Presley. Each disc worth 20+d20sp in a
large town like Steel Hill, or d12sp in Sandbarra.
19. Magazine for an assault rifle loaded with 3d10 rounds
20. Fragmentation grenade
*Relevant when entering Entry MM-U8-C, page 94 . Light Combot wont
shoot this PC nor harm him or her in any way.

Entry MM-M8 Collapsed South Room: Read to players:

The door to this space is broken outward and reveals
a 18m long by roughly six meter wide room, although
along the entire east side the wall is collapsed and
tons of rubble and gravel fill the space. At the far end
you see that the floor is covered in sheet metal and
weighted down by hundreds of kilograms of concrete
rubble and iron beams. Even from where you stand,
you can hear something beneath the metal scraping and clawing at the blockage. There appears to
be nothing of value here, although fish bones and
reeking heaps of feces dot the floor.
Should the characters be reckless enough to pull
away the blockage and free whatever lies beneath, roll
d6 to see what emerges:
1,2. An Albino, subterranean garnock with two heads,
which will devour any PC it can catch.
3,4. 4d6 Reptilius warriors armed with clubs. They intend to claim the mound as it is deep in their territory.
They will not discriminate between killing and cooking
humans or skullocks wherever they can be found.
5,6. A Hydra worm, which will slither into every area of
this floor and eats anyone it can catch, making this level
its new lair and laying 3d6 eggs that very night.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Entry MM-M9 Elvis Karaoke Bar:
Read to players:

The rock and roll music and hologram of the ancient singer continue to blare and flash behind you
as you approach this grease and blood stained,
glass door. Within you see the same man on a
screen at the far end of a gently, downward sloping, 18m long by 12m wide hall. Within, meter tall
words in the old language flash across the screen
above the man, with a bouncing yellow ball touching each word.

You realize that the words the man sings are a
match to the written ones. You also notice that the
place is full of dozens of young pure stock humans,
mostly females, all in white or plaid shirts, red lipstick and flowing skirts or blue jeans. They dance
and cheer and sway, all facing the stages, and so
too, all slightly ghostly and see-through. They do not
take any notice of you standing outside looking in.
GM: Have each character roll a perception based
type B hazard check, with the first successful characters
noticing something odd amid the holograms, if so, pick or
roll d6, with only one outcome being present:
1,2. There are d4+2 skullock warriors crouched down
and along the walls, each armed with a crossbow and
aiming at the entrance and ready to shoot the first PC
who walks in.
If the PCs dont notice these warriors, and decide not
to enter the karaoke hall, then these zealots of Kane will
emerge behind the characters as soon as they start up
the Long Hall (Entry MM-M10) and fire on them once the
remote turret comes into action. Should the PCs have
seen the peskies, then they can either back off and wait
for the skullocks to charge out, or shoot through the glass
door. The door is heavy plate glass and while crossbow
bolts and arrows wont do more than
scratch it, relic bullets or musket shot will
shatter it and allow an exchange of missile weapons to take place thereafter.
Skullock (d4+2): DV -12/ END

10+d20/ MV 7m/ Init. +1/ Attacks:

crossbow and machete/ SV crossbow
01-58, machete 01-50/ DMG crossbow
d20+1, machete d12+1/ STR 24/ AG

33/ ACC 30/ INT 2d6/ WL 40/ PER 45/

App 3d6/ Valuables: VP (very poor)/ EFs
20/ Morale: average/ Size 1.3m tall/
50kg/ Mutations: nil.
3,4. There are several (d4+3) green and
yellow skinned, horn headed lizard men
tied to the south wall, hands above their
heads, and ankles tied to their slithering, spiky tails. They seem to have been
beaten badly and many have bleeding
wounds which seep onto the floor.
If the characters enter and try to
converse with the reptilius, they do not

Muddy Mayhem


speak human and merely snarl at the PCs. If freed, they

will rub their ankles and wrists and do nothing until the
last of them is freed, and thereupon, attack the characters with their toothy jaws, fighting to the death.
Reptilius (d4+3): DV -12/ END normally 12+d12,

but these are wounded and so have 3d6 endurance

each/ MV 7m or swim 6m/ Init. +0/ Attacks: bite or by
weapon/ SV 01-50/ DMG bite d6/STR 22/AG 43/ACC

34/INT 8+d8/WL 32/PER 21/ Valuables: nil/ EFs 12/

Morale: firm/ Size 1.4m/55 kg/ Mutations: nil
5,6. Read: One of the young woman is not dancing, nor
dressed like the others. She lays on her side on the floor
dressed in a leather skirt and tank top, her hands and
ankles bound in rope. Bruising is visible on her bare legs
and arms. She faces away from you, her long blonde hair
a tangled mess about her head.
GM: If PCs go in and check on the figure, they find that
the person is a young pure stock woman who if shaken, will
revive and flinch in terror upon seeing the characters. If not
harmed, she sits up and asks who the characters are and if
theyre Kanes reinforcements. If the characters explain who
they really are, and why they have come, read to players:
The woman, calling herself Maria, is from Steel Hill,
the sole survivor of a flotilla of cargo rafts heading
up to Sandbarra. She says they were attacked by
an armored, unique looking barge commanded by
Kane, who, along with his skullocks in other rafts canoes, ambushed her group, killed many of her clan
members and took her as a personal slave. She
says Kane has been trying to get her to go steady
with him, and made her dance and sing Elvis Presley
with him late into the night. She adds that a female
skullock was with the half breed raider boss, and the
female was very jealous and came and beat and humiliated her when Kane wasnt around.

GM: Maria is weak and unable to
fight, but will beg to accompany the characters as they explore the mound and try
to defeat Kane. Maria doesnt care for
anything beyond revenge and seeing both
Kane and Catwalk Collette murdered for
the mistreatments they showed her. She
will steal a knife, or any other small weapon
and conceal it on herself until such a time
as she can run the blade through the eye
socket or heart of any one of the two who
so abused her. She also detests skullocks,
and will seek to slay them under any circumstances.

Maria, Commoner Woman: DV -3 /

END 15+d20 (wounded 15)/ MV 4m / Init.
+0 / Attacks: fist or knife / SV 01-50 / DMG
fist d6 stun, knife d8 / STR 18 / AG 32 /

ACC 29 / INT 38 / WL 62 / PER 24 / App 39

/ Valuables: nil / EFs 13 / Morale: Average /
Size 1.5m / 60 kg / Mutations: nil

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Entry MM-M10 Long Hall: Read to players:
The corridor before you is about forty meters long
and ends in a closed, heavy looking metal door.
About twenty four meters up and on the right is
a gap in the wall as if another side corridor leads
off of the passage. Beyond that, 36 meters from
where you stand, up on the right wall near the roof,
is a sleek, black relic weapon turret hanging from
the ceiling. A short barrel is aimed your way, a tiny
green blinking light visible on the underside of the
ancient unit.
Dry Ice, billowing in from the main Elvis gallery, rolls
along the floor and may reveal something to the characters. Allow the first two characters in the marching order
a type B perception based hazard check. If they are successful, one or both PCs see faint red laser beams crossing the hallway about six meters up the corridor, revealed
by the low fog that churns about the floor. Should the
characters not see these beams, and proceed, they will
step through the beams and alert whoever is controlling
the gun, who will open fire, see entry MM-M10-A, below.
If the character do see the laser beams, they can all
step over them and make their way forward unmolested,
at least until getting to Entry MM-M11, next page, where
the collapsed south hall is reached.
Alternatively, the characters can decide that theyve already made enough noise and simply take aim on the distant remote turret and open fire on it. Doing so will automatically initiate the weapons auto return fire settings and, if
surviving the first volley from the PCs, will unleash on the intruders. See Entry MM-M10-A, below, for the turrets stats.

Entry MM-M10-A, the Remote Turret: A skullock, called

Nigel who sits up in Kanes lair at a computer work station controls this gun with a joystick. He is only alerted to
the characters presence if they step through the laser
beam at the entrance to the long hall or else open fire
on the gun itself. If the gun is shot at, it automatically
returns fire long enough for the controller to either take
manual control or switch it off.

Remote turrets stats:

DV -30/
Endurance 36/
rate of fire: 1/ Strike
value 01-75/ Damage
2d20+10 STUN/ Power
supply, hooked to facility, which as the generator Smoky is
operational, is unlimited.

Anyone who succumbs to the

stun beams of this weapon will remain unconscious for 3d6 minutes
before waking but being immobilized
and useless to the team. Stun damage
heals at the characters healing rate per
hour, instead of per day, with the healing

Muddy Mayhem


rates noted on table QSR-4 Trait Value Modifiers, page 5

of the QSR or page 10 of the TME hub rules.
This weapon is a unique laser carbine, which can be
set between stun or lethal emitter modes and is currently
switched to stun mode. It has no trigger or butt which would
make it useful as a handheld weapon. If the computer and
joystick were taken, and this weapon not destroyed and
fixed to a barge or village structure, and supplied by the sort
of remarkable power that the all-fuel accepting generator
Smokey burns, it could be a devastating defensive measure to any community. To bring this back the characters
home town of Sandbarra and present it to their the Council
Directors, would make the PCs into heros, and their families debts erased their freedom assured. If the PCs destroy it, however, it is thereafter useless scrap metal.

Entry-MM-10B, the Iron Door: Read to players:

The iron clad door in front of you looks to have
been very recently repaired, as a new iron fitting
replaces what must have been a rusted away
locking mechanism. There seems to be no handle
on your side nor mechanical lock to pick. Whoever
built this was keen to see that only those on the
other side could open and close it through normal means. Of course, the old metal door could
be smashed or hacked down if a determined intruder had the time and strength.
This robust door as a tiny spy hole about a meter up
where a skullock guard on the other side could observe
who is coming and going. Due to the very recent raid on
Soggy Hearth however, the guard is upstairs celebrating
the arrival of the generator and the relic wonders it has
brought to life in the old structure.
The characters can try to either smash the door inward
with brute strength, or else commence to use old pipes,
battle axes or even shot gun blasts to try and eliminate
the lock and shove the door inward. Have them decide.
Smashing the door in, by having one or two PCs run at
it and try and shoulder it inward, is a long shot, but pos-

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

sible. Total the strength scores of a maximum of two PCs
and consult the following matrix. Each smash attempt
takes three rounds, and is noisy. The door can take 200
points of damage from smashing at it, but there is also a
percentage chance the door shatters per smash.

to Door

Chance Lock
Shattered and Door Opens




If deciding to blast or hack at the lock area, which like

the door can take 200 points of damage before breaking
inward, with one PC allowed to assault it at a time, he or
she does automatic damage upon it each round.
Once the door is open, see entry MM-M12, this page.

Entry MM-M11 Collapsed South Hall:

Read to Players:

On your right, you see a short, collapsed hall running about nine meters due south. It appears that
somebody has jammed heaps of rusted metal,
cinder blocks and other debris in this corridor very
recently, as there is an absence of fungus, mold or
dust on the blockage. Here and there, fresh burn
marks and spatters of blood mark the floor and

This somewhat triangular room has a moldy red carpet, benches along the north and south walls, and
expands out to a pair of open elevator shafts before
you. The one on your right is jammed full of office
chairs, desks, rubble and metal, while the other appears wide open with a recently added metal floor
blocking off lower levels. A wooden ladder runs up
the interior of this open shaft, but no ropes, cables
or other alternate means of access are seen.

Also in the lobby area, to your left, are five
dented oil drums. The liquid within them gives off
the reek of ethanol fuel, of the sort you often see
back home.
Any character that can read will see that the writing
on the drums states Steel Hill Spirits and Fuels Co-Op.
Also, if the characters discover Maria (from Entry MMM9, on page 81), and she accompanies the team at this
point, she will tell the characters that these oil drums
were part of the cargo on her fathers trade raft.
Although sealed, these old drums give off fumes and
any fool to set a lantern or torch down on top of the drum,
or otherwise detonate a grenade or some other flammable
device near the drums, will trigger a fire, and ultimately,
an explosion which will engulf the long hall behind them
and jet up the elevator shaft, destroying the ladder. If detonated, each character is baked and thrown aside taking
10+d100 damage. If miraculously surviving this detonation, the PC is rendered unconscious for 3d20 minutes.

If the PCs investigate the elevator shafts, read here:

The right hand, junk filled shaft is impassable as the
3m by 3m concrete lined vertical tube has been purposely blocked, perhaps to stop things from crawling
up from lower levels, or down from the floors above.
Likewise, the left hand shaft with the ladder has had
its lower level covered by freshly lain metal cladding
and braced by strips of bolted down scrap metal.
There is a whiff like that of decaying corpses coming
from beneath the cladding.

The ladder is crafted from freshly cut wood and
lashed together with electrical cables and twine and
tilts steeply up the shaft several floors to a dimly lit
opening identical to the one you stand in. A thin catwalk of scrap metal allows those stepping off the
ladder to more safely cross the opening to whatever
lobby waits above. The ceiling of the shaft above the
ladder seems to be blocked off by an enormous slab
of fallen concrete.

Echoing down the square, tube-like passage are
the sounds of excited cheers and hoots, rock and roll
music and the banging of metal on metal. The din
above has allowed your passage through the metal
door to go unnoticed.

When Kane and his loyal skullocks first broke into this
mound, they found that there were access points into
lower levels and various side openings, many of which
were inhabited by terrible beasts and mad machines.
At this location, reptilius savages tried to sneak in and
were only barely repelled. If the characters pull away the
rubble here, which will take an hour, they discover a set
of emergency steps leading down into lower, unexplored
and unlooted levels of this ancient facility. You, the game
master will have to design and populate the lower reaches of the mound.
The characters can go to the metal door at the east end
of the long corridors, passing the remote turret, see entry
MM-M10-B, previous page, If the laser trip line beams were
bypassed at the other end of the hall, then this gun remains
silent, regardless of what the PCs do to the door, which is
behind the turrets line of sight once behind it. Likewise the
PCs can decide to safely smash the gun to junk.


Entry MM-M12 Elevator Lobby: Read to players:

Table MM-6 Iron Door Smashing

of PCs

Muddy Mayhem

Go to Entry MM-M13 if the PCs decide to climb the ladder.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

MM-M13 Open Elevator Shaft: GM have the players

confirm their marching order, deciding on who will climb

the ladder first. The ladder was made for skullocks, who
only weigh 50 kilograms on average (about 110 pounds),
so if more than three PCs try to go up the ladder at once,
mention that the wooden contraption begins to displace
and bend the metal cladding that blocks the cadaver
stinking expanse below. If four or five PCs try and climb
at the same time, then there is a 1 in 6 chance per round
that the weight of the ladder snaps the bolts and metal
straps, and the cladding begins to fold in on itself and
threaten to drop the ladder down.
Those on the ladder, if it begins to drop into the shaft
below, can either hasten up or down before it punches
through the floor. Allow each PC on the ladder to make a
type C agility based hazard check to either get up to the
next floor, leap off the ladder and press themselves to
the ridged inner walls, or else if not half way up yet, scamper down and get clear of
the floor cladding.
Failure to get clear
of the ladder as it falls
through means the ladder
and all those on it suddenly
torpedo straight down, still
clutching the ladder as it
drops d6 floors to the rubble and water filled depths
below. While it is up to the
game master to flesh out
any possible, unexplored
basement levels, doing so
might be too dangerous for
already injured characters,
and expend precious time.
The fall, while dramatic, lands the PCs into putrid water filled with the rotting week old corpses of reptilius who
launched a raid on the mound once they discovered the
skullocks had moved in. The fall injures each PC for d12
stun damage and d6 lethal damage. Climbing back up along
the slippery, pitted sides of the shaft takes ten minutes.
Once accomplished, the PCs will need to climb up to the
upper floor without the luxury of the ladder, and so must employ ropes. The odds of a PC falling while climbing is small,
but still a risk. Have each PC make a type A strength based
hazard check to get to the upper floor without falling all the
way down to the flooded lower level, and if falling, taking
2d12 stun damage and 2d6 lethal damage.
When the PCs do reach the upper floor, see entry
MM-U1, this page.

Muddy Mayhem


Upper Mound Areas

Entry MM-U1 Upper Floor Elevator Shaft: The first two

characters to either climb the ladder or the inside of the

shaft may encounter trouble if the ladder fell or some other
loud crashing sound came from the shaft itself. If so, read
the next paragraph titled Entry MM-U1-A Noisy Ascent,
however, if the PCs climbed up silently, then see MM-U1-B
Silent Climb, page 85.

MM-U1-A Noisy Ascent: The cacophony the characters

made while climbing up the shaft has attracted 3 curious
skullocks. The lightly armed, junk clad peskies share a bottle
of wine and peer down just as the first two PCs reach the
top and climb up on the rickety catwalk where the ladders
topmost rungs end. Although drunk, they have the presence
of mind to realize they are under assault.
Have the lead PC roll for
initiative, with the skullocks
getting +1 as usual for their
kind. One will throw the bottle
at the second highest intruder and then kick at the face of
the lead, highest PC, another
stabs with a machete, while
the third turns and runs for
the half open, newly inserted
scrap metal double doors.
The bottle throw is SV 0150 and if hitting the second
character up will shatter and
do d6 damage plus if the
character is not wearing safety goggles or some other face
covering, gets red wine and broken glass in his or her eyes and
is blinded for d6 rounds and fights at -40 SV, with any fumbles
or auto misses (rolls of 01-05 on d100 attack rolls) as being
attacks on the nearest comrade (roll again to hit teammate).
The face kicker is trying to knock the lead invader off
the lip of the elevator and back down the shaft. Its attack
is made at SV 01-50, with any hit meaning the PC takes d6
stun damage and must make a type B agility based hazard
check or be dislodged from the top of the shaft and tumble
head over feet all the way down the shaft, suffering 3d6 stun
damage and 3d6 lethal damage from the fall.
If the PCs lost initiative and dont dispatch the skullock
who is running for help, he will open the door and be out of
the lobby on the second round, screeching. Unfortunately for
him, his voice is drowned out by the very loud rock music and
distant cheering. Undeterred, he will dash up to a group of
fellow rubble goblins (another name for skullocks) and alert
the workers, who are replacing bulbs (page 86).

Skullocks (3): DV -12/ END 10+d20/ MV 7m/ Init. +1/

Attacks: 1 weapon/ SV 01-50/ DMG machete d12+1 or
d8 knife/ STR 24/ AG 33/ ACC 30/ INT 2d6/ WL 40/

PER 45/ App 3d6/ Valuables: nil / EFs 20/ Morale: average/ Size 1.3m tall/ 50kg/ Mutations: nil.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

If defeating the skullocks, regardless if one escaped
to go get help, the characters can clamber up and find
themselves in an identically shaped 9m wide by 6m deep
lobby area to the elevator room below. Stacked on either
side are sacks, barrels and crates, as well as some scattered belongings that look human-made.
The PCs may not have time to search the stockpiles
if the skullocks down the hall have been warned, as the
one who ran off, plus 4 others, will have snatched up
machetes and come running to deal with the characters,
while a fifth humanoid has bolted off to warn his master,
Kane. If they do search, see MM-U2 below for loot.

MM-U1-B Silent Climb: Read to players:

As you reach to the top of the elevator shaft, you
confirm that it is blocked above you by a massive
slab of concrete, while the elevator shaft door is
open before you. The lobby within is identical to
the one below in proportions. A solitary electric
light hangs on a hook and is attached to an extension cord and illuminates the 9 meter wide by 6m
deep, triangular shaped room.

You smell mildew, sweat and the reek of burnt
meat, and hear muffled, yet very loud music from
the other side of a set of newly added scrap metal
doors. The double portal appear to be ajar and,
through the crack, you can see a poorly lit passage
beyond. Gray skinned figures are a dozen meters
down the hallway beyond, working on something
in the ceiling and unaware of you. You see nobody
guarding this room, but do see recently manufactured cargo.

If the PCs climb up see Entry MM-U2.

Entry MM-U2 Upper Elevator Lobby: PCs find the lobby

empty of skullocks however do find supplies stacked up

along the both walls including barrels and bottles of stolen
wine, a barrel of salted fish, quivers of spare arrows, wooden
crates of salted meat, dried fruit, spices, beans and grains
as well as several bloody back packs and hip pouches that
look like they were made by the characters own people.
If the adventurers are under attack, after making a noisy
climb up from the lower level of the facility, they wont have
time to search the packs, and instead can either shut and
brace the scrap metal doors, or fling them open and shoot
into the hall at the four machete wielding skullies as they
come, range 9m. If closing the door and holding it shut, for
each minute the PCs hold the door, another d3 skullocks will
arrive (to a maximum of 20), although these are armed with
bows as well as blades. Also, each minute there is a chance
that the peskies shatter the door and force a huge melee
battle at the doorway, with two skullocks able to fight side
by side against a single human sized defender. The odds the
door is shattered per minute is 1 in 12.
If the PCs are not being attacked, they may search
these packs and find 3d6 torches, 3d6 candles, d4 tinder boxes, a total of 3d6+10m of rope, d6 knives, 3d6

Muddy Mayhem


days rations, and 4 rolls of the following treasure table,

roll 3d6:

3. Automatic pistol, with magazine containing d6 rounds

and hidden in an easily overlooked side flap.
4. Anti-toxin injector
5. 2d8 silver coins from the Dominion of Aberratia
6. d4 gold coins from the Holy Purist Empire to the East.
7. Magazine for an automatic pistol loaded with 2d6 rounds
8. 28mm pewter miniature of Elvis Presley, unpainted
collectible, worth 10+d20sp
9. Set of Elvis Presley playing cards, worth 20+d12sp
10. Bottle of beer from Steel Hill Brewing, freshly brewed
11. One rifle round
12. One pistol cartridge
13. One shotgun shell
14. Headlamp flashlight with 3d6 minutes worth of illumination remaining in battery.
15. Elvis Presley exaggerated hairstyle wig, worth
16. Nylon belt pouch, overlooked and slipped into a side
pouch, contains 2d6 shotgun shells
17. Magazine for an assault rifle, loaded with 3d6 rifle
18. Fragmentation grenade
Once their search of the elevator lobby area is complete, the PCs can advance west along the long corridor
of entry MM-U3. If the skullocks did not attack them
previously (either the PCs killed any skullocks that came
to investigate noisy PCs, or a battle already took place),
then there will be no skullocks working in the corridor, go
to entry MM-U4, page 86.
If the skullocks in the hall were not alerted, see entry
MM-U3, below.

Entry MM-U3 Upper Long Hall: Read to players:

Entering this concrete lined, 3m wide and 3m high
corridor, you are assailed by rock music, and amid
the echoing guitar and thumping bass, you hear a
man singing:
You were always on my mind

You were always on my mind

Maybe I didnt hold you

All those lonely, lonely times
And I guess I never told you
Im so happy that youre mine

The dim hall is lit by several sputtering amber
lights along the ceiling.

Along the left side of the hall 18 meters ahead,
is a rubble strewn cavity, while much further away,
about 40 meters, is a torch lit, cave like area where
some sort of mining operation looks underway. A
side passage up there turns to the right.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

If the characters already dealt with the four skullocks
who might have been warned, then there is nobody in
this long passage, see entry MM-U4, on the right.
On the other hand, if the PCs have been silent to this
point, or dispatched any nosy skullocks in the elevator lobby after a noisome climb, then up ahead there are several
inattentive peskies working on the lighting fixtures.
Read here:
Just this side of the broken open wall ahead, and
about fifteen meters away, you see four skullocks
trying to change a light bulb. Two are standing back
passing a bottle of something between them and giving advice, another holds an aluminum step ladder,
while a fourth is up working at the light bulb of some
crudely wired, newly added junk crafted system.

They dont see you yet, and cant hear your
footfalls over the deafening rock music. Sooner or
later, one will glance your way, but just how close you
can get to them before that, remains to be seen.

Muddy Mayhem


Entry MM-U4 Upper South Collapsed Hall:

Read to players:

You see that at one time, the corridor you stand

in veered off to the south, but now, only 7 meters
in, the way is blocked by rubble, tubes, wires, car
parts and metallic, half buried, vaguely humanoid
shapes. The metal men are crushed under rubble,
although some parts appear to have been recently
removed, including arms and power cells. There is
nothing of value left here, nor any guardians.
The PCs can transverse the remaining 20m to entry
MM-U5, below.

The skullocks are 15m away from the lobby door. If

not shot at, the characters can get within 8+d6 meters
before one of the booze guzzling
peskies happens to glance over
in that direction. Roll initiative,
with all these skullocks armed
with machetes and knives. Three
will stand and face the invading
excavators, while one screams
and runs off, the others draw an
hurl their knives before engaging
in melee.
If the skully who runs off turns
the far corner 25m away before being shot down, consider the lair of
Kane to be alerted from this point
in the adventure onward.

Game Masters Post Adventure Idea: If inclined, and perhaps returning to the mound after dealing with Kane, the
excavators could spend 3d6 hours digging and yanking
away the debris here to clear the blockage, and find a set
of emergency stairs down and to the west leading to unexplored ruins.
Within these sealed off rooms are many wondrous relics, but all of them protected by more light combots, automatized turrets such as those from entry MM-M10, as well as
an advanced computer which controls a micro-nuclear power plant
and a row of ancient technicians,
lawyers and politicians who are in
cryogenic sleep.
These frail, yet ruthless and cunning elites (lawyers, bankers,
politicians and famous actors and
actresses of their era), await their
chance to return to the world and
dominate local communities. They
will of course need mercenary
thugs, like the PCs, to commence
their hostile take over of Sandbarra and beyond.

Drunken Skullocks (3,+1 who runs for help): DV -12/

Entry MM-U5, Mining Operation: Read to players:

END 10+d20/ MV 6m/ Init. +0/ Attacks: 1 weapon/ SV

01-45/ DMG d12+1 machete or d8 knife/ STR 24/ AG

23/ ACC 30/ INT 2d6/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 3d6/ Valuables: 3d6sp worth of Elvis collectibles/ EFs 20/ Morale:
average/ Size 1.3m tall/ 50kg/ Mutations: nil
The bottle the skullocks were drinking from is straight
potato vodka with a label stating Czar Fiesta Vodka,
Proudly brewed in Overpass 2359 AD. It is half empty,
has an outrageous alcohol content and is quite flammable. Any character to drink a mouthful or two will become
tipsy and be at -5 SV and -10 agility for the next hour. If
thrown at a flammable object, like a wall mounted torch,
it will send up a burst of flame and potentially ignite those
within 3m doing d6 damage per round for d6 rounds.
After dealing with the skullocks, the PCs can proceed
two abreast ahead, soon reaching the broken up left
hand cavity at entry MM-U4.

A roundish 9m circular excavation has been conducted in this otherwise crushed section. Two
wheel barrows and five picks and four shovels
are scattered about, all visible because of several
burning torches stuck in cracks in the toppled concrete. About a half dozen deep cracks, as wide as
a man, veer off from the main circular cavity, and
from these emerge four human men clad in rags.
These bruised, dirty fellows are unshaven, their
clothing cut open and reveal angry red cuts. They
hold pick axes at the ready and stare at you as if
seeing ghosts.
If the commoner woman, Maria is present, she will
recognize one man as her father, Mazz, and others as
the crew from her familys raft flotilla. If she is not with
the party (either Maria was not randomly discovered or

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

otherwise became separated from the team if they did
find her) then these men will stagger forward, lowering
their picks, but getting no more than a meter from the
mouth of their tiny caves when the chains at their feet
stop them from advancing further.
Who are you? Asks a heavy set man with a gray
streaked beard.
If the PCs explain who they are and why they are
there, the men beseech them to break their chains and
let them join the characters in seeking revenge on the
halfie, Kane and his pesky thugs. If freed, they will arm
themselves with pipes (wielding in two hands) and follow
the PCs.
If asked what they are doing, they will explain that
Kane has them working on expanding the base, but also
looking for any military relics, and buried robot parts.
They say that with the availability of power, that should
Kane hire somebody with the right technical skills, he
could have many robots built to serve him. They have
seen no operational robots thus far.
If questioned about Kane or what waits to the north
in the yet unexplored mound level, they will reveal one of
the following:
Roll d6 or pick one or more replies to questioning
and read to players: :
1,2. Read: One wild man with a bleeding lip and missing
teeth, sputters as he shakes his head. This is as far as
they dragged us. Two others they took a few days ago
younger men, and said they were being invited to participate in a feast. We have been chained here for days,
beaten and made to sleep in our own excrement. I will
spend the rest of my life killing every last skullock I can
find. Give me a weapon and I will go first and butcher
these gray devils!
GM: This is Mazz, if asked about numbers of the enemy, he will only say that there are probably a dozen at
least up ahead, some armed with relics, others being
mutants and cyborgs.
3,4. Read: A man with a bushy, gray streaked beard
and patch over his missing eye spits to one side before
speaking. Their boss, Kane, plucked out my eye and fed
it to his dog because I disobeyed him! His skullocks have
taken and eaten one of us each day, and he is as evil a
man as ever walked the earth! He will torture you all. It
is madness to go further, as he has many skullocks, over
a dozen, some with guns, some are muties and some
strap ons. Worse, now, with the power he has enabled,
who knows what other horrors he can unleash. If you insist on taking him on, then you young folks better let me
and my brothers go first, allow us to avenge ourselves,
and maybe open a gap so you can get a clean shot at
Kane. Hand me that pipe and I will break some heads!
5,6. Read: A scrawny man with a long white goatee and
face covered in faded scars and stitches, points down
the hall to the north. None of us have returned from going up there. They have eaten one of us each day, after
a lengthy torture which we could all hear. Up there, is

Muddy Mayhem


Kanes quarters, as well as the lair of his trusted followers. The number at least fourteen, and one is a cyborg
with a shotgun arm, and another is a mutant with strange
powers to make you think your brain is about to gush
out your mouth. Also, they just got the power running to
the colored lights and then all this awful music started
up. We also heard a metal plated man stomping about
up there past the north hall, Whoever he is, the skullies
are very excited about him and I heard one say that the
lizard boy army will be annihilated by him. Please, hand
me one of them pipes so I can break that generator and
cease this old world devil music.

Here are the stats for these four pure stock commoner

Drane (bald guy): DV -3 (leather rags)/ END 18/ MV

5.75m / Init. +0 / Attacks: 1 pipe in two hands/ SV 0153 / DMG d10+4 / STR 28 / AG 21 / ACC 24 / INT 16 /

WL 42 / PER 28 / Valuables: nil / EFs 12/ Morale: average / Size: 1.5m / 68kg

Peelo (white gaotee): DV -3 (furs or skins) / END 32/

MV 5.75m / Init. +0 / Attacks: 1 club two handed / SV
01-53 / DMG club d12+6 / STR 38 (+2 DMG) / AG 28 /
ACC 26 / INT 24 / WL 380 / PER 19 / Valuables: nil / EFs
20/ Morale: excellent / Size 1.8m / 90kg

Kritch (One eyed): DV -3 (rags) / END 26/ MV 5.75m

/ Init. -2 (one eye) / Attacks: 1 pipe in two hands / SV
01-53 / DMG d10+4 / STR 27 / AG 16 / ACC 21 / INT
31 / WL 26 / PER 14 / Valuables:nil / EFs 12/ Morale:
average / Size 1.7m / 72kg

Mazz (Marias father): DV -3 (furs or skins) / END 42/

MV 5.75m / Init. +1 / Attacks: 1 pipe in two hands / SV
01-61 / DMG pipe d10+12 / STR 66 (+8 DMG) / AG 34

/ ACC 64 (+8 SV) / INT 26 / WL 53 / PER 52 (+1 initiative) / Valuables: nil / EFs 32/ Morale: excellent / Size
2.1m / 103kg
There is nothing of value in this mining site. To continue, see Entry MM-U6, next page.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Entry MM-U6 Upper North Hall: Read to players:
The hall is three meters wide, the concrete passage badly cracked and sand has fallen in and
formed little piles along the wall every few meters.
You hear loud music, hooting, shrill shrieks and the
crash of a glass bottle from ahead. The hall is just
over 20 meters long and seems to open out into a
wider chamber ahead. A door once stood at the far
end, but has been battered down and lays on the
floor like a metal welcome mat. A torch stabbed
into a crack in the wall sputters out, although
strung along the wall are a collection of gently
twinkling, multi colored lights which brighten with
each thump of the musics beat.
If skullocks escaped from the long southern hall where
several were changing a light bulb, they will have dashed
ahead to warn Kane and his followers. The blaring rock
music will still be playing, but the reception very different;
see entry MM-U6A. If no skullocks were allowed to alert
their master, then see entry MM-U6B.

Entry MM-U6A, Skullock Alerted: Read here:

Eighteen meters up the hall, you see four skullock
warriors with bows, two kneeling, two standing behind them. The entire group taking cover behind a
plate metal half wall that is fitted on two old tires.
This pavis, or archer screen, of iron is a meter tall
and looks like it is impervious to bullets. Fire! One
skullock shouts. Roll initiative.
These skullocks are armed with bows and machetes and enjoy a -20 DV bonus from their 1m tall metal
screen. If the PCs freed the four work slaves, these revenge-minded men will raise their pipes and rush ahead
of the characters, shouting Murdering Pesky filth! And
die fighting in an attempt to get at the skullocks.
If the characters rush the gray humanoids, too, instead of firing ranged attacks at them, they can engage
the skullocks on the other side of the pavis at melee
range, but not easily. The front rank will toss their bows
and fight with machetes, while the next rank will reload
their bows, retreat back four meters into the larger chamber behind and fire at the heads of the taller PCs as they
try to climb over the barrier.
Note: The archer screen blocks the entire length of the
north bound passage. Secondly, shotguns fires a spray
of lead, and in this circumstance, one blast of buckshot
(which is what is in a standard shell unless stated otherwise) can attack all four skullocks as they are tightly
packed together.
After defeating the skully archers, the characters can
easily hop over the pavis and proceed into the area beyond (MM-U7), the central hall. They might also elect to
use the wheeled metal contraption to screen themselves
at some point, which two PCs can push at a rate of 3m

Muddy Mayhem


per round, and all those crouching down behind the 1m

tall (3 foot high) barrier gain -20 defense value.

Entry MM-U6B, Skullocks Unaware: At this point, the

skullocks are unaware that the characters have managed to reach the upper floor of the mound. The PCs
may also have agreed to free the four slaves (one of
whom is the NPC Marias father, although if she was
not encountered or present at this time, the characters
wont know this).
Roll a d6 to see if anything occurs while the characters proceed up the passage:

1.2. Skullock patrol! Read: A hunched, muscular humanoid with a skull-like face suddenly steps into the passage
from the far end. You realize that the thing is a cybernetically enhanced brute, with an optical implant scanning
you as it simultaneously brings up its left arm, which
has been severed from the elbow down and replaced by
some sort of drum fed weapon with a single, stubby barrel. Intruders! It cries out, but its voice is drowned out
by the thumping rock music. It aims at you and prepares
to fire.
GM: This cyborg pesky has a semi automatic shotgun implant arm, and can fire once every round and has
3d6+6 shotguns shells loaded in the implant. If it wins
initiative, it will fire down the hall and its blast attacking
the first three PCs or NPCs in its path.
Should gunfire erupt, there is a 3 in 6 chance that the
skullocks in the rest of the base hear the shot and are
considered alerted from this point forward.

Skullock Cyborg Stats: DV -30 (alloy plated)/
END 44/ MV 4m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: shotgun blast or
pummeling/ SV blast 01-65, pummeling 01-70/ DMG
Shotgun 3d10*, pummeling d20 stun damage/ STR

54/ AG 12/ ACC 30/ INT 9/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 4/

Valuables: ammo/ EFs 50/ Morale: excellent/ Size
1.6m tall/ 120kg/ Implants: Shotgun implant* shotguns can strike up to three man sized targets if group
together or standing one behind the other in a 3m wide
area. Ammo 3d6+6 shot shells.
The shotgun implant can be hacked off and sold for
400+2d100sp, minus any looted ammo from the magazine. If using the full hub rules to play this adventure,
the GM could allow the weapon to be carefully detached
and fitted on another cyborg by a robotics technician.
3,4. Skullock cheering: read: You hear a thunderous roar
of many raspy voices cheering over the sounds of old
rock and roll. Then suddenly Kane! Kane! Kane! Rings
out and more cheering. The sounds seems to be echoing down the passage from ahead, yet further away than
the large, six meter wide passage visible ahead of you.
5,6. No event. The way ahead is unhindered.
The characters can proceed to entry MM-U7, the
Warehouse Hive, next page.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Entry MM-U7 Warehouse Hive: This densely packed
area is a warehouse where skullocks live amid steel
shelving, skins, sticks and boxes of junk.

Read to players (perhaps showing the illustration below):

The first of you to peer out into this large 6 meter
across by roughly 18m long chamber see that it has
a very high ceiling and is filled with a maze of rusty
metal shelving. There are six shelves per each of
the four stout warehouse racks. On each shelf are
what appear to be a half dozen tiny sleeping nooks
made from animal skins, old Elvis Presley T-shirts,
cardboard boxes, faded posters, sticks, pelts, reptile skins and bones. The skulls and scalps of men
and animals hang above each huts opening, while
rickety ladders lead up to each level. So too, high
up on the fifth and sixth tiers, lengths of freshly cut
timbers and junk form narrow walkways connecting the highest sleeping cavities.

To your right, only nine meters away the warehouse ends and you see a wide steel pull-down shutter door blocking the way out, although it is open by a
hands width at the bottom and allows brilliant, flashing lights, painfully loud rock music and the hoots
and cheers of celebrating skullocks to emanate from
beyond. In the other direction, barely visible due to all
the piled cardboard, empty glass bottles, shredded
T-shirts and spilled promotional materials for the facility, you can see a meter wide trail that winds its way
through the tall shelves to a recently dug cave that
turns out of view to the east. Daylight faintly reflects
down the shaft.
If the skullocks were already defending this area with
the archer screen, or other peskies came and alerted
Kane and his followers, then this area will be occupied
by waiting defenders who one by one or in small groups,
leap out at the PCs from hidden corners, dark dens or
piles of junk. Meanwhile, the skullocks in the western
area beyond the shutter doors are working themselves

Muddy Mayhem


up into a battle frenzy, expecting the intruders to burst

through the door, but will not abandon their positions and
come to the aid of those in the warehouse.
On the other hand, should the PCs have miraculously gotten this far without alerting the inhabitants, then
there will be no hostile reception planned, however, their
arrival could still trigger an event (see random table below). If either nothing occurs or after any resistance has
been neutralized, the PCs can either stay and look for
loot, or move either left to The Steel Shutter Door (Entry
MM-U7A, page 91), or right to the East Cave (Entry MMU7B, page 92).

Depending on the strength and health of the PCs, the
GM can adjust how many back to back attacks are launched
against the characters while they wait in the Warehouse.

If the alert has previously been sounded, roll d6 and
add 6 to the number and consult the following table, however if the PCs have not triggered an alert and enter here,
or linger to loot or move to the east and the cave, roll a
straight d12 without modifiers on this same table. Any
grenade blasts or gun shots fired in this area will ensure
that the skullocks throughout the base are now alerted.
Roll d6+6 if skullocks alerted, or d12 if not alerted:

1,2. Nobody home. Read: It appears that there are no

defenders here, although several of the high-rise sleeping dens have animal skin curtains pulled across their
fronts so might conceal sleeping or hiding foes.
GM: There is a 4 in 6 chance that as the PCs peer
about themselves, or enter the warehouse, that one of
the curtains suddenly opens to reveal a female skullock
clutching a baby to her bare chest. She inadvertently
peers down at the PCs, but in terror pulls the curtain
back and does or says nothing.
3,4. As the PCs emerge into this warehouse housing district of the base, they peer up to see a skullock male
standing on a high, sagging wooden catwalk, urinating
down against the old concrete wall across from you, his
back to the PCs, one hand holding a half empty wine
bottle, the other tightly grasping the steel upright of the

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

This drunken pesky has no idea the PCs are there, and
if not shot off his perch, will stagger back into a top floor
den and collapse again, having no interest in anything going on beyond his own drunken rants and visions.
5,6. Read: As you enter this area you discover an active
hive of young skullocks along with a half dozen pregnant
females, who instead of clutching weapons, hold suckling babies to their bare chests. Upon seeing you emerge
from the hall, they at first freeze up in utter terror, then
one makes a run for it and pandemonium breaks out.
Skullocks no higher than a mans knee run about, some
going passed you, others up ladders, some leaping under the massive steel shelving, while many run both east
and west, screaming at the top of their lungs and trying
to be heard over the deafening rock music.
GM: These skullocks are non combatants, but, if cornered will grab a club or pull a knife, yet otherwise will not
attack the PCs but instead hide or flee. Several of the tiniest, pot bellied youngsters will wail
and squeeze themselves under the
steel rolling-shutter doors that lead to
Kanes lair at area U8, and immediately tell the occupants of the PCs arrival, while ethers will scamper down
the cave toward area U11, and either
hide or begin the risky climb down the
face of the junk concrete and weed
encrusted cliffs to get clear of any
Pregnant non-combatant
Skullocks (6+d4): DV -0/ END

5+d12/ MV 4m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: 1

weapon/ SV 01-40/ DMG d8 knife/

STR 16/ AG 16/ ACC 25/ INT 2d6/

WL 40/ PER 45/ App 3d6/ Valuables: nil/ EFs 5/ Morale: poor/ Size
1.1m tall/ 50kg/ Mutations: nil
Young Skullock non-combatants (3d6+10): DV -5/ END

2d6/ MV 9m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: 1

club/ SV 01-40/ DMG d8 stun/ STR

9/ AG 43/ ACC 30/ INT 2d6/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 3d6/
Valuables: nil/ EFs 10/ Morale: poor/ Size 30 to 90cm
tall/ 5 to 20kg/ Mutations: nil
7,8. Shooting gallery: Above, and using the metal shelving, skulls and stick walls as cover, 2d4 skullocks emerge
with ranged weapons and begin to take pot shots the
PCs as they enter the area, concentrating on the first
two people to emerge from the north hallway (U6). These
skullocks are each armed with a bow and twenty arrows,
as well as a knife and fully prepared for the intrusion by
the PCs. They fire with about half their body exposed but
pull back to reload, getting a better defense value.
Skullock Shooters (2d4): DV normal -12, half

cover -30, hidden and reloading -50 / END 10+d20/ MV

7m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: 1 weapon/ SV 01-50/ DMG d12
arrow or d8 knife/ STR 24/ AG 33/ ACC 30/ INT 2d6/ WL
40/ PER 45/ App 3d6/ Valuables: VP (very poor)/ EFs 20/
Morale: average/ Size 1.3m tall/ 50kg/ Mutations: nil

Muddy Mayhem


9,10. Crazed Young Skullies: Yearning to prove themselves to their parents and the older zealots, a horde of
young skullocks clad in loin cloths and for the females, halter tops, too, snatch up lengths of rebar and pipes. They issue a screeching war cry and begin to either dash out, drop
down and emerge from the cardboard junk piles, coming in
waves of d4+3 at a time. The GM can determine how many
waves depending on the previous injuries and number of
PCs remaining. These youths do stun damage.
Young Skullock Zealots: DV -5/ END 3d6/ MV

9m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: 1 club/ SV 01-50/ DMG d10

stun/ STR 12/ AG 43/ ACC 30/ INT 2d6/ WL 40/ PER

45/ App 3d6/ Valuables: nil/ EFs 10/ Morale: average/

Size 1.1m tall/ 30kg/ Mutations: nil
11. A mutant skullock leaps down from the top of a shelf
right at a random character. This fellow has four arms,
each wielding a baseball bat. The freak has eyes all
around its head and is entirely naked.
Four armed nudist Skull-

ock: DV -5/ END 38/ MV 9m/ Init.

+4/ Attacks: 4 baseball bats/ SV
01-50/ DMG d12+4 stun each/

STR 24/ AG 33/ ACC 30/ INT 5/ WL

40/ PER 45/ App 7/ Valuables: Bats
are +2 SV, +2 DMG relics, worth
50+d20sp each if sold/ EFs 40/
Morale: Excellent/ Size 1.6m tall/
70kg/ Mutations: 4 arms, 8 eyes
(+3 initiative).
12. Madness! Combine rolls 5,6
and 11 into one result.

Looting the Warehouse-Den Shelving: The characters may want to

spend a few minutes climbing up

into the sleeping dens of the warehouse apartments to look for loot
or hidden skullocks, although they
may realize that the occupants of
the remainder of the base might be
aware of them by now and preparing
a counter attack or stout defense. Likewise, this mission
is time sensitive, and they need to recover the generator
and its attendant mechanic before dark.
If the characters decide to forget about looting the
filthy sleeping platforms, go to Entry MM-U7A, page 91,
the Shutter Doors, and have them proceed from there.
Allow each PC searching to find 3d6 silver pieces
worth of Elvis Presley collectible cards, buttons, pins,
pens and post cards, while one PC strikes the mother
load and finds one of the following items, roll d4:
1. Under a pillow made from human skin, is a fragmentation grenade.
2. In a plastic box with a cracked lid, beneath a dozen
freshly pulled reptilius teeth, the character finds an assortment of ammo: 3d6 pistol rounds, 3d6 rifle rounds
and 3d6 shotgun shells.
3. Used as a crib and hanging from the ceiling in this
one cubby is a ballistic police shield (user cant use two

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

handed weapons but gains -5 defense value, but -22
against incoming bullets with a reduction of -0.5m movement per round).
4. Hidden under pelts and filthy, urine smelling T-shirts is
a fully loaded pistol grip pump shotgun with folding stock,
sling and built in barrel flashlight. The light has enough
power remaining for 3d6 hours use, while the gun has 8
shells loaded.
While wasting time looting, there is a chance that
a patrol turns up: 4 in 6 chance if the base has been
alerted, while if the base is not alerted is only 1 in 6. The
patrol will consist of 4+d4 regular skullocks with javelins
and knives and commanded by a mutant skully with two
heads, massive build and wielding a battle axe in two
hands. He also wears thick armor made from wires, computer parts, keyboards and loops of cable. This squad appears from behind the PCs from the north-south hallways
after having climbed up the elevator following a swamp
patrol to the north.
Skullocks, Regular (4+d4): DV -12/ END 10+d20/

MV 7m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: 1 weapon/ SV 01-50/ DMG d12

javelin or d8 knife/ STR 24/ AG 33/ ACC 30/ INT 2d6/ WL

40/ PER 45/ App 3d6/ Valuables: nil/ EFs 20/ Morale:
average/ Size 1.3m tall/ 50kg/ Mutations: nil
Skullock two headed brute with battle

axe: DV -30/ END 52/ MV 4m/ Init. +2/ Attacks: Battle

axe/ SV 01-70/ DMG d20+4/ STR 44/ AG 29/ ACC 38/

INT 9/ WL 60/ PER 35/ App 7/ Valuables: Belt pouch
holds 4d6 gold coins and d100 silver coins along with
an anti-toxin injector and Elvis Presley commemorative
gold figurine worth 300+2d100sp. Only reveal this if PCs
declare they loot the bodies of defeated skullies!/ EFs
60/ Morale: excellent/ Size 1.9m tall/ Weight 190kg/
Mutations: Larger plus has two heads +1 initiative, if one
head neutralized by mental attack of sniper shot, other
head continues to operate the body.

Entry MM-U7A, The Steel Shutter Door:

Read to players:

This warehouse style industrial door has been

nearly sealed by those on the other side, although
is not locked nor particularly robust looking. It is
also open 15cm along the bottom (half a foot) and
you can see flickering lights and shadows moving
about within. Exceedingly loud music pounds and
rattles the rusty metal door. You can either drop
down and take a peek through the gap, or try and
grab hold and thrust open the portal and face
whatever is on the other side.
The characters can either have one or more PCs
reach down, grab and thrust open the door, or, have one
or more lay on his or her belly can peer under. For the
former, more assertive deed, read the next paragraph
Assertive Deed, but if the PCs peer under, skip the next
paragraph and go to the Peering Under the Door Table,
on the right.

Muddy Mayhem


Assertive Deed: The door flies up and opens with a crashing of metal and hail of rust. Not only was it not locked,
but it was counter-weighted to open and close with only a
touch. If Kane and the base have NOT yet been alerted to
the arrival of the intrusive PCs, see roll 1-4 on the Peering
Under the Door Table, below, however, after reading that,
tell the players that their arrival has now been made obvious, and rushing at them from the holograms are 2 skullocks per PC, each is armed with a Javelin, who throws
it at the character before coming on with drawn, rusty
knives (stats same as regular skullocks on left).
If the base has been alerted to the characters, then
the same number of skullocks are standing right in front
of the PCs, and instead of throwing their javelins, try and
stab forward. If surviving the battle with the skullies, the
PCs may advance into the large room, see entry MM-U8,
page 92.
Table MM-7 Peering Under the Door Results

Read to anyone peering under the door, although if the

base is alerted to the PCs intrusion, roll d6+3, while if
the skullocks are still unaware of the characters, roll a
regular d6:

1-4. Read: Your eyes must become accustomed to a

series of flashing, multi colored lights, yet you soon see
an assortment of work benches, curtains, wires running across the floor and a mixture of small, muscular
gray skinned figures in junk armor, mixed among ghostly
green and blue young human women in skirts dancing
and cheering up at the Elvis God on a raised, hologram
stage holding a device to his mouth and gyrating his hips
as he sings to the crowd. You get the impression that you
are looking at a large, high ceiling room, although the
back, right hand side is collapsed and thousands of tons
of debris have filled part of the vast chamber.
On the work benches are man-shaped machines,
many of them in pieces, some with missing legs, crushed
chests or no heads. A sheer curtain seems to block your
view deeper into the room, although you can see the
silhouetted shapes of several skullocks cheering something further north and out of your view.
5 and up. Describe roll 1-4, above, to players, then read
here: You next observe several pairs of feet, both booted
and sandaled leaping in front of the door from either
side and then the pointy ends of javelin tips as gray skins
try to stab you in the eyes!
GM: For each player who declared his or her character was looking under the shutter door, make an attack
on the characters eye. Only the characters agility, dodge
or any helmets DV bonus applies, so ignore any defense
value from the PCs armor. A hit means a javelin tip has
punctured the characters left or right eye, if so, roll d6
1. Brian puncture and instant death for the PC (unless having two heads, in which case only the one head
dies, wilts and eventually drops off after 2d4 months.
2,3. The javelin tip sticks fast through the eye. As the

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

weapon is withdrawn, the eye is yanked free. The character must make a willpower based type D hazard check or
pass out from the pain for 3d6 minutes plus suffer 4d6
4,5. As the javelin is withdrawn, the eye does not
get yanked free, but is badly damaged and the PC loses
use of the eye for 6d6 months and in that time fights at
-10 SV.
6. Eye is missed by a centimeter and gashes the PCs
check, causing a permanent scar that reduces the
PCs appearance score by d4+1 points.
After this eye stab attack, the
skullocks on the far side yank the
door open and charge forward.
They number 2 per PC. If surviving this scrap the characters can
advance into Kanes lair. See entry
MM-U8, bottom right, this page.

Skullocks (2 per PC): DV -12/ END

10+d20/ MV 7m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: 1

weapon/ SV 01-50/ DMG d12 javelin
or d8 knife/ STR 24/ AG 33/ ACC 30/

INT 2d6/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 3d6/

Valuables: VP (very poor)/ EFs 20/ Morale: average/ Size 1.3m tall/ 50kg/
Mutations: nil

Entry MM-U7B, The East Cave:

Read to players:

Even as you enter his narrow, meter wide passage,

you can smell fresh air, although it is the familiar,
boggy, vegetation scented air of the swamp. It appears as though the passage was recently cut, as
the tool marks are fresh, the dust and cobwebs

There is a 4 in 6 chance that the PCs run into one or
more skullock guardians near the end of this short cave.
If so, they appear 4 meters away and must be dealt with
single file, with the teams first person in the marching
order doing all the fighting, unless, he or she is shorter
than the person behind by 50% or kneels to fire so the
person behind can shoot over his or her head.

Roll d6 for what occupant appears:

1-3. Krush the Cyborg Skullock: Read: A gleaming,
thickly built, metal and junk clad skullock stands tall
in the path ahead of you. It glows a dull green and
exhibits one shining red eye, the other is a sunken
eye socket. One of its arms are huge and so heavy
that the humanoid leans to the other side to balance
itself. In its other limb, which is also amputated and
replaced by a cybernetic killing tool, it holds out the
barrel of a gun, aiming at your foremost excavator.
Roll initiative.

Muddy Mayhem


GM: This special cyborg stands guard day and night

here, never sleeping, and having its food, power cells
and excrement conducted to or from it by regular skullies. It will neither chase nor retreat from diggers, but
stands its ground and only lets skullocks it recognizes
slip passed him. The exception to this is if he is called
to help from either Kane, or either of Kanes two concubines. He will fire his stun pistol arm first, and if engaged
in melee uses its power arm. This freak gleams
because he also has a force field generator in
operation, which reduces total damage received per round (not per attack) by -10.
Krush, Skullock Cyborg Guard-

ian of death: DV -31 (-10 DMG per

round due to force field)/ END 64/ MV

5m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: stun pistol or
power arm / SV pistol 01-65, power
arm 01-60/ DMG 2d20 stun, power arm d20+16/ STR 24, power

arm 116/ AG 33/ ACC 30/ INT

4/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 2/ Valuables: spare fully charged power cell in hip pouch/ EFs 70/
Morale: average/ Size 1.9m
tall/ 190kg/ Mutations: larger
than normal/ Implants: weapon
arm stun pistol, power arm, armor
enhancement steel carapace (-31 DV,
increased endurance, slowed), force field
generator -10 damage per round (not
per strike against it) against it.
4-6. Mutant skullocks, horny male and
shocking female: One bulky fellow with
two horns, leads the way. He is followed by a stick-slender female who hangs back and shoots electrical pulses
from her forehead.
The horned male will crouch low and make to gore
the first PC in line in the crotch, allowing his mate to
shoot over him at taller humans. The female, keeping
back four meters, is 2nd rank and can fire 6 pulses per
day. If the PCs dispatch the male, she will run back down
the cave to area U11 on page 99, and join any other defenders, hiding behind cover (-20 DV bonus) and waiting
for the intruders to appear.
Skullock Mutants: DV -12 / END horned male

38, slender female 22/ MV 7m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: 1

weapon or mutation/ SV machete 01-50, horns 01-56,
pulse 01-70 (range 160m)/ DMG machete d12, horns
2d10, electrical pulse d20 or 3d20 to cyborgs and machines / STR 24/ AG 33/ ACC 30/ INT 2d6/ WL 40/ PER

45/ App 3d6/ Valuables: none carried/ EFs 20/ Morale: average/ Size 1.3m tall/ 50kg/ Mutations: male 2
horns, female electrical pulse.

Entry MM-U8 Kanes Lair: This is most likely the most

complicated encounter in the adventure, and the primary engagement between the PCs and Kanes followers.
It is a good idea to pre-read this section prior to running
this portion for your players.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Whatever method the characters use to enter, read
the following to describe the large chamber:
The chamber you have just burst into is large, being 24m
long from north to south, and 20m deep. Although the
brilliant lights, and cheering ghostly crowd make it hard
to see much of anything, you can see that the cracked
ceiling is at least nine meters above you. In both the
south west corner and along the east wall, the walls
have long ago failed and tons of rubble, rusted automobiles and junk fill the place from floor to ceiling.

Loud rock and roll music belches from a series of
speakers while ceiling mounted strobe and spot lights
flash and cast their beams about the place, making you
squint. Holograms of hundreds of screaming 1950s
teenage girls move about the entire place, all facing a
raised, holographic stage upon which a dark haired, suit
clad ancient man sings and gyrates his hips, interacting
with the transparent fans.

cheering crowd
are metal work
in tools. On five
of the benches
lay the shattered remains of
tall, metallic humanoids, many
missing arms or
heads. However
on the sixth table,
swinging its legs
over the edge
and getting up, is
one more of the
machines, who
looks fully operational. It has a cable running from
its back, along
the floor and running to the rear
of the room near
a plastic curtain. There, smoking away and blinking is
a barrel sized generator with about three dozen cords
plugged into its open access panel. A skullock pours an
amber liquid into the top of the machine.

Closer at hand, between you and the now standing
robot and generator, you observe over a dozen small,
unarmed, pregnant female skullocks some bald and
others with long flowing white hair, yet all with the same
hideous skull-like faces as the larger fighters youve
met elsewhere. These heavy bellied females run about
in sheer panic, trying to snatch up foot tall youngsters
and crawling baby peskies. These terrified non-combatants have seen you and run into the two massive rubble


Muddy Mayhem

mounds, seeking cover in holes. With their grayish skin,

the creatures seem to vanish into the debris.

At the furthest reaches of the chamber, over twenty
meters away and behind two tied-back silk curtains, is an
open bed chamber. There in, you get a glimpse of Soggy
Hearths Headmans adopted daughter, the beautiful cyborg mechanic, Sawndraa. So too, you see her captor,
Kane the Invincible. The Half breed mercenary wears riot
armor and has a submachine gun hanging on his back
by a strap. Although surprised, he manages to put on his
Kevlar helmet and goggles and regard you briefly before
all hell breaks loose.

The arrival of the PCs here will not go unchallenged.
If Kane has been warned of the PCs approach, see entry MM-U8-A. If, by some miracle the PCs reach the lair
of Kane without the half breed being notified, see entry
MM-U8-B, at the bottom of this page.

Entry MM-U8-A,
Kane Alerted:

Kane hesitates
until the last minute before leaving. He wants to
get a look at those
who are screwing
with his operation
and hindering his
romantic liaisons.
Furthermore, he
gives no warning
to non-combatant
skullocks in order
that they might
serve to draw fire
away from him.
He abandons
the generator, but
will not abandon
the woman he is
so smitten with.
He has Sawndraa
cut free of the
chair, but her hands remain tied behind her back by stout
plastic coated wires. Furthermore, he has two remotely pretty female skullocks help him hustle the prisoner away toward
the escape tunnel at the rear of the room. Having met eyes
with the PCs, and memorized their faces, he departs. As he
goes, he orders his defenders to hold the lair, protect the
generator, and counter attack. The PCs must content with
Kanes warriors before pursuing the man and his hostage.
See Entry MM-U8-C, page 94 for the defense of the lair.

Entry MM-U8-B, Kane Surprised: The characters have

somehow arrived here via stealth, and now, blast or bash
through the shuttered steel door with little effort and
burst in.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Muddy Mayhem


Read here:
Besides the holographic singing man and his
screaming fans, you also observe a skinny, bespectacled skullock at a computer station, looking up from the screen as the other rubble goblins
scream and run off. Beyond him, over twenty meters from you, Kane, at the far northern end of the
vast, partially collapsed chamber, spins about from
where he was busy lip-syncing Elvis love songs to
his bound hostage, Sawndraa.

The attractive cyborg is tied to a metal chair,
with her right fully mechanical arm bound extra
firmly in industrial zip-ties. She is dressed in a torn
black T-shirt and leather overalls and wears knee
high leather boots. Two somewhat pretty skullock
females in skirts and high heel shoes stand nearby, one holding a relic makeup kit, the other a tray
with two half full glasses of red wine on it.

Kane, thinking fast, says something to the
two skullock attendants while he himself leaps behind the chair and his hostage for cover. The pesky
girls, assisted by their master, simply lift her chair
and begin to crab walk out of view toward the right.
Your line of sight to her is broken by holograms of
screaming generic women and hysterical, hideous
skullock females. A second later, Kane and Sawndraa are gone, having slipped out some passage
not visible from your vantage point. Between you
and them, the ancient robot looms up, raising its
right, gun festooned arm in your direction.

Entry MM-U8-C, Battle in the Lair: Kanes defenders

have orders to repel any intrusion, and if winning are to

pursue the interlopers all the way out of the mound and
kill them someplace in the swamp beyond.
Among his defenders are several unique skullocks
plus a recharging combot. The combot is hooked to the
generator by a 6 meter long power cable and can not go
beyond this energy supply without detaching itself and
going dormant after d6 rounds. It has not yet been programmed but knows not to detach itself from the power
supply. It will stand and fire its laser carbine at the PCs,
and if engaged in melee, will slash and stab with its
spring spike.
It will not harm or shoot too closely near any character who might have randomly found an ID card from
Table MM-5 Warehouse Loot table, on page 80. This
auto responding card broadcasts an identity sequence
like those worn by its former masters. You may mention
that the robot aims at the PCs, rolling randomly among
the targets but openly excluding the PC who happens to
have the ID card. This hint dropped, might make the player consult his or her character sheet to see what reason,
or possession, makes the robot act in this way. This PC
could in theory walk up behind the combot and unplug it,
shutting it down in d6 rounds.

Light Combot: DV -25 / END 40 / MV 7m / Init. +0

/ Attacks: laser carbine or spring-spike / SV carbine 0180 (range 2km), spike 01-62 / DMG carbine 2d20+10,
spike d12+12 / STR 80 (+10 DMG) / AG 40 / ACC 54

/ INT 34 / WL 110 / PER 34 / Valuables: nil / EFs 50 /

Morale: NA / Size 2.1 m / 120kg /
This unit can fire 40 shots per day with its laser carbine, as well as have the weapon accept standard power
cells, power packs or plugged in cables from vehicles
or installations. This recently put together unit has just
been hooked to Smokey the generator and has no independent power beyond the 6m cable it is attached
to. Once powered up, it will however kill Kane and all his
skullocks as it serves cryogenically frozen ancient elites
trapped elsewhere in the mound. These ancient one
percent fear and detest mutants of every kind and have
programmed the robots to kill non generics (non-pure
stocks) on sight.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

The unique skullocks will not emerge from their
hiding places until the old military robot is dispatched, or else
the PCs are being defeated and begin to break and run.
The skullocks present are 3 of the following individuals,
rolled randomly or pre-selected by the game master during
adventure set up. They will work together, either attacking
in melee, using mental mutations or relics from afar, but doing their best to give their master, Kane, and his would-be
future mistress, Sawndraa, time to escape in the opposite
direction of the PCs advance. Any unused unique skullocks
can appear elsewhere if needed but only if the PCs are having an easy time of this adventure with few deaths and
most of them at more than half their endurance values.
Table MM-8 Unique Skullocks Table d6
Pick or randomly roll three freaks


Metal Pincered Cyborg

Shooter Skullock
Shelled Tendril User
Crazed Biter
Telekinetic Bikini-Clad Skullock
Mind Masher Skullock

Metal Pincered Cyborg Skullock: DV -32/ END

80/ MV 6.5m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: 2 cybernetic pincers/

SV 01-62/ DMG 3d10+d12 / STR 44/ AG 21/ ACC 34/
INT 8/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 3/ Valuables: nil/ EFs 90/ Morale: excellent/ Size 1.9m tall/ 170kg/ Mutations: nil/ Implants: two pincers.
Having an alloy enhanced skeleton, this broad, stitched together
freak employs a pair of cybernetic
pincers to mince its victims within
close range. Once the robot is dispatched, it will shriek and pop up
from behind a metal work bench
and run at the characters, range
9 meters away and attack to the
death, shouting Elvis be praised!.

Shooter Skullock: DV normal

-25, in cover -45/ END 28/ MV 7m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: assault rifle (rate 3, range 900m) or machete/ SV assault
rifle 01-62, machete 01-50/ DMG rifle d20, machete d12/

STR 24/ AG 33/ ACC 30/ INT 11/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 14/
Valuables: spare magazine with 3d10 rifle rounds/ EFs 30/
Morale: excellent/ Size 1.4m tall/ 60kg/ Mutations: nil/ Relics: assault rifle.
This skullock wears riot armor and wields an assault
rifle. He is also crouched up among the rubble pile to the
east, 18m from where the PCs enter the lair and 12m from
where the combot is situated, covering his masters retreat. As soon as the combot is defeated, this marksman
will open fire from the cover of the concrete rubble (-20
DV bonus, shooting at a rate of three cartridges per round

Muddy Mayhem


with each bullet at a different random PC). He has a spare

magazine with 3d10 rounds of ammo in it, while the mag
in the weapon currently is fully loaded (30 rounds).

Shelled Tendril Skullock (2nd rank): DV -40/ END

46/ MV 5m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: 4 tendrils (6 times per
day) or bash/ SV tendrils 01-60, bash 01-50/ DMG d12
stun or 2d20 stun to cyborgs and machines/ STR 34/

AG 28/ ACC 30/ INT 9/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 2/ Valuables: nil/ EFs 40/ Morale: excellent/ Size 1.7m tall/
170kg/ Mutations: Shell and paralysis tendrils.
Having a crab like shell, massive build and instead of
arms a series of sticky tendrils, this shelled nightmare will
attempt to rush toward the bulk of the characters. Its 4
paralysis tendrils each have a reach of 3m and will dart
out and slap enemies, doing d12 stun to organic beings
or 2d20 stun to cyborgs and other machines. This stun
damage remains for 1 hour then heals at a rate of 1pt per
minute thereafter. Its shell is Extra Heavy, and if this freak
uses up its 6 paralysis slaps per day, will simply bash into
one opponent per round doing 2d6 damage per hit.

Crazed Biter Skullock: DV -50/ END 32/ MV 15m/

Init. +3/ Attacks: 1 bite/ SV 01-60/ DMG d10+ type C
paralysis venom/ STR 44/ AG 77/ ACC 53/ INT 7/ WL

40/ PER 104/ App 5/ Valuables: nil/ EFs 40/ Morale:

average/ Size 1.3m tall/ 50kg/ Mutations: poison bite
This naked skullock is insane and runs on its all-fours.
It has an oversized set of jaws and
bites its victims, trying to nip them
with its venomous fangs and inject
paralytic venom. Anyone bit by this
freak must make an endurance
based type C hazard check or collapse and become immobilized.
The victim can hear, see and feel
everything, but cannot move for the
next 3d6 minutes.
This dog-like, naked humanoid
is exceedingly quick and hard to hit.
Once it dispatches a victim it will
rush to the nearest standing opponent and try and naturalize that target, too.

Telekinetic Bikini-Clad Skullock: DV -0/ END

36/ MV 1m/ Init. +0/ Attacks: Telekinetic throw (range
40m)/ SV 01-80/ DMG d20+3 stun/ STR 5/ AG 10/ ACC

18/ INT 29/ WL 40/ PER 12/ App 3/ Valuables: nil/ EFs
40/ Morale: average/ Size 97cm tall/ 80kg/ Mutations:
This skullock has no legs or arms and sits amid pillows
like a sack, her tall, forehead topped by a tuft of pink hair,
her eyes squinty, a constant stream of drool flowing from
her mouth, and a yellow polka-dot bikini strapped to her
bulbous torso. She uses telekinesis to hurl the limbs of
robots at the PCs, and being 3rd rank, she can hurl 12 objects per day. Treat each object as a blunt chunk of metal
doing d20+3 stun damage only.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Mind Masher Skullock, 2nd rank: DV normal -

Post Battle Follow-Up

If somehow surviving the battle with the combot and subsequent trio of Kanes defenders, the PCs may choose to
do one, none, or some combination, of the following:

A. Confront the nerd skullock hiding behind the computer desk, who does nothing except soil himself in fright.
B. Go to Smokey the generator, unplug it and take it
with them.
C. Forget about Kane and Sawndraa the hostage and
return the way they came up though the elevator shaft,
trying to get the generator back to the Village of Soggy
Hearth before Dark.
D. Go to the rear of the chamber and find out where
Kane and his two attendants took Sawndraa.
Results of Post battle choices:

A. Confront the nerd skullock:

This teenage skullock is half human, although very smart

considering his lineage, and devoted to Kane. He wears
a pair of tattered scooby-doo underwear and a stained
Elvis T-shirt. He carries no weapon and will curl into a
ball to make himself look as nonthreatening as he can in
hopes the PCs ignore him.
If any character looks at the computer monitor, it reveals four camera views. Read here what the PCs see:

The screen is divided into four live video feed
views. One shows the remote turret on the lower
level, another captures the still smoldering village of Soggy Hearth as seen from high up on
a ruined spire across the river, revealing the villagers walking about burying dead and repairing
the defenses. The third view shows the square
lake that you crossed to get to the mound, but
the view is from the mounds top and facing the
right side and looks along some sort of cable that
leads from the mound down to a cluster of tree
studded ruins on the edge. The final camera,
which is also mounted on the mound, pans coun-


ter clockwise, showing the lake and surrounding

swamp forest.

All at once, it reveals the catwalk where you
came across. Swarming over the catwalk, and wading through the water alongside the raised walkway, are hundreds of crudely armed green and yellow skinned reptilius lizard folk, massed for the attack. Some carrying ladders, a few with relic guns,
while others show off the heads of skullocks, pure
stock humans and mutants high above on trophy
poles. There are at least four hundred of the lizard
warriors, and they are heading your way!

12 , in cover -22/ END 18/ MV 4m/ Init. +1/ Attacks:

Mind Crush (6 times per day, range 120m) or punch/
SV punch 01-50, mind crush: targets gets type B intelligence based hazard check or suffers d20 END damage
and d6 INT damage, punch d6/ STR 12/ AG 15/ ACC

19/ INT 26/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 4/ Valuables: nil/ EFs
40/ Morale: average/ Size 1.1m tall/ 40kg/ Mutations:
Mind crush.
This orb headed, striped freak carries no weapons
and instead fires Mind Crush from where he sits in an
old lawn chair on the far side of a computer monitor and
desk (gains -10 DV). He will pick a random PC each round
to launch Mind Crush on, although like the others, waits
to see if the robot can eliminate the PCs before exposing
himself to harm.

Muddy Mayhem

Half-Skullock Nerd (Nigel): DV -8/ END 22/

MV 6m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: 2 Martial arts expert, 4 skill
points or 1 weapon/ SV martial arts 01-67, weapon 0156/ DMG 2d6+3 fists or d8 knife/ STR 29/ AG 74/ ACC

58/ INT 49/ WL 27/ PER 45/ App 13/ Valuables: nothing
carried/ EFs 40/ Morale: poor/ Size 1.6m tall/ 54kg/
Mutations: nil
Nigel, one of Kanes eldest
sons, the halfie is actually a
very skilled marital artist, and
while cowering and pleading for his pitiful life is his
primary tactic, he will not
hesitate to lash out and
try and fight his way
free. If left
or with one
guard, he
will try to
knock out
the guard
then grab a
stash of hidden
supplies and a fully loaded
automatic pistol and disappear up through a hidden
hole in the south west rubble pile, then escape across
Square Lake via a small raft he has stashed on the north
side, and row east and try to get aboard Kanes armored
swamp barge. Once aboard, he will conceal himself and
wait for the chance to emerge with his pistol and one by
one, eliminate the PCs should they have taken control of
the craft. He hates Sawndraa, too, and will do everything
to seek revenge against her for not accepting Kanes
love, and bringing about his downfall.

B. Unplug and commence to take the generator:

As soon as the PCs begin to unplug the chugging, smoking machine, the lights at the south half of the chamber
switch off.
GM: If the PC turn off the machine completely and
unplug the cords, all lights, music and other systems
will fall silent and dark. The generator is an extremely
advanced machine and weighs 65 kilograms, requiring
two strong characters to heft and do nothing else. Fur-

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

thermore, when tipped on its side, hot fuel spills out on
one random character, burning his or her hand.

C. Forget about Kane and Sawndraa and return the way

they came: If the generator was switched off and taken,

all internal lights have gone dark within the mound. So
too, if the characters did not look at the computer monitors, they will not see the horde of reptilius approaching
the mounds first floor. When the characters get to the
cave mouth and look out, they will see hundreds of reptilius rushing up the side of the man made hill, 3d12 firing arrows at the PCs as they emerge. Quick thinking PCs
will retreat inside the mound, and possibly climb up the
elevator shaft again and somehow detonate the stored
fuel at the lower lobby, collapsing the shaft and killing
dozens of lizard folk who will have pursued the PCs into
the facility.

D. Go to the rear of the chamber and find out where Kane

and his two attendants took Sawndraa. See entry MM-

U9, below.

Entry MM-U8-D, Kane Flees with his dream girl: Kane

decides to retreat to a safe location during the fighting, and
will have two skullocks drag his bound and beloved prisoner, Sawndraa the mechanic, along behind him as he makes
his escape out a back tunnel (entry U9), and flees.
Have the characters spot the armored half breed
fleeing with the captive, Sawndraa, getting a glimpse of
the fine mechanic who they will recognize since she has
been to Sandbarra frequently to buy parts and socialize
in the Rafters Pub. Any male character with an appearance score over 30 will also be recognized by her, and
she will call out to the man, by name, for his help! If more
than one male PC has such fine looks, she will call to
each of them.
Kanes aim, if the battle goes poorly for his people, is
to first hook up then shove Sawndraa ahead of him and
then take the zip line himself off the mound and get to his
armored barge at the edge of Square Lake. If not receiving
the all clear flag from the large cliff side cave, he will know
he has lost both the mound and generator and so have his
remaining loyal skullocks row him away to safety deeper
into the swamp.

Entry MM-U9 West opening to secret tunnel: Kane,
his two female side kicks and the object of his primary
obsession; Sawndraa, have fled into this tunnel and are
well ahead.
If the PCs give chase, read here:
The rough-cut passage is between a meter and two
meters wide, almost two meters high at best, and
dips down, turns around impassable masses of concrete, then climbs up over other blockages. Every so
often the lower areas are filled with knee deep pools
of filthy water. There seem to be no side passages.

Muddy Mayhem


If the PC eliminated all opposition in the lair within one

minute (20 rounds) and are now in hot pursuit of Kanes
group into this passage, then see entry U9-A. On the other hand, and most probably, if the characters give chase
many minutes later, see entry U9-B, bottom, this page.

Entry U9-A: Realizing how close the PCs are, that his new
robot and elite defenders failed to cover their retreat,
Kane orders one of the half breeds devotee concubines,
called Krooty, to hang back at the half way point and wait
in ambush for the PCs.
At about the half way mark at the X on the map in that
tunnel, a grenade wielding fanatic blocks the characters
way. She presents a frag grenade and puts her finger in
the pull ring, shouting at the characters and saying. Stop
hume dogs, or Ill bring us all death! If the PCs dont retreat at once, or attack but lose the initiative roll, she tosses the explosive. The blast shreds her (for d20+10 DMG),
and surges down the cave and engulfs the first d4 PCs
in the single file marching order, who instinctively duck
and try to survive the blast: strike value 01-60, damage
d10+5, plus, the passage rattles and each PC is attacked
by a piece of falling debris (SV 01-50, damage d8).
If proceeding, go to Entry MM-U9-B, below, upon
reaching end of the tunnel.

Entry U9-B, View from escape tunnel: The characters
traverse the escape tunnel without incident, read here:
You see daylight beaming down the passage
ahead, and a moment later, your lead two comrades peer out on a huge cavern that has been
excavated from the hard packed rubble. The far
eastern side opens out to the open air and you can
see the misty tree tops and jagged skeletons of ancient buildings far into the distance. In the middle
of the cave is a wood and scrap metal scaffolding.

It rises up and almost touches the precariously
braced ceiling nine meters up. A heavy cable runs
from the back wall, sags a bit under the weight of
a dozen hanging handles, before running through
a wheeled cranking system and then down and out
the opening in the west side and across the brown
waters of the square lake. The cable heads to a
cluster of tree shrouded ruins at the edge of the
vast, flooded plain.

As you watch, you see the subject of your
chase, Kane, speeding away on the zip line, holding one of the handled trolley contraptions. Right in
front of him, her hands bound and hanging above
her and looped through the handles of another
trolley, is Sawndraa, the cyborg mechanic woman
from Soggy Hearth.
If Krooty did not confront the PCs with a grenade,
then she and her fellow concubine, Zasher, will be waiting here, see entry U9-C, next page. However if she did
detonate the grenade, killing herself, see entry U9-D,
also on page 98.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Entry U9-C, Krooty and Zasher: To cover their masters
retreat one spotted skullock female has listened to the
progress of the advancing invaders, and throws a fragmentation grenade at the front of the cave mouth, forcing the PCs back to seek cover (reduced potential harm
to first d4 PCs in cave mouth, SV 01-60, DMG d12).
The explosion partially collapses the tiny cave opening and forces the PCs to kick and pull debris away, wasting d6+1 minutes. In this time, the two skullocks plan
to escape by way of the zip line; Zasher will snatch up
a crossbow and prepare to shoot at the PCs as soon as
they emerge the other, Krooty, pulls forward two zip line
trolleys and makes ready for her and her bed-sister to
As soon as the PCs come free of the rubble, read here:
Shoving away the last of the rubble, you peer out
through the dust and falling craps of old plastic sheeting to see one spotted skullocks aiming
a crossbow down at you from the top of the 4m
high scaffolding, while the other diminutive female
pesky speeds away down the zip line, clutching the
handle tightly.
Roll for initiative, with the female skullock, Krooty, on
the zip line getting -20 DV and traveling 12m per round
along the alloy cable. If the crossbow user is naturalized
and the escaping pesky either let go or shot free of the
line, the PCs will observe Kane and his hostage disappear
into the vegetation within the cluster of ruins. They can
either abandon the cyborg woman, who the village needs
to run the generator and energy fence, or else send one
or more of their own up the scaffolding and take the zip
line in chase. It is assumed that at least some players will
select this option, if so. See entry MM-S1, page 99.

Skullock Concubines (2):

DV -5/ END Krooty 18, Zasher 21/
MV 7m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: 1 weapon/ SV 01-50/ DMG d20+1 crossbow or d8 knife/ STR 24/ AG 33/

ACC 30/ INT 12/ WL 40/ PER 45/

App 18/ Valuables: plastic jewelry
worth 100+d100sp each/ EFs 20/
Morale: average/ Size 1.3m tall/
40kg/ Mutations: nil

Entry MM-U9-D, Zasher:

Having helped her master,

Kane and his prisoner, Sawndraa, escape via the zip line,
the remaining concubine,
Zasher, turns to see the
characters emerge from
the escape tunnel and
begins to shout Help!
Hume intruders! Krush,
come save masta!

Muddy Mayhem


GM: If the PCs have not already explored the south east,
short tunnel leading from the warehouse hive, then Krush
from roll 1-3 of that entry emerges from the other side of
the scaffolding, 18m away, and attacks the characters. See
Entry MM-U7B, The East Cave, back on page 92.
If nobody comes to Zashers aide, she reaches out,
grabs a handled trolley and tries to shove off and speed
away, down the cable and away. If she wins initiative or is
simply allowed to leave, she gains a -20 DV bonus while
riding the zip line. If shot and dispatched, she falls dozens of meters to splash down amid the shallow, brown
waters of Square Lake, a red tinge coloring the water
about her and attracting aquatic scavengers.
Once any fighting has taken place, the PCs can turn
their attention to the large 18m wide opening in the eastern wall of the cave, and the destination of the zip line.
Read to players:
Far below, 900 meters away and now having made
their way safely across Square Lake to the cluster
of tree enshrouded ruins at the eastern edge, Kane
and his prisoner disappear into the trees, their zip
line ride over as they reach ground level. Nearby,
hanging at the ready up on the top of the scaffolding, are nine more handled trolleys.

It is assumed that some PCs will be brave enough to
hasten up the ladder to the top of the scaffold, grab a
trolley, grip the handles firmly and get a run forward, going after Kane and his beautiful, highly skilled and very
important captive. If so, see entry MM-S1, page 99.

Entry MM-U10 East Opening to Secret Tunnel: Unless

opened from the inside, with a couple of good kicks to

knock free the scrap metal and piled blocks of rubble,
the characters will not see this tunnel exit up on the
north western side of this roundish, roughly excavated chamber.

If for some reason the PCs left several
PCs here to watch this area or
were clever and came back here
after Kanes departure from area
U8, then they will see the
hidden escape tunnel
burst open. Spewing out is the half
Kane, tugging the
cyborg woman, Sawndraa,
and followed by two skullocks
women. Kane and the two female
peskies will be entirely surprised to
see the characters, whom the PCs will
get the drop on as they hear them
smashing down the plug in the
cave and have time to take
cover and aim.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Any shots directed at the skullocks that miss are considered directed at Sawndraa, and the PCs could quite easily
kill her. Kane, grabbing his submachine gun from the small
of his back, has no such concerns about hitting the intruding
excavators and will open fire. See his NPC section on page
109, while Sawndraas write up starts on page 108.
For the skullocks concubines statistics, go back a
page to Entry U9-C, Krooty and Zasher to see their stats.
Krooty holds a fragmentation grenade and will throw it at
a random PC as soon as she gets her turn to act.
If the PCs are too many and too tough, Kane will yank
Sawndraa with him, using her as a human shield and go back
into the escape tunnel, forcing a GM directed hostage crisis,
especially if victorious PCs are at both ends of the passage.
Important Adventure Note: The Reptilius Horde: At
this point, if the PCs area not already aware of it from viewing the computer screen in area U8, an invasion force of
over 400 reptilius are making their way to the lower level
entrance of the facility, and swarming up the exterior of
the mound. If a stand-off transpires, allow the characters
to hear the war cries of the lizard folk, which Kane too will
eventually hear and may try to deal with the PCs, saying
Lets set aside our unprofitable differences and all take
that zip line down to safety. You can have the silly generator and this cold hearted bitch, just let me and my concubines depart in peace. Well never return to these stinking
bog-lands, but, if we meet again, I want to hire you bad
ass mercs myself! Do we have a deal?
If the PCs agree, then he sends his concubines down
the zip line first, then has several PCs go before Kane frees
Sawndraa and, stealing a kiss on her surprised face, sends
her off down the line. Reptilius arrows dart about her as
she goes, and by the time Kane and the last characters
ride out the cave mouth, 3d6+6 reptilius warriors climb
into the opening below them, jumping at
the characters and throwing javelins
as the they whir away
to safety.

Muddy Mayhem


See Entry MM-S1A, Riding the zip line: The outcome of

the zip line ride can be conducted by consulting two tables included in that section on the next page, with the
weight and strength of the PCs determining their chances of a safe landing.
As for what happens at the bottom, and if Kane or the
PCs keep their word, that is off script action. If the PCs
number 4 or less, wounded or perhaps carry valuables
worth robbing them for, he will break his word and have
his minions try to hold up, strip and enslave the PCs to
serve as oarsmen on his barge.

Entry MM-U11 Cliff Cavern: The short cave leads out

into a vast circular cavern which opens out to the sky
on the eastern side. Here, Kane and his followers use
a remarkably well fashioned zip line to winch freight up
from the edge of the square lakes edge, and as a way
of rapidly escaping if needed. A wood and scrap metal
raised tower sits in the middle of the 24m wide cavern,
the pylon being 4m tall.
The zip line has a dozen tandem wheel, stainless
steel trolleys with handles, although no safety harnesses
nor hang-down seats. There are however two dozen large
buckets tied to ropes, and one long rope which is coiled
next to the scaffolding and lashed to a special trolley with
a hook hanging from it. Kanes skullocks used this rope
to pull up gear and their comrades from the far edge of
Square Lake.
See entry MM-S1, below if a PC wishes to take a zip line ride.

Entry MM-S1, Riding the zip line: Should the characters

wish to pursue Kane down the zip line, they may do so

by unknotting a handled trolley and shoving off. The ride
is terrifying, with the character getting up to a speed of
12 meters per round or more, and skimming along the
swamp only meters from the waters surface as they approach the cluster of tree shrouded ruins at the far east
side of the footings.
Taking the zip line is no easy thing, especially for weak
or very heavy adventurers who might weigh the cable too
far and either speed right into the shallow lake, or else
smash into the low concrete wall that spans the
front of the lower ruin before the zip
line ends, shattering themselves.

All characters taking the zip line
must make a strength based hazard check, which differs
according to his or her weight category on the following
table. A second peril applies mainly to heavy characters
who might make the line sag too far, and put them
in the water or against the concrete wall near the
end of the ride.
Each character must face each table to follow, first
testing their strength, and secondly, determining if
their weight puts them in jeopardy or not.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Table MM-9 Zip Line Strength Test


Muddy Mayhem

Table MM- 11 Zip Line Weight Test


Strength Based hazard check

to hold on


Below 40kg

Type A, but allowed a second check

if failing the first

Below 40kg



41 to 60kg

Type A

41 to 60kg

1 in 20

1 in 20

61to 90kg

Type B

61to 90kg

3 in 20

2 in 20

91 to120kg

Type C

91 to120kg

5 in 20

4 in 20

121 to 140kg

Type D

121 to 140kg

10 in 20

7 in 20

Over 140kg

Type E

Over 140kg

16 in 20

11 in 20

Characters who fall from the zip line drop into the
brown waters of the lake. See the GMs map MM-2 from
page 112 for a large scale view, or map MM-5 on page
115. With the unlucky PC dropping 30+d80 (d8x10) meters from the edge of the Clustered Ruins and the end
point of the zip line ride. Roll 2d6 for the outcome:
Table MM-10 Falling from the Zip Line Results


2. PC falls onto a sharpened metal protrusion and impales him or herself for d100 damage.
3,4. PC falls into a very shallow area where the concrete
of the barely submerged ruins below are impacted with
full force, inflicting d20 stun damage and also treated as
an additional lethal attack, with the PC armor perhaps
saving his or her life: SV 01-70, damage 2d20 lethal.
5,6. The PC lands directly into the water but on splash
down, smacks one leg across a concrete wall which lies
just under the water. The leg is shattered. The PC, while
surviving the fall, has a broken leg and moves half speed
for the next 3+d3 months.
7,8. The PC splashed down well, landing deep in a pool
and emerging safely. There happens to be a submerged
wall top that runs all the way to the eastern edge of the
lake and parallel to the zip lines course, allowing the
character to walk all the way to where the cable disappears over the low wall.
9,10. As in roll 7,8, however the characters mighty
splash attracted the attention of d4+2 blood flyers which
appear from 3d6+6 meters away to the north and rise up
and attack him or her.
11. As in roll 5,6. however, the characters landing attracted a large mutant alligator that begins to splash and
pull itself through the water directly at the PC from the
south, range 20+d20 meters away!
12. The hapless character lands right on a partially submerged large mutant alligator, feet first at the base of the
animals skull and inflicts 3d10+10 damage to the previously sleeping beast. If doing more than 30 damage on
the first drop, the gator splashes madly and drives down
beneath the surface getting as far from the PC as possible.
If less than 30 damage was inflicted by the characters fall,
then the gator roars and attacks the PC mercilessly.

Chance cable
sags into lake

Chance Hits
Concrete wall

If a character sags into the lake, it means he or she

skims the surface of the predator infested, shallow lake,
dragging his or her legs through the fetid water and risking injury or being snapped at by something below the
surface. Roll 2d6 for what occurs to sagging characters:
Table MM-12 Results of Dragging Through Lake


2. The PC sees a large alligator emerge out of the brown

water directly ahead of him, its mouth opening in anticipation of the easy meal. The character can let go with
one hand and either fire a one handed weapon, throw
a dagger or try and kick the gators snout aside. If this
attack fails, the excavator slides feet first into the waiting
monster, up to his or her armpits. The jaws of the gator
snap shut on the PC making a +30 SV attack. If the monsters attack hits, the gator submerges with the PC in its
jaws and chews and crushes the PC beneath the water,
getting +30 SV each attack thereafter. Plus, the PC takes
d6 extra stun damage per round from drowning. If the PC
does 30 or more damage to the alligator, it will spit him
or her out and vanish, allowing the lucky character to bob
to the surface and swim to the nearby ruins.
3-5. The character splashes through a swarm of freshly
hatched blood flyers, numbering 2d4, which burst into
the air and give chase to the PC as he or she skims
through the water toward the cluster of ruins, attacking
the individual and any other warm blooded beings they
find at the landing scaffold and vicinity.
6-9. The PC skims across the brown water, ripping through
water lilies, vines and freshly laid blood flyer eggs. He or she
has lost much momentum and faces the concrete wall of
the ruin cluster too low! Increase the odds of hitting the
concrete wall by adding +5 in 20 (example, if weighing 91
to 120 kg, the PC would normally have a 4 in 20 chance of
hitting the wall, but now, having lost speed, it is 9 in 20).
10,11. Dragging across the surface of the lake, the characters foot snags on a upturned length of rusty rebar
and tears him or her violently from the trolley handle. The
PC tumbles head over heals and finally comes to rest on
a shallow ledge of partially submerged concrete. Any holstered weapon is 50% likely to have come free of its bindings and sunk into the murky waters, lost forever.
12. The PCs skims along the water surface for many
meters, dodging upturned rusty rebar, stepping over the

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

snapping jaws of a waiting mutant alligator, crushing
three blood flyers as they hatch and made their first attempt at flight, and then, miraculously, shove off a concrete protrusion in time to save him or herself and get
some height to automatically clear the low concrete wall
at the end of the zip line ride.
Table MM-13 Results of Hitting the Low Wall


If not yanked free of the trolley handle, then he or she

might still be too low to pass over the wall and into the
tree shrouded cluster of ruins beyond. If hitting the wall,
roll 2d6 here:
2,3. The PC comes in far too low, and in a panic, tries to
shift to one side and merely skewers him or herself on
some jagged, outwardly jutting rebar stakes. There are
3+d3 sharp bars, each is treated as an attack on the
character: SV 01-70, damage d12+2 each. If surviving,
the PC is stuck fast and if not pulled free by comrades,
is found here within 10+d20 minutes by hungry reptilius
warriors, who commence to eat the doomed PC slowly.
They cut strips of flesh off the still living, shish kabob,
starting with his or her legs and moving up.
4-6. Smack. The PC hits the lower part of the concrete
wall full-on, face first, knocking him or herself out cold,
toppling backward into the brown water and sinking in a
deep spot. If not rescued, the PC will take d6 stun damage
per round from downing. If saved, this drowning damage is
immediately revered, but keep it separate from any other
stun damage that may have befallen the character.
7-11. The PCs legs smack into the wall. Each leg is 50%
likely to break, with each reducing the PCs walking movement by half. Should both legs be broken, the character
can only pull him or herself with their arms at a rate of
1m per round. A PC crawling about on his or her belly
suffers -20 to all melee attacks he or she might make,
and is easier to hit and so attackers get +20 SV against
the subject.
12. Shattered! The concrete wall in this spot breaks away
as the PC smashes clear through it all, taking d6 stun
damage and d6 lethal damage. The wall topples away
behind him or her and is no longer a threat to any subsequent PCs who might come down from the mound.

Muddy Mayhem


Entry MM-S2 Zip Line Landing Scaffolding and Ruin

Enclosure: See map MM-5, on page 115, or download from

our website at:

Hidden from view amid the squarish, keep-like clustered ruins at the eastern lake shore, is the end of the
line for the zip trolley. Two skullocks will be situated at the
top of the wood and junk pylon, which stands 4 meters
in height and is topped by a partial screen of wire, chain
link fencing, canvas and sharpened stakes to keep blood
flyers and winged slasher lizards from feasting on those
stationed here.
The guards can hear the cable twang and vibrate
whenever an incoming trolley is speeding down the line,
and listen to the incoming contraption as it begins to slow
upon reaching the lowest dip in the cable and rises up for
last few dozen meters to an easy landing.
They are in visual contact with the Iron Rooster the
name for Kanes metal clad cargo barge which sits in a
sluggish river which passes by Square Lake within mere
meters before veering away to the east then south again.
There are two peskies on watch in the screened in upper
deck of the barge, keeping an eye on the those on the
There is a skeleton crew of 4+d6 skullock regulars on
the Barge, each armed with a machete, knife and crossbow, as well as a trusted captain half skullock mutant
called Glowmax the Terrible. He has several mutations
and a relic assault rifle. Finally, six prisoners are chained
to the bottom deck, each positioned at an oar bench
where they sleep, eat and defecate.
Several possible events can happen down in the overgrown ruin cluster, but most likely Kane and Sawndraa
arrive the woman still his prisoner -- the characters arriving minutes later after Kane gets aboard his barge.
The other, though unlikely possibility, is if Kane had to
make some sort of deal with the PCs to get them all off
the mound prior to the reptilius take over. This later possibility requires substantial game master oversight and
creativity. See Other Outcomes 2, on page 107 for some
thoughts on how to resolve this circumstance.
If Kane arrives with Sawndraa, along with any surviving
concubines, he will immediately let out a similar warning
whistle as he speeds in for a landing. This specific whistle
will make those on the scaffold cry out a warning hoot to
the waiting barge, notifying the entire crew of approaching trouble. The barge captain, Glowmax, will prepare the
Iron Rooster for emergency departure while the skullocks
on the scaffold will use lengths of flexible tubing to slow
Kane and Sawndraas arrival. Once seeing them safely on
the raised deck and to the ladder, these skully guards will
turn their attention to their own crossbows, aiming at any
incoming characters who might be following their master.
Once Kane and his prisoner hustle aboard the Iron
Rooster it will take only 2+d3 minutes to cast off, and
begin to turn fully about and point north toward the main
river channel (not shown on the map).

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Characters who successfully speed down the zip line
without letting go, being eaten or smashing into the low
wall in front of the small ruin enclosure, will see that they
are about to be shot by two crossbow using skullocks and
can do little about avoiding the steel tipped bolts.

Read or paraphrase the following:
As you speed down the zip line, you notice that
the cable begins to level out and you are no longer picking up speed. Ahead is a cluster of ruins
that are built right into the remaining footing uprights, and it looks like the cable takes you between these ruined protrusions and over a lower,
rebar bristling wall and into the tree, vine and
moss covered shadows beyond.

There is a wooden scaffolding a dozen or
so meters within the square mass of ruins, from
which you see Kane departing by way of crude
steps. Also on the scaffolding are two skullocks
in junk armor, aiming crossbows at you and making ready to fire! Unless you decide to let go and
drop down to the ruins and predator infested
muddy water below, all you can hope to do is rely
on your armor, or swivel about to make yourself
a harder target. Waiting for the quarrels to puncture you, you look on only to see several arrows
fly from the north and strike the crossbow users,
who collapse screaming.

As you land on the deck you see an armored
barge docked only a dozen meters away on the


Muddy Mayhem

other side of yet another wall, out in a twenty

meter wide backwater river. The barge is being
assailed by arrows from your side of the river,
but to the north of you; the shooters not visible
due to the rubble and vegetation. All at once, a
female skullock with ornate black tattoos and
clad in leather bikini steps out of the bush from
the north, smiling and holding her bow in one
hand, an arrow set on the string yet aimed at the
ground, her other large hand flashing you the
peace gesture.
GM: Perhaps show players the illustration from page
110, Catwalk Collette, then read on or paraphrase:
Im Catwalk Collette, she says, smiling through
broad dark lips and sharp looking yellow fangs. I
spoke at youz humes before you went onto da lake.
Kane ditch me for your hume whore, and I venge
him and his low borns. Hurry now, tallies, fight with
us to take that water tank, and we row away before
us all eaten by lizard boyz!

She points behind you, beyond the tall trees
and concrete slabs of the enclosure and back the
way you came. You see that along the raised walkway across the lake, and the lower levels of the
mound itself are now swarming with dark shapes of
reptilius who begin to pour up into the cave where
the zip line is situated. Worse, many dozens have
seen you ride through the sky and where you went.
With spears and
bows raised high,
they chant a hissing, raspy cry and
begin to wade in
Youve got minutes to act.
If the characters
seem hesitant, or
waste time, Catwalk
will sense this and
if not directly threatened or attacked,
will make another attempt to urge the PCs
to join with her few
skullocks, Read here:
No fricken way
youz or my few
loyalists can out
runs em lizzies,
says Catwalk Collette. Not on foot.
Not into da bog.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Join us, and once we well away, we go ashore and

back to our kind, you keep fricken barge for youz
self, and we friends if meetsn future. Deal?
If the characters agree with Catwalk Collette, read the
boxed text below, however, if the characters decline, panic or merely run off along the rubble strewn and shattered
wall to the south, see entry S5, page 104. If they decide
to stay and fight for the barge, see entry S3, below.
Note: Catwalk Collettes stats are included in the NPC
section on page 110. She could become a very useful NPC,
and perhaps make return appearance in future adventures,
especially if she gets infatuated with one of the male PCs.

Entry MM-S3, battle for The Iron Rooster: Read here:

Catwalk Collette draws and aims her bow to the
east toward the armored river barge. The rusty, flat
bottomed cargo vessel has three large oars per
side, lacks a mast, and is dotted by arrow slits and
gun ports. It has a raised rear poop deck and a typical landing ramp raised at the front end. The craft
is about 6 meters wide and 14m long, and somewhat smaller than an average open water barge of
its class. The ship, now with Kane and his captive
aboard and hidden, begins to pull away from the
lopsided wharf and turn about to the port side, its
intention seems to be to head north.

Suddenly, you see grappling hooks on the
ends of bright yellow relic ropes fly high into the air
from unseen throwers, the hooks clattering onto
the barge. Skullocks on board the vessel fire crossbows, while a large, fat bodied shape in the upper tower unleashes an assault rifle, blasting away
at those on the near shore. The skullock woman
next to you fires her bow, the arrow narrowly missing the huge, obese mutant skullock. She looks to
you. Come, old kind, we attack together! Help us
venge! Get away from liz-boys and slow death!

What do you do?
The grappling hooks stop the Iron-Roosters from escaping and begin to pull it to the near shore. As the characters
move up they can take cover along the low wall that overlooks the river, dock and barge, enjoying -20 DV cover.
Read here:
As you get into firing line along a low, crumbling
wall, you get your first look at some of the skullock
womans loyalists. They number about ten strong,
and wear swamp grasses and moss tied to their
limbs, armor and heads, making them look like
walking shrubs. Although well hidden, they are being wiped out by crossbow bolts and the well placed
shots of a large skullock on the raised deck. His assault rifle blazing out bright yellow muzzle flashes
with each burst.

Muddy Mayhem


The barge is 12m away from the characters and will

soon be pulled against the shore so long as the grappling hooks are not cut free. Three peskies on the barge
will set aside their crossbows and draw blades to cut the
lines, exposing themselves and being only -12 DV for 2
rounds. The characters, along with the she-skullock, can
stay and used ranged attacks, or try their luck going over
the top, and rushing the barge, trying to board the craft
and climb up to the covered rear deck.
The big skullock, Glowmax, and his remaining skullocks, gain -20 DV from cover. Glowmax will turn all his fire
on the PCs if they should begin to shoot relic weapons or
mutations at him or his crew, or rush to board his ship (reminder that his crew consists of only 4+d6 regular skullocks). Kane, at this point, will stay out of sight in a lower
cabin and busy himself securing Sawndraa to a chair with
heavy rope, emerging after 4+d4 minutes if the barge has
not already been boarded. Whenever he turns up or is confronted, he will use his submachine gun to blow away anyone who accosts him. See Kanes NPC write up on page
109 for stats and details on a submachine gun (which is
not part of the quick start Rules relic inventory).
Glowmax the Terrible, warlord Skullock
(4th rank): DV -32 in cover, normally -12/ END 88/ MV

4m/ Init. +0/ Attacks: assault rifle or battle axe in two

hands/ SV rifle 01-80 (rate 3 shots per round), battle
axe 01-72/ DMG d20 each bullet, or battle axe d20+14/

STR 82 (+10 DMG)/ AG 12/ ACC 61 (+6 SV)/ INT 11/

WL 92/ PER 18/ App 4/ Valuables: Carries a spare full
30 round mag for his rifle, cleaning kit worth 60+d100sp,
tooth and scalp collection of no sales value, plastic worth
100+d100sp, and assorted jewelry items from victim worth
200+d100sp/ EFs 110/ Morale:
Excellent/ Size 1.8 m tall/
180kg/ Mutations: Abnormally huge and hideous/
Relics: assault rifle and
spare magazine
Glowmax is loyal to
Kane because Kane
has brought repeated
victories and wealth
to Glowmax and his
family back in the
tribes homeland in Twisted Wood. Glowmaxs clan
have fallen from favor by the current leading families, including Catwalk Collettes kin. He hates the female, and
will not hesitate to harm her if able to capture her.

Skullock crossbow crew (4+d6): DV -32 in

cover, normally -12/ END 10+d20/ MV 7m/ Init. +1/

Attacks: 1 weapon/ SV crossbow 01-58, knife 01-50/
DMG crossbow d20+1 or d8 knife/ STR 24/ AG 33/ ACC

30/ INT 2d6/ WL 40/ PER 45/ App 3d6/ Valuables: 3d6
silver pieces on each/ EFs 20/ Morale: average/ Size
1.3m tall/ 50kg/ Mutations: nil.
Like most of the skullocks loyal to Kane, these barge
crewmen are from the low status, shamed and banished

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Muddy Mayhem


clans of the northern tribe, and looked to Kane to settle

them in a new territory and bring them wealth and infamy. They take the loss of the mound hard, yet blame
the intruding excavators, not Kane, for the arrival of the
reptilius army. Should they get their barge free of the
grappling hooks, and the vessel slips away, they are likely
to muster 3d6+6 other skullock survivors of the mound
and return to the village of Soggy Hearth within a few
days, looking for the characters, and vengeance.

9. Old mutant man (DV -4, END 20+d20, MV 3m, base SV

01-50, with one prime mutation from the list on page QSR
15, or if using the hub rules, page 58, table TME-1-57.
10*. Skullock, one of Catwalk Collettes twenty three siblings
11*. A teenage girl who you recognize as a neighbors
kid from Sandbarra (DV -0, END 22, MV 5m), wont fight.
12*. A random characters grandmother Lulu (DV -0,
END 14, MV 3m) wont fight, but will swear.

See entry MM-S4 below, if the PCs board the Iron Rooster.

If Kane is killed, the PCs can search the back cabin

and forward cargo hold for Sawndraa (assuming she was
taken aboard as a prisoner by Kane). They will find her
tied to a chair. If any of Kanes two concubines survived
any encounters with the characters, they will be here,
holding a dagger to Sawndraas throat and standing
somewhat behind her.
Lord Kane say if he not have her, none shall!
The concubine will cut the cyborg womans throat if
she wins initiative, with a random result, roll d6:

Entry MM-S4 Going Aboard the Iron Rooster: If the PCs

manage to kill Glowmax and the crossbow using skullocks, and get aboard the Iron Rooster, they will have to
confront Kane, who will be waiting for them and hide on
the far side of the chained oar slaves, using them as human shields and gaining -20 SV, range 9m. Every missed
missile weapon attack is considered to automatically hit
one of the six prisoners. This includes any misses from
the five shots per round that Kanes SMG fires!

Random NPC oar slaves: Re-roll, or pick the next result

down, of any result with an asterisk beside the number.
Roll 2d6:
2*. One random characters long lost uncle Lowgun (DV -5,
END 36, MV 4, SV 01-60, add +4 to strength based DMG)
3. A pure stock human covered in purist wavy dagger tattoos. During the coarse of the battle he will swear and
curse all mutant and cyborgs, making no attempt to duck
or hide from projectiles (DV -4, END 35, MV 5m, if freed
will try to bite the throat of the nearest mutant PC, SV
01-55, DMG d6, with a critical hit resulting in an opened
throat and the PC taking d6 damage per round until
helped by anther PC).
4. Cyborg (50% either a man or woman) has been busted
up and all ammo taken from any implants, blind folded
and badly injured to half endurance (END). Has 2 random
implants. DVD base -6, END 30+d20, MV 5m, strong (so
add +4 to strength based damages, SV +6 base 01-56.)
5. Pure stock man, a trapper from Soggy Hearth (DV -4,
END 20+d12, MV 5m, if freed is SV +4 due to high accuracy score. Will be recognized by Sawndraa).
6. Ghastly, corpse like mutant that snarls and bites at everybody. (This is a moaner from page 164 of the TME hub rules,
DV 0, END 20+2d20, MV 5m, Init. -3, Attacks 2, SV 01-60 in
darkness or 01-40 daylight 01-60, DMG 2d8+2, EFs 25)
7. Sickly mutant man who has only revolting growths, deformities and bleeding sores (DV -0, End 3d6, MV 3m)
13% chance this man is a mutant supremacist from the
Dominion of Aberratia to the north west, and will seek to
sabotage the barge or kill any pure stock character.
8. Pure stock man who has been so badly mistreated
and starved that he cant stand up on his own. DV -0,
END 3d6, MV 3m, 17% chance he is a purist from the
Holy Purist Empire to the east, and will attempt to murder
any mutant or cyborg PC as soon as he gets the chance,
possibly even trying to sink or set afire the barge).

* Re-roll if duplicated result.

1. Read: Sawndraa screams briefly then dies, her neck

opened and her life spraying the floor. The skullock concubine will next kill herself, plunging the blade through
her own heart.
GM note: If any character has the mutation of heal
touch, and has not exhausted the uses already that day,
he or she can slap a hand to the open wound and use the
healing energies to try and knit the wound together and
save the cyborg.
2-4. The knife cuts deep, but a tiny, subcutaneous wire
saves the cyborg woman from having her jugular cut.
Still, she takes 3d6 damage and unless given attention
at once, will bleed out and die. The skullock cuts her own
throat thereafter, dropping to her knees, grinning as she
dies in front of the PCs who killed her beloved.
5,6. A stainless steel conduit in Sawndraas neck takes the
brunt of the knife cut. There is some blood, and the woman
yelps, but she only takes d3 damage. The skullock, thinking she has finished the object of her beloved masters obsession, and ultimate demise, stabs the blade in her own
heart, falling back and dying before hitting the floor.
See Entry MM-S6 for a post battle follow-up, page 105

Entry S5, Freak out and run in Panic: If the characters

freak out and run away from the barge, and away from
the fighting which is at the north edge of the clustered
peninsula of ruins, read here:
You are heading south along the raised, often broken foundation of the once massive building. After
going a few dozen meters, you see the ground to
the east open out into a water hole and shrub covered expanse, but because of the dense vegetation and mist, it is hard to tell how far the dry area
goes before you will find yourselves in water once
more. The sounds of gunshots and the war cries

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

of skullocks and lizard folk seem quite distant suddenly, as if the trees, hanging moss and fog are
muffling the din of battle.
Allow the PCs to go 3d6+20 meters before they
spot a war band of 3d6+10 reptilius. The lizard men
are fanned out across a twenty meter skirmish line, advancing slowly, half with bows at the ready, the rest with
crude spears. They havent spotted the characters yet
and are 50 meters away to the south. The idea here is
to hint that the characters are in a very bad situation
of they decide to cut and run, although they could try
and swim the river, south of the barge battle and find
soggy patches of ground for many kilometers. With dark
coming, and many of them no doubt sporting bloody
wounds, the night predators will be upon them soon
Failure to return the generator, and possibly Sawndraa with it, to Soggy Hearth is quite likely the end of that
community, too. If curious, see entry MM-S7, page 106
for possible fates of Soggy Hearth depending on the success of the characters and their assigned mission.

Entry MM-S6, Post Barge Battle Follow Up: The Barge

captured, with chaos on the oar deck and hordes of reptilius begining to arrive all along the shore, any surviving
skullock loyalists of Catwalk Collettes pile onto the barge
and take cover, grabbing crossbows and loading them
and one by one, passing them to the PCs to fire.
If the six oars are manned, and the crew told to row,
and a seventh person going to the aft rudder room on the
main deck , the characters can coax the barge to go either north or east and away from the lizard folk and their
arrows and javelins.
If Sawndraa is alive, and healthy enough to control
the rudder she will tell the PCs the following, Take the
east channel for four kilometers, dont turn down any
of the first three side rivers as they end in flesh eating
weeds and certain death. Take the fourth, to the south
and it will lead us right to Soggy Hearth.


Muddy Mayhem

If Sawndraa has not survived to this point in the adventure, then the skullock leader, Catwalk Collette will
tell the characters this:
Go up dis north, river, then more north, then west
through the tangled bit. Watch for dem garnockers, they eat humes like youz. Den, go on south
arm at round ruin of the metal gods, stayin quiet
or youz wake their gun then down to the hume
ville that Kane burn. We get off half way there, and
friends when meet again. Deals?
If neither Catwalk nor Sawndraa are alive to guide
the characters out of the maze of rivers, then they will
be in quite a mess. The odds of them taking the barge in
the right direction back to Soggy Hearth is based on the
best guess of the smartest character. Have that PC make
a type D intelligence based hazard check to navigate a
coarse that successfully gets them back to the village before dark. Failure means the PCs spend the night aboard
ship in a wide point in the river, with a 2 in 6 chance being
attacked by a random encounter. If so, roll d6 here:
Table MM-14 Random attack on the Barge at night


1. Garnock, who shoves the barge to shore and begins

to tear it apart one plank at a time, doing auto damage
(the barge can take 300+d100 endurance damage,
moves 12m per round while being rowed full speed.) If
the humanoid is attacked by the crew (PCs) it will use a
club, standing chest deep in the water, and fight them at
melee range. Once killing or knocking out two people, it
will grab them and drag them off into the dark to devour
them in peace.
2,3. A swarm of 3d6+6 reptilius with clubs swim out to the
barge and try to silently board the ship and take it, eating
all those they kill or capture. If the players state they have
posted guards on the rear poop deck, allow each PC on
guard a type B perception based hazard check to hear or
see the approaching lizard men, and either open fire on
them or have the barge row well away.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

4. 4+d4 winged reptilius fly down and land on the deck of
the barge, and attack using captured skullock machetes.
Meanwhile, a flotilla of 2+d3 canoes loaded with 8 reptilius each are approaching from the shore, 400+d100m
away. The winged reptilius aim to capture the rudder room,
snapping off the handle so the barge cant steer and will
eventually crash into the muck or rubble of the shoreline,
allowing the flotilla to catch up and size the craft, dispatching and devouring all those aboard.
5,6. A swarm of 30+d20 Blood Flyers. If the PCs decide
to go below decks and shut the hatches, the giant mosquitoes will leave after 3d6 minutes.

Entry MM-S7, The Different Fates of Soggy Hearth: If

the characters return before dark with the generator and

Sawndraa, then for the time being all is well. She will have
no problem getting Smokey
up and running within a half
hour, feeding it fine ethanol
fuel, the energy fence keeping
back several waves of reptilius
and other, larger and unidentifiable nightmare beasts. The
Characters are heroes, given
medical treatment (healing an
extra 2d6 endurance as well
as their regular healing rate
overnight), plus a fine meal
of roast pig, bread, wine and
greens. Several of the now
widowed men and women of
the village flirt with the PCs,
suggesting that the characters
forget their dreams of becoming adventurers and instead
settle down in the village and
spend their lives there as fishermen, dirt farmers and trappers of the swamp.
Boss Gus will honor his word, and the PCs debts are
erased. Upon returning to Sandbarra, the characters are
free to embark on their new lives and new adventures.
Should the generator be brought back to Soggy
Hearth, but Sawndraa misplaced, kidnapped by Kane or
killed, then the generator is hooked up as best as the
villagers can manage, given fuel and as dusk falls, the village leader, Captain Basher, pushes the ignite button....

Roll d6
1. It explodes, killing Captain Basher and inflicting d10
damage to all those within ten meters The main stronghold has also ignited into flame, fire spreading to nearby
huts. Panic breaks out. Every predator and humanoid
in the area sees the brilliant flames at the village and
converges for an easy feeding. The characters, along
with d6 locals each, end up in makeshift rafts and leaky
boats, and shove off down stream making for Sandbarra.

Muddy Mayhem


Somehow, your employer-owner, Boss Gus, survives, and

although you failed the village, you got him home safe.
He forgives all your debts so long as you make another
pig run the following week.
2,3. It starts up, and runs throughout the night, although
it sputters and the fence vanishes for minutes at a time,
yet does the job and keeps the reptilius away. By dawn,
the generator shorts out and catches fire. It will never
run again. The village must be abandoned before dark.
The PCs, along with Boss Gus, Oliver and Captain basher,
spend the day making rafts from whatever they can salvage. By late afternoon, the flotilla and entire population
of the village is flowing down stream to Sandbarra to a
new life. Reptilius begin to enter the village even as the
last raft pushes off, and for the next hour, swamp creatures, especially reptilius, harry the rafters. Once reaching Sandbarra, Boss Gus publicly decrees that the characters are debt free.

Having failed to save the
village of Soggy Hearth, however, the survivors of that community grow to hate the characters, and make life for them
in Sandbarra a trial.
4-6. They cant get the generator to start up, and dont
understand how it works.
They demand that the smartest character try and fix it. To
handle this, assume there are
d60 (d6x10) +20 minutes before dark and the attack of the

The smartest PC is allowed an intelligence based
type E hazard check, once
every ten minutes, to get the
generator going and properly
hooked to the complicated, unimaginably crude and yet complicated wiring system of the
energy fence. Any attempt that fails with a roll of 95-100 on
the hazard check is bad, and results in a massive explosion,
see roll 1, but the PC is attacked by the blast SV 01-80,
damage d100. Any success means the generator starts up
and works flawlessly for the next 3d6 nights until a proper
electrical technician can arrive from Steel Hill and fix the
sloppy job the character did. The PCs, as heroes, have their
debts forgiven by Boss Gus. They are now free to undertake
a life of adventure upon returning home to Sandbarra.
Should the PC be unable to get Smokey going before
dark, panic begins to set in and one by one, people begin
to gather their families, weapons, and valued belongings
and make their way to whatever rafts and boats the community had assembled during the day just in case. As
the sun goes down, and the blue gleam of the energy
fence goes unobserved, squads of reptilius probe the
edge of the woods beyond the open space on the east
side of town, while out across the river on the west side,
more gather, massing to see if they can swim across.

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

If the PCs do not commence to flee with the others,
they are allowed 4 more chances to start up the generator and save the place. If they fail, they may find themselves alone in the village, without a means of transport,
and surrounded by 3d12+30 reptilius.
These lizard folk, incidentally are not of the same group
attacking the mound, and represent a separate branch of
the Wadango Reptilius nation. They have no idea about
each others actions, and in fact are blueish green with
spike elbows, while those that attacked the mound, are
green with yellow bellies and have horned heads.

Other Outcomes
Other Outcome 1: Prisoners to Kane

If the PCs are defeated by Kane and his skullock minions,

and surrender or are knocked out or otherwise captured,
they will suffer a miserable fate. First off, Kane will be
outraged that the village sent mercenaries after him,
and will have the PCs stripped to their underwear, tied
to the metal shelving in the main warehouse lair (at area
U7) and left to be humiliated and abused by the young
skullocks. Thereafter, the PCs will be beaten and then
tied in a line and marched along the lake catwalk , to the
east and then up to Kanes armored barge to become
oar slaves for the remainder of their days.

Muddy Mayhem


As oar slaves, the characters will be ill fed, whipped

and mistreated daily and never heal more than 50% of
their endurance, yet should be given the opportunity to
either escape, or break free and seize the barge.

Other Outcome 2: A Deal with Kane

In brief, Kane is impressed with the characters for getting

to him at all, and would genuinely like to recruit them to
serve as formidable henchman, and set forth on a series
of raids against small swamp villages until a new base
of operations can be found. The only reason he made
a deal with the characters is because he was losing the
fight against them, and offered to give back Sawndraa
and the generator if they let him go. There is a 71%
chance he follows though with this deal and will board
the barge and row north, leaving the PCs, and their rescued hostage, to find their own away back in the swamp.
There is enough wood laying about, along with the what
can be salvaged from the dock, to make a serviceable
raft. Sawndraa, knowing the local waterways, will guide
the team back to Soggy Hearth, hook up the generator
and charge the energy fence in time to save the community. The PCs will be heroes, and given a burnt out hut to
rebuild and call their own, permanently.

Non Player Characters

Boss Gus

Male mutant/ age 48/ Merchant

Gear: Ballistic vest and scrap relic, armor/ Auto-pistol with
two full mags/ anti-toxin injector/3 fragmentation grenades
Gus the Fair is the third son of a wealthy Steel Hill merchant.
For all his local success in the eyes of the Sandbarra populace, he is an enormous failure as far as his father is concerned. His two older brothers are both very prominent, well
married with many children, and own properties, slaves and
debt-locked employees. Tired of the comparison, humiliation and inability to get ahead in the factions capital, Gus
moved to Steel Hill decades ago and began to buy up small
businesses, lend money to those who he knew couldnt pay
back the principle, and tried to make a name for himself
away from his tsk-tsking father and brothers.
Gus Koalbear has done well, and recently bought a
bar and brothel in Steel Hill and is using the excuse for
selling pigs to travel through the swamps and get into the
capital without his family noticing him. He sells hogs as
both an opportunity to make coins, but also an excuse to
travel discreetly to the south east. He has long admired
the prowess and camaraderie of the oarsmen (the characters) and hand picked them for this mission because he

knew the dangers of the bog. Although he thinks of those who

are indebted to him are scum,
he does want to see how obedient, tough and creative they
are, in hopes of elevating them to
the caste of hired goons.
If surviving the ordeal at Soggy
Hearth, and forgiving the debts the
characters and their families owed
to him, he is 78% likely to
approach them later to undertake other expeditions on
his behalf, either escorting him to other towns, threatening
those who owe him money, transporting valuables to other
lands, or serving as his body guards when trouble with a
ruthless competitor erupts.

DV -35 or -51 vs bullets (scrap relic -20 DV and ballistic vest -4 or -20 DV, Dodge skill 3pts -11 DV)/ END 62/
MV 5m/ Init. +0/ Attacks: Auto Pistol, SV 01-68, rate 2,
DMG d20 ea./ saber SV 01-56, DMG d20+6/ STR 52 (+4
DMG)/ AG 34/ ACC 57 (+6 SV)/ INT 77/ WL 84/ PER 19/
APP 13/ Morale: Average/ Size 1.9m tall/ 127kg/

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules


Male mutant/ age 41/ Former Lower Freehold Ranger

Gear: Tactical armor/ communicator headset/ assault
rifle with two full mags/ two long swords/ 2 fragmentation grenades
This rust colored mutant used to be a Lower Freehold Ranger,
but after a post-ambush disagreement with a superior officer,
which came to blows, he was dishonorably discharged. Boss
Gus found him in the Rafters Pub, passed out in his own vomit
in a back hall. He great man had become a drunken gambler,
his name a disgrace, his wife divorced him and married another ranger, his daughters calling another man daddy.
Boss Gus cared for Oliver and saw him back to health, placing him in command of his most challenging trade expeditions.
The old soldier has taken up relations with several women,
some who visit Sandbarra only rarely. Word has it that several
of the kids running around the streets of Sandbarra are his,
whom now live in his fortified shack along the western wall.

Captain Basher

Male mutant/ age 52/ Head Man of Soggy Hearth Village

Gear: Assault Rifle with 1 full mag and 3d20 spare rnds.
This bizarre, multi fingered, hunched and plated mutant
was born in the Bitter Bog swamp. He has dreams of
making Soggy Hearth into a town the size of Sandbarra,
and has been sending out word to local communities
that they welcome trade, and migrants to move to that
meeting of the waters and enjoy the good soil, plentiful
rain, lush vegetation and security of the energy fence.
The energy fence and Smokey the generator are
devices Basher found on a derelict barge located in the
swamp. That was six years ago. On that barge was a
teenage girl with long curly dark hair, a cybernetic arm
and internal implants. He adopted the girl, who turned
out to be an invaluable asset to the village.
Captain Basher gets his name from his years spent
as head of the Soggy Hearth militia, and kept the name
when elevated to chief once the previous leader was consumed by an alligator while fishing. He is a practical man,
and that without the generator the village is doomed,
that his people cannot cope with the skullock attack and

Sawndraa the Technician

Female cyborg/ age 24/ Mechanic of Soggy Hearth

Gear: Cybernetic Power Arm
Sawndraa is an adopted survivor, found by Captain
Basher in the swamp six years ago. Her adopted father
and fellow villagers discovered that while she couldnt
recall where she came from or who her parents were,
or why she was on the barge, she was a gifted technician with the ability to read, write, do complex math and
work wonders with electronics and other machinery. She
has a well equipped workshop near the Central Hall, and
herein, tinkers on whatever bits of old tech she can put

Muddy Mayhem


Oliver admire the oarsmen

(The PCs) and help his employer
select them. Without saying it, he
is secretly thrilled with the calamity at Soggy Hearth, and hopes it is
the chance for the surviving PCs to
prove themselves, earn their freedom and do great things with their

DV -54 (tactical armor -30 DV,

Dodge skill 4pts -14 DV)/ END 61/ MV 6.5m/ Init. +1/ Attacks: Assault Rifle SV 01-81, rate 3, DMG d20 ea./2 swords
SV 01-69 (Ambidextrous), DMG d20+12/ STR 77 (+10
DMG)/ AG 76 (-10 DV, +1.25m MV)/ ACC 81 (+10 SV)/ INT
33/ WL 64/ PER 49 (+1 Init.)/ APP 15/ 3rd rank/ Morale:
excellent/ Size 1.9m tall/ 93kg/

the gathering threat of the local reptilius. The appearance

of Boss Gus and his tough
looking crew bring cheer to
his heart, and hope.
If Sawndraa is returned to
his people, he will do his best
to try and hook her up with
the best looking male from
among the heroes, hoping
the freed oars crew will make
Soggy hearth their new, permanent home.

DV -43 (Junk armor -12 DV, bone plates -18 DV, dodge
skill 1pt -5 DV)/ END 96/ MV 5.25m/ Init. +2/ Attacks:
Assault rifle SV 01-80, rate 3, DMG d20 ea. or Battle axe
(2 hands) SV 01-72 DMG d20+12/ STR 66 (+8 DMG)/
AG 71 ( -8 DV, +1.25m MV)/ ACC 63 (+6 SV/ base SV 0168)/ INT 55/ WL 98/ PER 69 (+2 Init.)/ APP 6/ 4th rank/
Morale: excellent/ Size 1.7m tall/ 113kg/

together, with many love struck excavators, bringing her

parts instead of flowers. While enjoying the attentions
of men, and pleased that the appearance of dig teams
on a frequent basis keeps the trade routes and game
trials free of brigands and many monsters, she has no
intention of marrying any of the men who have sought
her hand.
Sawndraa befriended Kane because he brought her
numerous spare parts, and of late, presented her with
an Elvis Presley Music disc and Video collection, complete with hand held player, solar panel, collector T-shirt
and leather jacket. She kissed the fishy smelly half breed

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

on the cheek upon receiving the gift, but meant nothing romantic by it, seeing Kane as merely one of
many men attracted to her. When arriving week
after week, with more wonders, including the
arm of a robot complete with inoperaT
tive laser carbine, and proposing marriage,
she denied him, and when he grew angry,
she told him to never return, and threw all
his gifts in a mud hole.
When Kanes army of skullocks arrived and swept over her village, killing
most of the warriors and kidnapping her,
she was horrified and only agreed to go
with him as his prisoner if he stopped
killing her people. The later appearance
of the characters at the mound, all of
whom she had seen around Sandbarra on her relic buying expeditions, have
thoroughly impressed this dark haired,
incredibly talented and beautiful cyborg.
The fact that the men of the team did not
come to seek her hand in marriage, but
instead save her people she not knowing of their debts to Boss Gus and their
real motivation becomes infatuated with
the most handsome of them.


Male half skullock-human / age 32/ Warlord & Slaver

Gear: Tactical armor and helmet with communicator
headset/ Submachine gun with two full mags/ saber
Kane wears tactical armor, has a submachine gun with
two full 50 round magazines, as well as a saber,
three daggers and an anti-toxin injector. He also
has the mutations heal touch, which he will use
on himself after taking injuries (able to use it 8
times because he is 4th rank so gets two usages per day per rank). He prefers to hang back
in any fight, and let minions and concubines do
his bidding while he falls back to wait and see
what happens.
Kane the Invincible, formally calling himself Kane the Defiler, but also going by
the Magnificent and the Merciless
at times, is a half breed skullock
human, although his mother was a
mutant human slave in a tribe of forest
dwelling peskies. Being a half breed
was difficult for young Kane, growing
up so slowly, yet in time towering over
his tribe-mates, enjoying the benefits
of this mutations and becoming a
skilled, and ambitious warrior. Still,
his family were not elites among
their people, and the fact that
his mother was a captured excavator and slave, a hindrance. In

Muddy Mayhem


DV -39 (no armor, Agility -10, Arm -5, Dodge

skill 4pts -14 DV)/ END 44/ MV 7.25m/ Init.
+3/ Attacks: Power Arm punch SV 01-81, rate
1, DMG 2d10+16/ STR 34/ AG 77 (-10 DV,
+1.25m MV)/ ACC 88
(+10 SV, base SV 0171)/ INT 92/ WL 57/
PER 91 (+3 Init.)/ APP
66/ 3rd rank/ Morale:
average/ Size 1.4m tall/
GM note: If using this NPC with
the TME hub rules, this woman has the following skills:
Junk Crafter 4pts, Technician
areas: Robots 3pts, Electrical
4pts, Mechanical 5pts, computer 1pt, chemical 2pts

frustration, he departed his homeland as a teen, traveled,

joined a human raiding party, tried his luck at piracy along
the coast of the Tainted Sea, served as a mercenary in the
Irregulars of the Dominion of Aberratia, and eventually became a slave trader and dealer in relics.
His travels took him back to his hive in the woods,
where having grown powerful and ruthless, managed to work his way into the confidence of a
prominent raider boss. That boss was Catwalk
Collette, who was also from a low favored family, and together they hatched a plot to establish their own nation, Kane and Catwalk managed to slip away with a several hundred
loyal followers, all promised riches, status, and the chance to set up a new
colony at a site in the swamp that
Kane had discovered some months
Having stopped at Soggy Hearth
several times, and falling in love
with the cyborg woman Sawndraa, Kane decided that he
would add one more concubine
to his growing collection, having
grown tired of Catwalk Collette, especially as she seemed unable to
give him an heir and spoke often of
returning home and making amends with
her true people.
In a fight the night before the raid on
Soggy Hearth, Kane banished Catwalk Col-

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

lette to the swamp, and she, along with a few dozen loyalists, were expelled with only their weapons and a few
days rations.
While Kanes attack on the the village was conducted
to steal the generator, his main purpose was to kidnap
Sawndraa, then use the advanced generator to power
the karaoke machine, newly added lights, speakers,
holograms and computer as well as charge up a metal
guardian. He thinks if he can just maintain power to the
facility, Sawndraa will eventually come around to his way
of thinking, and fall in love with him if he just lip syncs
enough Elvis to her. He is exceedingly patient, and will
not harm her nor let his fellow peskies touch her, except
for a pair of his concubines, Krooty and Zasher, who help
tend to Sawndraa like hand maidens, although adore
Kane and will die for him happily, believing he is blessed
by the ancestors and has a direct line to God.

Catwalk Collette

Female skullock (25% human)/ age 32/

Twisted Wood Clan minor noblewoman
Gear: Bow and 30 arrows
Catwalk Collette is taller than most
skullocks, and unbeknownst to her,
she is actually one quarter human.
She is covered in ornate tattoos
and dresses in only a leather bikini, since she relies on speed,
agility and skill at dodging
away from harm more than
the thickness of armor. So
too, for a skullock, she is very
attractive and uses her beauty
and curves to sway the minds
of male comrades, and strangers alike. She has the mutation
of body regeneration and heals
4 trait points per hour.
Catwalk joined Kane when
he returned after years away, his e x ploits and tall tales intriguing her. She thought
he loved her, but once away in the swamp
mound, she learned that he had used
her to convince disaffected skullock
kin to join their search for a new colony, and that Kanes real aim was
to acquire a hume woman from a
well defended, yet tiny village. She
refused to take part in the raid to
collect his future bride, saying he already had her and the two other empty headed devotees. In a rage, Kane
expelled her. Those who favored her,
slipped away to join her, others who
spoke out, she later learned, were imprisoned, sent first
against Soggy Hearths defenses, or hanged as traitors.

Muddy Mayhem


If Kane loses Sawndraa to the PCs, and she is returned

to Soggy Hearth, and he himself escapes, he will return
on another occasion to kidnap her again, with mercenaries, and try wooing her with ancient music again but this
time the tunes of Frank Sinatra.

DV -58 (tactical armor -30 DV and tac helmet -6 DV, dodge

skill 4pts -14 DV)/ END 77/ MV 7.25m/ Init. +4/ Attacks:
SMG SV 01-85, rate 5, DMG d20 ea. or Saber SV 01-73,
DMG d20+20/ martial arts* (4 skill points, rate 2) SV 0188, dmg 2d6+13 ea./ STR 72 (+8 DMG)/ AG 62 (-8 DV,
+1.25m MV)/ ACC 92 (+12 SV, base 01-77)/ INT 33/ WL
88/ PER 97 (+3, skullock +1 = +4 Init.)/ APP 9/ 5th rank/
Morale: excellent/ Size 1.7m tall/ 84kg/
*Martial Arts is a skill contained in the TME hub rules.

Now, she hates Kane and seeks his death at any cost,
and inadvertently despises Sawndraa and might kill her
for stealing her man from her.
Once she sees Kane dead, she aims to return to her people in the north, and beg for forgiveness for leaving them.

When Catwalk first sees the rescue party (the
characters) approaching Square Lake and the mound, she
knows exactly what they are there for, and immediately realizes they could be the tip of the spear as far as her
goals of revenge go. So too, she is single now, and
observes the male humans with keen interest,
wondering for the first time that perhaps returning to her old clan is not the only option.

DV -38 (-12 agility + Dodge skill 7pts -26

DV)/ END 40/ MV 8.5m/ Init. +3/ Attacks: bow SV 01-75, DMG d12+12.
or Brawling SV 01-73, DMG
d2d6+6/ STR 46
(+4 DMG)/ AG 87
(-12 DV, +1.5m MV)/
ACC 59 (+6 SV, base
SV 01-65)/ INT 51/ WL
49/ PER 76 (+2 Init.)/
APP 21/ 3rd rank/ Morale:
excellent/ Size 1.4m tall/
51kg/ Skills: Dodge 1pt, W.
Survival, Stealth 3pts, brawling 4pts (+9 SV , +d6+2 DMG),
Weapon Expert Bows 4pts (+10
SV, +8 DMG)/ Mutation: Body
Regeneration: heals 4 trait
points per hour

1 hex = 10 meters

Map MM-1 Muddy Mayhem

The Village of Soggy Hearth

1 Central Hall
2 Chicken Coops
3 Orchard
4 Sheep Pen

Map Key

5 Barn
6 Healers Hut
7 Sawndraas Workshop
8 Headmans House

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Muddy Mayhem

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Muddy Mayhem


The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Muddy Mayhem


The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Muddy Mayhem


The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Muddy Mayhem


Player handout MM-1 Muddy Mayhem

For The Mutant Epoch RPG Quick Start Rules

The Village of Soggy Hearth

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Muddy Mayhem

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Muddy Mayhem

The Mound in Square Lake

Player handout MM-2 Muddy Mayhem

For The Mutant Epoch RPG Quick Start Rules


The View out the Cave

Player handout MM-3 Muddy Mayhem

For The Mutant Epoch RPG Quick Start Rules

The Mutant Epoch: Quick Start Rules

Muddy Mayhem

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