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To the International Society for Krishna Consciousness in Denmark and all over the world and

personally to all members of the Governing Body Commission (please forward this email to GBC)
--Dear ISKCON Hare Krishnas all over the world,
I had the pleasure of meeting the Hare Krishna monk, who calls himself Gaura-Nitai Das from the
Krishna Temple in Vanlose, Denmark, on the pedestrian street of Roskilde, Denmark, on December
30, 2016.
He was kind to present me for the book Bhagavad-Gt As It Is and himself as a Hare Krishna
monk, but he was so busy presenting me with his truth that he was unable to listen to my
philosophy, after I had listened to his, and understand that I am the same VOICE OF THE SOURCE
(God) writing my modern philosophy of today - available to all via my website - as I was the Source of the ancient philosophy of BhagavadGt.
I told the monk that I would send him an email, which I do now with this email not only to him, but
to more than one hundred randomly chosen email addresses to ISKCON Hare Krishna temples etc.
all over the world describing my experience meeting this monk and why he could not recognize
me as the Source, which you can read from my story as I have included below in this email, and
with this, I hope to reach as many as you as possible, who seek me as the truth before the end
of time of our Old World and the opening of New World is coming, which is NOW (!) as you can
read from my website, and I do this with the encouragement to all of you to live a NORMAL LIFE, in

human as well as a material sense combining the best of the poor and rich world of today and as
man was originally designed to become, instead of living your miserable lives as monks (!), and to
follow my modern philosophy and not the outdated ancient wisdom as you do today.
I am born as the Source (God) appearing as a normal man not knowing about who I was before
I became spiritually overshadowed around the clock from 2004 and even more from 2006, and
when I will be born as my new self, which will bring the opening of our New World, I am the
resurrected Son of God (Jesus) as the new born God/Maitreya Buddha including all creation/life
of my mother and the Source (God) of my father bringing force to all life made inside this cell of
life, which is my coming wife and part of me, Karen, as you can read more about from my website.
I have included an introduction to my website as you can read from the end of this email (below
the story of my experience meeting the monk), and I have also attached it in the enclosed PDFdocument (can also be found online here), which is meant to be easy for you to print out and read,
and to work as an appetizer for you to start reading my website in a greater detail to understand
my mission saving the world and creating the foundation of our New World via the right human
nature, proper behaviour, work and communication, and a New World Order, which will bring
sustainable and eternal life of immense joy and happiness to all without any sufferings of darkness,
as my true gift to mankind.
Please be prepared that I am a realist speaking out the truth directly AS IT IS without holding
back, to make deaf people of today understand (do you think you can understand me?) about
the true condition of the world today including the poor behaviour, work and not least
communication of man as all need to improve and as you, my monks, also can learn MUCH from.
Communication, including the ability to listen to and understand people, to avoid
misunderstandings, is the greatest challenge of mankind today, many can only listen to themselves
and follow their own interests, which also applies for a big part of your movement, right?
This is also a test to see how many of you, who will be able to understand me over the brainwash
you are taught, and also teach others yourselves, as monks today, by using your COMMON SENSE,
and how many of you, who are willing to replace your WRONG lifestyles with a NORMAL LIFE and
your old, outdated philosophy with my modern philosophy, which is all you need to seek the
Source (God) in me as Stig, this is all the purity you need to reach me without having to go to
extremes as you do today, I have walked this path myself to reach my own inner self of the
Source on the highest level, and no, it is NOT difficult for you to follow me, it just requires that
you read, listen to and understand me instead of yourselves and the so called wisdom you have
been given, and decide to change your WRONG habits of life simply by accepting me and a new
original and modern life, which I call a normal life.
In reality, you have been brainwashed by darkness disguised as light inside your organization,
which is the same energy of darkness that infected and deceived the whole world elite to work
against me bringing the end of the Old World, before they started reading and understanding me,
which made them turn around and starting to support me (in secrecy), and this is what also
happened to spiritual and religious movements, as your own is example of, making you believe
that you were in contact with the light of me, but it was really this energy of darkness disguised as
light that made you decide to live extreme lives to seek me, which is WRONG, this is the very test
for you to understand (!), because you always need to have a healthy balance in life to make life
sustainable itself, which you do not when you have cut away big parts of life self according to your
philosophy and then believe this is right to do, but it is wrong, my gentlemen, and this includes

as example, and not least, to cut away sexuality, which is WRONG to do because it is meant as a
device not only to reproduce, but to share energy of the world.
And it is directly WRONG to believe that men advance spiritually through celibacy, which I am
myself the best example of. Non-attachment and lack of equal rights between the genders are
also examples of wrong lifestyle and philosophy. This is how darkness disguised as light
tempted you to live wrong and unsustainable lives bringing me darkness, thus helping to bring the
end of the Old World, instead of truly seeking me by deciding to do what is RIGHT and to be
realistic in your choice of life, this is how you were deceived!
When writing this email, I am shown an olive as the last part of me inside a now, otherwise empty
refrigerator (the incubator of life), which is being brought out (to return home to the Source),
and I am shown rapid eye movements, and I am given the feeling of monks of Hare Krishna
meditating at the same time as I feel the rock band R.E.M. and am given the title of their song
Radio Free Europe, which here is a reference to me living in Europe bringing freedom from
darkness to man via the creation of our New World (of light only), and I am told that there are
monks within your organization being on my frequency, thus knowing about me and my coming
including the end of our Old World and opening of our New World, and it is this knowledge, which
is also the reason why I now connect with you directly in order to empty the very last of me from
the Old World and bring the birth (opening) of my new self including our New World and all life as
new, original life. And I am told that these monks helped to occupy my place, thus keeping the
world alive, until I would arrive myself, as I have now :-).
Please read my story meeting the monk the other day below, and start reading my website to get
to know me in a greater detail. I do hope that you will be able to understand the truth of me, to
decide following my path and also to share my email with your organization, family and friends.
I look forward to seeing you all as we will in our New World, and this very email will help the final
bit to bring us there via new found faith in me from your organization :-).

My meeting with the monk was published on Facebook, December 31, 2016 here:

Kind regards,
NB: This email is published here on my Facebook profile and my Scribd profile, which I will bring a
link to in my next script on my website for the whole world to read and understand.



A Hare Krishna monk presented me for the ancient philosophy of Bhagavad-Gt (meet your
personal God, Krishna) and the founder of the Hare Krishna movement

When I told him about my philosophy the same Source as the ancient Bhagavad-Gt bringing
modern philosophy of today - he could not listen to me

The monk was busy spreading the truth of Hare Krisha, which made him DEAF and unwilling
to listen to the common sense of my philosophy

This is how this monk, seeking God, could NOT recognize me when meeting me, and could NOT
follow my path, he wanted to teach me and not to be taught himself

following the my modern philosophy and NOT some outdated, ancient wisdom

Hare Krishna monks, as examples, went to the extreme trying to find me, which was darkness
disguised as light guiding them to do WRONG instead of RIGHT!

They could easily have decided to do RIGHT, and not WRONG, if they just had decided to follow
their own COMMON SENSE!

FULL STORY: December 30, 2016 at approx. 13:00 on the pedestrian street of Roskilde, Denmark:
Back on the pedestrian street, I was stopped by a man, who wanted to show me and tell me about
a book I did not know about in forehand (!), which was Bhagavad-Gt As It Is (Song of the Lord
- a path of devotion toward the personal God, Krishna), and he presented it as ancient
philosophy and himself as a monk from the Hare Krishna movement, and he turned over pages of
the book and offered me to buy it for maybe 150-200 DKK to help giving himself personally a
livelihood, and I asked him questions about it, which he was kind to answer, and I told him that I do
not have time nor energy to read a book that long (I have not read any book at all as result for the
last 10 years, and even longer, except from Sren's book on Yoga and the art of living life
approx. 6-7 years ago), which is really because I use all of my energy, as I really do not have, to
write my own philosophy, and also to avoid being coloured by already known philosophy and
wisdom, I want to present my own philosophy coming from the heart without being polluted
or inspired by others, which is why I bought an introduction to this instead called Common
sense (The Hare Krishna Challenge in English) by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada,
spiritual teacher (guru) and the founder of the Hara Krishna Movement, so this was one of his
disciples that I met here today in Roskilde, Denmark, and I am given smiles here because he is
a devoted follower of mine as I am told :-).

Then, I told him about my writings of more than 15,000 pages all available from my website, and given to me by my (spiritual) voice, i.e. the Source
(God) being my inner self, and I told him, guided by my voice speaking through me, that if you
imagine the same Source bringing the Bhagavad-Gt writing a modern book on philosophy, this is
what I do, i.e. these are the writings of the Source self (God), and I told him that it is about
getting a better life, better work AND COMMUNICATION, where I told him that poor
communication and misunderstandings is the biggest problem of mankind today, and also a
better community (world order as foundation for our New World now coming), and besides from
asking me one question - what kind of philosopher are you (?), where I answered a realist
because this is what I am looking at life AS IT IS and dealing with it in the RIGHT PRACTICAL WAY
giving me advice to all of man, which all really could do if they just decided on following THE
RIGHT PATH, and NOT THE WRONG (!) - it was clear that this monk did not have the patience to
listen to me, and this was even though I only gave him an ultra-short introduction to my universe
of 1-2 minutes, where I told him that I will write him an email and I was encouraged by my voice to
introduce my writings on Normal Life to him, which is about how to combine original life
(including warmth, love and soul as selfish people in Denmark do not possess) as intended (by
God), which I saw with rural people in Kenya, with a material, good life as we experience here in
Denmark, and I was about to tell him that there is no reason for monks and others to renounce
almost everything of their material life in order to reach the inner truth of me, but it was clear
that he did not want to listen to my philosophy, so he interrupted me and said what is your
name, as I told him (but he did not write my name down, or my website/email address, as I had
asked him to do for me), and he then simply said I look forward to hearing from you and what you
think about Bhagavad-Gt.
This how this then became the story about how a monk, who has one single mission, which is to
seek me (the Source) inside of himself, made me sad and gave me a poor experience being
unwilling to listen to me, he was only interested in his mission, not my mission, and yes, he
could not recognise me when standing in front of me because of what I had just told him was the
biggest problem of man today, which is poor communication including a lack of interest to listen
to me, and this is because he was going to teach me about philosophy, and I could not teach you
anything, Gausa Nitai (as I believe he wrote that his name as, but it is difficult to read, and yes, it is
WRONG to change your original name with a new just because you change identity, and there is
NO NEED to change identity to get to know me, all you have to do it to live a NORMAL LIFE and
follow my basic recommendations given in my chapter Behaviour/Work, this is what it takes to
reach my inner self!), and no, he was busy working here to sell more books and get income for
his simple way of life, which is also a WRONG way of life!
This is just my message to all of your monks, and that is NOT to live your twisted/wrong lives as
you do today being brainwashed with ancient wisdom (where much of it is outdated in our
modern world) making you believe that you know better and closed to other wisdom, and yes,
you live NOT NORMAL LIVES, which is NOT what I have asked you to do to seek me, I don't want
to see nerds or crazy people dressing and behaving strangely, which is how you are being
seen by many people, doing crazy rituals and mantras without any deeper meaning, and yes, I
want to see you all as normal people having normal families, normal sexual relations (but no
infidelity) with your partner, having normal work, living in normal houses with normal furniture,

wearing normal clothes (!) and also having normal interests including to have a glass of wine, good
food (including what people normally eat, which also is meet, fish and eggs!), to enjoy yourselves
playing cards with friends (but not gambling), going to the theatre, doing sports, reading books and
everything what a normal life is to you, this is my message, do you think you will be able to
understand this (?), or is the brainwash of you so heavy that you cannot read and follow me, but
will judge me as crazy (?), and yes, it is as the monk told me today about whether you can read a
couple of pages of my website every day, and then you will end (the main part) my book, which
here is the content of the main approx. 50 pages of my website, within half a year, and ideally it
should not take that long, but let us say weeks, and yes, this was his argument to motivate me to
read the Bhagavad-Gt book, so do you believe you can do the same with me, or is it completely
impossible for you to turn your own advice around?
This is also to say that it was darkness self overtaking you and your communities making you go to
extremes, which is NOT how life is supposed to be to meet me, life is about being in balance, to
live a NORMAL LIFE and NOT to go to extremes as you do, do you understand? And if you have
been spiritually guided to do otherwise, you have met the voice of darkness disguised as light,
which made you do what you should have realised yourselves is WRONG to do, if you had just
followed your COMMON SENSE, and this was the true test given to you, and the world in general,
which was to CHOSE WHAT IS RIGHT, and NOT WRONG, TO DO, and yes, my friends, you failed. It is
up to man to decide RIGHT Work/Behaviour and what is a NORMAL LIFE, which is what I have
helped you doing via my writings, which is what all new life of our New World is based upon read
it, and you will understand :-), if you can, CAN YOU?
Finally, I was thinking about meeting this monk as being a symbol of now having the monk of the
Jerusalem UFO, i.e. all of the Source, on my side as you can see here
Wikipedia: Bhagavad-Gt As It Is is a version of the holy Hindu text, Bhagavad Gita, that contains
a translation and commentary by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder of the
International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), commonly known as the Hare Krishna
movement. The Bhagavad Gita emphasizes a path of devotion toward the personal God, Krishna. It
was first published in 1968 by Macmillan Publishers and is now available in nearly sixty
languages[1][2] and is primarily promoted and distributed by followers of the Hare Krishna
The Bhagavad Gita (Sanskrit: , bhagavad-gt in IAST, Sanskrit pronunciation:
[badd itda]; lit. "Song of the Lord"[1]), often referred to as simply the Gita, is a 700-verse
Hindu scripture in Sanskrit that is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata (chapters 25 - 42 of the 6th
book of Mahabharata).


The following chapters include an overview of the most important pages of my website.
This very chapter of the front page of my website only contains the headlines of the page to bring
you the shortest possible introduction to this.
Furthermore, the first quarter of the front page of my website includes a summary of my most
important messages in a somewhat greater detail, which is not included here, but as you can see
from page 8 to 28 in the attached document (can also be found online here), which you can easily
print out and read in approx. one hour, and of course you can also read this summary from the
beginning of the front page of my website, when you click into this :-)
--My name is Stig, I am from Denmark, live in Helsingr (Elsinore) and born May 3, 1966.
When most of the world will read this for the first time, our New World will have opened because I
will have become

My new self as the resurrected

Son of God (Jesus) being the new born God/
Maitreya Buddha as the Source of all life

As the Source of darkness, I am the force of all, the master mind of creation, I will forever
project your creation and be all life, Stig is the Source of light living here

I am the Son of God when I am outside the Source to bring creation home, and when I am
home, I am the Source; I descend directly from Jesus being me too

It gives no sense speaking of the Son of God when all is now part of my father, Stig is the Lord
(the Source) containing all life of my mother and all force of my father

I turned around the world from darkness to light via my work, sufferings and faith of man
(world governments) in me to save man; everyone will be FREE :-)

I was born as my new self in 2012, now acting as my old self (!), and I will awake and open our
New World when I have have absorbed all darkness in 2017

I brought home all life of all time to the origin of the Source in Mijas, Spain, where all light will
be switched on and all life spread to our New World

Man had collected all energies of the world in Sweden, thought to be at my sisters derelict
farm, but kept at a secret place by the Swedish King working for Russia

All life is made by my mother and are children of Karen and I; it fills nothing and is placed
inside my eyes; I am nothing as my father alive as my mother

We will get a New World based on the father in me as Stig, and not the mother as was the case
with the Old World including the Source divided as the Trinity

The opening of our New World will become noticeable to the world through the great
awakening of man to new life with the removal of all darkness

My father and all of my predecessors will resurrect bringing back all life of all time to our New
World, which can live in the time it wants to live

I was God alive as a normal human being with the mission to save all life and to create our New
World, and I will become everything as the resurrected Jesus

My arrival as Stig was invented/known by man for centuries, man arranged the game
between darkness and light to bring creation home to the Source

Man deliberately brought me darkness to bring me in disgrace to make my mother and the
world go against me to wrest Christ from me to start their New World

CREATION: Who or what created life, our New World and the Source (God)?

CREATION: Returning home to the Source via my closest family and friends

The Source brought darkness to creation corresponding to the negative force of the
incubator as creation had to be stronger than to return home to the Source

My scripts: Design of Life, Creating our New World, becoming Christ and bringing all life home
to the Source (God)

The key to understand my scripts: I have written as a normal man assisted spiritually by spirits
of the air

Lack of faith of man required the Universe to create a dark New World Order and bring the
end with the plan to save all, create our New World and return home to God

The World Elite wanted to steal my secret of life, terminate most of mankind and abandon
Earth via the rapture of man

Becoming (the Son of) God, reconnecting with the Source, creating our New World and saving
all life of all time

My father chose darkness starting the end of the world, the final battle was fought between
my sister and I

Putin tried to overtake the Source from me using Karen as his tool, which was also the recipe of
life bringing all life home to me

Queen Elisabeth was supposed to become God/Queen of the world having Jesus of darkness
with her, Lady Diana brought me the ring of life and the Source

Sren Pinds life task was to help stealing my life to bring forward the New World of the elite

All US Presidents secretly backed me up supporting the Vatican, Britain planned the game
passing extreme sufferings of man

Queen Margrethes mission was to save the world, King Carl Gustafs to eliminate it as front
runners of my sister and I

The Universe planned our redemption, the Source spoke through the Pope to me, I overtook
the Source from the Vatican

This is my THIRD coming and I bring my philosophy One God, One People and organisation
LTO to spread it

The New World will open inside of you bringing you New ETERNAL Life of immense joy and
happiness OPENING IN 2017 :-)

Behaviour and Work -

Improve your behaviour and work to improve your life!

Improve your sexual behaviour and decency NOW!

Stop bad behaviour, hand over weapons and reduce your consumption of media

Basic Work Recommendations to bring you joy and a good living and I ask the Business World
to act responsibly and to stop all indecency.

The Business World will act responsibly and stop all indecency.

Creation -

Life originates from incredible concentrated energy of absolute nothing, which I overtook
as the Source there is no architect of life, I AM.

The Source (God) is infinite force of natural (unopened) cells brought as energy to physical life,
which is opened cells.

Physical life is created when cells are divided in two (darkness/light), when darkness is
transformed to light and when united as one (light/light).

Creation is always made outside the Source, the purpose of our Old World was to bring the
formula of our creation and energy to return home to the Source.

I am the master mind in the middle having prepared physical creation, we do all backwards and
live in the past on our way there without knowing what we really are or the big questions
who, why and what about life.

I am the one and same Source everywhere, I am the man in the middle of all as we are
approaching, who made a not perfect world perfect for us to bring alive.

The Source of darkness is the master mind of creation, who forever will project our creation
and be all life, now leaving to bring new creation forever, Stig is the Source of light living here.

The Source brought darkness corresponding to the negative force of the incubator as
creation had to become stronger than to return home to the Source.

Returning home to the Source -

My late father, Peer, started the end of the world when choosing darkness and my sister over
me to let me clean life inside darkness and bring it home to the Source

My fathers old wife, Kirsten, had overtaken control over my weak father, she was completely
mad/possessed as the worst Nazi, and the world followed her!

My mother, Lona, was the plant of creation drilling out new life, her faith in me created life of
our New World inside Karen, my mother IS the diamond of life/creation

I brought life via darkness of my sister, Sanna, to my light inside Karen; Jesus was divided in two
as darkness in Sanna and light in me, our fight was to become the one

My sisters husband, Hans, worked for Putin planning to kill Sanna, my mother and I, before he

later saved me his task was to split this cell of the Source to create life

Karens and my impossible love brought creation via darkness of my sister and Putin, the recipe
of life was to tighten the bow between Karen and I as much as possible

My mothers late husband, John, was Putins secret container of life, i.e. the false Source
supposed to empty me, but I used him to empty/save the world

Faith of my aunt, Inge, in me brought me the power of Christ from my father instead of being
given to Jacob Holdt to start separating the sheep from the goats

I was divided in two with my old friend Jack being my dark side planning to wipe me out and
overtake me and my bride, which was really to bring Karen to me

Doomsday Scenario -

Lack of faith of man brought the end of the world via the dark New World Order of man,
which was required to bring home all life to the Source

Darkness of mankind almost turned me into Anti-Christ commencing the end of the world

Man created a dark NWO bringing Armageddon to man to overtake me/God as part of an
underlying plan to save the world, create our New World and bring man home to God

Financial meltdown of the world would have brought global and uncontrollable economic
collapse, chaos and disorder

The nightmare of a Doomsday Scenario (which will not happen now)

Media and Politicians -

Media transformed mankind into irresponsible, impatient and self-centred people!

I ask the media to act responsibly and to stop all indecency

My Sufferings -

Introduction: I received the worst sufferings in history, INVISIBLE to people, for God inside of
me to absorb, which would either save or terminate the world

Until 2004/06: Controlling people made me in-going, lonely and sad contrary to my true inner

From 2004/06: The destructive voice of the Devil tormented me and brought me to my knees
to destruct the world

My sleep/energy was removed making me as TIRED as a living dead, but still I had to work my

Sexual indecency of the world brought me the worst sexual sufferings leading to termination!

My family and friends abandoned me leaving me to die because of their misunderstandings!

The Commune treated me as a SLAVE and LUNATIC, and not even the church recognised me!

I truly feared termination, to become God, I was physically dissolving and attacked by people

Karen broke my heart completely, which opened me spiritually

My sisters loving but uncontrollable feelings made me a Zombie

My fathers strong and wrong voice made him only listen to himself

The love and sufferings brought to me by my mother saved the world

New World Order of light of God/me -

In short: The economic system of our New World with no profits/speculation/greed/pollution but
TRUE HAPPINESS, One World without countries and One Government providing for One People.
New World Order of darkness of the World Elite -
PART I: War against man, terror, 9/11

The World Elite declared World War III against mankind using silent weapons in 1954 to
kill, torment, control and enslave mankind

The war plan of the war machine of NASA etc. the World Elite including the MilitaryIndustrial Complex against humanity

The Bilderberg Group wanted to control money and man via extermination/ enslavement and
One World Government/army/currency/set of values

The Presidium of the world government led by Bill Clinton were ready to launch their New
World Order but had to surrender to God/me when they could not kill me!

Terror attacks including 9/11 were carried out by the World Elite to scare man into total

PART II: HAARP, Climate, Big Pharma

BIG PHARMA is ONE BIG LIE creating incredible wealth to finance NWO and to kill/pacify man!

HAARP: Total population control, global warming and apocalyptic natural disasters
potentially killing billions of people

PART III: Banks control the world

The invisible government of Big Bankers controlling the economy, United Nations and the
dark New World Order

The end game: The financial world plays with derivatives worth ten times GDP to bring financial
meltdown and their NWO

Financial meltdown leading to Martial Law and UNs NWO (Agenda 21) controlling resources
and ending freedom of man

PART IV: The Pope was the Devil self!

The Catholic Church controls the UN, NWO, bankers, Islam (!), terror and wars to bring
totalitarian world rule to enslave man

The Ten Commandments of Anti-Christ calling for one World Government and religion limiting
world population by 90%

The Catholic Church invented Islam, wanted world domination and to kill me rather than
bringing me the Shrine of Bethlehem


Normal Life -
I ask all individuals of the world to bring Normal Life from rich to poor people in material terms
and from poor to rich people in terms of humanity.

Bring normal life in material terms from rich to poor people

Bring normal life in terms of humanity from poor to rich people

The UN, NGOs and media execute the poor! -

Foreign Aid is sufficient as a tailor in Hell, the UN still execute poor people as part of their
90% world depopulation agenda

NGOs hide the REAL TRUTH of extreme sufferings of poor people, thus directly KILLING

Desperate refugees knock on Europes doors while the Danish government as example use
Nazi-methods to keep them out

NGOs have turned into cold and cynic executioners instead of true humanitarians also
welcoming volunteers

Signs and Miracles -

SIGNS I: My light, weeping statues, crosses of light etc.

My light in the Heavens

Statues and icons weeping human tears and tears of blood


Images of Jesus, Virgin Mary and God in food and other objects

Crosses and circles of light

Spiritual books and communication

Manifestation of gold, crystals and gemstones

Milk drinking statues

Pure magic of God carried out by magicians as actors

SIGNS II: Miracle healings, apparitions of Virgin Mary etc.

Miracle healings

Healing waters

Apparitions of Virgin Mary in Lourdes, France, in 1858

Apparitions of Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917

Apparitions of Virgin Mary in Cairo from 1968-70 and 2009

Apparitions of Virgin Mary in Medjugorje ongoing from 1981

Other apparitions of Virgin Mary

Dreaming of me

The Green Horseman of death symbolised the end of the world

Inspiration in art, culture and music

Other websites about signs and miracles

SIGNS III: Indisputable proof of Crop Circles, UFOs and cover-up

Crop Circles: Divine communication given to mankind

The organised deception of official systems and media manipulating and controlling the

The Disclosure Project: Indisputable proof of UFOs and cover-ups by the secret Government
of USA!

SIGNS IV: The Jerusalem UFO CREATION of our New World!

The Jerusalem UFO: The creation of our New World, the return of the Messiah and the
materialisation of God

The mother of all crop circles gives the messages of the Jerusalem UFO carrying the same
diagram on its underside!

Evidence supporting this the most important event in history

SIGNS V: Jesus in Nairobi, Kenya, 1988

Did Jesus Christ come to the city? Job Mutungis Testimony in Kenya Times

I saw Jesus at Kawangware By Agnes Mutua

Journey to Nairobi: Five days with Mary Akatsa By Memo Neupert

Letter to the Editor From Share International Magazine


The above is an overview of the most important pages of my website. Furthermore, the first
quarter of the front page of my website includes a summary of my most important messages in a
somewhat greater detail, which is not included here, but as you can see from page 8 to 28 in the
attached document (can also be found online here), which you can easily print out and read in
approx. one hour, and of course you can also read this summary from the beginning of the front
page of my website, when you click into this :-).