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yebe Remnant ovary 39,2017 Kellyanne Conway: Feminism's Nightmare Featured Whiten by The Remnant Newspaper Rate this tem (25vete) Nw from RTV Conway nelped pull oTone of. mosi sting gait lores in U.S. histor. So, hy do te omurisis hata Her? Why ian she being ra sod a9 fminition By CNN ort fosaiwenmrsemmuusee ox] | cuspoconly prose? ‘and her's another hope sgn: President Donal Tams op ado wil 9 an trshsAmerean,naspy maried Cable rather our who makes breafas ‘and nar mot: Kellynne Conway portly ook Donald Tp to meet Father George Ruler. he nglcan convert pit fan pater ote Churen cl Our Seviorin Manatian, wh beseee ie ‘ure presisentjustdaye Deore hie ‘he knows how his al ging to play out but fr he momen, ie nice know ha fat Caos ab ‘sor he nestPres.dentono Unita Sino. Hay God hsp he ramain fuse promises of ner bapssm ashe takes BATTLE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE UP CLOSE WITH TRUMP'S CAMPAIGN MANAGER > 000/239 © 0 Remnant TV Moves Away trom YouTube TVs players have boon converted to HTMLE, which means our vidoos ar now being presented in tho latest web ‘based player, There shouldbe na delay in layback, even on oder browsers. Forth time being, RTV videos wil also be posted on The Remnants YouTube chanel in order to each an aucionce that wl nt likely dis way hereto cur website. However, please help us buld up Remnant TV's very awn vdeo Platorm by Liking these vidoos and especialy by Sharing them on Faceboos, Twitr and Google* The Reman is ‘working hard to minimize dependence onthe bad guys, which is why RTV now has a completely separate platform not associated with Google-ownes YouTube in any way. Please Share This Viseo Gat (Pat nig map tase wt yar Read 2750 times Last meciiod on Monday, January 2, 2017, Also From RemnantTV Kelyanne Conway: Feminism's Nightmare New from RTV ‘As President-elect Donal “Trumps eamprign manages, Mra. Kellyanne Conway hese pull aff one ofthe most stunning pelea vets in USS. Piston So, why do the feminist hate hor? Why ist she boing praised as a feminist ican by CNN or the ‘als rom The View? Cou tbe because Kellyanne Conway is cutspokenly roite? ‘And here's another hopeful sign: President Donald “Trump's top advisor wil be an Insh-Amercan, happily married Cathole mother af four who makes breakfast ‘every morning for her kids ‘and than goes to Mass. She's a dally commun cant Read more, Pope Francs: John the Baplist Doubted? ‘Today at Remnant TV ‘Our Sunday Sermon fr the Fourth Sunday is Advont tackos tho question of SL John ‘the Bapis: harboring doubts tal Chit was God. Did you know that? Either di Father, ‘and yet Pope Francis seems to ‘ie dd Wal you ‘ink? bate Read more, Papal Elections: God's Wil a. « New from Remnant TV. Fest, Cardinal Raymond Burke comes wth the wishes (of Cardinal Saran where the Trg is concemed with 3 stunning announcement ‘Then citing the though cf Dietrich von Hildebrand, ‘iam Mana and De John Rae, Michael Matt answers the 9Comments — Remnant Newspaper @ Login (@ Recommend Et Share Sort by Newest Join the discussion. RTHEVR = 7 hours 990 | have bean and wil continue to pray forthe conversion tothe Catholc faith of Trump. Long shot? No longer a shot than it was for met Lord Jesus, please get ahold ofthis man for your Kingdom! We need him! Av + Reply + Share » Rory Donnellan - Shou ago Instead of talking about Mrs Conway, how about talking to her forthe next Remnant Underground? Av + Reply + Share » Jam Cunningham + anousage Yos she is, Mrs. Conway, an outstanding, accomplished, brillant wife, mother and Catholic professional. Av + Reply + Share» ‘AchurMleGowan = s0hou ago Donald Trump has been relentlessly attacked by the snottiestprigs the Catholic Church has to offer-bishops and Cardinals, Racisl. Iskamophobe, Misogyrist, Blah, Siah, Blah "When itcomes to intellectual honesty, basic decency, and an understanding ofthe gospel, rm counting onthe bilionaie playboy with the tree trophy wives to protect me from the malign ‘machinations of Bergoglio and his No Borders sycophants. Av = Reply + Share» Gary Morin 11 hows ago “Thank you Mr. Matt for publishing this story treally made my day! It seem's quite possible God's hand is in this. 1m v + Reply» Share» Marcus Aurelius Tarkus +11 hour go Put nt your fat in princesses, er, poltcians. ‘That said, never cease to hope, Av + Raply + Share» Parrish = *2hours age Ifthe heretic Pope in Rome is dead set on creating a female Cardinal, | nominate Kelyanne, Av + Reply + Share > Evangeline 1094 + 13 hours ago ‘With God's help she has accomplished something truly unlikely and pretty amazing, this election victory. He had everything against him, @ huge and powerful machine, May God provide guidance and help to this new administration. This is a new day and Americans are grateful for. These last eight years have been a nightmare 1A y+ Reply + Shares Rory Donnellan - ‘Shove ago God bless you Kellyanne Conway for standing up for the hundreds of miions of babies who have beon butchered around the word in recent dacades - whose silent scroams go unheard. 3. |v + Reply » Shares BA siscie Add oisustoyoursta Add agus Ass @ Prvacy ‘uestion: Did the Hely Ghost recessaly postvaly wl the lection of Jorge Mano Bergoglo? ‘Ad, aly: the “Groat Rant of 2016 Se0 John Reo obterate te reoCathaic phenomencn, fave Read more, Inmpeaching Trump: King of the Haters ‘ting post-slction SPLC hate ‘nme “ncings" rom the oor ofthe Sonate, Hary Res signalee row the loser Lot plans to handle he Trump pros dency Male hen a me ck by branding hm King ef nat’ ally behind tho ato Industry effons 0 sitonce ‘mainstream Arvoica? A Cceclaation of war on God Fanily and the Unoam. Michael Malt comments on CChistophobic media bias and row t wil affect the next four years. ave Read more. Cardinal Sins: Resisting Pope Francs New from Remnant TV «ery, [As the Four Canals make their stone stand against revalution nthe Vatican, Several isno9s and one mare ‘cardinal move nfo supped ‘her, Micnal Mat tacks the ‘eustion of wnat todo when 2 ope goes wrong, Do fail lay Cathaies have arte in stopping Pape Francis and the charge, oF stoul the throat of ‘using Scandal cause all of us toeoo sient? Wat does the Church teach? What would God nave ui do? mere co we go fom here? Read more. Pope Franc’s and the SSPX Regularization New From Remnant TV (ery, [As the Year of Marcy closes, Published in Remnant Telvision [ihe Remnant Newsoaret| The Remnant Newspaper Latest from The Remnant Newspaper + December 25,2016, + Pope Francis: Jon th Baptist Doubiod? + Papal Elections: Goa's Wil vs, Human Error + Tmpeaching Trump. King ofthe Hat + Cardinal Sine: Resisting Popa Francis More inthis category: « Catacomb Construction: Alan Keyes Interview Pope Francis extends petmission to priests ofthe ‘Society of St, Piss X to hoor Confessions. But the rimors rls wore wrong. The Pope cid ol rogue the SSX. Why ral? Is ths a goed ting? were co you come down on testis” ofthe SS2X. Michael Matt goes into wy ‘ome Gatholes re breathing @ Sigh of io thi Thankssiving. Plus, @ cameo appearance fom ‘Arehbishop Lefebvre hse, Read mors “Trump Vietory Outs Hate Industry From the Underground, Michael Mat talks aaout the elation, whining Ibeals, and te Ingest alo group in America ~ the Noort le. Pus, Trump faces 15s frat test Wl the Prasidont- Elect fla fo nat ndistry rossure to fe senior adviser rater Stove Bannon, o wil he ald his ground and stk a finger in oye ofthe most ‘angers Civistophobes in ‘America. This = HUGE. ave Read more, Hilary's Pope- Francis and ‘the Democrat Connection ‘This RTV Shot is 9 sighly ‘ted version of vdeo that ‘appeared aver the wookend Wt iboding this vdoo in an explosive new aicle by Elasbetn Yor, Bebind the Bronze Doors: Soros Radicals collate wth Vatican’ posted tovay at Femnar:Nowspapercom Road more, ‘Catacomb Construction: Alan Keyes Interviow Reman Underground aes the nestle, Underground th 6 dng ofa etwor, beter going pede for fn inorow of Alar Koy. Read mors, Donald Trump v. Grandma Clinton: Whats Realy AE Stake? ‘So, who won the debate? Hot, again ties ane sgeritamen, Michael Matt fo ‘Fhe Remnant Underground ‘80, did you wale the debate lastnight? Holy cow! Wht was that? I dont Know if Tv ‘ever soon anything aut ike thal. The poor man ~ after the frat Sitio minute, the cle ‘ad ealeulating Granama (Ginter has Fim up against the ope, ar it set of went down from there. (Nota to Trump Debate Team: Tol the Donald ‘nol to go al temperamental ‘wen Granara Cinton ‘accuses fi of boing loo temperamental forthe presidency.) z4ve Road more Read Mace Contact Us Advertise | ‘Additional Links Averting Intrmaton Ltrs to Eaton Spanish Peson | Donate - Contest Us Remnant Tors -2017 This document was created with Win2PDF available at http:/, The unregistered version of Win2PDF is for evaluation or non-commercial use only. This page will not be added after purchasing Win2PDF.