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By George A. Griffith
Founder of Trout Unlimited
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FALL 2009 • Vol. 29 • Issue 1 3
Dr. Bryan Burroughs


P.O. Box 442
Dewitt, Michigan 48820-8820
(517) 599-5238


Fisheye Internet Solutions & Hosting LLC In the state where Trout Unlimited was founded, Michigan TU will work to
60 Cloverport Ave.
ensure clean, healthy streams and rivers supporting thriving populations of wild
Rochester Hills, Michigan 48307 trout and salmon for future generations to enjoy.


85771 Tim Tam Trail
Flushing, Michigan 488433
4 the Year in Review… By Kimberly Wetton

5 Michigan TU Awards
UNLIMITED 6 Keeping Tabs on Michigan’s Coldwater Streams
By Kristin Thomas
Chairperson: Kimberly Wetton
Vice Chairman: David Smith 8 … changes coming soon …
Treasurer: Robb Smith Sr. By Dr. Bryan Burroughs
Secretary: Mike Lagowski
9 Michigan TU Strategic Plan
Executive Director: Dr. Bryan Burroughs
Aquatic Biologist: Kristin Thomas 12 Pigeon River Update
Project Coordinator: Cari Sebright By Dave Smethurst
Huron Pines Americorps Member
16 About our New Intern
Conservation Chair: Tom Quail By Cari Sebright
Finance Chair: David Smethurst
Communications Chair: Ron Peckens 17 The Conservation Corner
Membership Chair: Aaron Rubel By Conservation Chair, Tom Quail
Education Chair: Mike Mouradian
18 Chapter News from Around the State
MICHIGAN TROUT is the official
publication of the Michigan Trout Unlimited.
Copyright 2009. Issues
are mailed to all members of Trout
Unlimited Chapters throughout Michigan.
Copies for free distribution are
made available throughout the State at
various locations. Send all editorial and
advertising correspondence to the editor.
Advertising rate card is available upon
request. Michigan Trout and Michigan
Trout Unlimited reserves the
right to accept or reject proposed
advertisements at their sole discretion.
Trout Unlimited Chapter members should
send all changes of address for
subscriptions to Trout Unlimited, 1500
Wilson Boulevard, Suite 310, Arlington,
Virginia 22209-2404.

On the Cover: Pine River Chapter River

Keepers Fish Sampling Event August 2009
Celebrating 50 Years 4

director, Bryan Burroughs, continues to anniversary. These additional funding

be the face of Michigan TU and takes the sources make a significant impact on our
lead on our advocacy and conservation financial bottom line.
work. Over the last year Bryan has been The Michigan TU executive
very busy…leading our partnership with committee has been working on a new
angler conservation groups and Strategic Plan with the help of Duncan
coordinating our joint comments on the Blair from TU National. It is completed
proposed new trout regulations…acting except for the tactics which our
as the governor appointed conservation committees and staff are currently
representative on the Water Resource working on. It is based on TU’s “protect,
Alliance Committee…closely watching reconnect, restore and sustain” model and
over and commenting on the merger of will help us prioritize our conservation
As TU wraps up the celebration of its
the DNR and DEQ and other decisions in
50th anniversary, we have much to be efforts. This plan is the roadmap to get
Gov. Granholm’s Executive Order that where we want to go over the next 5
proud of here in Michigan.
might effect our cold water resources. years.
With the addition of Kristin Thomas The growth of our team will enable
and Cari Sebright, Michigan TU staff has Michigan TU to effectively tackle more Michigan TU is a grassroots
grown to 3. We kicked off the River coldwater issues. organization that has accomplished much,
Keepers program last year with our but there is much more we could do for
This Summer, Michigan TU joined our coldwater resources. In late
Huron Pines AmeriCorps member Kristin
the State’s litigation against Golden September we re-elected officers and
starting the program and working with 7
Lotus regarding the dam failure on the appointed new committee chairs. Please
different chapters. Each group of chapter
Pigeon River. We hope to ensure dam let us know if you are interested in
volunteers were trained and completed
removal and restore natural flow to the participating in any of these committees.
different types of stream data collection.
Pigeon River. We also filed an amicus We can use your help. Contacts for
Kristin has completed her AmeriCorps
brief in the Anglers of the Ausable case, Michigan TU (email and phone numbers
term, and is now a full time employee of
trying to persuade the appellate court to are on our website at
Michigan TU. She will continue the
grant the Anglers leave to appeal some
River Keepers program and help us with TU has a great past, and bright
many other items too. We selected Cari important legal conservation decisions.
future. It was interesting to reflect on the
Sebright as this year’s Huron Pines Financially, Michigan TU was organizations’ history during the 50th
AmeriCorps member. Cari will assist us successful with grant writing efforts, and anniversary. When the 75th anniversary
with education and communication sending appeal letters to our membership rolls around, I wonder what issues will
development, and also help with River (both new efforts by the council). We have changed and which ones will still be
Keepers. Of course, our executive were also able to capitalize on the 50th the same.

Upcoming Dates
January 23, 2010 - Michigan TU Meeting June 26, 2010 - Michigan TU Meeting
Location: Demmer Center, Lansing Location: RAM Center, Roscommon
April 10, 2010 - Michigan TU Meeting September 25, 2010 - Michigan TU Meeting
Location: RAM Center, Roscommon Location: RAM Center, Roscommon
Celebrating 50 Years 5

importantly though, Robb Order of the Hexagenia

is a true leader, well The Order of the Hexagenia is an
respected, and he is honorary group. Individuals recognized
constantly recruiting, are inducted as lifetime members.
networking and
demonstrating strong Criteria
Michigan TU and its • Positive contributions to coldwater
efforts.” Many thanks,
fisheries of the State of Michigan by a
Robb, and
non-Trout Unlimited member. While
congratulations. often a resource professional such as a
Chapter of the Year fisheries biologist, others i.e. politicians,
The Michigan TU Chapter writers, etc. will be considered.
of the Year Award is • Given the general criteria, inductees
granted to the chapter will be selected on a case by case basis.
which most closely
reflects the ideals of Trout This year we honored two
Robb Smith with his wife, Chrissy, receives MITU’s Order Unlimited. individuals:
of the Caddis award from MITU’s Aaron Rubel.
The awarded chapters • Tim Cwalinski
Order of the Caddis should be considered as a role model for Tim Cwalinski, MDNR Fisheries
all Michigan TU chapters. Since this is an Biologist for northeast Michigan,
The Order of the Caddis (member of
annual award, it must be granted based on stationed in Gaylord. Tim received the
the year) is a “Hall of Fame” recognition
the activities and achievement of the award for his passion for fisheries
of MITU’s most effective, active, and
preceding calendar year' not for historic management. He continually goes
valued members, and is a lifetime honor.
achievements. above the call of duty to ensure
Because this is a MITU award, the
fisheries in his area receive the
inductee must have made significant This years award goes to the Fred
attention they deserve. Tim works
contributions to MITU, as part of an Waara Chapter. closely with the local Headwaters
ongoing commitment to TU. Robb Smith
Order of the Grayling Chapter of TU, and is a dedicated trout
was presented with the Order of the
The Order of the Grayling recognizes angler himself.
Caddis at the MITU meeting at
MacMullan Center on April 4th of this and marks the death of a Michigan Trout • Representative Rebekah Warren
year. The following is a quotation taken Unlimited member who in his or her own Rebekah Warren is a state
from a statement of support by Kimberley right was considered to be a valuable representative from Ann Arbor. She
Wetton, Chair of Michigan TU. “I think resource to the organization and lead an enormous effort to help ensure
Robb is probably the most respected guy coldwater fisheries of the state. This that Michigan’s water withdrawal law
on the Council. His duties as Treasurer award is reserved for those individuals would be as protective as possible for
are huge and include: making sure our whose impact was felt at a state-wide our coldwater resources. She helped
financials are in order, IRS, state and any level. navigate difficult politics on this law,
other reporting requirements are met, This year we honored two gentleman: and spoke out passionately about the
writing checks (paying our bills), value of our coldwater resources and
balancing the budget, making sure the • Larry McEvers from the Two Heart the need to protect them. Our current
audit is done, handling donations Chapter law is far better off because of her hard
(including about 200 from the end-of-the-
• George Featherston from the Challenge work and dedication to conservation.
year appeal), and the list goes on and on.
Robb does an outstanding job of
constantly reminding us to be budget
conscious and has sent me back to get
another quote a few times. Most
Celebrating 50 Years 6

The River
Keepers Program
was designed and
piloted here in
Michigan; however,
we created this
program with the
idea that it will be
available to TU
chapters and
councils across the
nation. With this in
Over 100 Michigan Trout Unlimited mind, we are
volunteers from seven chapters have spent creating a “River
over 400 hours collecting important data Keepers Volunteer
that will help guide coldwater conservation Manual” that will
and restoration in Michigan. These efforts walk chapters and Pine River chapter members sample fish on Coe Creek.
are part of the new MITU River Keepers councils through the
volunteer stream monitoring program, process of beginning
a volunteer stream monitoring program. with a wealth of highly productive partners
which provides methods for collecting
water temperature, stream flow, stream We also have created narrated PowerPoint in conservation and in particular, stream
presentations for each type of data restoration. Many of our watershed
habitat, macroinvertebrate, and fish data.
This program benefits Michigan Trout collection and for the program as a whole. councils and conservation districts (and the
The manual and presentations will be “RC&D’s) possess a high level of
Unlimited, the DNR and Michigan’s capacity, many fulltime technical staff, and
coldwater streams. Below you will find an available to help Trout Unlimited chapters are very productive in performing stream
overview of the River Keepers program and councils across the nation begin
stream monitoring programs. With over restoration projects. We are fortunate for
including the rationale for beginning the this, as performing stream restoration
program, benefits and uses for the data, 150,000 volunteers Trout Unlimited has
the unique ability to monitor coldwater projects in Michigan has become
and how to get involved. Please read on administratively demanding (engineering
and consider becoming a MITU River streams across the country.
design requirements, grant subcontracting,
Keeper. One of the important identities of etc.), at least for a volunteer-based
Trout Unlimited is the hands-on stream organization such as TU. TU members
restoration that our continue to contribute work-days and raise
volunteer members funds for these projects. While these
achieve. Through modes of involvement are critically
the past decades this important, they do not allow TU
has been a hallmark volunteers to guide restoration or fully
of TU. Stream utilize TU’s greatest strength, our large
restoration has been number of members.
incredibly beneficial
to our rivers and Fortunately, the new TU River
streams, and has Keepers volunteer stream monitoring
provided a critical program offers TU members an ideal
means for TU opportunity to contribute in a hands-on
volunteers to directly manner, while capitalizing on the greatest
contribute to our strength of TU, at a time when
mission in a governmental agencies need this type of
meaningful and assistance more than at any other time in
history. In addition, volunteer stream
Headwaters Chapter members learn how to map river habitat valuable manner.
on the Pigeon River. MITU is blessed (Continued on page 7)
Celebrating 50 Years 7
State. Therefore, success of our conservation efforts by
they are limited in helping us to determine which techniques
their ability to focus work well and which could be improved
extensive data upon.
collection effort on In 2009, with the aid of a TU
any one particular Embrace-A-Stream grant, data collection
stream or fishery. protocols and training aids were
Therefore, they are developed; and each type of data collection
unable to focus on was piloted by a chapter. The pilot
coldwater streams projects were a great success, which
that are of interest tomeans, it is time to expand the River
MITU. By working Keepers Program. Our goal is to have
with the DNR to every TU chapter in Michigan get involved
develop monitoring with River Keepers in a way that meets the
programs and needs of their chapter and their DNR
Frank “Bob” Perrin Lansing Chapter members learn how to protocols they find Fisheries Biologist. Monitoring efforts
measure in-stream flow on Sycamore Creek in Lansing. acceptable, we can will vary depending on chapter and DNR
supplement the data needs; some may focus on monitoring one
Keeping Tabs… (Continued from page 6) they gather through their status and trends type of data on several streams while
program, and increase the information others may focus on monitoring several
monitoring engages members, educates available about coldwater streams. types of data on one stream.
them about coldwater resources, and
contributes needed information that is the Not only is data
foundation to achieving any component of collected through
our conservation mission. River Keepers
valuable to the DNR,
With limited staff and time the DNR is it is also of great
excited about partnering with MITU to value to MITU and
increase available coldwater stream data. the individual
The MDNR is responsible for monitoring chapters involved.
the status and health of all waters of the The data will be
used to create a list
of priority projects
for MITU and
individual chapters,
as a scientific basis
for comments on
policy issues, to
track the status of
our coldwater Paul H. Young Chapter members pick macroinvertebrates
streams, and to from samples as part of a sampling event on the upper
evaluate our Manistee.
restoration projects.
Scientific information that supports If your chapter is interested in
prioritized projects will help MITU beginning a stream monitoring program
leverage funds and steer restoration please contact MITU Aquatic Ecologist,
projects of partner organizations. In Kristin Thomas (
addition, identifying projects that are of or 616-460-0477). Kristin will be happy to
the highest priority for a given watershed give an informational presentation to
will help us get the most bang for our chapters that are interested in the River
conservation buck. Long term monitoring Keepers program. If a chapter decides to
of important coldwater streams will allow participate, she will also help set up a
us to quickly identify and address program that meets chapter and DNR
problems; additionally, having before and needs, and will train volunteers to collect
after data at project sites will allow us to data. For more information on the MITU
Ron Peckens, Paul H. Young Chapter, gage the success of our restoration River Keepers program go to
projects. Measuring success will help and click on River
samples benthic macroinvertebrates in
leverage future funds and improve the Keepers Program under Michigan TU.
the Upper Manistee River.
Celebrating 50 Years 8

one category, rivers can have any other proposed modifications, along with
regulations tailor-suited to the fisheries other topics pertinent to inland trout
without being limited to those previously regulations are being reviewed and
set by Types 5, 6, or 7. The details of discussed thoroughly this year by the
each “Gear-Restricted” regulation would MDNR Fish Division staff and members
be listed out in a separate table. of their Coldwater Regulations Advisory
Michigan Trout Unlimited (MITU), Committee (of which MITU is an invited
along with fellow angler groups participant). This process has already
(Federation of Fly Fishers, Anglers of resulted in two very productive
the Au Sable, MI River Guides meetings. We believe this process could
Association, Au Sable Big Water result in future recommendations that
Preservation Association and MI will both improve the utility of the
In 2000 the current set of regulations Anglers for Conservation) produced a regulations and make them easier to
for inland trout and salmon streams was letter in response to the MDNR’s understand.
enacted. Nine years later – its time for proposal to modify the inland trout Please visit our website to access
some changes. One of the situations that stream regulations (available online). It additional information on these
highlighted the need for change was the highlighted concerns and points of regulation issues. Also, we welcome
discussion over appropriate regulations disagreement over the evaluation of your suggestions and input on this topic -
for the lower Au Sable River’s “Trophy Type 2 regulations’ effectiveness; email us with your thoughts. We will
Waters” section. Background on that optimal minimum lengths for brown continue to keep you updated on the
issue was provided in the Winter 2008 trout for ensuring sustainability of evolution of this process; and as always
issue of Michigan Trout and can be read populations with uncertain harvest – we will continue advocating for the
online at pressure; offered support for the best science-based management of our
index.php/conservation/54-resource- consolidation of gear-restricted types; resources.
management. At the center of it was the and highlighted gaps in our
limitation of not being able to put the knowledge of stream trout
most appropriate regulation in place for management and
this important fishery, because it wasn’t discrepancies in overall goals
one of the seven established regulations for the management of
categories. Michigan’s inland coldwater
In April 2009, the Michigan fisheries.
Department of Natural Resources Following receipt of
(MDNR) Fish Division released a report comments from the
which detailed proposed changes to the conservation/angler
existing regulations scheme (this report community, the MDNR
and all other pertinent documents on this decided to delay most of the
issue can be found online at the webpage proposals for modifications
listed above). This report proposed until further deliberations
several types of modifications to the could be arranged. However,
existing regulations, including the the proposal to consolidate
removal of Type 2 regulations (open last “gear-restricted” types
Saturday in April through September 30, received widespread support
all tackle allowed, 10” minimum on and will be enacted for the
brook trout, 12” minimum for brown upcoming 2010 fishing season
trout, 12” minim for rainbows). The (the actual regulations on
report also called for the consolidation of these streams will remain
Types 5, 6, and 7 into one category unchanged for 2010). The
called “Gear-Restricted”. Within this
Celebrating 50 Years 9

How is the plan structured? habitat for wild coldwater fish. greater than the sum of our parts.
Our mission statement internally Goal 2: Reconnect fish populations How will we use the strategic plan?
keeps us focused on the mission and and habitats by removing or minimizing Each of Michigan TU’s committees
externally is used to succinctly and barriers to fish passage. will use the relevant portion of the
clearly explain to non-members what Goal 3: Restore watersheds to strategic plan to guide their work over
we do. Our vision statement inspires us support thriving fish populations. the year. Similarly, the Michigan TU
to reach for a difficult goal. We have staff will use the strategic plan in their
six broad goals, three that deal with Organizational Goals:
annual workplans and performance
conservation and three that deal with the Goal 4: Build the capacity of the evaluations. We made the strategies
health of our organization. For each Michigan council, chapters and and tactics as specific and measurable
goal, we have objectives within that members to work together to achieve as possible to judge progress. We
goal and then more specific strategies maximum long-term effectiveness. assigned responsibility to specific
and tactics to achieve each objectives. individuals or committees at each level
Goal 5: Ensure consistent and
Mission statement: effective delivery of Michigan’s TU’s of the strategic plan to encourage
To conserve, protect and restore message to wide internal and external accountability. In addition, when new
Michigan’s coldwater fisheries and their audience. challenges or opportunities emerge
watersheds. during the year (eg. a proposal for a
Goal 6: Develop stable funding to bottled water project, a dam removal
Vision statement: achieve Michigan TU’s conservation opportunity or an offered partnership
goals. with another organization), they will be
In the state where Trout Unlimited
was founded, Michigan TU will work to Why do a strategic plan? judged against the strategic plan to
ensure clean, healthy streams and rivers Like all organizations, we have determine what level of resources
supporting thriving populations of wild limited resources and huge Michigan TU will devote to it. The
trout and salmon for future generations opportunities and challenges. Our plan will be reviewed quarterly to assess
to enjoy. strategic plan allows us to focus our progress in each area, and the overall
efforts on actions and issues that have plan will be evaluated and altered every
Goals: two years.
the greatest impact. It helps us align
Conservation Goals: our efforts at all levels—members,
Goal 1: Protect critical high-quality council, chapters and staff so we are

Conservation Goals Organizational Goals

Goal 4: Build the capacity of Goal 5: Ensure consistent and

Goal 1: Protect
Protect Goal 2: Reconnect
fish populations and
Michigan TU, Chapters and Members
to work together to achieve maximum
long-term effectiveness.
Sustain effective delivery of Michigan
TU’s message to wide internal
and external audience.
critical high-quality
habitat for wild
coldwater fish. Reconnect habitats by removing or
minimizing barriers to
fish passage

Restore Goal 6: Develop stable funding to

achieve Michigan TU’s
conservation goals.

Goal 3: Restore
watersheds to support
thriving fish
Celebrating 50 Years 10

In July Michigan TU celebrated TU’s 50th

Anniversary on the banks of the Ausable
River. It was a great day. Over 500 TU
members from across the state attended this
event. Attendees included DNR Director
Rebecca Humphries, Representative Rebecca
Warren, conservation partners, Art Neumann,
most of the prior council chairs, and children
of all ages.

Michigan TU would like to thank the countless dedicated volunteers that enthusiastically gave their time and
talents to organize the Michigan Celebration and host the TU National Annual Meeting in Traverse City.
Celebrating 50 Years 11

TU leaders and staff from all across This improves the

the nation gathered in Traverse City the water quality and
week of August 17th to celebrate TU's reduces the oils and
50th anniversary. As the hosting chemicals entering
council, Michigan TU was able to the river. We also
network, showcase our conservation toured the rain
work and do some fundraising. gardens in Grayling
The week kicked off with hosted which are native
fishing. Michigan TU fishermen perennial plants
volunteered to take our guests fishing that remove storm
on various local rivers including the water run-off and
Ausable, Manistee, Jordan, Betsie and infiltrate it back
Pere Marquette. A good deal was into the
accomplished on these Northern groundwater. The
Michigan rivers that day – fishing gardens that have
stories, friendships, a little TU work and been adopted by
a reminder of why we volunteer our local residents also Michigan TU Chair, Kimberly Wetton with Art Neumann (a
time and what we are trying to protect. add some beautiful founding member of TU) & Reinhilde Jaeschke
I can’t think of a better way to start off a color to the
week of TU business. neighborhood.
positive energy and memorable
The day of fishing was followed by We ended our tour at the Grayling generosity. The most impressive
a day touring local conservation Mill Pond where the DNR replaced the included 3 bamboo rods from Art
successes. We started at Dair Creek dam with a rock structure creating more Neumann that raised $6,500. A
which is a tributary of the Betsie River. natural habitat and restored fish mounted grayling from the Barbless
Here we were able to see how a small passage. A partial draw down also Hook and George Griffith’s fishing hat
dam removal, coupled with the road significantly reduces the warming affect were purchased by TU board members
crossing upgraded from a culvert to a of the pond. Grayling now has a park and then donated back to Michigan TU,
bridge, reconnected 8 miles of cold with a pond that is friendly for the trout where they will stay.
water and restored the original stream and the residents.
The 50th was a great success and
channel. Each evening included a hospitality something that Michigan TU can be
From Dair Creek we went to the suite for networking and various proud of. This success is the result of
Mason Lodge on the banks of the Michigan chapters teamed up and took numerous people and chapters that
AuSable River. Lunch was provided by turns hosting. The suite provided an volunteered their time, and a large
the Mershon Chapter, and included a informal place to gather after a long day number of donors. Without them this
presentation about Cedars of the of events, talk about TU and yes, even historic event would not be as
Ausable. tell a few fishing stories. Hosting memorable. A special thanks to
chapters showcased their Michigan everyone.
On the bus drive between locations, success stories.
we were educated on Michigan’s
history and geology and their impact on On Saturday evening, after the
our trout streams, as well as current week of business meetings wrapped up,
conservation issues. Michigan TU was able to do some
successful fundraising. We raised a net
We also learned about the Grayling profit of about $20,000. This included
storm water system and rain gardens items donated from various donors,
that filter the storm drain waters before chapters and items from the Barbless
they enter the Ausable river system. Hook. The evening was filled with
Celebrating 50 Years 12

The Pigeon River flows from a huge dam and it was converted into a brought into the courtroom by the State
pile of sand known as Otsego County hydroelectric dam to power lights and of Michigan and Michigan TU joined the
northward from just east of Gaylord to refrigeration. There were no power lines case, along with the Pigeon River
Mullett Lake. It is a spring creek, in the area at the time. Today that club Country Association, an group formed in
although we don’t usually use that term is know as the Song of Morning Ranch the 1970’s to protect Love joys’ vision..
in Michigan. Ultimately, it becomes part and the dam, in its fourth version, is the The dam was allowed to continue to
of the Cheboygan River joining the source of litigation that Michigan Trout operate under certain rules and the Judge
Maple, Black and Sturgeon near the Unlimited has joined. warned that if it happened again, the
mouth. Although it has had native The first dam blew out in the 1950’s dam would need to go.
Americans on its banks, It happened again in the
trappers exploring it’s summer of 2008. Headwaters
tributaries for beaver, loggers Chapter President John
taking pine trees to build cities, Walters, who lives nearby, was
market hunters exterminating one of the first to see the water
the passenger pigeon for food turn black - again. Walters
in those same cities, it’s said, “The Pigeon River was
angling goes back a little more simply a thread of a stream,
than a century. flowing in the riverbed and ran
After the logging laid bare black as oil. Trout floated by
the landscape, many tried to belly up.
raise cattle, and later sheep, on The dam gates were again
“ranches”, just like Montana. opened, this time by accident.
But, the winters were colder, According to a state
the soils more sandy and the investigation, this resulted in
ranches never made it as viable fine organic material being
enterprises. Much of the land released downstream, along
reverted to the State and a with severe increases and then
visionary named P.S. Lovejoy decreases in water flow. This
put them together in what he served to cause the loss of
called “The Big Wild. Today, several hundred thousand trout
“the Big Wild” is known as the downstream in the Pigeon
Pigeon River Country State River.
Forest, with the Sturgeon,
Black and Pigeon flowing its The State of Michigan has
borders. taken Song of the Morning
Ranch to court – again.
Around the edge of “The Michigan Trout Unlimited is in
Big Wild,” many of the ranches the fray, along with the Pigeon
morphed into hunting and River Country Association,
fishing clubs. Others saw an both represented by a longtime
“up north” camp as an ideal retreat from and killed fish downriver. In the 1980’s,
the dam needed repair and Song of advocate for the Pigeon River Country,
business and acquired land and built attorney Pete Gustafson. Gustafson
camps or clubs. One such club was Morning employees opened the gates,
violating directions given by the DNR. says, “The goal of TU and PRCA in this
known as The Lansing Club owned by case is to have the dam removed to
the Lansing Motor Wheel Corporation, The river turned black as decades of silt
poured through the opening. Again, restore the river to is natural free-
which became part of General Motors. flowing state, which will enhance the
“Sports” would travel to the club and tens, if not hundreds of thousands of
trout and other fish and invertebrates cold water resource for miles
fish. From logging days, there was a (Continued on page 13)
perished. Song of Morning Ranch was
Celebrating 50 Years 13

Roller on the lower part of This catch comes at a time when

the Manistee River. The two Great Lakes brown trout stocks
were fishing crankbaits for (seeforellen strain) have been reported
king salmon (a technique to be surviving poorly, aquatic invasive
refined by Roller) when the species have thrown the ecological
monster brown trout was stability of the lakes out of whack, and
caught. The fish breaks the forage fish abundance are at all times
previous Michigan state lows. Yet despite all this, Lake
record by several pounds, Michigan and the Manistee River have
and surpasses the current produced another giant. There’s always
world record brown trout by hope and always reason to keep
over a pound (previous working hard to protect and conserve
record was 40 pounds 4 great coldwater fisheries.
ounces, caught in Arkansas). On behalf of Michigan Trout
Mr. Tom Healy of Rockford, MI, a Mr. Healy still has to submit Unlimited, congratulations on your
longtime member of Trout Unlimited documentation to the IGFA in order for catch Tom! Your new world record
(belonging to the local Schrems/West the world record to be official. shows the rest of the world a little more
Michigan Chapter of TU), landed a 41 However, that shouldn’t be difficult about the world class fishing we have
pound 7.25 ounce brown trout on because two MI DNR fish biologist here in Michigan. Michigan – the first
Wednesday September 9, 2009 from the were present to confirm the catch on brown trout in the country – the biggest
Big Manistee River. Tom was fishing Wednesday, validate the measurements, brown trout in the world!
with longtime Michigan guide Tim and congratulate the angler.

Pigeon River… (Continued from page 12) river is starting to repopulate, but it will Chapter is committed to seeing the
downstream.” take years to have a thriving population removal of the dam, so this catastrophe
of trout. Slowly, the invertebrate never happens again. We will continue
Michigan TU Executive Director Dr. population is reestablishing itself as are to collect data on the river above and
Bryan Burroughs happens to be an other life forms that are critical to a below the dam and share the information
expert in dam removal. Burroughs said, healthy steam. Nature has a remarkable with the DNR – Fisheries Division. We
“The removal of the dam would have a ability to heal itself over time. But to look forward to a thriving wild trout
plethora of direct and indirect benefits to have the need to heal because of man’s population, again.”
the river; including improving almost 20 folly is no longer acceptable.
miles of river downstream of the dam With the dam gone, the upper
from “good” trout habitat to “excellent” Headwaters Chapter members are Pigeon can be reconnected with the rest
trout habitat because of colder water taking part in Michigan TU’s of the river for the first time in a century.
temperatures.” Burroughs is currently Riverkeepers program to gather data Although there are road crossing in the
assisting the litigants in evaluating above and below the dam. Certainly, the system that need examination, the
options for removing the dam river will change for the better, and there mainstream will be free flowing, save for
permanently. The lawsuit is continuing, is a need to document these changes for a few beaver dams. Trout Unlimited
but Bryan and Pete are hopeful that the sake of science. John Walters says, knows this is one of the keys to a healthy
negotiations between all parties may “We may need help from other Chapters stream and trout population. Michigan
provide an opportunity to resolve the to gather this data early next spring.” Trout Unlimited has identified this issue
issues short of trial. Fortunately, the Headwaters Chapter, in of reconnection as a goal for trout
cooperation with the DNR, has had in streams throughout Michigan.
As the second fall run of brown trout place for several years, temperature
have spawned in the river, with at least TU members statewide should be
loggers that provided strong information proud as we work towards making sure
some successful spawning from about the negative warming effect of the
surviving rainbows and brook trout, the shallow pond. Walters says, “Our this never happens – again.
Celebrating 50 Years 14

Michigan Trout Unlimited efforts to preserve and protect wild box at right.
announces a new, easy way to support trout and salmon. The key is that YOU
Sign up for a Kroger Rewards
TU in our state and the work that the NEED TO SIGN UP…AND GET
Account by entering zip code, clicking
on favorite store, entering your email
address and creating a password,
If you do your grocery shopping at agreeing to the terms and conditions.
Kroger or its affiliate stores in the state, SIGN UP NOW. THAT MEANS You will then get a message to check
your grocery purchases will earn cash NOW. IT’S QUICK AND EASY TO your email inbox and click on the link
for Michigan TU through the DO FROM YOUR COMPUTER. within the body of the email. Click on
company’s Kroger Community YOU’LL ONLY BE AWAY FROM My Account and use your email
Rewards Program. YOUR FLY TYING BENCH FOR address and password to proceed to the
FIVE MINUTES…HONEST! next step. Click on Edit Kroger
With a simple one-time registration
Community Rewards information and
into the program, Kroger will donate HERE’S HOW TO SIGN-UP AND
input your Kroger Plus card number
5% of your grocery purchases each and TURN YOUR GROCERY DOLLARS
(towards bottom of the screen).
every time you do your shopping. INTO CASH-FOR-COLDWATER-
That’s right…your grocery shopping CONSERVATION. Save changes.
generates a cash donation to TU from
Register online at: Update or confirm your
Kroger! That’s right…no cost to you! information.
This program is a ridiculously easy
Be sure to have your Kroger Plus Enter NPO number or name of
way to donate a few bucks a week to
card handy and register your card with organization, select organization from
coldwater conservation every time you
your organization after you sign up. If list and click on confirm.
do your grocery shopping. Kroger’s
a member does not yet have a Kroger
program uses your existing Kroger Plus Enter 83407
Plus card, they are available at the
customer card…there is no separate Select MICHIGAN COUNCIL
customer service desk at any Kroger.
card, matching payment, or minimum TROUT UNLIMITED
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Welcome! (top right hand side of page) Save Changes
The Kroger Community Rewards
Most participants are new online To verify you are enrolled
Program can potentially raise thousands
customers, so they must click on SIGN correctly, you will see your
of dollars a year for Michigan TU
UP TODAY in the ‘New Customer?’ organization’s name at the bottom of
your information page.
For more information contact Dan
Keifer at or
(248) 342-8795.

Streamers Custom Flies

Paul S. Derby - Owner
(231) 429-8437
Specializing in custom hand tied fly patterns
For wholesale opportunities fly shops please call
(231) 429-8437
Celebrating 50 Years 15

Earlier this year, the Anglers of the upstream of a pristine body of water was economically convenient even
Au Sable won a major victory in the called Lynn Lake. though 80% of the treated water was
State of Michigan Court system coming from the Manistee system
The root actions against the
regarding oil and gas development, according to experts.
proposed clean-up were two-fold: (1)
wastewater discharge and local
Opposition to the transfer of While the plaintiffs won their
permitting. The victory was costly when
groundwater from one watershed into arguments before the appellate court the
considering the elongated hearing
another in violation of the Michigan trouble is that the ruling emphasized a
process and the need for expertise in
Environmental Protection Act (MEPA), very specific ruling from the Nestle
matters of hydrology. As Michigan
and (2) The permitting process by case, while the Anglers and Michigan
wrestles with its economic woes a very
which Merit Energy received TU believe a broader interpretation of
significant argument is headed for the
permission from the Michigan the law should have been used, one that
highest court in our State, the Michigan
Department of Environmental Quality would better protect our waters into the
Supreme Court and Michigan Trout
for such a transfer. future. We are simply asking to clarify
Unlimited will be there.
the rulings of the lower courts and rule
The contamination problem was
The Anglers of the Au Sable and co in favor of the broader protections of
well known when the current operator,
plaintiffs fought a proposed discharge our natural resources. The case is now
Merit Energy, purchased the production
of nearly 800 gallons per minute into in the hands of the Michigan Supreme
field and this particular facility from
the headwaters of the fabled Au Sable Court as they now decide whether to
Shell Oil and Exploration. Provisions in
River near Mancelona Road in southern accept the Anglers’ appeal or not.
their sale acknowledged the need for a
Otsego County. The discharge would
future clean up due to a known plume of For more information please visit
have been treated ground water from an
contaminates including benzene that the Anglers of the Au Sable website at
oil and gas central production facility
were spreading south and west into
established in Section 22 of Hayes
local drinking wells and the core of the
Township, approximately one and three/
Manistee River Watershed. The facility
tenths miles south and west of the
where the cleanup would happen sits
proposed discharge site. The
atop a geological crest that separates the
topography lent itself to the simple
upper Manistee River system from Au
placement of a pipeline running
Sable River system. Dumping the
downhill where an old creek bed lay
treated effluent in the Au Sable system

Baldwin, Mi.

Fall & Winter

Salmon Steelhead
1/2 Day Guided $225
Full Day $350
W / Free Night

On The Scenic Pere Marquette River

Owners: Clint & Debi Anderson
Celebrating 50 Years 16

council in numerous aspects of its things have not changed. I still very
communications efforts. much enjoy being barefoot in a creek, but
I graduated from Michigan State I now also enjoy playing house of sorts, I
University in May of this year with a like to cook and bake, but my first love is
bachelor’s degree in science, majoring in still the outdoors.
Fisheries and Wildlife. Though I I hope my time serving as MITU’s
transferred from Kalamazoo Valley resident Huron Pines AmeriCorps
Community College in 2007, I made the member is full of much learning about the
most of my years at MSU by being an TU community and I am going to do my
active member of MSU’s Fisheries and best to contribute. One thing I would love
Wildlife Club and participating in various to do this year is learn to fly fish and
opportunities. Those opportunities ranged perhaps join in that passion which drives
from duck banding with Michigan DNR many TU members.
Hi. My name is Cari Elizabeth biologists to the club’s biannual Red Established in 2007, Huron Pines
Sebright and I am excited to be the newest Cedar Clean Up. The Clean Up is the AmeriCorps builds the resources of key
Huron Pines AmeriCorps member serving club’s valiant attempt to remove garbage conservation partners, helping make the
with Michigan Trout Unlimited this year. from the river and banks of the Red Cedar core groups in Northeast Michigan more
This year my internship with MITU will River which flows through campus and to self-sustaining, equipped to generate more
focus on three main types of work. First, raise awareness of the importance of support from their local community and
I will assist in the coordination of all of caring for one of MSU’s most prized and positioned to make effective use of
our chapters participating in the River beautiful resources. volunteers. Huron Pines AmeriCorps is
Keepers data collection Program. Growing up in southwestern supported in part by the Corporation for
Secondly, I will be helping to develop a Michigan, I have been spoiled by the National and Community Service, W.K.
more diverse suite of educational plethora of Michigan’s natural resources Kellogg Foundation, DTE Energy
programs for our TU chapters to to the point where, when I was child, it Foundation, Huron Pines and
participate in, and offering my assistance was more likely to find me barefoot and contributions from host sites. For more
in organizing their participation in playing in a creek than inside playing information, visit
them. Lastly, I will be assisting the house like other girls my age. Some
Celebrating 50 Years 17

The Conservation Committee has orchestrating the “public comment” for (Enhanced Oil Recovery) practices on
transitioned with the addition of a new MITU concerning GAAMPs (Generally literally thousands of abandoned oil wells
chairperson and several new members. Accepted Agricultural Management in Michigan. Many of these wells are in
You can access to Practices) outlining Manure Management the Pigeon and Jordan Valley area. In
see the list of committee members and and Utilization and Site Selection for New addition, natural gas recovery is being
issue updates. This committee is and Expanding Livestock Production targeted at these same sites. This recovery
committed to fulfilling the goals outlined Facilities and on the Preliminary Draft very likely would be carried out through a
within the strategic plan for Michigan CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding process called “Fracking” or hydraulic
Trout Unlimited. Operation) General Permit. This issue fracturing. This involves a “witches’ brew
There are several issues currently that concerns the contamination of Michigan’s of water, sand, formaldehyde, acids,
have gained our attention. Possibly most cold water resources with animal effluent petroleum compounds, and herbicides
notable is the recent merger of the DEQ & from large “factory” agricultural (highly toxic to fish) that discourages
DNR by Governor Granholm under operations. pump-clogging algae in wastewater ponds
Executive Order 2009-45 forming the Over the weekend of August 7-9 there and tanks which is then blasted into the
DNRE. While MITU agrees with the was a major contamination of the Black earth at high pressure, fracturing the shale.
combining of the departments, issue was River in Sanilac and St. Clair counties. Dozens of other ingredients are unknown
taken with the elimination of the Water “The river is believed to have been to the EPA and the public because the
Resources Advisory Council (WRAC) and contaminated from a high concentration of precise composition of ‘fracking fluid’ is
the provision that the DNRE’s new manure that washed off a Croswell dairy conveniently said by the industry to be a
director will be a political appointment by field and spilled into a tributary of the river ‘trade secret.’” This quote comes from an
the governor rather than a selection by the during a heavy rain.” Michigan article, Unnatural Gas by Ted Williams, in
NRC. MITU’s Executive Director, Bryan Department of Environmental Quality the October/November 2009 Fly Rod &
Burroughs testified at the Joint Senate (DEQ) representative Frank Baldwin Reel. Read it! In addition, the CO2
Natural Resources & Environmental further explained the “significant” fish kill emissions from the EOR process have not
Affairs/DNR Appropriations in the Black River is an “ongoing been fully quantified and tested as to the
Subcommittee voicing MITU’s concern investigation” that “may go into dangers of the technology to the
for maintaining these two items. He also litigation.” “We know it was a loss of environment and public trust.
pointed out that changing the departments oxygen, and we have enough evidence to On a positive note is the completion of
name to DNR instead of DNRE would prove that,” said Baldwin. An exact the River Keepers Program manual by
save beaucoup dollars, dollars Michigan estimate on fish loss is still being MITU’s very own Aquatic Ecologist,
doesn’t have. investigated yet one DNR official called it Kristin Thomas. This program outlines the
MITU Conservation Committee the largest fish kill he’d seen in southeast methods and tools for volunteer
member Dan Keifer, renewed our attention Michigan in his 30 years with the monitoring of temperature, habitat, macro
to the most disconcerting issue facing the department. MITU has taken a strong invertebrates, in-stream flow, and fish.
Great lakes basin; the potential invasion of position for the enactment of measures This is a chapter program and any chapter
the Asian carp into Lake Michigan through preventing this type of occurrence from interested should contact Kristin directly at
the Chicago Shipping and Sanitation happening again.
Canal. This is a critical issue that needs to MITU continues to be engaged in There are still other issues that are
be prevented at all costs. MITU members, commenting on the upcoming Inland Trout ongoing and important to MITU and
as well as many other conservation regulation changes from the Michigan Michigan. This gives you an idea of some
organizations, have been lobbying their DNR in 2010. The feeling within MITU is current issues that are being studied,
legislators to enact immediate legislation the DNR Department of Fisheries is very evaluated, and discussed by MITU
to prevent any waterway breach that will interested in our input, particularly from Conservation Committee members.
allow these carp access to the Great Lakes. individual citizens, Hint Hint TU We hope you will find this
Please keep the pressure up on Lansing, members! information helpful. Your comments and
Washington DC, on anyone who will Dave Smethurst, a long time suggestions are always welcome. More
listen. Conservation Committee member, alerted information on this issues, and others, can
Jim Flamming, MITU Conservation MITU to the reinvigorated push by the oil be found on our website under
Committee member, has been and gas industry to implement EOR “Conservation”.
Celebrating 50 Years 18

Newsletter to members as well as provide In The Classroom. In addition, we will be

Leon P. Martuch relevant conservation and fishing content
via our Chapter’s website.
incorporating the MITU River Keepers
Program in conjunction with our work
Our sincerest thanks to all you have supporting the Clinton River Watershed
During the 2008-2009 year the Council.
members of the Leon P. Martuch Chapter contributed to the Chapter’s successes over
either provide funding to or directly the past year. Our final 2009 chapter outing was the
participated in the following programs: Salmon Adventure 2009 held on the Pere
Marquette River the weekend of September
Continue to work on various Cedar
River improvement projects Vanguard 25-27. Word was that the salmon were
pretty tough to land this year.
Continue to facilitate the Cedars for You’re maybe just starting to fly fish or
the Cedar Program – the Chapter planted It’s been a very English style summer;
cool with lots of rain and the occasion hot like to help improve the rivers or even teach
approximately 100 cedars on the Chapter others your skills. Vanguard TU has many
days. Nevertheless, Trout Unlimited has
property along the banks of the Cedar River. ways of enjoying all aspects of fishing and
been very busy with the 50th Anniversary
Continue to provide stream celebrations. Many thanks to Tom Quail, helping to protect the watershed.
temperature and stream flow information to John Sabina, and Jeff Gerwitz for their work Come along to the fly tying sessions
the Michigan DNR for the Cedar River – and representation at the events for run by Bob Schwartz held, the third
also continued to provide results from our Vanguard Chapter. Tuesday of each month, at the Rochester
fishing shocking events (Spring/Fall) Mills Beer Company. Vanguard also has
We have been busy with a variety of
Set up and fund the Michael Caparon projects, events and outings. Heritage Park, monthly meetings, the second Thursday of
State Council Fund – proceeds go the State August 30th, was very successful thanks to each month, at the Rochester Hills
Council Pete Howard and Frank Penkala making Environmental Educational Center on Avon
sure all the kids caught fish and had fun. and Livernois featuring fascinating speakers
Continue to fund the Bob Phillips on numerous fishing related topics. Check
Memorial Fund – proceeds go towards Through your teaching and encouragement
of the kids in Heritage Park, you have set our website for meeting times and speakers.
sending local youths to the Youth Fly
Fishing School the seeds for great anglers who will also I encourage you to attend the monthly
have an appreciation and respect for the meetings or access our website at
Set up and funded the Mike Turner countryside. for more information.
Memorial Fund to commemorate Mike
Turner – proceeds help fund a scholarship The Black River Restoration Project
program for area youths near Vanderbilt, August 7-9, was a most
Hosted a Family Fishing Day Event
enjoyable experience. This project
concentrated on fish habitat restoration and
Miller Van Winkle
held at the Chippewa Nature Center stream bank stabilization. We had the
Provide Fly Tying Courses majority of the projects members as 18 Happy Holidays to all from the Miller
Vanguard members participated in helping Van Winkle Chapter in Northern Lower
Sent to local area youths to the annual make a real difference to this river. Michigan!
Youth Fly Fishing School at the RAM
Center Kimberly Wetton, Chair of Michigan We are happy to announce another
Trout Unlimited, is promoting Project Salmon-in-the-Classroom program getting
Various Fly Fishing Presentations Healing Waters Fly as a program Michigan underway at the Sheridan Elementary
held at Little Forks Outfitters on Main TU chapters should get involved with. School in Petoskey under the supervision of
Street in Midland Project Healing Waters is dedicated to the Kathy Slack. It is a tremendous program
Help fund the Michigan TU physical and emotional rehabilitation of with a lot of work, but great rewards when
Director’s Position disabled active duty military personnel and you actually see the children bond, name
veterans through fly-fishing and fly-tying and care for salmon parr, then
Help fund the Huron-Pines to release them for future generations to
education and outings. Several of our
Americorps Volunteer Position enjoy.
members have expressed a very keen
Helped bring the AEG “Trout Bum” interest in helping with this project. Our monthly "Tie-One-On!" class has
Film Series to Midland begun and is held the second Wednesday of
Vanguard chapter will continue its
Continued to provide our quarterly sponsorship and involvement with Salmon (Continued on page 19)
Celebrating 50 Years 19

Miller Van Winkle (Continued from page 18) are awaiting formal training from the USGS
each month at Horizon's Bookstore in
Petoskey. We will be featuring various local
Challenge so we can commence some stream flow
Tying talents such as Ed McCoy who will In 2009 we introduced a new river The chapter supported Salmon in the
join us in this winter to share some of his guide titled “Pigeon River County Guide”. Classroom programs in three schools.
wonderful patterns that work so well on the We combined three great trout rivers, the Various members made presentations to a
PM and Manistee. Last year we had close to Sturgeon, Pigeon and the Black, into one 44 middle school fishing club and helped with
two dozen in attendance, and as the season page, full color, comprehensive guidebook. their fishing outing. A chapter member also
progresses, we anticipate similar numbers. This new book has been very well received taught and mentored at the Youth
The MVW Chapter is also looking at by fly shops and fishermen alike. All of our Conservation and Fishing Camp for the 12th
venues to co-host a "Tie-A-Thon" with the River Guides are available from our website year in a row.
Headwaters Chapter to tie a few hundred(or and at your
more) flies for the Project Healing Waters favorite fly shop. We were active in the special 50th
program that would benefit from our anniversary events. We maintained a
We were very much involved in both of “booth” at the Michigan Celebration in July
support. More information to follow.
the 50th Anniversary celebrations. At and shared the hosting of the hospitality
After another successful Children’s Traverse City, we hosted the hospitality suite on Friday night of the national meeting
Clinic this past May, we have begun suite one evening as well as promoted our of TU in Traverse City. Members also
making plans for next years annual event at raffle sales. participated in the hosted fishing day prior
the Oden Fish Hatchery. A huge debt of
Our three conservation outings were to the national meeting.
gratitude to all the many volunteers who put
time in especially Don "Buz" Lockman, well attended and we helped improve our We were more involved in fundraising
river resources by partnering with Huron than usual this past year. In addition to
who has spearheaded the education of our
resources for years, and Maureen Jacobs- Pines and The Anglers of the Au Sable. We operating the trout pond at the Lansing
Stine from the MDNR who coordinates and also sponsored a “Salmon in the Classroom” Fishing Show we raffled off a very special
program in Oakland County as well as 50th Anniversary bamboo fly rod by Bob
making it possible for 100+ children to visit
donated funds to Huron Pines, Clinton Summers with engravings by David
that remarkable facility.
River Watershed Council, Kalamazoo Riccardo. We also sold (and continue to
Next year, work along the Bear River in Valley Youth Trout Camp and the Cedars of
sell) special 50th anniversary fly boxes and
Petoskey is slated for a Kayak Park and a the Au Sable project. lapel pins. Profits are approaching five
new Trail System to prevent further figures. Other chapters have also shared in
shoreline erosion. MVWTU has had a close For the year 2010 we plan to publish a
revised full color “Hatch Guide” and have it this successful fund raising event and we
interest and is keeping a close eye on future
available for sale by next Fall. We are just will be writing a check for 10% of the
developments. proceeds to the Michigan Council in the
starting our revision of the guide book for
Stream Corridor improvement and bank the Lower Au Sable. The new edition will near future. The 50th anniversary
stabilization has begun on the Maple River be in color and updated for the road changes fundraisers were conceived by Carl Hueter
in Emmet County. We have begun the to McKinley road and improvements to and he has spearheaded this effort. The
tedious task of collecting and recording access points below McKinley bridge. Perrin-Lansing Chapter sincerely
data, planting wild grass seed, and locating appreciates the tremendous amount of work
former in-stream structures that need Carl has put into this and we will all benefit
replacement or repair. MVW is working
with the MDNR, Tip-of-the-Mitt and CRA
Perrin--Lansing from the conservation work it funds.

to make a comprehensive long term plan for This has been a busy year for the
this fantastic resource. We can only hope
that ten years down the road we can look
Perrin-Lansing Chapter. On the
conservation front we participated in two
back and see a marvelous riparian resource work projects involving placing in-stream Members of the Mershon, and Ann
that produces a healthy native population of cover in Tyler Creek. We also placed wood Arbor, TU chapters did riverbank
great fish for all to enjoy. chips on the trail to the Au Sable at Guide’s stabilization work on the Rifle River’s West
Rest and did maintenance on our cedar Branch. Teams constructed 200 feet of tree
Check us out on Facebook for updates and
plantings across the river. Members also revetment, consisting of two rows of pine
information going on in our area.
participated in river clean-ups on the Grand- trees anchored to an eroding streambank. Red Cedar and the Au Sable. Members also This improvement will provide both erosion
group.php?gid=47572284538 received informal stream flow training and (Continued on page 20)
Celebrating 50 Years 20

Mershon (Continued from page 19) This past spring’s resources project was Just before noon, a bountiful lunch of
control and fish habitat. If you’re interested a start, and a good one, but restoring Sand hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans,
in this particular technique, please contact Creek to promising trout habitat will require cookies, cake, and brownies was cooked
one of our chapter officers. We’re glad to future projects for sure. KVCTU members and served on site by Sharon Champion,
have been part of this cooperative effort, Chuck Mehne and Brad Parlato foresaw the Jeanette Lagowski, Katie Maltby, Lynn
that involved landowners, a government need to begin the restoration. In Hoover and Judy Naylor.
unit, and another TU chapter. conjunction with Alamo Township Thanks to all for helping to begin to
volunteers and KVCTU members a work
Our first “Grub and Grin Gathering” restore one of SW Michigan’s neglected
will be on Wednesday evening, October 28, force over 30 strong was fielded at 9:00
cold water resources.
at a Saginaw restaurant. This event is the a.m. on the sunny morning of Saturday June
first of what we hope will be many monthly 6, 2009. Several yards of rock had been
meetings for the general membership, and ordered by Marshall Champion and had
been delivered to the work site. Three
Fred Warra
other interested coldwater fisheries
structures were scheduled to be constructed. The FWCTU recently completed a very
enthusiasts in the Tri-City area.
Upstream Ed Hoover and his crew built a conservation and fun calendar for the year
The Mershon Banquet last April made K-dam to maintain existing outlets for and also elected a new slate of officers to
us enough money to fund a dozen requests natural springs and to create a pool and a serve and lead the chapter.
for support. This year, more that $9,000 riffle; which would in turn expose buried
will be distributed to organizations working gravel. That gravel would then provide Our Connors Creek restoration project
on the goals of Trout Unlimited. Our good substrate habitat for macro completed its third year of work with imme-
donations will help with large woody debris invertebrates. diate results observed. The work crew spent
placement projects, bank-side restoration the summer removing tag alders, bundling
and stabilization on the Rifle River, and anchoring them, and clearing the
establishment of a Salmon in the Classroom streambed of debris. They had seen fish
program in a local school, cleanup the Au moving into the restored area soon after
Sable River, and participation of young they moved from the area so toward the end
anglers in this summer’s TU Camp at of the work season decided to throw a line
Higgins Lake. in the water to see what happened. Well,
they soon pulled fish after fish out of the
Members of our chapter recently KVCTU Volunteers installing a creek, many in the 6 inch or so size but also
participated in the annual Au Sable River
clean up. Sponsored by the Au Sable Big
K-dam to enhance stream structure. a few larger ones. The fish had been wait-
ing for someone to come along and cleanup
Water Preservation Association, chapter
Just downstream from the trail bridge their habitat so that they could spawn and
members helped pick up a summer’s worth
over the creek, KVCTU Resources ensure their future.
of trash in sixteen miles of the stream,
below Mio Dam. Chairman Brad Parlato and his crew built an We’re very pleased with the results of
in-stream stone structure and stabilized our conservation project and will monitor
As always, pictures and additional muddy banks with brush. Further using the MICorp Water Quality Monitor-
information are available online at downstream, Chuck Mehne and his crew ing protocols and regular visits., under the “Articles” built a large timber A-frame with logs and
tab, where many of our recent newsletters brush to maximize scour on a low gradient The project was completed with gener-
can be found. section of the stream and they also installed ous assistance from the Paul Young and
Autumn Olive and Honeysuckle brush, cut Kalamazoo Valley Chapters, the Voelker
on site, to stabilize the banks by the Foundation in honor of Joanne Gagliardi,
Kalamazoo Valley structure and to provide overhead cover to Plum Creek Timber Company, MDNR and
the FWCTU.
protect trout from predators such as
Sand Creek, at least the portion that Kingfishers. Alamo Park Ranger John Ray We recently received word from DNR
flows through Kalamazoo County’s eighty expressed the gratitude of Alamo Township that our Salmon in the Classroom (SIC)
acre Alamo Township Park, is only for the work of KVCTU and noted that he program has been expanded from 2 to 4
correctly named by half. It is sandy, but it had occasionally seen trout in the stream schools. FWCTU was approached by a
is not a creek! It is a drain which was within the park, but the work of KVCTU group of 6th grade teachers in two schools,
ditched for some now forgotten agricultural would likely result in an enhanced one in Marquette and one in Negaunee, to
purpose decades ago. population. (Continued on page 21)
Celebrating 50 Years 21

Fred Warra (Continued from page 20) bring a vise and the materials to tie your Club of Bay City picks out, or recommends,
see how they might participate in SIC as favorite patterns, or simply come to observe a group of boys who may never have an
part of a revamped environment and conser- and learn. There is no fee for these events, opportunity to go fishing. Our chapter
vation filled middle school curriculum. The cash bar is available. buses them to a camp north of Bay City
TU chapter immediately committed to pro- where they receive instruction from chapter
Board meetings are generally scheduled
vide the equipment for each school, assist for the fourth Tuesday of each month. All members on fishing. The chapter also
with coordination and setup and then ensure chapter members are invited to attend board provides a rod, reel, tackle box and tackle
a successful release of the salmon in the for each boy which they are allowed to
meetings, held in the meeting room of The
spring. White Horse Tavern. If you’re interested in keep. The boys and instructors spend the
We continue to support SIC at Gilbert attending, or becoming a board member, night camping where the boys also indulge
Elementary School in Gwinn and also assist please contact Pat Hughes at (810) 686- in the time honored tradition of
another school new to the program, Supe- embellishing their fishing stories around the
2468 during business hours.
camp fire. Some of the boys did not have to
rior Central Schools in Eben Junction. It
will be quite a learning experience for both embellish their stories; there were several 5
teachers and students at all our participating Arnold J. Copeland lb+ large mouth bass caught. To assist with
the 50 year celebration/national convention
schools in the central UP.
in Traverse City this past summer our
At our October meeting, a new slate of In February of 2009 the Arnold J.
officers was elected. The new chapter Copeland chapter of Bay City celebrated its chapter provided transportation for out of
state fishermen to visit the AuSable River
president is Ken Snyder, Vice President Jim Silver Anniversary (25 years) with a for a day of fishing. We met the fishermen
Cantrill, Secretary Penney Kolasa and banquet that was a huge success. Some of
at the Grand Traverse Resort in the morning
Treasurer is Dan Turner. We look forward the charter members were in attendance and and drove them to The Old AuSable Lodge
to another activity filled year in which we honored for their early contributions to the
in Grayling where they met their
can spread our message of conservation and chapter. The banquet was not only a fun guides. After a day of fishing we met them
habitat preservation. event, but very profitable.
at Gates Lodge where we grilled hot dogs,
In July we conducted our 5th annual provided a riverside dinner and some cold
Youth Fishing Program. With the money beverages for the fishermen as they came
Charles A. Fellows raised at our banquet we were able to take off the river. We then drove them back to
24 boys fishing for a week end. The Boys (Continued on page 22)
The Charles A. Fellows Chapter is
again funding a Salmon in the Classroom
program. This year we are assisting Josh
Henley and his students at Lakeville Junior
High School. The point person for the
chapter for the past several years has been
Dr. Mark Miller, DVM.
Following our spring banquet, the
chapter presented a check in the amount of
$1,000 to the Millennium Fund, Michigan
Trout Unlimited. This fund helps underwrite
the Executive Director position. Be sure to
watch for news of our 2010 banquet, to be
held Thursday April 15th at the Flint Golf
We will be holding monthly fly-tying
nights on Thursday evenings in the meeting
room of The White Horse Tavern on Grand
Traverse in Flint. The next scheduled
sessions will be November 5th and
December 3rd, beginning at 6:30PM. We
encourage anyone interested to attend. Just
Celebrating 50 Years 22

Arnold J. Copeland (Continued from page 21) Fundraising Banquet. The Chapter raised This year, the Chapter gave its
the convention. Chapter President Starland over $35,000 which was donated to Coldwater Conservation Award to Michigan
Smith and Treasurer Wade Lodewyk were programs supporting coldwater Citizens for Water Conservation for that
able to meet a great group of trout conservation programs. A total of $31,400 group’s advocacy on groundwater
fishermen from all over the country and in grants was awarded to 25 to projects withdrawals and groundwater withdrawal
really enjoyed hosting their day of fishing through the Chapter’s Annual Granting legislation. In addition, $1,000 was donated
on the AuSable River. Program which is summarized in the chart to Trout Unlimited’s Coldwater
below. Conservation Fund and $2,000 was given to
Michigan Council of Trout Unlimited.
Paul H. Young In addition to the foregoing, the Board
renewed the $3,000 annual funding for the Several other projects kept the Chapter
Lake & Stream Leadership Institute. The directors busy this year as well: the Spring
2009 was an active and successful year
Board also provided $500 in general support and Fall Work Weekends at WaWaSum, the
for the Paul H. Young Chapter. It began in
to the Pere Marquette Watershed Council, TU Celebration in Grayling, and the
March at the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo in
$250 to support Michigan Trout Unlimited Southeast Michigan Picnic. Turn out for the
Warren, Michigan where the Chapter signed
50th Celebration on July 18th in Grayling Spring and Fall Work Weekends was
up over 100 new members and continued in
th and $500 for the Kalamazoo Chapter’s
April with the Chapter’s 45 Annual (Continued on page 23)
Youth Trout and Conservation School.

Organization Description Grant

Almont Public Schools Funding for conservation curriculum $200
Planting cedar seedlings in protective enclosures along the Deward Tract of the
Cedars for the Manistee $500
Upper Manistee.
Coldwater conservation project: Generating interest in trout fishing and
Clinton River Watershed Council $505
Stream enhancement through placement of natural woody debris, tree revetments
Conservation Resource Alliance $2,000
and deflection logs.
Ferris Trout Unlimited Big Rapids stream bank re-vegetation. $200
Assessment of stormwater impacts to S. Branch of the Au Sable from
Huron Pines $3,000
Huron Pines Identification and assessment of a dam as a target for removal. $2,600
Replace the Hodges Creek/Black River Rd. crossing culvert to promote fish
Huron Pines $2,700
passage and reduce sedimentation.
Huron Pines Eliminate obstacles to fish passage and sedimentation in key headwater areas. $2,500
Support for volunteer conservation projects in each of the eleven counties in
Huron Pines $1,700
Huron Pines service area.
Immediate response funding to address small scale watershed issues identified by
Huron Pines $1,150
concerned landowners or conservation groups
To enhance effectiveness of MCWC in working to protect cold water resources
Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation $2,000
from multiple water mining proposals.
Paul H. Young Ongoing support for salmon in the classroom projects $500
Reeling & Healing Purchase of supplies for weekend fly fishing retreats for breast cancer survivors $750
Funding of Gates Au Sable Lodge weekend fly fishing getaway for breast cancer
Reeling & Healing Midwest $750
Upper Black River Restoration Committee In-stream habitat enhancement. $750
Placement of large woody debris to enhance trout habitat and upgrade public
Upper Manistee River Association $3,500
Celebrating 50 Years 23

Paul H. Young (Continued from page 22) held on December 3rd from 7-10pm in the characteristics, quality and needs. We will
fantastic with 30 attendees in the Spring and Atrium of the “Rader Fishman Building” in be following this up with macroinvertebrate
22 in the Fall. Both weekends were spent Bloomfield Hills. studies in 2010.
collecting benthic macroinvertebrates from Big news on the Pilgrim River is that
the Manistee River and its tributaries and
then grading stream quality based upon the
sampling results. The volunteers enjoyed
Copper Country we along with Keweenaw Land Trust,
several other NGO’s and Portage Township
will be pursuing an Conservation Easement
hearty meals prepared by our chefs-in- It’s been another busy year for on over 1,000 acres that will protect at least
training, Bob Batchik and Tom and Deanna CCCTU. Kicking things off this Spring was 2 miles of river corridor and provide access
Norton. On August 30th, members of the th
our 10 Conservation Banquet. Hats off to to the general public for a variety of
Paul H. Young, Challenge and Clinton Jeremy Shannon and his committee for recreational uses. More details to come on
Valley Chapters met at Riverside Park in pulling off a very successful and fun event this project and how you can help in the
Auburn Hills for an informal picnic. on the campus of Michigan Technological near future.
Chapter members were able to munch on University.
hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, cookies and In doors, we assisted Keweenaw Bay
In the field, chapter members took part Indian Community with fin clipping of
pop while listening to an excellent
in activities over on the Huron River again brook trout prior to planting and now that
presentation on nymphing techniques by
this year with macroinvertebrate studies in school’s back in session, our monthly
Jason Davis of Woodland Rivers Guide
May and October. Special thanks to meetings have begun. So far we’ve co-
Chauncey Moran, Geri Larson and Liz hosted the showing of the documentary
The Chapter’s Holiday Social will be Coyne for their expertise in methodology “Waterlife” and have had fisheries research
and bug identification, biologist Troy Zorn, give a talk on Sediment
also thanks to the Traps. We are hoping to have a “fish
MTU Wildlife Society cooking” demonstration early next year
for volunteering many (kind of a play off the Food Network
hours on a “day-off” shows), selling front row seats for those
to sort and count bugs who want to be close to the action… BAM!
and course to Dave
and Marcy Cella for Lastly, we are moving our newsletter to
their warm hospitality a web based newsletter format. Look for
and hearty supply of more timely articles on current events and
food and drink. upcoming activities on our web site at:
The Chapter also
logged many hours on
the Pilgrim River this
summer, jumping
Clinton Valley
back in where we left The Clinton Valley chapter has had a
off from previous busy season. We had the best banquet we
years to roll rocks and have ever had in March. We sponsored a
create habitat for trout. class with salmon in the classroom and as a
We also teamed with result 70 smolts were released in the Clinton
George Madison and river this spring. We participated in 2 river
Bill Wellencamp out clean up events and we repaired an erosion
of the MDNR-Baraga site with the help of the Clinton River
Fisheries Division and Watershed Council on the Paint Creek. We
MITU (Kristen are looking forward to the next season and
Nelson-Thomas) to hope to be even more active.
establish monitoring
sites at seven locations
within the watershed
to better understand
the rivers physical
Celebrating 50 Years 24

Consumers Energy installed in mid- The system acts very much like an air Mio Pond to the bottom is not as large as
July a system to enhance Au Sable River bubbler in a home aquarium. A in the past. The larger the temperature
water temperatures below Mio Dam. compressor pumps air through porous difference the more effective the
Called an upwelling system, it is designed hoses anchored to the bottom of the pond upwelling system is and the easier it is to
to improve downstream habitat for fish impoundment. The emerging air bubbles determine what air flow should be used.
and other aquatic organisms that prefer draw the cooler bottom water upward as An added challenge was the wind. Strong
cold water. they rise. This cooler water then passes winds blowing across the pond caused
As summer weather warms the Mio through the turbine inlets and is drawn warm and cold water to mix, so the
Pond, the warmer outflow water into the turbines and discharged temperature from the surface to the
temperatures can stress cold water species downstream. bottom was essentially the same. Such
in the river downstream. The upwelling The trick to the design of the transient conditions are not uncommon at
system has been designed to use cooler upwelling system is not to allow the Mio and after calmer conditions return,
water from the depths of Mio Pond to cooler bottom water to mix with the normal temperature stratification or
relieve those temperature stresses on fish warmer water in the upper portion of the “layering” may be reestablished.
downstream of the dam. water column. Instead, the goal is for the The cool water at the bottom of the
During the summer of 2007, upwelled water to largely remain unmixed reservoir is a limited resource during a
Consumers Energy collected data to as it is drawn into the intake. Among typical summer. At maximum capacity,
create a computer model of the Mio Pond other factors, this is accomplished by how the upwelling system could upwell or
and its powerhouse. This data included the porous hose is configured, it’s “use” all of the available cooler water in a
tributary inflows and temperatures, pond location relative to the intake and the matter of days. This is why simply
bathymetry (contours), meteorological amount of air flow used to operate the changing to a “bottom draw,” as some
conditions, and powerhouse system. have suggested in the past wouldn’t be an
characteristics. The computer model then During the week of July 13, workers effective solution.
was developed during 2008. from Kleinschmidt Associates and Based on the computer modeling, the
Consumers Energy presented the Mobley Engineering – the Consumers initial operating strategy will be to run the
results of the modeling to the Muskegon, Energy contractors responsible for the system 24-hours per day, once the daily
Manistee, Au Sable Coordination design and fabrication of the upwelling average temperature of the water coming
(MMAC) Team. In addition to the system – were at Mio Dam putting from Mio is above about 68oF (or 20oC),
Consumers Energy staff, the MMAC together the system components. The after July 1. Consumers Energy will
Team includes representatives from the system includes two individual upwelling continue to monitor the Au Sable water
Michigan Department of Natural units, one for each turbine inlet. The temperatures and the operation of the Mio
Resources, the U.S. Forest Service, the porous hose is arranged in a “spider web” upwelling system to optimize use of the
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the configuration, which creates a circular system.
Michigan Hydro Relicensing Coalition. upwelling pattern. On July 16, the two Consumers Energy also has installed
Based on the results of the computer upwelling units were finished and floated upwelling systems at the Hodenpyl Dam
simulations, an air diffuser upwelling into position. A float line then was filled on the Manistee River and the Croton
system (bubble curtain) was proposed as with water, pulling the diffusers to the Dam on the Muskegon River. Data is
the best method available to cool water bottom of the pond impoundment. being collected for a potential upwelling
temperatures downstream of the dam. Compressed air was sent into the diffuser system at the Tippy Dam on the Manistee.
Following consultation with the MMAC piping and after several minutes, bubbles Each of these systems must be designed
Team, Consumers Energy proceeded with began to appear on the surface. Different to recognize the different characteristics
design and fabrication of the system. air flow rates were tested to determine and cold water management strategies for
best operating conditions for the system. each hydroelectric facility. Installation of
The upwelling system is designed to
lift cooler, water off the bottom of the One of the challenges encountered in the upwelling systems are part of
impoundment pond so it can be drawn the installation was the lack of warm Consumers ongoing efforts to protect the
into the turbines and passed downstream. water so far this summer at Mio. Because fisheries and other recreational
It also helps draw cooler, denser inflows of relatively cool summer weather, the opportunities associated with operation of
along the pond bottom toward the intake. temperature difference from the top of its’ generation facilities.
Celebrating 50 Years 25

The Board and Staff of Michigan Trout Unlimited are thankful for the support of our members and sponsors.

Peter Albertson Belinda Friis Patrick Lawrence Bruce Schmidt

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The Board and Staff of Michigan Trout Unlimited are thankful for the support of our members and sponsors.
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Thomas & Thomas Organizations
Ramada Inn – Grayling Chapters and Councils MEC/Joyce Grant - $50,000
Days Inn – Grayling Ann Arbor Area Trout Unlimited MEC Grant - $8000
Waste Management – Frederick Challenge Trout Unlimited Gift from the trust of
Fick & Sons, Inc. Clinton Valley Trout Unlimited Harold R. Kleinert (deceased)
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