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Friendship is too precious to be

celebrated with a measly greeting card on Friendships Day.
Make every day count and keep poking your besties with cute
texts, tweets, pins on Pinterest and posts on Facebook. From
handwritten notes that touch the heart to funny doodles
about crazy stuff youve done together, let your friends know
how much you appreciate them for all the support, advice,
hugs and smiles. Childhood besties, bffs in school, high
school roommates or colleagues at work all these people
hold a special place in your lifes memory bank. Stop waiting
for birthdays and other special moments to write a sweet
note for them. Take ideas from this post to find the right
words to randomly say Thank You to your friends for
everything theyve done for you.

From your loving and hyper best friend!!!!

AIAN!!!!!! ^.^

RPS 1994-04

Agricultural Machinery Industry

Trabajo, Frances Myra

This study aims to evaluate the effects of the Trade Reform Program on the performance
and competitiveness of the Philippine agricultural machinery industry. It also attempts to
identify non-price factors that may impinge on the industry's competitiveness and
efficiency. Findings have revealed that the TRP has rationalized the protection structure of
the industry and its subsectors between 1983-1988. While there have been significant
improvements in allocative efficiency and competitiveness during 1983-1988, technical
efficiency has presented an opposite scenario. To upgrade production technology and
product designs, research and development endeavors should be supported. Lessons
from our neighbor's experience such as Thailand's should also be learned.


trade liberalization, trade reforms, trade sector,

agriculture sector, domestic resource cost,
competitiveness, technical efficiency, effective
protection rate, credit program, trade policies,
credit access

RPS 1994-09

Meat and Dairy Processing Industry: Impact of

Trade Policy Reforms on Performance,
Competitiveness and Structure
de Dios, Loreli C.

Economic openness has been generally viewed as beneficial whether in terms of welfare
or efficiency gains. While literature has incorporated that trade liberalization causes
productivity growth, market structure has taken a prominent role in the analysis recently.
This paper determines how it affects the adjustment responses of the firms. In particular,
it establishes the market structure of the industry based on the firm's behavior and
describes the environment within which the industry operates. It also examines the
performance, efficiency and competitiveness of the industry to determine the extent of
the policy influence and structural factors.


trade liberalization, trade reforms, trade sector,

domestic resource cost, competitiveness, trade