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CHURCH AT STUDY - 9:30-10:40 a.m.

Song Service..


Opening Hymn
Opening Prayer.
Scripture Reading..
Superintendent...Sis Lo Richards
Lesson Study....The Holy Spirit and Spirituality. Classes
10:50 Personal Ministry

WORSHIP HOUR - 11:00 am

Introit.. Congregation
*Invocation.Pastor James Rooney
*Hymn of Praise..O Worship the Lord..#6
Congregational Prayer.....................Simone Biggs
OfferingChurch Budget..Pastor James Rooney
Praise & WorshipPathfinders
Childrens Story..Barbra Kasule
Special Music...Mario Simoes
*Scripture ReadingEphesians 4:32.......William Rooney
Special Music.....Duarte Silva
Spoken Word.Pastor James Rooney

Forgiveness Matters
Ordinance of Humility
*Hymn of Consecration...Cover With His Life........#412
*Benediction..Pastor James Rooney
.Legend: *Congregation stands
Offering next week: Ontario Advance

1. Happy Sabbath, and Happy New Year! As we begin

2017, may God bless each of you as together we follow
Christs example with the service of humility and the
ordinance of Communion.
2. Pathfinders Club meeting resume tomorrow,
Sunday, January 8th at 10 a.m.
3. Wednesday evening Bible study and
discussion begins again this week! Join
us for a special New Year study on
Wednesday at 7:00 pm as we consider the great plans
God has for us in the coming year.
4. Church Board Meeting: Monday January 9,
7:00 pm sharp.
5. January 14, 3:30 pm mark the date! Mission
Possible launches right here in 5 weeks. All the
congregations from London will gather in our
sanctuary for a very special program led by Pastor
James and the Steering Committee, with keynote
speaker Pastor Bill Santos. Pastor Bill has led out
in over 90 reaping events, and you wont want to
miss his motivating, encouraging words. Well be
unveiling our logo, our Facebook page, and giving
you the tools to make Mission Possible an amazing
success in our city. See you there!

9. Adventurer Mission: Possible Family

Camporee will be held on July 26-30, 2017
(Wednesday morning to Sunday evening) at
Brant Park Conservation Area, Brantford, ON.
10. A call for vigilance: church family, please note
that a number of our hymnals have been tampered
with and defaced, equipment is being moved about
and little ones are often left to run freely during
Worship Service. Kindly contribute to an
atmosphere of respect for our church building and
equipment. This includes the sanctuary, following
the service. The platform and instruments are not
to be utilized. Thank you for your kind attention to
these requests.
11. After spending close to two years in dedicated
prayer as a church family on behalf of our dear
sister Esther Baah-Frimpong and her three lovely
children, we can rest assured knowing that they
have officially been granted permanent residency in
Canada. Esthers testimony truly speaks to the
goodness of our God! Please take a moment to
extend your congratulations to both Esther and her
12. Community Service is in need of donations of diapers,
baby food and other food items are welcomed. Please
speak to Teresa Ferreira or any member of the
Community Services Team for more details.


7. Church Business Meeting: January 28, 6:00

pm. Please plan on attending this important
gathering, as we lay out our plans and vision for
the year.

13. If you are over 55, you are invited to join our Golden
Agers. We are planning a mall walk at Westmount mall
on Sunday January 15 th, at 10 AM sharp at the Sears
inside upper level door. This is a great opportunity to
visit while walking in a safe and warm environment.
Some of us will be going for brunch at Angelos following
the walk. Please talk to Don Topper, Adrien Intering or
any members of the Senior's Ministry for more

8. Pathfinder Reboot Camporee will be held on

July 21-25, 2017 (Friday morning to Tuesday
evening) at Brant Park Conservation Area,
Brantford, ON.

14. Ontario Conference Adventist Ministries Convention,

February 3-4, 2017 - Featuring inspirational worship
services and over 20 different workshops to help
enhance current local church ministry leaders. Early

6. The Friends of Jesus Adventurer Club will

resume January 21st, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.

registration rate (Sept. 19-Nov. 30, 2016): $59.99; Late

Registration rate (Dec. 1, 2016-Jan. 3, 2017): $75 per
person. Deadline for registration: January 3, 2017. Each
local church is strongly encouraged to send a minimum of
five ministry leaders. To register visit
Birthday Wishes for January
Jan 1 Mary Tavares
Jan 3 Valdemar Ferreira
Jan 5 Sheena Teague
Jan 6 Cathy Wood
Jan 7 Casey Dawson
Jan 7 Barry Beckles
Jan 9 Rico Gultom
Jan 10 Sofia Gaspar
Jan 10 Marilyn Nicotera

Jan 10 Trevor Palmateer

Jan 10 Lilly Somers
Jan 15 Betty Haskell
Jan 18 Gavin Reid-Kindness
Jan 18 Nolan Reeve
Jan 19 Ivan Kasule
Jan 21 Maria Carreiro
Jan 24 Alisha Sealy
Jan 24 Leonard Mashoko

Jan 25 William Rooney

Jan 27 Pat Thompson
Jan 28 Abiola Olawoore
Jan 28 Rosa Mashoko
Jan 29 Kayhanna Allen
Jan 29 Kayannie Allen
Jan 31 Rita Topper-Orielly

Sunset Today: 5:06 p.m. Next Friday: 5:13 p.m.

Communication Card
In order for us to serve you better, please complete this Communication Form,
detach and give it to the Pastor or place it in the Offering Plate.
Name: _____________________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
Email: _____________________________________________________________
Is ill at home
Requests Visitation
I want to be baptized Seeks transfer of membership
Is in ____________________ Hospital
Is interested in Bible Studies Has a Prayer Request
Other: __________________________________________________________

All Things Are Possible

All things are possible to him that believeth. Mark 9:23
It is faith that connects us with heaven, and brings us
strength for coping with the powers of darkness. In Christ,
God has provided means for subduing every evil trait, and
resisting every temptation, however strong.
The righteous have ever obtained help from above. How
often have the enemies of God united their strength and
wisdom to destroy the character and influence of a few
simple persons who trusted in God. But because the Lord
was for them, none could prevail against them. . . . Let them
be separated from their idols and from the world, and the
world will not separate them from God. Christ is our present,
all-sufficient Saviour. In Him all fullness dwells. It is the
privilege of Christians to know indeed that Christ is in them
of a truth. "This is the victory that overcometh the world,
even our faith." All things are possible to him that believeth;
and whatsoever things we desire when we pray, if we
believe that we receive them we shall have them. This faith
will penetrate the darkest cloud and bring rays of light and
hope to the drooping, desponding soul. It is the absence of
this faith and trust which brings perplexity, distressing fears,
and surmisings of evil. God will do great things for His
people when they put their entire trust in Him.
Through faith God's children have "subdued kingdoms,
wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the
mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the
edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong,
waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the
aliens." And through faith we today are to reach the heights
of God's purpose for us.
.---From My Life Today Page 13

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