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Park Berg en Bos

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Nature Park Berg en Bos is a nature reserve of 250 hectares

in the Apeldoorn village Berg en Bos. The park is on the edge
of the Veluwe hill area.

1 History
2 Themes
2.1 Forest pond
2.2 Watchtower
2.3 Playground
2.4 Climbing forest
2.5 Butterfly garden

The forest pond

Park Berg & Bos, owned by the municipality of Apeldoorn, was built in 1934. It was a job creation project
in the crisis of the Great Depression. This place was until the 19th century, a water supply to the water
fountains and water of Het Loo Palace. From 1953 in eveninga 'Lumido' organized a music, water and light
show in and around the forest pond in the park. 'Lumido' stopped in 2003 and restarted in August 2012.

The park shows the characteristic of this area's plants and animals such as wild boar and red deer. As one
penetrates deeper into Berg en Bos, the character gradually changes from a carefully landscaped park in an
unspoilt but varied woodland. Along the trails in the park several routes are mapped out.
There are various recreational amenities such as a 26 meter high tower, a playground and a butterfly garden.
The park also includes a zoo and a botanical garden. In the zoo Apenheul several monkeys live in the most
natural conditions, and in the Pinetum different families of conifers are on display, including giant sequoias.
The park also has several archaeological sites, including the remains of burial mounds, iron pits and field
fire ovens.

Forest pond
The area around the large forest pond, near the entrance, is beautifully landscaped with an abundance of
flowering plants along the trails. BY the forest pond is the Stone Bank where Queen Wilhelmina has

To the left of the path to Apenheul is an observation tower 26 meters high on a hill of 9 meters. From the top
level of this tower is a magnificent panorama of Berg en Bos and the area around. On clear days the view
reaches to Zwolle (about 40 km).
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Park Berg en Bos - Wikipedia

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Left of the 'exit' to Apenheul is the playground. This is especially
equipped for the young (and youngest) visitors. Along the edges of this
large meadow are all kinds of climbing and play equipment. The
playground is also suitable for picnics and groups of children.

Climbing forest
Beyond the playground is the climbing forest, where using ropes and
platforms routes are plotted through the trees.

Butterfly garden
In 1997, the Association for Environmental Education created a
The watchtower
butterfly garden in park Berg en Bos. In the garden grow various plants,
attracting butterflies. On a sunny summer day there are to see different
native butterfly species as the small tortoiseshell, Painted Lady, peacock butterfly, Common Brimstone, map
butterfly and so on.
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