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Rudolph Campbell Jr.

540 Heritage Cove

La Place, LA 70068
Home Phone (985)992-7556
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Objective: Electronic Technician in Electrical/Electronic industry.

 10 years experience of established skills in Electrical and electronic repair and
 Highly reliable worker and team player who works well alone, with little or no
supervision, and in groups to accomplish tasks at hand
 Leadership, supervision, and personnel training skills.
 Familiar with hazardous material procedures and Quality Assurance methods as well as
corrosion control techniques
 Use computers and software, such as a specialized Database, in various aspects of work.

Qualifications and Skills

 As a Qualified Collateral Duty Inspector I represented the Quality Assurance
department in inspecting electrical maintenance procedures performed on aircraft in
Organizational level maintenance as well Intermediate level maintenance

 Troubleshot, maintained, calibrated, and repaired hydraulic landing gear, flight control,
utility, electrical power plant systems, navigation, autopilot and related electronic

 Followed standard checkout procedures to repair malfunctions; measure voltage,

resistance, and calibrate fuel quantity systems.

 Completed maintenance forms; interpreted technical directives; maintain technical

publications library and training records.

 Familiar with basic wire repair and splicing procedures for single and multi conductors,
coax cables, use of basic hand tools, soldering, and circuit board repair.

 Performed periodic aircraft inspections.

 Directed 16 personnel in processing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of over

450 Ram Air Turbine generators, voltage regulators, and transformer rectifiers.

 Provided 120 hours of on-the-job training to 7 technicians on aircraft power generation

and control test bench and associated equipment performed on a regular basis over a 6
year period

 Installed several electronic systems for communications and monitoring.

 Familiar with Material safety program and Occupational Safety and health programs


2006-10 Electronics Technician/Installer Educational Electronics Corp.,

216 Oak Ave., Harahan, L A 70123

Repair, service, and install intercom, burglar alarm, and fire alarm systems.

2006-07 Aircraft Technician U.S. Navy Reserve, JRB New Orleans

2005-06 Aircraft Technician U.S. Navy, NAS Whidbey Island,

Oak Harbor, WA

Performed scheduled and unscheduled Organizational Level maintenance of naval aircraft.

2002-05 Electrical Repair Supervisor/Generator Technician US Navy, NAS Whidbey Island,

Oak Harbor, WA

Supervised efforts of 16 technicians performing fault isolation and repair on various

electrical components. Train drilling reservists. Performed scheduled and unscheduled
Intermediate Level maintenance on power supply, generating, and distribution systems.

1996-02 Electrical Instrument Supervisor/Technician US Navy, NAS Whidbey Island,

Oak Harbor,WA

Supervised efforts of technicians performing fault isolation and repair on aircraft electrical,
Instrument and navigation systems. Safety Committee and Tool Control Representative.

Successfully completed numerous naval courses including the following:
• 1 year at ITT Technical College –Computer networking and electronic engineering
• Aircraft Electrical Components Intermediate Maintenance
• Personnel/Leadership/Supervision
• Professional Communication

Rudolph Campbell Jr.

540 Heritage Cove
La Place, LA 70068
(985) 992-7556 e-mail Page two