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HTTP stands for ________________________

Select one:
a. Hypertext Transit Protocol
b. Hypertext Tex tron Protocol
c. Hypertext Trial Protocol
d. Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Question text
____________ is an efficient way to determine what information to include on each
page and how that page will flow with the other pages
Select one:
a. Website mapping
b. Flow charting
c. Web planning
d. Story boarding

___________ is an identifier for a computer or device on TCP / IP network

Select one:
a. TCP address
b. IP address
c. HTTP address
d. Protocol address

When inserting a video, it is extremely important to specify two things: _________

and __________
Select one:

a. width and height

b. color and size
c. color and brightness
d. speed and width

Server-side scripting runs on the _____________________________.

Select one:
a. Server machine
b. Network machine
c. Client machine
d. Hypertext machine

In Dreamweaver, the files panel keeps track of your files in your website.
Select one:
a. May be true or false
b. There is no answer
c. False
d. True

__________ is a connection between a hypertext or graphical element in the same

or different element

Select one:
a. URL link
b. Browser link
c. Weblink
d. Hyperlink
e. Google link

The _____________ panel can help you to remember most of the things you have
done on a webpage when using the Dreamweaver application.
Select one:
a. slider
b. files
c. revert
d. history

The Cascading style sheet should usually be saved with a ____________________

Select one:
a. .css extension
b. .scw extension
c. .ssc extension
d. .html extension

In Dreamweaver, the ________________ view usually helps a web developer

particularly when dealing with complicated web page issues._
Select one:

a. dual cone
b. design
c. split
d. code

When you create a root folder, complete the whole process and eventually click on
Select one:
a. All files in the root folder get saved
b. Files panel pop up and close
c. Files panel and Assets panel pop up immediately
d. Root folder and assets panel pop up immediately

The following are HTML5 audio media file formats:

Select one:
a. MP4, WebM, Ogg
b. MP3, Ogg, Wav
c. MP4, Ogg, Wav
d. WebM, Ogg, Wav

The document declaration is important in HTML5 because __________________

Select one:
a. it enables the user to see all content properly

b. it enables the webpage to appear in web browser

c. it enables the browser to display the page in standard mode
d. it enables the browser to render the page in excellent mode

The best and neat way to copy and paste items in Dreamweaver is
Select one:
a. selecting the content with mouse and keyboard
b. using the Shift key
c. using the status bar
d. holding the Control key and the Shift key simultaneously

URL sands for __________________________________

Select one:
a. Uniform Resource Locator
b. Universal Research Locator
c. United Resource Locator
d. Universe Resource Locator

Which one is not correct about saving HTML files?

Select one:
a. We do not use colons, slashes, and apostrophes
b. File names should always be in lower case
c. We do not use an underscore as a separator in HTML files but a space is allowed
d. Avoid using special characters in file names

In Dreamweaver application, the assets you want to re-use when developing your
website can be found in the ___________.
Select one:
a. Window menu panel
b. Status and Assets panel
c. Assets and library panel
d. History slider

The following are the steps to storyboard an educational website, EXCEPT.

Select one:
a. Determine page title, headings, subheadings, and content
b. Layout your template page
c. Collect the information that you want to include on the website
d. Identify the user for the website

Types of web browsers as client include;

Select one:
a. Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome
b. Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo, Safari, Adobe reader
c. Internet Explorer, Flash player, Google Chrome
d. Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Adobe player

__________ is a document that is created in html that shows up on the Internet

when you type in or go to the web page's adddress.
Select one:
a. webpage
b. browser page
c. hyperlink page
d. weblink page

Usually clients don't have permission to write files, access databases, or other
sophisticated application development process due to:_________________
Select one:
a. critical reasons
b. client reasons
c. knowledge reasons
d. security reasons

____________________ is a software application used to locate, retrieve, and also

display content on the World Wide Web.
Select one:
a. browser
b. hyperlink
c. google
d. weblink

The following are the phases to evaluate usability of the website, EXCEPT ;
Select one:
a. Doing uploading, coding and testing
b. Doing satisfaction surveys
c. Doing usability testing
d. Doing first click testing

In order to make a link work while testing a web page in a browser in Dreamweaver
application, you need to go into:
Select one:
a. design view and hold the Control key
b. live view and hold the Control key
c. split view and hold the Enter key
d. code view and hold the Control key

The following are different ways and styles on how to apply CSS code for HTML file,
Select one:
a. External style
b. Internal style
c. Inline style
d. Merging style

The content lives in a database that is placed on a webpage only when needed or
asked. This is a characteristic of a __________________________
Select one:
a. Static web content
b. Progressive web content
c. Dynamic web content
d. Database web content

Question text
<p style = "color : solid brown ; " > Your birthday party < / p>
When using CSS codes with HTML, the above is an example of
Select one:
a. Internal style sheet
b. Merging style sheet
c. External style sheet
d. Inline style

We use this code ( < img src = " "

Select one:
a. inserting media
b. inserting image
c. holding media
d. inserting width and height

alt = " " / > ) in HTML5 for

Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic of good webpage navigation

Select one:
a. Include a search box near the top of your site
b. Use consistent navigation menu
c. Include different types of navigation
d. Include navigation in he footer

HTML5 delimits most elements in the document structure with

Select one:
a. Angle bracket < >
b. start tag and end tag
c. forward slash /
d. Tagline