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Direction : Consider or try out the answers to the following questions.

( Jumlah : 10 Markah )

Before doing the following exercise, make sure that file extensions are shown in your folder windows. If they are
not shown, reset your folders to show them. NB: be careful when completing this exercise: you can look at the
files on your computer, as long as you do not delete them!
1. Open the folder C:\Windows.
2. Change the view to Details so that you can see all the details of the files. Then arrange the files
according to size, so that the largest file is on top.
( 1 MARKS )
3. Check the size of the largest file. Figure out how many megabytes and kilobytes it is.
4. Arrange the files according to date (the one modified last on top). Check the date modified for the
newest file.
( 1 MARKS )
Acquaint yourself with different file and folder views:
1. Open the Computer window and open the C drive by double-clicking its icon. Go to the Windows folder
and try changing the window view. Try at least:
a) the Thumbnails view
b) the Icons view
c) the Details (list and details) view
( 1 MARKS )
2. Practise sorting files. Keep open the Details view and sort the folders and files in the window as follows:
a) according to file size so that the largest file is on top.
b) according to the date of the file so that the file that has been modified most recently is on top.
c) according to the file name so that the files are in alphabetical order. .
( 2 MARKS )
3. Close the window with the command Alt+F4.

( 1 MARKS )

4. We hope you have read about the most common keyboard commands in the study material? If you
havent, take a look at them now!

File and directory access

Usually, different access rights have been specified for files in folders in a network environment. Try to
find answers to the following questions:

1. You open a file on a web storage drive that you have not stored yourself. You have read access to this
file. Can you make changes to the file or delete it? What if you have stored it yourself?
2. If the file in a web folder has been write-protected because it is being modified by someone else, can
you read the file?
3. Do you know how read-only access affects the handling of a file? Find out by storing the
document Osoitetiedot in a Temp folder on your computer (e.g. C:temp). Specify read-only access for
the file, open the file with a word-processing program and write your own contact information in the
document. Save the document under the same name. What happens and why? Remember to delete
this document when you have finished with this exercise.
( 4 MARKS )