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MUIDS students play table-tennis and

football to enjoy their free time after

lunch break at the ground floor

There are many forms of school;

some schools focus on

Everybody have different dreams

mathematics and science, and

some concentrate in languages

about what they want to be in the future.

and art. Therefore, students may

Some students want to be a doctor, while

choose the school that support

others want to be businessmen or artists. In

their ways to get more chance.

order to see their wish come true, knowledge

For example, the student who

is necessary to provide the pathway for their

wants to be the doctor have to

jobs. Your school is also one of the steps on

attend to the intensive academic

the ladder to climb up to the dream. They

school. Same as the one who

need education and practicing in the major

they want to be.

wants to be an artist should go to

the art or language school.


One of the attractive school is

Mahidol University


International Demonstration


School (MUIDS). Although


this school was established for

only 4 years, the fame of the


school spread out rapidly


attracting a lot of student to


take the admission.

Accordingly, there must be

the reasons or strengths of the
school representing why this
school is well-known in a short

Interview are conducted with 5 MUIDS students, the main reason is because of
the education and ways of teaching. One interviewee said that she was bored of her old
school, as there were loads of homework, big projects, and she had to study extremely
hard. She does not have much free time to relax. On the other hand, this school offers
more choice to students and provides interesting activities. Students are able to
choose a set of elective subject based on their career in the future. Also this school
have distinctive ways to instruct students. The curriculum combines Thai and common
core educational standards. Two interviewees told that they make an absolute decision
to come to this school in consequence of the impression from the open house. They
also suggested that if you are not sure about the school or have questions, you should
participate in the open house.

Several parents allow their children to come to MUIDS, because they

believe that their children will progress better. Students also expect something
for the school. All of the interviewees agree that the essential expectation is
improving English, for the reason that they want have more chance to study
abroad or go to the international university easily. They hope that the
education here will be great and teachers will guide them properly. Moreover,
they demand to enhance themselves to be more sociable and assertive as well.

The admission is like the first barrier that

the students have to encounter. MUIDS admission is unlike other admission.
Applicants need to take 4 test to determine their ability in English including TOEFL,
MAPS, essay writing and interview. For the TOEFL test, it consists of 3 parts, which
are listening, reading and grammar. The MAPS test is similar to the TOEFL, since it is
compose of reading, grammar usage and fundamental mathematics. In essay writing,
they will be asked to write a 250 words essay. Each applicants will be given dissimilar
topic. The interview is like an ordinary interview talking with a foreign teacher
individually. Applicants must reach the minimum requirement in to pass the
admission. The minimal point for TOEFL is 450, 2.8 out of 4 for both interview and
essay writing. They have to score 9 from 12 in every sections in MAPS test. In order
to attain the high mark, students may
prepare themselves and work laboriously
before the admission. Some students
buy the TOEFL practicing book
such as Barrons and do it. Not less
of them go to the outside tutoring
school; the popular and good one is

House of Griffin. For those who are

not keen in Mathematics, they do loads of questions.

The admission schedule

announcement board


unpredictable admission could

be easy or difficult in various

candidates feelings. The whole

interviewees said the same that the

most complicated is the TOEFL reading

part, because the subjects in the

reading are almost academic science,

Some of the TOEFL preparing books
that the applicants can practice before
the admission

environment and astronomy, they do

not know many specific glossaries about

them. After the TOEFL test, they told

themselves like

The second place is listening due to the fast

I will not
absolutely be

pronunciation in the conversation and not much time

to do. They accept that the grammar, essay writing and
MAPS test are not too complex if you had practiced
before. Similarly, the interview depends on yourself, if
you converse smoothly, be cheerful and confident, you
will certainly get full score.

After about 200 candidates are admitted to study

in MUIDS, their daily life changes, so that they have to
adapt to the new school environment.
Students who come from Thai school may have to

A student has to study hard in the

library after school to get good grade.

acclimate more than the English program students.

Nevertheless, both types inform that they have greater free time than before and they have
opportunity to take part in miscellaneous activities. The clearly difference of Thai and EP
students is their opinions about homework. Every Thai program students said that they have
less homework. On the other hand, the EP students opposed that they have numerous
projects. Nonetheless, much effort are needed to accomplish them to get good grade.

As time passes, students starts to get use to the school environment. They meet new
friends and face impressing or depressing time. The most surprising thing for all students is the
hugely high grade rubric. Grade A is 90 percent up! B+ is 85-89 and so on. Students have to pass
60 percent (F) in each subject. At first, everyone was shocked like

Oh!! What the hell is this!?

Another one is the problem in learning Thai Language subject.
One student said Even though we study in Thai, we still understand only a
bit or sometimes nothing.
The Thai Language lecture here is
the combination of advanced Thai
grammar and applying usage.
Most of the student get D to C+
in this subject. Only few obtain B+ and
about 10 genius students receive an A!

Some of students amazing projects

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Grade 10 students are happily learning at MUIDS

and looking forward to achieve their dream.

By Apitta Kanchanapuping (Pao) 1007

..This remains true today, is the

base of MUIDS students, who are
developing themselves in the school,
and gathering most skills as much
as they can to fulfill their dreams
in the future..