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IMC Group Project

Section A | Group 3 | IMC

Akanksha Rajput
Rahul Kanjani
Aakanksha Bhatia
Manish Kurrey
Rahul Ranjan
Aditi Jangid

Table of Contents

Titan Raga: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning......................................2

Titan Raga: Promotional Mix............................................................................3
Fastrack: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning.........................................5
Fastrack: Promotional Mix................................................................................6
Critical Comments on Titan Raga IMC strategy...............................................9
Critique of the IMC Strategy of Fastrack........................................................10

Titan Raga: Segmentation, Targeting and



More than 35,000 per month
Working Independent woman

Self-dependant and modern living

Evolved woman of today, self-respecting,
confident and sophisticated, Free thinking

Social meetings
Confidence, Self-Expression

Primary Target Group: Feminine, yet independent woman who is confident and has free
thinking attitude
Positioning: Elegant, Sophisticate, exclusive (unique in design), jewelry like accessory and
symbol of self- expression, independent thinking and modern lifestyle

Titan Raga: Promotional Mix

Raga watches are a collection of elegant, delicate, and feminine qualities with each piece being
truly unique. The same is even reflected in its promotions.
Advertising films:
In 2014, Titan rolled out an ad film for its line of Raga watches.
The film was conceptualized by Ogilvy and Mather Bangalore.
The film features Bollywood actress Nimrat Kaur. Raga is a
reflection of the modern woman progressive, confident and
passionate. Todays women are independent and free spirited and
the ad tries to define this new dimension. Raga broke this
stereotype with its consistent portrayal of a spirited woman with
an air of sensual power. #Herlifeherchoice

In 2015, the new ad film conceptualized by Ogilvy and Mather

tells women not to get married because of all the wrong reasons,
but only when you find the one who deserves your time. The









#WillKatrinaSayYes, highlights all the undue pressure which every

woman in our society has to go through when she is not married.

In 2016, this ad from the Titan Raga stable, an Ogilvy

creation, came with the strategic hashtag #breakthebias
circulated just before Women's Day when the need for
validation and endorsement as a sex is at an all-time,
almost hormonal high. It is subtle yet potent narrative
about the way the world looks at a womans success.
The doublespeak is glaring in a country where women
constitute a mere 24 percent of the workforce, despite
India boasting of one the largest working populations in
the world. A miniscule five percent of these reach the top
layer, compared to the global average of 20 percent and
thas why the ad starts with one woman sharing he table
with three other men in the boardroom.
Print Ads:

Fastrack: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Family Size

18-25 years age group

Young, Single
Early jobbers and college-going crowd


Sport-Oriented, Outdoor-Oriented
Fashion Conscious



Economy, Fashionable

Targeting and Positioning

Fastrack, the youth brand from the house of Titan Industries, made a modest beginning in
1997, with a small collection of watches targeting the younger side of Titans audience
early jobbers in the 23-30 years age group. The positioning was along the line Cool

watches from Titan.

It repositioned itself in 2005 as a younger brand targeting a much younger audience in the
18-25 years age group, basically the college-going crowd. It used the baseline How many

you have?
It is present in the market with a variety of sporty and funky products. It is on the edgy-

buzzy side of style and the demand for style from a generation that is younger.
Their advertising theme clearly reflects at breaking the stereotypes and going beyond the

Lying in the price range of 500-5000, it has a niche audience and targets the young-at-heart
and people who are fashion conscious but are price sensitive.

Fastrack: Promotional Mix

1. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Fastrack has come out with the Fastrack social media news
room for bloggers. They are using the newsroom to share information and news on
Fastrack. It also features social media press releases (Bikers and Neon Disk), Flicker
streams of Fastrack gears, social bookmarking buttons, videos, media coverage, product
and company information, spokesperson profile, RSS feeds, and more. Its growing
presence on Facebook a fan base that now touches 6 million, keeps it in touch with its
audience. It has launched MyExBox, an online campaign where users can post videos
that communicate. The month long online campaign is based on the Fastracks theme
Move On and encourages users to vent the reasons why they had to dump someone or
something and move on. According to the company, the most viewed video of the week
won Fastrack Merchandise and also a chance to get featured in a Fastrack TV

commercial. This made the campaign go viral as users shared the videos with their
friends to get more views.
2. ADVERTISING: Fastrack promotes itself as- Fashionable and trendy, affordable and
attractive to the young consumers. Fastrack always comes up with encouraging themes
like Never have a never have I ever moment and Move on that are in line with
the brands irreverent core. Fastrack was promoted with the slogan "Cool Watches from
Titan to compete with Timex after they parted way. Fastracks provocative, tongue-incheek advertising, its unique & affordable designs & its quick extension across
categories ensures its popularity with the urban youth audience, making it one of the
fastest growing fashion brands within the country. Advertising is in the form of television
commercials. The company uses youth icons to portray the trendy and funky look of the
brand and to associate with it. It focuses on youth looking for unique and catchy
designs. The appeal of the advertisements is usually youth oriented and motivating
towards being stylish. The brand had successfully established itself as a fashion accessory
rather than as a watch without compromising on quality.

The brand ambassadors

endorsed are the ones which project a youthful personality like John Abraham, Genelia
D Souza, Virat Kohli. Fastrack billboards can be found put up all over major cities. It
also does trade shows during the festival area through which they engage the youth and
make them aware of the brand. Public displays like the colorful and lively bill boards
play an important role in promotion.
3. SALES PROMOTION: Fastrack has used various creative advertising methods to
advertise and attract maximum population. It started with gifts on purchase which
included fashionable jewelry. This was launched for Valentines Day and was kept
limited in offer in four designs and 300 in number. These watches were designed is steel
with leather straps in the colors of the season black, red and silver. The promotion was
in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore from Feb 114. Fastrack always come up with
sales promotion during festival seasons and special locations. They provide 20% -40%
discounts on all its watch ranges.

4. DIRECT MARKETING: Fastrack website is the tool they used to attract the youth, the
pictures displayed on the website creates curiosity and interest towards the product.
The company frequently runs various online campaigns on its Facebook page to create
the buzz about the Fastrack and generate the interest of the young crowd. Several of their
campaigns have also gone viral. Fastrack range of watches are available for purchase on
several e-commerce sites. Fastrack range of watches are also available on its own
website (,
5. PERSONAL SELLING: The product is sold at almost all the leading watch stores and
shopping malls. The company has also established branded stores and it is also
available in Titan stores. Fastrack has its presence through 6000 outlets across 800 towns
including 228 strong World of Titan network, 122 Large Format Chainstores, i.e.,
Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Central, Westside, Pantaloons and Multi-brand watch outlets.

Critical Comments on Titan Raga IMC strategy

The Titan Raga has given women a very special reason to buy Titan Raga as it depicts liberation
of women by breaking stereotyping against them. It has evolved from occasion of gifting
towards more feeling for feminism. It represents women who is elegant, independent, young
and modern. The commercials have successful fulfilled its objective of creating unique position
of Titan Raga vis--vis other competitor brands. The endorsement by celebrities clearly exhorts
Indian women to come against the social orthodox mindset and stand against gender biasness by
being more vocal. By wearing Titan Raga, it signals this equality. Titan raga TVC are very
creative in starting a debate for women rights in country like India where women dont question
patriarchal society. It is creating awareness about the women of today which is more confident in
expressing herself and who asserts to be respected with equal rights in male denominated
Titan Raga should associate and touch upon more women issues prevalent in India like
female feticides, sex ratio, dowry, domestic violence, marital rape, objectification of women,
Muslim laws of divorce, female child education, sex determination, and division of domestic
labor etc.
It should come with its collection for celebrated women from every walk of life like sports,
science, business, aviation, fighter pilots, army etc and launch collection specific to few of them
so as to inspire others to break stereotypes.
The Titan Raga should move more towards social media to reach to young women and develop
campaigns and contest for them.
The Titan must leverage other Tata unit like Taj Hotels where they can celebrate an occasion
for women like women day, mothers day, or craft an occasion in the form of award ceremonies.
The Raga which is planning to go global must also associate with internationally successful
women as endorsers to take their brand forward apart from just focusing on Indian women.

They can also delve upon history to relate itself with historical figures which resonates with the
brand Raga. Like Marie Currie, Kalpana Chawla etc.

Critique of the IMC Strategy of Fastrack


Titan has been successful in carving a niche for itself in the youth accessories market,
with designs that are refreshingly different, casual, eclectic and fun, clubbed with prices
that do not burn a hole through the pocket. Fastrack positions itself as both trendy and
affordable range. Fastrack has taken the challenge of combining both the features to
offer a greater value proportion to its customers.

During 2003-04, the brand went in for a repositioning exercise targeting the executive
segment as well as the casual watch segment. It was a suicidal experiment. The brand
sales came down to Rs 23 crore. The change in positioning did not fit well with the brand.
The steely look of the watches emphasized that it was sturdy and long-lasting. The
communication promoted the idea that owning several watches is acceptable, if not a
required behavior.

Fast track this pull strategy is highly successful, the customers go to retailers or
showrooms and ask them for the particular fast track watches because they have already
created the image by various promotions and watches features and this motivates them to
apply only the pull strategy. so this creates demand. Promotions has tried to touch every
aspects of their target market and that's why they spend huge money on their promotions
activities like Sponsorship. They are involved in sponsoring major events, cultures and
other fests in colleges, schools and national wise happenings. Because to attract their
young school college customers.

Sseasonality: Fast track brand is promoted in the months of June -August when schools
and colleges re-open. It is one of their best promotional activities to attract at the time of
opening of the schools and colleges.


Occasions: Titan is one of the companies which formally believes in the policy of
promotion the product based on the occasions of the calendar. On various calendar dates,
they use various activities to promote their activities. They also focus on the gifts with the
purchase of the watches. These promotional activities is something different and youth

are very fond of gifts etc.

Tian has spent high on advertisement and consumer promotions to build consumer
demand for the fast track watches.So, we can see Titan is very keen for the promotional
activities of their product. And the promotional activities are the best whether for special
occasions or for seasonality.

Fastrack's list of talked-about campaigns include 'Sorry for What', 'Just Be', 'Dump
Them, Move On', 'Livein', 'Keep Trippin', 'Move On', 'Closet' and 'Mature is In'. Each
campaign tries to interpret the brand thought, 'Move On', in a fresh way

The campaigns, the positioning and the price is a great hit with core brand values as
Fashionable and trendy, Affordable Pricing, Fresh Communication to attract the
young consumers

Fastrack has been maintaining its image by continuously maintaining freshness in its
communication. Fastrack has been successful in capturing the essence of todays fun
loving, free spirited youth through the new positioning in a tongue in cheek colloquial
phrase - How many you have.

Fastrack has promoted itself through a 360-degree media blitz through television,
outdoor, events and promotions to change the perception of watches as a functional tool
to a fashion accessory


Low price generally ignites negative connotation and thus people want to buy the

product but dont want to be associated with it.

Although the brand appealed to youngsters, the price was a significant dampener and

many college students could not afford this brand.

Bold & Provocative communication sometime leads to negative connotation.


Tie-up with FM Radio Channels for Reminder Advertisements and informing

customers about various sales promotions from time-to-time.

Launching exclusive collection targeted towards youngsters interested in various areas
like sports, movies etc. Increasing the depth in already existing product collection to

reflect current trends.

The company can also reach the untapped rural market segment i.e. rural youth
Viral videos can be posted on Internet via social media platform showcasing the
fieldwork. This would help in creating a bold and quirky image coupled with a cause

that matters to the target group

Campaign named Making things happen will help in changing the perception of the
other group of people who are out of our target group to generate a positive word of

Increasing the frequency of contests on social media to keep the youngsters interested
and create the buzz.