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distribution in the downward direction

Influence of the existing sources if any, are to be kept at minimum
Inclusion of major distinct villages to collect the baseline status

Micrometeorological Data

Micro-meteorological data within the project area during the air quality survey period is an
indispensable part of air pollution study. The meteorological data recorded during survey period
is very useful for proper 3.1 AIR ENVIRONMENT
The monitoring network for the air quality surveillance program is based on the following
Meteorological conditions on synoptic scale
Topography of the study area
Representation of regional background levels
Representation of plant site
Representation of cross sectional interpretation of the baseline information as well as for
input to predictive models for air quality impacts.


Primary data:
Hourly data collected at site using AWS (1 month)
Parameters like Wind speed, wind direction, Temperature,
Humidity and Rainfall collected and computed to hourly results
using Automatic Weather Station for 30 days near to the project
site installed at >10 m height.
Secondary data
Available last 1 year (IMD Thiruvananthapuram)
(Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, wind direction and speed) Historical Data

Historical data on meteorological parameters also plays an important role in identifying
the general meteorological status of the region. Site specific data can be compared with
historical data in order to identify changes which may have taken place due to the
various developments in the area.
Meteorological Data from IMD:
As per the historical data (IMD), collected for one year at Naval Air station at Kochi (April
2012 to March 2013), the maximum mean wind speed (12.3 km/hr) was recorded in the
month of May where the minimum mean wind speed (7.8 km/hr) in the month of June. Meteorology Data generated at plant site
Meteorology of the study zones plays an important role in the study of air pollution.
Micrometeorological conditions at the proposed project site regulate the dispersion and dilution
of air pollutants in the atmosphere. For this purpose an automatic weather station Vertual

Electronics Company) was installed near the plant site for one month (March - April 2016) and
recorded hourly observations for the parameters like Maximum and