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Text of my now deleted AlterNet article (Ronald West’s blog) from 11 October 2010 By

Text of my now deleted AlterNet article (Ronald West’s blog) from 11 October 2010

By Ronald West Julian Assange, CIA Agent Provocateur

The New York Times on the WikiLeaks Afghan war documents release:

“It is sometimes unclear whether a particular incident report is based on firsthand observation, on the account of an intelligence source regarded as reliable, on less-trustworthy sources or on speculation by the writer. It is also not known what may be missing from the material”

“The unfiltered intelligence and incident reports are sometimes consistent with data released to the public. But the archive is clearly an incomplete record of the war. It is missing many references to seminal events”

This [above] is absolutely consistent with methodology using a select collection of authentic documents employed to deceive as described in “The Secret Team” by Colonel Prouty, former Joint Chiefs of Staff/CIA liason. Colonel Prouty pointed out the Pentagon Papers had been a

deliberately engineered psy-ops operation to shift political responsibility in the public eye for the colossal intelligence and policy failures in Vietnam, stating the Pentagon Papers are:

“unreliable, inaccurate and marred by serious omissions. They are a contrived history

Welcome to a cyber-age WikiLeaks repeat of a 40 year old social deceit

This psy-ops trick does not conceal the policy failures, that cannot be done. What is actually happening here is a deliberate twist put on the facts to further the political agenda of one party undermining another party with dirty tricks. The Afghanistan effort had actually only begun coming apart at the seams [as documented in my blog over the past two years] since it became apparent Obama would become president

Now up to his neck in a mess engineered to sink him, the timing of this manipulated documents history released by WikiLeaks is sweet for the neo- con engineers of the professionally engineered psy-ops project: Mid-term elections. It will not get progressives to vote for neo-cons but is intended to undermine liberal support for their candidates while the right wing will be motivated to support theirs. Meanwhile Obama marches forward with Secret Team [also known as “FAMILY”] CIA career criminal Robert Gates directing operations. Narcissism is a blinding thing and the criminal element in our neo-con run military intelligence employing psy-ops operations, enabling taking political advantage of people like Obama, are having a field day. This operation is clearly designed to cause social and political upheaval undermining the administration [not that I am particularly sympathetic to this administration, people who reads my essays know I am not, I’m pointing out what I see going on from my knowledge and training]

What should Obama do? Clearly, if he wishes to survive, he fires Gates and his Generals and begins getting out of Afghanistan NOW, particularly because this entire affair’s timing has buried former Bush CIA director Michael Hayden (a neo-con general) having stated attacking Iran is presently pushed to top of the CIA/neo-con agenda- which certainly will bring world social chaos and possibly nuclear war, playing to neo-con

consolidation of control through disaster with emergency dictates and security measures

The virtue of patience is rewarded in the business of countering counter- intelligence, the web of deceit employing disinformation called psy-ops to put spin on the reality of facts which cannot be otherwise concealed. With a certain training and identifiable targets, the sniper out to target liars only need wait for a mistake to be made. People who lie to the public to serve an agenda of the corporate powerful’s intelligence agencies have made their first mistake already- in servicing and promoting dishonesty in humanity which leads to their inevitable coming into focus in a snipers scope. Truth is unforgiving. Liars cannot forever cover their tracks because of the very laws of physics, if for no other reason, and I am pleased to take this shot at wikileaks founder Julian Assange

“The Independent on Sunday” since 1990 “Free from party political ties” & “free from proprietorial influence” has demonstrated this 18 July 2010 it is not free of being ‘used like a stooge’ and interviewed the disingenious Assange who very nicely blew his cover to bits on record without himself or the newspaper even realizing it [read article]

My advice to the Independent is to hire a former military intelligence man with a sense of despise for his former profession when pursuing these sorts of interviews (no, I am not available, I only want a girlfriend and bungalow in the country at which time I will be happy to walk away from this entire business ;o)

“The U.S. has wanted him for questioning since March” so what on earth is he doing in Britain whose intelligence agencies are so in bed with USA intelligence, the two countries should be treated for sex addiction? British intelligence has repeatedly fought British courts and judges over state secrets revealing British involvement in USA kidnapping and torture on the pretext it would jepoardize “intelligence sharing with the CIA” on top of have a “no proof needed” extradition treaty- if the CIA actually wanted Assange, they had him, right there. Assange was in England (unmolested) to lecture at an investigative journalists forum.

Assange: “I’m constantly annoyed people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11

Lets have a former United States Army General of “Intelligence” speak to that:

Major General Albert Stubblebine [watch video]

Assange’s “I’m constantly annoyed people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11” sounds like exactly the message a CIA seeking “FAMILY” military/industrial corporate control through staged disaster would run: in a counter-intelligence psy-ops operation promoting disinformation at an investigative journalists forum: ‘Don’t look any closer at 9/11’

Do I think the CIA was behind 9/11? I don’t know. But when we are told by the presently famous ‘web journalist’ and founder of wikileaks to ignore the obvious (taking an even more conservative approach than General Stubblebein in the video) such as building #7 (nothing hit building 7) having been brought down by classic and highly professional implosion or demolition technique, I think we need to look more closely at BOTH: 9/11 and the famous guy telling the world’s investigative journalists ‘don’t look any closer at 9/11’

Assange states “everyone’s email is being read” and accordingly advises ‘leaking the old fashioned way’ with a “drop to the post office box”

NO-no-no Julian Assange, it does not work like that unless you wish to do intelligence agencies like the CIA a big favor- the daily 1.6 billion “everyones” email collected by American intelligence cannot be read, it is a logistical impossibility. Text extraction computing software is imperfect and pick ups by far more false leads than real leads and ‘read mails’ of those people singled out for surveilliance [like myself] can read by more than one country’s agencies, including law enforcement [a fact for which I am personally pleased] and that is how, among other things, Italian law enforcement can bring down a criminal CIA rendition

It is actually much easier for intelligence agencies to track the physical mail

system. It leaves tangible clues: postmarks, finger prints, DNA


the experienced someone who is keen not to be monitored or discovered while whistle-blowing crimes [unlike myself, I do not need to conceal my identity] working inside/outside the system will leak with a untraceable to the source used or stolen laptop at a wireless café where one can create an online email account in minutes, attach, upload and send documents in a few minutes more, abandon the mail account, wipe the drive, destroy and dispose of [dumpster] the computer and never frequent that particular wireless café again. Another means is upload from a parked car sitting in the street, having found a random open wireless signal and DO NOT leak to WikiLeaks

Trained intelligence people know this. Trained counter intelligence people would also want Julian Assange putting out the word to use physical a P.O. Box to leak, so they can better track leaks to their source. Assange profiles for CIA and by the way, someone else who thinks Assange is in bed with intelligence is Wayne Madsen

Another hole in Assange’s story is the frequent moving and ‘safe houses’ coupled with his statement “Is it in the interest of the CIA to assassinate me? Maybe. But who would do it?” Firstly, frequently moving largely increases the successful possibility of assassins with the CIA’s resources- particulary moving from country to country with close CIA ties (Britain for instance) because it vastly enlarges the range of possibilities for coordinating a successful hit operation. But if you are CIA as I expect Assange is, it is not a problem in any case except again, everyone proving sympthetic to Assange by providing ‘safe houses’ has given themselves up to intelligence and does not even realize it- on top of the absurdity of believing the safe houses would not be monitored and known by MI5 & and MI6 who would in any case be interested and has information sharing arrangement with CIA.

By comparison, I had confined myself to approximately a 2 square km area with limited access for a year and a half in a country with a healthy suspicion of British intelligence and by extension the CIA. Accordingly I’d made it exceedingly difficult for ‘hostiles’ to make a hit without detection and, insofar as Assange’s “who would do it?” one only has to read my blogs. A Sabrina DeSousa would do it. A Gary Berntsen would do it. And they would do with an agency or corporate support team. The very fact of

Assange’s being alive and running freely around Britain demonstrates the CIA’s actual disinterest in taking him out of public circulation with a hit AND the Pentagon’s disinterest in bringing Assange into custody for questioning.

As for Assange’s not caring about sources but only the documents authenticity, one only need read how the CIA uses authentic documents to pursue a public disinformation [psy-ops] agenda through leaks with the so- called “Pentagon Papers” as detailed by a former Colonel of Intelligence who worked supporting the CIA [Colonel Fletcher Prouty, author of The Secret Team]

I compare Julian Assange to Daniel Ellsberg and that is NOT a good thing despite popular legend. Who is Daniel Ellsberg? According to a former top USA intelligence officer [L Fletcher Prouty] writing about the so-called ‘Pentagon Papers’

“As you may recall, this treasure trove of TOP SECRET papers was delivered to the New York Times, and other newspapers in mid- June, 1971, by a then-unknown “Hippie” of that period. His name was Daniel

Ellsberg. What few people have learned since that time is the fact that

Daniel Ellsberg (ISA)”

had worked in the office of International Security Affairs

So, Daniel Ellsberg, purported American dissident, got his start as an American intelligence officer. And? Leaked the ‘Pentagon Papers’ which Colonel Prouty describes as:

“unreliable, inaccurate and marred by serious omissions. They are a contrived history”

Colonel Prouty goes on to note:

“that I had written parts of some of them [Pentagon Papers] proves that they were not genuine Pentagon papers, because my work at that time was devoted to support of the CIA”

The above [quotes] are from ‘The Secret Team’, a suppressed history of the CIA

Now, some 40 years later, we have the Pentagon in a manhunt for the founder of ‘wikileaks’ and this is just too rich to pass up-

Anyone who has ever encountered the ‘intelligence’ community from the inside [worked there] is bound to be a little freaked out, is probably

paranoid, and likely demented if they did not get out at first opportunity after realizing just what goes on there, and then it is likely too late. My blogs are

a little bit freaked out, somewhat paranoid, and absolutely demented at

times but I try for the most part to keep ‘demented’ limited to satire for the sake of my overall mental health ;o) All going to my past in ‘intelligence.’

Because in ‘intelligence’, particularly when it comes to counter-intelligence and psy-ops [psychological operations] truth is a relative thing and the problem with that is, truth being relative IS NOT healthy. It is not healthy for people and it is not healthy for society

Now, we have a cyber-age repeat of the ‘Pentagon Papers.’ What did the ‘Pentagon Papers’ episode serve to do? A professionally engineered psychological operation, it shifted, for the public consumption, responsibility for the colossal intelligence and policy failures in Vietnam, from the CIA to the military. In the end, only the CIA and their close friends in the military/ industrial complex who profit from war, and those promoted CIA agents in military service cover, benefited. Accountability never happened

It really is that simple. Former [or current] intelligence agent Daniel

Ellsberg, unwitting or witting, is the CIA generated ‘myth’ on whose axis that shift of responsibility was accomplished via the ‘Pentagon Papers’

Replay Afghanistan & wikileaks:

CIA agent Robert Gates [from the operational sector, rose to be director of CIA or DCI] took over Department of Defense for George W Bush and the incredibly narcissist [blind] Obama kept him on despite Gates’ relationship bordering on gay love with the Bush’ family. So what would you expect? They are all dirt-bags, left and right, so now the neo-con CIA via the Gates religious extremist controlled military, is going to release TONS of [legitimate] dirt on the ‘Obama’ foreign policy just in time to influence mid-

term elections to the joy and satifaction of all lovers of family Bush or, that is to say to the purile satisfaction of closet-sadistic-gay ‘jesus is coming’ neo-con philosophers and followers. All nicely arranged by the same people [CIA] who have sent Afghanistan to hell in a handbasket to undermine their president with their uniquely loyal to jesus patriotism, and they will present themselves as smelling like a rose by comparison to what they’ve just pinned with real documents on the [legitimately dirt-bag] Democrats

Here is how it profiles:

Julian Assange, wikileaks founder, got his start in the ‘Chaos Computer Club’ or ‘CCC’

Chaos Computer Club reeks of intelligence agency penetration, manipulation and control. If there were ever an open field invitation for CIA, KGB, STASI, et cetera, playing the game, this is it. Wikileaks credibility, from a standpoint of secure against counter-intelligence operations, dies right here, with the CCC association

“In 1989, the CCC was peripherally involved in the first cyberespionage case to make international headlines. A group of German hackers led by Karl Koch, who was loosely affiliated with the CCC, was arrested for breaking into US government and corporate computers and selling operating-system source code to the Soviet KGB.” -wikipedia

Now, this, above, is a bit of fine information

particularly counter-intelligence, often take advantage of a truth, to create a lie

or not. Intelligence, and

By the time of this incident [above] senior CIA operative Duane Clarridge had established a ‘counter-terror’ program in western europe over the same period of time ‘CCC’ had seen its operations established and grow. You can bet your bottom dollar ‘CCC’ has the acronym CIA and the name ‘Clarridge’ written into it. Chaos makes a fine third initial. That is likely why those guys who played ball with KGB were caught and arrested. Freelance is fine until you play ball with people we [CIA] may not like. Many CCC

participants would not know of agency penetration, manipulation and at times, control

Meanwhile a felon/hacker who under any circumstance would be under surveilance by the USA authorities has ‘come forward’ and ‘warned’ the military about a military intelligence soldier’s leak to wikileaks including 160,000 pages of classified diplomatic cables and military documents the soldier has described as ‘criminal’ and pointing to Hillary Clinton particularly. This one, folks, stinks to high, high heaven. I find it difficult to sympathise with the soldier who most likely was profiled to leak [has a conscience] and deliberately provided opportunity to leak select for him documents by even worse neo-con criminals [yeah, they come even worse than Hillary although she is REALLY BAD], because:

CIA stooge |c|i|a|sto ō j|


1 professional- an ignorant person who unknowingly serves to support or assist CIA in doing unpleasant work : he fell for that CIA psy-ops act and now are their manipulated stooge [aka ‘fish’ or ‘sucker’]

• element of a psy-ops counter-intelligence operation employed to release damaging documentation in deliberately engineered context to undermine political enemies, employing persons ignorant of being used, effectively a ‘plant for a snitch’ [similar to ‘bait and switch’]