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Guidelines for Completing Achievement Sheet

The Achievement Sheet is used by the Assessor to claim for the full awards and / or unit
awards, for one (1) or multiple candidates within the same qualification. This document must be
presented on legal sized (8 x 14) paper.
The heading of each page of the Achievement Sheet should be filled out by the Assessor, namely

Training Provider /
Assessor Name

Centre Name and

Assessor Number

Programme / Cycle Start

and End
Assessor Signature

Candidate ID:

State the CVQ ID / registration number issued to the candidate by the

awarding body.

Candidate Name:

List name(s) of candidate(s) to be claimed, preferably in alphabetical

order (Use BLOCK capitals). NB: The name(s) should appear in the
same order / same line number on each page of the Achievement Sheet.


Indicate (M) for Male or (F) for Female.

Date of Birth:

Indicate candidate(s) date of birth by full day, month and year.

Candidate Address: Enter candidate(s) full home address.

Region Code:

Select from the region code option listed at the bottom of the
Achievement Sheet. The code to be used is a reflection of the
candidate(s) address in the county.

Units Previously
Achieved (PA):

Use NIL if the candidate(s) received no prior units reflected in the

qualification. State by unit code(s) the unit(s) previously achieved by /
awarded to the candidate(s) for the qualification.

Internal Verifier:

Completed by internal verifier entering name (Use BLOCK capitals),

signature and date. The endorsement is to be completed after the verifier
has reviewed the assessment processes and confirms that the information
/ records on the sheet are accurate.

The Achievement Sheet pages containing the units of the qualification are identified by unit code
and title. All pages must be completed. Complete by placing a tick () under units to be claimed
for; indicate by an () all units not claimed for; and use (PA) for units achieved previously. The
respective markings / indicators should be in line with the candidate(s) name(s) and be an accurate
reflection of candidate(s) achievements.
Place a tick () to indicate the selected option for each candidate in the last column, Is the Full
Qualification Achieved, of the final page of the Achievement Sheet. Only if all mandatory units
in the qualification have been achieved or are being claimed for, tick () Yes and if not tick ()
If all twenty (20) rows have not been used on the Achievement Sheet, then the assessor should
draw a line diagonally on the sheet from left to right.
The centre / school stamp should be placed, in the designated space (Centres Stamp), at the
base of the Achievement Sheet pages containing the units of the qualification. The Principal / Vice
Principal / Centre authorised person should sign adjacent to the school stamp.
The External Verifier will sign the base of the completed Achievement Sheet after:
Conducting the final verification and,
Quality Assurance of all relevant assessment documents, inclusive of the Internal Verifier