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JD, Ryan, Allan, Abner

Principles of Engineering 1A
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software or
by anything non-human with intelligence. AI is also a field of study on how to create
technology that has intelligence. AI has been referenced in history since far back to the
750 B.C. AI is used in a variety of ways in the 21st century with phones and computers.
There still are flaws with AI (AI being used as a technological term), it is still being
improved with devices such as Google cars and the IBM computer watson.

AI has been referenced since back in 750 B.C. with mythological beings such as
Talos of Crete and the story of Yun Shi. Talos was a giant robot made of bronze that
protected Europa in Crete from pirates.In some stories, Talos was created by Daedalus,
a Greek inventor who also created the Labyrinth that held the Minotaur. Other stories
say that, in request of Zeus, Hephaestus created Talos to protected Europa. AI was first
used in 1941 on the first computer, but the term AI wasnt widely known till 1950. In
1956, John McCarthy coined the term, AI, and was named the father of AI. John
McCarthy organized a conference for any minds interested in machine intelligence, for a
month they brainstormed ideas for AI. within the next year, most AI research began at
Carnegie Mellon University, which research revealed new challenges for the
researchers, to create systems that could solve problems efficiently and learn on their
own. McCarthy invented Lisp, which became the choice programming language for AI


applications. Thanks to John McCarthy, most people in our time have devices such as
smartphones and computer.

AI technology is used in many of our daily lives with computers, smartphones,

and video games. Places like Japan have amazing AI tech with robots that make food,
work at hotels and play instruments. Some robots are made to look very human like and
are called androids. AI can also be found in video games with cpu characters or
characters that arent being played by other people. AI is becoming an amazing form of
computer science and is helping us each day.

The problems with artificial intelligence capabilities far outstripping those of

humans are quite distinct from any ethical problems arising in current automation and
information systems. An example of a problem with AI was when a cyclist in Austin,
Texas encountered a google self driving car at a four way intersection the cyclist was in
a track stand which confused the cars program because the cyclist looks like it's in
motion even though they are completely still most cyclists hate putting one foot on the
pavement so they do a track stand. the cyclist said We repeated this little dance for
about two full minutes and the car never made past the middle of the intersection. The
two guys inside were laughing and punching stuff into a laptop. he even said i've never
felt safer with a self driving car, After the awkward encounter.

Examples of ai used today. One good example is Cleverbot, a light-hearted online AI

experiment you can chat with. Although it is fun at times, it can by no means hold a meaningful
conversation. Cleverbot may provide a simple back-and-forth correspondence, but should you

decide to break the flow of conversation, more often than not, it gets confused and unable to
provide suitable feedback.

The three laws of robotics state that a robot may not in any way injure a human being or,
through inaction allow a human to come to harm. Secondly a robot must obey orders given by a
human being except when it conflicts with the first law of robotics, lastly a robot must protect its
own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first two laws. Isaac Asimov
later introduced a fourth or zeroth law that outranked the others. it states robot may not harm
humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.