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Training Plan and Schedule

Hardware Training

Site: ALSTOM T&D India Ltd.,


Training & Skills Development

Center. The training is
This proposal describes thee training to engineers & staff on the Hardware of Control Center
scheduled to be commenced from 30thSep13 to 05th Octl13.

1. Training Concept
The scope includes training of Customers technical teams.
Training is Power.
er. To face troubleshooting, operations blockage, and their associated direct and indirect
costs, a powerful means is to go for training
Indeed training has the quickest & strongest return on investment rate when it comes to increasing
personnel competences and enhancing
ing th
the Hardware of Control Center.

2. Purpose of Training
The purpose of this training plan is to make sure that all trainees have understanding of th
the various
aspects of Hardware Features/applications
applications in the project.
This plan provides a basis for achieving the required training objectives employing various training
methods while delivering the training courses.

3. Training Objective
The objective of this training
ning plan is to train the trainees:
 In order to enhance their knowledge & skills so that trainees understand how to use the
Hardware in the system.
This will be achieved through delivery of training course and as specified in later section.

4. Training
4.1.1. Training Methodology:
ALSTOM T&Ds learning environment consists primarily of classroom instruction followed by practical
on lab experience as required for different courses. This format gives trainee the opportunity to
relate thee concepts discussed in lecture to the practical world.
Ds multimedia approach to training is designed to enhance trainees grasp. Workbooks are
designed to be used as on the job reference after course completion. Slides are used by our instructors
as instructional aids to help trainees learn. The slides contain
contain graphic illustrations and text, which
represent the concepts being discussed.
An assessment of the satisfaction of the trainees will be done through an appraisal at the end of session.

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4.1.2. Training Process:

As pee contract Terms,, the proposed training will be delivered at the ALSTOM,A-77 Sector 65 - Noida
Training delivery at ALSTOM Noida Office includes the delivery and cost of the following:

Furnished Training Rooms.

One ALSTOM instructor.
1 Paper Training material (slides).
Working Lunch & Refreshments

constituents All
Training Plan will be implementedd in close cooperation with PGCIL & POSOCO and other constituents.
courses under the training outline have plans, programs and material to study.
4.1.3. Training language:

Training materials will be provided in English.

Trainer will present in English.

4.1.4. Training batch:

For fruitful interaction between the trainees and the trainer, the batch size is as per the participant list of
4.1.5. Training schedule:
From 1) 30thSep13 to 05th Oct13.

4.1.6. Training Day time:

Training delivery involves up to 8 teaching hours [0900Hrs to 1800Hrs] per day from Monday to Friday
excluding holidays and weekly off days (Saturday & Sunday).
4.1.7. Training Venue:
The training will be delivered at ALSTOM T&D INDIA LTD A-7 Sector 65, Noida.U.P.

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4.1.8. Training & Course Plan

Hardware Training Schedule (30th Sep to 5th Oct 2013)






Day 3


1st Half
2nd Half

Day 4


1st Half
2nd Half

Servers & Storage integrations etc.)

Workstation Types (OC, RVDU, etc.) and
Laptop, printers
Demo on Platform
Network Equipments: router , switch,
Demo on Platform

Day 5


1st Half

GPS , connection and Peripherals

Parmod /
Parmod /
Parmod /
Parmod /
Parmod /
Lavannya / Amit
Parmod /
Lavannya / Amit
Parmod /

2nd Half

Demo on Platform

Lavannya / Amit

Day 1

Day 2



1st Half

Introduction to HW architecture

2nd Half

Servers and their Application

1st Half

Type of storages & their application

2nd Half

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