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Lengua Inglesa I Prctica
The Midterm Oral Test will follow the procedure listed below:
The day of the test, the students will randomly select a topic from the list below. Each
student is therefore expected to be ready to talk about any of the listed topics.
1. Getting a good nights rest can be really important for our lives. Sleeping well on a
regular basis can also help boost your overall health, energy, performance, and mood.
However, there are many common problems related to your sleep habits. How well do you
sleep? Do you have a particular bed time routine? Describe what you do when you want to
sleep well and rest.
2. The island of Okinawa in Japan has some of the oldest people in the world. In fact, there
are men and women who live beyond 100 years of age. There is indeed research based on
their lifestyle and cookery books based on their diets. In your opinion, what are the main
reasons for good health? What do you usually do to avoid illnesses? How healthy is your
lifestyle? Describe in details and provide at least two examples.
3. Do you think Happiness improves our health? Bhutan, in the Himalayan Mountains, has
a very young king who believes happiness is the way to measure the countrys
development. Some people say that happy people generally do not get sick. Do you agree?
Why? Why not? Describe aspects or criteria must be considered for measuring happiness?
4. Many people look for medical advice on the internet before they visit the doctor. Online
medical resources and advice can be a powerful tool if used wisely. Nevertheless, many
users begin their search by typing a few key words into a search engine and read just the
first findings. How dangerous is this type of practice? Is a good idea to find previous
information on internet? Explain in details and give at least a couple of examples.
5. Some people say that physical exercise and sports should be a required part of every
school day. Others believe that students should spend the whole school day on academic
studies. Which opinion do you agree with and why?
6. Some people prefer to spend their free time outdoors, while other people prefer to spend
their leisure time indoors. Do you prefer to be outside or inside for your leisure activities?
Use specific reasons and examples to explain your choice.

7. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Attending a live performance
(for example, a play, a concert, or sporting event) is more enjoyable than watching the
same event on television. Use specific reasons and examples to explain your choice.
8. In Unit 2, we watched a video about a very unusual competition in the town of
Brockworth: Cheese rolling. Why do you think some people are attracted to dangerous
sports or other dangerous activities? Give reasons and provide examples. Can you describe
an unusual competition taking place in our country?
9. Over the next decade, the idea of getting to work on time or heading out to the beach for
your family vacation will become much easier. Cars will drive themselves along predetermined routes. Trains will use new magnetic rail systems. In this context, how do you
see yourself as a citizen in a completely new world? What are the advantages and
disadvantages of such a change? Will electricity be the fuel of the future? If so, how will
that possible situation affect the current political established order?
10. In a world where technology advancement has simplified the way we do things (it saves
time, it increases on production, it simplifies communication, it has improved health care
and it has also improved our educational environment), why do you think there are still
communities in which animals are used as a means of transport? Do you think this is cruel
for the animals? Provide at least three reasons.
11. The transport system of Kolkata is a mix of modern mass rapid transport and the old
transport modalities like the rickshaws. How is their reality different from ours? Do you see
any comparison between both realities? Explain and provide a complete answer by
considering your own experience living and using different means of transport in a city like
12. This is an excerpt of an article on Santiagos transportation system by a foreigner:
Riding on Transantiago (Santiagos public transit system) is pretty safe and efficient, even
for foreigners. I get around the city almost exclusively on micros (buses) and the Metro
(subway). The only times I ever take a taxi are if its late at night (past 11), and even then
Ill still take a bus after midnight if Im with friends. Why do you think they have such an
opinion about our system, which differs a lot from our perception?

Student registration period starts Monday 10 August and ends Friday 14 August. Students
have to sign up on the lists posted on the bulletin board in front of Mrs. Tabilos office
(Linguistics Department, 3rd floor). Information about the dates and time of the test will be
available on these lists.


1. The student randomly picks one topic from a group of 12 possible topics.
2. Once the topic has been picked, the student is allowed time to prepare. The first
student in the list is allowed 10 minutes to prepare and the next student in the list
prepares while a classmate is taking his/her oral test. The estimated time is also 10
minutes. In other words, while one student is taking the test, there is another one
preparing it.
3. The student is allowed to make notes during preparation. We strongly suggest that
the student make an outline or a sketch of his/her presentation as 10 minutes is not
enough to write the whole presentation and, of course, the idea is not to read.
4. The test itself consists of three parts: 1) 1-minute warm-up stage, 2) 3-4 minutes in
which the student presents his/her topic and 3) about 4-5 minutes in which the
teachers ask questions. The test is expected to last 10 minutes.
5. Teachers are going to use a rubric to evaluate your performance. That rubric will be
available for you before the test.
6. Results and feedback are going to be presented to you once the test is over, i.e.
when all students have taken their tests.
NOTE: While you do your presentation make sure to use 3-4 minutes for if you extend too
long, teachers are likely to stop you considering the whole extension of the test. Questions
by the teachers are usually, but not exclusively, related to the topic you present.