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CHANGENT rave torgort marks (oo. ])) ot ends CHEGMBNT Sans St (or straight) ext to tres, and rate " neem Radus values. can be deployed nex to oFes, oF enattons inking ars certre point t0 are midpoint Bxarmple 1: Draws tanger Brample 1: ST alongside Maris perpendicular to the lines ‘and radius “values fadjacert nes and arcs alergside the arcs fxample 2: Where the tines and Buample 2: ST aloroside Fret join. tangentially lines and radius values ent marks are drawn at ines) fr ret ore. ri Betore otter CHMARK Draws chainage marks (a line and 9 text label) at user selected poinss along SEMARIS a 20 polyine, There are three déferent chainage mark siyles 40 choose from Brample 1: Chainage marks Example 2: Chainage marks Bwample 3: Chainage marks Bkample 4: Chainage marks (ere 1) at the start/end (style. 2) at the start/end (style 3) at the start/end as ovample 1, bur with a of each tine and are that of each line and ore that of each fine and are that different chainage (127.0) at make up the 25 polyline make up the 20 makeup the 29 palyine the start of the 29 palyine ator Before ater otter Pen ges. along 20 polyline. There are three Draws chainage marks ot user specified regular chain diferene chainage matk styles +9 choose ‘rom (refer to CHMARK for examples of each styl) Bxample |: Chainage Bxample 2: Chainase Bkample 3: Chainage marks marks every 10 units marks every 20 ur every 20 units with a diterent the start 5 along @ 20 polyline, The lines are drawn Oraws section lines (20 fines) at user selected CHXSEC perpendicular 20 the polyine, The user ean also specity the length ‘of the section” hnes Barmple 1; Shorter section fines (length « Example 2: Longer section lines (length of 20 units) ct the start/end of each line 40 unite) at the start/end of each line fond ore that make up the 20 polyline ‘and re that make up “he 20 pabline I wer f | ox Draws section ines ak user epeifed regular chanages long @ 20 pobjne. The user can specty the length start of the polne of the section (reter to CHXSBCT examples), and also a drferent chainage at + Brample 2: Bxomple 1 lines every lines every CHOFFSET yo CHOFFSETS: Returns the casting, northing (« and y coordinates), coordinate) of user specitied individual points relative to the draving asa series of rutting can be added 0 Bomple ts Text data J/~™ of the teccancle and centre of Returns the casting, northing coordinate) of selected 30 points relative to added Beample 1: Tex ‘or the comners Brample 2: Tox he but with a dittera © the 20 polyine ot the start of deta chainage, (x and y coordinates), chainage, offset and level (2 2D polyline. The results can be fo the drawing as a series of ruling text objects (STEXT) 3D. paints i ‘or a group of offset and level (2 Beample 2: Tex 1920 polyline. The results objects (TEXT) dota as example sainage (147.0) he 20 pobjine dota as example ive to the 20 polyline but with a different chainage (147.0) gt the start of he 20 poline Retuins setting out data (chainage, casting, northing, afc centre and radius) as a seties of multiine text objects (NTBKT), fora 20 pobjine. also includes setting cut points at regular user specified chainages comple 2: Text setting out data tor ing out data for the - the 20 pobline, wth regular chainages 20» palyline, with regular chainages every ~~ every 20 units 20 uns and ai different chainage (147°0) ft the start of the pole Beample 12 Text setting out data for the 20 poline, with regular chawages every 10 units Final combined example of using CHANGENT, CHEGMENT, CHMARK ond CHVARKS: (wish some text rotated, moved, and added) £0 annotate a 29 polyline as a 7 meee tatnag fate Nighway (or sitrilar) channel line, eentte ne, of seting out tine ~ Shee easy Refore SP = start point, 1 = tangent CP = centre pom, BP = end port