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University of North Florida

School of Engineering
CES 6715 / CGN 4905 / CES 4711 Prestressed Concrete
Spring 2017

Dr. Adel ELSAFTY, P.E., P.Eng.

Tel: (904) 620-1398
Office: Building 50 room # 2110

Course info:



CES 6715 / CES 4711 Prestressed Concrete

Prerequisites for CES 6715: CES 4702C
Co-requisites for CES 4711: CES 3100
Catalog Description: Prestressed concrete behavior and design; applications in
building and bridge design including pre- and post-tensioned girders, floors, roofs,
and walls.
Credits: 3.0 Semester hours
Course Required or Elective: Elective
Analysis and design of prestressed concrete beams.
Flexural and shear design of statically determinate beams.
Identify loading requirements for prestressed concrete bridges according to
AASHTO LRFD Specifications;
Design statically determinate prestressed concrete beams for stresses in
serviceability limit state;
Check capacity of prestressed concrete beams to resist ultimate bending
moments and shear forces;
Calculate camber, deflections, and cracking of prestressed concrete beams;
Calculate losses in a prestressed concrete member;
Calculate stresses in a composite system with a precast prestressed
concrete beam and a cast-in-place concrete slab.
Textbook: Prestressed Concrete, 3rd edition, Naaman, Techno Press
Reading: Prestressed Concrete: A Fundamental Approach, 5th or latest edition,
Edward G. Nawy

Course Structure
and Approach:

The class meets for 150-minute lectures per week. Students demonstrate the achievement
of outcomes through a series of assignments, quizzes, exams, presentations and
participation that will have varying weights toward the final grade. One of the requirements
of some assignments is to prepare a brief presentation to participate in a discussion.

Grading Policy:

One to Two in-class examinations

Final examination (comprehensive)
Participation & Software program development
All examinations are closed book/closed notes unless otherwise instructed.

Presentation on PS stresses, flexural equations, serviceability, cracking, shear 25%

Project/Presentation (Design of Prestressed Concrete AASHTO beam) 15%
Project/Presentation (Design of Prestressed Concrete FIB 36 beam)
Project/Presentation (Design of Prestressed Concrete Core Slab)
Project/Presentation (Design of Prestressed Concrete double T)
Project/Presentation on Pile Design (24 inch x 24 inch)

Letter Grades:

Grades may NOT stick to strict cutoff points. What matters more is your rank relative to the entire


Individuals who require reasonable accommodations must contact the Office of Disabled
Services Program at Founders Hall, Building 2, Room 2120, 620-2769, so that such
accommodation may be arranged. After you receive your accommodations letters,
please meet me to discuss the provisions of those accommodations as soon as possible
Please note that the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction Academic
Integrity Code will be adhered to in this course. This Academic Integrity Code is available
at the following Internet address:

Academic Integrity

1. Basic concepts of Prestressed concrete.
2. Principles and methods of prestressing. (Students presentation).
3. Prestressing materials.
4. Preparation of the PS beams for lab testing.
5. Design Philosophy.
6. Calculate losses in a prestressed concrete member. (Students presentation).
7. Flexural Design and Analysis of Prestressed Concrete. (Students develop spreadsheet and
practice on software packages).
8. Shear and Torsional Strength design.
9. Introduction to Indeterminate Prestressed concrete structures.
10. Camber, Deflection, and Crack Control. (Students presentation).
11. Prestressed Compression and Tension members (Graduate students).
12. Calculate stresses in a composite system with a precast prestressed concrete beam and a cast-inplace concrete slab. (Graduate students).
Contribution of Course to Meeting the Professional Component:
CES 6715 / CGN4931 Prestressed Concrete provides 3 credits of engineering Design towards the professional component
(Criterion 4).
Adel ELSAFTY, PhD PE, January 10, 2017