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Siddhartha: "The Brahmin's Son" (1-9)

Research and define the following terms (some are Buddhist terms, some
are people/objects, and some are regular vocabulary words).
Brahmin- belongs to the first of the four Hindu castes, which is considered
the sacerdotal class, the members of which may be, but are not necessarily,
priests who serve the spiritual needs of the Hindu community.
Om - a Sanskrit syllable or word meaning "One" or "Universal",
Art of contemplation & meditation - : a form of meditation or non-discursive
prayer in which the person actively contemplates an object, concept, or holy
verse from a religious text, working to keep other things at bay.
Atman- the spiritual life principle of the universe, especially when regarded
as inherent in the real self of the individual.
Avaricious- having or showing an extreme greed for wealth or material gain
All-Radiant- a : emitted or transmitted by radiation
Atonement - reparation for a wrong or injury.
Emanating- (of something abstract but perceptible) issue or spread out from
(a source).
Rig-Veda- is an ancient Indian collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns.
Discontent - lack of contentment; dissatisfaction with one's circumstances
Suffice - be enough or adequate
Ablutions- the act of washing oneself (often used for humorously formal
Supplication- the action of asking or begging for something earnestly or
Prajapati- "lord of people" is a group of Hindu deities presiding over
procreation and protection of life, and thereby a King of Kings
Transient- lasting only for a short time; impermanent.
Upanishads of Sama-Veda
Sages- wise through reflection and experience; a mature or venerable man of
sound judgment distinguished by wisdom; a person looked up to because of
their possession of wisdom and knowledge.
Insatiable - (of an appetite or desire) impossible to satisfy.
Discourses- written or spoken communication or debate.
Chandogya-Upanishads- is a Sanskrit text embedded in the Chandogya
Brahmana of the Sama Veda of Hinduism.
Satya- is the Sanskrit word for truth.
Banyan tree- an Indian fig tree whose branches produce aerial roots that
later become accessory trunks. A mature tree may cover several acres in this
Samanas- group of severe wanderers
Ascetics- a person who practices severe self-discipline and abstention.
Undeviating - showing no deviation; constant and steady.
Resignation - an act of retiring or giving up a position.

Bast (mat made of)- fibrous material from the phloem of a plant, used as
fiber in matting, cord, etc.
Disillusionment- a feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that
something is not as good as one believed it to be.
Benumbed- to make numb; deprive of sensation
Pilgrim- a person who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons.