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Siddhartha: "The Brahmin's Son" (1-9)

Research and define the following terms (some are Buddhist terms, some
are people/objects, and some are regular vocabulary words).

Brahmin-a person usually from an old, respected family

who, because of wealth and social position, wields
considerable social, economic, and political power.
Om- a mantric word thought to be a complete expression
of Brahman and interpreted as having three sounds
representing Brahma or creation, Vishnu or preservation,
and Siva or destruction, or as consisting of the same
three sounds, representing waking, dreams, and deep
sleep, along with the following silence, which is
Art of contemplation & meditationAtman- the individual self, known after enlightenment to
be identical with Brahman.
Avaricious- having or showing an extreme greed for
wealth or material gain.
All-Radiant- immoderately desirous of acquiring
Atonement - the act of making amends for sin or
Emanating- Emanating is defined as coming from, or
being spread out from a source
Rig-Veda- The Rig Veda is a collection of Vedic Sanskrit
hymns counted among the four Hindu religious texts
known as the Vedas.
Discontent - showing or experiencing dissatisfaction or
restless longing
Suffice - be adequate, either in quality or quantity
Ablutions- the ritual washing of a priest's hands or of
sacred vessels
Supplication- moving and bending with ease

Prajapati - Vedic god personifying a creative force that

evolves all things from itself.
Transient- lasting a very short time
Upanishads of Sama-Veda- is the Veda of melodies and
chants. It is an ancient Vedic Sanskrit text, and part of the
scriptures of Hinduism. One of the four Vedas
Sages- a mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics
Insatiable - impossible to satisfy
Discourses - written or spoken communication or debate.
Chandogya-Upanishads- is a Sanskrit text embedded in
the Chandogya Brahmana of the Sama Veda of Hinduism
It is one of the oldest Upanishads.
Satya - being truthful in one's thought, speech and action
Banyan tree- an Indian fig tree whose branches produce
aerial roots that later become accessory trunks.
Samanas - wandering Hindu ascetics who practice selfdenial
Ascetics - practices self denial as spiritual discipline
Undeviating - keeping a true course
Resignation - the acceptance of something undesirable
but inevitable.
Bast (mat made of)-bast fibers derived from hemp are
used for non-woven carpet yarn, rope, traditional carpets,
hessian or burlap, paper, sacks, etc.
Disillusionment - a feeling of disappointment resulting
from the discovery that something is not as good as one
believed it to be
Benumbed- deprive of physical or emotional feeling.
Pilgrim- a pilgrim's journey