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The development of information and communication technologies is so
rapid, in addition to helping enable people to communicate and seek
information as well as receive information but also requires people to think
ahead. In the era of information and communication technology today,
communication is very important. Communication is needed in a person's life,
business and education. Increasingly sophisticated communication tools and a
variety of demanding man to have.
At schools, students now learned information and communication
technology with the subjects of Information and Communication Technology
(ICT). By doing so, the man was able to follow the rapid development era.
The formulation of this paper as well as the lack of our understanding of
materials information and communication technologies related to computers
and the Internet. This is due to the limited computing devices and Internet
networks in the area we were. Therefore in this paper we will discuss about
the Hardware and Software Internet.
1. What understanding of communication and the Internet ?
2. what is the purpose and terms of communicating ?
3. how communication using the Internet ?
4. What are some examples of communication using the Internet ?
5. What positive and negative impacts of communication using the Internet ?
6. how komunkikasi dialog example using the internet ?


1. Better understand the importance of the material means of communication.
2. Not wrong in using the tools of information and communication
3. Can increase knowledge and insight in learning information technology
and communications relating to Komuikasi tool for authors and readers.


1. Author
the task is expected to add to the knowledge of the author of the
communication materials using the internet.
2. Fellow Student/i
the results of this knowledge is useful for those who want to know more
about Internet-based communication. the results of this paper can also be
used as a consideration in the next entry.\
3. Community
people can also find out what is communication using the Internet, any
instance in communication with the Internet as well as the positive and
negative effects of using the Internet communication.



The development of information and communication technologies is so
rapid, jam enable people to communicate and seek information as well as

receive information but also lead people to think more developed in the era of
information and communication technology today, communication is very
important. communication is needed in a person's life, business and
education. increasingly sophisticated communications equipment and a
variety of demanding man to have.
Comunication is the process of sending and receiving messages or
information between two individuals or more effectively so that it can be
understood easily. In Big Indonesian Dictionary, the definition of
communication is sending and receiving messages or news of two or more
people to get the message in question can be understood.
While Internet is a large network of interconnected computer networks
that connect people and computers around the world, via telephone, and
satellite communications systems to another. Internet was formed by millions
of computers are connected together from around the world, gave way to the
information (ranging from text, images, audio, video, etc.), which can be sent
and enjoyed.


In general, the purpose of communication is as follows :
1. To be delivered communicator can be understood by the communicant. In
order to be understood by the communicant the communicator needs to
explain the key message very clearly and detailed as possible.
2. In order to understand others. With communication, each individual can
understand another individual with the ability to hear what other people
are talking about.

3. In order to be accepted in our opinions of others. Communication and

persuasion is the way that our ideas are accepted by others.
4. Mobilize others to do something. Communication and persuasion we were
able to build a common perception of the person and move it to your
In the benefits and impact of communication has functions very important
role in people's lives. In general, the communication function is as follows :
1. For Control: communication functions as control means that the
communications act to control the behavior of another person or members
in some way that must be obeyed.
2. As Motivation: Communication provides motivating development by
providing an explanation in the things in our lives.
3. As Disclosure Emotional: Communication has a role in expressing
feelings to others, be it happy, excited, disappointed, do not like. and
4. For information: Communications provide the necessary information
from individuals and groups in the decision to forward the data to try and
assess the alternative choice.


1. To be able to communicate using the Internet, there are some devices that
we must have:
2. computer device (PC or laptop)
3. Headset and microphone
4. Webcam
5. Internet network (wired or wireless modem GSM / CDMA)
6. Software:

a. Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera,

Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)
b. Email Client (such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Exprees or
c. Voice Call, Video Call and Chat (such as Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk,
Skype, etc.)
d. Anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware to protect your computer from
viruses (such as Symantec, Norton, Mc Affee, Avira Antivirus, AVG,
1. Email
A shortened form of "electronic mail," an email works much like
traditional mail in that messages are still sent by one person, received and
sometimes saved by another, but the process is instantaneous. Users are
given a unique email address from which messages are passed back and
forth. Additionally, one message can be sent to several recipients
2. Instant Messaging
An instant message, or IM, is the process of sending real-time
messages from one user to another. One user types a message that is
conveyed over a network and received by the other user. Instant messaging
can be between two or more people using a specific program such as
Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messenger.
3. Chat Room
A chat room is an "area" on the Internet where groups of people come
together to communicate. A user types a message that is seen by all other
users currently online in the same "room." Users can see a list of all other
users online. If a user right-clicks another user name, they are able to view
his profile and send a private message.
4. Social Networking

Social networking allows members to reconnect with old friends,

make new friends and come together with members of similar interests. A
user creates a profile and is granted access to the site where he can view
other user profiles and connect with them. Popular social networking sites
include Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.
5. Forums
A forum is a part of a website that allows for group discussion.
Members have the ability to start a discussion and read and reply to other
ones. Each individual discussion is called a thread. A forum is usually
monitored by a moderator who has the ability to edit forum posts.
6. Dating Sites
Dating sites are websites typically dedicated to matching singles with
other singles. Often for a fee, a member creates a profile that can be
viewed by other members, who have the ability to contact other members
the person through the website in hopes of making a romantic connection.
7. Blog
A blog is an online journal, or diary, of an individual. Typically written by
one person, a blog can be used to tell about an individual's life, to promote
products, provide information, make political statements and give
tutorials. Readers of the blog -- which can often be subscribed to -- can
read the content and typically leave comments.
8. Audio Conferencing
Audio conferencing is a connection between two computers that
requires participants to have a microphone and speakers. Using an instant
messaging program, such as America Online Messenger (AOL), or an
audio conferencing software, such as Skype, users speak into the
microphone and the dialogue is heard through the speakers of the other
9. Video Conferencing
Video conferencing works much like audio conferencing. The
differences are that the users are able to see each other and for this a

webcam is needed by all parties -- and that depending upon the service
used, multiple people can see and be seen at the same time.
10. VOIP
Voice over Internet protocol, or VOIP, is phone service through an
Internet connection. Users are given an adapter and a unique phone
number. The user can then send and receive phone calls using a computer,
a VOIP phone or a traditional phone, to and from other people, whether or
not they use VOIP them selves.


a. Positive Impact Of Internet Usage
Internet has many benefits and positive impact on all walks of life, the
benefits and positive impact of the Internet:
1. As a Source of Information
With the internet, we can find the latest news and information from
around the world with ease.
Updates information on the internet happens every time. Internet users
can find information through search engines such as Google, Bing,
Yahoo, etc.
2. As Media Communication
Now everyone can communicate with anyone, anywhere. By using the
internet komunikasipun becomes easier and smoother.
Communication over the Internet can be via email, chat, forums, social
media, video calls, etc.
3. As Media Education And Also Entertainment

E-learning or distance learning or learning through the Internet now

can be done, By learning through the internet now anyone easily get a
broader education, learning on the internet can be e-book (electronic
book), video, games, and now in Internet
Looking for entertainment also has become easier, Video games, funny
videos, movies, music, and other entertainment now available on the
4. As Media Business And Facilitate Transactions
Now we no longer need to come to the store to purchase an item,
simply find the items you want on the internet, tranksaksi or pay
through E-Banking (Internet Banking) Then the goods will come to
your home.
This, of course prove that the internet enables us to shop and do
business. Even for some people the.
5. As Media Exchange Data
The Internet allows people from all over the world for mutual
exchange of data, so the term Upload and Download.
what it was uploaded) Storing data or files from our gadget called the
internet to upload and (what is downloaded) took this data or files from
the internet to our gadgets.
b. Negative Impact of Internet
If my friend is now already know the positive impact of the use of the
internet, then the friend must also know what the hell the negative impact
of the internet.
Internet that makes it easier to find information that could also create
pornography increasingly rampant and easily accessible, it can damage

Many sites make it easier for gamblers to assemble and gamble online,
and the money is usually transferred into an online account or credit
Now the fraud became more frequent especially in the world full of
deception when trading, advertising or rich program instantly etc.
4.Credit Card Theft
The Internet criminals usually use a credit card belonging to someone
else to trade, and usually the victims are people who never transact
online using a credit card. Perpetrators this one is quite difficult to
With the Internet a lot of things we can do, now re kediri each of you
will use it for positive things or

After the formulation of this paper can be concluded that:
1. Because of the critical importance of communication in our lives it is very
important also a means of communication in our lives today.
2. Along with the development of information and communication
technologies, the information services and komunikasipun more quickly
and easily. It requires people to have a communication tool that supports
3. In addition to electronic media and print media development, mobile
networks and the Internet is a communication tool today is more advanced
in its development.

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Examples of personal communication dialog with the internet via


Dialogue is conducted two to reserve a room via telephone between sugiyani as a

receptionist and as a buyer jefri hotel room. example the conversation as follows:

: Good morning, auckland Hotel here. How can I help you



: Hello, I would like to book a room for tomorrow.


: What kind of room would you like?


: I would like a double room, please.



: Please hold on I will check. I am afraid we only have single

room availableTomorrow we will have a double room.


: OK. How much for a double room?


: Forty dollar per night including tax.


: Are meals included in that price?


: Yes, your breakfast and dinner are included and are served
in our dining room.


: Thats great. I will take a double room for tomorrow.


: Can you give me your name and phone number so we can

book your room?


: OK