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A. Choose the correct answer to fill in the blank
1. An epidemic may spread rapidly __________ the condition of the town.
a. because
b. because of
c. while
d. although
2. When people panic, _________hearts beat more rapidly and the
temperatures rise.
a. his
b. their
c. they
d. our
3. A cardiologist __________ in illnesses of the heart and blood vessels.
a. specially
b. specialist
c. specializes
d. specialization
4. A rmidwife is a person _________ attends births and deliver babies.
a. which
b. whom
c. who
d. whose
5. They found that therapy using single curcumin and curcumincotrimoxazole combination is __________.
a. different
b. difference
c. differ
d. differently
6. Her condition improved ________the doctor diagnosed opposite.
a. Even though
b. Because
c. Therefore
d. For
7. The lab technicians __________ the blood sample.
a. analyse
b. analysis
c. analysing
d. analytic
8. A lab technician is a job_________ examines samples and tissues under a
a. which
b. whom
c. who
d. whose
9. She suddenly was _________when she heard that news.
a. conscious
b. consciousness
c. unconscious
d. consciously
10.There is a procedure __________ cures the condition or kills the patient.

a. which
b. whom
c. who
d. whose
11.Forceps is a _________ equipment that is like a pair of scissors.
a. surgery
b. surgeon
c. surge
d. surgical
12.Doctor found out that there was _________ in his stool.
a. bleed
b. bleeding
c. bloody
d. blood
13.Sometimes, patient does not inform _______ physician that he is consuming
herbal supplements.
a. they
b. he
c. his
d. their
14.Dont forget to read the ___________ on the label.
a. instruct
b. instruction
c. instructed
d. instructing
15.He was very ill, __________ now his condition has begun to improve.
a. and
b. so
c. but
d. or
16.A surgeon ___________ surgeons in the operating theatre.
a. performs
b. performance
c. performer
d. performing
17.In Europe, there is still enough water, _______ its quality is decreasing.
a. since
b. yet
c. for
d. because of
18.A lump is ___________ of a tissue or liquid which is visible.
a. collect
b. collective
c. collection
d. collects
19.________ skin contact with any chemical occurs, wash immediately.
a. And
b. So
c. Thus
d. If
20.Surveys shows that some adulterated products can cause weight loss.
________, there are many hazards involved with using these products to
lose weight.
a. However

b. Since
c. Furthermore
d. Nevertheless
B. Combine the sentences using relative pronoun (which, who, whom,
whose, or where)
1. The doctor is friendly.
He works in hospital near my house.
2. That woman is a nurse.
Her daughter is my best friend.
3. Curcumin is a major active compound of curcuma.
Curcumin is widely used as traditional therapy in Asia.
4. All hospitals had emergency services.
The emergency service were opened 24 hours 7 days a week.
5. They documented the questions.
The questions were asked in patient assesment.
C. Change the sentences into efficient sentences by reducing the
relative clause.
1. They examined the patients who were infected with liver disease.
2. We work on involving all hospitals in the country which provide care for
3. Antiviral substance that is obtained from natural products is potentially a
good target to study.
4. The overall prevalence of infection was 2%, which represented 120 million
people worldwide.
5. Antibiotics which were requested without a prescription were sold in 80
(91%) pharmacies.