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At Camp Balcones Springs, we want our campers to thrive and grow to
reach their full potential. We want to be an extension of your family, a
valuable resource in helping you accomplish your goal as a mother or
Over the past few years, we have made several changes to help
accomplish these goals. We do so in order to continually improve our
program to best suit the needs of today’s youth. We recognize these needs
and understand the ever-changing culture in which children live. Therefore, we strive to create a place where heroes of character and faith impart
and inspire, and a secure environment in which hugs, laughs, and PHUN
are always abundant.
In order to best fill the needs and expectations of your children, please
feel free to call the camp office and speak with any one of our devoted
full-time staff. We are always looking for great ideas.
Safety is our top priority. We continue to implement new standards and
practices as we build into our facility, our programs and staff training.
Our infirmary continues to develop each year to ensure that every child
has adequate health care based on the most current practices. We base
our health care around recommendations from the Camp Nurses Association, ACA and Texas State Health Department Services.
Camp Balcones Springs is an ACA (American Camp Association)
accredited camp. The ACA is an organization dedicated to educating and
improving summer camps across the country. Their standards are set
very high to ensure that summer camps are safe, fun, and cutting edge.
Since 2001, CBS has been accredited and met standards for health, safety,
and program quality. We will continue to meet these standards year after
year to ensure we are the best camp we can be.
Meet the Full-time Staff:
Christine Baskin, Owner
Jason Brown, Camp Director
Marietta Johnson, Founding Director
Adrienne Grissom, Associate Director
Jeremy Jenkins, Assistant Director
Daniel Mataya, Activities Director
Josh Siemens, High School Programs
Cameron Metzker, Intern

Table of Contents
New Updates to Forms .................................................................... 1
Medical ........................................................................................... 2
Medication ............................................................................... 2
Insurance................................................................................... 2
Physician Form………………………………………………….2
Camper Participation Agreement ............................................... 2
Special Requests ...........................................................................3-4
Bunk Request Form................................................................... 3
Preorder Form ........................................................................... 4
Bunk Bag .................................................................................. 4
Transportation .............................................................................5-6
Preparing Your Camper ................................................................7-8
Packing List................................................................................ 9-12
Packing Tips ........................................................................... 12
Laundry .................................................................................. 12
Things to Know ............................................................................. 13
Activity Choices ...................................................................... 13
Oasis Account………………………………………………….13
Communication.............................................................................. 15
Mail and Packages ................................................................... 15
CampMinder………………………………………………………. 16
Photos and Email ................................................................ 16
High School Programs…...…….……………...………..………17-18
Program Design ........................................................................ 19-20
2014 Theme Nights…....……………………….…………...21-22
The Big Days ...................................................... ……………..23-24
Opening Day............................................................................ 23
Closing Day ............................................................................ 23
Map to Camp ................................................................................ 25
Accommodations .......................................................................... 26
FAQ ............................................................................................. 27
Camp Information ........................................................................ 28

There are two types of forms. The information is stored directly in your camper’s profile in our click on the Forms button at the bottom of the screen of the camp website (www. you will see a Forms Dashboard. Then click on the link labeled “Click here for forms.campiscool. All the forms for each camper will be online in your CampMinder account under the Forms Dashboard.New Update to Forms Please read the following section carefully. The first type is a web form and has a computer screen icon next to it. The web forms are completely paperless and can be filled out online. To get there easily. These forms must be downloaded and printed. All the forms will be listed for each camper. Once you login. The second type of form is a paper form and has an arrow icon next to it.” This takes you to the login page for your CampMinder account. The following are 2014 forms: * Health History (required) Web Form * Physician Examination (required) Print and Mail or Email * Camper Participation (required) Print & Mail or Email * Bunk Request (optional) Web Form * Additional Options/Transportation (optional) Web Form 1 . Once they are completed the paper forms need to be mailed to camp.

This is NOT a mandatory change. please mail it in to camp so we can have it on file. Camper Participation Agreement (Print and Mail) All legal details regarding your child’s participation at camp are included on this form.a physicians note will be required with new instructions. A physical must be done every year... • Please send the complete amount of medicine needed for the duration of your child’s stay with us at camp. Campers cannot keep medications with them (except inhaler/epi-pen) • Please package medication in its original packaging with the label attached. Program. We will require all campers to be covered by medical insurance.Medical We have two nurses on staff each term who live on property. If the dose has changed from what is indicated on package. Once the form is complete. but a way to help your child’s medication be easier and safer while they are at camp. and return. Medications We also offer the CampRX. prescriptions. the nearest minor emergency is 15 minutes away and hospital emergency room is 35 minutes away. including (but not limited to) x-rays. Physician Form (Print an Mail) The Physician Form is for your physician to complete as your camper gets a physical and for them to sign off on your camper’s health and approve them for camp activity. sign. Insurance Our camper families (and their respective insurance) take responsibility for any required medical services. Review this document carefully. In the event of an injury that requires more attention. lab work.. physical therapy. 2 . We will need to have it on file before your child can take part in any camp activities. We also have a camp doctor that makes regular visits to camp and is on call 24 hours a day. We will bill you for these services if the physician or hospital we use is not a provider for your insurance company. including the camper’s name as the primary patient. If you are sending medications with the camper they must: • Check in medications at registration at the appropriate medical table. and emergency room visits. and place it in a clear plastic bag.

Child A wants to be with Child B who wants to be with Child C who wants to be with Child D. Unfortunately.Special Requests Bunk Request Form Camper families sometimes request a particular cabin mate for their child. Obviously. because inevitably some requests conflict with either (1) other requests and/or (2) other objectives for the camp experience. but Family B may request that their child not be in the same cabin with the child from Family A. How To Make A ‘Meetable’ Request—To increase the chances that we will be able to meet your requests. we cannot always meet these requests. Rest assured that placements are not random.Cabin requests sometimes conflict with other important goals. we cannot accommodate both requests (We realize this is a sensitive situation)! Also. we cannot do so. one family (Family A) may request that their child be in the same cabin with a child from another family (Family B).Keep the above conflicts in mind. but do not guarantee that a particular request will be met.Be timely and keep your request simple.. We cannot accommodate requests that would create a large age disparity in a cabin (such disparities are bad for both younger and older). Our cabins accommodate up to eight campers. . but are selected with great care and consideration for all involved.. etc. Therefore. Potential Conflicts—We would like to accommodate every request.consider the following: . we do our best to accommodate cabin requests.e. cabin requests can produce an impossible “daisy chain” situation—i. All placements are revealed when the campers arrive on Opening Day.Cabin requests are not always in a child’s best interests. Conflicts With Other Requests—Occasionally. so capacity issues alone (not to mention the desirable diversity issues mentioned below) may prevent us from accommodating a “daisy chain”. 3 . . Due to the complexity of multiple factors to be considered. however. 2. Conflicts With Other Important Objectives. · 1.

please indicate so on the Additional Options Form online. as by that time a lot of the merchandise could be out of stock. we set aside your merchandise before camp begins and save it until your camper arrives. sunscreen. Remember. All sales will be deducted from the camper’s Oasis Account. cameras. When you pre-order. The Camp Store offers other items not available for pre-order (eg. Team gear. **Every camper receives one CBS T-shirt just for crossing the gate! They will also receive a Team T-shirt for Team Competition days. fun souvenirs. don’t tell your camper…it’s a surprise!! 4 . We always strive to put together a fun package with lots of smilemaking goodies inside. During Camp: You may wait until camp starts to allow your camper to choose what they might like from our great selection of CAMP GEAR. fill out the Additional Options Form online. We deliver them to your camper on the first day of the term. Our CAMP GEAR will be available to you in two ways: Pre-Ordering: This secures the items and sizes you want before camp starts. This summer we are also offering a “Mission Impossible” style bunk bag that will contain some of the necessities for everyone’s favorite night. stamps. Bunk Bags are designed to give parents an easy way to send a care package. Bunk Bag We have provided Bunk Bags for many years now. and they are always a big hit! A Bunk Bag is a care package that is pre-ordered by you and delivered by us. To pre-order. etc…) in a variety of prices. If you would like to order a Bunk Bag. This year we have assembled what we think will be a smash hit for campers of all ages by offering a boys and girls bunk bag. This especially helps out campers attending our later terms.Additional Options We have worked hard this year to provide the most quality merchandise in the latest styles at reasonable prices. The advantage of pre-ordering is that you are able to “reserve” items that may become sold out. Campers will have the opportunity to visit The Camp Store and buy gear.

All flights arriving in San Antonio must arrive between 12:00pm and 1:30pm. Arrivals: Campers traveling to CBS via airplane need to fly into the Austin-Bergstrom Airport between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm the opening Sunday of their Term. We strongly encourage all returning campers and new campers. Please feel free to call the camp office with any questions regarding international travel. especially for new families! However. please book flights to and from Austin during a pre-determined window of time (see below). please forward all flight information to the above email address as soon as possible. To better assure camper safety while traveling. our staff will not be able to meet the campers at the gate upon arrival. who feel comfortable. Staff will greet campers in the baggage claim area. Bus Transportation We understand that experiencing Opening Day together is an awesome time. Due to security measures. it may be more convenient to fly into San Antonio International Airport. the bus experience can be an incredible way to get a head-start at building camp friendships. to take the bus! 5 . Note: For campers from Mexico. E-mail all flight information to jsiemens@campbalconessprings. Departures (special cases only): Campers traveling from CBS via airplane need to fly from the Austin-Bergstrom Airport between 1:30pm and 2:30pm the closing Saturday of their Term. for campers who are ready. All flight arrangements must be cleared through CBS by May 1st.Transportaon Flight Transportation For those traveling by The cost of the airport shuttle is $50 per person each way.

The cost of riding the bus from Austin is $50. The bus will depart promptly at 10:45 am. service is offered on a first-come. After this date. sing. fill out the appropriate section on our online forms. your child will meet some of our enthusiastic counselors. play games. Please be there no later than 1:15. The bus will depart promptly at 10:45 am. Please plan to be there no later than 10:15. Services are not offered for the trip home. Houston: The Houston Bus will leave from The Target parking lot on 4323 San Felipe (close to the Galleria). Austin: The Austin Bus leaves from The Container Store parking lot on the southeast corner of the intersection of 183 & 360 (across from the Arboretum). get to know other campers. ALL transportation deposits are non-refundable. It is best for parents to be present for closing activities. a team will deliver your camper’s luggage to the their assigned cabin. Because buses have a limited capacity. If you live in a surrounding area. laugh. Services will be provided for all terms (except Term 1A and 4A) in each city listed. While all of this excitement is going on. and have a BLAST! When the bus arrives. first-served basis. The bus will depart at 1:45. 6 . Dallas: The Dallas Bus will leave from North Park Shopping Center parking lot (at the corner of Boedecker and Northwest Hwy near Neiman Marcus).On the bus. The cost of riding the Houston bus is $100. To reserve a spot. All cancellations must be made two-weeks prior to your camper’s scheduled arrival date at camp. Please have lunch before boarding the bus. CBS also reserves the right to cancel bus service due to low demand in which case fees will be refunded. Please bring a sack lunch. campers are welcomed by a tunnel of excited greeters who will help them find their cabin and introduce them to their counselors. Please plan to be there no later than 10:15 am. Campers riding the bus from Dallas will need to pack a lunch. The cost of riding the Dallas bus is $100. meet us at the closest site! Arrive at the pick-up location at least 30-45 minutes before departure.

and neither does camp! Avoid unnecessary talk about home. Don’t promise to “save’ them if they get homesick. but your child’s camp experience depends partly on you—even though you are not at camp. this section contains a few suggestions on how you can help prepare your child’s heart in order to enhance the CBS experience— both before and during camp. Then. We plan to give your children an INCREDIBLE summer. but that homesickness does not last forever. let them know that you understand that they may feel homesick. Doing so tends to increase the probability that your child will experience it. making a very conquerable homesickness battle lost before it even begins. If your child brings it up. to feel like our partners. Parents can simplify the process by addressing and stamping cards and envelopes before their camper leaves. Be involved with your child during preparations. Your child will remember and hold you to it.Preparing your campThe Heart of the Matter In preparing for the summer we want you. 7 . Don’t tell your camper what a wonderful time the whole family is going to have July 4th while he/she is at camp. Do NOT emphasize the negative. While we are working hard to prepare camp. your child will know what is in the trunk and feel more responsible for his/her belongings. and how long your child will be here. who will be going. Pack together. Let your child know that you are interested in what will be happening and will be anxious to know what he or she has learned. BEFORE CAMP Watch our DVD. activities offered. For example. Talk about what to expect. let him/her help buy the trunk or mark his/her name on the clothing. We want your camper to write while he/she is at camp. Prepare the postage. our camper parents. Sidestep the separation. Do not warn your camper about homesickness.

That is part of our job. you may get some sad letters saying “Please come get me now! I want to go home!” This can be tough on parents (often tougher than it is on the campers). Leaving camp is usually the worst answer. DURING CAMP Homesickness alert. A day or two before camp. We can treat it. For the above reason.Emphasize the positive. Together we can provide an incredible opportunity for personal growth for your child. Almost all first-time campers get cold feet just before they leave home. 8 . Stay the course. you will foster a sense of “I can’t make it at camp” or “When the going gets rough. too. mom and dad will rescue me. self-worth.” This is not the desired goal. Homesickness at camp is very normal for kids— especially first-time campers. your child may say. They just need some reassurance. will pass. and independence. “I do not want to go to camp!” Do not panic or overreact. we ask you to see camp as a commitment both on your part and ours. This. The result is incredible personal growth. If you try to alleviate your child’s homesickness by taking him/her home. but children do come out of this. As a result. Emphasize that camp is “their” opportunity (not yours) to have a great time! Tell them how exciting/fun/ adventurous camp is going to be! Tell them how proud you are of them and how well they are going to do! Be prepared for “cold feet”. Homesickness can last for a few hours or up to 4 or 5 days. Let us make a few comments about this. We can deal with just about any homesickness case.

We do our best to insure this. and it is important that you pack enough (socks. but not mandatory. we recommend the “Happy Camper” Footlocker from Everything Summer Camp. drinks. but Of course. If you would like a more durable trunk.) Cowboy boots are imperative only if your child is interested in taking horseback. so they will need boots.) During a two and three week term. If you are looking for an inexpensive option. 2. then the trunks available at most Wal-Mart and Target locations will work. it he or she wears 3 or 4 pairs of socks a day instead of 1 pair. PLEASE ABSOLUTELY NO DIGITAL CAMERAS or CELL PHONES! CBS is not responsible for any banned item that is lost at camp. but have a low initial cost. Campers 2nd grade and younger will be scheduled for horseback during their term at camp. We do have a selection of smaller sized boots available. or fireworks. Please do not bring duct tape.) New This year. This trunk has a higher price but will last forever. they are a great costume addition for Rodeo Roundup. Here are a few of our most frequently discussed topics regarding the packing list. They won’t last as long. food. laundry is done on Saturdays. please pack accordingly. candy. 9 . etc. For example. please do not bring duct tape for the purpose of taping pictures up. 1. gum.) There are several different options when buying a trunk for camp. Campers are encouraged to change sheets and wash towels at this time. 3.5 inch height.) to cover your child’s specific needs. underwear.) We apologize in advance if you notice your child (most often boys) in the same camo shirt 3 days in a row! 4.Packing List Please know that this list is simply a GUIDLINE. We will provide tape. Remember to stay under the 13. 5.

White or Khaki shorts (for Sunday) □ 8 pr. Frisbee 10 . socks □ 2 pr. Cavender's Boot City. Shorts □ 2 athletic one-piece swimsuits □ 1 modest two piece swimsuit for Balcones Beach only** □ 1 brimmed hat (baseball or tennis cap) □ Camouflage Items □ 1 destructible T-shirt (matters not if it returns home!) □ 2 laundry bags w/ name clearly on the outside □ Poncho □ Backpack (for hiking.Packing List To pack in Trunk: □ Pajamas □ 8pr. Baseball glove.) *All tank tops must be at least 2 fingers in width. etc. etc. underwear □ 10 pr. No hiking boots. Wal-Mart. they must have a heel. (Strapless shoes are allowed for evening programs ONLY. Campers under the age of 10 can bring their own boots.) Sports Equipment (if you have it label it): □ Tennis racket. Inexpensive boots can be found at Target. do not worry about buying new boots. jeans □ 1 sweatshirt □ 1 long sleeve shirt □ 8 short sleeve shirts * □ 2 white shirt (for Sunday) □ 1 pr. ** Modest swimsuits can be found in the J. we have small boots available. Crew and Athleta Catalogs Shoes: □ 2 pairs of tennis shoes (one for daily use and one grubby pair that can get dirty and wet) □ Cowboy boots—mandatory for horseback riding (cannot ride without boots). □ Sport Sandals (with a back strap) or Crocs for Waterfront Activities □ Flip Flops—for showering in cabin only □ Nice shoes for evening programs. Fishing pole.

Game Boys. stamps Bible Goggles Sunglasses Costumes for theme nights Fan (small battery powered) Water Balloons or Water gun Disposable Camera WHAT TO LEAVE AT HOME: iPods. and floss □ Shampoo and soap □ Shower Tote □ Waterproof sunscreen (SPF 15+) □ Cup □ Comb and Brush □ Lotion □ Insect repellent □ Flashlight □ Water bottle or canteen mandatory Optional: □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ Stationery and pens. No bicycles or any other forms of transportation. 11 .please do not bring any valuable jewelry. Also. CD Players. pencils. please. radios. Girls. cell phones.To pack in duffel bag: □ 2 sets of twin sheets □ 1 pillow □ 2 pillow cases □ 2 washcloths □ 2 regular towels □ 1 light blanket □ 1 sleeping bag □ 1 large beach towel (an old one) Personal Items: LABLE EVERYTHING □ Toothbrush. PSPs. THERE IS NO NEED FOR MONEY AT CAMP. or any other electronic devices! THIS APPLIES TO ALL AGES. Digital Cameras. toothpaste.

com or www. playing cards. To be conscious of space. Laundry service is deducted from the Oasis account. Trunks should be no larger than 32” wide by 13” high to ensure they fit under the bunk.). go to www. usually with a one-day turn Tip #2: Camp is tough on Tip #4: Use Ziploc bags to waterproof items (stationary. Some campers do like to bring a favorite outfit for special party nights. This helps protect them AND helps campers stay organized. but can provide for a more PHUN experience! Laundry Once a week we will be sending campers’ clothes to a laundry service.stuckonyou.EverythingSummerCamp.Packing Connued Packing Tips Tip #1: Pack clothing in a trunk and duffel bag. 12 . Their clothes will be returned cleaned and folded. etc.kangaroocase. we ask that campers do not bring any extra containers. New clothes must be washed prior to camp so dye will not run in the wash. The best thing to do is to invest in some fun clothing/accessory labels: www. Camp is not responsible for discolored clothing. Look at the Theme Night section when packing! Tip #3: Label all items. Tip #5: This packing list is meant to be a guide. Clothes easily get mixed and lost! Mark every item to help minimize your camper’s losses. Old clothes work best. For help buying trunks. Certain items are not essential to camp. Campers will be responsible for putting their dirty laundry in a laundry bag and bringing it to the drop-off point.

Things to Know Pow Wow . The whole camp is open for our campers to just have PHUN! Flagpole Every morning and evening we gather around the flagpole to raise the flag. and just fun hang-out time before the afternoon activities begin. parents are required to submit this minimum balance to provide for their camper’s extra needs during their term at camp. Each afternoon. drinks.a truly unique part of Camp Balcones Springs. Character qualities and basic aspects of the Christian faith are discussed along with practical applications. or do another quiet activity on their bunk. campers will have the opportunity to choose the activities they want to do. each camper helps to clean house! During the morning classes the “Mystery Lady” will inspect them.After lunch. each cabin gathers together for a time of growth. write letters. When paying the camp fee. read. CBS has established an account system called the Oasis Account. hear announcements. Cabins earning high scores can earn anything from a soda or a special lunch or fun privileges at Balcones Beach. 13 . Recharge . campers can rest. watch skits and have some fun! Cabin Clean-up Everyday. cabin picture. During this time.Just before or after lunch. These extra needs include laundry. Oasis Account To keep campers from dealing with loose cash. Oasis—After rest time the whole camp will gather at Oasis for healthy snacks. and camp store account. campers return to their cabins to rest. PHUNanza.

This change will allow us to provide a more specialized schedule. each set of two cabins will sign up first for at least one activity period. They will not have individualized schedules and for safety their cabins are not scheduled for Riflery. Archery or Sailing. All activities are open during PHUNanza so campers have a opportunity to try activities they are not scheduled for. and improve our activity curriculum. Also. To ensure that everyone has the chance to get their first choice. 14 . campers will sign up for classes by cabin and activity period. Campers second grade and younger will travel as a cabin with a designated traveler to guide them and make sure they are prepared for activities. campers must weigh a minimum of 65 pounds to go on the zip-line. decrease schedule changes. During the first two days of camp.Activity Choices Campers (3rd grade and up) have the opportunity to design their own personalized schedules! Top choices will be repeated 3 days a week while other choices will be rotated to give campers a variety of all kinds of activities. All campers go to Lake Travis as a cabin during as part of their minor activity schedule.

It is just to let you know how things are going. food. this sends the wrong message to your child about cooperating with camp rules. SNAIL MAIL: Child’s Name. games. etc. Child’s Cabin 104 Balcones Springs Dr Marble Falls. Your help is greatly appreciated!!! Tip 2: Send things like magazines. we will call you if your child is in the infirmary over night.. tennis balls. unique care package that camp puts together. or if we have any other concerns. Your call is important to our staff. Remember that no news is good news from camp. Some campers will write every day and others will rarely write. please understand that their responsibilities with the campers keep them out on the property for much of the day. You can expect a call from your child’s counselor during the first week of camp. comics. here are some tips and guidelines: Tip 1: Send absolutely no gum. drinks. or silly string. and they will return your call as soon as possible! From your child to you. etc. We love talking to our camper families! If you are waiting to speak with your child’s counselor. Although we realize it is intended to be fun. If you would like To send your child A letter. books. Some parents think that it is fun to send packages and hide “contraband” in teddy bears.. is seriously homesick. THIS DOESN’T MEAN THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG. fireworks. Tip 3: Take advantage of the CBS surprise Bunk Bag! It is a fun. duct tape. Just getting a package will mean a lot to your camper. candy.Communicaon From us to you. toys. TX 78654 PACKAGES: If you enjoy sending care packages. From you to us. In addition. 15 . We require the campers to write one letter home each week and encourage them to write more often. Call us anytime. You do not have to send a lot of stuff.

we print. *emails and phone calls sent the day before closing may not have be circulated 16 . Not only can you view pictures of your child while they are at camp. get ready for a multitude of insights into your child’s world! With the click of a button.campiscool. there is a link to retrieve your password.CampMinder Photos and Email For those of you who are joining us for the first time. Type in your user name and password that you created when you enrolled your camper. Videos.m. Many parents love this option for the time and hassle it saves. Another great option is to download these pictures straight to your computer. If you do not remember. and click to send it. Purchases are made through CampMinder directly).com. You may send a “ticket” to their staff which will give you a response by email (click on “Help” link on the top of the page). click a button and order it-it’ll ship right to your door. Included in your camper’s tuition are 10 “camper stamps” per camper per week which allow you to send your child emails while they are at camp. If you see a great picture of your child. Simply type the message by 9 a. and deliver all e-mails along with the regular mail. etc. Simply right click and select “Save Image As”.m. Any questions concerning difficulties should be voiced to CampMinder directly. To Login to CampMinder 1. Note: CampMinder is a contracted service. www. Go to our camp site. At 10 a. CBS does not have any control over technical difficulties. but now you have the option of purchasing them as well. Photos. Click on the “Photos and Email” icon. you’ll see photographs of daily activities. read articles about daily events. You may now navigate to Emails. (Note: CBS does not have anything to do with the ordering of pictures. News. 2. and be able to email your child. sort.

like “Top Chef Cook-off” and “TShirt Tie-Dyeing. Senior Camper’s schedules include chosen activities. and many of the same night-time activities. fire pit and pavilion. During that time. Leadership Training (LT) (Campers who have completed the 10th grade) Leadership Training is a big step in the high school programs. Senior Campers (Campers who have completed the 9th Grade) The senior camper program is a transitional year intended to break campers out of the traditional camper mold and equip them for the high school programs. The Lifeguard Certification is valid for two years. and the completion of the course not only bolsters self-esteem but also gains the respect of the rest of Camp. as it is focused on character development through various leadership roles. goalsetting. such as skiing and tubing on Lake Travis. and the importance of faith in making major life decisions. LTs oversee and staff areas of responsibility. It is many campers’ favorite year. LTs also go through the arduous process of becoming lifeguard-certified. Oasis. an intense. which include the Post Office. These young men and women will learn attributes they will need to be successful leaders and be able to apply it directly to their lives when they leave. Senior Campers also enjoy one period a day called a Senior Camper Period. 17 . however. 32-hour course that includes CPR for the professional rescuer. and the Adopt-a-Cabin program. they enjoy activities designed specifically for them.” Senior Campers live in an exclusive grouping of cabins complete with a scenic view. The Program also involves participating in community service projects and listening to guest speakers who share information on preparing for college. healthy lifestyle guidelines. LTs stay in the posh “Thicket” with its luxurious accommodations and spectacular balcony view of Lake Ted.High School Programs We realize that these years are crucial in the development of a young person and we want to provide an opportunity for growth as well as continue the relationships we have already begun with your family.

collecting garbage. JCs do not replace counselors but are there to observe and learn from them. or three week terms. more mature sense of themselves and others. Junior Counselors (JC) (Campers who have completed the 12th grade) A JC is a hired and paid staff position for our one. Time off for the Work Crew is carefully planned and executed.or more exhausted! We ask our Work Crew to spend hours washing dishes. high schools have universally accepted this documentation. In essence. 18 . and they learn to work without expecting a reward. two. but they realize (if they don’t already know) that life becomes bigger and takes on more meaning when we care for and serve others. skiing on Lake Travis. with the hope that they will be excellently prepared and experienced to be full-time counselors in the following summer.. saddling horses. and any other odd jobs that may arise. JCs stay in a cabin with two counselors and up to seven campers. movies in town. They acquire a deeper. and massages and facials during Pamper Night. they are treated to gourmet meals. Thus far. they experience the satisfaction that comes only through placing another’s needs before their own. helping with food preparation and service. They participate in the day-to-day responsibilities involved in being a counselor.. preparing for evening activities.High School Programs Work Crew (Campers who have completed the 11th Grade) The young men and women who participate in the Work Crew Program at Camp Balcones Springs have said that they have never been more rewarded. it is a program where space is limited and fills up quickly. They are respected around Camp by all staff and campers. setting up buffets. Work Crew learns that love is work. Work Crew participants will receive a certificate documenting the 120 hours of community service they will complete in the program. special lunches. They may complain initially because the work load is heavy. JCs assist in teaching classes and help keep harmony in the cabin in any way that becomes necessary.

Jewish. Lewis calls “an agreed. self-discipline. virtues that are admired the world over. We present this message with great enthusiasm. We hope to learn from them while allowing them to see Christianity through us. friendship. etc. We respect both them and their faith. Our beautiful wilderness setting and our mature counselors position us to help you give your child this education.) backgrounds. The first is character education.Program Design Moral and Spiritual Growth Moral and spiritual education is important to the growth of a well-rounded child. Muslim.). We welcome these campers. loyalty. The second aspect is spiritual in nature. compassion. we carefully refrain from urging campers toward any one Christian denomination. We are fortunate to have had campers of non-Christian (e.g. Buddhist. we teach the virtues that produce great character (e. that God is loving and just and that Christ is the son of God. however. etc. Through Christ. common.S.e. It is similar to what C. We take great care not to put them on the spot. 19 . honesty.g. central. courage. we can have a relationship with God. Our approach has two aspects. Specifically. or ‘mere’ Christianity”—i. fairness. we teach a non-denominational Christian message.

to model exemplary behavior. others. That’s great! But we want to make sure that all of our families understand our approach and commitment to moral and spiritual growth. By far the most important component of our Christian education is our counselors. We hire young people who want to model good character and Christian faith. and lessons have a Christian theme. We are not a “church camp” that emphasizes denominational issues or formal Bible studies. and ageappropriate manner. We say prayers before each meal and pray at flag pole. no-pressure. give inspirational talks (at our daily “pow-wows”). your children will see committed Christians who also are tons of fun. We conduct up-beat church services on Sundays. We then train them to communicate our message in a relaxed. and to love. a growing number of families are coming to camp without ever attending a PHUNanza party. Families who have attended either camp or our PHUNanza parties are familiar with our philosophy. These songs. talks. However. 20 . We sing songs. to “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk”.Our Christian education has several components. In these counselors. and teach valuable moral and spiritual lessons. not judge.

or dishwasher. or hop like a kangaroo at this wild party! COUNSELOR HUNT: It’s hunting season at CBS! What are we hunting?? Counselors!! Get ready to join the search in this massive game of hide-and-seek across the whole camp property! Earn points for each counselor you find and redeem your points for fun prizes!! NO costumes needed. Walkman. hats. and flip that baseball cap backwards. and spurs because this is going to be a saddle-up style good time. and sure-to-be hilarious costumes in this “everything food” themed dance. bandanas. We will watch your cabin’s video and hand out awards for videos that are out of this world. The CBS Club: Club We’re offering something very special to campers this summer! Membership into the “CBS Hill-Country Club. GLOW WITH THE FLOW: Grab your shades and get ready to stand out! There is nothing dull about this night. This dance is bigger and better than ever. and Dial-up. here’s your chance to find out! This blast from the past will provide a glimpse of what life was like before Xbox. and get ready to swing like a monkey. It’s a CBS Halloween party that’ll be such a fright. Ipods. 21 . and Facebook and introduce you to household names such as Nintendo. tie a hoodie around your waist.” This isn’t your typical golf. then put it on! Be a lightning bug or a glow stick. So throw on your most comfortable wide-leg pants. Prepare for bright colors and crazy black lights! If it lights up or chases darkness away. New for this year: Awards for best individual performance! Don’t forget fancy shoes are okay for this night. you are invited to party under the moon. and you all will be the animals! Get dressed as your favorite animal. or yacht club.2014 Theme Nights FOODAPALOOZA!: Only one thing is needed for this dance: a big appetite! Get ready for crazy food challenges. Put on your boots. funnel cakes… sounds like grand ole’ fun! CBS Music Video Awards: Awards Go ahead and bring something nice to wear for this awesome show. and join us for this 90s-themed party that is sure to be “all that and a bag of chips”. delicious snacks. Or come as a waitress. could be as simple as a shirt with a hot dog on it or as intricate as cotton candy. or just wear a plain white tee and watch it glow! This dance will brighten everyone’s day! Rodeo Roundup: YEEHAW! A camp tradition with some additions that will boot scoot your mind away. wiggle like a snake. Nope! This is a club for PHUN! Wear your favorite “country club” attire to this tailgate-inspired evening filled with all your favorite backyard games and great refreshments! (Dress code loosely enforced) Halloween Havoc: Gremlins and Goblins and witches on brooms. We’re licking our chops for this one! Come as your favorite meal or snack. I LOVE THE 90s: 90s Ever wonder what life was like WAY back in the 90s? Well. tennis. dancing and eating and music all night! Get ready for this spook-tacularly fun night where any costume will do! We’re DYING to see this one! Wild things: We bought a zoo. root beer. top chef. Cotton candy.

2014 Theme Nights Terms 1 and 4 Foodapalooza! I Love the 90s Glow With The Flow Rodeo Roundup Term 2 Foodapalooza! I Love the 90s Glow With The Flow CBS Music Video Awards Rodeo Roundup Term 3 Foodapalooza! I Love the 90s The CBS Club COUNSELOR HUNT Wild things Glow With The Flow Halloween Hav Havoc CBS Music Video Awards Rodeo Roundup Terms 1A and 4A Glow With The Flow Rodeo Roundup ALL TERMS DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMO FOR MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! 22 .

Also. please plan to arrive at camp on Sunday between 2:00pm and 3:00 PM. The purpose of this policy is not to inconvenience our camper families. Any families (or carpools) with both girls and boys may check in during either time interval. Following the ceremony. The staggered times help to eliminate lines and make your entire check-in much smoother. and we will still be serving refreshments on the parking lot side of the soccer field. Beds are pre-assigned. please have any medication on hand to be given to our nurses during checkin. Your child’s counselor will be eagerly awaiting your child’s arrival and we will settle your child into his/her cabin and make their bunk. At 11:00 AM. We ask that all parents leave by 4 PM. Closing Day We have taken your feedback to heart and have pushed back the starting time of our Closing Day Ceremony! This summer. so there is no advantage in coming early! Our entrance will be locked until 4:00.The Big Days Opening Day We can hardly wait! We request that all girls check in on Sunday between 4:00 and 4:45 and that all boys check in between 4:45 and 5:30. do not arrive any earlier than this time. but to assure that we are 100% ready for your children! Like the cast in a big theater production. while boys will report to the Rio Grande for the term video viewing. and do not plan on visiting your child’s cabin. 23 We hope that you will be present at this last official event of the camp term! It is a wonderful time for campers to share everything they love about camp with their families. so please do not arrive early. the Closing Ceremony will officially begin at 10:00 AM. If you enrolled in Term 1A or Term 4A. The gates will open at 9:30 AM to allow traffic to flow. our staff needs every minute prior to “curtain time” to prepare. girls and boys will swap places. We encourage you to visit the camp store and our re-registration table during any down time. . We will conduct a formal flag ceremony on the soccer field at 10:00 AM. but please. We ask parents to leave by 6:00 PM so campers can begin their camp experience. girls will attend brunch at 10:15 AM in the Pavilion. Camp will be in session and it is best to not have parents seen by campers.

bring extra money to stock up on our fun and new CBS Gear! Terms Length Term Term Term Term Term Term 2 Weeks 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 weeks 2 weeks 1 Week 1 1A 2 3 4 4A Opening Day June 8 June 15 June 22 July 6 July 27 Aug 3 Closing Day June 21 June 21 July5 July 26 Aug 9 Aug 9 For those campers enrolled in 2 consecutive terms. we ask that you absolutely do not cross the soccer field to see your child until the flag ceremony is over and hear our director give the announcement “Campers. but just in case. You’ll want to be sure to check out the Camp Store in the Longhorn Room. you may now greet your families!” It is a special moment worth waiting for! You will receive a closing packet including camper awards and your Camper’s Photos at check out. 24 . We do not provide buses for the return trip home as we have found that children prefer to have a parent present for the Closing Day ceremonies. it is important that you ARRIVE BY 10:00 AM ON THE LAST SATURDAY OF THE TERM. NOTE: Be aware of the Closing Day pick-up time and be prompt!!! No family has ever intended to miss the Closing Day.In order to keep the closing events running smoothly. For this reason. but it has happened. It is tough for a child to watch other campers with their families and then realize that his/her family is not there. a $150 fee will be charged for the Mystery Trip. You can spend the balance of your camper’s Oasis Account.

Map to Camp APPROXIMATE DISTANCES FROM: San Antonio 95 Miles Houston 201 Miles Austin 40 Miles Dallas 230 Miles Ft. TX 78654 25 . Worth 220 Miles Midland 285 Miles (830)-693-CAMP (2267) 104 Balcones Springs Dr. Marble Falls.

If you have any recommendations (or places to avoid) after visiting this AIRSTRIPS Burnet Municipal (512) 756-6655 Horseshoe Bay (512) 598-6386 Austin Bergstrom International Airport (512) 530-2242 26 . Hwy 281 N (830)693-5122 La Quinta 501 W FM 2147 West (830)798-2020 LBJ Yacht Club 200 S. TX 13 miles to camp 512-267-2688 BED & BREAKFASTS Bella Vista 20 miles to Camp Marble Falls. let us know! HOTELS Downtown Austin (70 minutes) Four Seasons Hotel Driskill Hotel 98 San Jacinto Blvd. TX (512) 756-4149 www. here are a few places to stay. 604 Brazos (512) 478-4500 (800) 252-9367 Horseshoe Bay (30 minutes) Horseshoe Bay Resort RR 2147. Horseshoe Bay (830) 598– 9210 Mariott Horseshoe Bay 200 Hi Circle North (830) 598-8600 Marble Falls (15 minute drive to Camp) Holiday Inn Express Ramada Inn 714 Corazon Drive 1206 N.airymount. Wirtz Dam Rd Horseshoe Circle J Lakehouse 6201 Circle J Lane Marble Falls.Accommodations If you would like to spend a night or two in the Hill Country area before or after camp. (830)798-1895 Best Western 1403 N.vrbo. TX Lakelbjmarina. Hwy 281 (800) 315-2621 (830)693-7531 Hampton Inn 704 1st St. TX (281) 376-2901 Airy Mount Historic Inn 25 miles to Camp Burnet.

This is why we ask that you please leave all pets at home. All campers third grade and younger will travel to all activities as a cabin group. Minor activities are assigned at random and give the campers a chance to experience a variety of activities. A major activity is a specialized activity that is picked by the campers. Can I bring my dog to drop off/pick up my child? We know that your pet plays a large part of your family. Wednesday and Friday are boys’ major days. Thursday and Saturday are girls’ major days. Every Monday. Only certain activity options require this specification. while every Tuesday. but do not necessarily have a lot of experience in that area. Advanced activities are for those who both have interest and more experience. What is the difference between Beginner and Advanced Activities? Beginner activities are for campers who express an interest. 27 .FAQS Frequently Asked Questions What is a major and a minor activity? At the beginning of every term each camper will receive a class activity schedule. If it is not your child’s major day then it is considered a minor day. however we would hate for him/her to become a distraction during your child’s closing day ceremony.

campiscool. TX 78654 830-693-CAMP (2267) Fax: 830-693-6174 http://twitter.facebook. Please fell free to contact the camp office to obtain this information. Marble Falls. Follow us on: www.CAMP BALCONES SPRINGS Info You Will Want To Keep Handy! 104 Balcones Springs 28 .com Camper’s Name: __________________ Team Name: ____________________ Cabin Name: ____________________ Counselors’ Names: Names of Cabin Mates: CampMinder Username: Password: You will not be able to fill out some of the above information until after your child has begun his/her term at camp.