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Digital Marketing

We all will have Digital Marketing as a core subject in VI trimester. This is a project
based course in which all of us will have to work in groups and have to create and
drive a digital marketing campaign for any business.
Bharathi Maam would be faculty coordinator for this course.

Each group will have to decide on any business for which they want to create a
digital marketing campaign. It has to be a real business and can be either a family
owned business or owned by friends, relatives etc.
Size and location of the business is not a constraint. As earlier this project was done
for a Company based in Qatar and for a small Computer repair shop in Chennai.

CIA & Evaluation:

There wont be any exams or CIA for this subject. It will be a project based
assignment and would be divided in components for evaluation. Final evaluation will
be a Viva at the end of trimester followed by report submission.