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1 April 2014



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SYSTEMS (32557)









Scenario 1
Scenario 2


Rating/Evaluation Method
Rating of the website
Strength and weakness



Suggestions for improving websites

Social benefits of Mobile Applications




1. Introduction
The purpose of this report is to review the website of three major companies that provides the
health care products in Australia.
Given below are the company names and their website links:
(1) Medibank -
(2) NIB -
(3) BUPA -
This report will include:

Two different scenarios, where two user groups choose any health fund product from the
above mentioned websites.

Explain different system process with the help of system flowchart.

Rating or evaluation method.

Suggestions for improving these websites.

Social benefit of mobile application.

2. User groups (their need and 2 scenarios)

The two scenarios are:

A student who is travelling to Australia for study purposes and needs an OSHC
(Overseas Student Health Cover) for specific period of time.


An employee who is single and works full time in Australia and needs a health
insurance cover.


2.1.1 Explanation of Scenario 1

A student who wants to travel overseas for study purpose needs to insure his overseas
health insurance cover before applying the visa. There are different OSHC products offered
by different companies. But here the main concern of a student is to pay less and to avail
more facilities.
In this case student will be searching out for the popular brands available in the country
that provides the health care products and then will be comparing the rates in order to pay
the least and get his visa formalities done.
On comparing the rates and their facilities offered, he might choose the product of NIB
because it is easy to get a quote for particular stay period and also offers the cheapest one.
Product name: nib OSHC
Nib is one of the largest health funds in Australia and is approved by the Government to
provide OSHC for students coming to Australia to study
Duration: 2 years
Cost for two years: $766.03
Product Features:
o Meets overseas student visa requirement.
o Hospital and medical coverage.
o Part of the cost for prescription drugs.
o 100% back for all doctor visits.
o Simple and easy online claiming of benefits.


Given below is a snapshot:

2.2.1 Explanation of scenario 2

In this case a full time employee who is single and works in a company will be looking for
insurance cover which will not only immune him against many medical problems but will
also help him to save the tax.
In this case he will be looking around for the different products from different companies
and try to avail the best offers. He might choose insurance for single from Bupa as they
offer the best deal which is $87.90 a month which includes the minimum 30% rebate from
Australian government. It is a basic cover but includes the higher coverage. Also it will be
easy to maintain for him as it is not so costly and can pay the premium on time.
Product name: Bupa Single health care insurance
Cost per month: $87.90
Plan: Basic
Coverage: Highest
Product Features:

Accommodation for overnight and same day stays

Operating theatre, intensive care, ward fees

Bupa Medical Gap Scheme Available

Surgically implanted prostheses


Accidents sustained after joining

Knee arthroscopy & meniscectomy procedures


Removal of tonsils and adenoids

Dental Surgery

All other joint replacements and many more

Below are the snapshots:


3. System process
According to the Wikipedia, System is a set of interacting or interdependent components
forming an integrated whole or a set of elements (often called components) and relationships
which are different from the relationships of the set or its elements to other elements or sets.
Or in other words we can say that a system is a combination of different parts and processes and
has a specific behavior which transforms the input into the outputs fed by the user.
Now I am going to discuss the 3 different processes based on the system prospective and will be
including 2 screenshots and 1 flowchart for each system.
The three processes are:
A) Medibank healthcare provider.
B) NIB joining member process
C) BUPA searching process
A) Medibank healthcare provider:
Medibank provides the wide range for searching the healthcare providers such as dentists,
physiotherapist etc., member choice hospitals and gap cover doctors.
The system provides two options to search; one is to make a quick search by region and category
whereas the other helps to find somebody close to your location.
This system is easy to use and is very well defined as it uses very refined search criteria. It
chooses the different tables from the database (created by Medibank) according to the input fed
by the user and displays the instant table created by the system (database management system)
based on the user defined search. In this, first user selects the specific region which includes the
states of the Australia and then makes the selection from the categories provided i.e. gapcover,
hospitals and extras. After this user selects the final table of the database which includes the
suburb. Once user defines its search an instant table will be created which will include all of the
intended information. From this user has further option to take out the printout as the reference.


This system also includes other search criterion which is used to obtain the nearest health
provider. In this, system asks the user to provide more detailed information such as category,
street number, street name, street type, suburb, state and asks to define the search radius. This
provides user more refined search and helps to obtain the best possibilities from the database.
Two screenshots which I have taken here are; one for the quick search to locate the health
provider based on the region, category and the suburb where as the second shows the result
based on this search.



System Flowchart:

User Input

Database of

Database Management System





This system has very effective graphical user interface, and interlinked a lot of applications
running at the backend together. In this initially user has to make a quote request for the
particular insurance for specific frame of time. This quote will include the best products
available by the company for the user. In the backend, generally an instant table is created out of
the database based on the selectivity made by the user. This task is done by database
management system which connects the user with the database and helps him to retrieve the
required information.
After getting the quote user will proceed with the bill payments, this page is linked with the
database of the company and the credit providers in order to make the payments by card for the
selected insurance. Personal information details (Name, Contact Number, Address, and Email) of
the user will be saved in the companys database and the transactions will be shown against his
The system will generate a customer number through which the customer can login as a member
and can see the status of its policy online and can make required changes if want any. There is
also an option to login through the email id which makes customer easier to get an access to his
account as it is hard to remember the customer number.
The user interface of this system is designed with very less complexity and is user friendly.

The two screenshots I have taken here are; one which is describing how credit card payments are
interlinked with the system in order to make user to complete the purchase of the product.
Whereas the second shows how the customer, who became a member of the company after
buying a product can login to his account.

10 | P a g e



11 | P a g e

System Flowchart:

User Personal
Insurance plan



Availed after
the successful

Create New



User Credit
card details

Verification of
Credit card details




process failure


12 | P a g e

C) BUPA Searching Process

The inbuilt search engine of the BUPA is very easy to use. Its results are relevant to the
searcher's intent and are comprehensive and very accurate. This system has a wide range of
search content as it not only makes user to find information about a particular offered product but
is also able to search in details about a particular disease and their available treatments. The
search engine is very responsive as it includes the huge database which contains the lots of
references for example references of doctors who wrote about the particular disease or carried
out their research.
User just has to enter the search content and system will provide the most relevant data to the
user and afterwards user is also able to take out the hardcopy using print option.
The two screen shots I have taken here are; one which shows the search made by the user related
to the disease and one search related to the healthcare product offered by the BUPA.

13 | P a g e


System Flowchart:



Bupa Search








Try again

14 | P a g e

4. Rating / Evaluation Method:

With the reference of Management Center International Limited (MCIL) (Remenyi,
D.) and Cornell University Library (Kapoun, J.), I have earned the better understanding
regarding the evaluation of the websites. From their research and studies I have obtained
the evaluation methodology in order to evaluate the three given health websites. My rating
is based on the reviews given by a full time employee who is 27 years old. He helped me in
completing this task as he gave his valuable critics on the usage and impression of the three
4.1 The parameters on the basis of which these websites will be evaluated are:

First impression




Browser compatibility

First impression:
First Impression is the last impression, so if the website does not look professional, attractive and
doesnt work in an efficient way, chances of losing the targeted audience are 100%. Given below
are few parameters on the basis of which one can judge the first impression of the website to be
1. URL (Intuitive) - The best URLs are short, simple and intuitive.
2. Download time - Size of the home page should be small and quick enough to download
as it is the most important factor in conveying a good impression.
3. Look and feel - Pages should be clear and easy to read and understand. If the site is too
much littered with text and images the reader will lose his interests and will quit the page.
The other important fact here is the font size, it should be enough large to read and the
colors used should not be clashing.
4. Contact details - Immediate contact details such as e-mail addresses and telephone
numbers on the homepage provides a very good impression of trust and also raises the
user confidence for using the website.

15 | P a g e

The more the website is easy to navigate; more customers will be willing to visit the particular
website. Given below are few parameters on which navigation of a website will be rated:

Usage: how much easy to use.

Home Page from any page: Access to home page from any page makes user feels
comfortable and let his search easy as well.
Text as well as graphic links (ALT tags) - Graphics may not convey immediate
meaning to some users so providing additional text links is important. ALT tags on
images boost ranking with some search engines.

Without valuable and useful information the website will not be able to achieve its objectives.
The content needs to extensive and original. Given below are few parameters on which content
of a website will be rated:

Useful information - Content presented on the site should be of the highest quality.
Generally users are interested in content but not into fancy animations and graphics.

Degree of substantiated information - Information published on the Web is generally

evaluated under the following five headings.

Level of interaction - Website should be as interactive as possible in order to keep his

viewer attention.

Use of valuable graphics - Graphics adds value to the website and makes more users

It defines how easy it is to obtain the website in the search place. Given below are few
parameters on which content of a website will be rated:

Intuitive URL - URL should be as close to the company's name or brand as possible.

16 | P a g e

Intuitive keywords Internet surfers search for websites by typing keywords into the
search box in search engines. The words that you imagine users entering to search for
your site should be the strategic keywords.

Browser Compatibility:
There are many variations of browsers and monitors in use today and it is important that the
website is accessible to as many internet users as possible.
It can be checked by operating the website over different web browser and checking the monitor
Internet Explorer
Netscape navigator
4.2 Rating of three websites:
Given below is a snapshot of the rating or the evaluation of three websites with the help of a full
time employee of age 27 who is very frequent in changing his health insurances in order to keep
himself immune against health related problems. Rating is done on the basis of above discussed
characteristics and is evaluated out of 10.

17 | P a g e

Nib scored the maximum (7.5) and Bupa scored the least (6.8).
4.3 Strength and weakness (1 each for each website)
(a) Medibank
Strength: Well optimized for different screen sizes as the other two websites failed to do
that. The layout is pretty impressive, clear and easy to understand. It is really quick to get a
quote for any particular insurance with Medibank website.
Weakness: Not enough information on the homepage as compare to other websites, also
they didnt use any flash based content.

(b) Bupa
Strength: Attention to detail for target marketing is outstanding; offers on the homepage
really entice the customer to take a look on their product range and their prices. Flash
based banners (News) and graphics are the plus point.
Weakness: Much more on the bright side for aged people, as color combinations used are
neon which can block the customers ranging from age 50 and plus.

(c) Nib
Strength: Well-presented graphics as the color combination which is used are soothing to
eyes and welcomes every user. Also they have very well advertised about their smartphone
based application and by telling how easy it is to use.
Weakness: No use of live graphics or flash based graphics.

18 | P a g e

5. Suggestions for improving three websites:

5.1 Medibank

a) There are a lot of options incorporated in one tab, which makes it crowded. So if few
options are only there then it will allow the user eye to find exactly what he is looking for.
b) There should be a search box in the website. If it is present there then it will be easy for
a user to complete the search at faster rate else user has to spend a lot of time in finding
things for which he is looking for.
c) Website looks are not appealing as there is no use of live graphics, flash etc. Presenting
new images every time to the visitors gives the page a sense of life. So work can be done in
order to make it more attractive so that can entice more customers.

19 | P a g e

5.2 Nib

a) Side space can be used in much more effective way, as it is not fully optimized on every
screen size. Fonts turned to be really small on larger screen so it is necessary to keep a
track on the resize-ability and should be improved.
b) On the homepage as there is a lot of space available, Quote section can be re-define
on the homepage by telling about their particular products. They can tell to get a quote for
single, couple, family, travel etc. this will provide a fast way access to the users. Also they
have asked for the phone number when we proceed for the quote, so people these days do
hesitate providing that in order to escape from advertisements on mobile through SMS. So
this can be taken off and can ask for an email address. Given below is a snapshot.

20 | P a g e

c) To make it more interactive, live graphics can be used which will provide better feel to
the user.
5.3 Bupa

a) Good layout is one of the most important part of the designing a website. This website
looks crowded and slapdash as all of the options are presented in a cluster. Side space can
be used effectively to improve the representations.

21 | P a g e

b) The website definitely attracts the young generation as they have use the neon colors for
their graphics but may not be acceptable by the elderly people. So more soothing color
combinations can be used which provides better visibility of the options to the user.
c) Bupa has smartphone based application but didnt promote on the homepage. So they
should provide a link for their mobile apps on the homepage in order to provide more
comfort level to the users.
6. Social benefits of Mobile Applications
According to, mobile applications help users by connecting them to
Internet services more commonly accessed on desktop or notebook computers.
These days mobile applications are used by the companies to get connect with their
customers in a real time and in an intimate way. The rise of application stores offers the
marketers a great potential to reach the consumers. An application needs to be designed
with a rich and engaging interface so that users can find them more users friendly and
Undoubtedly mobile phones have become a vital part of everyones life so the best way to
target audience in prospects of business is to create an application and hand it over to their
customers in order to update them about their new products and offers.
On the prospects of business definitely a lot of time is saved with the help of applications.
These days reporting is done to their respective seniors over the applications which are
found to be the fastest way as it takes a lot of time over the emails. Most of the customers
like to do purchases from particular companies because it is easy for them to make
payments using the applications provided by the company on the handsets.
It is also found that mobile game applications are very helpful in overcoming the stress and
anxiety. So many developers produce the games to make people stress free and keep them
healthy. These applications definitely have some advertisements but are free for the user to
download and to play, so the user never minds that and the projection of company to
advertise about their product also succeeds.

22 | P a g e

According to Daniel Walters in his article The Advantages of Mobile Apps, he reported
that three advantages of using mobile apps for a business are:
1) Speed
2) Volume of information
3) Advertising
Definitely mobile applications have changed the life of people as they need not to wait for
their computer to turn on, they only have to click the application on the phone and they get
a direct access to the catalogues of the companies and they can do the window shopping
right sitting at home, sitting in a car or train.
Mobile applications also bring the easy access to the big fours i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn,
Flicker and Twitter. These days no one has time to log in to computer to do chat with their
friends on the social networking sites, so these apps really brings the world more closer as
with only one click user can look at his friends profile and can talk to them.
I will definitely be recommending a mobile application, as our client is too a health fund
client and these days mHealth is in the boom. According to Wikipedia, mHealth or mobile
health is a recent term for medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices
such as mobile phones, patient monitoring devices, PDAs, and other wireless devices.
These applications are designed in order to create a database which includes the clinical
health data; one can see his account over the phone or can make a claim without drafting
an email. This really marks the great importance in social benefits of mobile applications.
Dr. Phillip (olla,2010) also stated in his article based on mobile health that, The key to
success is providing health applications for the cell phone that take into consideration,
culture, language and ethnicity, and the applications must be developed in collaboration
with the local community and health professionals.
There are other factors too, which can be considered while referring a mobile application to
our client and are listed below:

23 | P a g e

1) The presence of the application on the smartphones of their consumer increases their
trust and beliefs on the company.
2) Push notifications are widely used to communicate the users or the customers.
3) As these days applications offers in app purchase so it provides a great comfort level to
the customer as they need not to visit the stores in person or to wait to find out a computer.
They can buy anything with a single click from their mobile phone.
4) The application can also be prove as the best source of advertising as company can tell
customers about their new products and offers.
So I believe company should have a mobile application in order to provide better quality of
service to their customers.

24 | P a g e

7. References
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