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▪Restoring Homes ▪ Restoring Hope ▪

Volume 1, Issue II May 2010
Special points of

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LARRI honors ‘Champion’ volunteers
meet LARRI By LeAnne Munoz who survived
Recovery displacement and the
The atmosphere at the
Specialist Melanie structural damage to their
Lakeshore Area Regional
Parker. Go online homes, and also from
Recovery of Indiana’s
to take a tour of those who donated their
“Champions of Hope”
the GNS office! time to give back to those
dinner on April 22 at the
who had lost so much.
Hellenic Cultural Center
• Turn to page 5 to
in Merrillville, Ind., was LARRI, funded by a
read about the
joyous and lively. grant from Lilly
Endowment, Inc., was
NCCC volunteers The dinner brought
organized after the
and how they are together about 200 guests,
floodwater receded and
helping LARRI! most of whom had
has remained a constant
donated their time and
source of hope for those Photo by Robert Kapalka
energy to help those
whose lives were uprooted “LARRI is a model for
whose lives were
by the flood. other [non-profit]
devastated in Lake, Porter
and LaPorte counties by Executive Director of the places and groups,”
Inside this issue:
the September 2008 flood. Governor's office of Faith- said Executive Director
A day in the life: 2 Based and Community of the Governor’s office
Recovery The “Champions of of Faith-Based and
Initiatives Ike Randolph
Specialist Hope” dinner included Community Initiatives
gave the keynote address
stories of laughter, smiles Ike Randolph.
LARRI Award 2 at the dinner.
and tears of the people
See: ‘Champion’ Page 3

How YOU can 3 Keeping mold under control with Flood Control
help this month!
By Kasie Tenbarge 2010 by helping staff
members, homeowners
AmeriCorps 5
Flood Control is a and volunteers understand
nationwide company that more about mold
helps people handle any mitigation, and how to be
Letter from the 6 type of natural catastrophe safe when entering homes
Director that may occur in potentially damaged by
Photo provided commercial or residential mold.
Anthony Steinke (left) properties. Flood Control
Dan Wilnau, Operations
and Flood Control has been working with
Operator for Illinois LARRI since January
Dan Wilnau (right) See: ‘Control’ Page 4
Page 2 ▪ Restoring Homes ▪ Restoring Hope ▪

A day in the life: Recovery Specialist Supervisor

Background: Melanie has After receiving the case,
always had an affinity for non- Melanie makes initial contact
profit organizations and has with her clients by visiting their
over 30 years of experience in homes. She said that while
the social service field. After many people are receptive to
much hard work, she earned a LARRI, some elderly clients are
bachelors’ degree in education hesitant to welcome new people
from DePaul University. into their homes because they
Photo by Donna George have been victim to scams in
LARRI Recovery Specialists, A typical day on the job:
the past. “Once they see what
Joyce Matthews (left), Melanie According to Melanie, her job
gets done, they have opened
Parker (middle) and Annetrice varies daily at LARRI’s satellite
Seawood (right) more than their doors, they have
office at Gary Neighborhood
opened their hearts,” she said.
Services, where she manages
by LeAnne Munoz
two other Recovery Specialists.
She beings her 5-day workweek
Meet Melanie Parker,
at 8:30 a.m. and ends it around
LARRI Recovery Specialist
4:30 p.m., but she never knows
who will be coming in and out
A resident of Merrillville, Ind.,
of the office in between. “We’re
Melanie first got involved with
a walk-in site, so you never
LARRI after she was laid off
know who is going to show up
from United Way and
throughout the day,” she said. Photo by Donna George
Emergency Services in Gary. Gary Neighborhood Services, Inc.
As a recovery specialist
According to Melanie, she was 300 West Avenue, Gary, IN.
supervisor, Melanie handles 219-883-0431
lucky to be hired at LARRI just
cases given to her by her
as her unemployment ended.
manager, Kathy O’Day.
See: “Day in the life” page 4

The Christian Reformed World Crown Point United Methodist Brethren Disaster Ministries -
Relief Committee - recognized Church - recognized for providing recognized for its volunteer work
for its contributions of volunteer meals and lodging for volunteers since the flood.
teams. Lutheran Church Charities - John Beebe - recognized for his
Faith Without Borders - recognized for donating furniture work to help get assistance for
recognized for their help with the and appliances for volunteer those in need.
“muck and gut” process. housing. Dan Cacich - recognized for his
Habitat for Humanity at Goshen Mennonite Disaster efforts to help establish LARRI.
University of Chicago - Services Team - recognized for its Marion Case - recognized for his
recognized for providing support efforts since 2009. work on the construction
to LARRI on a weekly basis. Nappanee Amish Team - subcommittee.
AmeriCorps National Civilian recognized for providing skilled Doreen DiCianni - recognized
Community Corps - recognized volunteers to construction sites. for her volunteer efforts.
for providing numerous volunteer One Brick’s Chicago chapter - Ed Mulder - recognized for his
teams. recognized for its volunteer weekly work on the steering and unmet
support since the flood. needs committees.
Volume 1, Issue II Page 3

‘Champions’ Continued from Page 1

In his address, Randolph LARRI Director Jane to reconstructing
praised LARRI for its quick Delligatti said. homes since the flood
response and formation in a occurred.
time of need. According to Slideshows playing One Brick’s Event
Randolph, “LARRI is a throughout the dinner Manager, Kinga
model for other [non-profit] illustrated the devastation Stepien, said that
places and groups.”
created by the flood, from while her group does
Randolph said he encourages homes knee-deep in water to not volunteer for the
community leaders to get homes with toxic black purpose of
involved with groups like recognition, they were
mold. Many pictures,
LARRI before disasters all honored to be
occur, “because [disasters] however, highlighted the appreciated for their Photo by Robert Kapalka
are the worst time to hand continuous efforts made by work. The room was lit
out business cards.” churches, youth groups and from this single
“[Volunteering] is so
The “Champions of Hope” various individual volunteers rewarding and candle, as the song,
dinner was a testament to to help fix the problem. fulfilling; it’s almost “Carry Your
that fact, as everyone like a reward itself,” Candle” echoed
gathered to encourage and LARRI honored 10 she said. through the room.
support one another; even 20 organizations and five
individuals during the dinner The dinner ended
months after the flood took
and managed to raise about with an inspirational candle lighting
$4,100 from the silent ceremony, appropriately accompanied by the
“I think it speaks to the auction. song, “Carry Your Candle.”
goodness of the people of The lyric, “Hold out your candle for all to
One group honored for its
Northwest Indiana’s nature. volunteer work was the see it; Take your candle, go light your
It shows they understand the Chicago chapter of One world,” echoed through the room as the
importance of helping others Brick, which has been flame from one candle slowly illuminated the
who are less fortunate,” volunteering time and energy darkness, a flicker of hope shining through.

How YOU can help this month

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers are at the very heart of what we do! Below are featured volunteer
opportunities for adults and families:
• “LARRI/AmeriCorps BBQ Build” on June 4. Work begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends
with lunch at 1:30 p.m. (Adults)
• Cook meals at home to be brought to our volunteer houses (Everyday; Families)
• Clean homes occupied by volunteers (Weekends; Families)
• Construction at home sites, both skilled and unskilled workers welcome! We will
Photo Provided
train you! (Monday—Saturday; Adults
Volunteer Coordinator
Rhonda Carlson • Yard work, cut grass and maintain flower beds at homes occupied by volunteers
(Weekends; Families)
Please call Rhonda Carlson, Volunteer Coordinator, at (219) 836-1325 or to sign up for these opportunities. Thank you!
Page 4 ▪ Restoring Homes ▪ Restoring Hope ▪

Day in the life Continued from page 2

Her role at LARRI: make them feel comfort- memory from her time at
Melanie handles the cases able; I like to talk the talk LARRI, but said she al-
of those in need after sus- and walk the walk,” she ways enjoys seeing the
taining damage to their said. Melanie works clients’ smiles as the
homes after the Septem- closely with her clients cases are closed. When
Photo by Donna George ber 2008 flood. Her posi- until the construction she sees the reactions
Melanie Parker at GNS office.
tion requires her to visit phase, where she has to from homeowners who
their homes to investigate let go and let the process have had their homes, and
the needs of the client and continue to flow. “It’s hearts, restored by
“They have opened to ask routine questions, hard sometimes, and I tell LARRI, Melanie said she
more than their doors, but Melanie views her job my clients to call me if cannot help but feel as
as more personal. She they really need me, but I though she is in the right
they have opened said she always takes the know the process of let- place. “When I see what
their hearts,” opportunity on her first ting go is important,” she LARRI does, and the re-
visit to allow the client to said. action I get from clients, I
- Melanie Parker get comfortable having Most memorable mo- know God has placed me
LARRI in their home. “I ments: Melanie said she here for a reason.” like to help people and cannot choose just one

Control Continued from Page 1

Director for Illinois, describes has also done pro bono work for
Flood control is a
the process for proper, some homeowners affected by the
nationwide company that
professional removal of water 2008 flood who did not qualify for
helps people handle natural
and mold mitigation from a assistance.
catastrophe that may occur
home. in commercial or Wilnau and Flood Control are
“We get a call from LARRI residential properties. For currently putting Site supervisors
about a flooded home, we then more information, call from LARRI through IICRC,
go in and remove the water. (800) - 973 - 0041 Institute of Inspection Cleaning and
Once the water is gone and we Restoration Certification, water
have a relatively dry structure, restoration courses. The goal is to
continues, “There is not a lot of
we create evaporation using make sure job sites are safe for
knowledge about the mold-the
our equipment. Three to five volunteers and contractors going in
damage it can do to people’s
days later, the structure is dry to do work.
homes, and can cause them to be
and prepared for
sick as well. Mold often results For Wilnau,
reconstruction.” Wilnau
from people doing it themselves– it is all about,
trying to remove water and dry “helping to
out their basements the best they create a safe
can.” environment
for LARRI to
It is for this reason that Wilnau
move forward
feels passionately about
with their
continuing to help LARRI in
work.” Photo provided
reconstruction efforts. In another
testament to their willingness to Anthony Steinke explains mold remediation
Photo provided
keep people safe, Flood Control techniques to Purdue camera crew.
Anthony Steinke & Dan Wilnau
Volume 1, Issue II Page 5

AmeriCorps NCCC Volunteer Work Instrumental to LARRI success

By Kasie Tenbarge said JJ Trotta, Assistant part of the AmeriCorps program
Program Director for NCCC, cannot be overstated.
The AmeriCorps NCCC
North Central Region.
(National Civilian “I would like people to know
Community Corps) has Trotta’s job on the regional that this is a huge commitment
been working with LARRI level is to prep sponsors, such for team members just trying to
for more than a year to as LARRI and the volunteer do as much good as possible.
bring teams of volunteers to teams that will be working on- This is an opportunity for young
help with reconstruction. site, about what it means to people to take advantage,
work with NCCC. He has especially before going to
For LARRI, the efforts of
helped to facilitate the arrival college, to learn so much about
the volunteers from NCCC
of five teams of AmeriCorps the world and to gain maturity
have been instrumental in
volunteers that have worked and personal development.”
helping to get people back
with LARRI. The fifth team is
into their homes. The Everyone associated with
currently on-site through June
AmeriCorps experience, LARRI, from homeowners
11, and is led by June Carlson.
however, is much more affected by the floods to the
than being there to cut trim Carlson said the best part LARRI staff in the field and in
and put up drywall. about working with LARRI is, the office, are all so thankful for
“The staff at LARRI is very the help that the NCCC team
“The goal for each
responsive and organized, and members continue to provide.
AmeriCorps team volunteer
this allows us to get a lot of
in the program is to create Jane Deligatti, Director of
work done.”
service-based learning; to LARRI, sums up this sentiment,
learn about the community Her team will work nine to “We are so fortunate to have the
in which they are working, ten hours each day, meeting fifth team of AmeriCorps
and to learn about the with LARRI site supervisors volunteers. They are young,
impact this disaster had on and helping with everything enterprising individuals, all here
the community. By being a from painting to prepping for the good of the cause. It has
part of this, we are creating flooring. Like Trotta, Carlson been phenomenal working with
that sense of life-long feels that the commitment them, and they are a lot of fun
service towards that goal,” from the volunteers who are a too!”

“The staff at
LARRI is very
responsive and
organized, and
Photo provided
allows us to get a
AmeriCorps NCCC
lot of work done,” volunteers take a break from
work for a quick photo
-June Carlson
Photo provided
AmeriCorps NCCC volunteers help
Photo provided
rebuild client home in Lake Station
AmeriCorps NCCC
Leader June Carlson
Lakeshore Area Regional Recovery of Indiana committee is created in
REGIONAL accordance with the laws of Indiana with the purpose of coordination of
RECOVERY OF disaster recovery in Northwest Indiana Planning as defined by the State
INDIANA of Indiana, including Lake, Porter and La Porte Counties by sharing in-
formation, simplifying residents access to services and jointly resolving
Lakeshore Area cases with natural disaster-caused needs.
Regional Recovery of
Indiana There are still hundreds of homes in dire need of restoration.
9200 Calumet
Avenue Suite N-510 New cases come to our attention almost every day.
Munster, Ind. 46321
Volunteers of all skill levels are needed to help restore homes to a liv-
Phone: 219. 836.1325 able condition. We are in need of construction materials, tools, and
Fax:: 219. 836.1546 housing for volunteer teams.
E-mail: To learn how you can help call:
(219) 836-1325 or toll free at (877) LARRI4U. [877-527-7448]

Letter from the Director

Our monthly newsletter exists to further the mission of LARRI, which is to
assist in recovery from disaster through the coordination of community re-
sources, sharing of information and reconnecting lives to hope, specifically
for the survivors of the September 2008 flood.

We welcome suggestions for volunteers, clients, etc. that you would like to
see featured in upcoming editions of the LARRI newsletter. Forward sugges-
tions to Donna George, communications coordinator, at Thanks for reading!


Jane Delligatti, Director

Lakeshore Area Regional Recovery of Indiana

Photo Provided
LARRI Director,
Jane Delligatti