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10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed America: Antietam

Complete the following from the video. Use complete sentences on one, eight, and
1. Why was Abraham Lincoln in mourning on the morning of September 17, 1862?
His son, Willie, had died of typhoid fever the previous winter.
_____ 2. Which statement is true concerning the Civil War up to the summer of
A. The North had won multiple victories.
B. France officially joined the Civil War as an ally of the Confederacy.
C. The South had been on a roll-winning two recent victories.
3. True or False-Britain considered joining the Civil War on the Confederates side
to ensure that cotton continued to come into the countrys factories.
_____ 4. What did Lincolns Cabinet say about the preliminary Emancipation
A. They all thought that the proclamation should be issued immediately.
B. They thought that Lincoln should wait for a northern victory.
C. They opposed freeing the slaves.
_____ 5. What happened that could have allowed George McClellan to decisively
defeat Robert E. Lee?
A. A northern soldier found Lees Special Order 191 and gave it to McClellan.
B. Lincoln sent all of the Union Army to Sharpsburg, VA.
C. Lee retreated to Pennsylvania, but McClellan refused to follow him.
6. True or False-After the first phase of the Battle of Antietam, 9,000 Union and
Confederate soldiers were killed or wounded.
_____ 7. Why did McClellan not try to completely destroy Lees army?
A. McClellan and Lee were good friends.
B. McClellan hated President Lincoln and refused to follow his orders.
C. McClellan feared loosing northern support.
D. McClellan wanted to beat the South just enough to reunite the country.
8. What did Matthew Brady do that brought the war to the nation? He took
pictures at Antietam (an other battles) and posted them in his gallery and in

9. True or False-The South claimed victory in the Battle of Antietam although

neither side was a decisive winner.
10. How many slaves did the Emancipation Proclamation actually free? The EP did
not technically free any slaves.