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Chapter 1
It was the perfect place to live. Just enough distance from the city and right on the path
to the highway. It was quiet and very storybook cozy. I remember when I first viewed the
complex; I knew I wanted to reside there. It was only two floors high and had many units.
I admired the architectural design of the southern style, of nothing fancy. The courtyard
size pool in front of the door of the apartment I (we) occupied was simply stunning too. I
just loved looking out at the neighbors and all the activity that went on daily around it.
The apartment had big spacious rooms. The living area and dining area shared the same
jumbo sized window. The kitchen was small and yet very convenient. It had two
bedrooms and two full baths, one obviously in the masters room. Plenty of closet space
of course. White walls with light beige carpeting throughout. I couldnt wait to decorate

it. But most of all the central air conditioning and heat was a huge deal. I knew that this
maison was for me. Actually this was my first modern style apartment.
You see, I was twenty something years old then and this is the place I mentioned in one
of my previous books. I met some wonderful people there. I dont exactly know how it
happenedit just did. It comes naturally in this city. Everybodys related to everybody or
everybody knows someone thats related to the very person youre speaking of. Its a
funny thing ha-ha! I met Cynthia and Dianne, June and Jazzy, Valerie and Mary. Theres
Effy and her husband and their beautiful daughter Autumn.
They were an interesting group of young ladies. Sometimes when they would have their
curtains open I could see them sitting down at dinner, and watching television or maybe
dancing to the music they were listening to. They all seemed to be happy folks; family
oriented indeed, just what I was hoping for. Most everyone who lived there was about my
age. We were all moms and had small children. Some were married, some were single,
and some were divorced. I believe that this beautiful location in New Orleans East was
waiting for my arrival, and Im sure glad to say now (looking back in retrospect) that I
have roots there. Yep, this was the perfect place to live.
Quickly I got to know the neighbors really well. Each time we saw one another on the
way to the laundry room, or coming home from the grocery store, we just said hi with a
friendly smile and before you know it, we were laughing and talking. Only God knew
that our friendship would flourish into something very sacred with special meaning that
could be cherished forever.

Chapter 2
We did all sorts of things together. We had so many favorite things that we love doing,
and every one of them was magnificent darling. Things like how to cook this and how to
bake that? And what do we wear to the shopping center? Not that neither of us needed to
buy anything new most of the time. We just enjoyed the looks on the guys faces when
they would see us all together, thats all. They flirted like sailors you know, we loved it
and it was hilarious! We simply enjoyed every moment of each day.
Its a wonderful thing to experience all four seasons with friends too. You get to see just
how they are and how they react to the changes in the climate. But most of all its
interesting to see what kind of fashion sense they have. Like for instance, Dianne, well
she just love being glamorous. Yep, she wore lots of perfume, makeup and plenty of
jingling sparkling loud accessories to accentuate every outfit along with her big beautiful
smile. Yep, you could hear her coming from a far like Arabian horses adorned with
trinkets. Speaking of such, she also wore the perfect horse shoe.(She always frowned).
Cynthia was the one that modeled everything that was new on the market at the time.
Didnt matter what it was, shoes, hats, belts boots etc. If it was a hot item that everyone
was eager to get, she bought it. She was always saying did you see that! Im going to
get it tomorrow! She had more clothes that closet space in her apartment. Her style was
rich and splendid. She was a quiet girl and spoke softly. Shes sophistication.

June was a very wise and a reserved girl. She kept everything real. She didnt put on a
front for anybody. She was the same all the time. Either you like her or you dont she
didnt care. She was the coolest, most suave thing Ive ever seen (if I could say that about
a female). Her style was nice and simple. She didnt like getting all dolled up for the
guys. Shed just throw on something and sit back and chill (smoking and sipping with
those glorious braids in her hair) although she loved entertaining. I could still hear her
saying Yeah cool, yall do that while I sit here and do this and put some music on.
She loved to count the money.
Jazzy was the funniest person weve ever met. She always forgot that she was married,
and to a great guy too. She loved having fun and living in the moment. If she saw
something that she liked, she went after it immediately, if you know what I mean. Yes
indeed, she was care free about everything. Her style was all thrown together, like
personality pieces. Shed wear crocheted hats and long beads with almost everything. We
would laugh out heads off at her, because one of the many silly things she liked doing
was, to sit by the pool at sunset and rub sun tanning lotion all over her body and she
was a dark complexion girl. She did this to get the attention of the cute guys.
Valerie never really said much. She only came downstairs and said hi to everyone
whenever she was had chores to do. She liked sitting on her porch in the evenings and
talked with Mary the girl that lived next door to her, as she watched her little boy play
outside. Her style was bright and colorful. And so was Marys who also didnt say much.
I met Effy at the school bus stop one morning. She had just moved into the
neighborhood. She was married and has a beautiful daughter whose name is Autumn.
Effy sometimes would stop by my apartment and chat with me. She was kind and
friendly, but also particular about people. She didnt mingle. She had her friends and I
had mine friends. But she was always certain about our friendship. Guess she liked me
best out of the whole bunch. Her style was traditionally southern. Shed wear long
dresses (floral print) all the time. Looked like someone from an oil painting. She was old
fashioned and very lady like.

Chapter 3
As the years went by, and as we got a little older (I am still in my twenties) I began
teaching the word of God to the neighborhood kids. They played with their little toys in
front of my door all the time anyway, so I would look out at them from my window and
tell them a story. Their little minds were so in tuned, and they asked lots of questions and
wanted to hear more. And one day I decided to tell them the amazing stories of the bible.
It has everything Super heroes, special effects, miracles, and the kids need to know
As I began teaching them about the Heavenly Father and His word, the crowd grew
larger. Kids were coming from everywhere, and would sit quietly in front of my
apartment waiting for me to open the door and to sit with them. They were the most
precious little darlings. (Sometimes the neighbors couldnt get to their own units, because
the children used up the entire sidewalk). Some of them wanted to know what was going

on. And I just smiled at them and said having a bible study today Thats nice, can my
kid come over too? Some of the parents asked. Sure I replied. Well the word got
around fast about my teaching and everyone was soon stopping by to either drop off or to
pick up their little ones on Mondays.
The children enjoyed coming together and learning together and interacting with one
another about the bible. They didnt know it, but they were gaining wisdom and
knowledge at a young age. They would discuss the lessons with their parents when they
were at home. (The parents told me so). And then the older kids in the neighborhood (The
teenagers) began to ask if they also could come over and sit and listen in. Sure I said
and they did. They were intrigued with learning and translating the King James Version.
And before you knew it, they were having so much fun that their age group began to meet
in front of my apartment too. Now I was teaching the little ones on Mondays, and the
older ones on Wednesdays.
Everybody was noticing a change for the good in their kids behavior, and started
asking me to extend my teachings to three days a week, because they wanted to be
included in the experience. So I did. I was now sharing the word of God with my
neighbors. And we were having a wonderful time. Yep, and we made a big deal about it
too. We were excited about gathering together. I cooked a good delicious dish for
everyone, some bought snacks, and some bought drinks (iced tea, soda, and bottled
water) some bought over extra chairs for seating because the crowd got very large. Lots
of folks attended.
And we did this on Fridays.

Chapter 4

Well the word got out again about my teaching, and this time it went all the way to the
front office, the managers office. The young lady who worked in there came over to my
apartment one day and knocked on the door. She was nice and friendly. As I stood in the
doorway and talked with her, she said to me with a smile on her face that the manager
wants to speak with me about something And if it is possible, could I come over that
same day Sure I said and then I asked what it is about? She didnt say much, just
said that it was important and thanks. Later that evening just before closing time,
(because if its not good newsdoesnt want to be in there any longer than necessary) I
went to the front office to meet with the manager. Most everyone was gone for the day
it was quiet.
I sat down and then she came in and said hi. She said she heard of the bible study
classes I was having inside of my apartment three days a week. She also said that it was a
very nice thing to do for the folks there in her building. And it was all everyone was

talking about. She then leaned back in her big chair behind her desk and opened the top
drawer and got a key from it. She looked me right in the eye and said here, I want you to
have this key. Im giving you an empty apartment to accommodate the huge crowd for
your bible meetings. Also Im giving to you the key to the vending machine outside of
that very unit, so that your group may have plenty of snacks and drinks. She went on to
say that she was proud of me, and to keep up the good work.
One evening a beautiful young married couple knocked on my door. They were
missionaries and they were sharing the written word of God with everyone that would
hear. When I opened the door, I knew immediately, that I liked them. Both were pleasant
and soft spoken. They asked me the familiar question that all Christians ask Do you
know the Lord and May we have a moment of your time to tell you about Him? I
laughed so loud (almost hysterically) and said Sure I do. I told them about the bible
meetings at my place and invited them to come.
And they did. They got to see and hear the miracle that God was doing in my life, using
a little bitty nobody like me to tell others about Him. When I didnt really know much
about Him myself. I was learning as I go. They enjoyed everything. The praise and
worship service, the studying of the word, the delicious cuisine. But most of all I believe
that they absolutely love getting to know the people there. They came back every time.
Several months later I (we) moved from that delightful place Maison, on Michoud
Boulevard. It was an honor to give to them the work that God had started with me. I knew
that it was in good hands. I continued to stop by and sit in on the meetings. It was great to
see everyone still attending. They would sometimes call me on the phone to let me know
that folks from all over the city were still coming.
And my dear sweet landlord, Ms. Dot was the person God used to help provide for and
to feed the sheep. And yes its true. If you build it, they shall come. She played a
remarkable roll in this ministry. We all did. To God Most High, be all the Glory! In Jesus
name, Amen.

I dedicate this little book to the amazing people of New Orleans East. We are family. I
love you always.

To all my readers
God bless and prosper,

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