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NR Electric Co., Ltd.


Overcurrent Relay

The PCS-9691E overcurrent relay is designed for fast and

selective protection, control and monitoring of feeders, shunt
capacitor banks, reactors or motors etc. in directly grounded,
impedance grounded, Peterson coil grounded or ungrounded

Three-stage phase overcurrent protection. (50/51P)
Three-stage neutral overcurrent protection. (50/51G)
Three-stage negative sequence overcurrent protection. (51Q)
Directional ground time overcurrent protection. (67G)
Breaker failure protection. (51BF)
Thermal overload protection. (49)

Functional Block Diagram

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NR Electric Co., Ltd.

Broken conductor protection. (46BC)

Undervoltage/overvoltage protection. (27/59)
Multi-slot three-pole auto-reclosing (Up to 3 slots). (79)
Ten (10) available curves complied with ANSI and IEC
standard. (IDMT)
Thermal model overload curve.
Voltage transformer supervision. (VTS)
Current transformer supervision. (CTS)
Current drift auto-adjustment.

Metering and monitoring

Tripping/Closing circuit supervision
Circuit breaker status monitoring
Operation time supervision of breaker
256 SOE records, including tripping, alarm, change of binary
inputs and self-check.
Eight (8) wave records, up to 4.5 seconds for each wave
record, compatible with COMTRADE format.
Supervision of tripping time, CBF starting current, CB
switching counter, CB travelling time and internal relay fault.

10 configurable binary inputs
7 binary outputs for DC voltage (including 4 configurable
contacts), 9 binary outputs for AC voltage (including 6
configurable contacts)
8 LEDs, including 4 configurable LEDs
Local/remote opening/closing logic of breaker
Faceplate buttons for local control of breaker

Communication and HMI

One RS-232 port for testing
Two RS-485 ports for communication with SCADA
IEC 60870-5-103 DNP 3.0 serial, and MODBUS protocol
RCS-PC assistant software for testing
Clock Synchronization


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O n t h e p r e m i s e o f 3 2 s a m p l e s p e r c y c l e , a l l d a ta
measurement, calculation and logic discrimination could be
done within one sampling period. The event recording and
protection logic calculation are completed simultaneously.
Definite time and inverse time of phase overcurrent
protection are both provided.
Definite time and inverse time of zero sequence overcurrent
protection are both provided.
This relay constantly measures and calculates analog
quantities for metering including phase current and zero
sequence current.
This relay is equipped with two EIA RS-485 standardized
electrical interfaces for uplink communication.
This relay can communication with SAS or RTU, the
communication protocol of this device is IEC60870-5-103,
Modbus or DNP3.0.
Event recording function: 32 latest fault reports (up to 8
records in a report), 64 alarm records and 256 records of
time tagged sequence of event can be recorded.
Perfect fault and disturbance recording function: 3 latest fault
waves. the fault and disturbance file format is COMTRADE.
This device can store settings, history reports and fault
waves in a 2Mbit FRAM, which means the information will
not be lost even if the power supply is switched off.