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Madison Romero

Rationale: In order for students to gain a greater understanding of the world around them, students will
engage in metacognition in order to review the role humans play in Weathering and Erosion.
Objectives: Students will explain the relationship between weather and erosion. Students will recall the
information they have received though explicit lecture.
Content Standards:
Ohio Standards for Teaching Profession

ISTE NETS-S Standards


Assessment: What will students do to show what they have learned? How good is good enough to meet
standards? Describe the tools and techniques you will use.
Type of formative
(multiple choice, free
response, use of text,
use of images, etc.)
Multiple Choice

Description of
What will students do to
show what they have
Respond on poll,
embedded in Canvas

Evaluation Criteria- How good is good enough to

meet standards?
(Related to the learning objectives)
Include scoring guide, rubric or other criteria
I will look for the correct answer and look as to why
the students would have selected the wrong answer

Materials: List materials for both Student Needs and Teacher Needs

Student Needs:
Headphones, Computer, Keyboard, Software to Canvas
Teacher Needs:
Headphones, Computer, Keyboard, Software to Canvas

Lesson Plan
Opening: The students will be introduced to the teacher. The lesson will be previewed, and the students
will be able to give their predictions based on the knowledge they have acquired throughout the
Presentation and Practice: In the lesson the students will first begin with a Crash Course in
Weathering and Erosion. The students will then engage in an online virtual experiment though a website
I will lead. I will ask the students before each experiment what are the hypothesis and predictions each
student has regarding either the chemical or mechanical weathering.
At the end of the lesson the students will engage in a poll, which will be embedded in the canvas
PowerPoint. The students will be given 4 minutes to read and respond to the question. Once all the
students have responded, I will go through each answer and explain why the answer is not correct.
Finally, I will explain to the students why the correct answer is correct.

Resources: Include assessments, rubrics, and online resource links incorporated into the lesson, if


My Virtual Cooperating Teacher (VCT) was extremely helpful through this whole process. My VCT
allowed me to choose if I would prefer to teach math or science. I asked to teach science, and she
informed me that in science the students were learning about weathering and erosion. In order to prepare
for the lesson I read the Ohio content standards for 4th grade science. The lesson went very smoothly as the
students were very willing to answer questions and engage in discussions. There was a time where the chat
was getting off topic, and I did ask over the headset to please stay on topic, however I did not feel
comfortable, and did not know how to turn off the chat. I did enjoy reading what the students had to say in
the chat, on topic or not. The lesson went by very quickly and my VCT did step in to turn off the chat
when she believed the students were too off topic. Overall, I feel the lesson went really well and my VCT
was very helpful through everything!