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Verbal skills
Analogies 01
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Test infomation and general strategies

The SSAT tests your ability to recognize relationships between words. These
questions are called analogies. How can you do well on analogies? Of course, the
best way is to know all of the words, so keep working on your vocabulary!
Analogies seem daunting at first, but they are actually not that difficult.
The pattern of the analogy questions looks like this:
Word A is to Word B


Word C is to Word D

This means that A relates to B in the same way that C relates to D.

The best way to learn analogies is to make your own sentence that
includes the first pair of words. Try to make the sentence short, and try to use
the word means or is, whenever possible. The relationship youre trying to build
between these words should be clear and obvious.
For instance, lets say you get the following sentence.
Food is to pantry as clothes is to __________.
The sentence you create might be Food goes into a pantry. Then, use the next word
in your sentence:
Clothes go into a __________.
You may not even have to look at the choices. Fill in the logical word, closet. Then
look at the choices to see i the word closet is there. If so, youve got the answer! If
not, youll need to create another sentence because yours might not have been
specific enough.
At this point, you shouldnt make them too complicated like Food is edible and is
kept cool and dark in a pantry. This is too specific.
Lets take a look at some possible choices.

dressing room

Clothes can go into all of these things. Whats the relationship?

Well, lets create a new sentence that more specifically defines the relationship: We
put our food into a pantry until we need it.
Do we put our clothes into the hamper, dryer, store, or dressing room until we wear
them? No, we dont, so closet is still correct.

Practice 1: Create sentences for the following pairs of words. Try to make
the sentence as simple and logical as possible.
1) piece, puzzle
2) grass, green
3) caterpillar, butterfly
4) practice, succeed
5) chapter, book
6) scale, weight
7) striped, lines
8) anger, rage
9) rehearsal, performance
10) mechanic, car
11) traitor, country
12) aggravate, problem
13) trout, fish
14) general, army
15) law, crime
16) buckle, belt
17) truculent, fight
18) cure, illness
19) toxic, poison
20) mountain, pinnacle
21) perilous, safety
22) humanitarian, philanthropy
23) notorious, reputation
24) miser, generosity

* Tricks:
1. Eliminate all the synonyms in the answers, because they cant all be
2. If you see two opposite choices, one of these is very often the correct
3. If you completely unfamiliar with the pair of words in the question, you can
work backwards by making sentences with the answer words. If any of
those make a very strong, logical connection, that could be the right
Practice 2:
1. Freedom is to independence as purity is to __________.
A. error
B. guilt
C. mistake
D. innocence
E. culpability
2. Trust is to doubt as confess is to __________.
A. own
B. deny
C. admit
D. deter
E. defeat
3. Ship is to sea as sprinter is to __________.
A. shore
B. wood
C. track
D. faucer
E. boat

4. Empathy is to feeling as comprehension is to __________.

A. understanding
B. ignorance
C. malevolence
D. condescending
E. enmity
5. belligerent is to war as pacific is to __________.
A. ocean
B. peace
C. atlantic
D. baby
E. sea

Lets move to some more difficult (and more typical)

analogies, but the basic strategy is exactly the same.
Practice 3:
1. Actor is to play as _________________________.
A. Movie is to book
B. Magazine is to program
C. Poem is to character
D. Musician is to symphony
E. Text is to memorization
2. Mars is to Venus as _________________________.
A. Monday is to August

B. The moon is to night

C. Winter is to cold
D. Mecury is to temperature
E. January is to March
3. Nickel is to quarter as _________________________.
A. Dollar is to half-dollar
B. Shrub is to tree
C. Leaf is to green
D. Change is to coins
E. Whole is to fraction
4. Dog is to puppy as _________________________.
A. Bush is to tree
B. Beet is to root
C. Tree is to sapling
D. Petal is to flower
E. Kitten is to fledging
5. Bewilder is to confuse as _________________________.
A. Variable is to constant
B. Glee is to gloom
C. Culpable is to guilty
D. Dainty is to burly
E. Recession is to depression
6. Useless is to need as _________________________.
A. Protein is to nutrition
B. Intrigue is to plot
C. Durable is to strength
D. Porous is to sponge

E. Tacit is to sound
7. Quagmire is to swamp as _________________________.
A. Apparel is to protection
B. Chaos is to confusion
C. Euphony is to cacophony
D. Blunder is to pledge
E. Veto is to pardon
8. Ballet is to dance as _________________________.
A. Tap is to art
B. Rap is to music
C. Shoe is to slipper
D. Position is to leap
E. Perfomer is to ballerina
9. Forlorn is to cheerful as _________________________.
A. Sweltering is to frigid
B. Inept is to dormant
C. Pacific is to serenity
D. Hot is to inferno
E. Swift is to antelope
10. Geologist is to rocks as _________________________.
A. Botanist is to bones
B. Biologist is to medicine
C. Chemist is to glass
D. Linguist to to butterflies
E. Graphologist is to handwriting

Even more difficult analogies!

Some of the relationships on the SSAT are extremely tricky because they dont
relate in the way that you normally think of.
Lets look at these types of questions and how to deal with them.
1. Some of the pair of words can only relate if you look at the words as words. This
means that in such cases you shouldnt think about what the words actually MEAN;
but look at how theyre spelled or pronounced or where they fall alphabetically.
Example: Can you tell the relationships between these words?
1. Rue is to rude
2. Mime is to dime
3. Tired is to tried
4. Cough is to dough
5. Thyme is to time
2. On some occasions, you cant even find any logical relationship between the
words in the question. In such cases, youll have to look for another type of
relationship. GO VERTICAL.
Cow is to orange as ______________________.
A. Horse is to avocado
B. Pulp is to navel
C. Milk is to juice

D. Calcium is to phosphorus
E. Vitamin is to mineral
Can you make a clear, logical sentence relating cow and orange? Unfortunately,
Lets look at the answer choices.
The answer is C, because milk comes from a cow and juice come from an
Practice 4:
1. Pots is to pans as _________________________.
A. Skillet is to ham
B. Plots is to lands
C. Dishes is to silverware
D. Kettle is to corn
E. Stop is to snap
2. Fish is to automobile as _________________________.
A. Boot is to camp
B. Jeep is to military
C. Tank is to garage
D. Filet is to axle
E. Bowl is to box
3. Stationery is to write as _________________________.
A. Ambulatory is to left
B. Stationary is to right
C. Ceremony is to rite
D. Unsatisfactory is to wrong
E. Rign is to wring

Practice 5: Select the answer choice that best complete the meaning of
the following sentences.
1. Rudder is to boat as _________________________.
A. Engine is to motor
B. President is to judiciary
C. Rugby is to basketball
D. Nigeria is to Argentina
E. Sleeve is to coat
2. Globe is to sphere as _________________________.
A. Triangle is to pyramid
B. Block is to cube
C. Oval is to egg
D. Earth is to orbit
E. Circle is to gyroscope
3. Rival is to partner as _________________________.
A. Opponent is to competitor
B. Friend is to foe
C. Enemy is to contestant
D. Adversary is to antagonist
E. Associate is to cohort
4. Gem is to sapphire as woodwind is to _________________________.
A. Tuba
B. Piano
C. Clarinet

D. Trumpet
E. Timpani
5. Exercise is to fatique as _________________________.
A. Effort is to success
B. Eating is to food
C. Travel is to Rome
D. Study is to book
E. Money is to coins

6. Chocolate is to candy as
A. Fish is to mammal
B. Meat is to animal
C. Cat is to animal
D. Brick is to house
E. Fire is to forest
7. Pound is to weight as
A. Decibel is to sound
B. Inch is to foot
C. Quart is to liter
D. Fathom is to height
E. Length is to distance
8. Class is to student as
A. Cast is to actor
B. Teacher is to staff


C. Conductor is to band
D. Director is to play
E. Musician is to band
9. Composer is to symphony as
A. Mechanic is to auto
B. Major is to troops
C. Architect is to building
D. Tycoon is to wealth
E. Writer is to paragraph
10. Link is to chain as
A. Obstacle is to course
B. Group is to member
C. Sidewalk is to path
D. Mural is to museum
E. Word is to sentence
11. Tadpole is to frog as caterpillar is to
A. Worm
B. Cocoon
C. Crawl
D. Larvae
E. Butterfly
12. Cuff is to wrist as
A. String is to hood
B. Buckle is to waist
C. Cap is to hat
D. Vest is to body
E. Collar is to neck


13. Congregation is to worshippers as

A. Galaxy is to stars
B. Party is to politics
C. Mine is to gems
D. Job is to employers
E. Pottery is to shards
14. Tactile is to touch as
A. Delectable is to drink
B. Audible is to sound
C. Potable is to food
D. Servile is to obey
E. Nutritious is to meal
15. Conviction is to opinion as
A. Report is to story
B. Reverence is to admiration
C. Debate is to argument
D. Appeal is to affectation
E. Ascend is to precipice
16. Caricature is to drawing as
A. Joke is to punch line
B. Watercolor is to painting
C. Hyperbole is to statement
D. Star is to feature
E. Dynamite is to blast
17. Clap is to stomp as
A. Snap is to shout
B. Hand is to foot


C. Map is to ramp
D. Door is to wall
E. Finger is to chicken
18. Deceleration is to speed as
A. Adulation is to praise
B. Descent is to altitude
C. Tyranny is to leader
D. Hydration is to water
E. Fear is to hatred
19. Dull is to insipid as diverting is to
A. Expecting
B. Feeling
C. Astounding
D. Entertaining
E. Surprising
20. Voracious is to food as
A. Greedy is to money
B. Gluttonous is to obesity
C. Clarity is to water
D. Generosity is to object
E. Veracity is to truth
21. Adroit is to motion as
A. Bridled is to emotion
B. Unfettered is to restraint
C. Superior is to skill
D. Ubiquitous is to presence
E. Articulate is to speech


22. Anesthetic is to pain as

A. Lamp is to light
B. Mnemonic is to memory
C. Exercise is to diet
D. Understanding is to comprehension
E. Muffler is to noise
23. Oven is to kiln as baker is to
A. Potter
B. Ceramics
C. Bread
D. Miner
E. Shepherd
24. Impeccable is to adequate as
A. Impressionable is to eager
B. Inexhausible is to sufficient
C. Impossible is to prepared
D. Intangible is to popular
E. Impractical is to sensible
25. Symmetrical is to amorphous as
A. Metric is to moronic
B. Shapely is to muscled
C. Balanced is to unshaped
D. Flowing is to lined
E. External is to internal


26-45: page 55 SSAT ISEE 2nd edition (Mcgraw-Hill)