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2 Configure the Router

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There are two ways to configure the Router. Choose one of the following: D Repeat step C to connect These instructions will show you how
additional PCs or other network to configure the Router. You only
• Run the Setup CD-ROM - It is strongly recommended that you use the devices to the Router. need to configure it once.
Setup CD-ROM to install the Router. Insert the Setup CD-ROM into the
CD-ROM drive, and follow the on-screen instructions. E Connect a different Ethernet NOTE: Make sure your PC’s Ethernet
network cable from your cable adapter is set to obtain an IP address
•Use this Quick Installation guide - If you wish, you can use the Router’s or DSL modem to the Internet automatically. For more information,
web-based utility to install the Router. Proceed to Step 1, and follow the port on the Router’s back
Quick Installation’s instructions. panel. This is the only port that E refer to Windows Help.

will work for your modem

connection. A Open your web browser. Enter in its Address
1 Connect the Broadband Router
Power on the cable or DSL
field. Press the Enter key.

A password request screen will


A Before you begin, make sure G Connect the AC power appear. Leave the User Name
that you have the setup adapter to the Router’s Power field empty, and enter the
information for your specific port and the other end into an default password, admin, in
lowercase letters in the
type of Internet connection. electrical outlet.
G Password field. (For added
The installation technician from
your ISP should have left this H Make sure the Power and security, you should later set a
information with you after Internet LEDs on the front panel IMPORTANT: Make sure you use new password, using the
installing your broadband light up green. the power adapter that is sup- Administration tab’s
connection. If not, you can call plied with the Router. Use of a Management screen of the
Package Contents your ISP to request the settings. I The Power LED will flash green different power adapter could Web-based Utility). Then, click
• Wireless-G Broadband Router with SpeedBooster for a few seconds when the damage the Router. the OK button.
• Setup CD-ROM with Symantec Internet Security
B Make sure that all of your Router goes through its self-
C The Web-based Utility will

User Guide on CD-ROM
Power Adapter network’s hardware is powered diagnostic test. This LED will stay
• Ethernet Network Cable off, including the Router, PCs, solidly lit when the self-test is NOTE: For information on con- appear with the Setup tab
• Quick Installation Guide and cable or DSL modem. complete. If it does not stop necting this Router behind selected. If requested by your
• Registration Card flashing, refer to “Appendix A: another router, refer to Chapter 4 ISP (usually cable ISPs),
C Connect one end of an Troubleshooting” of the User in the User Guide on the Setup complete the Host Name and
Domain Name fields.
Ethernet network cable to one Guide on the Setup CD-ROM. CD-ROM.
2.4 GHz Wireless-G
of the ports (labeled 1-4) on
the back of the Router, and the J Power on the PC you wish to
use to configure the Router.
Otherwise, leave them blank.

other end to an Ethernet port

Broadband Router on a PC.
Proceed to Step 2.
with SpeedBooster
Quick Installation C C
Model No.
Model No. WRT54GS
3 Configure the Router 4
D For the Internet Connection HeartBeat Signal: HeartBeat Signal H Wireless Network Name (SSID). L Power your cable or DSL
Type setting, five connection is a service used in Australia only. If The SSID is the network name modem off and back on
types are offered through the you are using a HeartBeat Signal shared among all devices in a again.
drop-down menu. Each Setup connection, check with your ISP for wireless network. The SSID must
screen and available features setup information. HeartBeat Signal be identical for all devices in M Restart your computer.
will differ depending on which the wireless network. It is case-
connection type you select. E When you have finished sensitive and must not exceed N Test the setup by opening your
entering your Internet 32 characters (use any web browser and entering
Internet Configuration Type connection settings, click the keyboard character). For
Save Settings button to save added security, you should N
Automatic Configuration - DHCP: If your changes. change the default SSID
Congratulations! The installation of
you are connecting through DHCP
or a dynamic IP address from your
DHCP F To configure the Router for your
(linksys) to a unique name.
the Wireless-G Broadband Router
ISP, keep this default setting. wireless network, select the I Wireless Channel. Select the with SpeedBooster is complete.
Wireless Tab’s Basic Wireless appropriate channel from the
Static IP: If your ISP assigns you a Settings screen. list provided to correspond with
static IP address, select Static IP your network settings. All
from the drop-down menu. G Select the Wireless Network devices in your wireless network
Complete the Internet IP Address, Mode: must broadcast on the same For additional information or troubleshooting
Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS channel in order to function help, refer to the User Guide on the Setup CD-

Static IP
ROM. You can also call or e-mail for further
fields. You need to enter at least Mixed: If your network has correctly.
one DNS address. Wireless-G and Wireless-B
devices, then keep the default J Wireless SSID Broadcast. When 24-hour Technical Support
PPPoE: If you are connecting setting, Mixed. wireless clients survey the local 800-326-7114
through PPPoE, select PPPoE from area for wireless networks to (toll-free from US or Canada)
the drop-down menu. Complete G-Only: If your network only has
G associate with, they will detect E-mail Support
the User Name and Password Wireless-G devices, select the SSID broadcast by the
fields. PPPoE G-Only. Router. To broadcast the
Website or
Router's SSID, keep the default
PPTP: PPTP is a service used in B-Only: If your network only has setting, Enable. If you do not RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)
Europe only. If you are using a PPTP Wireless-B devices, select want to broadcast the Router's
FTP Site
connection, check with your ISP for B-Only. SSID, then select Disable.
setup information.
Disable: If you want to disable K Change these settings as NOTE: For more advanced set-
Sales Information
800-546-5797 (800-LINKSYS)
wireless networking, select described here and click the
PPTP Disable. Save Settings button to apply
tings and security options, refer
to the User Guide on the Setup Linksys is a registered trademark or trademark of
your changes. CD-ROM.
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and certain other countries. Copyright © 2004
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