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Fall - 2016
1st - Womens Ensemble (HR)
3rd - Mens Ensemble
4th - Womens Chorus

Spring - 2017
2nd - Intro to Singing
3rd - Womens Chorale
4th - Chamber Singers

Welcome to Vocal Music Class!

The Wakefield High School Choral Program has become well respected in our school, county
and state. I am excited that you have decided to add your voice to this musical legacy. If you
choose to commit to consistent and dedicated practice, I think you will be pleasantly surprised
by what your voice is capable of, what we can accomplish by working together, and the
remarkable music we will make this year!
Mr. Mullinax, Choral Director
Bachelor Music Education, Mars Hill College
Master of Music, Conducting Performance, University of North Texas
National Board Certified Teacher

The Wakefield ChorUS Code:


are a choral community with a rich, artistic heritage.

respect one another and work together as a team.
pursue excellence in everything we do.
take responsibility for our actions.
are leaders in our school and community.
celebrate success and find the joy in progress.
take pride in our accomplishments and learn from our mistakes.
are open-minded and willing to accept criticism.
look for the potential that resides within all human beings.
never say Thats Good Enough.

Web Application Enrollment Codes:

1-Remind 101 - text code to (910) 778-2828
Womens Chorus
enter code: @mrmullinax
Harmonik Rhythm
enter code: @mnax
Mens Ensemble
enter code: @jpmnax16
Chamber Singers
enter code: @jpmullinax
Intro to Singing
enter code: @jmullinax
Parents / Boosters
enter code: @jpmullin
2-Chorus website - subscription code provided individually

Smart Singers Make Great Music!


Students are eligible for multiple semesters of honors credit and class placement is based on
scheduling issues AND proficiency level. (See Honors Requirements attached to this
VMI = Beginning,

VM II = Intermediate,

VM IIIH = Proficient,

VM IV = Advanced.

INTRO TO SINGING - TREBLE CHOIR (SPRING) Open to new students to Wakefields Vocal Music program) This course is designed specifically to assist the
inexperienced singer make the transition to the high school choral environment. Female students who did not have
Vocal Music at the middle school level must take this course before they can enroll in a higher level vocal music
class unless they successfully demonstrate a proficient knowledge of sight singing and vocal development in a
scheduled audition. (Men must enroll in Mens Ensemble.) The female voice matures at an incredibly fast pace
between ages 14 and 18. Singers are encouraged to attend choral performances and to attend some mandatory
after-school rehearsals for special events. Other performance opportunities are occasionally provided and are
optional. Students enrolled in this class are travel eligible however, they must also be available to attend
afterschool rehearsals as scheduled by the instructor.

HARMONIK RHYTHM WOMENS ENSEMBLE (Fall) (Audition / Teacher Recommendation)

This ensemble is comprised of women who have auditioned and/or returning to the WHS choral program who are
interested in working in an advanced ensemble environment and developing strong performance skills. This
ensemble will perform in all major concerts, contests, and appearances as requested by the school and community.
Many appearances will include literature in a variety of styles and genres. Extra rehearsals are expected after
school as well as all performances. Students in this course must also be a member of Wakefield Singers during the
following spring semester. Members in this ensemble are required to pay the regular lab fee in addition to payment
for show choir dress and accessories. (Approx. $200 total for the first semester) Some previous members of HR
may be willing to sell you their dress / shoes at a reduced rate. Those transactions can be worked out independently
between individuals. Most rehearsal will be during school hours, however, there may be some rehearsals
afterschool to polish before a performance. This is a rigorous course with high level of proficiency.

MENS ENSEMBLE (Fall) - Multi-Level Proficiency

This ensemble is open to all WHS men regardless of age or level of vocal development. This ensemble is the only
WHS ensemble that exclusively tailored to meet the needs of the young male singer. Extra rehearsals are rare, but
occasionally are at times held after school. You will be notified in plenty of time before a mandatory after school
rehearsal is scheduled to that you may make plans for alternative transportation. This performance ensemble will
function independently as well as combine with the Womens Choir / Womens Ensemble to become Wakefield
Singers or Wakefield HS Concert Choir.

WOMENS CHORUS / CHORALE (Fall / Spring) Intermediate / Proficient

This womens ensemble is designed to meet the needs of the intermediate/proficient singer and is open to any
female singer with experience in a choral ensemble. Transfer students from another school, may schedule an
audition to determine skill level and sight reading ability prior to placement. This ensemble regularly participates in
outside performance obligations including Winter Graduation Ceremonies. Extra rehearsals are occasionally
scheduled after school.

WAKEFIELD CHAMBER SINGERS (Spring) (Audition / Teacher Recommendation)

This mixed ensemble is designed to meet the needs of the proficient / advanced singer. Chamber Singers is open
only to students with previous experience in choral music and / or audition. Transfer students may schedule an
audition to determine skill level and sight reading ability prior to placement. This ensemble regularly participates in
outside performance obligations including Winter Graduation Ceremonies. Extra rehearsals after school is
sometimes necessary and attendance is required as this is a fairly rigorous course with a high performance level.



Be a straight A student! Perhaps I am somewhat old school but I believe that how we present ourselves
outwardly has a direct and lasting impact on the development of our inner self. Different circumstances and life
events dictate appropriate dress. We would not wear a dress or suit to a gym work out or wear a swim suit to a
business interview. I know other students in the school may get by with less than appropriate school attire,
however, as student performers and leaders, I have greater expectations of you and expect you to set higher
standards for yourself. Be the trend-setter and be the person others wish to model. Also, certain school days will
require you to wear appropriate performance attire. (Chorus T-shirt/jeans, dressing UP for juries, etc.) Dress code
extends to off campus activities when you are representing the school and choral program. Please note: My

personal opinion is that yoga pants / leggings (women) and saggy pants / tanks (men) are NOT appropriate dress
for school.
*Parents, please help me avoid embarrassing situations and inconveniences by ensuring your student is
dressed appropriately before they leave home for school, field trips or performances.

Our GOALS are to:
1. to develop a focused and supported vocal sound
2. to develop skills in sight-singing and music reading
3. to develop an awareness of techniques needed to produce harmonic balance
4. to identify and respond appropriately to musical terms
5. to develop a varied repertoire of selected choral literature
6. to develop a sense of responsibility to the group.
7. to develop personal character traits of leadership, poise and dependability
8. to pursue music as an avenue of self-expression
9. to gain experience in evaluating live performances and recordings
10. to enjoy music through active participation
11. to utilize acquired musical skills in public performance
12. to become aware of career opportunities in music.


The students of Wakefield High School are committed to being honest and responsible in the
completion of academic materials and interactions with the school administration and community.
Cheating, stealing, plagiarism (passing off another's work, words, or ideas as one's own), and lying
(including willful distortion or misrepresentation) are considered violations of the Honor Code. Through a
joint fulfillment of this code, students and faculty will achieve their fullest potential in academic
excellence and character.
Cheating falls under the School Boards policy addressing integrity. It is defined as: the giving or
receiving of unauthorized class work or homework, copying work and turning it in as ones own, or using
unauthorized aids on tests and quizzes. Major cheating is cheating on a major assessment such as a
mid-term test or project. Minor cheating is cheating on homework, in-class work, and the like. Teachers
have discretion in determining the level of cheating as it relates to the assignment or assessment.
Cheating will result in a zero in this class, will be documented as an infraction, and may be removed
from honor societies and/or have negative impact on extra-curricular activities.

The purpose of grades are to communicate student achievement and identify areas for
improvement to students, parents, and teachers. Grading policies will follow those set forth by
WCPSS, Wakefield High School Leadership, and the Wakefield Performing Arts Department are not
designed to be punitive. However, grades are a students demonstration of content mastery not effort. In
a performance based class, you must be able to demonstrate how your knowledge of music is applied.
For example, knowing HOW to mark your score during rehearsal is NOT the same thing as DOING it on
a daily basis. Study in the arts includes the development of technical skill, exploration of creativity,
appreciation for the aesthetic experience, and demonstration of appropriate artistic work habits. Please
note the longer you are enrolled, the higher the expectation. (I do not hold Beginning students to the
same standard I do for Advanced singers. To ensure consistent, appropriate, comprehensive, and
reasonable reflection of student achievement in the arts, grading practices will incorporate the following

Content Mastery

(technical skills, content/aesthetic knowledge, critique ability, creativity)

Demonstration of Artistic Work Habits

(collaboration, commitment, respect, responsibility)

Quarterly Grades
Rehearsal Skills / Class Work
Sight Singing / Ear Training
Performances / Projects

Final Grades

1st / 3rd Quarter

2nd / 4th Quarter
Final Exam
--Jury, Portfolio, Written (see

*Note There will be NO mid-term exam this year for vocal music courses.
*Final Exam / Art Song / Portfolio This year the written portion of the Final Exam continues to be pro-rated VM
I-70%=100, VM II 80%=100, VM III H 90%=100, VM IV H 100%=100. This year all students may be able
to EXEMPT the WRITTEN portion of the final exam per Wakefield HS attendance / grading policy.
However, you may NOT EXEMPT the Portfolio requirement or the Voice Jury, unless you have
participated in Honors Recital (which is mandatory for Advanced level.) These grades ARE semester grades,
not quarterly grades, therefore, they will still be weighted and show on your report card as Final Exam even
though they do not take place during the final exam period. The voice jury/portfolio grade will be averaged with
the final exam grade for students who are required or wish to take the written final exam. You will be notified of
your final course grade PRIOR to learning of your exemption status.

Every class at WHS is an academic class that carries graduation credit with it. Chorus is no exception.
There WILL be written work in chorus. Students are to hand in all of your READING and WRITING
assignments, on time and complete! Late assignments will be reduced by one full later grade for
every day it is late. All written work should be retained as part of your graded portfolio.
Kinds of written work you may encounter during the semester are: Music theory worksheets, Ear Training
Assignments, Performance Evaluations, Listening Assessments, Class rehearsal evaluations and/or
reflections, Vocabulary Technical Language, and Concept related assignments specific to literature.
All Performance Based Grading will be based on the following 4 point rubric.
4 Student has a complete understanding and mastery of skill
3 Student has a functional understanding and has demonstrated excellence of skill
2 - Student has a basic understanding and has demonstrated adequate proficiency of skill
1 - Student has an inadequate understanding and has not successfully demonstrated skill
0 Student has almost no understanding and cannot adequately demonstrate the skill



Comes prepared to class (appropriate attire, equipment/materials/homework)

Works collaboratively supports fellow students team player
Manages time wisely demonstrates discipline to manage a rigorous work load
Represents the arts and the school with integrity
Complies with regulations
Demonstrates creative, innovative thinking
Handles conflict and manages stress appropriately
Reliable on time ready to work
Maintains a positive attitude
Contributes to a supportive, collegial, artistic atmosphere
Focuses on solutions when faced with a problem
Encourages other students
Work reflects high standards / artistic excellence

Volunteers for additional tasks

Demonstrates commitment to responsibilities outside of class
Communicates effectively
Adapts to change well flexible
Accepts and manages leadership responsibilities well
Embraces the growth opportunities



1. Rehearsal / class begins when the tardy bell rings. Always have a pass when entering after the late
bell. If you are late you MUST sign the tardy / sign-in sheet. Please be prompt for after school
rehearsals as well.
2. Have a sharpened pencil in your folder at every rehearsal, and USE IT to mark cues, cuts and
instructions in your music. This is a rehearsal skill and will be reflected in your final grade if you
are not prepared for rehearsal by having the necessary tools for your job.
3. COLD/ILLNESS POLICY: You may ask to "sit out" a rehearsal because of a cold or illness. Even on
a non-singing day you must have music out, be following along with the class and a rehearsal
assessment will be required to be turned in at the end of rehearsal for your daily grade.
4. Rehearsal time is very valuable to us. We avoid socializing because doing so inhibits the rehearsal
process and personal musical growth. Talking during a rehearsal is strictly forbidden and
will result in disciplinary action if practiced on a continuous basis. I will not talk over you.
I want you to be able to hear each other without distraction. Anyone disrupting the
learning process of another student will be removed from the rehearsal.
5. No food, gum or drink (except water) is permitted in the choral room or in any rehearsal space.
Chewing gum or eating food while singing is a choking hazard. Finish whatever you are having
BEFORE you enter the room.
6. A variety of seating arrangements will be used in rehearsal and in performance. Please do not change
seats without permission. Many things influence my decision on arrangement of voices and it
does not reflect my feelings for you as a singer or as an individual.
7. Please do your best to concentrate only on the music during rehearsal -- doing homework from other
classes is rude to your fellow singers and distracts you from the rehearsal process. Do not get
out books, magazines, makeup, games, and other items for personal grooming. I will do my best
to keep the rehearsals interesting and motivational. However, I cannot be a disciplinarian AND a
choral technician simultaneously.
8. At times you may find the need to make up an assignment in another class. Do not assume that you
can do so during chorus. PLEASE ASK PERMISSION IN ADVANCE if you need to see any
other teacher for any reason during class time. If a conflict arises between an after school
rehearsal or performance and an extra-curricular activity, please do not get overly anxious. Take
yourself out of the situation and allow me and your other teacher or coach to work out a
compromise that will be beneficial for you, your team and your fellow singers.
9. Demonstration of respect to your classmates, your instructors and other adults is a demonstration of
maturity and is expected at all times while representing the WHS Choral department, whether on
or off school grounds.
10. Daily participation is a vital part of chorus membership. Your everyday habits as a choral singer will
have a lot to do with your overall improvement as a singer. Therefore, the more you are able to
put into practice the skills learned in class, the more consistent your singing will become.
Some people are asthmatic, highly allergic or very sensitive to certain fragrances. If you wear it
to class, you be excused from the rehearsal area (chorus office, rehearsal room or ISS) and you
will need to make up missed rehearsal time during SMART Lunch or after school. Please DO not
press this issue. Unscented deodorant is HIGHLY encouraged.
12. Use of CELL PHONES and other electronic devices during rehearsal time is NOT permitted. At
times you may be allowed to use it for instructional use ONLY. You will be instructed as to
when they are allowed, but as a general rule they should be properly stored at the sound
of the tardy bell. For your convenience, I am providing you with a charging and storage station
this year. Please take advantage of it. THIS IS YOUR WARNING! If you refuse to surrender
your device, rehearsal privileges will be suspended and you will be subject to further

disciplinary action by administration. (Parents, please go over this policy with your student in
length. I will not argue with students about surrendering their phone during rehearsal. It not only
distracts from their participation in rehearsal, but is distracting to the instructor and other
students. It will not hurt them to be unplugged for 90 minutes. If you need to contact your
student during the school day, please call 919 562-3600. The front office will notify your student
to either call home or send them a message you called. My parent will not let me give you my
phone is NOT an excuse. If there is a medical reason a student needs their phone, a medical
accommodation form should be on file with the front office.


1. Each person is assigned a folder with music in addition to at least one text book. You are
responsible for the care of it and your music. As with your text, you will be charged for its replacement
cost if lost or misplaced. PUT YOUR FOLDER AWAY AT THE END OF EACH REHEARSAL! Fines will
be accessed if you leave your music or textbook somewhere other than its storage slot. If found
by any faculty member, a $1.00 per occurrence restocking fee will be added to your school
2. Never use a pen or highlighter to mark music. Have your pencil out every day and USE IT!
Again, any music damaged or defaced in ink will become your personal property and you will be
responsible for its replacement.
3. Some texts will be issued to students individually. Of course YOU will be responsible for any
cost for damage or loss. Other texts used for student learning are issued as class sets. Students should
NOT remove these from the room unless they are checked out with the choral director for home use.
Since these are community property, we all are responsible for their care. Fines will apply for their
misuse or destruction.


Please understand that use of school owned equipment is a privilege, not a right. If a student defaces,
abuses, or destroys equipment, he or she may be held legally responsible for its replacement or
its cost and will not be allowed to use the equipment again. I cannot stress enough how important
this is to the well-being of the department and to morale of our student population. We all enjoy a more
than adequate facility at Wakefield High School, as well as nice-to-haves, that other schools do not
have. If they are damaged, lost, or stolen there is no guarantee that we will be able to replace them in
the near future. If you are using it, then YOU have just as much responsibility for its care as you teacher
does. If you see another student destroying or defacing school property, you have a responsibility to let
someone know. Otherwise, do not gripe if you have to use items that someone else broke, left dirty, or
destroyed. As members of ANY community, YOU have a responsibility to maintain that community.

Uniforms will be provided this year by Choral Boosters for 1 st semester chorus students ONLY!!!
(Vocal Music I Beginning)
New VM I students also enrolled in Spring will not be purchase their own attire until that time.
Black Concert Dress (Southeastern Performance Apparel / The Oratorio)
Black Tuxedo (Hillsborough Formal Wear Outlet)
Students may not perform with the group without approved performance attire!
*** Cost is covered under financial obligations on the next page.
In addition:
WOMEN - YOU must provide a black head band and black closed toe dress shoes. If women show
without their headband, they will be issued one and fined one dollar. These may not be returned you
wore it, you keep it. When robes are worn, ladies should not wear jeans under their gown. All other dress
restrictions also apply. (ie, blk head band, no jewelry, blk close toed shoes, etc.)
MEN - You must also provide DRESS black socks and DRESS black shoes. NO black sneakers! When

robes are worn, men MUST wear black dress pants and black dress shoes. Wear a WHITE t-shirt under
your shirt.
1. NO jewelry, heavy perfume or cologne are permitted on the stage! Some people may be allergic to
your fragrance. Leave your valuables at home for concerts.
2. The uniform should be clean, complete and wrinkle free for every performance. If you lose an
item you will be responsible for the full replacement amount. Failure to show up performance ready will
result in a reduction in your Artistic Work Habits grade.
3. It is the responsibility of the singer to make sure that the full uniform is ready by the time of the first
performance. "I didn't have my uniform cleaned or pressed" is not a valid excuse for missing a
Intro students and 1st semester men only -- Womens Concert Dresses and Mens Tuxedos are to be returned at the end of each semester, FULLY
cleaned and in good condition. Men- YOU CANNOT wash your tux. It must be dry cleaned.
Womens dresses may be hand-washed or machine washed on gentle cycle with mild detergent
in cold water and hung dry. Students will be fined for the cost of cleaning ($20.00), repair
($30.00), or replacement (up to $100.00)
-- There is a DEADLINE for returning your uniform. You must MEET that deadline or you will be fined
($5.00) on your school account for late return.

Please ask your student regularly for any calendar updates and plan to support your student through
participation in fundraising events and attendance at major concerts. Important information is posted
regularly on the School Calendar, AND on the Chorus web page. Check these often to be informed of
announcements and performance obligations. You are responsible to provide transportation for your
student to local performances.
1. Students are expected to participate in all performances. It is not fair to your fellow singers
if you do not attend the concert. You will have a number of evening and/or weekend commitments.
Check the rehearsal and concert schedule carefully. Updates will be posted well in advance so that
students and parents can schedule accordingly. Parents, please plan in advance! You should have more
than adequate advanced notice to arrange transportation for your student in the event you cannot attend
a concert. If for some reason, you are not available to attend your students performance, please
arrange to have them picked up no later than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the performance.
2. ON TIME IS LATE - Warm-ups are scheduled to start at the designated call time. (usually
60 to 90 minutes before a performance.) Be in the warm-up area well in advance of your call. Always
report in full concert attire unless you've been instructed otherwise. Please do not be late for your
call time. Your Performance Project grade will be lowered by one point for every minute you are late for
a performance call. Parents; our time before a performance is always very limited. If any issue arises
that you feel that a conversation with me is warranted, please email me or call to schedule a time we can
discuss it either well before or after a concert date. NO parent conferences are scheduled on a
performance date.
3. You are in public view and a representative of Wakefield High School whenever you are in
uniform. The administrative team has made it very clear that performers, athletes and honors students
are held to the highest of standards at Wakefield High School and MUST SET A GOOD EXAMPLE FOR
OTHERS. Consequences for poor behavior are never fun, but obviously necessary and may result in a
student being removed from the program. Please conduct yourself accordingly and not become swept up
in an emotional moment that later you may regret. Remember, you are a leader It is up to you to be a
good one or a poor one. If severe inappropriate behavior is exhibited on a field trip, administration and
the parent will be called immediately to make arrangements to pick up your student.
4. If the director feels that a student is not adequately prepared OR has exhibited behaviors in
rehearsal which are inappropriate, potentially causing embarrassment to yourself, your family, your
school or your classmates; the director may pull the student from the concert and require the student to
complete an appropriate alternative assignment for that portion of their grade. TEN or more absences
from rehearsal (class) may prevent students from participation performance activities This
includes assignment to ALC or ISS.

5. Leave valuables at home or with parents. You cannot take ANYTHING with you on stage.


Students may be selected to participate in out of school activities. Auditions for Honors Chorus are held
in September and are highly competitive. Students generally spend a lot of time over the summer
preparing for this audition. NC Honors Chorus (November 2016) and All-State Choruses (May 2017)
provide an enriching educational experience but are highly competitive. If you selected and ACCEPT a
slot for one of these ensembles, this becomes your priority. You may NOT back out at the last
minute except in the case of a medical emergency or death in family. Being chosen for these ensembles
is a great honor. Many students would love to have this opportunity. Therefore, if you do not feel you can
commit to this much work or time, then you should graciously decline the invitation.
There are NO refunds for registration fees.

There are certain rules the faculty of WHS will not discuss, negotiate or deliberate over with a student
during instructional time. If you would like to have a discussion with the instructor that does not pertain to
the entire group, please schedule an appointment before or after school, at lunch or during other
appropriate times that will not interfere with the learning process of others. Non-compliance, talking
back, disrespectful posturing (ie. the click/eye-roll/sigh) or inappropriate gesturing is NOT tolerated and
will result in the student being removed from participation in rehearsal and may jeopardize their privilege
to perform with the ensemble.


Chorus is considered a co-curricular activity (not to be confused with extra-curricular). Activities
for the year are programmed on the assumption that you will attend classes, extra rehearsals,
performances and events. In all cases you should consult the director as soon as you anticipate a
conflict. Inevitably, conflicts will arise that conflict between choral commitments and those of other official
school organizations (sports, SGA, etc.). In general, performances should take precedence over other
meetings, practices or group activities. If a performance is scheduled at a time when you are to be
participating in a sporting event (game) you need to inform the director as soon as you know of the
conflict so the director and your coach can come to an agreement as to best handle the conflict. Your
regular school work should be done on your own time and does not excuse you from a performance. We
try to schedule our concerts around important school-wide testing dates. Budget your time wisely in order
to meet all of your obligations when possible. All performance absences will result in an alternate project
to make up that portion of the students grade. (see make up work / policy below)

Make-up work for missed assignments will follow WCPSS policy. Un-excused absences from class is
considered skipping. Missed rehearsals cannot technically be made up, what we did in rehearsal that
day cannot be recreated. For excused absences during the school day, students will receive a NO
GRADE, therefore will not negatively impact their grade. For unexcused absences you will be required to
repay the time missed for rehearsal during smart lunch in the chorus room OR during remediation
period. You must document your time with Mr. Mullinax before any credit will be awarded. If you do not
make up the time within one week of your unexcused absence, you will receive zero for your daily
grade for the date you missed rehearsal. After-school rehearsals are considered homework and are
mandatory. You may NOT make up unexcused rehearsal time for rehearsals outside of the school day
and will receive a zero for that rehearsal.
Performances also cannot be made up, however, an alternative assignment will provided for ANY
missed performance that justifies the weight of that grade. (a research paper between 7-8 double
spaced pages.) Since most performances occur at the end of a marking period, if you are aware you
will miss a performance, then it is your responsibility to obtain the written assignment well in advance of
the end of the marking period. There are NO exceptions to this requirement and NO distinctions
made for Excused or Unexcused absence. Please do not ask to be excused from make-up
assignments for special circumstances. Everyones reason for missing a performance is

important and unique to their personal situation. It is unfair to require the assignment for one
student and not another.

Pride Time is an intervention offered during the school day that is in place for all students. It is a 30
minute period, 10:15-10:45 a.m. Monday -Thursday. Students can make up work or gain remediation
during Pride Time. Any student with a grade below an 80 in class must report to Pride Time on the day
designated for that class period. If a students grade is an 80 or above they can report to the main gym,
Media Center, or cafeteria. Students must report to a Pride Time classroom or one of the three
designated locations in the building. Students who do not attend Pride Time will be reported as skipping.
Vocal Music classes will also use this time for sectional or additional rehearsals as needed.


The study of choral music and the study of cultures are undeniably connected. Song has always been
one of the most personal expressions of the human spirit, and our lives would be much less full if we had
no exposure to the cultures of people whose backgrounds may be different from our own. We will be
performing works with religious themes and/or ethnic origins at many times during the year. These works
will be chosen for musical, historical and cultural values, and not to advocate the "correctness" of any
religious or ethnic group. In addition, during certain times of the year, it is appropriate to present music
that is related to a holiday or celebration. These activities promote cultural awareness among our
students and offer timely entertainment to our audiences. This practice is in keeping with WCPSS policy,
and students are expected and encouraged to act in a cooperative and enthusiastic manner. If you feel
that you cannot participate in a song or a concert because of religious reasons, please schedule an
appointment to discuss your concerns with the director during regular office hours, before or after school,
or during the teacher planning period. However, overall, I am very pleased with our students tolerance
and acceptance of our cultural, ethnical and religious differences. We live in a global society and our
ability to celebrate our diversity through singing is a tremendous gift and opportunity for personal growth!

In order for students to be most successful, then it's important that students remain in membership for
the entire year (2 semesters) when possible. If a scheduling problem arises, please check with me for
help. Many times students come to me their senior year and say I want to be a voice major in college. If
you want to be truly competitive for scholarships and be seriously considered for admission to university
programs, you will need consistency in your workouts. Just as you cannot go for a job once and while
and expect to be a competitive athlete. Your voice is a muscle and therefore a consistent, monitored
workout routine is necessary for it to become a dynamic instrument.
No one wants to be part of a dysfunctional family! If you are having negative feelings regarding your
participation in chorus, please make an appointment to visit with me, your counselor or a student chorus
officer to discuss your problem. I want your experience here to be a positive one, and negatively has a
tendency to be infectious and reflect poorly upon the chorus program as a whole. You will want to
remember you choral family fondly in years to come, so dont make bad situations worse by blowing off
steam. Potential new members will not want to join you in class if you are being negative. Please refrain
from being negative in the general student population. Trashing the course may make you feel better at
the time, but it does NOT resolve your issue.

The Wakefield Choral Booster Organization is the fundraising arm of the WHS Chorus. In order for us to

function it is necessary to raise money -- for new uniforms, uniform and equipment maintenance,
supplies, and especially out-of-town trip expenses. Student work is the preferred form of fundraising per
WCPSS policy.
We will be putting some emphasis on fundraising this year. Fundraisers are sponsored by Choral
Boosters. Since we have many new students in our program this year, and we have been our fundraising
for the Disney trip will run through December 31, 2016. The money we raise in 2017, will determine
accessibility to special event trips NEXT school year. All fundraising ideas and suggestions are welcome
and if the need arises we will consider doing extra fundraising to ensure the future growth of the choral
program. I encourage students to form small groups or work jobs to raise money toward travel. If you
have ideas for fundraising for 2016, we ask that you consider joining the Wakefield Choral Booster
Organization to provide your expertise and assistance with developing and implementing your ideas.

Fall Lab Fee remains the same as last year and is $40 DUE by SEPTEMBER 9th. If you need to
purchase your chorus outfit, then the total cost will be $100. This covers your brand new chorus outfit
(yours to keep). The Lab fee covers a ONE YEAR subscription to Sight Reading Factory for every
student, additional music cost, registration fees for auditions, contests and festivals, local transportation
fees, subscriptions, technical equipment, equipment repair and replacement, costume cleaning / repair,
as well as any video / audio recording cost and a chorus t-shirt for new students. The funds allocated to
the choral department can only be used for classroom instructional material. To give you some
perspective, instructional funds allocated to this class are almost one half of what they were 10 years
ago. I try to recycle music as much as possible, but in order for students to have a more fulfilling and
enriching experience in chorus, this fee is necessary.
Spring Lab Fee - $100 for students that did not purchase their outfit in the fall
$40.00 for returning students and INTRO students
(plus travel expense to Disney if applicable see below).
The Disney trip will be open to any student enrolled BOTH fall and spring (2 semesters) of chorus
during the 2016-2017 school year. Note: More detailed information regarding travel will be provided at a
later date. (Note: This trip is NOT required, but I encourage you to make every effort to go. Approximate
cost should be between $600 and $700 per student.) The $100 deposit was due in May, but I will accept
new student deposits through September 30. Payment schedule is listed on the chorus website calendar.
There is a Disney interest meeting at 6 pm on September 1st .
ALL DISNEY payments must be made payable to Wakefield Choral Boosters.
**NEW! If fines remain unpaid from prior years, students will NOT be permitted to register for
chorus the following year until all OLD fines are paid. Students that are pre-registered will be
withdrawn from the course and enrolled in one of the alternative course selections they made at time of
pre-registration. This is to protect you and parents from piling up debt that will have to paid before you
graduate and to maintain a readily available cash flow for necessary equipment repairs and supply
purchases. ***Please make LAB fee payments with debit or credit card via the Wake County Online
Payment system if possible. When payment is made I receive electronic verification from the system
informing me of your payment. Please print / save your electronic receipts for your records! There is a
fee to use this service, however, parents have found this system to be very convenient, reliable and well
worth the extra class time for instruction. For your convenience, there is a link on the chorus website to
access the online payment system. If you must make your payment with a personal check, cashiers
check or money order Pay to: Wakefield High School. I will accept Lab Fee payments during
SMART lunch 1 day a week. ALL CASH payments must be made to front office. (you MUST bring
receipt to Mr. Mullinax during SMART lunch so he can record your payment or I will not record of it.)


Parents - thank you in advance all for the many times during the coming year that you will support our
singers and help them to have a memorable musical experience! Several times throughout the year


parents will be contacted with information or with requests to help out in specific areas. Students should
see to it that parents receive any information handed out, as there will usually be some response
requested. The best way to support the choral program at WHS is to attend your students
performances! This may seem like an obvious statement, but I know that many of you have multiple
students in a variety of activities throughout the county, jobs, community involvement, etc. Please make
your students arts education a priority when possible. A small investment now in your students musical
success has the potential to make big returns later on. If you are unable to attend an event, please make
arrangements for your student to be picked up after the performance or trip in a timely manner. I cannot
transport students home or leave them unattended at our performance venues.
The only avenue to raise additional funds for your chorus student is through our Booster Organization. I
try my very best to keep lab fees as low as possible, so ALL students can afford to have a voice in the
choral program at WHS. The more active our parents are, the easier it is on everyone. It is not fair to
ask a few parents to do everything. I know we all are busy with our personal lives, but remember, your
student reaps the benefits of your involvement.


All parents and students must fill out and sign the Participation and Course Expectation Agreement. I
have found that this helps eliminate future confusion with regard to expectations of me as a teacher, as
well as my expectation of student performers. My desire is that EVERY student has a wonderful choral
experience. These regulations and procedures help ensure that we operate as a team and that
everyone understands the rights and responsibilities of membership.
If this contract is not returned within the first 5 days of class, I will assume that the student desires to
drop the course and I will refer him/her to student services for a schedule change. If you think you cannot
abide by any part this document, then you should contact your school counselor immediately to request a
schedule change to an alternative elective course. Please feel free to contact me anytime regarding your
students general experience in chorus, their class performance, grades, or behavior concerns.
I have read the Wakefield High School Chorus Handbook. I desire to be a part of this choral
community, I agree to follow all guidelines as stated in the handbook, and I understand that some
evening performances and after school rehearsals and activities are necessary. I understand all grading
policies concerning rehearsal, performance, financial obligations, written work and expectations to
receive honors credit. I also understand the reasons for disciplined behavior in the rehearsal and in
performance and agree to abide by these expectations daily.
(Student signature)


(School email address)
I have reviewed this information with my student and have discussed their desire to be a positive
contribution to the choral department. I have discussed the course expectations for participation inside
and outside the classroom with my teenager. I support my students desire to become a more educated
and skilled musician that will inspire their creativity, support their academic success, as well as teach
them social skills and character development.
(Parent/guardian signature)


(Home address)


(Home phone)

(Moms work #)

(Dads work #)

Primary parent e-mail address: ______________________________________________________

Secondary parent e-mail address:____________________________________________________
(Please indicate either yes or no in the blank in response to the statement below)