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To obtain a position in a printing and advertising business where I can utilize my skills as a graphic designer.

Ability to learn digital design software and platforms; Able to work with computer and design software such as Adobe
Suite (Photoshop and Illustrator), Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, windows, Mac, Windows Movie Maker, Corel 6,
AutoCAD; exceptional with customer service; Excellent at receiving instructions and following through with completing
assigned design tasks; Able to create brochures, pamphlets, business cards, t-shirts, and signs using design software;
Ability to think creatively and critically to develop logos and graphic designs; Good working in a team and also
independently on assigned projects; Interpersonal skills- Able to get along with co-workers and accept supervision.

South Texas College


Certificate in Digital Imaging

McAllen, Texas
December 2016

Major: Architecture & Engineering Design Technology

GPA: 3.09 out of a 4.0 scale
Major Courses
Digital Imaging I
Computer Illustration
Microcomputer Applications
Basic Computer-Aided Drafting
Illustration Techniques I
Inter. Computer-Aided Drafting
Design Communication I
Business Correspondence

International Museum of Art & Science
June 2016 Present
Volunteer Graphic Designer
McAllen, Texas
Assist the IMAS marketing department with design projects such as flyers, logos, graphic designs, using Adobe
Photoshop and Illustrator.
Able to get the word out on upcoming events and projects for IMAS networking through multiple Rio Grande
Valley social sites such as and
Great at being flexible and working on social skills and interactions with coworkers, and staff members to create a
positive and creative environment for graphic design.
Worked on designing and editing photos and flyers for social networks and other marketing outlets.
RGV Embroidery & Screen Printing
January 2016 March 2016
Volunteer Graphic Designer
McAllen, Texas
Assisted with designing graphics for screen printing T-Shirts as per instruction for the customers using Illustrator
and Corel 6.
Assisted with the process of recognizing and the separation of colors for the screen printing through Illustrator
Observed machinery such as the industrial sized printers and learned the process of screen printing.
Assisted and greeted customer service by retrieving the supervisor.
Lion Signs
October 2015 January 2016
Volunteer Graphic Designer
McAllen, Texas
Assist with the creations of graphics by designing business cards, advertisements, signs, and logos
Worked under supervision of a lead graphic designer and communicating instructions for graphic designs both
person and via e-mail

Worked in a team setting as the lead graphic designer and myself prepared graphic designs to printed as a team by
the printing specialists

Eye Zoom
September 2015 December 2015
Volunteer Graphic Designer
McAllen, Texas
Assisted with the creations of signs, prints, banners, and vehicle wraps along with the development of
professional forms and documents such as delivery forms, business documents, and raffle tickets
Worked independently once given the details instructions and resources for the graphic designs project
Worked on the development and creation of graphic designs by using software such as Adobe and Corel
UTPA McAllen Teaching Site
May 2014 July 2015
Volunteer Graphic Designer
McAllen, Texas
Assisted with designing images with quotes written by famous others for the use of Motivational Monday and
Wisdom Wednesday.
Worked with Adobe Photoshop to edit and create designs to be used by the site on different design projects.
Maintained a steady work schedule and open/active communication with supervisors and managers.