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Morrissey Hotel / Aboday

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Happy Lim Photography

Jalan Padang, Jakarta Capital Region 12970, Indonesia
Partner In Charge
Rafael David
Team Members
Ary Indra, Johansen Yap, Andry Syawalza, Edward Budi Lesmana, Rahmi Sofiyanti,
Anjar Widaningsih

Land Size
12000 m2
Gross Floor Area
12000 m2
Happy Lim Photography, Relan Masato
From the architect. Considering the site potential above, and its contribution
towards urban character development, the design approach for the Morrissey
Hotel by Aboday pushes the limit beyond merely business hotel that hardly pay
attention to issues other than pragmatism. In the long run it tries to inject a seed
of change that will reconstruct the surrounding area. In short, it tries to
deconstruct the concept of a three-star business hotel. More images and
architects description after the break.

Happy Lim Photography

The proposed development is placed on a unique urban fabric, that flanked on
four sides by different characteristic. The organic shape plot of land, start from
the junction of Wahid Hasyim Road on the Southern side- as the main
thoroughfare that connects CBD area along Thamrin road to Government
precinct of old Mentend District - and Jalan Jaksa on the Eastern side, a small
road which is homes to backpackers that has been placed under preservation. At
the Northern side, the site is bordered by a lane that connects Jalan Jaksa and
Kebon Sirih Timur on the Western Side. These sides populated by 2 storey
residential buildings. Of 1.2 Ha, the service apartment covers only 30% area.

Happy Lim Photography

The building comprises of 2 rectangular blocks on juxtaposing manner and a
separate BOH building. The facade of each is manipulated base on its function
specific. The 5 storey lower block is made into cantilever, hovering about 20m
long 7m above the ground to provide openness at the welcoming point, enable
visitor to seek better orientation upon entering the complex, thus glancing
towards the apartment lobby, and an office building towards the end, while the
10 storey higher block comes with a quad volume sky garden opening that
frames east-west orientation vista and allow cross ventilation.

typical floor plan

The lower block span over 40m long facing Wahid Hasyim Road is projected to be
more life style centric that promotes full height glass window, in contrast to the
solidness of higher block. The first 2 storey character is made into pedestrian
friendly. An F&B anchor with 7.5M high door panels that slide and fold over 24m
long will govern the facade. As the F&B level raised up by 1.2M, a series of tilted
mirror behind the double volume door panel will provide reflection of F&B
activities to those passer by, while keeping the privacy intact.

Happy Lim Photography

13 nos of Maisonette room facing Wahid Hasyim Road, a new to the operator
standard, is added to underscore its life style attitude, which automatically
regulates the facade with double volume glass that intertwine with typical studio
facade grammar. This is a different setting to the north facing configuration that
mostly studio unit. To complete the lower block drama, the roof top is proposed
to be an event space, that comes with infinity pool, gym and another F&B. A
thematic lift will encompass typical floor to bring visitor right up to the roof top
from the ground.

Happy Lim Photography

On the other block, a contrast of transparency is demonstrated between the first
two storey that housing the grand lobby and business center where visitor is
invited to have a full commanding view of grand lobby, to the rest of higher
floors above where the whole facade is assembled by 1.2m x 2.8m modular
rooms window in fractal fashion. To accentuate this, the surface projected out to
create a multi-faceted facade that wrap 360 underlining its solidness.

Happy Lim Photography

The whole blocks then is laid onto a modern landscape canvas that draw its
character from the multi faceted form. Ground is shaped up with natural stone
pallete of material and turfing. Pine trees will be standing along the drop off
point, and rain trees will be planted at the selected location. In whole, a densely
populated garden at the center will provide much needed green sanctuary for
the visitor.

Relan Masato

Location to be used only as a reference. It could indicate city/country but not exact