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What are important subjects for GATE mechanical?

Adarsha K K, Mechanical Engineer.







Written Jun 2

Most of the importance will be given to Thermal subjects, consisting of ATD , BTD
and HMT.
Management subjects like Operations management and Operation research are
quite important.
Next important topic is Strength of Materials consisting of Dynamics of machinery
and Kinematics of machines aswell.

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Soorajkrishna Srikumar, GATE 2016 ME,

AIR 467
Jaikishan Damani

Manufacturing subjects are quite important. Only the basics .

Less importance will be given to Design subjects.
15 marks each for mathematics and aptitude along with English which is
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Which topics should I study from Engineering

Mechanics for GATE?
How can I score good marks in GATE 2017 Geology
paper and secure top 10 rank?

Which are the few online forums/discussion groups that can

really help in preparing for GATE 2017?

How can I manage time during GATE 2017 (ME) exam

to get the maximum output? Which type of questions
should I attempt first?

Saya Charming, Business Development Executive

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How do I get a good rank in gate 2017?

Sweety Suthar



Gate Mechanical 2017 - Quora

Hello to all my dear friends,

First of all,Let me introduce myself, i have completed my and scored 9.20 spi
in last sem and 8.20 cgpa and in fact my goal is to become a professor as i love all
the subject and i clearly understand each and every topic. One thing i would like to
suggest you i... (more)
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Answer written Gate Mechanical 2017 Jun 26

What are the biggest mistakes you have done during GATE/IES
Nikhil Adsul, Love To help
Updated Jul 10

I just stopped preparing! This is the biggest mistake i have done while preparing for GATE.
So if you want to achieve something, dont go for fruits. just keep doing ! Just keep doing !
Just keep doing !
If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but
whatever you do you have to keep moving forward..
I am just trying to say that just go on preparing and the fruits of your preparation will be
given to you!
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Question asked Gate Mechanical 2017 Aug 19

How can I study without being sad?

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gate mech

Answer written Gate Mechanical 2017 Jun 24

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How do I get a good rank in gate 2017?

Soorajkrishna Srikumar, GATE 2016 ME, AIR 467
Written Jun 24

I know the statement is a cliche, but all you need to do well in GATE is good concepts. So,
the question is how to build good concepts. I can happily give you some tips for that.
1. Listen to all your classes from now on and take down notes. Y ou're notes, if prepared
well, will go a very long way in your prepa...
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Answer written Gate Mechanical 2017 Aug 14

How can I remember all the subjects for GATE 2017 MECHANICAL,
any idea to improve my memory?
Dhananjay Singh, student of life! student for life!



Gate Mechanical 2017 - Quora

Written Aug 14

Let me start by pointing out the singular miracle we all have see which our memory
performs I.e. remembering our favorite song.
It's common for many of us to remember a song word by word for very long. Sometimes
even if we haven't sang it for a while, we can still recall it .
Why does it happen?
We simply say that the song is hardwired in our brain/head. the reason for this is that we
loved the song, felt it's lyrics (maybe) and related our present past or future with it and
when it was being played we didn' lose focus and heard it well. So in short we let the song
create an IMPACT on us and giving it a(semi) permanent position in our data center .
That's how we can remember it.
Learn from this. I am not asking you to compose songs about your syllabus but when you
re studying it, don't just focus on knowing. Instead, focus on understanding( similar to
feeling a song) as to what the content says and can you believe what is being told. What
happens this way, when you pay so much attention , your brain starts realising that
whatever you are studying is very important. It creates a space for the content. So
whatever you read, know it well.
When a new information or a skill is acquired , a neuron(s) is created in our brain totally
dedicated to help us recollect it in times of need. Revising the content, taking tests and
discussing or teaching the concept sends electrical signals through that neuron due to
which it gets healthier. Once it becomes strong you need not revise so much but it still
Want to see an example? Don't you feel that you never have to put an effort in writing in
English? Its because you have been doing it for long. Same is with the syllabus and
memory. Practice and recalling concepts will make you used to them.
Meditation and pranayam works on our breathing thereby conditioning us to live in the
present . To live in present you remove distractions. Once distractions are removed your
focus improves. Once focus improves space for storage improves. And we remember for
longer. So try meditation
Very few people know a secret of memory. I am one of them( I read about it and
Actually you are responsible for forgetting because sub consciously you tell yourself that
whatever you are reading , you will not need it after you have taken a job. Just like we feel
in graduation that after a semester we need not remember all that we learnt to crack an
exam. Due to this tendency we start doubting ourselves that we (out of our habit) will
forget it. On the other hand , if you value the information you get and be confident that no
matter what you will not forget it, then you will not lose it easily. We remember dates of
our love life but forget the dates of history chapters because we don't want to remember
the latter. Believe that you won't forget.
A2A appreciated
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Gate Mechanical
2017 2014

For ECE engg graduates, how do I prepare for the ISRO SC exam?
What all subjects and materials do I have to prepare? How do I crack
the interview?
Arun Krishnakumar, Works in ISRO, M.Tech Communcation Engg. from IIT Delhi,
Science enthusiast
Updated Dec 25, 2015 Upvoted by Sujit Menon, Scientist/Engineer @ Indian Space Research

I am a person who cracked this two years ago...I am part of ISRO from march 2013. First
I will write about preparing for the test followed by interview preparation tips. THE TEST
Eligibility : BE/B.Tech or equivalent in First Class with an aggregate minimum of 65%
(average of all semesters for which results ... (more)
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Answer written Gate Mechanical 2017 Aug 2

What was the study plan for Nishant Bansal Gate AIR-1 2016 M.E?
Nilesh Bhojani, All you need is hardwork, consistency and practice...!
Updated Aug 23

I don't have any idea about study plan of Nishant bansal, but here I am presenting my



Gate Mechanical 2017 - Quora

experience with gate. When I started first time, I was in same situation as you are now.
Are 7 months enough or not? The answer is both Y es and No. Y es if
your basic concepts of every subjects are clear....
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Answer written Gate Mechanical 2017 Aug 20

How many hours of study per day are required to get AIR 100 on the
gate (mechanical)?
Pranav P Nair, AIR 30 GATE EE
Written Aug 20

To get AIR 100 exactly is a very low probabilistic event :D

Y ou also know to get a rank under 100 it is not the hours that matter but the quality
preparation you do. Don't post such silly questions on Quora. All those future below 100
rankers are busy studying.
All the best :)
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Answer written Gate Mechanical 2017 Jul 9

Who provides better online test series, ACE or Made Easy for GATE?
Soorajkrishna Srikumar, Satisfied Mechanical Engineer :)
Written Jul 9

Thanks for the A2A. I used to follow MadeEasy and GateForum, both of which were
excellent and very useful for my preparation. While questions by GateForum were at par
or at a slightly higher level than GATE, MadeEasy tests were properly structured and
organized. However, I wouldn't recommend test series by ... (more)
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Answer written Gate Mechanical 2017 May 23

Why did you fail (fail to secure good score/marks) in GATE exam?
Jaikishan Damani, GATE 2016 (CE) - AIR 18
Written May 23

Lack of practice. I attempted GATE 2015 (CE) in my final year of engineering. I was
maybe too overconfident, or maybe i just felt comfortable because i was already placed
through campus placement. I had studied everything (almost), but I ignored the practice
part. I gave test series and i knew that the onl... (more)
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Answer written Gate Mechanical 2017 2015

If I want to be prepared for the GATE 2018, how can I plan that?
Darshan Pandit, Excelled thrice in GATE. Once scored 99.91%tile / AIR 96.
Written Dec 7, 2015
Originally Answered: Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE): I want to start preparation of Gate
2018 ..can any one suggest me to how to start it with a good plan?

Excellent! The fact that you're planning at this stage is impressive! Y ou're good to score,
you only need to manage your time and priorities correctly. The GATE tests how good an
engineer you are? If the answer is affirmative, you need not worry at all! If there is any
single fear in your mind, then be prepar... (more)
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