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Wom Laing SONDHEIM VOL.IV MUSIC AND LYRICS BY STEPHEN SONDHEIM Contents Beautiful Girls. Dawn Do I Hear a Waltz? Giants in the Sky. Follies 48 Singing Out Loud 9 .Do You Hear a Waltz? 44 ..Into the Woods 62 Merrily We Roll Along 51 assion 75 Saturday Night 104 Evening Primrose 84 Move On. 185 Multitudes of Amys 178 20 149 26 Saturday Night 126 Dick Tracy 2 The Story of Lucy and Jessie. 140 That Old Piano Roll Follies 111 ‘Theme From Stavisky. Stavisky 70 acific Overtures 170 I Believe in You 101 Follies 158 ukla, Fran and Ollie 58 Assassins 162 sonrseeDick Tracy 136 Anyone Can Whistle 122 There Is No Other Way i They Ask Me Why | Believe in Yor ‘Too Many Mornings The Two of You..... Unworthy of Your Love.. What Can You Lose? With So Little to Be Sure The World's Full of Follies 30 Resta tanes laces contrat one TCT ne caret eiiurse a aimee g ce (© 1969 WARNER BROS, PUBLICATIONS 1 Rights Reserved ‘Any duplestion,adeptaton or aangament of he compostons contained i this collecton requires ine writen consent of the Puskshee No part of the book may ba photocopied or reproduced in any way without permission. J 2 * Academy Award ® Winner From the Motion Prtare “Dick Tay Gooner On Later Music and Lyntes by (9 Always Get My Mar) Gtephon Sondheim Adagio ( J.= 80) Soon-er or lat er you're gon- na be mine. ‘Soon- er or lat - er you're gon-na be ©1990 RILTING MUSIC INC to TOUCHSTONE PICTURES MUSIC SONGS INC ‘Al igh on teal of RILTING MUSIC, IC: Aaninisered by WB MUSIC CORP. ighis Reser time that you faced it, 1 al i aA Pr fr fr rT Soon-er or lat - er you're gon-na de - cide Soon-er or lat - er there's no- where to Sooner Or Later-7-2 s by, ifs time. so. why waste it in chat = ter? = Fo mineon 3 platter, T if you in-sist, _ babe, the chal-lenge de - lights Po fet rR “el 2 legato, poco erese youre on my list, we (Cit Sooner Or Late - 7-4 o> Tye kissed, _ tion of ‘The more you 1e- sist, babe, the — Ft TV Ur ‘Tempo Primo - Molto Maestaso Tm gon-na love you like no-thing youve known. Fm gon- na love you, and you all a - b — rT. Te Soon-er is bet ter than lat - er but a rene { { { — bei rt TP te ge au 4 we Eg VS # "F 3 " ae = Se Pa S EEE ee 9 From the Film Mucinat “Singing Out Loud” Dawn Masia and Lyris by ; Stephen Sondheim Adagio (J = 100) Get - tint light, Tm say good - might, “Causeit’s split - tin’ time. up tight It was dy-na = mite, But it’s split tin’ time, © 1982, 1993 RILTING MUSIC, INC. All Righs Adminisered by WB MUSIC CORP CCopyaght Secured Al Rigs Reverved 10 caught half - way__ ‘be-tween yes - ter-day__ And to -_ mor-row. ten. = 24 ‘Animato, ma non troppo (J= 176) DAISY: en. ing home From work-ing late, And =a ~ round the bend— may look grim_ But you feel just great,-"Cause you've Dawn-11-2 poco ral. Not a street that does-n't have a Not 2 sound ex-cept the Not a stream of sev-en mil - ts, And the Just be- fore this sub, molto legato a 86 o) poco rall. but "ter - eupe Your ad ‘You're feel - ing weird, And then there it comes e ee sempre leggiero city's roar May have dis - ap peared, But Dawn-11-5 Not a sectthat is- n't clean and still_— a wall that does -n't MILKMAN: + ~ TU a a ~ at ~ TH ~ gleam and gis. - ten, fo is-n't gold And lis - STREETCLEANER: Dawa thrill. wa Dawa-11-6 feel fright-ened, On ‘STREETCLEANER: On - Iythough you're Dawn 1-7 lone, Some-howyou simp - ly don't. feel atempo half past four, You're alfa - wake_ goey 8 Dawa -11-8 Tone - ly When it's Calm and qui -etthough the cit - y Dead a-sleep it’s still a ‘What with sev- en mil-lion : dream - ing Sov - en gleams! You. watch the Dawo-11-10 0 From the Film “The Hhrg ©} 9t Oe" No, Mary Ann Music and Lyries by Con brio Stephen Sondheim x = You thought it all would be pie. ini ade Pink lit-tle birds, in the sky. No,Mar-y Ann. No, Mary Amn-6-1 © 1969 (Uapttised) Stephon Sondheim ‘© 1999 RILTING MUSIC, INC. Al Right Adiinieteverd by WB MUSIC CORP. ‘All Rights Ressrved = glo ri-ous. song. Noth-ing but beau - ti- ful Boy, were you wrong! _——— = ee Nowyou say life is No,Mar-y Ann. and gray_ and no 2 : me ™P come sopra No Mary Ann-8-3 Say its all gray That's too easy to think And t00 Youthoughtit all___ would be come your way.” T want no one else in ea $ two of you ‘And T' like to take the The Teo of You-4-3 Z 6 + ing’s sweet - er than The eo ‘From the Musical “Onto The Woods” Giants On The Sky Music and Lyntes by Stephen Sondheim ‘Andante moderato, non rubato (d= 132) 1 a ets 3 ‘There sre gi- ants in the sky! ——— big tall ter-ri-ble giants in the sky! s e ‘When you're way up high and you look below At the world you've leftand the things you know, Little Gians in he Sky -8-1 (© 1987 RILTING MUSIC, INC. All Rights Administered by WB MUSIC CORP. Imeraconal Copyright Secured Al Rights Reserved more than a glance i ¢ -nough to show you Just how small you are. ‘way up high and you're on your own Ina world ike none that you've ev-erknown, Where the skyislead and the earthis stone, You's mp non legato lor - ing things you'd nev - er dare "Cause you don't care, When sud-den-ly there’s_a eo Giants in the Sky -8-2 the floor. — ‘And she gives you food and she gives ts inthe Sky 8-3 things now that you nev Te = at Not till the sky. — 2 Re? EP pt | pon tegato, marcato 4h _cresc. just when you've mades friend andall, Andyou know she’sbig but you don’t feel small, Some-one big-gerthan her comes aJongthe hall To muy ee TT eee Giants in the Sty - 8-4 swal-low you for lunch, ‘And your heart is lead and yourstom-ach stone And you're pe AR aco ere mp legato e misterioxo real -ly scared be-ing all a-lone.. ‘And it's then that you long for the things you've known And the zo dies. nf 0 so — world you've left and the t-tle you own--The fan i done, You stealwhat you can and runt And you poco orese seram-ble down and you look be-low And the world you know be - gins to grow: The Giats in the Sky -8-5 5 hhouse, and your moth — Giant inthe Sty -8 6 68 thought to ex ~ plore— — you've seen, And_-you wish, you could lve in a+ gainon- ly dif frent (Giants inthe Sky - 8-7 si- ants in the sky! There are big tall ter-1i-ble awe - some sea ~ ny Giants inthe Sky = 8-8 70 From the Motion Picture “Stavisky” Theme From Stavisky Musie by Stephen Sondheim Maestoso J= 76 > vi v : t ‘Tempo di“Fox-trot” J = 152 | P legato i a al _ a“ mi Te - fi ¥ ft ‘Theme From “Stavisky"" 5-1 (© 1975, 1997 PEMA MUSICICAMCINE TY MUSIC, INC. Ali Rights Reserved Used by Permission fi if oe 2 t poco dim. ? * oF rT * F ———————_— rh ae mp Emphasize the melody mp legato ‘Thome From “Stavsky”” 5-3 ‘Theme From “Stavisky"" 5-5 = z From the Musica? “Paseton” Happiness (Solo Vi ( lexsion) Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim Adagio (¢ = 124) Tm so hap-py I'm a - fraid Here in your arms. What would you do if 1 Happiness -9-1 © 198 by RILTING MUSIC, INC-(ASCAP) “This Venn € 1997 by RILTING MUSIC. INC: ASCAP) AllRigh Troaghout the Word Administ y WE MUSIC CORP ‘A Rigs Reserved ool Publi ota ar rots 16 3 right now, Here in your arms? Megara yes, But I con-fess It The sad-ness in your ‘Thatday whenwe glanced at each oth-er in the E We saw that we were both un-hap- py. I pitied you, you pitied me. How quickly pit - y leads to woe de Tranquillo poco rall. a tempo poco rall re poco rall hap - pi- ness, Mere-ly from a glance in. the park vat oP ¥ siptr — ar = hap - pi-ness, So much thought I wish we thought 1 knew what could have knew what thought 1 knew how much —T_ could feel. I didn’t know what love But now I's what I feel with atempo tempo risoluto I a ee ————————————— feel with = you id = rr x 30 Rubato hap - pi- ness Hap-pen-ing by chance in a patk, Sure-ly this is hap ~pi-ness No one else has Just an = oth - er poco dim, ee Poco meno mosso ‘That's what they would claim, molto legato An-oth-er sim-ple love aol UF atempo Happioes 9-7 No, but this is Are-n't all of them the more, mf molto espress. atempo ‘Then this hap-pi-ness is. a kind of | hap-pi-ness.__ No one real-ly aod I did = n't know what poco rit T thoughtit, was no more than a name for ing. Thought is was what earn - ing. I thought where there was love there was shame. But with you there's just poco rit. bees tempo Repeat and jade (st sime ony) — dim. poco a poco Hoppitess-9-9 From the Teferiston Produetion “Evening Primrose” Dk You Can Find Me, Ym Here Music and Lyrtes by Allegro Stephen Sondhetm Are they gone? 1 You Can ind Me, Tm Here 17-1 1994) Stephen Sonim, BURTHEN MUSIC COMPANY INC* Owner Fubra at Ned Rights forte Wocid APPEL & CO, Sl Sei AIRsbts Reserved ty Reinon They're gone. Charles, you are an un + a= dul-ter-at- ed gen ins, You are an in dis- put- a bly ex - aor-di- nar-y.. What was accel. molto rit, Not a thing. ‘accel. molio tempo You are a 7-2 And it be- gins. Care - ful. Musen't get ex-cit-ed, Must-n't 0+ ver-do it You'll get used t0 i ! Beau - ti - full If You Can Find Me, I'm Here 17-3 What a place to live, What a place 1 write! I-shall be inspired, 1 shall turn out el e- gies and son-news, Vers-es by the ton, At last 1 have a home, And b \ b no-bod-y will know, No one in the world, No-bod-y will know I'm — here! ee 1fYou Can Find Me, Tm Here 17-4 a + friends, and good {If You Con Fiod Me, Pm Here = 17-5 + Fare - well, you land - lords, threats ime You Can Pind Me, Pin Here = 17-6 18 ¥ou Con Find Me, en Hore 17-7 Wait - ing all fe NDB Lf You Can Find Me, Pm Here 17-8 a If ¥ou Can Find Me. 'm Here -17-9 e > der = thal neigh - bors. 7 your pret - zels and Fair weath - er friends, do 1 ¥ou Can Find Me, I'm Here- 17 -10 Hf You Can Find Me, Pm Here 17-11 95 i ay ir Lu CF ‘You Cas Find Me, I'm Here 17-12 a years war - san 4 i N35 Roop? Lop rt 4 tilts, fe rs im fh sj C5 You Can Find Me, I's Here = 17-13 = Hf You Can Find Me. 'm Here - 17-14 in Scream - ing for scream - ing if You Can Fad Me, I'm Here - 17-15 Me You Can Find Me, I'm Here 17-16 if You Can Find Me, I'm Here 17-17 101 From the FV Musical “9 Believe In You” They Ask Me Why 9 Believe In You Music and Lyrics by ‘Adkagio, ithe owing Stephen Sondheim ae 7 ral P Take heart, my a tempo poco crese. friend, I be-lieve in 7 Te bucked the Awe — They Ask Me Why I Believe in You -3-1 © 1950 RILTING MUSIC, INC. ‘Al Rights Admassern by WB MUSIC COR AU Rights Reserved blind << legato — Ia me. J) a —3— —— They'd be star-tled to find _____Ey- "ty word is Em — 3 5 poco crese. Ton - ly re-ply ee, 1 poco crese. | _ es ~s Ss ov ‘They Ask Me Why I Believe in You-3 -2 —¥ Oo So, dar - ling, if you don’t think half © - noush pee C7 eases = aa iii as —3mdim—3— —3 poco rall, — your -self,__ It’s be-cause you don’t love_-—_your- self. Ses an aa ae — P atempo ‘oda P_atempo oped es = a, eae aad —_—_ “They Ask Me Why I lieve in You-3-3 ont ae 104 From the Mustoal “Saturday Night” YD Remember That Musie and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim Ruminatively, rubato 4-56 Hank: 1 have a mem-o- ty for small de - tails. IT have a mem-o- ry that nev - er fails. f mp 1 can re-mem- ber names, dates and pla - And ev-en fa = ces of peo - ple whose fa - ces 1 don't want to know. 1 know the date of the Par - the - non, But there's a date that I’m ‘TRemember That-1-1 (© 1998 BURTHEN MUSIC COMPANY, INC. ights Administered by CHAPPBLL & CO, Inernational Copyright Secured.” All Rights Reserved ‘That was the date we had, I re-mem - ber, in ear ~ ly Sep-tom - ber, Or was it Novem - ber, three years a- go? Up to a cer- win — poim my mind is fit clear. Ey - ‘ry de-tail of that date that fate - fal 8 UF |? tt f Eyen rhythm T arrived at sev- en; Vdstopped a-long the way To buy a big bou- quet for you. I_re-mem- ber In a French-type — rest-"rant, Run by a guy named Jake, —== 1 re-mem-ber we sal out in Pros-pect. Park in the glow of moon - Af-ter that, we went back to => your house and danced till dawn, T was pour-ing — cof- fee, ‘You lit a cig - a- From thenon I for - get What I said, What I did and where I was atl Cor =F For I'd fal - len in love with you, 1 re-member I'd fal - Jen in love with ‘you, That's the one thing I aE 108 Celeste: But I can re-mem-ber some r Up to point your mind is clear, no doubt. | mf things that you left out. e (Curr ca But you arrived at _cight. ‘And you were nev - pf Since you'd bought me ‘You could-n’t_ pay ‘You were a ner vous glow of a p'lice-man's that we went back to my house and sat some : ‘You were pour - ing URcmenter Teat-7-6 110 All ov-er my mew. dress, of er [ror re WN What I said and where 1 was atl tempo did fall in fove with you, 1 re-mem-ber I did fall in love with you, That's the one thing 1 Remember Thst-7-7 Cat from the Musial “Follies” That Old Piano Roll Bright ragtime J = 96 Ff saceato When 1 hear that old pi-a - no roll Tea OU Piso Rall-11-1 ut Music and Lyites by Stephen Sondheim © TH RANGEROAD MUSIC NG; QUARTET MUSI IN RILTNG MUSIC INC nd SURTHEN MUSICCD, NE SARLIN AMERICA. hs Nace ‘ne Ros ‘indy essa 112 Does-n't mat-ter what I'm do - ing or When that rag-time thy - thm tick - les the ‘And what I mean is 13 I only wan-na /: PERE RET [Er p legato es by. Come on a-long, Come on and. dance, And Herr Tir ror | tar *pUetr wd coe ir iG ie r F ll say, “I think that staccato oO ‘Then we'll play that old pi-a = no roll chance, T on- ly wan-na U There's a honk-y-tonk down the Noth = in’ more than a ‘They got some-thin’, though, can't be beat, Somethin’ real - ly a - live: They got this 116 — Pe play-er pi-a - no, I's. moth - in’ = but_ a pi-@ what a pi-a A ti - ny tin-m pia - But folks from ny cit - y, town and ghet - to A al - le- pret - 10. Just Tee Oe Pama 11-6 1m lis-ten to that old pi-a - no roll staccato bb; & o I couldhear that old pi-a - T just wan-na Makes no CI pS staccato us Sun - ny weath - er or be ‘When that rag-time thy -thm reach - es my gon-na wan-na U by, Kick out the blues, Kick off your shoes. And may stace. ¢ eres. Tog oe ee “all 4 “ll That Pano Rlt- 11-9 120 + thet - ic We won't let that old. pi-a - no roll staccato bh Cy Te Ou Pim Ra 11-10 We'll keep drop-pin’ nick-els in__ till we Tdon't wantro T only wan-na wanna... T just’ wan-na I just = = = = v Olan Rot 11-11 122 Faom the Musical “Anyone Can Whistle” With Ro Pitte To Be Cure Of Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondherm Moderato Piano inf tranquito rr tte a = REFRAIN (with some freedom) fp lit-tle to be ca # ir fi in Ie theres an-y-thing at ps ae there's an er ces &, tg ws With So Lite to Be Sue OF - 4-1 © 1964 Stephon Songhai BURTHEN MUSIC COMPANY. INC. Gwner of Publication and Allied Right throughout the Word. (CHAPPELL & CO., Administrator Ihierational Copyrgit Seemed ‘Unasborized copying iin ‘Al Righs Reserved ing o public pofonmtc oiafingement of Copyright ‘re nbc uncer ne iw. to - geth-er. —S & oes a a ons i theres an-y-thing to sure e-nough of ead eee , Thanks for ev-'ry-thing we did, Ev-ry-thing that's ————_ FF bs bei? a None_of it was wast - ——— All of it will last, ———— r Ev-ry-thing that's here mar - vel-ous to know EEE soe ay Der El fe isn't real-ly through, Cra - zy bus-'ness this, this life = EP fespressivo | q @, En? = & 2 oh Can't com-plain a-bout the time were giv - en! FAT sey al ail. lt MF > ae ‘ a & oe fo £2 a iy OE le to be sure of in this world, We had 2 mo-ment, wy 1 ph With SoLinieo Be Sur OF-4-4 ch 4 ~ 126 From the Musical “Saturday Night” Saturday Night Music and Lyrtes by Brightly J.112 Stephen Sondheim i : Sf detache Ray: He's gon-na get the axe from her, What would ya say 19 see - in’ Here's “a te-vi- val of “Ben Hur’, Goes on at nine fif - teen ‘Saray Night 10-1 (© 1983 BURTHEN MUSIC COMPANY, INC. (All Rights Admuniswered by CHAPPELL & CO. john - ny Mack Brown and Bess - ie Love Who gives a damn for Francis (Wiatogue) 2 Dino: ==] SSS SSS FRE Moon's like a = mil- ion watt ¢ - Jee tie fight Me moots em ov er loud- ad” Mor a — eS — a N —~ 128 got - ta spend an - oth- er Sat - ur- day night got_my bud-dies and my bud-dies are fine > aS — ee New York ‘Sat-ur - day ——_ ee Moon-light on Flatbush A - ve - nue ‘That's what I call a — love - ly view, ___ is a place where the fu-ture looks black, 1 like the Sun- day ‘Times all right, but not A ~ live and alone on a Y Sat-ur-day night is ry © CODA Ray: Ted: Ante: Dino: Ray: John-ny Mack Brown and Bess - ie Love. ‘Seemity Nigh 10-5 on a Sat-ur-day night Who needs a view ona Sat-ur-day night a Sat-ur-day night and you are with a pa-per and fight the urge 10 home is a place where you got-ta go back 1 Sarueday Night- 10-4 What can you do on a Saturday night Artie: ‘What can you do on a Satur-day night Dino: What can you do on = a ona Sat-ur-day night Who needs a view on 2 Sat-ur-day night Sat-ur-day night Saturday Night - 10-6 132 Tf’ a Sat-ur-day night and you If it’s a Sat-ur- day Sat-ur-day night home is a place where you got-ta go back is a place where you gotta go back Home is a place where you got-ta go back Home is a place where you Home is a place where the fu-turelooks black, Home is a place where the fu-turelooks_ black, Home is a place where the fu-turelooks black, a - Saturday Night - 10-8 134 Thing’s-'d be diff- ‘rent ‘Thing’s-'d be diff- ‘rent ‘on our own thing’s-'d be diff- ‘rent Alt: With no one to phone on a Sat-ur-day. night, ‘And when you're a-lone on a Satur-day night, ‘Saurey Night- 10-9 Saturday Night - 10-10 136 ‘Faom the Motion Picture “Dick Tiacy” Muste and Lyrics by What Can You Poe? Gtephen Sondheim Lary Blues (J =108) What can_you lose? On -ly the blues: Why Keep con -ceal ing ev - 'ty-thing p * p = 1 fr ea ott {© 1990 RILTING MUSIC, INC. and TOUCHSTONE PICTURES MUSIC & SONGS. INC. ‘AT Rights on bea of RILTING MUI INC- Anse by WB MUSTC CORP “Al Righis Reserve 137 feel - ing? Say it to her--What can you lose? She's had ‘chose to ig - nore pocolerese May-be, though, she wants to goon as Be ore ceo As a friend, noth-ing more. What Can You Lose 2-4-2 138 So she clos - es the door Well, if she does, rs Th ow — * 2S ar rR of rT SS = FSS ES SS | = Once the words are spo - ken, Some- thing may be bro ken, Still, you love her- at ase ened ——— { + = Se as : = tf oT a rag —— ; — fe = 7 = ‘i Se sis sos G2 2s = — Pe nat ean you tos? Bat wha if she os? [AL least no pity aed =~ Ee! = a a © eo ? ia ré —— eo, eosin - | pico res ee pipe What Can You Lose ?- 4-3 — you have part__ of her. What if she had__ 10 choose? (ven) Hold it all in Bet-ter a bone. Don't ev - en be- gin, ‘There's too much to lose. Th What Can You Lowe 2-4-4 140 From the Musiead “Follies” The Story OF Lucy And Jessie Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim With a swing d = 66 = ry that should make : “Som RANGE ROAD aust INC, QUARTET MUSIC INC RIEENG MUI: IN. BURTHEN ESIC ING nigh Adis by CARLIN AMERICA, IN ‘Ailipu Reserved” Used ty Now Lu - cy has the pur - i-ty, A = long withthe un-sur - ety, That comes with be - ing on ~ ly twen ay = one. he es Jes - sie has 142 en their ad - van e la = dies have such grief ¢ ai. |e y he Sy of Lay sn Fee -9-3 + cy wants to el y wants Jes = sie wants to be juicy Fa Tae Sty of Lys ene -9-4 a 144 = sie wants to “he Sy of Ly an ees -9 5 la - = cy wants to be Tes ‘That's the sor ee, be switch - ing The Siy fLacy mt -9-6 he Shy of Lay Jeni -9-7 vir - wi-ly ORF Lu + cy wants to be class - yo Jes - sie wants to be Lass * Lu-cy and Jes-sie could on - ly com - bine, by 148, could (ell you some - one who fin Toe Sry of Ly aad ese -9-9 149) Cut From the Mesioal “Follies” Pleasant Little Kingdom Music and Lyris by Stephen Sondheim Allegro moderato J = 72 Aa py kA nena Ak A VY VY YY cchar-i-ties and lee - tures flow-ers to raise. 7 rt vv Vvvy | oy ay PTT eS PT Te PTT eT y OPT TR Pe Pes Lite Kingdom 9-5 154 SS am-acteur dramat - ics. And. eve-nings of bridge. PTS = rie ee ? t v "7" + go to civ-ie luncheons when there's some-one to re-mindme And I study the pi - r eccr aw a * # never look be-hind me. Its ao mer-ry it~ le king - dom. Full of ee aE hor v 7 — ——" merry little chores.__ Lots of gar-den-ing and fix - ing, All ay ae or = “2 vv vv vv vv ccrese. poco LNT Ty | ey In the drive-way is a spons ‘erese. poco a poco Eat = T should-n't_— have bought, __ And a - bout you, S molto legato Passat Lite Kingdom -9-7 156 read a lit - tle here sew a lit He there = “Grese. poco @ poco FTRTT child-ren dis ~ ap - pear cas - tle needs re - pair nev-er shed a tear And I nev-cr tum a hair And. Piet Lie Kngion-9-# 157 lig} ||} lid] SF non mare. ae | molto rt. S. ‘mp non mare. ‘molio rit PR ( Pensa tie Kagine-9-9 158 From the Musial “Follies” Too Many Mornings Mesto snd quien by Adagio (J = 116 ) Stephen Sondheim mf y9c0 rubato err Baio 86 ee cB. = Walcing and pre tend ing 1 reach for you, Too man-y mom - ings, Rte mf rm —G Fr Braid Emai7/B Baja Bmaj9(+11) obs THI! Fh Then 5 aida Tt mf ——— = id gig nt | aa i | EEE rs SS f 7 == = afl tle | Ans He jis E wr es We've al -ways be-longed. a rs - < aa Move On- 12-10 195 > keep mov ing on, Move On- 12-11 196 P Meno moso + = eer An-y-thing youdo, let it come from you, Then it will be new Give us more to see... Move On- 12-12