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Chakra Mastery: Hero Archetype

I've always felt like I came a little late to the party, out of synch with those around me.
It felt like everyone had it all figured out, living the happily ever after. There I was trying
different things, taking all sorts of classes, exploring new avenues yet not really clear about
where I was going with all this seemingly unrelated interests and experiences pulling me along.
There was a part of me that knew to just keep following my heart.

I studied nursing and learned about the human body and healing with traditional medicine. I
studied environmental engineering and learned about nature, natural forces, human impact on
them, and healing the earth. I studied alternative health and learned to work with the mindbody-spirit flow for holistic healing. I studied energy medicine and learned the human energy
system and healing with energy. The common thread was healing and the integration of all
systems in order to uniquely empower each individual.

The interconnectedness of what I have learned allows me to fully step into my soul purpose
passionately. I know that as we move forward in this time of great change we must look at the
whole picture and what that means for us individually and collectively. We must learn to
master tour own Human Energy System in order to navigate quickly, efficiently, and
successfully through these changes. It is the key to unlocking our greatest potential.

At the core of the Human Energy System is the chakra

They are a series of energy vortexes that process energy and are connected to the
meridians or energetic pathways that move through the body, the energy points where the
meridians cross commonly known as acupuncture points.

The chakras connect with the subtle energy bodies that make up your aura, and the web
of energy often referred to as the matrix of collective consciousness. This is the very basic
synopsis of the Human Energy System.
Cathy Brennan Inspired Soul Alliance

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Chakra Mastery: Hero Archetype

This report will give you a basic knowledge of the 1st chakra, what it is, how it functions,
and how it affects your life.
There are hundreds of minor chakras throughout your body, much like in your circulatory
system the major components are your heart, veins, arteries, and blood; within that system
are more intricate subsystems. The same is true of your energy system.

Each of the 7 major in body chakras are tuned in to a particular physical and emotional
aspect. The out of body chakras are more focused on the movement and processing of the
different types of energy.

Just like we have preferred dominant hand We all have a preferred dominant chakra this
provides an energetic profile that forms our perceptions . There are many factors that play
into your energy profile and though it's foundational it is not a static thing it can change and
evolve with you.
This is the beginning of a journey in self discovery, self healing, and self realization so
sit, back relax, (you can't get it wrong!) and enjoy. Apply what you learn fine tuning it to suit
your unique situation and needs. I'm happy to be sharing the journey with you.


Cathy Brennan Inspired Soul Alliance

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Chakra Mastery: Hero Archetype

1st Chakra

Front Opens Us To

Back Opens Us to

Meet survival needs

Healthy family relationships
Energy for life purpose

Abundance worthiness
Vibrant health

Healthy and full

adaptations to life

Birthing (both physical and
of ideas, projects, business,

Personal power
Self esteem

Aligning conscious and

unconscious beliefs
Strong energy flow
emotional, mental, and

4th Chakra


Blending the physical

and the Divine

5th Chakra


Choosing how we
express ourselves
Accepting others ideas

6th Chakra


Self directed fate

Self perception
Seeing the path and
what it takes to walk it

7th Chakra

Accessing the Divine

8th Chakra

Past guiding decisions

Past choices and use of gifts

Connecting to higher self
Altering perceptions of
Patterns of the past

2nd Chakra

3rd Chakra

Cathy Brennan Inspired Soul Alliance

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Chakra Mastery: Hero Archetype

9th Chakra

Expressions of caring for

others caretaking vs. care

Soul beliefs regarding

humanity, universal love,
global issues

10th Chakra

connection with nature,

natural healing
grounding in ancestry

integrating nature and

natural cycles into life

use of energy to impact your

life and world
transmutation of energy

beliefs about
transmuting energy

11th Chakra

Cathy Brennan Inspired Soul Alliance

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Chakra Mastery: Hero Archetype

Hero Archetype
Angelic: Michael
Animal: Elephant
Archetype: Hero (manifester, mother, victim (negative))
Astrological: Capricorn, Earth, Saturn
Body: Sex organs, pelvis, bladder
Chakra: 1st, Root
Color: Red
Core Words: Safety, security, grounded, support, tribe, practical
Location: Pelvis
Sanskrit: Muladahara

Overview: The focus here is keeping life vibrant and sustainable. This keeps you grounded
when undergoing change. The Hero has a strong sense of structure and stability which provides
a solid foundation for dreams and goals. There is a strong sense of accountability and checks
and balances.

Strengths: You have the ability to create a strong, stable foundation. There is a strong sense of
responsibility and heroes are excellent providers. You tend to be patient and consistent. You
have an eye for quality and an innate sense of belonging. There is a very strong sense of
tradition and family.

Weaknesses: You can struggle with stepping into the victim mode and feeling powerless.
Sometimes growth can become stagnant because of strong ties to tradition and family, causing
you to be risk-averse. There is also a tendency to become overly focused on material pursuits
forsaking other areas in life.

Cathy Brennan Inspired Soul Alliance

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Chakra Mastery: Hero Archetype

Money: Money is viewed as a basic need; a tool for survival. You like to save and have a nestegg for the security it provides for you. You have a very practical approach to money and the
security it provides.

Career: Trust your innate physical sense of what consumers want. This Energy Profile is well
suited to financial fields, physical arenas (i.e. gyms and wellness), entrepreneurship, real estate,
food, and transportation.

Cathy Brennan Inspired Soul Alliance

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Chakra Mastery: Hero Archetype

The Root of It All

1ST Chakra: Root Chakra
Traditional Name: Mudlahara
Flower: 4 petal lotus
Color: Red
Mantra: Lam
Element: Earth
Crystal: Tigers Eye or Smokey Quartz
Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang or Sandalwood

The first chakra is the root chakra or Mudlahara. It's located at the base of the spine,
specifically the area between the genitals and the anus. The number 4 is associated with the
root chakra because it has to do with manifestation, and the energy of the material world.
This chakra is your base, the beginning of your journey, the root of creation in this physical
reality; it's the foundation upon which you build. It is all about your survival and tribal needs.
This is the energy for your emotional and mental well being and formation of your identity. The
essence of this chakra is the ability to provide for lifes necessities and a sense of belonging.

Feelings and Emotions

The root chakra is focused on your survival needs. The basics like food, shelter, and clothing
as well as your need for community, relationships, and legacy. This is where group
consciousness resides, and the ability to be part of the group yet maintain your individual
It is with this energy that you balance your service to others both giving and receiving in a
healthy appropriate way. This chakra is where abundance mentality is anchored, allowing you
to have a sense of prosperity in all areas of life.
Cathy Brennan Inspired Soul Alliance

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Chakra Mastery: Hero Archetype

It is here we work the fine line of accepting old family and community beliefs and adopting
new ones that better suit our current situations. Your journey to self awareness begins here
starting by looking outward and ending with seeking internally.
With a well balanced root chakra there is a grounded, stable feeling, and a solid sense of
security. There is a sense of abundance, of being and having enough.

Blocks in the Root Chakra can result in,

Persistent Thoughts of:






Patterns of Behavior:

Focusing on the half empty glass

Avoiding change or new experiences

Tribal mentality

Inability to be yourself

Blaming others/playing the victim

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Chakra Mastery: Hero Archetype

In many cases an under active root chakra can show up as a fearful, nervous state, victim
mentality, and a feeling of not belonging or fitting in.
While an overactive root chakra will show up as resistance to change, overly materialistic,
collective hatred, greedy, and controlling (in an attempt to feel secure).

The root chakra balances the pelvis, legs, feet, skeletal system, lymphatic system, and sexual
organs. Some of the physical symptoms associated with the root chakra are:

Chronic low back pain

Immune disorders






Varicose Veins

Activities to Activate the Root Chakra:

Physical activity


Listening to primal music (drumming, slow steady rhythms)

Reading success stories

Cathy Brennan Inspired Soul Alliance

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Chakra Mastery: Hero Archetype

Realigning and Cleansing

If you are experiencing difficulty in any of these areas focusing on the root chakra with your
breath and some extra cleansing may be of value(in conjunction with your current plan) in
getting the energy moving and flowing in the optimal way.
When you breathe into the root chakra visualize red light infusing the chakra and gently move
it, either with your hand or by visualizing it, counter clockwise then clockwise. Adding the
following affirmation:

My worries, fears, and anxiety regarding security, safety, and financial freedom are
dissolving, I am releasing them now.
My needs are met continually and abundantly, I am free, I am safe, I am secure.
There is an abundance of time, money, and energy for everyone.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

o Am I struggling in any area(s) of my life? What does that look like?

o Do I feel tense, moody, or ungrounded? Is there a specific area in my life that
triggers it or is it general?
o Am I able to meet personal goals and stay focused? What areas are most

If you answered yes to any of the questions you may have a block in the root chakra. You can
cleanse and realign the energy in your root chakra by doing the cleansing above or any activity
that feels right to you. You may want to change the affirmations to a more personal tone using
the language you used when answering the questions.

Cathy Brennan Inspired Soul Alliance

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Chakra Mastery: Hero Archetype

What's Next?

Now that you have the basics down, what do you do with it? There are numerous ways to
apply this information in your life with real tangible results (talk about making the invisible
visible!). I'll cover the top five ways to apply this to your life.
1. Take a look at your primary Chakra Energy Profile. How do these qualities support or
hinder you? Is it situational; more evident in certain relationships, at work, or at home?
Make note of where your attention is drawn. What feels true for you, what does not, and
what are you resisting?

Now take a look at your supporting Chakra Energy Profiles; go through the same process.
Are there areas you want to enhance or reduce the energy? Focus on these areas when
doing your chakra cleansing either drawing more energy in or slowing down the flow.

2. Look at an area you have a recurring problem or struggle in. Now take your lowest scoring
Chakra Energy Profile and see what qualities you could enhance to help you come to a
solution. For example, if the 5th chakra was your lowest, how is communication showing
up? Is there a way to bring greater clarity to your communication both speaking and

3. Think of a goal that you want to achieve. What qualities will you need to help you achieve
that goal? Draw on the energy of those chakras to infuse your goal with the energy of those
specific qualities. For example, if you want to attract a relationship you may want to draw
on the energy of the solar plexus chakra so you stay confident in who you are.
Cathy Brennan Inspired Soul Alliance

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Chakra Mastery: Hero Archetype

4. Look at your work life; are your values being expressed? Are your strengths being utilized?
Look at how you can shift your perception to expand how you see your work. What are your
intentions behind your work? Consciously draw energy into the chakras that will support

5. Cleanse your chakras daily. Just like you shower, brush your teeth, and comb your hair your
chakras need regular cleansing. It doesn't take long a couple of minutes of consciously
moving the energy through your chakras will do wonders. Not only will it keep the energy
moving, it will also connect you with your energy field making it easier to tell when there is
a disruption.

Tuning in to your Human Energy System is a vital of part of a successful well balanced life. It
has far reaching effects and does not take a lot of time. As you explore, you maybe be surprised
at what you discover and how easily it's incorporated into everyday life. As you adapt and
expand on your practice I would love to have you share any new ways or adaptation that you
discover. You can share on the blog at or email me, Cathy at
inspiredsoulalliance dot com.

Cathy Brennan Inspired Soul Alliance

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