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Meraki Demo IQ: Sales Cycle Overview

Meraki Mission and Value Proposition

Technology can connect us, empower us, and drive us. At Meraki we
believe by simplifying powerful technology we can free passionate people
to focus on their mission and reach groups previously left in the darkness.

Meraki: Technology that simply works

Cloud Managed Network Cloud Managed IT Single pane of glass management for the enterprise Cloud Managed WiFi SM EMM (2015) MS Switching (2010) MX Security Enterprise Mobility Management MC Communications* (2006) MR Wireless LAN MV Vision *Available in the US only .

both out-ofthe-box and via customized solutions. leveraging APIs Reduce total cost of ownership (TOC) through zero-touch provisioning. remote troubleshooting.Simplifying powerful technology Reduce complexity with singlepane-of-glass management Increase scalability by deploying and growing networks at branch locations or large campuses easily and rapidly Provide business insights through CMX location analytics. and all-inclusive licensing .

See the simplicity .

Product Overview .

Dashboard – Better by design 100% cloud managed architecture Full-network visibility Intuitive user interface Powerful analytics Easy-to-implement controls and policies .

high performance and value-priced 802. and dedicated scanning and Bluetooth radios .MR wireless access points Feature Highlights: Application traffic shaping Guest access Enterprise security WIDS / WIPS Embedded location analytics Lifetime warranty on indoor APs 9 models including indoor / outdoor.11ac Wave 2. multigigabit performance.

and UPoE power to the campus network .MS access & aggregation switches Feature Highlights: Voice and video QoS Layer 7 app visibility Virtual stacking Enterprise security Remote packet capture. cable testing 13 models scaling from access to campus aggregation Introducing cloud managed physical stacking. multigigabit performance.

MX security appliances A complete unified threat management solution Feature Highlights: Zero-touch site-to-site VPN Intrusion detection/prevention Content filtering Built-in SD-WAN functionality Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) Application firewall 9 models scaling from teleworker and small branch to campus/datacenter .

& Chrome OS Cloud-based . works with any vendor’s network . Android.OS X. on-site appliances or software. Windows. Windows Mobile.Systems Manager (SM) mobility management Feature Highlights: Device security Mobile and desktop management Easy and Rapid provisioning Backpack™ file sharing Software inventory Multi platform MDM support .

Meraki Vision (MV) 2 models including indoor/outdoor All-in-one security camera solution Feature Highlights: Edge on-device storage IR illumination 5MP High Resolution sensor Automatic DSCP marking IP66 and IK10 rated Mounting kits available .

Simple. all-inclusive licensing + license 24/7 Enterprise Support and lifetime warranty Seamless firmware and security updates Centralized management and networkwide visibility and control Licensing is required and includes: A Meraki solution includes a 1:1 ratio of hardware and licenses hardware The cloud license represents the total cost of ownership for all of your Meraki devices .

Sales Strategy .

secure. & reliable cloud infrastructure . single pane-of-glass management Always up-to-date software VIRTUALIZATION Scalable. single pane-of-glass management AUTOMATION Flexibility through Cisco Meraki APIs PROGRAMMABILITY Always up-to-date software Zero-touch provisioning & firmware updates Automated reporting ANALYTICS Centralized.Meraki’s Digital Network Architecture CLOUD SERVICE MANAGEMENT Centralized.

Many remote sites CUSTOMER CHARACTERISTICS Robust analytics and usage statistics Single pane of glass management MERAKI SELLING POINTS Identifying a Cisco Meraki opportunity Lean IT team Fast and efficient guest access All inclusive licensing Rapid deployment Thinking about how IT can create value for other parts of the organization Integrated MDM Looking for solution that is centrally managed over the web Adopter of other cloud technologies Integrated location analytics .

Competitive landscape Wireless Switching Security MDM MV Intuitive setup and management BYOD and Guest features Unique location & traffic analytics Centralized management Intuitive configuration Layer 7 visibility Centralized management Automatic VPN and 4G failover LAN / WLAN integration Ease of deployment Network deployment Global scalability Architectural simplicity Motion indexing for retroactive forensic search Granular role-based access control .

Cost What happens when the Internet goes down? Cloud What are customers saying? Meraki licenses features in groups by selling different versions of the cloud.Common objections Licensing Meraki costs much more than a competitor upfront. .

es que mientras recibo el equipo puedo configurar la red. de modo que el día que llegan todos los productos sólo queda conectarlos y listo. Gerente de Tecnología Avantica Meraki Enterprise Win: Avantica Technologies SOLUTION HIGHLIGHTS Technology company installed access points. switches. and safety equipment Over 1000 devices connected daily Implementation teams in 5 branches in less than 2 months MERAKI DIFFERENTIATORS Simplified management Cloud-based provisioning Deep visibility and control .“La gran ventaja de Meraki.” -Luis Gerardo Ávila.

and office spaces in 30 days Introduction to Meraki was through a free trial Over 300 company-owned and personal devices now managed by SM MERAKI DIFFERENTIATORS PCI compliant architecture Ease of deployment Single pane of glass management .H. mange reporting. That was a big selling point. manufacturing. VP Technology Meraki Security Win: H. or take care of version control.” -Charlie Roy.“I don’t have to worry about separate devices on my network to manage the network. Brown SOLUTION HIGHLIGHTS Deployed to 56 locations across retail.

Sales Cycle .

The Meraki sales cycle TRY out the gear for free with a webinar promo AP or a trial of any Cisco Meraki product BUY any Cisco Meraki product and experience a new generation of networking The product experience distinguishes Cisco Meraki from competitors. and makes the sales cycle as simple as SEE > TRY > BUY MERAKI DASHBOARD DEMO SEE the unparalleled visibility and control of the Meraki Dashboard through a webinar or a sales demo .

com/cisco/dashboard . sophisticated functionalities that offer exception visibility into the network. Intuitive cloud-based User Interface Efficient configuration Practical tools End-to-end network management Demos Emphasize: • • • • • Secure and intelligent network Sign up for a Dashboard demo account here: The Role of the Dashboard Demo The fundamental focus of a demo is to present the easy-to-use.

Try: Bring Meraki into your Network Free trials* The fundamental focus of a hands-on trial is to provide a no-risk way to experience Meraki products on a network. 3 Ways to Try Cisco Meraki for Free Demo Dashboard Attend a Webinar and receive a free AP** Reach out to your Meraki Sales Team Specialist for more information. and Chile . Colombia. *Limitations apply **Free APs only available in Puerto Rico. Costa Rica.

Buy: Experience the power of the Full Stack CCW Integration (Coming in FY17 Q2) Benefits of GPL Integration Orderability of Meraki products in CCW * Ability to incorporate Meraki products into larger Cisco deals Shared credit line for Meraki products Heightened visibility of pipeline for Cisco sales. channel and distribution Distributors eligible for rebates on Meraki revenue Out of Scope for Integration: Stocking is not available for any Meraki products RMAs and Warranty Returns are not transacted through Cisco / CCW (still through Meraki) Meraki products are not eligible for Try & Buy. and Meraki trial conversion orders cannot be processed in CCW * “Legacy” ordering will not be turned off when GPL ordering launches .

Engaging with Meraki . Find Your Cisco Meraki Sales Specialist Learn about Meraki’s Lead Gen Tools Customized Referral Links Demo Dashboard Collateral & Training Product specific information Pricing Technical training webinars Product demos .Cisco Meraki Portal Find out more at www.

Meraki Promotions More Value. Same Price Customers Gold Rush 3.0 Sales Partner Services Built into DNA Offers QuickStart Vouchers Partners Everyone wins with DNA Meraki Buy 3 + Get 1 free Commission accelerators for Meraki .

4th November to complete the assessment DELIVER A MERAKI DEMO Showcase the power of the Meraki Dashboard to your customers Miami Mexico City Santiago Sao Paulo *Dates TBD Buenos Aires San Jose (CR) IN-PERSON SESSIONS Bogota Lima .co/merakidemoiq *Participants will have until Friday.Next Steps Learn how to deliver a differentiated Meraki demo MERAKI DEMO IQ ASSESSMENT (MUST COMPLETE AND PASS TO BECOME MERAKI CERTIFIED) Find the assessment at cs.

co/merakidemoiq or .Thank you Visit us at cs.