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"ERRORCODE_1" "error 1"
"ERRORCODE_27" "Unable to initialize graphics system. Device may not meet minimu
m specs."
"Select the type of match to view or create. Public matches are
visible to everyone. Friend matches are visible to people on your friend's list
only. Invite Only matches require an invitation to join. Skill matches are based
on your player rank."
"Click to display the games you can join."
"Refresh Games"
"Match Type"
"Error initializing. Please launch Age of Empires II HD
through your Steam client."
"You are not logged into Steam."
"Click to invite a friend to join this game."
"31006" "Change your player name, sound volume, hotkeys, and other game settings
"31009" "Exit Age of Empires II: HD Edition."
"PLAYER_NAME_AND_RANK" "Global Rank: %i"
"PLAYER_STATS_ROLLOVER" "Ranked match victories: %i / %i"
"OPTIONS_FULLSCREEN_ROLLOVER" "Toggle between full screen and windowed mode. You
can also press Alt+Enter to toggle between modes at any time."
// About text
"Microsoft Age of Empires II\nHD Edition"
// 9242 "Version %s"
// 9243 " & "
// 9244 "%s Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved."
"Developed by Ensemble Studios and Hidden Path Entertainment for Microso
ft Corp."
// Each font set consists of a face name, point size, and weight code
"Ariel Narrow"
// These are new strings that are identified by a numerical ID rather than a tex
t ID. New values begin at range 169501
// Mod Manager
"Steam Workshop Manager"
"Publish New Item"
"Upload the selected file to the Steam Workshop."
"Manage Existing"
"Manage your Steam Workshop files"
"Add files"
"Error: You can only add files that reside within Age of Empires
II HD's installation directory or a subdirectory"
"Error: Unknown error during mod packaging"

"Mod Type"
"Random Map Script"


"Game Data"
"Multiplayer Replays"

e it?"

"Steam Workshop Publish"

"You must enter a title for your mod"
"A mod with the name %s "
"Error: Validate Package Move failed."
"Publish Succeeded"
"Publish Failed"
"Steam Workshop"
"Share your mods on the Steam Workshop"
"A mod with that name already exists. Would you like to overwrit
"Select Image"
"Add Preview"

// Matchmaking
"Quick Match"
"Lock in your preferences and automatically join a game."
"Lobby Browser"
"Browse for lobbies using a details filter."
"No games matching those parameters found"
"Game Name"
"Player Count"
"The name of your game, which is visible during matchmaking with
in the lobby browser"
"Match Type"
"Filter by privacy or player rank"
"Invite Only"
"Begin Quick Match"
"Quick Match Options"
"Lock Resolutions"
"Select to lock resolutions to aspect ratios equal to or less th
an 16:10."
"Ranked matchmaking games require players to run in an aspect ra
tio equal to or less than 16:10."
"Computer Players"
"Select to search for games including Computer Players"
//Launcher Buttons
"AOE Website"




"No games found. Creating a new lobby."

"You are entering the Steam Workshop which is not owned or opera
ted by Microsoft Corporation."
"These mods from the Steam Workshop may alter how Age of Empires
II HD Edition functions, and are not created or supported by Microsoft. By downl
oading files from the Steam Workshop, you acknowledge the risks and release Micr
osoft Corporationand affiliated entities from any liability related to your use o
f the Steam Workshop. Your use of Steam Workshop will be governed by Steam s terms
of use and not Microsoft s End User License Agreement."
"I agree to the terms and conditions of the Steam Workshop Subsc
riber Agreement:"