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Problem set: stress,strain

1.A circular steel wire 2.00m long must stretch

no more than 0.25 cm when a tensile force of
400N is applied to each end of the wire . What
minimum diameter is required for the wire?
Y=20 x 1010 N/m2

2.A metal rod that is 4.00m long and 0.50 cm2 in

cross sectional area is found to stretch 0.20 cm
under a tension of 5000N. What is Youngs
modulus for this metal?

3.A child slides across a floor in a pair of rubbersoled shoes. The friction force acting on each
foot is 20.0N. The footprint area of each sole is
14.0 cm2, and the thickness of each sole is 5.00
mm. Find the horizontal distance by which the
upper and lower surfaces of each sole are
offset. The shear modulus of the rubber is 3.00

4.A solid brass sphere is initially surrounded by

air, and the air pressure exerted on it is 1.0 x

105 N/m2 (normal atmospheric pressure). The

sphere is lowered into the ocean to a depth at
which the pressure is 2.0 x 107 N/m2. The
volume of the sphere in air is 0.50 m3. By how
much does this volume change once the
sphere is submerged?
Bbrass= 6.1 x1010 N/m2
5. A 12-L volume of oil is subjected to a pressure
change, which produces a volume strain on the
oil of -3.0 10-4. The bulk modulus of the oil is
6.0 109 N/m2 and is independent of the
pressure. By how many milliliters does this
pressure reduce the volume of the oil?
6. A shear force of 400 N is applied to one face of
an aluminum cube with sides of 30 cm while
the opposite face is held fixed in place. What is
the resulting displacement of the face? (The
shear modulus for aluminum is 2.5 1010
7. The base of an aluminum block, which is fixed
in place, measures 90 cm by 90 cm, and the
height of the block is 60 cm. A force, applied to
the upper face and parallel to it, produces a
shear strain of 0.0060. The shear modulus of

aluminum is 3.0 1010 Pa. What is the sheer

stress on the block?