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INSTRUCTIONS: In 1 whole quiz sheet, answer the following.

To be passed on the 2 nd day of your

1. The first time you log in to NetSuite, you are prompted to answer three security questions.
2. It is recommended you leave the dashboard up at all times.
3. The Global Search can be found on any NetSuite page.
4. The Order is billed during the Fulfillment Process.
5. A Sales Order must be created for an order to ship out properly.
6. There is scheduling in Netsuite.
Indicate what steps will you go:
7. If you want to make journal entries.
8. If you want to make budgets
9. If you want to make adjustment of your inventory
10. If you do bank reconciliations
11. If there are cash sales
12. If you want to build a website.
13. If you want to add another user of netsuite.
14. If you want to view the income statement
15. If you want to view the balance sheet.
16. If you want to manage customer accounts.
17. If you want to manage vendors accounts.
18-20. When you will use the scheduling activities in Netsuite? Explain
21-22. If an unauthorized person will edit the List Tab, what will happen? Explain
23-24 How would you know if the sales invoice was paid in full? Explain
25. What is the most popular search method to find almost anything?
A. Navigating the tabs
C.The saved Quick Links
B. Using the Global Search
D.None of the above
26. What is the main function of NetSuite for the business?
A. Accounting Software
C.Order Processing Software
B. Inventory Management
D.All of the Above
27. The three main steps during an order fulfillment are:
A. Picking, Packing, Billing
C. Picking, Packing, Shipping
B. Picking, Fulfilling, Shipping
D.Picking, Packing, Fulfilling
28.A Cash sale can be created when:
A. A walk in customer pays with a check for in stock items.
B. An employee wants the purchase taken out of the check.
C. A walk in customer pays with a credit card and all items are in stock.
D. A walk in customer pays with a credit card and there is a Kit on the order.
29. What tab would you add, edit or view the contact information?
A. Activities
B. Info
C. Contacts
30. What button would you click to view emails sent to the customer and received by the customer?
A. User Notes
B. Messages C. Related Information
31. What tabs do you click on to create a new opportunity in the lead file?
A. Sales --> New Lead
B. Sales --> New Task
C. Sales --> New Opportunity
32. Under what tab on the sales order is the credit card information?
A. Billing
B.Related Information
C. Financial
33. Under what main tab will you find the Pipeline Analysis?
A. Documents
B. Activities
C. Reports
34. What information is found under the financials tab?
A. Shipping Address
B. Credit Card Information
C. Sport
35. What tab do you log calls and tasks under?
A. Activities
B. Sales
C. Info