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LEVEL 4 - Q1 - WEEK 1

DATE: 3 - 7 September 2016


GRAMMAR: Present Simple & Present Continuous
Part A. Fill in the blanks with the right forms of the verbs in brackets.
Dear Agony Aunt,
I ____________________1 (write) this letter because I ____________________ 2 (have got) a problem.
My best friend, Marcia, ____________________3 (have) a party next Saturday. Ive been looking
forward to this party for weeks, but now I ____________________ 4 (not / think) my parents will let
me go. You ____________________5 (see) we ____________________6 (get) our reports tomorrow and
I ____________________7 (expect) my maths grades to be very low. I didnt do very well in the
term test, but I never told my parents. Im sure theyll never let me go out again when they
find out. I really ____________________8 (not / know) what to do now; tell them the truth or hide
my grades from them? I desperately ____________________ 9 (want) to go to that party. Most of
my friends ____________________10 (go) as well and Im sure it is going to be great. What
____________________11 (you / think) I should do?
Confused Sixteen, Lancashire
Part B. Fill in the blanks with the right forms of the verbs in brackets. Use the
negative form of the verb if necessary.
Dear Sir,
I ____________________1 (write) this letter because it ____________________ 2 (seem) to me that far
too many changes ____________________3 (take) place in my country these days and
consequently, we ____________________4 (lose) our identity. I ____________________5 (live) in a small
town, but even this town ____________________ 6 (change) before my eyes. For instance, they
____________________7 (build) a burger bar in the place of my favorite restaurant. Our culture
____________________8 (belong) to everyone, and I ____________________ 9 (understand) why the
authorities ____________________10 (do) anything to preserve it. In fact, I ____________________ 11
(think) of starting an action group. I ____________________ 12 (appear) on TV 4s You Talk program
on Friday night to make people aware of the importance of this issue. Its time for us to start
doing something before it ____________________13 (get) too late.
Yours sincerely,
Andy Archer
Part C. Put each verb in brackets into the present simple or continuous tense.
I work in a large office with about thirty other people, most of whom I ____________ 1 (know) quite
well. We ________________2 (spend) most of the day together, so we have all become friends. In
fact, most of my colleagues are so interesting, that I ___________________3 (think) of writing a
book about them! Take Helen Watson, for example. Helen _________________4 (run) the accounts
department. At the moment she ________________ 5 (go out) with Keith Ballantine, one of the sales
representatives, and they _________________6 (seem) very happy together. But everyone (except
Helen apparently) _________________7 (know) that Keith _________________8 (always make) eyes at
Susan Porter. But I happen to know that Susan _________________ 9 (dislike) Keith. I cannot stand
people who _________________10 (apologize) all the time! she told me. And besides, I know
he________________11 (deceive) poor Helen. He _________________ 12 (go) out with Betty Wills from
the overseas department. And plenty of other interesting things _________________13 (go on). For
instance, every week money ___________________14 (disappear) from the petty cash box. When
you ________________15 (realize) that someone in your office is a thief, it ________________ 16 (upset)

LEVEL 4 - Q1 - WEEK 1
DATE: 3 - 7 September 2016


you at first. But I _________________17 (also try) to catch whoever it is before the police are called
in. Im not going to tell you who I ________________18 (suspect). Well, not yet anyway!
Part D. Complete this letter with the most suitable verbs from the box. Use each verb
in the list once. While completing the letter, use either the Present Simple or the
Present Continuous. The first (0) is given as an example.
be make

Dear Jill,
I am writing0 to you from Granada where everything __________________ 1 to be going just fine;
we __________________2 nice and relaxed. We _________________ 3 in a gorgeous hotel just down the
road from the Alhambra, which __________________ 4 an old fortress built by the Moors. It
_________________5 at the top of the hill just opposite our hotel and we can see this wonderful
building through our window. It _________________ 6 absolutely magnificent! The hotel is lovely,
but unfortunately it ________________7 a lot to stay here! Eating out is great. Have you heard of
gazpacho? Its a cold cucumber and tomato soup which they _________________ 8 with oil, vinegar
and garlic and it __________________9 delicious.
Well, outside the sun _________________10 so Im off to get a bit of suntan; I hope everythings OK
back in Birmingham.
Part E. Underline the correct verb forms to complete the interview.
I: Tonight I interview / am interviewing1 the world famous model, Tania Brookes. Tania,
T. Thanks, James.
I: Now Id like to start by asking you about this new reality TV program you do / are doing2
called Swapping Jobs.
T. Yep. Basically, I swap jobs for a week with someone with Dot Bryce, in fact. Dot is a single
working parent with three kids. She lives / is living3 in a small flat and works / is working 4 as
a cleaning lady.
I: How is her life compared to yours?
T: To be honest, theres no comparison. Let me give you an example. In a normal photo shoot I
make / am making5 about 300 per hour. Thats fifty times more than Dot makes in the same
I: Wow! Do you feel sorry for her?
T: Not at all. Shes a terrific woman: strong, optimistic and fun. We actually like / are liking6
each other a lot. And she has / is having7 three lovely girls.
I: OK, tell us about your new job.
T: OK. I get / am getting8 up at six and take the girls to school for 8.30. Then its a bus ride to
my first job. I seem to spend a lot of time on buses! Anyway, the work is non-stop. At the
moment I do / am doing9 stuff like washing dishes, cleaning floors, baths and toilets, hovering
carpets, tidying up rooms, and so on.
I: And do you enjoy / are you enjoying10 it?
T: Is that a serious question!? No way!
(Reference: B1 - 29 September-3 October 2014 Handout 3)

Part F. Fill in with Present Simple or Continuous

1. A:
I ____________________1 (see) theres a great film on at the cinema tonight. Would you
like to go?
No, I ____________________2 (see) the dentist about my toothache.
2. A:
I ____________________1 (think) about going on a picnic this afternoon.
I wouldnt bother. I ____________________2 (think) its going to rain.
3. A:
Is John feeling OK? He ____________________1 (look) very red in the face.
Yes, I know. I ____________________2 (look) for the doctors telephone number now.

LEVEL 4 - Q1 - WEEK 1
DATE: 3 - 7 September 2016



Why ____________________1 (you/taste) the stew?

I think you need to add some spices; it ____________________ 2 (taste) a bit bland.
Why ____________________1 (you/feel) the radiator, Dad?
I dont think it is working; it ____________________2 (feel) very cold in here.
____________________1 (you/have) a car?
Yes, but I ____________________2 (have) some problems with it, so its at the garage.
Why ____________________1 (you/smell) the roses?
They always ____________________2 (smell) so wonderful at this time of year.

(Reference: FCE 1 Virginia Evans)

GRAMMAR: Present Perfect Simple & Present Perfect Continuous

Part G. Fill in the gaps with these verbs. Use the Present Perfect and JUST, YET
A: Can I speak to Evelyn, please?
B: I'm sorry, but she 1 ________________________________________ (already)
A: They got married a few years ago.
B: 2 ____________________they ____________________any children? (yet)
A: Do we have to run?
B: Yes! The film 3 ________________________________________ (already)
A: What do you think of the new album?
B: I 4 ________________________________________ it __________. (yet)
A: Do you like the book I gave you?
B: Yes, but unfortunately I 5 ________________________________________ it. (already)
A: Have we got any coffee?
B: Yes, I 6 ________________________________________ some. (just)
Part H. Circle the correct tense. In some questions both answers are possible
1. You play the guitar very well. Thanks, I have played / have been playing it since I
was a child.
2. Sorry. I have broken / have been breaking your vase.
3. Jack has written / has been writing two books.
4. I have lost / have been losing five kilos.
5. She has won / has been winning two awards so far.
6. I have been eating / have eaten two hamburgers.
7. They have known / have been knowing each other for a long time.
8. I have been waiting / have waited for two hours, and the train hasnt arrived yet.
Part I. Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect Simple or Continuous
form of the verbs in brackets.
1. Ive been sitting (sit) at my desk all morning. Im going for a walk.
2. How long ____________________ she ____________________ (talk) on the phone? About an
hour so far!
3. I ________________________________________ (not find) a new girlfriend yet.
4. How many emails ____________________ you ____________________ (send) today?
5. Youre too late. ____________________ you ____________________ (miss) the train?

LEVEL 4 - Q1 - WEEK 1
DATE: 3 - 7 September 2016


6. She _________________________________ (train) for the London Marathon a lot, but shes
still really slow!
7. You ____________________________________ (be) a postgraduate for nearly five years now,
havent you?
8. My sister and I ________________________________________ (learn) to drive for a while now.
9 ____________________ you ____________________ (have) a stroke before?
10. How long ____________________ Will and James ____________________ (be) at boarding
(Reference: B1-T2 Handout 2& Weekend Handout- 30.11.15 / 4.12.15)

Part J. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present forms.
Well, I ____________________1 (never/win) anything like this before! I ____________________ 2
(only/enter) a few competitions in my life so this is a big surprise. Of course, I
____________________3 (watch) TV quiz shows for years, but now I ____________________ 4 (think) of
taking part in more. The prize is wonderful. We ___________________ 5_(stay) here in Hawaii for
come up with

hang around
take off

ran out
clock in
setting up

move on

broke into

cope with

ten days now and we ____________________6 (have) a great time. We ____________________7

(already/see) all the sights and my wife ____________________ 8 (buy) lots of souvenirs. We
____________________9 (send) postcards to all our friends to show them how we
____________________ 10 (spend) our time. Yes, we really ____________________ 11 (enjoy) ourselves.
In fact, we ____________________12 (want) to stay forever.
Part K. Fill in the blanks with been to or gone to
1. Berthas not here. She has ____________________ the library.
2. I have ____________________ Madrid, but I only spent a few days there.
3. Tom is alone because his parents have ____________________ the seaside for the weekend.
4. Julia has ____________________ the supermarket shell be back in about an hour.
5. She has never ____________________ Istanbul, so she wants to go there.
Part A - Phrasal Verbs Complete the sentences using the phrasal verbs in the box.
1. Somebody ____________________ his house and stole his furniture when he was away.
2. After a long discussion on the topic, they ____________________ of ideas and could not find a
reasonable solution to the problem.
3. The members of the club have ____________________ suggestions of their own.
4. On Sundays, parks are full of people who ____________________ with friends and relatives.
5. Employees ____________________ and out on the register to record their shift start and end

LEVEL 4 - Q1 - WEEK 1
DATE: 3 - 7 September 2016


6. When the little kid found his fathers phone, he ____________________ it out without his
parents' help.
7. It's OK to get help to ____________________ a difficult situation.
8. After ____________________ your company, you must introduce it to your potential customers
with commercials, for your company to ____________________ .
Part B Collocations, Phrases and Expressions
Complete the sentences with the collocations below. Sometimes you need to change the
verb form or add extra words.

make ends meet

make a difference
the best of

make good money

make excuse


1. Saving even one drop of water can ____________________ for the future of the world.
2. We worked hard for years until we started ____________________ and buy the house of our
3. While you are still healthy, ____________________ your body.
4. I work every day of the week, it is how I can ____________________ .
5. He cannot take the responsibility of this job, and he always ____________________ for his

Fill in the blanks with win, gain, earn

6. ______ a race

7. ______ the lottery

10. ______ access

8. ______ a salary

11. ______ ones living

9. ______ respect

12. ______ experience


______ speed
14. ______ weight

15. ______ a good reputation

Complete the sentences with the collocations and phrases below.

set(s) sb tasks
get(s) sth wrong

set(s) sb straight
have/has what it takes
have/has a head for figures
run(s) the business
run(s) a tight ship
used to sth/sb
get(s) fired

16. I have a lot of friends, I ____________________ people really quickly.

17. If you continue getting late at work, you are going to ____________________ .
18. If the police __________ the name __________ , they may arrest an innocent man.











____________________ in an orderly and disciplined manner.

20. Every one of these applicants thinks he ____________________ to get the job.
21. Bill doesn't ____________________ and should never become an accountant.


LEVEL 4 - Q1 - WEEK 1
DATE: 3 - 7 September 2016


22. I __________ her __________ and told her who she had to ask for permission to leave early.
23. The teacher __________ him __________ to motivate him and keep him interested in the
Complete the sentences with the prepositional phrases below.
on benefits

on strike

on average
on the spot

on board

on time

24. Students' grades are increasing ____________________ thanks to the new system.
25. We must get ____________________ before our plane takes off.
26. The company is looking for a solution to convince the workers who are ____________________
27. Make sure you get there ___________________ tomorrow morning or they will not let you in.
28. James was amazed because he was immediately called to see the producer and got the
job __________________.
29. She survives ___________________ yet spends dollars on magazines and books about her idol
every week.

Complete the sentences with the words and phrases below.


ups and downs

by no means

job cuts

fringe benefits

30. Living in a foreign country is scary, but I'm ____________________ to do it.

31. My dog ____________________ all the strangers away from our home.
32. We have ____________________ in touch for 20 years with my best friend from high school.
33. Life has its ____________________, but you should focus only on the bright side.
34. As a result of the latest round of ____________________, lots of people are out of work now.
35. He is a real people person, so he doesnt like ____________________ himself in an ivory tower.
36. Let Meg drive because she ____________________ these roads inside out.
37. The new generation is ____________________ respect for the elders day by day.
38. You dont have to ____________________ a fortune to look beautiful. Just try natural products!

LEVEL 4 - Q1 - WEEK 1
DATE: 3 - 7 September 2016


39. The firm cannot sell its products. It will ___________________ bankrupt.
40. Politics is ____________________ the only arena in which women are active.
41. The company presents ____________________ to its staff, so the staff are satisfied. They
perform better at work. As a result, this is a ____________________ .
Part C - Word Formation
Circle the correct option.
1. I need a new challenge / challenging and a fresh start somewhere else.
2. This gun is designed for one purpose. It is basic / basically to kill people.
3. He thought he could no longer cope with his demand / demanding job.
4. He couldnt imagine / imaginative a more peaceful scene.
5. Savers will take their money out of banks to use in more reward / rewarding investments.
6. To summarise / summary, this is a clever approach to a common problem.
7. His one weak / weakness, apart from aeroplanes, is ice-cream.
8. Their skill, enthusiasm / enthusiastic and running has got them in the team.
9. He completed his intern / internship at the University of California, San Francisco.
Circle the correct option.
1. Like so many create / creative / creativity people, he was never satisfy / satisfied /
2. Indias myths and songs are the inspire / inspiring / inspiration for her books.
3. Their motive / motivate / motivating is money, and they will stop at nothing to get it.