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Professional Personal Selling (MKTG 344)

Winter 2016
Professor: Anubhav Aggarwal
Class times: Monday and Wednesday 02:00 - 03:50 pm
Office Hours: by appointment
Telephone: (267) 423-1755
Course Description
Classic author Robert Louis Stevenson said: Everyone lives by selling something! Today, his
words are truer than ever. Nearly 20% of all college students, regardless of major, start their
careers in personal selling. Its one of the highest paying, in demand business professions, and
also one of the fastest routes to the top. Many of todays corporate CEOs started their careers
in personal selling.
In this course we apply a practical approach to sales as well as incorporate the traditional
textbook approach. The course is designed to be interactive, experimental, and pragmatic as
well as conceptual and theoretical. During this course you will:

Learn the sales process.

Make effective presentations.
Enhance your communication skills.
Explore the possibility of a career in sales.
Apply sales skills to other areas of life.

Key Points

Attendance is required and will account for part of the grade.

On Mondays we will focus on content and on Wednesdays we will focus on practice.

Quizzes to encourage students to pay attention in class, there will be a few spot
quizzes with 5-10 questions each.

Bartering Exercise the purpose of this exercise is to give you experience in

selling/bartering an item and to get used to approaching and talking to people.

Mini-presentations - we will have a few individual mini-presentations every week to

make students more comfortable with presenting.

Group project and presentation We will create teams; each team will design/create a
company concept, building on the sales process, and outline a sales strategy to launch
and sell its product/service over the course of the quarter.

Group Project
Bartering Exercise
Mini Presentation
Peer Evaluation
Grade Determination
98 100 = A+
94 97 = A
91 93 = A88 90 = B+
84 87 = B
81 83 = B-


78 80 = C+
74 77 = C
71 73 = C68 70 = D+
60 67 = D
59 0 = Fail

Academic Honesty
In order to protect and maintain a superior learning environment at LeBow College of Business,
all students must review and adhere to Drexel Universitys Academic Honesty Policy. For
details, see: and (pp. 50-52)
Forms of academic dishonesty include plagiarism, fabrication, cheating, and academic
misconduct. Students are responsible for the authenticity of material submitted both for
individual and group work. The Hagerty Library offers a brief but valuable online tutorial