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Holy Quran on Animals

by Muhammad Saleem Dada

As I ponder on the verses of Holy Book Quran, I feel
sometimes that there are some obvious facts about a
few verses of the Holy Book that are being overlooked
even by understanding persons. This omission of the
obvious becomes evident when the term Deen O
Dunya (Religion & World) is applied commonly in
speech & writing as if these both are in difference
with each other while actually Deen (Religion) is the
criterion for the betterment of both this worldly life
and the true coming life. Actual term that ought to be
applied in speech and writing is Dunya O Akhirat
(worldly life & the coming life) and the Holy Quran
uses this term and asks the believers to pray for the
betterment of both the lives (Sura Baqarah-201).
Likewise, the term Taskheer (given into service)
that is used in the Holy Book Quran is applied by
some unscholarly persons in the sense that the man
has a mission to conquer matter for his service
meaning that a man ought to subdue fire, earth, air &
water for that is expected of him. Please note that
Allah informs us by the term Taskheer in the Holy
Book Quran that He has put everything in mans
service and so the man has to put all his efforts in
keeping his belief true and do accordingly for the
worship of Allah, the True Lord (Sura Ibrahim-32,33;
Nahal-12; Jathia-13). What is already done is not
needed to be done. The explanation provided for the
uncovering of feet by Malika Saba (the Queen of
Sheba), when Suleiman PBUH made a path of glass
for her to walk and she thought it to be a lake of
water (see Sura Naml-44), needs some remarks too. I
have asked attention of sound scholars many years
back towards a clear TAFSEER in this regard that
Suleiman had understood that Malika Saba was just
making a bluff when she said that she and her people
had submitted to Allah and so he wanted to convey by

the glass that as this is a barrier, you also have some

hindrance in accepting true faith so without causing
her an embarrassment, he wanted her to know that
he has detected her deception. He had already
assessed her intelligence by bringing her throne at
his place and asking about it to her. She was wise to
answer that it was just like that so as not to
embarrass Suleiman, without answering wrongly.
Now, she read the indication Suleiman had made to
her by this path of glass totally well and without any
diplomacy or deception, accepted Islam truly by heart
clarifying that it is just like the acceptance of
Suleiman, at least for herself. The point to note is
that the Holy Quran sets a standard for judgment of
the True Belief that it must be in accordance with the
Belief of persons well known in righteousness (see
Sura Baqarah-137; Sura Nisa-115). Another point to
note in this regard is that when the Holy Quran tells
something twice, there is some delicate difference in
both in nature. In the narration of creation of Adam in
Sura Baqara, we find that Allah gave Adam & Eve the
command to descend to Earth twice, first before He
granted mercy to Adam & Eve and second after His
mercy. So the character of this same command is
different as at first, it was given as a punishment
while at second, it was given to examine human
beings whether they really deserve Jannat or not (see
Sura Baqar-35 to 39) as is clear even by a simple
translation. If one keeps these two points in
consideration in this narration of Malika Saba i.e.
standard of judgment and the delicate difference in
something told twice in the Holy Book Quran, the
matter becomes totally clear. Another matter of
interest that is overlooked, is that the Holy Quran
points out a similarity between human beings and the
earth. This too is often missed even by many
knowledgeable persons; this tells us that Allah would
awaken all persons on the day of judgment as He
gives life to a dead piece of land by a rainfall (see

Sura Baqarah-164; Sura Aaraf-57; Sura Younus-24).

Today we know that the earth has nearly two-third
water and one-third dry land and the interesting thing
is that the human body too has the same ratio of
water in its composition and so the example given for
awakening is very understandable. The Holy Quran
noted the similarity when there was no scientific
research or advice on the matter; Al-Hamdu Lillah.
There are other interesting points of guidance too
that the Holy Quran points out to us and that are not
given due attention, as for example, the Holy Quran
by the Ayaat Be quick in the race for forgiveness
from your Lord, and for a Garden whose width is that
of the heavens and of the earth, prepared for the
righteous. Those who spend, whether in prosperity, or
in adversity; who restrain anger, and pardon men, for
Allah loves those who do good (Sura Aal-e-Imran133,134) tells Muslims that contest in worldly matters
is not appreciable though contest for a better position
in Akhirat is appreciable so give whatever you can in
this world and take whatever you can in the next; and
as for example the Holy Quran by the Ayat And
spend of your substance in the cause of Allah, and
make not your own hands contribute to destruction;
but do good; for Allah loveth those who do good
(Sura Baqarah-195), tells Muslims to avoid all type of
dangerous things and situations (save Jihad especially
when at defense) by their own choice as many such
people do who love such sports as rash car racing,
motor cycle stunts and other such things. This type of
adventure that has a very high probability for danger
to physique by choice is prohibited by Islam. I have
written about these in my writings by the blessing of
Allah yet there is another very interesting thing that I
have detected in the Holy Quran recently, and it
relates to its narration about animals. This I have not
addressed before and presently, I am writing here
about that insha Allah (by the will of Allah) with an
intention to guide towards Knowledge for the

betterment of self; Al-Hamdu Lillah.

The point to note is that wherever birds or animals
are mentioned specifically in the Holy Quran, they
present some miraculous performance, mostly in
service to Human Beings. This is a very interesting
phenomenon and does show that Allah is fully capable
to take His work from even birds & animals as He wills
and this also provides for a clear observation to all
who need Guidance towards Allah. Even ordinary
Muslims are fully aware of the incident of ABA-BIL
that happened just before the birth of the Last
Prophet Muhammad PBUH, in that same year when he
was born (it was one of early years of the decade of
570 A.D.), when the ruler of Yemen Abrahath attacked
Mecca. Though ABA-BIL means the high number of
these birds yet these birds are commonly named as
ABA-BIL too. These small birds threw small pebbles
held in their beaks at this time miraculously upon the
war-elephant that amazingly turned against its own
army at this sudden and unexpected attack from the
air. Mecca remained safe from this powerful attack of
Abrahath due to this extraordinary defense and Surah
Feel, whole of it, narrates this event clearly. So it is
interesting to note that wherever birds or animals are
mentioned specifically, they seem to perform some
service to Human Beings that has the element to
make them appreciate the Power of the True Lord
Allah. Let us observe the tasks that were performed
by birds and animals other than ABA-BIL too, as
mentioned in the Holy Book Quran; note that I, MSD,
only intend to convey here the point mentioned for
the study in brief; Al-Hamdu Lillah.
1In Surah Naml we read And Suleimans army of
the jinn and the men and the birds were gathered to
him, and they were formed into groups. Until when
they came to the valley of the Naml (Ant), an Ant
said: O Naml! Enter your houses, (that) Suleiman and

his hosts may not crush you while they do not know.
So he smiled enjoying her word, and said: My Lord!
Grant in my fortune that I should be grateful for Thy
favor which Thou hast bestowed on me and on my
parents, and that I should do good such as Thou art
pleased with, and make me enter, by Thy mercy, into
Thy servants, the good ones. And he reviewed the
birds, then said: How is it I see not the hoopoe or is it
that he is of the absentees? 1 will most certainly
punish him with a severe punishment, or slaughter
him, or he shall bring to me a clear plea. And the bird
came without much delay, then said: I comprehend
that which you do not comprehend and I have brought
to you sure information from Sheba (Surah Naml-17
to 22). Here Naml (Ant) talks to her companions and
she is also heard by Suleiman PBUH and here, HudHud (Hoopoea bird in family of wood-peckers), brings
an information that is something not known even to
Suleiman. The next Ayaat tell us that he had brought
information about the area of SABA (Sheba) that
there a queen was ruling and they had belief in Sun
worshipping it, leaving the True Lord Allah. So there
is an element of amazement present as Animals are
doing a strange service to their own species and to
human beings. This same Surah has the Ayat And
when the Word falls upon them, we would bring out
an animal out of Earth that would talk to them as
people did not believe truly our indications (Surah
Naml-82). It is said in Tafseer (commentary made by
learned persons on the Quran) of this Ayat that an
animal would appear in Mecca near the Day of
Judgment (and this nearing of Judgment is referred to
as the Word here) that would tell people that
Qayamat (the Day of Judgment) is near and this
animal is one of the signs of the Day. At its
appearance, the door of Tauba (repentance) would be
closed for all as it is the time of death for all living
creatures then, just as near the death of an individual
when he sees it coming clearly, door of repentance is

closed for him totally.

2Surah Baqarah tells us that Ibrahim asked Allah
for some demonstration to clarify how would He give
life again to dead and at this, birds became the
means to clarify this. It is said and when Ibrahim
asked O my Creator! Show me how would you give life
to dead and He replied, Dont you believe? He said,
for sure yet I ask for more satisfaction of my heart.
Allah said, take four birds and train them for yourself
then place on every hill a part of them, then call
them, they will come to you in haste; and know that
Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise (Surah Baqarah-260).
The previous Ayat to this tells of the person who
passed on an ass on a destroyed city and wondered
how this would rise. Allah put him to sleep for
hundred years and then gave him life and also gave
life again to his ass in front of his eyes (see Surah
Baqarah-259). In this same Surah, we learn that in
Bani Israel, a man was murdered and it became quite
a concern for them. They wanted to know the
murderer and could not locate him so they were
ordered to slaughter a cow (which they did after
much to-do and by this incident, this Surah takes its
name) and then to touch a part of it to the murdered
person who rose to life and told the murderers name
and died again. The Ayaat tell us And when you
killed a man, then you disagreed with respect to that,
and Allah was to bring forth that which you were
going to hide. So We said: Strike (dead body) with
part of it (the sacrificed cow), thus Allah brings the
dead to life, and He shows you His signs so that you
may understand (Surah Baqar-72,73).
3Nabi Swaleh Alaihes-Salam was sent towards
his people who were called THAMOOD and they were
masters in architecture making buildings by carving
mountains. These people were shown the sign of
Allah by a she-camel that came out from inside of a
mount on their own demand yet they declined to
believe and killed the she-camel, putting a great

disaster to their-selves. It is said in the Holy Book

Quran, And to Thamood (We sent) their brother
Swaleh. He said: 0 my people! Serve Allah, you have
no true lord other than Him; clear proof indeed has
come to you from your True Lord; this is Allah's shecamel for you - a sign, therefore leave her alone to
pasture on Allah's earth, and do not touch her with
any harm, otherwise painful chastisement will
overtake you (Surah Aaraf-73).
4Surah Maida tells us that when two sons of
Adam gave sacrifice in the name of Allah, the sacrifice
of one was accepted (and scholars of Islam tell us
that his name was Haabil) while the sacrifice of other
was rejected (and his name is told as Qaabil). Now,
Qaabil told Haabil that he would kill him and at this
Haabil said if you try to do so, I would not try to kill
you as I fear Allah. With time, Qaabil got obsessed
with this idea of murder and did kill his brother
Haabil. After the narration of this incident briefly, an
Ayat tells us that he was taught by a crow how to
dispose off the dead body of his brother. The Ayat
says, Then Allah sent a crow who scratched the
ground so as to show him how to hide the dead body
of his brother. He said - Woe to me! Was I not even
able to become like this crow so that I could hide the
body of my brother so he became one of regretful
(Surah Maida-31). This regret was at his stupidity
about being unable to hide the dead body and it is
not repentance on the act of murder he committed.
Note that this same Surah tells us in Ayat-110 that
when Jesus Christ PBUH made a birds figure by
Allahs permission, and breathed into it, it came to
life becoming a true bird by Allahs permission.
5In Surah Saaffaat, we learn that Younus (Jonah)
Alaihes-Salam, was swallowed alive by a big fish (it
might be a whale; as it also lives in water with all
fish) by Allahs Command and when Allah answered
his prayer for forgiveness, that Fish threw him on
ground by the command of Allah (see Surah Saaffaat-

139 to 148). Younus is called One related to Fish in

Surah Anbia-87 and this Surah i.e. Surah Anbia also
tells us that mountains and birds used to praise Allah
with Dawood PBUH (see Surah Anbia-79). We know
well as the Holy Book Quran tells us that his son
Suleiman PBUH understood the speech of birds and
they used to serve him according to his requirement
as I have indicated in the first point in this writing.
6Surah Kahaf, the Surah that one must read
much and understand, specially on Fridays to save
oneself from the dread of Dajjal (Antichrist), tells us
about a dog in Ayat 18 that became companion to
Ashab-e-Kahaf (the persons related to cave), who
took refuge in a cave to save their Belief. They were
seven persons whom Allah put to sleep in the cave
from around 250 A.D. to around 440 A.D. when they
ran away from the cruel reign of Daqianus (Decius)
from the city of Afsos and awoke in the era of
Theodosius, when people had turned to Christianity
and at that time, there was no suppression of the
True Belief that these Ashab had. The dog came along
with them and it clearly was a fierce vicious dog that
slept with them at the opening of the cave, with its
front legs spread as if on guard. As the Ashab slept
inside, no one dared to come inside as any passer-by
would have concluded by the scene that there is a
company of some dangerous persons inside with this
deadly dog at guard so he would have preferred
running away. Allah tells us in the Ayat And you
would have thought them awake while they were
asleep; and We turned them on their right and on
their left sides; and their dog stretching forth both
his fore legs at the entrance. Had you peeked at
them, you would have certainly turned back escaping
away, and would have certainly filled with a terror of
them (Surah Kahaf-18). Note that Surah Kahaf
specially teaches to avoid worldly beauty and
commitment to this earthly life in the period of
FITNAH (Trial) so that the True Belief remains safe.

The narration of Ashab-e-Kahaf and other historical

events that are told in this Surah, give this message
loud & clear and that is why, it is said in Hadith to
read and understand this Surah well in the times of
Dajjal, which is one of the biggest Fitnah of all times
and places. This same Surah tells us that when Musa
(Moses) was ordered to meet one of the most
knowledgeable man of that time at the place where
two rivers blend, a fish with them was made an
indication of the place of meeting. That fish made its
way at the meeting place and Musa returned to that
place when he became aware of its departure, as his
servant (mentioned as Yusha bin Noon) forgot to tell
him this incident that he had witnessed then. There
he found that knowledgeable person whom he was
ordered to meet and if the readers study this incident
in full, they would see clearly that this incident tells
explicitly that the complete Truth is not understood
with physical abilities only, so every person has to try
to develop spiritual strength more than physical
power; Al-Hamdu Lillah.
These points shed light well on the matter that the
mention of specific animals and birds in the Holy Book
Quran has an extraordinary touch as they have some
service to perform for the human beings by the
permission of Allah and more than that, they provide
some sign to accept that Allah is the Only True Lord.
The Holy Book Quran does refer to the fact that
domestic animals are given in our service as we use
them as our food and for transportation yet specific
miraculous mention of birds and animals does convey
the message that their observation is very useful to
get to the Truth that Allah only is the Creator of all
creation and He only is the True Authority; Al-Hamdu
Muhammad Saleem Dada

(writing finished on 27th Nov.2009)